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Full text of "History and genealogy of the Gov. John Webster family of Connecticut"

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History and Genealogy 







Washington, D. C. 



Rochester, N. Y. 
Final Author, Editor and Publisher. 


"Endless Genealogies" St. Paul 




*CS 7/ 
■ was 


Copyright 1915 







TO the memory of Major William Holcomb Webster, the 
loyal soldier, the distinguished chief in governmental 
service, the critical compiler of military records, the 
Christian churchman, the comrade in fraternal, historical, 
hereditary and patriotic societies, the unfaltering friend, the 
devoted husband, the author of this monumental work; and 
to Anna Stracy Webster, his faithful wife, whose patient 
love aided in laying its foundations, and whose widowhood 
has been cheered by the hope of its completion; and to 
Frances Janet Jay Webster, our own beloved wife, who 
rose to immortality in the early morning of September 
thirtieth, nineteen hundred fifteen, after her smiles had 
brightened our way and made possible this glad consumma- 
tion, this book is gratefully dedicated, by its 

Final Author, Editor and Publisher. 



In the arrangement of this Genealogy the Chapter is the key. 
Following the third chapter the descendents of Governor Webster are 
grouped on the basis of the Great Grandchild. At the head of each 
chapter is placed conspicuously the name of a Webster ancestor, and 
within that chapter appear all the names of his great grandchildren, 
except those not brought forward from a previous related chapter. 

The Chapter is sub-divided into "Divisions," "Sections," and 
"Numbered Paragraphs." Those named in the Divisions are children 
of the ancestor at the head of the Chapter. Those named in the Sec- 
tions are his grandchildren. Those named in the Numbered Paragraphs 
are his great-grandchildren. 

The Section is distinguished by its italic type, and also by a 
recapitulation of the Webster pedigree of the person first named in the 
Section. Should both the male and female pedigree be desired it may 
be found at the head of the Chapter. 

The names of the Great Grandchildren are printed in heavy face 
type, or in small type next after the birth list in case their history is 
concluded in the same Chapter as that of their parents. 

Because of the varying numbers in the different branches, the 
Chapters are of unequal length. The advantages of this arrangement, 
however, are too obvious to be sacrificed for mere uniformity. 

Open the book anywhere and the reader may proceed in either 
direction. At the top of the left-hand page the words "From Chap.," 
and at the end of numbered paragraphs the words ' ' Resumed in Chap- 
ter," are a guide to ancestry or descendants as may be required. 



WHEN Charles Sumner, the illustrious senator from Massa- 
chusetts, a generation ago, faced death, he said to his inti- 
mate friend, Judge Hoar, "I should not regret this if my 
book were finished. My book ! my book is not finished, but the 
great account is sealed." * 

In like spirit, we may be assured, the gifted author of this work 
came to his end. It lay near his heart. He devoted many years 
to its production. He sacrificed much that he might give the 
Connecticut Webster family an account of its life from the time of 
its founding in America, away in the dim Colonial times to the 
present, and earlier if possible. But the inevitable came to him 
before the task was done, and the completion fell to other hands. 

The author, Mr. William Holcomb Webster, determined before 
leaving college that he would prepare and publish a "History and 
Genealogy of the Governor John Webster Family of Connecticut." 
The great Civil War intervened and delayed but did not defeat his 
purpose. After serving as a soldier in the Union Army, he entered 
the civil service of the Government in the Pension Office of the War 
Department, and became Superintendent of the Old War and Navy 
Eecords. Nothing could have aided his cherished purpose more, for 
it gave him access to the official records of all the wars. A monu- 
ment to his industry and skill may be seen in "The Connecticut Men 
in the Revolution," published by the State of Connecticut, for al- 
though it does not bear his name it was his work. As a result, 
few family histories will contain more abundant and accurate 
accounts of military service than this. Many now ignorant of the 
fact, or lacking the data to prove it, will, when they obtain this 
book, find themselves eligible to the Sons and Daughters of the 
American Revolution, and other Patriotic Societies. 

At the time of Mr. Webster's death, March 23, 1896, he was 
Chief Examiner of the Civil Service Commission of the United 
States, having been promoted to this position by President Grover 

* Life of Charles Sumner, by Chaplin D. Lothrop and Co., Boston, 1874. (Page 



Our first letter from him — a total stranger — was dated Septem- 
ber 26, 1881, and the signature underneath his protrait (see frontis- 
piece) is copied from that letter. Ten years later, (October, 1891) 
after we had entered with enthusiasm upon a line of co-operation 
with his work, we were in Washington, D. C, attending, as a dele- 
gate, the Ecumenical Conference of Methodism, and he earnestly 
asked, one day, "If I am taken away before this work is finished, 
will you complete it?" We were unable to say yes, on account of 
heavy pastorates and other official duties, but when his death came, 
and with it information that Edward Hannegan Webster of Kansas 
City, Mo., who had been mentioned as a possible successor, had 
also passed away December 3, 1894, our duty seemed clear, and 
upon the request of the author's widow, Mrs. Anna Straey Webster, 
we undertook the task. 

Only fourteen days before his death Mr. Webster had written us, 
"The material you have just sent me * * * covers a larger 
branch of the family than anything that has heretofore come to 
me from one source." 

To his ample gatherings we have added more. We have learned 
from many sources the facts which were necessary to carry to 
completion his investigations. New fields have been entered, a wide 
correspondence carried on, and the compilation brought down to 
the recent past, and in some cases to the immediate present. 

The arrangement of the book is our own. So far as the material 
collated by Mr. Webster indicated a plan, it followed that of 
Goodwin's Genealogical Notes. It is hoped that the simplicity of 
the arrangement adopted will commend itself to all who use the 

To the many who have contributed to this genealogy, chiefly in 
furnishing the records of their own families, we record our thanks. 
Without such cooperation a work of this kind would be impossible. 
To acknowledge in detail such cooperation would be equally dif- 

We close these pages with keen regret that so many have passed 
before its completion. Their interest and assistance are their best 
memorial. If that interest and zeal shall pass to their children, 
this, and all other undertakings, will be safe in their keeping. To 
that posterity we confidently commit this work, bespeaking their 
appreciation of its merits and their charity for its faults. 

Melville R. Webster. 
Rochester, N. Y., May, 1915. 

See Page 11,65. 



Chapter I. Gov. John and Agnes Webster, of Warwickshire, England; 
Hartford, Connecticut; Hadley, Massachusetts, with a list of the First 
Settlers of Hartford. Pages 1-19. Eesumed in Chap. 2. 


Chapter II. (From Chap. 1.) Children of Gov. John and Agnes Web- 
ster, namely, Matthew, William, Lt. Robert, Thomas, Anne Marsh, 
Elizabeth Markham, Mary Hunt. Pages 20-31. Resumed in Chap. 3. 


Chapter III. (From Chap. 2.) Grandchildren of Gov. John and Agnes 
Webster, namely, Children of Matthew, Lt. Robert, Thomas, Anne 
Webster Marsh, Mary Webster Hunt. Pages 32-45. Resumed in 
Chaps. 4 and 5. 


Chapter IV. (From Chap. 3.) Great Grandchildren of Gov. John and 
Agnes Webster (Robert line) namely, Children of John, Dea. Jona- 
than, Robert, Joseph, William, and Elizabeth Seymour. Pages 46-62. 
Resumed in Chap. 6. 

Chapter V. (From Chap. 3.) Great Grandchildren of Gov. John and 
Agnes Webster, (Thomas line) namely, Children of George and John. 
Pages 63-78. Resumed in Chap. 7. 


Chapter VI. (From Chap. 4.) Great Grandchildren of Lt. Robert and 
Susannah Treat Webster, (Robert line) namely, Children of Capt. 
John, Ebenezer, Jacob, Jonathan, Mehitable Webster Bidwell, Capt 



Stephen, Dea. Benjamin, Eobert, Caleb, Cyprian, Sergt. William, Capt. 
Moses, Samuel, and John Seymour, s. Elizabeth Webster Seymour, 
Pages 79-116. Resumed in Chaps. 8, 9, 10, 11. 

Chapter VII. (From Chap. 5.) Great Grandchildren of Thomas and 
Abigail Alexander Webster ( Thomas line ) , namely, Children of Samuel, 
Johnathan, Pelatiah, George, Noah, Ebenezer, Benajah, Joseph, John, 
Thomas, and Josiah. Pages 117-162. Resumed in Chaps. 12,. 13. 


Chaptee VIII. (From. Chap. 6.) Great Grandchildren of John and Sarah 
Mygatt Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Aaron, Sarah 
Webster Root, John, Osee, Matthew, Capt. Medad, Capt. Noah, Zep- 
haniah Mirriam Webster Hopkins — Sedgwick, Dea. Daniel. Pages 
163-188. Resumed in Chaps. 14, 15, 16. 

Chapter IX. (From Chap. 6.) Great Grandchildren of Dea. Jonathan 
and Dorcas Hopkins and Mary Judd Webster (Robert line), namely, 
Children of Jonathan "the Miller," Esther Webster Smith, Capt. 
Ezekiel, David, Stephen, Capt. David Bidwell, s. Mehitable Webster 
Bidwell; Isaac, Timothey, Benjamin, Stephen, Charles, John. Pages 
189-235. Resumed in Chaps. 17, 18, 19. 

Chapter X. (From Chap. 6.) Great Grandchildren of Robert and Han- 
nah Beckley ( Robert line ) , namely, Children of Justus, Joshua ( Sup- 
plement, 7th Generation), Obed, John, Leonard Booth, Lucy Webster 
Stanley (8th Gen.), Asa, Norman Stanley, Walter Nelson. Pages 
236-247. The end. 

Chapter XL (From Chap. 6.) Great Grandchildren of Ensign William 
and Sarah Nichols Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Dea. 
Cyprian, Wm., James, Joseph, Dea. and Maj. Hezekiah, Amos, Charles, 
Elizabeth Webster Hawley, Ashbel, Aaron, Timothy. Pages 248-268. 
Resumed in Chapters 20, 21, 22, 23. 

Chapter XII. (From Chap. 7.) Great Grandchildren of George and Sarah 
Bliss Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of Jonathan, Rev. and 
Hon. Pelatiah, Shadrach, Oliver, Capt. Constant, George, Levi, Elijah, 
Daniel, Abraham, Moses, George, Benajah, Eunice, Samuel, Cyreneus, 
Abdial, Joseph, Jr., Simeon, Nathan, Samuel, Isaac. Pages 269-320. 
Resumed in Chaps. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. 

Chapter XIII. (From Chap. 7.) Great Grandchildren of Capt. John and 

Elizabeth , and Grace Loomise Webster (Thomas line), namely, 

Children of John, Elijah, Abel, Daniel, Thomas, Lydia Webster Hotch- 
kiss, Jonathan, Elijah, Simeon, David, Joseph, Jacob, Josiah. Pages 
321-344. Resumed in Chaps. 29, 30, 31. 


Chapter XIV. (From Chap. 8.) Great Grandchildren of Capt. John 
and Abiel Steele Webster ( Robert line ) , namely, Children of Robert, 


Aaron, Sarah Webster Barnes, Sarah Root Beckley, dau. Sarah 
Webster, Philologus, Osee, Cyrus, John. Pages 345-362. Resumed 
in Chaps. 32, 33, 34. 

Chapter XV. (From Chap. 8.) Great Grandchildren of Ebenezer and 
Hannah ( Webster ) Webster ( Robert line ) , namely, Children of Samuel, 
Hannah Webster Benton, Achsah Webster Skinner, Benjamin, Charles 
Richard, George, Samuel, Joseph, Eunice Webster Robbins. Pages 
363-374. Resumed in Chaps. 35, 36. 

Chapter XVI. (From Chap. 8.) Great Grandchildren of Capt. Daniel 
and Mirriam Kellogg Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of 
Mercy Webster Belden, Abraham, Noah, Charles, Mirriam Hopkins 
Gilbert, dau. Mirriam Webster; Sarah Sedwick Benham, dau. Mir- 
riam Webster, Danied, Asahel. Pages 375-388. Resumed in Chap. 37. 

Chaptee XVII. (From Chap. 9.) The Keeney Valley, N. Y., and the 
Great Grandchildren of Jonathan and Esther Judd Webster (Robert 
line), namely, Children of Ashbel, Jonathan, Asiel, Elizur, John, 
Joshua, Ruth Webster McKee, Elijah, Ephriam, Amos Andrews, Mary 
Webster Beckley, David, John, Jacob, Nathan, Ezekiel, Maj. Stephen. 
Pages 389-442. Resumed in Chaps. 38, 39, 40, 41. 

Chapter XVIII. (From Chap. 9.) Great Grandchildren of Stephen and 
Mary Burnham Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Stephen, 
Amy Webster Goodwin, Isaac, Gideon, Timothy, Michael, Elijah, 
Reuben, James. Pages 443-460. Resumed in Chaps. 42, 43. 

Chapter XIX. (From Chap. 9.) Great Grandchildren of Dea. Benjamin 
and Elizabeth Peck Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Elijah, 
Benjamin, Claudius, Dan, Loudon, Truman, Honor Webster Wright, 
Roswell, Heman, Orange, Ozias, Charles, Friend, Comfort, Wait, 
Simeon, Asa. Pages 461-502. Resumed in Chaps. 44, 45, 46, 47. 

Chapter XX. (From Chap. 9.) Great Grandchildren of Cyprian and 
Elizabeth Seymour Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Maj. 
Cyprian Webster. Pages 503, 504. Resumed in Chapter 48. 

Chapter XXI. (From Chap. 11.) Great Grandchildren of Sergt. Wm. 
and Mary Watson and Anna Case Webster (Robert line), namely, 
Children of Wm., Dea. Elijah Drake, Elisha, Phineas, Jehiel, James, 
John, Alanson, Ebenezer, Nancy Webster Griswold, Daniel Wm., 
Hezekiah Goodwin, Wm. Pages 505-530. Resumed in Chaps. 49, 50. 

Chapter XXII. (From Chap. 11.) Great Grandchildren of Capt. Moses 
and Mary Brace Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Amos, 
Abijah, Ozias, Charles, Hannah Webster Pond; Rhoda Webster Kellogg, 
Abigail Webster Seymour, Martin. Pages 531-547. Resumed in 
Chaps. 51, 52. 

Chapter XXIII. (From Chap. 11.) Great Grandchildren of Samuel and 
Elizabeth Case Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Ashbel, 
Aaron, Electa Webster Case, Samuel, Theron. Pages 548-557. Re- 
sumed in Chap. 53. 

Chapter XXIV. (From Chap. 12.) Great Grandchildren of Jonathan 
and Mary Strong Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of James, 
David, Israel, Wm., Benoni, Ruel, Gershom, Laban, Aaron. Pages 
558-575. Resumed in Chap. 54, 

Chapter XXV. (From Chap. 12.) Great Grandchildren of Pelatiah and 
Mrs. Joanna Smith, nee Crofoot (Thomas line), namely, Children of 


Kuth Webster Perit, Mary Webster Haskell, Pelatiah, Constant, Shad- 
rach, James Atherton, Justus, Cyrus, Asel, Cbloe Webster Turner — 
Hatch. Pages 576-598. Resumed in Chaps. 55, 56. 

Chapter XXVI. (From Chap. 12.) Great Grandchildren of Noah and 
Katherine Newcomb, and Elizabeth Jones Webster (Thomas line), 
namely, Children of Eansford, Ruth Webster Parke, Daniel, Isaac 
Vosburgh, David, Stephen, Ezekiel, Polly Webster Eggleston, Abra- 
ham, Cyrus, Darius, Dr. Isaac, Augustine, Lucretia Webster New- 
comb, Noah, John, Moses, Jerusha Webster Newcomb, Abraham, 
George, Philo. Pages 599-628. Resumed in Chaps. 57, 58, 59, 60. 

Chapter XXVII. (From Chap. 12.) Great Grandchildren of Benajah 
and Eunice Strong Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of Wil- 
liam Wolcott, Benajah, John Champlain, Reuben Loomis, s. Eunice 
Webster, Eli, Wareham, Benajah. Pages 629-641. Resumed in Chap. 

Chapter XXVIII. (From Chap. 12.) Children of Joseph and Martha 
Adams and Hannah Webster ( Thomas line ) , namely, Children of 
Daniel, Joel, Ira, Roswell, Joseph Barnes, Minerva Webster Benton, 
Samuel, Milton, Elijah, Hopkins, Hiram B., George Washington. 
Pages 642-662. The end. 

Chapter XXIX. (From Chap. 13.) Great Grandchildren of John and 
Mary Dewey Webster ( Thomas line ) , namely, Children of John, Eli, 
Hannah Webster Payne, Simeon Metcalf, Charles Frederick, Elijah 
Hubbard, Levi Abel, Amos, Alexander, Mason, Adonijah, Abel, Abigail 
Webster Baxter, John. Pages 663-681. Resumed in Chaps. 62, 63, 
64, 65. 

Chapter XXX. (From Chap. 13.) Great Grandchildren of Thomas and 
Lydia Lyman Webster ( Thomas line ) , namely, Children of Thomas, 
John, Samuel, Aaron, Jonathan, Joel, Elijah, Ezekiel, Joel, Rebecca 
Webster Jones, Simeon, Barbara Webster Chappel, David, Rue Webster 
Bidwell, Oliver, Sabra Webster Risley, Abner, Eli, Mercy Webster 
Chalker, Katharine Webster Shepard, Levi, Chloe Webster Sage, Jacob, 
Joseph, Lyman. Pages 682-719. Resumed in Chaps. 66, 67, 68. 

Chapter XXXI. (From Chap. 13.) Great Grandchildren of Josiah and 
Hannah Hutchison Webster (Thomas line), namely, the children of 
Submit Webster Hatch, Josiah, Malinda Webster Hatch, Wm., Daniel. 
Pages 720-725. Resumed in Chap. 69. 


Chapter XXXII. (From Chap. 14.) Great Grandchildren of Aaron and 
Lydia Webster ( Robert line ) , namely, Children of Joel, Lydia Webster 
Upson, Ira, Giles Barnes, s. Sarah Webster, John Bird Barnes, Orville 
Barnes, Rev. Romulus Barnes, Oliver Ellsworth Barnes. Pages 726- 
738. Resumed in Chap. 70. 

Chapter XXXIII. (From Chap. 14.) Great Grandchildren of John and 
Rhoda Lewis Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Philo Peter, 
John, Harvey, Elihu. Pages 739-743. Resumed in Chap. 71. 

Chapter XXXIV. (From Chap. 14.) Great Grandchildren of Osee and 
Mercy Beckwith Webster ( Robert line ) , namely, Children of Ebenezer 


King, Salmon, Luther Holley, Milton Holley, Elisha, Wm. Riley, Cyrus, 
Stewart Hazzard, Ira, Milton. Pages 744-756. Resumed in Chap. 

Chapter XXXV. (From Chap. 15.) Great Grandchildren of Matthew and 
Mahel Pratt Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of James, Lydia 
Webster Adams, Prudence Nott Benton Terry, Hannah Benton Corning, 
Mabel Benton Sellew, daughters of Hannah Webster Benton; Nancy 
Skinner Bacon, dau. Achsah Webster Skinner, Benjamin, George, Rev. 
Charles, Matthew Henry, Richard, Matthew Howard. Pages 757-770. 
The end. 

Chapter XXXVI. (From Chap. 15.) Great Grandchildren of Capt. 
Medad and Elizabeth Holton Webster ( Robert line ) , namely, Children 
of Mary (Molly) Webster Shepard, Hepzibah Webster Camp, Samuel 
Holton. Pages 771-776. Resumed in Chap. 73. 

Chapter XXXVII. (From Chap. 16.) Great Grandchildren of Capt. 
Noah and Mercy Steele Webster (Robert line), namely, Children 
of Ebenezer Belden Webster, Emily Scholten Webster Ellsworth, Fran- 
ces Juliana Webster Goodrich, Harriet Webster Fowler, Mary Webster 
Southgate, Wm. Greenleaf, Eliza Steele Webster Jones, Charles, John 
Wilkinson. Pages 777-789. The end. 

Chapters XXXVIII. (From Chap. 17.) Great Grandchildren of Jona- 
than and Mabel Risley Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of 
Samuel, Ashbel, Susannah Webster Couch, Benjamin, Abijah, Allen, 
Rachel Webster Warren, Rosetta Webster Haskins, Aaron, Miner, 
Abigail Webster Couch, Anna Webster Woodruff, Mabel Webster Fox, 
Jonathan, Dorinda Webster Brown, Giles, Price, Elizur, Obadiah, Wait, 
Ruth Webster Hard, William, Elizabeth Webster Stillman, John, 
Elijah, Jared, Grove, Rev. Johsua, Jonathan. Pages 790-867. Re- 
sumed in Chaps. 74, 75, 76, 77, 78. 

Chapter XXXIX. (From Chap. 17.) Great Grandchildren of Capt. 
Ezekiel and Rebecca Gaines Webster (Robert line), namely, Children 
of Ebenezer, Ezekiel, Elisha, Seth, Jerusha Webster Benjamin; Russell, 
Allen, Rachel Webster Porter, Ephriam, Jr., Harvey, Chester. Pages 
868-890. The end. 

Chapter XL. (From Chap. 17.) Great Grandchildren of David and 
Lydia Andrus and Mrs. Zervia Hart-Allis Webster (Robert line), 
namely, Children of Selah, Amos Andrus, Daniel, Leonard, Cyrus, 
Abel Andrus, Jonathan. Pages 891-903. The end. 

Chapter XLI. (From Chap. 17.) Great Grandchildren of Stephen and 
Rebeckah Williams Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of 
Charles, Jacob, Nathan, Jr., Charles Ingalls, Cynthia Webster Barnes, 
Arad, Artemas, Lt. Minor. Pages 904-937. The end. 

Chapter XLII. (From Chap. 18.) Great Grandchildren of Isaac and 
Ame White (Robert line), namely, Children of Theodore, Stephen, 
Norman, Billy, McCloud, Truman, Ephron William, Ira. Pages 938- 
952. Resumed in Chap. 79. 

Chapter XLIII. (From Chap. 18.) Great Grandchildren of Timothy and 
Sarah White Webster ( Robert line ) , namely, Children of Timothy, 
Norman, Dea. Clark, Daniel, Elizabeth Webster Allen, Dea. Michael, 
Polly Webster Osborn-Webster, Elemuel, White, Smith, Anna Web- 
ster Hart, Maria Webster Luce, Arinda Webster Radcliff, Belinda 


Webster Beers, Hosea, George Buel, James, Russell, Jarvis, Lyman, 
Chester. Pages 953-982. Resumed in Chap. 80. 

Chapter XLIV. (From Chap. 19.) Great Grandchildren of Benjamin 
and Lucretia Buell Webster (Robert line), namely, children of 
Uri, Guy, Miles, Capt. Benj., Orrin, Elijah, Peter Buell, John Milton, 
Ashbell Wheeler, Mary Ann Webster Edwards — Shepard. Pages 983- 
999. The end. 

Chapter XLV. (From Chap. 19.) Great Grandchildren of Stephen and 
Honor Kilbourn Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of David 
Sanford, Lyman, Jonathan Wright, s. Honor Webster; Anna Webster 
Beach, Rev. David, Stephen, Luther, Rev. James Kilbourn, Orange, 
Truman Catlin, Hannah Elizabeth Webster Hazen. Pages 1000-1012. 

Chapter XLVI. (From Chap. 19.) Great Grandchildren of Charles and 
Rhoda Kilbourn Webster ( Robert line ) , namely, Children of Jesse, 
Charles, James, Oliver, Anthony, Friend, Jr., John Taylor, Dr. Daniel 
Tompkins, Sheldon, Geo. Butler, Rev. Henry W., Francis Manville. 
Pages 1013-1025. The end. ■ 

Chapter XLVII. (From Chap. 19.) Great Grandchildren of John and 
Anna Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Bela Camp, John 
Smith, Charles Parmelee, Philena Webster Palmer, Benj. Franklin, 
Piatt, Chauncey, Palmer, Harris, Randolph Streeter, Harman LeRoy, 
Arad, Artemas, Lt. Minor. Pages 904-937. The end. 

Chapter XLVIII. (From Chap. 20.') Great Grandchildren of Dea. Cy- 
prian and Sarah Haydon Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of 
Erastus, Cyprian, Julius Junius. Pages 1042-1046. 

Chapter XLIX. (From Chap. 21.) Great Grandchildren of William and 
Edee Drake Webster ( Robert line ) , namely, Children of Asaph, Wm. 
Alexander, Amos Gillet, Calvin Fillmore, Sylvester, Orrin, Mary 
Munson Webster Hosford, Elisha, John, Wm., Lawrence, George, 
George, John, Wm., Mary Webster Fish. Pages 1047-1068. The end. 

Chapter L. (From Chap. 21.) Great Grandchildren of James and 
Hannah Hubbard Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of John 
Hubbard, Anson Bennett, Daniel Noble. Pages 1069-1071. The end. 

Chapter LI. (From Chap. 22.) Great Grandchildren of Amos and Theo- 
docia Bull Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Roswell, 
Caroline Webster Kellogg, Chas. Rossiter, Walter Rossiter, Addison, 
Adaline Webster Julian. Pages 1072-1077. The end. 

Chapter LII. (From Chap. 22.) Great Grandchildren of Charles and 
Hannah Phelps Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Wm. 
Burnham, Marvin Griswold, Charles Cook, Roswell Phelps, Lydia 
Pond Adams, dau. Hannah Webster, Susan Augusta Webster Pulling, 
Henry Alfred. Pages 1078-1089. 

Chapter LIU. (From Chap. 23.) Great Grandchildren of Aaron and 
Mary Sheppard Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Lester, 
Wm., Harry Croswell, Mary Sheppard Webster Haight, Harry Morgan. 
Pages 1090-1095. 

Chapter LIV. (From Chap. 24.) Great Grandchildren of Jonathan and 
Dorothy Hills and Ruth Holdridge Webster (Thomas line), namely, 
Children of Erastus, James, David, Justin, Alvah Harrison, Israel, 
Horace, Zenas, Electa Webster Blake, Charles, Alfred, Edmund, Benoni, 
Samuel Hammond, Aaron Holdridge, Moses Hyde, Horace, Clarina 
Webster Dunbar, Lucien Bonepart. Pages 1096-1121. The end. 


Chapter LV. (From Chap. 25.) Great Grandchildren of Oliver and 
Patience Wright Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of Chas. 
Roy, Oliver, Pelatiah, Daniel Albert. Pages 1122-1126. The end. 

Chapter LVI. (From Chap. 25.) Great Grandchildren of Capt. Constant 
and Miss Kinne and Mrs. Chloe Sackett, nee Atherton Webster 
(Thomas line), namely, Children of Constant, Electa Webster Hoag, 
Cyril, Aurelius, Alfred, Sarah Webster Crossett, Charles, Horace, 
Henry Milo, Dennis Emerson, Daniel Wentvvorth, Spencer Sheldon, 
Cyrus Washington, Perry James, Asahel. Pages 1127-1143. The 

Chapter LVII. (From Chap. 26.) Great Grandchildren of Elijah and 
Widow Elizabeth Trapp Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of 
Elijah, Chauncey Dutton, Major, Eli Harmon. Pages 1144-1151. The 

Chapter LVIII. ( From Chap. 26. ) Great Grandchildren of Daniel and 
Hannah Vosburgh Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of Daniel, 
David, Polly Webster Kenyon, David, Asahel, Susan Webster Eames, 
Justus, Warren, Truman, Norton Larry, Orange. Pages 1152-1168. 
The end. 

Chapter LIX. (From Chap. 26.) Great Grandchildren of Moses and 
Elizabeth Bennett Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of Dr. 
Wm. Bennett, Harriet Webster Gesner, Dr. Frederick Augustus, Henry 
Bentley, Rev. Ebenezer Tyler, Daniel Bromley, Isaac Augustine, Geo. 
Kinney, Moses Augustine, Jeremiah Allen, Miron Noah, Noble Thomas. 
Pages 1169-1189. The end. 

Chapter LX. (From Chap. 26.) Great Grandchildren of George and 
Deborah Dewey Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of Dr. 
Chelsea, Pauline Temperance Webster Stone, Geo. Randolph, Bethena 
Heyward Webster Shaw, Nancy Webster Wykoff, Cynthia Webster 
Wright, Philo Willshire. Pages 1190-1195. 

Chapter LXI. (From Chap. 27.) Great Grandchildren of Abdial and 
Martha Churchill Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of Levi, 
Lyman, Rev. Epenetus, Andrew Jackson, Martin J. Pages 1196-1202. 
The end. 

Chapter LXII. (From Chap. 29.) Great Grandchildren of John and 
Mary Bliss Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of John Martin, 
Abel, Rhoda Webster Abell, Wm. West. Pages 1203-1218. The end. 

Chapter LXIII. (From Chap. 29.) Great Grandchildren of Elijah and 
Abiah Metcalf Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of Elihu, 
Eli, Simeon Metcalf, Wm. Gaylord, Benj. Franklin, s. Elijah Hubbard, 
Benj. Franklin, s. Levi Abel, Dan Payne, Conrad Delamater, Gus- 
tavus Adolphus, Gilbert La Fayette. Pages 1219-1228. The end. 

Chapter LXIV. (From Chap. 29.) Great Grandchildren of Abel and 
Sarah Cole Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of Alexander, 
Elias, Nathaniel, Wm., Hubbard. Pages 1229-1235. 

Chapter LXV. (From Chap. 29.) Great Grandchildren of Daniel and 
Bridget Holdridge and Temperance Culver Webster (Thomas line), 
namely, Children of Ira Baxter, son of Abigal Webster, Sally Baxter 
Nichols, Daniel Danforth, John Nelson. Pages 1236-1243. The end. 

Chapter LXVI. (From Chap. 30.) Great Grandchildren of Thomas and 
Abigail Terry Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of Susannah 


Webster Strong, Sylvester, Royal Anson, John, Lyman, Wm. Car- 
penter, Sarah Maria Webster Emmick, Sylvester. Pages 1244-1255. 
The end. 

Chapter LXVII. (From Chap. 30.) Great Grandchildren of Jonathan 
and Eunice Shailor, and Elizabeth Willcox Webster (Thomas line), 
namely, Children of Huldah Webster Sackett, Roswell, Dea, Abiel, 
Horace, Jonathan, Jr., Allen, Daniel Billings, Joel Columbus, Betsey 
Maria Webster Eaton, Jason Galon. Pages 1256-1271. The end. 

Chapter LXVIII. (From Chap. 30.) Great Grandchildren of Elijah and 
Deborah Post Webster (Thomas line), namely, Children of Elijah 
Lyman, Augustus, Marcus, Jedediah Post, John Luman, Laura Web- 
ster Woods, Dudley. Pages 1272-1277. The end. 

Chapter LXIX. (From Chap. 31.) Great Grandchildren of Josiah and 
Sarah Loomis and Sarah Bacon Webster (Thomas line), namely, 
Children of Abigail Hatch Edick, dau. of Submit Webster, Rhoda 
Webster Clark, Erastus, Harriet Webster Brink, Orin, Dudson, Marcus 
Tullius Cicero, Gurdon Lathrop, Lydia Miranda Webster Aulls, Ed- 
win Baldwin, Wm. Bacon. Pages 1278-1289. The end. 


Chapter LXX. (From Chap. 32.) Great Grandchildren of Robert and 
Lucy Adkins Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Joel Francis, 
Horace, Joseph. Pages 1290-1294. The end. 

Chapter LXXI. (From Chap. 33.) Great Grandchildren of Philologus 
and Sarah Scott Webster ( Robert line ) , namely, Children of Philo, 
Amason, Ezra Griswold. Pages 1295-1300. The end. 

Chapter LXXII. (From Chap. 34.) Great Grandchildren of Osee and 
Ruth King Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Eveline Web- 
ster Devendorf, Martin, Ora, Ira, Mark, Maria Webster McMonagle. 
Pages 1301-1304. The end. 

Chapter LXXIII. (From Chap. 36.) Great Grandchildren of Samuel and 
Huldah Skinner Webster ( Robert line ) , namely, Children of Almeron 
Shepard, s. of Mary (Molly) Webster; Eliza Shepard Gilman, Char- 
lotte Shepard Parker, Ann Shepard Williams, Jane Shepard Gillette, 
Richard Holton. Pages 1305-1309. The end. 

Chapter LXXIV. (From Chap. 38.) Great Grandchildren of Ashbel 
and Rachel Price Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Polly. 
Webster Beebe, Dea. Ely, Adin, Jeremiah, Dr. Marvin, Plumley, Ashbel, 
George, Jason, Hannah Webster Tucker, Daniel, Jared, Mercy Webster 
Powers, Israel Swetland, Eliza Webster Carter, Laura Webster Hurl- 
burt, Asahel, Sylvester, Abijah, Chester,- Alanson, Achsah Webster 
Graves, Dr. Henry Keeney, Abel, Mansel, Lewis Howell, Martin Luther, 
Luther Norton, Calvin Price, Wm. Aaron, George Blinn, Solomon 
Savage, Price Blinn, Abel, Charles Lockwood. Pages 1310-1375. Re- 
sumed in Chap. 81. 

Chapter LXXV. (From Chap. 38.) Great Grandchildren of Jonathan 
and Agnes Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Leonard Wood- 
ruff, s. Anna Webster; Orrin Woodruff, Edmund Fox, s. Mabel Web- 
ster; Ann Fox Bloom, Samuel Fox, Julius Webster Fox, Jonathan Fox, 


Asa Fox, Chester Webster Fox, Jared, Jemima Webster Bennett, Sea- 
bury Brown, s. Dorinda Webster ; Abner Brown, Eleazer Brown, Dr. Ed- 
mund Brown. Pages 1376-1409. The end. 

Chapter LXXVI. (From Chap. 38.) Great Grandchildren of Asiel 
and Hannah Price Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Robert, 
Francis, Lyman. Pages 1410-1414. The end. 

Chapter LNXVII. (From Chap. 38.) Great Grandchildren of Elizur 
and Ruth Densmore Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of War- 
ren, Chipman, Horace, Wm. Henry Harrison, Orrin Hollister, John 
Keeney, Diadama Webster Clark, Reuben. Pages 1415-1423. The 

Chapter LXXVIII. (From Chap. 38.) Great Grandchildren of John and 
Elizabeth House Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Betsey 
Webster Williams, Charlotte Webster Cox, John Goodwin, Julia 
Webster Torrey, Madison House. Pages 1424-1429. The end. 

Chapter LXXIX. (From Chap. 42.) Great Grandchildren of Stephen 
and Ann McCloud Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of James 
Granger, Edward, Louisa Webster Swail, Daniel Hyde, John Hurlburt, 
Wm., Bethuel, J., Rev. Henry de La Fayette, David Henry, Charles 
Townsend. Pages 1430-1441. The end. 

Chapter LXXX. (From Chap. 43.) Great Grandchildren of Michael 
and Elizabeth Clark Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of 
Dr. Hiram Hall, Francis Clark, Almira Webster Blakesley, Rev. 
Michael Willens, David Loveland, Anson Elemuel. Pages 1442-1448. 
The end. 


Chapter LXXXI. (From Chap. 74.) Great Grandchildren of Ashbel and 
Mercy Swetland Webster (Robert line), namely, Children of Byram, 
Justin Page, Jerus Lamphere, Eliza Lucretia Webster Smith, Mercy 
Webster Fox, Hannah Jane Webster Keen, John Burton, Sarah Ann 
Webster Russell, James Hervey, Gilbert, Fannie Emeline Webster Fol- 
som, Lewis Loomis. Pages 1449-1473. The end. 

Chapter LXXXXII. Other New England Websters. Pages 1474-1478. 



William Holcomb Webster Frontispiece 

Rev. Melville Reuben Webster, D. D VI. 

The Capitol at Hartford, Ct., and Old Steamboat Landing, Glaston- 
bury, Ct 8 

Hartford, Conn.: Monument to Founders, Governor Street, Entrance 
to Capitol Grounds, Soldiers' Monument; Charter Oak Monument; 
Gov. John Webster's Tombstone, Hadley, Mass 16 

The Captain John Barnard House on an ancient Webster lot, Hart- 
ford, Ct 28 



Noah Webster, LL.D., the Lexicographer 178 

Mr. and Mrs. George Washington Webster 320 

Mayor Joseph Palmer Webster 496 

Rev. William Henry Webster, D. D 584 

Asahel Webster, Rev. Charles Chilson Webster, Rev. Frederick Charles 

Webster, Dr. Chelsea Webster 592 

Amason Webster, Ezra Griswold Webster 740 

Four Generations: Madison House Webster, William Robbards Web- 
ster, Dante Webster, Master Dante Paul Webster, Mrs. Charles H. 

McAlpine, nee Webster 858 

Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Ashley Webster 984 

George Young Webster 992 

William Haskell Websc^ 1016 

George Huntington Wubster 1032 

Edward Hannegan Webster 1056 

Hon. Abijah John Julian 1072 

Mrs. Leon H. Phillips, nee Wright 1192 

Noah Norton Webster, Edgar Jerome Webster, Norton Allen Webster, 

Everett Boughton Webster j 1200 

Four Generations: Mrs. Cynthia Pamela Little, nee Webster, Mrs. 

Helen Louise Stark, Mrs. Helen Smith, Miss Helen Elsie Smith 1232 

Mrs. William 0"Connor, nee Webster 1248 

Four Generations: Jacob Emmick Webster, Walter Webster, Harry 

Emery Webster, Walter Stanton Webster 1252 

Four Generations: Philo Webster, Mrs. Lydia Jane Ludwig, nee Web- 
ster, Mrs. Frances Jannette Cozart, James Allen Cozart 1296 

Francis Strong Webster 1312 

Zebulon Keen, Mrs. Hannah Jane Keen, nee Webster 1320 

John Burton Webster, Mrs. Harriet Maria Webster, Olin Wesley Web- 
ster, Mrs. Hattie Minerva Corning, nee Webster 1328 

Mrs. Lydia Lucelia Gillogly, nee Webster 1368 

Rev. Wesley Fox, Mrs. Mercy Fox, nee Webster; Mrs. Mercy Webster 

Fox, on her 100th Birthday, Edmund Fox, born 1788 1376 

Rev. Warren Duane Fox and wife; Rev. Reuben Cadwell Fox and 

wife 1384 

Rev. George Safford White, Mrs. Achsah Louise White, nee Fox; Rev. 

Major Zelotus Haskins, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Haskins, nee Fox .... 1392 
Mrs. Barbara Laverne Thompson, nee Webster, Arthur Webster 

Thompson 1416 

Inez Laverne, Fannie Elizabeth, Helen Rebecca and Ruth Clorinda 

Thompson 1418 

Rev. John Milton Webster, Dr. William Butler Webster, Willis Joseph 

Webster, Mrs. Molly Webster Shepard, born 1772 1420 

Rev. Anson Delano Webster 1456 

Rev. Melville Reuben Webster, D. D., and Family 1464 

Sumner Harris Webster, Seymour Cadwell Webster, Spencer DeForest 
Smith, Richard Delos Smith, Ellis Zelotus Smith, Mrs. Mary Orcelia 

Durfee, nee Smith 1468 



First Generation — Governor John Webster of Connecticut. 

Oldest American Family of Websters. — Sucktaug the Indian Name 
for Pre-historic Hartford. — North and South Side Plantations. 
— Controversy with Dutch. — Lots Selected Prior to 1636. — 
Hooker's Journey. — Exact Route Located. — John Webster on 
Governor Street. — Webster Houses. — Was an Original Pro- 
prietor. — English Ancestry. — Meaning of name Webster. — Coat 
of Arms. — Gov. Webster's Positions and Services. — Church Rela- 
tions, Controversy, Removal to Hadley, Mass. — Death. — Monu- 
ment Erected by Noah Webster. — Will. — Wife Agnes and Chil- 

Oldest Webster Family. — The progenitor of the oldest, and 
probably the most numerous family in America, bearing the name 
of Webster, was John Webster of Warwickshire, England. He 
came to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in a year not certainly 
known, but, by tradition, understood to have been about 1630-33. 
He removed from Newtowne, now Cambridge, Massachusetts, to 
the present site of Hartford, Connecticut, in 1636, presumably with 
the Eev. Thomas Hooker and his historic party. 

Hartford, Connecticut. — Hartford was then known by its In- 
dian name, Suclciaug, meaning "black earth," possibly from the 
dark rich soil of its fertile meadows and cultivated fields, portions 
of the country even then being under the rough tillage of the 

The South Side. — John Webster located on the south side of 
Little River, a small stream flowing into the Connecticut from 
the west, and which, from the founding of the Colony, has di- 
vided the town into two unequal parts, the south side never quite 
equaling the north in population. In the beginning, it formed the 
boundary between two "plantations" into which the community 
was divided, and this dual feature, — with separate meetings, in- 
dependent books, and recognition in the town votes, — continued 
even after the legal organization of the town was effected. 


2 The Webster Genealogy [Hartford, Conn. 

The North Side. — The north side is the older. In the autumn 
of 1635, "about sixty men, women and little children, went by 
land toward Connecticut," says Winthrop's Journal, under date 
of Oct. 5, 1635, "with their cows, horses and swine, and after a 
tedious and difficult journey arrived safe there." 

Colonial History. — The Eev. William DeLoss Love, Ph.D., of 
Hartford, Conn., who is the author and publisher of "The Colonial 
History of Hartford" (1914), from which we are freely quoting, 
and hereby acknowledge our indebtedness, identifies the following 
as a part of that company, and thinks that they were the pioneers 
who located their house lots on the north side at that time, namely, 
Elder William Goodwin, John Steele, William Westwood, Thomas 
Scott, Stephen Hart, William Pantry, John Barnard, William 
Butler, William Kelsey, Nathaniel Ely, Nicholas Clark, Eichard 
Webb, Eichard Goodman, Edward Elmer, Mathew Marvin, Thomas 
Stanley, — sixteen. 

He says, "in the judgment of the wise it was necessary for 
some to go forward to prepare the way, and there was at least a 
tacit agreement, to which the ministers were a party, that others 
would follow the next season." 

To the above sixteen he thinks that nine more should be added, 
inasmuch as their house lots are intermingled with the others, as 
though they were all selected at one and the same time. Since, 
however, it is known that some, at least, of the nine, accompanied 
Hooker in his march the next summer, the author holds that, after 
selecting their lots in the autumn of 1635, they returned to New- 
towne in time to accompany their families in their journey at that 
time through the wilderness to Suckiaug. The nine were Mathew 
Allyn, John Stone, Timothy Stanley, Edward Stebbins, James 
Olmsted, Eobert Day, John Talcott, William Lewis, Clement 
Chapin. Two lots were reserved, — one each for Eev. Thomas Hook- 
er and Eev. Samuel Stone. 

But "the majority of the settlers who came in 1636, settled south 
of the river and became the South-Side Plantation." (Ibd.) 

South Side Disputed Territory. — The reason for this is not 
far to seek. The South Side was disputed territory. The Dutch 
claimed it.* They held their title from the Pequots, a powerful 
tribe who were already predatory and menacing, and with which, 
a year later, the English were to test their prowess. The English 

* The Connecticut River was discovered as early as 1614 by Adrian Block, 
but for nine years after it is not known that any European visited it. It is 
claimed that the Dutch took possession of the River in 1623. Be that as it 
may, Edward Winslow penetrated there in 1632, and "pitched upon a place 
for a house." (Broadhead, I. 210.) But in 1633, June 8, the Dutch of Man- 
hattan made a treaty with the Indians and immediately built a blockhouse 
on the south side of the Little River, — a stream which flows into the Connec- 
ticut from the west at Suckiaug, now Hartford. 

1st Gen.] Governor John Webster 3 

held their Indian titles from the Sequins, f the ancient owners, who, 
however, had recently been conquered by the Pequots and made 
tributary. Prudence would not permit the premature defiance of 
these forces, and hence the first lots were chosen on the north side, 
and the movement to the south side was delayed until the arrival, 
or the near approach, of Hooker, and the main body of his congre- 

Earliest South Side Lots. — It is quite certain, however, that 
in the spring of 1636, after having secured rights through the 
Warwick patent, J lots were actually located on the south side, 
those of John White and Samuel Wakeman being the first, includ- 
ing, possibly, that of William Hills. Having these titles, both from 
the Indians and the English, the settlers gave little heed to the 
Dutch fort called "House of Hope," and even before the arrival of 
Thomas Hooker and his band of pilgrims, boldly crossed the Little 
River and staked out their home lots as above shown. But on the 
arrival of the larger number under Hooker, in June, 1636, the 
majority of the new comers, either from policy or choice, or both, 
located on the south side. Among them were John Webster, Wil- 
liam Whiting and Thomas Welles (the last from Saybrook) fore- 
most men of the colony. Only five proprietors in the colony owned 
a larger share of the common, or undivided lands, than John Web- 
ster, and only one, William Whiting, as much. Of the seven 
largest owners of land held in common, four were located on the 

The defect in the title to this land, in the view of the English, was, that it 
was obtained from the wrong Indians ; the Pequots and not the Sequins who 
were the ancient owners. 

t The Suckiaug Indians belonged to the Sequins, a general tribe which in- 
cluded not only the Suckiaugs, but Matianucks, or Windsor Indians; the 
Hockinums living on the east side of the Connecticut, where East Hartford 
now stands, and the Podunks, scattered along the Podunk River (Podunk 
means "place of fire") lying between what is now South Windsor and East 
Hartford. The chief sachem of these clans was Sowheag who sold land to the 
planters of Wethersfield, and the sachem of the Suckiaugs was Sequassen, the 
son of Sowheag. Some years prior to 1633 the Pequots had conquered the 
Sequins to which the above clans belonged. The Dutch purchased of the Pe- 
quots; the English of the Sequins, the ancient owners; "and in so doing, 
they declared their opinion that the subjugation of this tribe by the Pequots 
did not give to the conquerors the rights of ownership in the river lands." 
Lord Saye and Sele wrote in 1642 that the Pequots had no just but a usurped 
title." (Holland Documents, I, 128.) 

t It is claimed that Robert, Earl of Warwick, received in 1620, with others, 
a patent from James I, and in 1631 the Earl transferred the territory of Con- 
necticut, under that patent, to Lord Saye and Sele, Lord Brooke, Sir Richard 
Soltonstall, and associates, and, questions of government having been com- 
promised late in the winter of 1635-6, between the patentees and the Newtowne 
people who were about to migrate, there followed the events above shown. It 
is probable that Rev. Samuel Stone, early in the season, went to Suckiaug 
and joined Elder Wm. Goodwin, who had arrived the autumn before, and 
they, acting together for the Colony, secured from Sequassen, sachem of the 
Suckiaugs, the Indian title from the Sequins. Thus was established the fact 
afterward asserted by the English that they "purchased the disputed lands 
before their settlement upon them." (Love's Colonial History of Hartford.) 

4 The Webster Genealogy [Hooker's Party 

south side, namely, George Wyllys, Thomas Welles, John Web- 
ster, William Whiting. 

Rev. Thomas Hooker's Journey. — The journey of Eev. 
Thomas Hooker, and the main body of his faithful congregation, 
from Newtowne to Suckiaug will ever be memorable. Some had 
preceded them the autumn before; others early that spring, and 
probably a few followed later that same season. But the majority 
started from Newtowne, May 31, 1636, a hundred or more strong,* 
including women and children. Mrs. Hooker, the pastor's wife, be- 
ing too ill to walk, was carried on a horse litter. One hundred and 
sixty head of cattle were a part of the expedition, and furnished 
milk for the party. Thus encumbered, progress must have been 
very slow, and the journey required probably not less than ten 
days, and possibly more. 

Hooker's Route. — The route by which they reached Suckiaug 
has recently been established with probable accuracy. This was 
done in part by an exhaustive study of land records from Cam- 
bridge to Hartford, and noting the references to an ancient In- 
dian trail which was no doubt the line of their march. 

The course thus shown was from Cambridge to Watertown, Weston, 
Way land, Framingham, passing north of Cochituate Pond; through the 
borders of South Framingham, Ashland, Hopkinton, Westborough, Grafton; 
thence through Millbury, north of Singleton Pond to Oxford, turning 
westward at the Centre, and going through Charlton, whose ancient name 
was "Quabaug Path." It is suggested that they spent their first sabbath 
at Sturbridge, on the western slope of Fisk Hill, where tradition lo- 
cates a camping place. Going down the slope westward, and crossing 
the brook, they passed the foot of Cemetery Hill, and "Old Tantiusque 
Fordway," up the valley through Fiskdale. The path went north of 
Little Alum Pond to "Little Rest," and north of Sherman Pond and north 
of Steerage Rock, descending the slope to the Connecticut Valley at Aga- 
icam, now Springfield, Massachusetts. 

From Agawam they moved southward on the east bank of the Con- 

* Dr. Love includes the following thirty-five proprietors in the Hooker 
party, which duplicates the names of some given elsewhere, who, after select- 
ing their house lots in Suckiaug, returned to Newtowne in time to accom- 
pany their families. The list of thirty-five proprietors follows: Mr. Thomas 
Hooker, Mr. Mathew Allyn, John Talcott, James Olmsted, William Wadsworth, 
William Lewis, Timothy Stanley, Edward Stebbins, John Pratt, William Rus- 
coe, James Ensign, John Hopkins, George Steele, Stephen Post, Thomas Judd, 
Thomas Lord, Sen., John Stone, Richard Lord, John Maynard, Jeremy Adams, 
Samuel Greenhill, Robert Day, Nathaniel Richards, Joseph Mygatt, Richard 
Butler, John Arnold, Thomas Bull, George Stocking, Seth Grant, Richard Olm- 
sted, Joseph Easton, Clement Chaplin, Thomas Lord, Jr., John Olmsted, Samuel 
Whitehead. The names of John Webster, William Whiting, and Thomas 
Welles, are not included by Dr. Love in the above list, although he thinks they 
became settlers in 1636. It is to be observed, however, that the evidence, of 
lack of it, which fails to place the name of John Webster in the list is equally 
incapable of placing him elsewhere. Until such evidence appears is it not 
better to accept tentatively the more natural assumption that he accompanied 
the Hooker party? 

Governor John Webster 5 

necticut River, through "Longmeadow Gate," so called, because the shoul- 
der of the hill and the river narrow the space at that point to something 
like a gateway; thence in a general line (still marked by highways), to 
what afterward was known as the "John Bissell ferry" at Windsor, where 
they crossed the river and completed their journey to Suckiaug on the 
west bank. 

Governor Street. — Whether John Webster and his family 
came in that group, or later in 1636, he located, as already shown, 
on the south side of the Little Eiver, on what afterward was 
and still is known as Governor Street, not far from what became 
the famous Charter Oak.* Governor Street was so named because 
of the number of men living in that vicinity who became gover- 
nors,- — Edward Hopkins, George Wyllys, Thomas Welles, John 
Webster, and as late as 1850, Thomas H. Seymour. The street 
extends from Little Eiver, southward, crossing Sheldon Street at 
the head, and Charter Oak Avenue about midway of its total 
length. The street ends (1914) at Wyllys Street. On the east 
side of the street, about half way between Charter Oak Avenue and 
Wyllys Street, was the home lot of Gov. John Webster. (See pic- 
tures. ) 

Webster Houses. — In an interesting volume issued in 1900 
by Isham and Brown of Providence, E. I., from the press of the 
Preston and Pounds Co. of Providence, entitled, "Early Connecti- 
cut Houses," Dr. Henry Barnard of Hartford, writes an important 
chapter in Appendix II, entitled, "The Webster Houses." His 
first effort is to correct the error that the houses on the estate of 
Lieut. Eobert Webster, located on Eetreat Avenue, and Washington 
Street were identical with the home of Gov. John Webster, father 
of Lieut. Eobert Webster. Dr. Barnard says : "On this portion 
(Eetreat Ave.) stand three houses, in none of which did his father., 
Gov. John Webster, ever live. Gov. Webster's home lot was on the 
same plot with Gov. Wyllys' (directly east of my residence) on 
the street now known as Governor Street, and the house, which I 
recollect as far back as 1817, when, I clambered over the fence to 
play with the Hillsdale boys, was always known as 'the Webster 
house.' " 

Albert William Webster of New Haven, Conn., a descendant of 
Gov. Webster, issued in 1900, a twenty page pamphlet entitled, 
"One Branch of the Webster Family." In it, he explains that the 
Governor's home lot of two acres lay on the east side of Governor 
Street, and that the house in which the Governor lived was located 
on, or near the spot where the barn of Peter D. Stillman, Esq., 
now (1900) stands. 

* A monument has been erected to mark the location of the Oak, upon which 
is this inscription : "Near this spot stood the Charter Oak, memorable in the 
History of the Colony of Connecticut as the hiding place of the Charter, Oc- 
tober 31, 1687. The tree fell, August 21, 1856." The tree itself has been 
perpetuated by registered propagation. 

6 The Webster Genealogy [English Origin 

Webster an Original Proprietor. — Thus it is seen how Gov. 
Webster became one of the original proprietors of Hartford, and 
one of the founders of the Colony of Connecticut. It is a matter 
of regret that larger research into his earlier history could not have 
been prosecuted. The untimely death of William Holcomb Web- 
ster, the pioneer author of this work, however, cut off that possi- 
bility. What follows is taken from his early notes and must be 
accepted not as historic proof, but an index-finger pointing the way. 

English Ancestry. — From an ancient chart in the possession of 
descendants of Noah Webster, LL.D., the following is set forth as 
the possible line of Gov. John Webster. "The Websters were settled 
in Yorkshire at a very early period. They were, according to 
Burke and Playfair, of Scottish descent, and held the manor of 
Lockington, Yorkshire, in the time of Richard II (1389-1399). 
The apparent founder of the family was John Webster of Bolsover, 
near Chesterfield, Derbyshire, who, in the 12th of Henry VI (1434), 
was returned into Chancery among the gentlemen of that County 
who made oath, in behalf of themselves and their retainers, for the 
observance of the king's laws. Prom him descended John Webster, 
who, upon the dissolution of the monasteries, received from Henry 
VIII, large grants in Cambridgeshire, Essex and Huntingdonshire 
(1509-1547). From him descended, in the third generation, John 
Webster who came to Watertown, near Boston, New England, from 
Warwickshire, England, about 1636." 

The line thus established would be: 1330, Webster of Locking- 
ton, Esquire, time of Edward III. 1434, John Webster of Bolsover, 
Esquire, twelfth of Henry VI. John Webster in the time of Henry 
VIII, 1509-1547. John Webster, b. 1590, Fifth Governor of the 
Colony of Connecticut. 

Other Early Webster Lines. — Among the papers of the late 
Charles E. Webster of Albany, N. Y., the veteran Publisher, were 
found the following excerpts, giving data on certain early English 
Websters which may be of value in further investigation of the sub- 
ject, namely : 

"Extracts in the Autograph of Arthur Collins, from the Will of John 
Webster, Clerk, dated Aug. 21, 1494. Orders his body to be buried in the 
Parish church of Moreton, and that John Masson, Priest, say there Placebo 
and Diridge for the soul, of him, the said John W'ebster, William Webster 
his father, and Agnes Webster, his mother. Probate dated Oct. 14, 1494." 

"Will of Hugh Webster of Chesterton, but who writes himself of Cam- 
bridge, dated Oct. 13, 1503. Directs his body to be buried in St. Peter's 
at Cambridge, and six pounds for the supplying the effigies of his family 
in the painted glass windows of that church; bequeathes other sums for 
obits and other rememberances of the dead, to the Convent's of Gray 
Friars, Black Friars, and Austin Friars, in Cambridge. Mentions Jane, 
his wife; Thomas, his son and heir; Hugh, his son, and Catharine, his 
daughter, with Richard and Thomas, sons of Thomas, his son; appoints the 

1st Gen.] Governor John Websteb 7 

said Thomas, Executor, with John Webster, and makes his own brother, 
William Webster, supervisor. Probate dated, Feb. 17, 1503." 

"Will of John Webster of S. Margarets, Southwark, dated last of Febru- 
ary, 1503. Orders his body to be buried in the church of S. Margaret in 
Southwark, a hental of Masses to be sung on the day of his burial; be- 
queaths his lands in Barwey, in the Parish of Laham and Stretcham, 
County of Cambridge, to Agnes, his wife, during her life, and then to 
Robert, his son, forever; constitutes Agnes, his wife, and her father, Hugh 
Reubyn, of the town of Cambridge, Executors. Probate dated, April 24, 

"Will of George Webster of East Greenwich, in Kent, master cook to 
Queen Elizabeth; dated July 13, 1574. Probate dated Oct. 4, same year. 
Transcript in the autograph of Arthur Collins, Compiler of the Peerage, 
etc., ex registro, entitled Martyn (or Martyr) No. 16, qu. 37. 

"Will of William Webster of the Ford End, within the Parish of Eaton, 
County of Bedfordshire, dated Apr. 5, 1587. Ex regist vocat, Spencer, 
que 39, in cor Prace. Cant. Directs his funeral near his late wife, Ancho- 
ret, etc. Probate dated June 30 (or 20), 1587." (Other extract? follow, 
but of dates subsequent to John Webster's departure for America.) 

The Name Webster. — The surname Webster, meaning a fe- 
male weaver, of unmistakable ancient English origin, was a trade 
name. It is not, therefore, any more than Smith, a proof of rela- 
tionship among the first families bearing it. "With the Anglo- 
Saxons the termination er in trades and employments, was mascu- 
line; while that of ster was feminine. Of the former we have an 
example in Webber; of the latter we have example in Webster." 
(Anderson's Genealogy and Surnames, p. 58.) Spinner is mas- 
culine; spinster, feminine. 

Coat of Arms. — The authorities quoted in the Noah Webster 
manuscripts show that the Websters, Whitings, Steeles, Coffins, 
etc., are entitled by descent to wear coat of armor. Of this it is 
said, "The arms reproduced is argent, a fesse gules between three 
cross-crosslets-fitsschu azure. Crest, the sun rising out of the sea 
proper. Motto, "Emergo," — "I come up." The sun is an heraldic 
emblem of glory and splendor, and of absolute authority. "Fides 
et justitia" ("Faith and Justice,") is another family motto, and 
the lion, dragon, leopard and swan are emblems used in different 

Webster of Penns, County of Warwick, England, Lineage : This- 
family claims its descent from the Websters to whom arms were 
confirmed by St. George in the visitation of Yorkshire, 1612. 

Thomas Webster of London whose son John m. Sarah, dau. of 
Joseph Webster of Penns, Co. Warwick, and left, with several 
daughters, two sons : Thomas who m. Miss Grace Ascough and 
left two daughters, etc., and John Ernest Webster, a Captain in 
the Bengal army who d. unm. (On the reverse side of this note 

8 The Webster Genealogy [Coat of Armour 

was written, William Swift, Windham, Ct.) Seat, Penns near 
Sutton, Coldfield. 

Gov. Webster's Position. — That John Webster was a man of 
influence and standing in the Hartford colony is obvious. When 
the colony was settled at Hartford, a Board of Commissioners from 
Massachusetts governed the new towns, but a meeting of all the 
freemen of Hartford, Windsor and Wethersfield, held Jan. 14, 1639, 
adopted a written constitution, — "the first written constitution 
known to history, that created a government." (Fisk, "Beginnings 
of New England," p. 127.) From that time to 1659 he was chosen 
to office; from 1639 to 1655, as magistrate, or judge; 1655, deputy 
governor ; 1656, governor ; and the three following years, first magis- 
trate, or chief judge. Hinman in his "First Puritan Settlers of 
Connecticut," says that John Webster's first appearance as an officer 
of the Court was in April 1637, when he was a member of a com- 
mittee who for the first time sat with the court of Magistrates for 
the purpose of declaring war against the Pequot Indians. That 
same year he was elected to the general court, and also elected as 
one of the deputy commissioners in 1638. Then followed his elec- 
tion to the court of magistrates at the first general court hold en by 
Gov. Haynes in April 1639 as aforesaid. 

His sessions of court held are summarized as follows: 1639, four 
sessions of the general court; 1640, three; 1641, four; 1642, three; 
1643, five; 1644, five; 1645, five; and of the particular court, 1639, 
five; 1640, four; 1641, two; 1642, two; 1643, six; 1644, five; 1645, 
six; 1646, four. 

In 1640 he was appointed with Mr. Ludlow and Gov. AVelles to 
consult with friends in New Haven respecting Indian murders 
which had been committed, to learn of them whether they would 
approve a decree of war. With William Phelps he was appointed 
to form law against lying, and to hold consultation with elders on 
the subject. He was also a member of a committee with William 
Phelps who formed a noted criminal code of laws for the colony; 
reported and approved by the General Court in 1642, several of 
which remain on the statute book unto this day, with little altera- 
tion except in punishment. In 1654 he was appointed a member of 
the Congress of the united Colonies with Maj. Gen. Mason. He 
was the first of his name in this country who gave high character 
for talent in the name of Webster. 

Gov. Webster's Public Services. — Benjamin Trumbull gives 
the following summary of his public services: "For twenty years 
Mr. John Webster had been annually chosen into the magistracy of 
Connecticut, being elected Governor in 1656. At the election in 
Hartford, May 17th, 1655, Thomas Welles was elected Governor 
and John Webster Deputy Governor. At the election in 1656 John 
Webster was elected Governor and Thomas Welles Deputy Governor. 

The Capitol at Habtfobd, Connecticut. 
August 17, 1899. 

Old Steamboat Landing at Glastonbuby, Connecticut. 

On the Connecticut River. 

August 19, 1899. 

1st Gen.] Governor John Webster 9 

At the election in 1657 John Winthrop was elected Governor, 
Thomas Welles Deputy Governor, and John Webster Chief Magis- 
trate. This alternating was not a freak of voting, but arose from 
the law which permitted a governor to hold his office (until after 
1660) only one out of two years. 

Out of the one hundred and fifty-three original settlers of Hart- 
ford, only ten gentlemen besides himself were honored with the im- 
posing prefix Mr. The ordinary title was Goodman or Goodwife, 
sometimes Goodwoman, and often Goody, or Neighbor. Only men 
of means and rank in the Colony who had come from England were 
looked up to with awe and without familiarity, such as clergymen, 
magistrates, doctors, schoolmasters, and those freemen who had re- 
ceived a second degree at college; eminent merchants, military 
captains, captains of vessels, and sometimes the mates, were ad- 
dressed as Mr. and their wives as Mrs. 

One has well said of him : "Prior to his election as Governor he 
was frequently directed by the General Court to decide controver- 
sies about boundaries, or arbitrating on lands, distributing estates, 
auditing the accounts of the treasure and answering petitions. In 
1639 he was one of a committee appointed to confer with New Haven 
in relation to the murderous attacks from the Indians at Middle- 
town, and he bore the banner of war against the haughty and in- 
sulting Sowheag, when our sister of Quinnipiac (New Haven) 
turned her face from it, and her milder counsel prevailed. Ten 
years later, 1649, the New England Congress employed him "to set 
forth on the towns" soldiers and ammunition for an expedition 
against the Indians. At other times he was chosen "to press men 
and ammunition" or appointed one of the officers with whom the 
constables of each town were to take advise in the pressing of men." 
In 1654 he with others was appointed by the General Court to exam- 
ine and arrange "all particular and several charges of the late war 
(with the Narragansetts) and for the support of TTncas," of which 
charges they directed that they should cause the constables of Hart- 
ford to bring in a full account. When it was determined to provide 
a frigate of ten or twelve guns to defend the coast of Long Island, 
against the Dutch and Ninigrate, Mr. Webster was one of the Com- 
mittee "to treat with the owners of the frigate, and agree with them 
for the use of the same." Likewise in the matter of the agreement 
with Mr. Penwick and the impost duty at the mouth of the river, 
he was frequently called to act, and also to license the exportation of 
provisions in times of scarcity. He made journeys as magistrate 
to the seaside and elsewhere to administer justice. He was employ- 
ed in drawing up correspondence with friends of the Colony in 
England. He surveyed the highway from Hartford to Windsor, 
and overlooked its "amendment." He was one of the Committee 
which purchased and disposed of Simsbury. Abstracts for grievan- 

10 The Webster Genealogy [Public Service 

ces to be presented to the New England Congress for its deliberation 
were at times drawn up by him. The New England Congress of 
1654 had before it a new expedition against Ninigrate; the difficul- 
ties of New Haven with Delaware Bay; plans for "the better pass- 
age of the gospel among the Indians ; " for the education of some of 
the Indians at Cambridge College, including the extension and re- 
pair of the buildings of the institution, and he with his fellow-mem- 
bers dealt with these early problems of the infant state. To the 
several letters and sets of instructions growing out of these deliber- 
ations, the name of John Webster is in every instance signed, as 
also to the Swedish Governor of Delaware Bay, which was written 
in Latin. 

The Office of Governor. — It is of interest to know that the of- 
fice of Governor which John Webster reached had some pecularities 
not existent now. He had not only to be a freeman, but must have 
been previously a magistrate, and always a member of some "ap- 
pointed congregation." His election by ballot was by the greatest 
number of votes, cast by all who had been admitted freemen and had 
taken the oath of fidelity, and who "did cohabit with this jurisdic- 
tion," the vote being taken the second Thursday in April each year. 
The convention for this purpose was held in Hartford. The Gen- 
eral Court was in session at the same time to choose one or more 
persons to tell the voters who were sworn "to be faithful therein." 
Immediately upon his election the Governor-elect appeared before 
the General Assembly and took the oath of office "by the great and 
dreadful name of the everliving God to promote the public good and 
peace of this jurisdiction according to the best of my skill, and will 
also maintain all lawful privileges of this Commonwealth, and also 
that all wholesome laws that are or shall be made by lawful author- 
ity here established, be duly executed according to the rule of God's 
word, so help me God : In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ." 

Duties of Governor. — His duties were manifold. Through the 
constables of each town, by himself or his secretary, he called the 
two General Assemblies. Special meetings might be called upon the 
advice and with the special consent of a majority of the magistrates, 
"within fourteen days warning," or shorter notice if necessary, the 
reasons to be stated in his warrant. When in session the Governor 
presided over the General Assembly, all the branches sitting in one 
body. He had power to order the court to give liberty of speech, 
and to silence unreasonable and disorderly speakings. He put the 
motions and in case the vote was equal he cast the deciding vote. 
The Governor was also a magistrate and held, with his colleagues, 
Particular Courts over which he presided, now in one place and then 
at another. He managed the chief correspondence of the Colony, 
served as one of the Commissioners of the United Colonies, acted on 
important committees and acted as principal adviser in all emergen- 

1st Gen.] Governor John Webster 11 

cies. For this Gov. Webster received the munificent sura of 30 
pounds a year, this salary having been established in 1647, prior to 
which time there was no pecuniary compensation, and this was the 
first office to receive compensation in the Colony. 

His Church Relationships. — The First Church of Hartford 
justly stands in the forefront as one of the historic churches of 
New England. Founded by the learned and beloved Rev. Thomas 
Hooker who led in person the church through the wilderness from 
Cambridge to Hartford, he left the stamp and impress of his great 
personality and teachings upon them when, in 1647, eleven years 
after their arrival, he passed away. With the most judicious man- 
agement such a crisis would not be easily passed, but when Rev. 
Samuel Stone the assistant assumed the pastorate with some in- 
novations, some deviation in doctrines, and a new bent in ecclesias- 
tical preceedure, it is not surprising that others were quick to resent 
it, and the little fire of controversy rose to a great conflagration. 
Out of the imperfect records of the time it is difficult to determine 
the exact cause or causes of the controversy. It probably involved 
some questions of church order. Mr. Stone stood for "a speaking 
aristocracy in the face of a silent democracy." * 

A minister had spent some time in Hartford, and preached on 
several occasions. It was deemed by many to be wise and courteous 
to put to vote the question of his call to the pastorate. This Mr. 
Stone would not allow, and this he acknowledges in a paper drawn 
up in 1657, and conceeds that the brethren had the right or liberty 
to have done what he did not permit, and "that he ought to have 
left the church to their liberty in voting." William Goodwin was 
the Ruling Elder, the Moderator at church meetings which it was 
his duty to call and dismiss; to prepare business for action of the 
church, superintend the conduct of members, and preach in the 
absence of the pastor or teacher. (2d Church, p. 17.) In these 
duties or many of them he was probably thwarted by Mr. Stone the 
acting pastor, and both being determined men the "conflict between 
opposite principles of ecclesiastical order," as Dr. Leonard Bacon 
described it, waxed hot. To this was added a growing demand for 
an enlargement of baptismal privileges. As taught by Hooker, and 
original Congregationalism in N". E. only children of members in 
full communion were proper subjects of baptism, but Mr. Stone 
espoused the idea of extending the privilege to those outside the 

* Those desiring a fuller treatment of this subject will find it in "His- 
tory of the Second Church of Christ in Hartford," by Edwin Pond Parker, 
published 1892, by Belknap and Warfield, Hartford, Connecticut. Also 
"History of the First Church in Hartford," by its pastor, published in 
May, 1884, from the press of The Case, Lockwood and Brainard Company, 
Hartford, Connecticut, from both of which we have freely quoted and 
hereby acknowledge our indebtedness. 

12 The Webster Genealogy [Church Contest 

communion, and also to extend the voting privilege to non-com- 
municants. (2d Church, p. 20, p. 33, p. 34.) These views lead- 
ing to sharp attrition, a ukase was agreed upon and a council was 
convened in Hartford in June, 1656. The petition for the council 
was signed by George Steele, Ozias Goodwin, Will Partrigg, John 
Marsh, Isaac Graves, Benjamin Harbert, William Leawis, Thomas 
Bunc, John Webster, John Cullick, Nathaniel Ward, Andrew Ba- 
con, Andrew Warner, John White, John Crow, Thomas Standley, 
John Barnard, Gregory Woolterton, John Arnold, Zacbary Fild, 
Bichard Church. The Council was composed of ministers from the 
Connecticut churches, with one or two from the New Haven 
Colony. (2d Church, p. 26, pp. 23, 24, 25.) They decided that 
mutual satisfaction should be given on both sides, each to the 
other, that in case further differences arose and the dissenting 
brethren should desire dismission the church should grant it. "A 
substantial vindication of the minority as against the arbitrary 
procedures of Mr. Stone and the church." (2d Church, p. 26.) 
But Mr. Stone and the church refused to be bound by the findings 
of the council and matters grew worse. All New England soon 
became involved. Mr. Stone visited Boston and promoted a move- 
ment for a new Council. The General Court of Connecticut favor- 
ed it. Gov. Webster, Cap. Cullick and Mr. Steele opposed it, point- 
ing to the previous Council which Mr. Stone had disregarded, and 
objecting to legislative interference in the case. In a letter to Mr. 
Stone and the church they declined the suggestion of a new Council, 
(p. 29.) The following year, 1657, in April and a few days in 
May the council was held in Hartford with no result. The min- 
ority participated in the proceedings, holding however that all were 
bound by the first council. The pacification did not last and the 
minority demanded their dismission which was not granted and 
they formally withdrew, seeking admission to the church at Wethers- 
field, and sending to other churches their reasons for separation 
and this letter was read in some of the churches. For reading 
this and another paper the pastors were haled into court, among 
them Roger Newton of Farmington, and his wife, a daughter of 
the lamented Thomas Hooker, "to answer for the crime of publicly 
reading the communication addressed to the churches by the with- 
drawers who could get no other hearing." (p. 37.) The subscrib- 
ers themselves went before the Governor and his Deputy and de- 
clared that Mr. Stone would allow them no hearing in the church, 
and the Court would not permit them to make proof on oath of the 
particulars allged by them. The General Court ordered many 
things, granting in the month of May, 1658, permission for the 
withdrawers to settle up the river near Hadley, on condition that 
they should submit to an orderly hearing of the differences between 
themselves and their brethren. They accepted, the church de- 

1st Gen.] Goveexoe John Webster 13 

clined, and the court, acting for the church selected referees. It 
came to nought however by fault of the church. In March, 1659, 
the court renewed its effort, but the churches refused to attend 
this "court-created council." Eenewed again, June 15, 1659, the 
withdrawing party was required to submit, and the church agreed 
to. The withdrawers said, "of our free choice we are not at all 
interested in the council now chosen." A month earlier they had 
signed an agreement to remove to Massachusetts (p. 40.). The 
council met in Boston, Sep. 26, 1659, reviewed the case, distributed 
its mild censures and counselled that those disposed to go elsewhere 
be given dismission. They found too much evidence of Mr. Stone's 
rigid handling of adverse brethren, particularly specifying Honored 
Mr. Webster and Brother Bacon. (1st Ch. p. 173.) "The weight 
of right and justice," says the historian of the First church, "was 
with the defeated and emigrating minority." "Their ideas and 
principles finally triumphed, not only in a separate organization, 
but in the mother-church as well, and in the Congregational 
churches of the country. For it is the Congregationalism of 
Thomas Hooker, and not of Samuel Stone, that nourishes in our 
own age." (2d Church, p. 42.) 

In this lamentable controversy Mr. Webster took an honorable 
and dignified part, revealing in the papers extant always the spirit 
of the gentleman and christian that he was. 

The Hadley History. — The agreement to remove to Hadley is 
dated at Hartford, April 18, 1659, and signed by fifty-nine persons 
belonging to Hartford and Wethersfield, including one or two from 
Windsor. In the Hadley records John Webster's name appears 
first on the list of settlers from Hartford. On a map showing the 
list and arrangement of the original lots in Hadley, and the names 
of their owners, we note the following which are also in the list of 
First Church, Hartford, of those who removed to Hadley : Francis 
Barnard, Bichard Church, Andrew Warner, John Marsh, John Web- 
ster, William Goodwin, John Crow, Samuel Moody, Nathaniel 
Ward, William Markham, William Partrigg, John Barnard, An- 
drew Bacon, Timothy Stanley, Nathaniel Stanley (returned to 
Hartford), John White, William Lewis, Bichard Goodman, William 
Westwood. Of those who went to Hadley, the names of Samuel 
Church, Zachariah Field and Daniel Warner do not appear on the 
map; also William Hill. The following signed the agreement to 
go but either did not, or soon returned : George Wilerton, John 
Arnold, Ozias Goodwin, James Ensign, Bobert Webster, George 
Steele, William Lewis, Jr., Benjamin Harbert, John Catling. The 
following upon the map came from other places than Hartford: 
Samuel Gardner, Chileab Smith, Joseph Baldwin, Bobert Boltwood, 
John Hawks, Edward Church, Henry Clark, Stephen Terry, Joseph 
Kellogg, Thomas Coleman, Samuel Smith, Philip Smith, Bichard 

14 The Webster Genealogy [Hadley History 

Montague, John Dickinson, Samuel Porter, Thomas Wells, John 
Hubbard, John Eussell, Jr., Peter Tilton, T. Dickinson, N. Dick- 
inson, J. Eussell, Sr., J. Kellogg. 

The tract of land which they purchased was upon the Connecti- 
cut Biver, on the east, covering what is now included in the present 
towns of Hadley, Amherst, South Hadley and Granby, and on the 
west side, Hatfield and a part of Williamsburg. Soon after sign- 
ing the agreement to remove to Hadley, dated April 18, 1659, the 
signers, or some part of them entered upon the work of preparing 
for settlement there. John Webster accompanied or preceded them 
that he might assist or superintend the laying out of the roads and 
other business, and made his temporary home in Northampton 
where he was taken sick and made his Will, dated June 25, 1659. 
It was witnessed by John Eussell, Jr., the minister at Hadley, and 
Eleazer Mather, the minister at Northampton. Mr. Webster re- 
covered however and lived nearly two years, dying in Hadley, April 
5, 1661, and was buried there according to the instructions in his 
Will. Honor and labor followed him to his new field for he was 
soon made a judge, or commissioner as it was then called, John 
P}mchon and Samuel Chapin being his associates. The Court was 
held alternately at Northampton and Springfield. Sep. 25, 1660, a 
court was held in Springfield, and there were present for holding it, 
Mr. John Webster, Cap't John Pynchon, Mr. Samuel Holyoke, and 
Elizur Holyoke, Eecorder. The jurors were Thomas Cooper, Henry 
Burt, Thomas Merick, William Warrener, William Branch, Mr. 
Jeans, Mr. Williams, John Dembleton, Eobert Bartlett, Lawrence 
Bliss, Alexander Edwards and Benjamin Parsons. 

In Massachusetts Eecords, Vol. IV, Part I, is the following: "At 
a General Court of Election held at Boston, May 30, 1660, it was 
declared : Mr. John Webster, Senior, of the new towne of Norwot- 
tock, is by this court commissioned with magistratticall power for 
the jeav ensuing, to act in all civill and criminall cases, as any 
other magistrate may doe, and that he joyne with the Commission- 
ers in keeping the court at Springfield." 

March 26, 1661, at the New Towne at Norwotuck, the following 
were made freemen and took the oath before Mr. Pynchon and Mr. 
Holyoke, who was recorder : Mr. John Webster, Mr. John Eussell, 
Nathanooll Ward, William Markham, Thomas Dickerson, Andrew 
Bacon, Thomas Wells, John Hubard, Nathaneell Dickenson, Philip 
Smith, Thomas Coleman, Eobert Boltwood, Samuel Gardner, Peter 

The Death of Governor Webster. — The end was now near at 
hand. In eleven days, namely, April 5, 1661, under circumstances 
without record now extant, the Puritan and Pilgrim of two hemi- 
spheres, the faithful judge, the Deputy Governor and Governor of 
an incipient American State, the public spirited citizen and public 

1st Gen.] Governor John Webster 15 

servant, in old age an exile for conscience sake from the infant city 
which he helped to found, in a new home, but surrounded by neigh- 
bors who had suffered with him, he closed his labors, and sleeps with 
the pioneers who with him blazed the path of empire in the New 
World. His most eminent descendant, Noah Webster, LL.D., one 
of the chief lexicographers of the English language, erected in the 
Old Hadley Cemetery, in 1818, a modest slab* upon or near the spot 
where Gov. Webster was buried, bearing the following inscription : 

To the memory of John Webster, Esq. 
one of the first settlers of Hartford in 
Connecticut, who was many years a Mag- 
istrate or Assistant, and afterwards 
Deputy Gov. and Governor of that Colony, 
and in 1659 with three sons, Robert, 
William and Thomas, associated with 
others in the purchase and settlement of 
Hadley where he died in 1661, this monu- 
ment is erected in 1818 by his descendant, 
Noah Webster of Amherst. * * * * * * 

Gov. Webster's Will. — In the Northampton, Mass., Probate 
Records, pages 20 and 21 is recorded the following instrument, at- 
tested as a true copy of the last Will and Testament of Mr. John 
Webster, late of Hadley, deceased. 

"I John Webster late of Hartford in the jurisdiction of Connecti- 
cut being weak of body yett sound of mind and having my perfect 
understanding doe orcla}'ne this to be my last will and testament in 
manner following — 

"Imprimis. I comitt my soule into the hands of the Almighty 
and most mercifull hoping to be saved by the alone meritts of the 
Lord Jesus Christ being washed w'th his blood and clothed with 
his righteousness and sanctifyed by the Holy Ghost. Amen. 

"My body also I bequeath to ye earth to be interred with comely 
bureall (if at this time I be taken out of this world) in some part 
of the New Plantation on ye east side of the river agt Northampton. 
Moreover my worldly goods wch the Lord hath blessed me with and 
left me as a father's portion, I bestow as followeth. 

"To my Deare and beloved wife Agnes Webster I give one bed 
and comely furniture for ye same. As also my house and lands in 
Hartford all the profitts of the same during her natural life. And 

*See Photograph. 

16 The Webster Genealogy [Death and Will 

upon her decease all shall come into the hands and be at ye disposal 
of my executor. 

"Item, to my son Matthew Webster I give the summ of ten 

"Item, to my son William Webster I give the summ of seventy 

"Item, to my son Thomas Webster I give ye summ of fifty pounds. 

"Item, to my daughter Marsh I give ye summ of twenty pounds. 

"Item, to my daughter Markham I give ye summ of forty pounds. 

"To my grandchild Jonathan Hunt I give the summ of forty 

"To my grandchild Mary Hunt I give ye summ of ten pounds. 

"To all my grandchildren else in 1ST. England I give ten shillings 

"To Mary the wife of William Holton of Northampton in part 
of recompence for her great love and paynes for me I give forty 

"To my son Eobert Webster I give all the remainder of my es- 
tate of one kind and another, whom also I doe appoynt and ordayn 
to be my sole and full executor of this my last will and testament. 

"My will further is that the foresaid legacys should be paid with- 
in fifteen months after mv decease soe farr as my personall estate 
(that is all my estate besides houses and lands) will reach and the 
rest within eighteen months after my wives decease. 

"Which of the legacys shall be paid first or how much of them I 
leave to the discretion and faithfulness of my son Eobert desiring 
yt if there appeare any difference he would in it take and act by the 
advise of my loving friends Nathaneell Ward and Andrew Bacon 
who have beene acquainted with much of my mind herein. Only 
my just debts I would have first paid before ye legacys as also my 
funerall expences. 

"My lot at the New Plantation with ye accomodations thereunto 
belonging and I give to my sons William and Thomas upon condi- 
tion of their inhabiting there as I myself was ingaged to doe wch 
is also my desire they should — 

"And soe doeing to have it equally divided between them. 

"In witness hereof I have sett to my hand this present 25 of 
June 1659. 

John Webster. 

In ye presence of 
John Kussell, 
Eleazar Mather. 

Gov. John Webster's widow, Mrs. Agnes Webster, died six year,s 
later, probably in Hartford, in the year 1667. 

Gov. Webster's Family. — Savage says of John Webster who 
came from Cambridge to Hartford in 1636, "he brought from Eng- 


Monument to Founders op Hartford. Governor Street Show- 
ing Site of Gov. John Webster's Eesidence. Soldier's 
Monument at Entrance to Capitol Grounds. Charter 
Oak Monument. Gov. John Webster's Tombstone at Had- 
ley, Mass., Erected by Noah Webster the Lexicographer. 

See Page* 5, 13, 15, 17-19. 

1st Gen.] 

Governor John Webster 


land his wife Agnes and children Matthew, Robert, Ann, Elizabeth 
and Mary. Perhaps also Thomas and William, though one or both 
of the latter may have been born on this side of the ocean. All of 
these lived to marry, and all left issue except William and Eliza- 

No date of birth for any of the children of Gov. John and Agnes 
Webster has, so far as we can learn, been discovered. There exist 
some conjectures, and so, until something authentic appears, it will 
be well to await with patience the result of further research. 

Children : (Born in England except last two who, according to 
Savage, may have been born this side of the ocean.) Matthew; 
William, Robert, Thomas, Anne, Elizabeth, Mary. Resumed in 
Chapter II. 

Supplement to Chapter I. 

Many, if not most, of the descendants of Gov. John Webster, 
because of early intermarriages, are descendants of one or more of 
the original settlers of Hartford, and founders of the Colony of 
Conneticut. For their convenience, we append the full list of early 
settlers as given in the Memorial History of Hartford, page 227, 
to wit : 

Adams, Jeremy, 
Allyn, Matthew, 
Andrews, Francis, 
(Andrews, Wm.) 
(Alcock, Thos. forfeited). 
(See Olcott) 
Arnold, John. 

Bacon, Andrew, 

Barnard, John, 

Barnes, Thomas, (By courtesy.) 

Bartlett, Robert, 

Baysey, John, also spelled Baisie, 

Beal, Thomas, 

Bearding, Nathaniel, also spelled 

Betts, Widow Mary, (By courtesy.) 
Bidwell, John, (courtesy.) (Biddle) 
Billing, Richard, 
Birchwood. Thomas, also spelled 

Blachford, Peter, also spelled 

Blatchford and Blackfield, 
Blackley, Thomas, also spelled 

Blatchley and Blacksley, 
Bliss, Thomas, Sr., 
Bliss, Thomas, Jr., 
Blumfield, William, 
Bridgeman, James, not an original 

Bronson, John, (By courtesy.) Also 

spelled Brownson and Brunson, 

Bronson, Richard, a brother, 
Bull, Captain Thomas, 
Bunce, Thomas, (By courtesy.) 
Burr, Benjamin, 
Butler, Deacon Richard, 
Butler, William. 

Chaplin, Clement, also spelled 

Chaplain, returned to England. 
Chester, Mrs. Dorothy, widow of 

John Chester and sister of Rev. 

Thomas Hooker, 
Church, Richard, removed to Had- 

ley with the withdrawers, 1659, 
Clarke, John, 
Clarke, Nicholas, 
Cole, James, 

Cornwall, Sergeant William, 
Crow, John, 
Cullick, Captain John. 

Davis, Philip, "the tailor," 

Davy, Fulke, removed before 1640, 

Day, Robert, 

Desborough, Nicholas, (By cour- 
tesy) spelled also Disbro, Des- 
brough, Disbrow, Desbrow. 

Easton, Deacon Joseph, 

Edwards, William, 

Elmer, Edward, 

Ely, Nathaniel, 

Ensign, James, also spelled Ensing. 


The Webster Genealogy [Seven Children 

Field, Zachary, 
Fisher, Thomas, 
Friend, John. 

Gardiner, Samuel, also spelled 

Garrett, Daniel, 

Garrett, Samuel, also spelled Gar- 
ret, Garrard, Garwood, 

Gennings, John, also spelled G in- 
nings, (Nicholas) 

Gibbons, William, (Gibbins) 

Goodman, Deacon Richard, 

Goodwin, Elder William, 

Goodwin, Ozias, a brother, 

Grant, Seth, 

Grave, George, 

Green, Bartholomew, died before ar- 

Greenhill, Samuel, 

Gridley, Thomas, (By courtesy.) 

Hale, Samuel, also spelled Hales, 

Hale, Thomas, (John Hale) 

Hall, John, 

Hart, Stephen, 

Hayden, William, (Heaton) 

Haynes, Hon. John, 

Higginson, Rev. John, 

Hills, William, 

Holloway, John, 

Holton, William, also spelled Hol- 

ten and Houghton, 
Hooker, Rev. Thomas, 
Hopkins, Gov. Edward, 
Hopkins, John, 
Hosmer, Thomas, 
Hubbard, George, 
Hungerford, Thomas, also spelled 

Hyde, William, (Hide.) 

Ince, Jonathan, (Jonas). 

Judd, Thomas. 

Keeler, Ralph, 
Kellogg, Nathaniel, 
Kelsey, William, 

Lay, Edward, (Leary) 
Lewis, William, 
Lord, Thomas, 
Lord, Thomas, Jr., 
Lord, Richard, 
Lyman, Richard. 

Marsh, John, 

Marvin, Matthew, 

Marvin, Reinold, (Mann, Benj.) 

Maynard, John, 

Moody, John, 

Morris, John, also spelled Morrice, 

Munn, Benjamin, 

Munson, Thomas, 
Mygatt, Joseph. 

Olcott, Thomas, (Alcott) 
Olmstead, Dr. John, also spelled 

Olmstead, Captain Richard, (Jas. 


Pantry, William, also spelled, Peyn- 

Parker, William, 
Peck, Deacon Paul, 
Pierce, John, 
Phillips, William, 
Porter, Thomas, 
Post, Stephen, (Burg Plat) 
Pratt, John, 
Pratt, William, supposed to be 

Purchas, John, also spelled Purkas. 

Richards, Nathaniel, 

Richards, Thomas, 

Risley, Richard, also spelled Wris- 

Root, Thomas, 
Ruscoe, William, also spelled Reskoe 

and Rescue, 
Ruscoe, Nathaniel. 

Sable, John, also spelled Savell, and 

Scott, Thomas, 
Selden, Thomas, 

Seymour, Richard, (Series, John) 
Skinner, John, 
Smith, Arthur, 
Smith, Giles, ( By courtesy ) 
Spencer, Sergeant Thomas, 
Spencer, William, brothers, 
Stanley, John, 
Stanley, Thomas, 
Stanley, Timothy, (brothers) 
Stanton, Thomas, 
Stebbins, Deacon Edward, also 

spelled Stebbin, 
Steele, George, 
Steele, John, (brothers) 
Stocking, George, 
Stone, John, 
Stone, Rev. Samuel son of John. 

Talcott, John. 

Upson, Thomas. 

Wade, Nathaniel, (Nathaniel 

Wadsworth, William, 
Wakely, Henry, also spelled Walk- 
Wakely, James, son of above, 
Wakeman, Samuel, 
Warner, Andrew, 

1st Gen.] 

Governor John Webster 


Warner. John, 

Watts, Richard (Wm, Watts) 

Webb, Richard, 

Webster, Gov. John, 

Welles, Gov. Thomas, 

Westley, William, 

Westwood, William, 

White, Elder John, 

Whitehead, Samuel, 

Whiting, Major William, 

Wilcock, John, also spelled Wilcox, 

Woltherton, Gregory, also spelled 

Woodford, Thomas, 
Wyllys, Gov. George. 
Names, 160. 

Later Settlers. 

1644, Thomas Catlin. 
1652, Thomas Cadwell. 
1657, John Merrill, a tanner, son 
of Abram Merrill of Newtown 

(Cambridge), and Sarah, dau. of 
John Watson. 

1661. Bevil Waters of Wethersfield 
b. about 1648, died Feb. 14, 1729- 
30. He was lame. First wife's 
name, unknown. He m. (2) Dec. 
13, 1722, Sarah, the widow of 
Joseph Mygatt. She was the 
dau. of Robert Webster, and was 
b. June 30, 1655. 

1669, Richard Case of East Hart- 

1672, Stephen Brace or Bracy who 
came from Swanzey. He died, 

1685, Thomas Hill, who came from 
Dr. Love adds the following 

names to the list of real estate 

owners, prior to 1640: 

Hills, John, 

Hurlbut, Thomas, 

Latimer, John, 

Sanford, Robert, 

On the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the settlement of Hart- 
ford, its citizens erected a monument (1836) in memory and honor 
of its Founders. Nearly all of the names in the above list, except 
the "Later Settlers," appear upon the monument. Inserted else- 
where is a picture of it, with several other objects of interest. The 
monument stands in the cemetery at the rear of the First Church. 
On one of the faces of the monument the list begins with the 
names of the early governors, and fifth from the top, to correspond 
with the number of his term, is the name of John Webster, the 
Fifth Colonial Governor. 

To the right of the monument, in the picture referred to, is a 
view of Governor Street, the home of Governor Webster. It is so 
taken as to show its junction with Wyllys Avenue, near which, and 
just back of the apartment houses, on Governor Street, stood his 
house. ISTo trace of any building of that ancient time now exists. 

Underneath the picture of Hartford Monument, is the Soldiers 
Monument, which arches the north entrance to the capitol grounds, 
and also spans the "Little Eiver" which is such a landmark in 
Hartford history, the early boundary line between the North and 
South Plantations. 

Still below this is a picture of the Charter Oak Monument, 
marking the spot where stood the tree which became historic after 
Governor Webster's time, but not far from the Governor's original 

To the right of this is a picture of Governor John Webster's 
tombstone in the cemetery at Hadley, Massachusetts, erected by 
Noah Webster, LL.D., in 1818. The date of Governor Webster's 
death is there given as 1665. It should, in fact, be 1661. 

Second Generation — Governor John Webster's Seven Children. 

Seven Children. — Order of Births. — Matthew Webster of Farming- 
ton. — William Webster of Hadley. — Lieut. Robert Webster of 
Middletown and Hartford.— Last Will. — Death. — His Widow, 
Susannah Treat Webster. — Her Last Will. — Death. — Ancient 
Webster Houses. — Title of One in Two Families Only. — Thomas 
Webster of Northampton and Northfield. — Anne Webster Mar- 
ried John Marsh of Hadley. — Elizabeth Webster Married William 
Markham of Hadley. — Mary Webster Married John Hunt in 

Gov. John Webster and Agnes his wife were the parents of 
seven children. Noah Webster, LL.D., the Lexicographer, and 
one of their descendants, prepared an eight-page pamphlet in 1836, 
entitled, "Genealogy. Family of John Webster. Compiled by N. 
Webster." It is dated, "New Haven, January, 1836." In it he 
conjectures that "Robert Webster was probably the eldest son of 

Twenty years later, namely, in 1856, the "Genealogical Notes" 
of Nathaniel Goodwin were published by F. A. Brown of Hartford, 
Conn. In it he gives the names of Gov. John Webster's children 
in the following order : Matthew, William, Thomas, Eobert, Anne, 
Elizabeth, Mary. With many this has become the conventional 
arrangement, notwithstanding Savage reached the conclusion that 
Mary was the oldest daughter, if not the oldest child, and Noah 
Webster that Robert was the eldest son. But for the purposes of 
this book we have followed the list as given by Goodwin, except in 
the case of Robert. His name we have placed before Thomas. 
The fact that Robert's first child was born fifteen years before the 
first child of Thomas, entirely apart from the question of the rela- 
tive ages of Robert and Thomas, is a sufficient reason for the change. 

Taking up the children of Gov. Webster according to this ar- 
rangement their history is as follows: 

1. Matthew Webster, son of Gov. John and Agnes Webster, 
settled in Farmington, Conn., and was the father of two children as 
shown by the public records. Whom he married is not known. He 
was admitted a freeman by the Court of Elections at Hartford, 
April 10, 1645, which is confirmed by the Colonial records which 


2d Gen.] Gov. Webster's Children 21 

also show that he Avas a freeman in that year. He was returned 
a freeman in Farmington, October 12, 1669. 

Matthew Webster is not enumerated among the eighty-four origi- 
nal proprietors of Farmington in 1645, but the records reveal that 
he was there in 1650, and thence onward to 1671, in which year, 
January 1, 1671, the following agreement was made, namely: 

"This present writing made ye first of January, year of our Lord, one 
thousand six hundred and seventy one between Matthew Webster of Far- 
mington on ye one part, and Wm. Judd and John Woodruff, both of ye 
same town to the other, agrees: WITNESSETH, yet ye aforesaid Wm. & 
John bind yourselves jointly and securely for themselves and their as- 
signs to take unto your houses the aforesaid Matthew Webster and his 
son John Webster and to provide for same, and to give unto them from 
time to time and at all times sufficient meat, drink, and clothing, washing 
and lodging according as the condition of such persons shall require at 
your own debt and charge during the natural life of aforesaid Matthew 
and his son John." 

In consideration, fifty acres of land "in ye great meadow," was 
given. (Deeds, Vol. 2, p. 101.) 

A deed, or writing, given by Matthew Webster to his father in 
1660, recorded in a Book of Deeds in the office of the Secretary 
of State, Hartford, furnishes all that is known, except the above, 
of the family of Matthew Webster. It reads in part as follows : 
"I the said Matthew, bind over my land in Farmington, in Matthew 
Woodruff's hands, for the maintainance of my son John, for the 
whole time of the life of said John. My daughter, who is with 
Joseph Easton of Hartford, to have six pounds a year from the 
rent of the land for a year or two longer; and this I do bind over 
to my father, Mr. John Webster, to dispose of for the good of my 
son, after his, my said father's, decease." 

In the month of May, 1661, he sold land "in ye Great Meadow," 
in Farmington, to Anthony Howkens, and in his Will, dated Feb. 
26, 1673-4, Howkens refers to "land which I bought of Matthew 
Webster in the great meadow." 

The wife of Matthew Webster, whose Christian name nowhere 
appears, died Feb. 11, 1656, and he, July 16, 1675. 

From all of the foregoing it is obvious that Matthew Webster 
was born not later than 1624, for he was at least twenty one years 
old in 1645 when he was made a freeman, and so must have been 
born in England. In 1660, when he gave a deed or writing to his 
father, Mr. John Webster, for the care of his two children, he was 
a widower, and had been for nearly four years. When in 1671 he 
gave security to William Judd and John Woodruff for the care 
of himself and his son John, he does not mention his daughter, 
who in the meantime may have died, or married, and so passed 
beyond the need of this provision. And the further fact that he was 


The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 1 

among the Judds and Woodruffs, and was being cared for by them, 
suggests that his wife may have been of one of those families, or 
related to the wife of one or both of the parties to the contract. 
Further research in these allied lines may yet furnish some clew to 
this. Resumed in Chapter III. 

2. William Webster, of Hadley, Mass., another son of Gov. 
John and Agnes Webster, was born, according to Farmer, about 
1617. He m. Feb. 17, 1670, Mary Eeeve, dau. of Thomas Reeve 
of Springfield. They had no children. The chief interest in this 
family is the trial of Mrs. Webster for witchcraft. She was not 
required to go as a prisoner to Boston, but her testimony was sent 
instead. At a County Court held March 31, 1685, at Northampton, 
Hampshire Co., Mass., the following record was made : "Samll 
Partrigg was allowed pay'nt for drawing out Coppys of Tests to be 
sent to ye Bay in Goodwife Webster's case wein (wherein) she 
was accused with familiaritee with ye devell." She was acquitted. 

A History of Hadley, Mass., published in 1863, indulges in a 
long account of this trial. That is authority for the statement 
that William Webster was fifty three years of age at the time of his 
marriage, and she probably some years younger. Possibly as a 
sequel to the above trial the following from the Probate records 
of Northampton, Vol. 1, p. 209, was recorded: 

Sep. 28, 1680. Whereas Ann Belding, ye daughter of Sam'll Belding 
of Hartford, (etc) said Samuel Belding and Thomas Wells were bound 
in sum of 10 pounds each for appearance of said Ann Belding to "answer 
for her most shameful, odious, and merderous purpose and practices 
against the body and life of Mary, wife of William Webster of Hadley." 
Fined to pay William Webster 20 shillings to satisfy him for charges 
and expenses, and "to be whipt with thirteen lashes on ye naked body 
well laid on, or to pay" the County 4 pounds which her father agreed to 
Massachusetts Records, Vol. IV, Part 2, show that William Web- 
ster was made a freeman in Mass. Bay Colony, May 11, 1670, but 
not where he belonged. September 27, 1670, at a County Court 
holden in Springfield, Thomas Mason, Thomas Bascomb, Jr., 
Samuel Smith of Northampton, with William Webster and Joseph 
Baldwin, Jr., of Hadley, were admitted as freemen and took the 
freeman's oath. As early however as March 31, 1661, William 
Webster and John Coleman of Hadley took the oath of fidelity to 
the Commonwealth at Northampton. 

William Webster and his brother Thomas early located in Mass. 
rather than Conn., as shown by the fact that Gov. Webster gave 
his lands in Hadley to these two sons. June 8, 1671, William Web- 
ster and Mary his wife sell land in Hadley to Mary Partrigg, and 
again, Dec. 4, 1682, to Samuel Partrigg, all being of Hadley. 
The estate of William Webster was administered upon, April 27, 

2d Gen.] Gov. Webster's Children 23 

1688, and an inventory of the estate of his widow, Mary, was filed 
June 3, 1698, showing 9 pounds, 16 shillings, and 5 pence. These 
dates fix approximately the time of their deaths. No children. 
The end. 

3. Lieut. Robert Webster of Middletown, Conn., a son of Gov. 
John and Agnes Webster, said by Joel Munsell and Sons to have 
been born in 1627, m. in 1652, Susannah Treat, b. 1629, dau. of 
Kichard Treat, Esq., and Joanna, his wife, of Wethersfield, Conn. 
Richard Treat and Joanna his wife came to America in an early 
day, and brought part of their family with them. They were 
among the first settlers of Wethersfield, and their son, Hon. Robert 
Treat, was the eighth Governor of Connecticut, serving fifteen 
years, beginning, 1683. 

A writer in the Hartford Times of March 13, 1913, declares that 
Susannah Treat who m. Lieut. Robert Webster, was bap. in Pit- 
minster, England, October- 8, 1629, and was the daughter of Rich- 
ard Treat and Alice Gaylord. The name was earlier spelled, Trett, 
Trot, etc. Goodwin recites the Will of Richard Treat in which a 
bequest is made to "my loving wife Alis Treat," showing that Mr. 
Goodwin was aware of a wife Alice, but the eight children are 
given as belonging to the first wife, Joan, or Joanna. Stiles and 
Gaylord however agree that Richard m. in England, April 27, 
1615, Alice dau. of Hugh Gaylord, and that Susannah who m. 
Lieut. Robert Webster was the daughter of Alice Gaylord Treat. 

Lieut. Robert Webster was a man of ability and served the com- 
munity in many ways. He settled in Middletown and upon the 
organization of the town in September, 1651, was chosen Recorder. 
Coincident with this was his marriage in 1652 and his settlement 
in Middletown Upper Houses where four of his children were born. 
He represented Middletown in the General Court from September 
1653 to May 1655; from May to October, 1656; in October 1657, 
and October 1658, at which time he returned to Hartford. Some 
of his activities will be seen in the following excerpts from various 
public records. 

1654: "At a General Court of Elections held 18th May, 1654, Robert 
Webster was confirmed as a Leiftenant in Middletown for the ensuing 
year, according to the motyon of the Towne." 

1654 : "At a session of the General Court held in Hartford, Oct. 3, 
1654, appeared among the Deputies, Robert Webster, who was appointed 
as one of the Committee for Middletown to press men and necessaries 
for the Narragansett expedition." 

1656: "At a General Court called by the Governor and Magistrety, Feb- 
ruary 26, 1656, Robert Webster was present as a Deputy, and was ap- 
pointed on a committee to give advice to the Indians, and was confirmed as 
Recorder of the Towne of Middletown, according to their desire." 

24 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 1 

During his Hartford residence his name appears in the following 
important relations. 

1662-3: January 25, Robert Webster was one of a jury who tried and 
convicted Nathaniel and Rebecca Greensmith, and they were executed. 

1669 : February 12, the Second Church of Hartford was set off as a 
distinct organization from the original First Church, and in a list of 
fifteen brethren in full communion appears the name of Robert Webster. 

1669: In a list of freemen "on ye South side of Hartford," dated 
October, 1669, appears the name of Mr. Robert Webster. 

1672: May 9. The Court of Elections of Hartford granted to "Leiften- 
ant" Robert Webster 300 acres of land, provided he took it up where 
it would not prejudice any former grant. 

1673 : In October the General Court sitting in Hartford ordered a 
survey of lands at Mattatock on the Mallatock (Naugatuck) River, and 
appointed as a Committee, Lieut. Thomas Bull, Lieut. Robert Webster, and 
Daniel Pratt. 

1674: April 6, 7, 8, 9, was the date of a- report from the above Com- 
mittee on the result of their survey, and among other things stated that 
the place "may accomodate thirty families." The Court afterwards ap- 
pointed Maj. John Talcott, Lieut. Robert Webster, Lieut. Nicholas Olm- 
stead, Ensign Samuel Steele, Ensign John Wadsworth, a Committee to 
regulate and order setting off a plantation at Mattatuck. "This Com- 
mittee," says a local historian (Waterbury, by Bronson, 1858) "was com- 
posed of men of note, who bore honorable names well known in the history 
of the Colony." Of Lieut. Webster he says, "He was a respectable man 
though not distinguished like his father. * * * His son Jonathan m. 
a sister of John Hopkins, an early settler of Mattatuck." (Waterbury.) 

1675 : October 11, at a meeting of the Council "Leiftenant" Robert 
Webster was appointed on a Committee to arrange certain defences of the 

The last-named date suggests King Philip's war. June 20 of 
that year the Indians had attacked Swanzey; Aug. 2, Brookfield; 
Aug. 25, Hatfield; Sep. 1, Deerfield and Hadley; Sep. 2, North- 
field; Sep. 4, Capt. Beers at Bloody Brook; Oct. 5, Springfield. 
Clearly the savages were drawing near to Hartford, and Oct. 11, 
as shown in the above paragraph, Lieut. Robert Webster and others 
were appointed a Committee of Safety. 

How far he was drawn into the conflict is not easily determined 
now, but Savage says he was "on service in the war of 1675." This 
is further shown by the fact that on the 22d of May, 1712, at a 
meeting of the Governor and Council at Hartford, the payment of 
certain sums to soldiers whose accounts had not previously been 
settled on account of uncertainty as to length of service, was 
ordered, and among them, "To Robert Webster of Hartford, 2 
pounds, 13 shillings, and 6 pence." 

Lieut. Robert Webster died about May 31, 1676. He was buried 
June 2, 1676. His Will, dated May 20, 1676, was made about ten 

2d Gen.] Gov. Webster's Children 25 

days before his death. His estate was valued at 670 pounds. The 
Will is as follows: 

Whereas, I, Robert Webster of Hartford, am at present under the holy 
hand of God and brought very weake by sickness, yet not, through mercy, 
destitute of my understanding, doe see cause to sett my house in order, 
and doe declare this to be my will and testament as followeth — first I 
commend my soule to God in Jesus Christ, hoping for the pardon of all 
my sins through the meritts of Jesus Christ my Saviour, and my Body 
to the earth, hoping for a glorious resurrection. And for that estate 
which God hath blessed me with all I give and bequeath it as followeth; 
after my just debts are honestly pay'd out of my estate. The remainder 
of my estate I give unto my dear and well beloved wife, Susannah Webster 
during her widowhood, not doubting but she will have a tender care of 
our children and will help them as she is able. But if my wife change 
her name then I give her but one third part of my aforesay'd estate. 
The remainder being to bee equally divided amongst my children excepting 
my eldest a double portion and if any of my children dye before they 
come at age, that is to say my sonns at the age of twenty-one years and 
my daughters eighteen years of age, my will is that it be equally divided 
amongst those that shall survive, also I desire my wife to be careful in 
bringing up our children in the knowledge and feare of the Lord and I 
do heare charge and command my children that they carry it dutiful 
to their mother, and that they labour to know and feare the God of their 
fathers, and that they serve him with willing heart and minde, that he 
may bee with them and bless them, when I am gathered to my fathers. 
I do also appoynt my loving wife to be sole executrix to this my last 
will and that she may have some refuge to repayre unto for councill as 
any occasion may call for either about my estate or dispose of my chil- 
dren: I doe desire my loving Friend John Coale Sen'r and Andrew Benton 
Sen'r and John Blackleach of Hartford to be overseers of this my will 
and testament and for confirmation of the same I hereunto set my hand 
and Seale. Robert Webster and a Seale. 

This 20th day of May 1676. 

Testes Thomas Steadman. 
Phineas Wilson. 

As seen by the foregoing Will, Susannah Treat Webster, the 
widow, was given sole charge of the estate, and care of the family. 
Eight well did she perform her task. She outlived her husband 
twenty-nine years. A clause in her own will shows that the estate 
which she received was not unencumbered, and in recognition of 
the co-operation of her children in relieving the situation, special 
bequests were made, "which legacy or devise I make to them espe- 
cially in consideration of their prudence, industry and help in pay- 
ing the debts of my husband, Robert Webster, their father above- 
named, and saving the Estate." 

May 8, 1684, she was permitted by the Court of Elections, as 
Executrix of "Lieftenant" Robert Webster's Will to sell certain 


The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 1 

lands, provided she took advice of her two eldest sons and Stephen 

The following is of interest and should be preserved in connec- 
tion with the history of Robert Webster's estate. 

1706, John Prents, surveyor of a tract of land for the heirs of Robert 
Webster, April 25, 1706, says: "By virtue of a grant of land of 300 
acres unto Robert Webster, of Hartford, by the General Assembly, May 
the 9, 1672, I have laid out the same in the Nipmug country on the 
E. side of Quenabaug river, Southeast from Woodstock, as follows: About 
five miles and adjoining to Richard Evan's farm, I began it on the 
East side of a barren hill in sight of Richard Evan's house, at a heap 
of stones and ran nor-nor-west. * * * There is a highway allowed be- 
tween said Evan's land and Webster of two rods wide." 

Susannah Webster died in 1705, probably late in the summer, 
or early in the autumn, as an inventory of her estate made by John 
Marsh, and John Marsh, Jr., was dated Nov. 19, 1705. It showed 
a value of 32 pounds, 3 shillings, 3 pence. Seven years before her 
death she made the following Will : 

"In the Name of God, Amen, the three and twentieth day of January 
in the year of Our Lord One Thousand, Six Hundred Ninety and eighth, 
in the tenth Year of the Reigne of our Souverigne Lord William the third, 
by the Grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, 
Defender of the faith, &c. 

"I, Susannah Webster, of the town of Hartford, widow (sole executrix 
to the last will and testament of my honored husband, Robert Webster, 
deceased,) doe now make and ordain this to be my last will and testa- 
ment: And touching the dist. of both that estate of my deceased husband, 
Robert Webster, and of those temporal goods and estate which God hath 
blessed me withal, my will is that the same be dist. and disposed of as 

"I give to my five sons, Jonathan, Samuel, Robert, Joseph, and William 
Webster, and to the now surviving children of my eldest son, John Web- 
ster, deceased (to-wit: John, Ebenezer, Jacob, Daniel, Sarah, Ann and 
Abigail) the full sum of £ 100 in current silver money of New England 
(being so much as was given me by my good friend John Hull of Boston, 
deed.) their several parts of which sum is and shall be reckoned as in- 
cluded in the lands hereinafter to them respectively assigned, which legacy 
or devise I make to them especially in consideration of their prudence, in- 
dustry and help in paying the debts of my husband Robert Webster, their 
father above-named, and saving the estate. 

"I give to my above-named grandchildren, John, Ebenezer, Jacob, Daniel, 
Sarah, Ann and Abigail Webster, in right of their father, my deceased 
son John Webster, all that eapitol, messuage, tenement, barn, outhouses 
and 8 acres of land (being part of the homelot of my deceased husband). 

"I give to Jonathan Webster 8 acres of my home lot with his dwelling 
house, barn, outhouses and appurtenances. 

"I give to Samuel Webster, my son, 8 acres of my home lot with his 
dwelling house and out houses and appurtenances thereto belonging. 

"I give to my son Robert Webster, my lands situated below Rocky Hill, 

2d Gen.] Gov. Webster's Children 27 

about 40 acres, on which his dwelling house now standeth, with his house, 
outhouses and all their appurtenances. 

"I give to my son Joseph Webster, 15 acres of my lot on land called the 

"I give to my son William Webster, 15 acres of my lott or land called 
the Plaine. 

"I give to my daughter Sarah Mygatt (she having already received her 
portion of her father's estate) 12 pence. 

"I give to my two granddaughters, Mabel and Elizabeth Grave, daugh- 
ters of my deceased daughter Susannah Grave, late wife of John Grave, to 
make the full sum of £32. 

"I give to my daughter Mary King, the wife of Thomas King, with 
what she has already received, £32. 

"I give to my daughter, Elizabeth Seamore, the wife of John Seamore, 
besides what I have already given her, £32. 

"I appoint my five sons to be joint executors. 

Susannah Webster. 
Her X Mark. 

Witnesses: Caleb Stanley. 

Samuel Richards." 

Nov. 7, 1705, an agreement was signed by the heirs of Mrs. Susannah 
Webster, confirming and approving the division and settlement of the 
said deceased, made by her last will and testament, which agreement was 
signed by the following, (all Websters except the last name which is 
William Whiting), namely, Sarah, John, Ann, Abigail, Jonathan, Samuel, 
Robert, Joseph, William. Minors: Daniel, Jacob, Ebenezer, By their Guar- 
dians, John Webster, William Whiting. 

It is to be observed that Susannah Webster, in the foregoing 
Will, gave three parcels of land of eight acres each, to her sons 
Jonathan and Samuel, and the heirs of her deceased son John, the 
eldest. All three parcels are now wholly within the present limits 
of the city of Hartford, bounded on the south by Eetreat Avenue 
and on the west by Washington Street. Two of these tracts have 
attained some historic and sentimental interest from the fact that 
one was the home lot of Lieut. Robert Webster, on which he built 
his residence when he returned from Middletown in 1658. This 
residence was a part of the bequest to the heirs of her eldest son 
John, deceased, and is described as "all that capitol, messuage, tene- 
ment, barn, outhouses, and 8 acres of land." This house, or at 
least some of the original, was still standing in 1900, and was 
"known as the Dorus Barnard house, so-called because it was owned 
and occupied by Dorus Barnard, eldest son of Capt. John Barnard, 
who deeded it to his son, Dorus, in 1804." * (See page 5 in 
this book.) 

* See "Early Connecticut Houses," an Historical and Architectural Study 
by Norman M. Isham, A.M., Architect; Albert F. Brown, Architect, Provi- 
dence, R. I., The Preston and Rounds Co., 1900. Appendix II, "The Web- 
ster Houses," by Dr. Henry Barnard of Hartford. 


The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 1 

This house was of greater interest to descendant of Lieut. Eobert 
Webster, than the others, because here stood his residence for many 
years. The entire front of this lot is now (1915) occupied by 
apartment houses, and the one bearing the name "The Barnard," 
1915 Eetreat Avenue, is probably upon, or near, the spot where 
the "mansion house" of Lieut. Eobert Webster stood. 

On the eight acre lot which was first deeded to Jonathan Webster, 
by his mother, Susannah Webster, and also confirmed to him in 
her Will, and which is described as a part of her home lot, "as he 
now hath it fenced in and improved, with his dwelling house, barn, 
outhouses;" bounded northerly by James Steele, Sr., easterly by 
Samuel Webster, southerly by heirs of her son John, deceased, and 
westerly on a highway," stood, in 1900, a house "known as the 
Grove Barnard house, — so named because owned and occupied by 
Grove Barnard, second son of Capt. John Barnard by whom it was 
deeded in 1804. 

The third eight-acre tract was given by the above Will to Samuel 
Webster, another son. On it stood an ancient house known as the 
Capt. John Barnard house, who came into its possession in 1765, 
in the following manner : Samuel Webster, having no children, 
by Will left his dwelling house and homestead to Matthew and 
Medad, the two oldest sons of his nephew, Ebenezer Webster, de- 
ceased, after the decease of Samuel Webster's wife. For £60, 
Medad Webster quit claimed his title to one-half acre of this land 
to his brother Matthew, which included "part of the messuage or 
home lot lately belonging to Samuel Webster, deceased, with man- 
sion house, barn, and other buildings thereon erected." 

October 8, 1762, Matthew Webster sold to Jonathan Bigelow, an 
acre and three rods which included the above, and October 29, 
1765, Jonathan Bigelow sold the same to John Barnard, Jr., who 
was Capt. John Barnard of Indian and Bevolutionary war serv- 
ice. Capt. Barnard occupied this property until 1813, when it 
passed by his bequest to his son John, who was born in the house 
Oct 1, 1775, and later from his son John to Cecelia and Lavinia 
Barnard, daughters of John, and then by their Joint Will to the 
children of their sister, Mrs. Delia Cone, the children being Mrs. 
Ella B. Pratt and John Barnard Cone, the latter holding the part 
on which stands the house of Capt. John Barnard. (See picture.) 

Thus in the case of the Samuel Webster messuage the title for 
more than two centuries and a half has been in two families only, 
namely, descendants of Lieut. Eobert Webster until October 8, 1762, 
and the Barnard family until 1898, when the lot was sold, the 
old house removed, and "The Church Home," 123 Eetreat Avenue 
was built upon the spot. We have inserted a picture of the old 
house. It was said to contain lumber from the old First Church. 
The willow tree in front was raised from a slip brought from 












2d Gen.] Gov. Webster's Children 29 

Napoleon's grave at St. Helena. Possibly some of the original 
house of Samuel Webster was also a part of the structure. 

Children: — (First four born in Middletown; remaining seven 
in Hartford) John, b. Nov. 10, 1653; Sarah, b. June 30, 1655; 
Jonathan, Jan. 9, 1657; Susannah, b. October 26, 1658; Samuel, 

b ; Robert, b ; Joseph, b ; Benjamin, 

bap. May 1, 1670; William, bap. July 2, 1671; Mary; Elizabeth, 
bap. Feb. 8, 1673-4. Eesumed in Chapter III. 

4. Thomas Webster of Northampton, Hampshire Co., Mass., 
a son of Gov. John and Agnes Webster, m. June 16, 1663, Abigail 
Alexander, dau. of George Alexander of Northampton. Thomas 
Webster like his brother William, settled early in Mass., but evi- 
dently remained at or near Hartford for a time. October 28, 1651, 
Thomas Webster of Farmington sells land there to Capt. John 
Standley, and again sells land there in 1655 and 1656. In the 
year 1670 he was of Northampton, as shown by the following: 

Hampshire County Court records, Book I, p. 127 : At a county court 
holden at Northampton, in and for said county, Mar. 28, 1670, "Thomas 
Webster and Edward Scott presented at the last Court at Springfield for 
defaming the Sabbath by traveling to Westfield from Windsor late in the 
night before the Sabbath, and warned here to appear; and they were both 
admonished of their offense and ordered to pay each of them two and six 
pence to the Recorder as his fees and so were dismissed." 

The indictment at Springfield adds some interesting particulars, as fol- 
lows: "The jury presents Thomas Webster of Northampton, and Edw. 
Scott, servt to Serjant Kellogg of Hadley, for defaming the Sabbath by 
travelling with their carts the night before first the Sabbath of this month 
of Sep., coming to Westfield from Hartford, it being about midnight before 
they ended their travels." 

Soon after this period Thomas Webster settled in Northfield. 
Noah Webster, LL. D., gives the following history : 

"In 1675 Northfield was attacked by Indians, and the settle- 
ment broken up, and from 1676 to 1682 Thomas Webster resided 
in Hadley where he had three daughters born. He afterwards re- 
turned to Northfield where he died in 1686. Northfield was again 
destroyed by the Indians and the settlers driven from the place, 
but the children of Thomas probably remained in that neighbor- 
hood, for I have known one person of that name, Ezekiel Webster 
of Northfield, who was in the House of Representatives of Massa- 
chusetts with me in 1814, and I knew another in Bernardston." 

Dr. Webster was in error about the children of Thomas remain- 
ing in Northfield. The Hon. Ezekiel Webster mentioned, and the 
other from Bernardston were like himself descendants of Lieut. 
Robert, and not of Thomas Webster. The two sons of Thomas, 
George and John, and the one daughter, Thankful, of whom we 
have record, settled in Lebanon, Conn. 

Driven back by the Indians, Thomas Webster made Hadley his 

30 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 1 

refuge for a time as shown by the following items : March 27, 
1677, Thomas Webster of Hadley, "by reason of an infirmitie in 
his eye is freed from milatarie trayneings." February 8, 1679, 
Thomas Webster swore allegiance at Hadley. When however the 
Indian disturbances of the King Philip war subsided he returned 
to Northfield where he died. In the Northampton probate records 
is an inventory of the estate of Thomas Webster of Northfield, 
filed Oct. 20, 1686. Abigail was then his widow. A second Indian 
devastation in 1690 rendered his Northfield property valueless for 
more than twenty years, and his large family of children were 
brought up among the Alexanders and other relatives, locating in 
the next few years in Lebanon, Conn., where they became "first 
settlers." His widow died prior to 1690. 

Children : ( First four born at Northampton and the other 
three at Hadley.) Abigail, b. Jan. 9, 1667, died in infancy; 
Abigail, again, b. Jan. 20, 1668; George, b. Nov. 7, 1670; John, 
b. Sep. 11, 1672; Elizabeth, b. Nov. 26, 1676; Thankful, b. Jan. 
12, 1679; Mary, May 25, 1681. 

There is also this puzzling record at Northampton : Jeremiah, 
son of John and Elizabeth Webster, born July 12, 1668. Eesumed 
in Chapter III. 

5. Anne Webster, daughter of Gov. John and Agnes Webster, 
m. about 1642, John Marsh of Hadley. John Marsh was born, 
April, 1618, in England, and came to America in the "Mary and 
John," and settled in Hartford in 1636 as one of the original 
proprietors. He separated from the First Church, Hartford, with 
others in 1659, and removed to Hadley. Thence he changed to 
Northampton where, June 9, 1662, his wife, Anne Webster died. 
He m. (2) Oct. 7, 1664, Hepzibah, widow of Richard Lyman of 
Northampton, and dau. of Thomas Ford of Windsor, Ct., where, 
Sept. 28, 1688, John Marsh died. 

Children: (1st m.; baptisms, First Church, Hartford.) John; 
Joseph, bap. Jan. 24, 1647, died soon after; Joseph, bap. July 15, 
1649; Samuel; Jonathan; Daniel; Hannah; Grace. (2d m.) Lydia, 
b. Oct. 9, 1667; Sarah. Eesumed in Chapter III. 

6. Elizabeth Webster, daughter of Gov. John and Agnes Web- 
ster, m. about 1658, as his second wife, William Markham of Had- 
ley. He was one of the members of the First Church, Hartford, 
who withdrew to found the Hadley colony. By his first marriage 
he had five children — William, Priscilla, Lydia, John and Mercy. 
The last two were b. at Hadley. William was killed at Northfield, 
Sep. 4, 1675, with Cap. Beers, by the Indians. Priscilla m. Thomas 
Hale about 1675, and Lydia m. 1682, Timothy Eastman, and her 
descendants named Smith lived at the ancient Markham home- 
stead, and inherited much estate from Nathaniel Ward whom he 
called uncle. John d. at three } r ears and Mercy while j^oung. 

2d Gen.] Gov. Webster's Children 31 

There were no children by his second m. with Elizabeth Webster. 
The end. 

7. Mary Webster, daughter of Gov. John and Agnes Webster, 
m. in England, John Hunt of Sudburrowe Thrapstone, Northamp- 
ton Co., Eng., where their son Jonathan was born in 1637, and 
where their dau. Mary may have been born. Mary Webster Hunt 
probably died prior to 1659, since Gov. John Webster's Will, dated 
June 25, 1659, does not mention her. Savage notes the fact that 
only the two grandchildren, Jonathan and Mary Hunt, are men- 
tioned in Gov. John's Will, and suggests that both parents were 
dead when the Will was made. He also thinks that Mary was the 
oldest daughter of Gov. John Webster, if not the oldest child. 
Where and when she and her husband, John Hunt died is not 
known. Resumed in Chapter III. 


Third Generation — Governor John Webster's Twenty-Eight 

Grand Children. 

First Generation, Gov. John and Agnes Webster, — Second, Children 
of Gov. John and Agnes Webster named in the numbered Sections 
of this Chapter. — Third, grandchildren of Gov. John and Agnes 
Webster named in the numbered Paragraphs of this Chapter and 
printed in heavy face type. 

The seven children of Gov. John and Agnes Webster married, 
and all except William and Elizabeth had children. They had 
thirty grandchildren, two of whom died in infancy. Others may 
have died in early life — at least the records are silent. Whether 
John the son of Matthew, or John the son of Eobert were the older, 
it is perhaps futile to inquire. But a large progeny descended 
from John of Eobert, and we do not know that John of Matthew 
married. Hence the distinction of leading the third generation, 
and being oldest grandchild of Gov. John Webster, having issue, 
passes to John, the son of Robert, b. Nov. 10, 1653, of Hartford, 
Ct., who married Sarah Mygatt. 

Section 1. — Children of Matthew Webster of Farmington, Ct., 
the name of whose wife is unknown. 

1. John Webster, birth date unknown, is not known to have 
married. Of his fate nothing is recorded so far as we can learn. 
His father, Matthew Webster, made provision for his care in 1660, 
when he bound over to Gov. Webster, his father, certain lands in 
Farmington for that purpose. Also in 1671 when he, (Matthew) 
contracted with William Judd and John Woodruff of Farmington 
for the care of himself and his son John. See documents in the 
preceding chapter. The end. 

2. A Daughter, but no name is given. She was mentioned, in 
the paper given to Gov. Webster in 1660, by Matthew Webster, as 
"My daughter who is with Joseph Easton of Hartford," but no ref- 
erence is made to her in the documents of 1671, suggesting either 
her death or marriage. (See Documents in preceding chapter.) 
The end. 

Section 2. — Children of Lieut. Robert and Susannah (Treat) 

1. John Webster, b. Nov. 10, 1653, at Middletown, Ct. m. 
Sarah, dau. of Jacob and Sarah (Whiting) Mygatt. Sarah Whiting 


3d Gen.] Gov. Webster's Grand Children. 33 

was the dau. of Hon. William Whiting, and Susannah, his wife, 
who were among the first settlers of Hartford. Jacob Mygatt was 
the son of Deacon Joseph Mygatt, also one of the first settlers of 
Hartford. According to Goodwin, John Webster died Dec. 6, 1695, 
but according to the Hartford First Church record he died Dec. 8, 
1694, aged 41, which is evidently the true date as proved by the 
year of his birth, and also by the fact that his widow was appointed 
administrator of his estate, March 7, 1695. After his death Mrs. 
Sarah Webster, his widow, mar. (2) Lieut. Benjamin Graham of 
Hartford, Nov. 20 or 28, 1698, she being his second wife. Lieut. 
Graham d. in 1725, but no record of her death has been found. 
That it was after 1728 is proved by the following: In the settle- 
ment of the estate of John Webster, deceased, made by court at 
Hartford, Aug. 7, 1728, mention is made of Sarah Graham, alias 
Webster, relict of said John Webster; John Webster, eldest son; 
Ebenezer, second son; heirs of Jacob, the third son; Daniel, fourth 
son ; Sarah Talcott, a widow ; Ann Olmstead, wife of Thomas Olm- 
stead, Jr., and Abigail Merrills, widow, they being the three daugh- 
ters of said John Webster. 

The Will of Susannah Webster, Jan. 23, 1698, enumerates "The 
now surviving children of my oldest son John Webster, deceased, 
viz. : John, Ebenezer, Jacob, Daniell, Sarah, Ann, Abigail." 

At a meeting of the Governor and Council at New Haven, Aug. 
8, 1711, there was allowed, among others, to Sarah Webster of 
Hartford, sixteen shillings and eleven pence for supplies, etc., for 
an expedition. 

Children : Sarah, bap. July 29, 1678 ; John, bap. Oct. 26, 1680 ; 
Anne, bap. Oct. 3, 1682; Abigail, bap. Aug. 10, 1686; Ebenezer, 
bap. July 14, 1689 ; Jacob ; Daniel, bap. Oct. 1, 1693. Eesumed in 
Chapter IV. 

2. Sarah Webster, b. June 30, 1655, at Middletown, Ct., m. (1) 
Nov. 15, 1677, Joseph, son of Jacob Mygatt of Hartford, and 
grandson of Deacon Joseph Mygatt one of its early settlers. He 
died March, 1698. She mar. (2), Dec. 13, 1722, as his second 
wife, Bevil Waters of Hartford. He died Feb. 14, 1729, aged 
ninety-seven years, and she, Feb., 1744, aged nearly eighty-nine. 

Children: (All by first mar.) Joseph, born Oct. 27, 1678; 
Susannah, Oct. 1, 1680; Mary, Dec. 4, 1682; Jacob, Dec. 9, 1684, 
died Jan. 29, 1685; Jacob again, b. Nov. 9, 1686, died Nov., 1687; 
Thomas, Sep. 11, 1688; Sarah, March 9, 1691; Zebulon, Nov. 6, 
1693; Dorathy, Jan. 26, 1696. 

(1) Joseph, Jr., m. Feb. 26, 1705-6, Elizabeth Taylor at Northampton, 

(2) Susannah probably died unmarried. 

(3) Mary m. 1705 or 1706, Daniel Bull, b. Nov. 9, 1677, in Hartford, 


34 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 2 

d. Nov. 23, 1721, on Long Island. She d. Mch. 9, 1769, aged 86 years. 
There were children. 

(4) Thomas died May 16, 1727, probably unm. 

(5 Sarah m. Nov. 6, 1712, Thomas King of Suffield. 

(6) Zebulon m. (1) Nov. 20, 1720, Eachel, dau. of Thomas and Hannah 
Merrick, of Springfield, Mass. She d. in Hartford, Ct., May 14, 1721, 
and he m. (2) Dorothy Waters, b. Aug. 28, 1704, dau. of Thomas and 
Hannah Waters. 

(7) Dorothy, m. May 6, 1715, Jonathan Steele of Hartford. She d. 
Nov. 10, 1775, aged seventy-nine years. The end. 

3. Deacon Jonathan Webster, a merchant of Hartford, Ct., b. 
Jan. 9, 1656-7, at Middletown, Ct., m. (1) May. 11, 1681, Dorcas, 
dan. of Stephen and Dorcas (Bronson) Hopkins, and grand- 
daughter of John and Jane Hopkins, first settlers of Hartford; 
also of John Bronson of Farmington. In the Will of Stephen 
Hopkins, dated Sep. 28, 1689, he makes a bequest to Dorcas Hop- 
kins his wife, and one to his daughter, Dorcas Webster, of "40 
shillings, besides what I have already given her." 

Jonathan Webster and Dorcas Webster his wife were received 
into the Second Church at Hartford, March 17, 1695, and she died 
during that year. He m. (2) Jan. 2, 1696, Mary Judd, supposed 
daughter of Thomas Judd of Farmington. His brother, Joseph 
Webster, also m. a Mary Judd, Feb. 23, 1696, dau. of Benjamin 
Judd, which see. 

At a meeting of the Governor and Council at New Haven, Aug. 
8, 1711, there was allowed to Jonathan Webster of Hartford, among 
others, seven shillings and one pence to help supply an expedition. 

He d. 1735, aged seventy eight years. No date of her death. 
Three years before his death he made the following: 

The Last Will and Testament of Jonathan Webster, Senr. of Hartford, 
in the County of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut in New England. 
As God hath given the Earth to the Children of men, dividing to every- 
one severally as he will, and doth judge to them the liberty of disposing 
of their worldly estates in a testamentary way to such as are to succeed 
them in the enjoyment thereof, and their doing this seasonably, and in a 
just and prudent manner, being a likely means to prevent after . trouble 
and contention; Therefore I who am old and under those decays of Na- 
ture which forebode a speedy dissolution of it, do with submission to 
the will of God, make the following disposition of that part of the earth- 
ly estate which thro His goodness is yet continued in my possession. 
Imprimiis. My will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses be 
first paid without fraud or delay. — Item. I confirm to my loving wife all 
which before I have made over to her under my hand, and signed by my 
own handwriting. Item. I give to my three daughters all my movable 
estate (namely Susanna Steel, Mary Brace, Mehetabell Bidwell) to be 
equally divided between them; and also I give unto each of my before- 
named daughters, the sum of ten pounds to be paid unto them ; the 
aforesaid ten pounds in money apiece by my executor within a twelve 

3d Gen.] Gov. Webster's Grand Children 35 

month after my decease. Item. I give unto my son Benjamin all the 
lands that I have within the South Meadow. Item. I confirm unto the 
heirs of my son Stephen, deceased, the lands which I made over to him in 
his lifetime, and to have at my decease the buildings standing thereon, 
except the use of what I have given to my wife. Item. I give unto my 
6on Jonathan my home lot with the — Lastly. I continue and appoint my 
son Jonathan executor of this, my last will and testament, and for con- 
firmation of all that is above willed I have hereto set my hand and seal 
this seventh day of April, Anno Domini, 1732. Jonathan Webster & seal. 
Witnesses: John Marsh, Elizabeth Marsh, John Marsh, Jr. 

Children: (By first mar.) Jonathan, born March 18, 1682, bap. 
March 26, 1682; Samuel, bap. Feb. 17, 1683-4; Susannah, b. 
April 25, 1686, bap. next day; Mary, Sep. 29, 1688, bap. same 
day; Mehitabel, March 8, 1691; Stephen, Jan. 1, 1693, bap. Jan. 
8; (By second mar.) Benjamin, b. Aug. 9, 1698, bap. Aug. 19. 

An inventory of the property of Jonathan Webster, dated July 
23, 1735, mentions his wife, his daughters,— Susannah Steele, Mary 
Brace, Mehitabel Bidwell, and his son Benjamin, the heirs of his 
son Stephen, and his son Jonathan. (Samuel is omitted.) Re- 
sumed in Chapter IV. 

4. Susannah Webster, born Oct. 26, 1658, at Middletown, Ct., 
mar. about 1680, John Grave of Hartford. After her death he 
mar. (2), 1690, Hannah, dau. of Philip Davis of Hartford, by 
whom he had six children, but only two survived infancy, viz. : 
John, b. March 3, 1695, settled in Guilford; Sarah, b. Sep. 25, 
1698. His first wife d. in 1688, aged thirty years, and he in Aug. 

Children: (Grave) (By first mar.) Mehitabel; Elizabeth. 

(1) Mehitabel, mar. Jan. 1, 1701, James Henderson of Hartford, Conn. 
1715, June 20, James Henderson and Mehitabel his wife in consideration 

of what has been paid to Susannah Grove, (Grave) formerly Susannah Web- 
ster, release all right to the estate of the late Lt. Kobert Webster, to the 
sons, naming them. 

(2) Elizabeth, a sister, mar. Ebenezer Dudley of East Guilford, Ct. He 
d. in 1751, his wife and seven children surviving him. 

1715, May 14, Ebenezer Dudley of East Guilford, and Elizabeth his wife, 
convey to Jonathan, Robert, Joseph and William Webster, all right to the 
estate of our grandfather and grandmother, the late Robert Webster and 
his wife Susannah Webster, both deceased. The end. 

5. Lieut. Samuel Webster, High Sheriff of Hartford Co., date 
of birth unknown, mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Bobert Reeve of the same 
town — Hartford, born Dec. 14, 1668. He was appointed High 
Sheriff, Sep. 7, 1708; and was chosen by the Assembly, and appoint- 
ed Lieutenant in an expedition against Port Royal, August, 1711. 
He resigned the office of High Sheriff, Aug. 1, 1721, and recom- 
mended Col. Wm. Whiting of Hartford as his successor, on whom 

36 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 2 

the office was bestowed. He died Feb. 1, 1744, and she died in 
1747, aged seventy-nine years. 

By Will dated Nov. 29, 1738, Samuel Webster of Hartford be- 
queathed to his wife Elizabeth his dwelling house; his other prop- 
erty to cousin Ebenezer Webster's two eldest sons, viz. : Matthew 
and Medad; and to his cousin, Samuel Webster; and to his cousin 
Ann, wife of Thomas Olmstead, and to his cousin Ebenezer Web- 
ster whom he constituted executor. An inventory was taken Feb. 
15, 1744. 

By Will dated Jan. 17, 1743-4, Elizabeth Webster gives her prop- 
erty to her beloved sister, Mehitabel Peck; to her beloved brother, 
Robert Beeve ; to Elizabeth, wife of Ebenezer Benton ; and to the 
two sons of Ebenezer Webster, viz. : Matthew and Medad. Pro- 
bated March 3, 1747. Children : None. The end. 

6. Robert Webster, mar. (1), Sep. 10, 1689, Hannah, dau. 
of John Beckley of Wethersfield. They were received into the 
Second church of Hartford, Apr. 13, 1712. After her death he 
mar. (2) Sarah Colfax, widow of Jonathan Colfax, deceased, of 
Wethersfield, daughter of Joseph Edwards of same place. She 
died Feb. 15, 1725, aged fifty-three years. In the old First church 
burying ground of Hartford is the following : "Here lieth the body 
of Sarah, the wife of Mr. Robert Webster, who deceased February, 
this 1724-5, aged fifty-three years." He mar. (3), July 20, 1731, 
Susannah, dau. of John Baker of Hartford, and grand-daughter of 
John Basey one of its first settlers. Robert Webster died in Feb., 
1744, and his widow, Dec. 1746. 

By a Will dated Sep. 14, 1743, exhibited and inventory taken 
Oct. 8, 1744, and recorded at Hartford, he gives to his wife Susan- 
nah, to three grandsons, Justice, Medad and Ebenezer; to his 
daughters Hannah and Abigail, the latter as long as she bears the 
name of Webster. The sons received land in Hartford. 

Jan. 6, 1747, letters of administration were granted on estate of 
Susannah Webster, late of Hartford, to Wm. Bacor of Hartford, 
who, with Daniel Ensign, gave bonds. 

Children: (All by first mar.) (Baptisms in 2d Church, Hart- 
ford) Robert b. Oct., 1689; Abraham, Sep. 1, 1693; Hannah, b. 
Nov. 7, 1695, bap. Nov. 10; Matthew, April 17, 1698, d. Feb. 2, 
1707; Joshua, b. March 7, 1700, bap. March 10; Caleb, b. Feb. 22, 
1703, bap. Mar. 1, 1702; Mary, Dec. 5, 1704, bap. Dec. 10, died in 
early life; Joseph, bap. Nov. 16, 1707; Abigail, Jan. 22, 1710- 
11 but the baptism record is Jan. 22, 1709-10. Resumed in 
Chapter IV. 

7. Joseph Webster, of Hartford, mar. (1), Feb. 23, 1696, Mary 
Judd, b. 1675, dau. of Benjamin and Mary (Lewis) Judd of Farm- 
ington. Her sister Esther, born 1686, on March 7, 1702, chose 
Joseph Webster to be her guardian. Hence the inference is that 

3d Gen.] Gov. Webster's Grand Children 37 

his first wife was Mary Judd, dau. of Benjamin. Date of her death 
unknown. He mar. (2) Hannah, widow of Basey Baker, deceased, 
of Middletown, formerly of Hartford, May 11, 1726. She was the 
dau. of Nathaniel Willett of Hartford. Her death not recorded, 
but he died in May, 1750. 

March 16, 1711-12, Joseph and Mary Webster, his wife, joined 
the church. Jan. 2, 1719, Jos. Webster of Hartford buys of Jas. 
Lewis of Jamaica, L. I., a land right in town grant of Farmington. 

The General Assembly, May 9, 1717, in describing land lying 
in South Meadow, Hartford, bounded it W. by lands of Joseph 
Webster, and the heirs of Nathaniel Cole. 

By Will, dated March 3, 1750, Joseph Webster gave to his wife 
Hannah, his dau. Mary Kellogg, his dau. Elizabeth Waters, and 
appointed his son-in-law, Isaac Kellogg, executor. Inventory taken, 
May 2, 1750. 

Record of Probate Court, Hartford, Sep. 1, 1788: "Whereas 
Joseph Webster of Hartford, deceased, by his last Will gave to 
his daughter Elizabeth Waters his home lot in the South meadow, 
and said Elizabeth being now dead, Joseph Waters, son of Joseph 
Waters, and grandson of said Elizabeth moves for a distribution 
to the following heirs of Webster Waters, deceased : eldest son 
of Elizabeth, a double share ; also to Abraham Waters, and heirs of 
Joseph Waters, sons of said Elizabeth." 

Children: (Both by first mar.) Mary, b. May 31, 1697, bap. 
June 4, following; Elizabeth, b. March 6, 1700, bap. March 10. 
Eesumed in Chapter IV. 

8. Benjamin Webster, bap. May 1, 1670, no record. 

9. Ensign William Webster, of Hartford, baptized July 2, 
1671, mar. Nov. 28, 1700, Sarah, dau. of Cyprian Nichols of 
Hartford. William Webster died June, 1722. His widow, Sarah, 
mar. (2), May 13, 1725, as his second wife, Samuel Catlin of 
Hartford, whose first wife, to whom he was married Jan. 5, 1702, 
and who died Aug. 4, 1724, was Elizabeth Norton of Farmington. 
Sarah Webster Catlin's death is not on record, unless the following 
from the Wintonbury Church records refers to her : Sarah Kirt- 
land, mother of William and Samuel Webster, died Dec. 12, 1762, 
aged 85 years. If so she either married (3) a Kirtland, or the 
name Catlin was misspelled. 

Note that Sarah Nichols was a sister of Elizabeth Nichols who married 
Jacob Webster of Hartford, son of John, John a nephew of Ensign William 

Also that Sarai Webster joined the First church, Hartford, March 16, 
1711-12, with Joseph and Mary Webster, and that Sarai, wife of Wil- 
liam Webster was bap. March 30, 1712. 

Aug. 6, 1723, the Court appointed Sarah Webster, relict of Ensign Wil- 
liam Webster, late of Hartford, guardian of William, aged about 20 

38 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 2 

years; Moses about 17; Susannah about 13; Sarah about 11; Samuel about 
9; children of said deceased. 

Jan. 28, 1719-20, Cyprian Nichols of Hartford, "In consideration of 
the love and good will I bear unto ray son-in-law, William Webster, and 
to my daughter, Sarah Webster, both of Hartford," conveyed to the same 
six acres in the south meadow, which the said William Webster now 
improves; bounded on the school land at the west of the hill. 

June 8, 1781, Amos Lawrence, Amos Gillett, Samuel, James, Sarah and 
Susannah Webster, all of Windsor, quit claim unto Thomas Goodwin of 
Hartford, our right and title in six and three-fourths acres of land in 
Hartford, formerly called Commons, bounded north and south on the 
lands formerly belonging to the heirs of Thomas Hosmer, deceased; east 
on a highway, west on land called West Division Lott. Signed by all 
above named in presence of Noah and Charles Webster. 

June 13, 1722, an inventory of the estate of Ensign William Webster, 
late of Hartford, deceased, amounting to five hundred and sixty-six pounds, 
five shillings and five pence, was taken, and James Ensign and Samuel 
Catlin were appointed under oath. Items: house and homestead, 150 
pounds; 30 acres of land at West Division, at 5 pounds per acre; 15 
acres of land called "the plain," at 6 pounds per acre; an acre and a 
half of meadow at 20 pounds, equal to 410 pounds. 

May 11, 1721, the General Assembly established and confirmed William 
Webster of Hartford, to be Ensign of the South Side Trainband in Hart- 

Children: (Baptisms in First Church, Hartford.) Cyprian, 
b. Sep. 3, 1701, bap. Sep. 7; Moses b. 1702, died in infancy; 
William b. Sep. 3, 1703, bap. Sep. 5; Moses, again, b. Sep. 26, 1706, 
bap. Sep. 29; Aaron and James, twins, bap. Sep. 5, 1708; Susan- 
nah, b. April 18, 1710; Sarah, bap. Aug. 10, 1712; Samuel, b. 
1714, bap. Nov. 28, 1714; Timothy, bap. May 29, 1720, died early. 
By court action, Aug. 6, 1723, it appears that Aaron and James 
were not living at that date. (See above.) Resumed in Chapter 

10. Mary Webster, mar. Nov. 1690, as his second wife, Thomas 
King of Hartford, b. July 14, 1662, son of John and Sarah (Hol- 
ton) King. His first wife was Abigail Strong, dau. of Jedediah 
Strong, whom he mar. Nov. 17, 1683. She was a sister of Elizabeth 
Strong, first wife of Deacon Ebenezer Wright who mar. for his 
second wife, Hannah Hunt, dau. of Jonathan and Clemence (Hos- 
mer) Hunt. By his first wife, Thomas King had Thomas, Jun., 
b. Dec. 3, 1684 who d. y. ; and Abigail, b. Jan. 31, 1687. His first 
wife d. 1689, aged twenty three. He then m. (2) Mary Webster, 
as above, and she d. Sep. 27, 1706. He removed to Hatfield, Mass., 
1686, but returned to Hartford about 1694. He m. a third wife, 
name unknown, who d. Jan. 2, 1712. Thomas King died Dec. 26, 

3d Gen.] Gov. Webster's Grand Children 39 

Children : (King.) (By Mary Webster) Mary, b. Oct. 5, 1691 ; 
Thomas; Eobert. 

April 14, 1712, the estate of Thomas King was distributed to 
the children of Thomas and Mary (Webster) King, viz. : Thomas, 
Robert, Abigail, and Mary. Abigail, however, was probably a dan. 
by his mar. with Abigail Strong. 

Mary, the first-born named above, mar. April 4, 1711, Thomas 
Clapp. The end. 

11. Elizabeth Webster, bap. Feb. 8, 1673, m. Dec. 19, 1693, 
John Seymour, Jr., of Hartford, b. June 12, 1666, son of John 
and Mary (Watson) Seymour. He was a grandson of Capt. Rich- 
ard and Mercy (Rashleigh) Seymour of England; Hartford, Ct., 
1636 ; Norwalk, Ct., 1653. John Seymour, Jr., owned large es- 
tates in Hartford and New Hartford, Conn. He died May 17, 
1748, aged nearly eighty-two years, and she, May 15, 1754. 

Children: (Seymour) (Born, Hartford, Conn.) John, b. Dec. 
25, 1694; Timothy, b. June 27, 1696; Daniel, b. Oct. 20 or 24 
1698; Elizabeth, b. May 1, 1700; Jonathan, b. March 16, 1702-3; 
Nathaniel, b. Nov. 17, 1704; Susannah, April 13, 1706; Margaret, 
b. Jan. 30, 1707-8, bap. Jan. 29, 1707; Zebulan, b. May 14, 1709; 
Moses b. Feb. 17, 1710-11; Richard, bap. Mch. 22, 1712-13. Re- 
sumed in Chapter IV. 

Section 3. — Children of Thomas and Abigail (Alexander) Web- 

1. Abigail Webster, b. Jan. 20, 1668, at Northampton, no his- 

2. George Webster, b. Nov. 7, 1670, at Northampton, m. Dec. 
13, 1695, Sarah Bliss of Springfield, Mass., b. Sep. 10, 1677, sup- 
posed to have been the dau. of Samuel and Mary (Leonard) Bliss 
of Springfield. George Webster was one of the first settlers of Le- 
banon, New London Co., Conn. About 1699 the original propri- 
etors set off to him a "home lot," bounded north-west by the land 
of John Webster. Other tracts were set off to him in 1700 and 
1701, and still another which was recorded April 23, 1718. He 
was in Lebanon as early as 1705. He died intestate, April 12, 
1721, aged 50 years, 5 months and 5 days, and his widow was grant 
ed letters of administration, July 4, 1721. She m. (2) Dec. 14, 
1725, as his second wife, Capt. John Marsh, b. at Hartford and 
bap. there, March 5, 1671. On the same day, Dec. 14, 1725, her 
son Pelatiah Webster was married, which see. 

Williamantic Probate records give the following: July 4, 1721, letters 
of administration were granted to Sarah Webster on the estate of George 
Webster, late of Lebanon, deceased. 

April 22, 1724, Sarah Webster of Lebanon, widow of George Webster, 
was appointed guardian of Benaiah and Joseph her sons, and Jerusha and 

40 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 2 

Mary Webster her daughters, sons and daughters of said George Webster. 
And the said Sarah and Sergeant John and Levi Webster gave bond to 
Wm. Clark, and at the same time Samuel Webster, eldest son of George, 
was appointed guardian of George, Noah, Ebenezer, Sarah, Zurviah, sons 
and daughters of George Webster; and said Samuel Webster and Sergeant 
John Webster of Lebanon, gave bond to Wm. Clark. And at the same 
time the Court appointed John Bliss, John Webster and Jedediah Strong 
to appraise the land of George Webster, and at the same date, division 
of the estate was ordered to the widow, Sarah; to Samuel the eldest son; 
to Jonathan the second son; to Pelatiah the third son; to George, Noah, 
Ebenezer, Benaiah, Joseph, Abigail, Sarah, Jerusha, Zurviah, Mary. 

Children : ( First four after Abigail probably born in North- 
ampton; the others in Lebanon) Abigail, b. at Springfield, Dec. 6, 
1696; Samuel, b. Nov. 5, 1698; Jonathan, Nov. 5, 1700; Peletiah, 
Nov. 17, 1702; George, Aug. 5, 1704; Noah, Aug. 9, 1706; Ebe- 
nezer, June 9, 1708; Sarah, May 5, 1710; Jerusha, Jan. 20, 1712; 
Benajah, Dec. 25, 1713; Mary, April 1, 1718; Joseph, May 20, 
1720; Zurviah, April 22, 1724. Zurviah was a minor, or under a 
guardian. (In a list from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Joseph, b. May 
20, 1720, is given as Josiah which is evidently an error.) Resumed 
in Chapter V. 

3. Captain John Webster, b. Sep. 11, 1672 (also given as Feb. 
26, 1673), at Northampton, and one of the first settlers of Lebanon, 

Ct., m. (1) Elizabeth (2) Aug. 4, 1709, at Lebanon, 

Grace Loomise. He died at Lebanon, Nov. 3, 1735, and is buried 
in the old cemetery at Lebanon. No record of the deaths of his 

At a meeting of original proprieters of Lebanon, Dee. 1697, who said 
that the land had been granted to them Nov. 1, 1695, they set off a 
quantity of land designated opposite their names, and to John Webster 
nine acres and three yards. About the same time a "home lot" of fifteen 
acres was set off to him, bounded north-west by the highway; south-east 
by the home lot of George Webser, south-west by the small street, and 
north-east by a highway near the brook. March 1700 and April 1701, more 
land was "layed" out to him, and July 5, 1710 is recorded another grant 
of land to him. 

1712, Aug. 5, John Webster of Lebanon buys of Dr. John Loomis land 
there and resells it to him the same day. 

1735, Dec. 26, John Webster of Lebanon, Thomas Webster of Hebron, 
Josiah Webster and Jedediah Strong and his wife Elizabeth, all of Lebanon, 
they, John, Thomas, Josiah and Elizabeth, being the only children of 
their late honorable father, John Webster of Lebanon, aforesaid, now 
deceased, and Grace Webster of said Lebanon, being the widow of said 
deceased, being minded by agreement to follow the estate both real and 
personal, "to prevent disputes," they deed to her land in the Five Miles, 

Children : (By first mar., and all but last probably b. in North- 
ampton) Thomas, Oct. 12, 1699 d. y. ; Elizabeth, Feb. 26, 1701; 

3d Gen.] Gov. Webster's Grand Children 41 

John, July 10, 1702; Thomas, Feb. 8, 1703-4; Josiah, Jan. 26, 
1705-6. Kesumed in Chapter V. 

4. Elizabeth Webster, b. Nov. 26, 1676, at Hadley, Mass., no 

5. Thankful Webster, b. Jan. 12, 1679, at Hadley, Mass., m. 
Dec. 12, 1700, John Bascom, son of Thomas and Mary (Newell) 
Bascom, b. Oct. 14, 1672, at Northampton, Mass., and baptized the 
following day. He was a grandson of Thomas Bascom and his 
wife Avis, or "Advice," according to the Hatfield, Mass., records, 
of Farmington, says Savage. Edwards' History of Southampton 
says Mary Baldwin instead of Avis. Thomas Bascom, the grand- 
father, was of Dorchester, 1642; Windsor, 1639; Northampton, 
1661, where he d. May 9, 1682. 

John Bascom removed from Northfield, Mass., to Lebanon, Ct., 
about 1729, and died there June 27, 1755. Of her death, no record. 

Children: (Bascom) Daniel, b. at Northampton, Mass., Feb. 13, 
1703. This only child, Daniel, mar. (1), Feb. 27, 1723, Elizabeth 
French who died Feb. 15, 1750; and (2), Oct. 11, 1750, Mary 
Bliss. He d. at Lebanon, March 17 or 18, 1761. The end. 

6. Mary Webster, b. May 25, 1681, at Hadley, Mass., no his- 

Section 4. — Children of Anne Webster who married John 
Marsh, of Hadley, Mass. 

1. John Marsh, of Hadley, Mass., m. Nov. 28, 1666, Sarah Ly- 
man, dau. of Richard and Hepzibah (Ford) Lyman. John Marsh, 
Sr., had married the mother of Sarah Lyman, two years before, 
Oct. 7, 1664. John Marsh, Jr., was made a freeman, 1670; was. 
in the King Philip war in 1675 under Major Savage, and was a 
Deputy in 1693. He settled in Hartford where he died in 1727. 

Children: (Marsh) Joseph, bap. at First Church, Hartford, 
March 3, 1671; Sarah, bap. Feb. 16, 1672; Elizabeth, bap. June 
27, 1674; Hannah, bap. Oct. 2, 1677; Ebenezer, bap. Feb. 23, 1678; 
Hannah, again, bap. Apr. 10, 1681; Lydia, bap. Jan. 13, 1682; 
Hepzibah, bap. June 6, 1686. 

(1) Capt. Joseph Marsh m. 1696, Hannah He became a pro- 
prietor of Lebanon, Ct., 1697. Was made Capt. 1763, F. & I. war (prob. 
a son) in expedition of Fort Edward, 1757. Died in Lebanon, and family 
removed to Hartford, Vt., 1773-4. In First Ch. Hartford these baptisms: 
Nov. 11, 1697, Elizabeth; Dec. 10, 1699, Joseph, ch. of Joseph Marsh. 

2. Joseph Marsh, bap. July 15, 1649. No history. 

3. Samuel Marsh, m. 1667, Mary Allison. Settled in Hatfield, 
Mass. Freeman, 1690. Representative, 1705-6. Died, 1728. Sev- 
eral children. 

4. Jonathan Marsh, of Hadley, Mass., m. 1676, Dorcas, widow 
of Azariah Dickinson. Freeman, 1690. Representative, 1701. 

42 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 2 

Died, 1730, aged 80 years. His son Jonathan grad. of Harvard, 
1705, became minister at Windsor, Ct. 

5. Daniel Marsh, of Hadley, Mass., m. 1676, Hannah, widow of 
Samuel Crow, and dau. of William Lewis of Farmington. Free- 
man, 1690. Eepresentative, 1692, "and many times after." Died, 
1725, aged 72 years. 

6. Hannah Marsh, no history. 

7. Grace Marsh, m. Jan. 16, 1672, Timothy Baker. (Said by 
some to have been an adopted daughter.) 

(Lydia Marsh, dau. of John and Hepzibah (Ford-Lyman) Marsh, 
m. Dec. 8, 1692, David Loomis of Windsor. And Sarah Marsh, 
not named in Savage's list, m. Sep. 29, 1694, Lieut. John Merrill 
of Hartford. He was b. April 7, 1669, and d. 1748.) 

Section 5. — Children of Mary Webster who married John Hunt. 

1. Jonathan Hunt, a malster by trade, b. 1637 in Sudburrowe, 
Thrapstone, Northampton Co., Eng., came to Connecticut in 1658, 
and m. Sep. 3, 1662, Clemence Hosmer, b. about 1642, dau. of 
Thomas Hosmer of Hartford, Ct., and Hatfield, Mass. Jonathan 
Hunt removed to Northampton, Mass., where he took the oath 
of allegiance, Feb. 16, 1678; freeman, May 19, 1680; Deacon, 
1681; Eepresentative, 1690-'91, and died Sep. 29-30, 1691. 

Children: (Hunt) Thomas, b. Jan. 23, 1663; Jonathan, b. Jan. 
20, 1664, d. same year; Jonathan (again) Jan. 20, 1665; John, 
Dec. 22, 1667; Hannah, b. Jan. 7, 1669-'70; Clemence, b. Jan. 
8, 1671, d. July 8, 1689; Ebenezer, bap. May 3, 1673, d. 1675; 
Ebenezer (again) b. Feb. 5, 1675; Mary, b. March 24, 1679; Sarah, 
b. July 20, 1682; Samuel, b. Sep. 15, 1684. 

(1) Thomas, lived at Deerfield, 1684-94; Hartford, 1698; and was one 
of the nine who organized a Church at Lebanon, Nov. 7, 1700. 

(2) Jonathan, a malster and cooper, m. Martha, dau. of Samuel Wil- 
liams, of Pomfret, Conn. He was a Lieut, of Deerfield, 1684-6; removed 
from Northampton to Northfield at the 3d settlement which began 1714. 
He died at Northampton, July 1, 1738; and she, March 21, 1751, aged 80 
yrs. Children : Martha, who m. 1725, Rev. Thos. White, of Bolton, Conn. ; 
Samuel, a leading man and large landholder, grantee of Guilford, Vt., 
1754; of Hartford, Vt., 1761, and m. Anna Ellsworth, of Windsor, Conn. 
Their dau. Anna, m. Rev. John Hulbard, the second minister of North- 
field, Mass., 1753. There were six other children. 

(3) John, died unmarried, Apr. 4, 1712. 

(4) Hannah, m. Dec. 19, 1691, as his second wife, Dea. Ebenezer Wright. 

(5) Ebenezer, m. May 27, 1698, Hannah Clark. 

(6) Mary, m. Dec. 16, 1701, Ebenezer Sheldon. She d. 1767. 

(7) Sarah; (8) Samuel, no record. 

Mr. Horace Lyman Clark, 1896 of Easthampton, Mass., traced his de- 
scent from Mary Webster Hunt, beginning with Esther Wright, a dau. 
of Dea. Ebenezer and Hannah Hunt Wright in the above list, who m. 

3d Gen.] Gov. Webster's Grand Children 43 

Eliakim Clark; Lieut. Asahel Clark of Northampton and Easthampton, 
their son; Capt. Eliakim Clark of Easthampton; Capt. Anson Kingsley 
Clark of West Springfield, Mass., father of Horace Lyman Clark. 

2. Mary Hunt, probably born in England, b. in 1667, as his 
third wife, John Ingersoll of Westfield, Mass., b. 1615, in Bedford- 
shire, Eng. He was first of Hartford, Ct., then, 1655, of North- 
ampton, Mass. His first wife was Dorathy Lord, dau. of Thomas 
Lord, an original proprietor of Hartford, by whom he had Hannah, 
Dorathy and Margery. His first wife d. in Northampton, Jan., 
1657. Sep. 12 of that year he m. Abigail Baseom, bap. June 7, 
1640, dau. of Thomas Baseom, one of the first settlers of Windsor, 
and later of Northampton. By her he had Abigail, b. Jan. 11, 
1659, Sarah, b. Oct. 30, 1660, Abiah, b. Aug. 24, 1663, and Hester, 
b. Sep. 9, 1665. By Mary Hunt his third wife he had the following 

Children: (Ingersoll) (All born in Westfield) Thomas, b. 
March 28, 1668; John, b. Oct. 19, 1669; Abel, b. Nov. 11, 1671; 
Ebenezer, b. Oct, 15, 1673, d. March 4, 1682; Joseph, b. Oct. 16, 
1675; Mary, b. Nov. 17, 1677, d. unm. Aug. 18, 1690; Benjamin, b. 
Nov. 15, 1679, d. before 1704; Jonathan, b. May 10, 1681. 

Both died at Westfield: Mr. John Ingersoll, Sep. 3, 1684, and 
his widow, Mary Hunt Ingersoll, Sep. 1, 1690. We note the follow- 
ing concerning their children : 

(1) Thomas of Westfield and Springfield, m. (1) July 22, 1692, Sarah 
Ashley, b. Sep. 10, 1673, dau. of David; (2) Jan. 21, 1708, Abigail Dick- 
inson, wid. of Hezekiah Dickinson of Springfield, and dau. of Samuel 
Blakeman of Stamford, Ct. She d. March 30, 1719, and he m. (3) May, 
1720, Ruth Child of Watertown. He d. Nov. 14, 1732. Children: (All 
by 1st mar.) Thomas, b. Nov. 27, 1692; Moses, b. Feb. 10, 1694; Miriam, 
b. June 4, 1697; David, b. Sep. 30, 1699. 

(2) John of Westfield, m. Apr. 12, 1699, Isabel Brown. He d. May 
18, 1750, and she, Jan. 26, 1772. Child, Isabel, b. March 18, 1701. 

(3) Abel of Northampton was unmarried and lived there many years. 

(4) Joseph was slain at Deerfield, Mass., Feb. 29, 1704, when the town 
was destroyed by French and Indians. Unmarried. 

(5) Jonathan, m. Sarah. They lived in Milford, New Haven Co., Ct., 
where both died, she Feb. 14, 1748, in her 62d year, and he, Nov. 28, 1760, 
in his 80th year. Children: (Ingersoll) Jonathan, b. 1713; Sarah, b. 
June 6, 1716, d. in childhood; Mary, b. Dec. 14, 1718, d. in early life; 
David, b. Sept. 4, 1720; Jared, b. June 3, 1722; Sarah (again). 

Rev. Jonathan Ingersoll, b. 1713, (Yale College, 1736) minister at 
Ridgefield, m. Nov. 10, 1740, Dorcass Moss, dau. of Rev. Joseph Moss, 
minister of Derby, Ct. He d. Oct. 2, 1778, in his 65th year, and the 40th 
year of his ministry. She d. Sep. 29, 1811, in her 86th year. Children: 
(Ingersoll) Sarah, b. Oct. 28, 1741, m. Sep. 3, 1767, Dr. Seth Lee (Yale, 
1750) a physician, of Farmington, son of Dea. Jared Lee. She d. July 
15, 1770, aged 28, leaving one child, Sarah, b. Feb. 26, 1769. — Dorcas, b. 
Oct. 15, 1743, m. Andrus of Darien, near Stamford, Ct. — Jonathan, b. Apr. 

44 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 2 

16, 1747, m. Apr. 1, 1746, Grace Isaacs, dau. of Ralph Isaacs of Branford, 
Ct. He (Hon. Jonathan Ingersoll) d. Jan. 12, 1823, in his 76th year. 
Children: Grace, b. Feb. 20, 1787; Ralph, b. Feb. 8, 1789; Mary, b. Mch. 
27, 1791; William; Isaacs, b. May 25, 1793.— Mary, b. Dec. 20, 1748, m. 
1771, Joseph Hooker of Farmington, b. Mch. 30, 1749. After 1792 they 
were of Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y. Children: (Hooker) Jared Inger- 
soll, b. in March, 1772, married, settled in Sangerfield, Oneida Co., N. Y., 
and had eight children. Mary, b. Aug. 24, 1774, m. Nov. 30, 1799, Rev. 
John Eastman. Four Children. Jonathan, b. Nov. 12, 1778, married, 
settled in Arcade, Wyoming Co., N. Y. Six children. Lewis, b. Oct. 26, 
1781, married, lived on his father's farm. Three children. Elias, b. Nov. 
12, 1784, d. 1802. Joseph, b. Oct. 26, 1786, a physician in Army of 1812; 
mar. dau. of Dr. Caleb Sampson, and d. 1829, at Oswego, N. Y. Two 
children. — Aoigail, b. May 7, 1751, m. David Olmsted of Ridgefield, Ct. — 
Joseph, b. Aug. 11, 1753, no record. — -Hannah, b. Apr. 9, 1756, m. Josiah 
Raymond of Bedford, N. Y., and Manlius, N. Y.— Esther, b. Aug. 10, 1760, 
m. Ebenezer Olmsted of Ridgefield, Ct. — Moss, b. June 9, 1763, m. Ruth 
Smith. Residence, Ridgefield, Ct. ; later Auburn, N. Y., where he died. — 
Anne, b. Apr. 5, 1765, m. Joshua King, Esq., of Ridgefield, Ct. She d. 
Dec. 30, 1838, in her 74th year, and he, Aug. 13, 1839, in his 81st year. 
Children: (King) Catharine, b. Sep. 15, 1785, m. Dec. 24, 1806, Wm. 
Hawley; Frances, b. Nov. 14, 1787, m. Feb. 25, 1811, Rev. Wm. Neill. 
She d. Oct. 13, 1832. Sophia, b. March 11, 1790, m. Apr. 16, 1810, Wm. 
McHarg of Albany, N. Y. She d. March 24, 1838. John Francis, b. June 
30, 1792, d. Nov. 28, 1838. Rufus Howard, b. Nov. 30, 1794, m. Sept. 15, 
1824, Amelia Laverty. Ann Maria, b. March 10, 1797, m. Nov. 27, 1816, 
Elisha W. Skinner of Albany, N. Y. Charles Clark, b. July 1, 1799, d. Jan. 
1, 1854, at Ridgefield, Ct. Joshua Ingersoll, b. Aug. 11, 1801, no record. 
May Ann, b. Aug. 19, 1803, d. Nov. 20, 1828. Grace, b. Apr. 16, 1809, no 

David Ingersoll, b. Sep. 4, 1720, m. about March, 1740, Mehitabel Bryan, 
b. Aug. 15, 1721, dau. of Richard Bryan, Jr., of Milford, Ct., and Mehitabel, 
his first wife, dau. of Samuel Clark, same town. He d. Feb. 14, 1742, in 
his 23d year, and she, June 7, 1798, in her 77th year. They had one son, 
David, b. Dec. 11, 1740, of Milford, Ct., who m. March 9, 1768, Clement 
Treat, dau. of Lieut. Joseph Treat of Milford. He d. June 10, 1774, in his 
34th year, and she, May 18, 1817, in her 74th year. Children: (Ingersoll) 
Mehitable, b. Oct. 25, 1768; David Bryant, b. Aug. 16, 1771; Jonathan, b. 
Oct. 24, 1773. 

Hon. Jared Ingersoll, b. June 3, 1722, of New Haven, Ct., m. Aug. 1, 
1743, Hannah Whiting, b. Feb. 21, 1712, dau. of Hon. Col. John Whiting of 
New Haven. Col. Whiting was the son of Rev. John Whiting, fourth 
minister to Hartford, Ct., and Phoebe, his wife, dau. of Thomas Gregson 
of New Haven, and grandson of Hon. Wm. Whiting, one of the first settlers 
of Hartford. Hon. Jared Ingersoll was graduated from Yale, 1742, and be- 
came a lawyer. In 1757 he was a stamp distributor for the British Gov- 
ernment, but under pressure of popular disapproval of the Stamp Act, he 
resigned, Sep. 19, 1765. He d. at New Haven, Aug. 25, 1785. Children: 
(Ingersoll) James, b. Apr. 21, 1748; Jared, b. Oct. 24, 1749. Hon. Jared 
Ingersoll, L.L.D., Judge of the District Court of Pennsylvania, became one 

3d Gen. J Gov. Webster's Grand Children 45 

of the foremost lawyers of Philadelphia; was member of Congress, and 
the Convention which formed the Constitution of the U. S. ; was Attorney 
General of Penn., which he resigned in 1816. In 1812 he was federal can- 
didate for Vice-President of the U. S. He was the father of Charles J. 
and Joseph R. Ingersoll of Philadelphia. He d. Oct. 31, 1823, age 73. 

Sarah Ingersoll, m. Nov. 7, 1751, John Whiting, a brother of the wife of 
her brother, Jared Ingersoll. She d. July 24, 1769, and he m. (2) May 
24, 1770, Sarah Trowbridge, dau. of Lieut. Stephen Trowbridge of New 
Haven. Children: (Whiting) John, b. Dec. 25, 1753; Jonathan, b. Apr. 
12, 1756; Sarah, b. Jan. 21, 1758; William, b. Oct. 15, 1760; Samuel, b. 
Sep. 9, 1762; Hannah, b. Aug. 5, 1765. The end. (From Goodwin's Gene- 
ological Notes.) 


Fourth Generation — Great Grand Children of Gov. John and 

Agnes Webster in the Line of their son 

Lieut. Robert Webster. 

First Generation, Gov. John and Agnes Webster. — Second, Lieut. 
Robert and Susannah Treat Webster named in the Divisions of 
this Chapter. — Third, Children of Lieut. Robert and Susannah 
Treat Webster named in the numbered Sections of this Chapter. 
— Fourth, Grandchildren of the same named in the numbered 
Paragraphs of this Chapter, printed in heavy face type. 

First Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Gov. John 
and Agnes Webster, by their son, Lieut. Eobert Webster of Middle- 
town and Hartford, Connecticut, who married Susannah Treat. 

Section 1. — Children of John and Sarah (Mygatt) Webster 
of Hartford, Ct. 

1. Sarah Webster, bap. July 29, 1678, m. a Mr. Talcott. The 

2. Captain John Webster, of Southington, Ct., bap. Oct. 26, 
1680, mar. Dec. 25, 1712, Abiel Steel, b. Oct. 8, 1693, dau. of 
Samuel and Mercy (Bradford) Steele. 

The eldest great-grandchild of Gov. John and Agnes Webster of 
whom we have record is Sarah Webster, daughter of John and Sarah 
(Mygatt) Webster of Hartford, but of her life we have no history. 
Hence the distinction of leading the fourth generation passes to 
her brother, Capt. John Webster of Southington, here given. 

He joined the First church of Hartford, Mch. 30, 1712. He 
was one of the original members at West Hartford, 1713. His 
wife's name appears in 1717. 

1719, Apr. 30, Articles of Agreement between Thomas Morgan, John 
Webster, David Ensign, Jun., Jobanna Smith, Thomas Steele, David Bid- 
well, Cyprian Watson, Samuel Sedgwick, Jun., Caleb Watson of Hartford, 
each 1/9 toward building a suitable house for a bolting mill, on land 
of Thos. Morgan, and for purchasing bolting cloth. 

He removed to Southington about 1730. 

1752, John Webster of Southington deeds land as a gift to his "dutiful 
son John." 

1752, June 30, John Webster of Southington in Farmington, wrote his 
Will in which bequests are made to Abiel, his wife, Elisha, Aaron, Osee 


4th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line. 47 

and John, his sons; and to his six daughters, Jerusha, Marsa, Sarah, Ann, 
Susannah and Abigail. The inventory is dated Sep. 1, 1753. 

He died in Southington, 1753, and his widow mar. May 25, 
1756, as his second wife, Stephen Hopkins of Waterbury, b. Nov. 

9, 1689, s. of John and Hannah (Strong) Hopkins. His first wife 
was Susannah Peck of Waterbury. He d. Jan. 4, 1769. He had 
ten children by his first wife and none by his second. 

Children: (Born and baptized at West Hartford) Elisha, b. 
Nov. 1713, bap. Nov. 15 ; Jerusha, b. Jan. 8, 1714, bap. Sep. follow- 
ing; Aaron, b. Feb. 24, 1717, bap. Mch. after; Abie'., b. July 31, 
1718, bap. Aug. 3, 1718; Mercy (or Mary), b. July 23, 1720, bap. 
day after; Sarah, b. April 17, 1722, bap. Apr. 22; Ann, b. Apr. 
18, 1724, bap. 25; Susan (or Susannah) b. July 8, 1726, bap. July 
10; John, b. Sep. 4, 1728; Abigail, b. Sep. 23,'l731; Osee, b. Apr. 
1, 1734; Eobert, b. Apr. 8, 1736. Eesumed in Chapter VI. 

3. Anne Webster, bap. Dec. 3, 1682, mar. Feb. 21, 1716, Thom- 
as Olmsted, b. Aug. 10, 1692, s. of Thomas and Hannah (Mix) 
Olmsted.* His grandmother, Eebecca Mix, was dau. of Cap. Na- 
thaniel Turner,f the noted Indian fighter. Thomas Olmsted d. 
at West Hartford, Aug. 18, 1759. She was living in 1738. 

Children: (Olmsted) Anne (or Hannah) b. Nov. 5, 1717; Su- 
sannah, b. Oct. 1719; Moses, b. 1725. 

(1) Anne Olmsted, m. July 14, 1747, Samuel Moody. They had five 
children. He d. May 5, 1761, aged 55, and she, Oct. 6, 1779, aged 69. 

(2) Susannah Olmsted, m. Oct. 16, 1746, Nathaniel Steele, h. Nov. 3, 
1721, son of Thomas and Susannah (Webster) Steele. He d. Oct. 15, 1789. 

4. Abigail Webster, bap. Oct. 10, 1686, of Hartford, m. May 

10, 1710, Jacob Merrill, s. of John. 

Children: (Merrill) Elisha, b. Dec. 25, 1718; Asa, b. Feb. 16, 
1720; Abigail, b. Apr. 5, 1723. 

*Note: Thomas Olmsted of West Hartford, who d. 1741, was the son 

of Nicholas and (Lummis) Olmsted. Thomas Olmsted who 

d. 1741, was divorced from his first wife and m. (2) June 25, 1691, Hannah 
Mix. Children: Thomas, b. Aug. 10, 1692; Stephen, b. 1694; Sarah, b. 
1696; Rebekah, b. 1697; Demaris, 1699; Daniel, b. 1701; Hannah, b. 1704; 
Jerusha, b. 1706. 

Thomas m. Ann Webster, (see above) Stephen m. June 27, 1723, Sarah 
Merrill; Sarah m. 1719, John Kellogg; Rebekah d. unm. 1762, aged 65; 
Demaris, no record; Daniel m. Jan. 27, 1730, Mary Cadwell, dau. of Sam- 
uel; Hannah d. 1762, unm.; Jerusha, no record. Some have queried 
whether she m. Cowles of Southington, and afterward Medad Lewis of 

fin King Philip's war, Captain Turner, May 18, 1676, surprised and 
slaughtered 300 Nipmuck warriors, near the Falls in the Connecticut river 
which have since borne his name, — "Turner's Falls." (John Fiske in 
"Beginnings of New England," p. 234.) 

48 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

5. Ebenezer Webster, a miller, baptized July 14, 1689, mar. 
Hannah Webster his cousin, daughter of Eobert and Hannah (Beck- 
ley) Webster, b. Nov. 7, 1695. They were of Hartford, Conn., 
where both died, she Nov. 11, 1775, aged 80, and he, Feb. 12, 1776, 
aged 86. 

1724-5, Mch. 21, Ebenezer Webster and his wife Hannah joined the 2d 
church in Hartford. 

1770, May 22, six years before his death, Ebenezer Webster of Hartford, 
deeded to William Stanley, his interest in the grist mill, on the river lot 
near the great bridge in Hartford, which descended to him from his uncle 
Samuel Webster. 

1777, day and month not given, an inventory of the estate of Ebenezer, 
late of Hartford, deceased, was taken. 

March 21, 1783, Capt. Medad Webster, exhibited an account as adminis- 
trator against the estate of Ebenezer Webster, late of Hartford, deceased, 
by which it appears that said estate is indebted for the sum of 36 pounds, 
9 shillings and 11 pence, and he was empowered to sell sufficient of the 
estate to indemnify himself. 

July 14, 1784, The Probate Court appointed Barnabas Hinsdale, Josiah 
Clark and Daniel Seymour to distribute the estate of Ebenezer Webster, 
deceased, viz: to Matthew Webster eldest son of said deceased, a double 
share, and a single to each of the other children. 

1707-8, Mch. 1, Ebenezer, a minor, one of the sons of John Webster, 
deceased, of Hartford, appeared and chose William Whiting to be his 
guardian. Jacob and Daniel chose their brother, John Webster, to be their 

Children: (All b. at Hartford) Matthew, Feb. 14, 1720, 0. S., 
bap. Feb. 17, 1719; Hannah, bap. Sep. 17, 1721; Medad, bap. Jan. 
5,- 1723-4; Mary, bap. Mar. 13, 1725; Thankful, bap. Dec. 21, 
1729; Ebenezer, bap. Oct. 1, 1732; Sarah; Eebecca. Resumed in 
Chapter VI. 

6. Jacob Webster, of Hartford, Conn., mar. Feb. 16, 1718, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Cyprian Nichols, a sister of Sarah who mar. 
Ensign William Webster. An inventory of his estate was taken 
June 8, 1727. 

Sep. 5, 1727, administration granted Elizabeth Webster wid. and relict 
of Jacob Webster late of Hartford. An inventory had been taken June 
8, 1727. 

March 5, 1728, Cyprian Nichols was appointed guardian to his grand- 
children, Elizabeth Webster ab. 7 yrs. age, Jacob Webster ab. 5 yrs. and 
Hezekiah Webster ab. 18 mos. 

Children: Elizabeth, bap. Jan. 31, 1719-20; Jacob, bap. Apr. 
14, 1723; John, bap. June 20, 1725, who probably died young, since 
he is not mentioned in the appointment of a guardian; Hezekiah, 
bap. July 31, 1726. Eesumed in Chapter VI. 

7. Capt. Daniel Webster of Hartford, Ct., bap. Oct. 1, 1693, 
mar. (1) Nov. 11, 1719, Mirriam Kellogg, b. Sep. 30, 1690, widow 

4th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 49 

of Abraham Kellogg of Hartford, deceased, and dau. of Noah Cooke 
of Northampton, Mass., and Sarah his wife, dau. of Joseph Nash, 
one of the early settlers of Hartford. Abraham Kellogg, her first 
husband, died soon after their marriage, without issue. 

The Denslow Genealogy has this : Noah Denslow, b. June 14, 
1657, had a daughter Minerva who m. Capt. Daniel Webster, a 
great-grandson of Gov. John Webster. Capt. Daniel Webster had a 
son, Noah, b. March 25, 1722. 

A Memorial signed by several citizens of "Up Neck," Hartford, 
in 1756, had as one of signers, Cap't Daniel Webster, who was ap- 
pointed one of the committee to inquire into the matter of the me- 

By his Will, dated Dec. 10, 1765, Daniel Webster gives to the 
following: His wife Hannah, oldest son Noah, youngest son, 
Daniel; only dau. Miriam, wife of William Sedgwick, and to Bevil 
and Zephaniah, the children of his deceased son, Zephaniah Web- 
ster of Hartford; to the two latter all his lands in the township of 
Hartford east of the Conn, river. Will admitted to Probate, June 
10, 1766. 

Daniel Webster mar. (2) Hannah Bird, widow of Jonathan 
Bird, deceased, of Farmington. Webster died Dec. 21, 1765, aged 
72 years and 3 months. His widow died Oct. 17, 1776. 

Children: (All by 1st mar.). Daniel, b. Feb. 16, 1720, bap. 
at W. Hartford, Feb. 19, 1721, d. Feb. 27, 1721; and Noah, b. 
March 25, 1722, bap. Mar. 28, 1722; Zephaniah, b. June 1, 1724, 
bap. June 7, 1724; Abraham, b. Jan. 17, 1727, bap. Jan. 22, 1727; 
Mirriam, b. Oct. 21, 1729, bap. Oct. 1729; Daniel, b. Sep. 4, 1731, 
bap. Sep. 5, 1731; Elihu, b. Nov. 15, 1733, bap. Nov. 18, 1733, d. 
young and unmarried. Resumed in Chapter VI. 

Section 2. — Children of Deacon Jonathan and (1) Dorcas 
{Hopkins) (2) Mary {Judd) Webster, a merchant of Hartford, Ct. 

1. Jonathan Webster, b. Mch. 18, 1681-2, and baptized Mch. 
26, at which time his father "owned the covenant," mar. Dec. 14, 
1704, Esther, b. Feb. 8, 1686, dau. of Benjamin and Mary (Lewis) 
Judd, and sister of Benjamin Judd of New Britain, Ct. Jonathan 
Webster removed from Hartford to Glastonbury where, in 1713, 
he was a taxpayer, and in 1730 was a resident of Wright's Island. 

1705, Mch. 6, Esther Webster, formerly Judd, then living in Hartford, 
told to her brother, Benjamin Judd, out of her father, Benjamin Judd's 
estate, for 7 pounds and mentioned "my grandfather, William Lewis of 
Farmington." The deed was signed by Jonathan Webster, Jr., on behalf 
of his wife, Esther. (From Record of Deeds, Farmington.) 

1705, Oct. 7, Jonathan Webster, s. of Jonathan publicly renewed the 

1708, July 25, Esther Judd wife of Jonathan Webster received into 
the 2d church of Hd. 

50 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

1736, Oct. 5, Jonathan Webster of Glastonbury buys land of Thomas 
and John Hopkins and Mary Sedgwick, in the "Five Miles" so called, in 
the town of Hartford, east of the great river. 

1739-40, Feb. 16, Jonathan Webster of Glastonbury has land deeded to 
him in Bolton. 

1743-4, Feb. 7, Jonathan Webster sells to Richard Keeney of Hartford, 
35 acres "bounded and butted" w. by Jonathan Webster's own land, e. 
by highway, n. by Richard Keeney's own land, and s. by Richard Keeney, 
Sr.'s own land. 

1745, Dec. 11, Jonathan Webster sells to Ezekiel Webster, for 67 pounds 
old tenor, land in the second tier of lots beginning at Windsor. 

1746, Apr. 14, for 20 pounds Jonathan Webster sells to his son Jonathan 
of Glastonbury, 20 acres of upland in the "Five Miles." 

1746, June 10, Jonathan Webster of Hartford deeds land in Bolton to 
Philip Bump. (Bolton records.) 

1748, Mch. 3, Jonathan Webster "for love and affection" gives his son 
Stephen 150 acres with dwelling house, barn, mill, etc., bounded e. by 
highway, w. by another highway, s. by Cap. Cyprian Nichols, n. by heirs 
of Daniel Clark, deceased. Improvements reserved. 

1748, May 11, Jonathan Webster sells to Peter Thatcher of Lebanon, 
72 acres in the "Five Miles", for 216 pounds, bounded e. by Bolton line, 
s. by John Forbes, n. by thirds laid out to Mrs. Webster, now belonging 
to John Webster. 

1752, Mch. 20, Jonathan Webster gives "to my son David" 150 acres in 
the "Five Miles," and mentions "my wife Esther." 

1753, June 2, Jonathan Webster quit claims to Ezekiel Webster for 
1200 pounds land in the "Five Miles." 

1753-4, lot 13, Jonathan Webster's land bounds s. on Thomas Burnham, 
and n. by Thomas Thorntone — 7 acres plus. 

1758, Sep. 14, Jonathan Webster of Hartford, Will: (1) Esther my 
wife use of house where I now live with the grist mill and the barn; also 
one cow with a white face, two sheep, one swine, the wife to have her 
choice, etc.; (2) son Jonathan, 5 shillings; (3) the heirs of my son 
Ezekiel; (4) my son David; (5) my son Stephen one-half of grist mill; 
(6) my dau. Esther Smith, and her son, Timothy Smith; (7) my dau. 
Jemima Risley; (8) My dau. Mehitable Smith; (9) My dau. Dorcas En- 
sign; (10) My dau. Sarah Keeney; (11) the heirs of my dau. Mary 

Jonathan Webster was named as Executor. Witnesses: Isaac Chalker, 
Thomas Pitkin, Margaret Keeney. The Will was probated Oct. 11, 1758. 

1762, Apr. 6, the Probate Court of Hartford appointed Joseph Swetland, 
Jonathan Mygat, and John Thatcher, or any two of them, to "set out" 
to Esther Webster, widow of Jonathan Webster of Hartford, her thirds 
according to the will. 

Jonathan Webster, cl. Sep. 18, 1758, aged 76 years and 6 
months. She d. Dec. 22, 1782, at Bernardston, Mass., aged 97 
years, and was buried there. Her epitaph reads, "My soul choos- 
eth strangling and death rather than life. I would not live always. 
Let me alone for my clays are vanity." 

4th Gen.] Kobert Webster's Line 51 

Children: Jonathan, b. Oct. 5, 1705; bap. Oct. 7, (2d ch. 
Hartford) ; Esther, b. Feb. 23, 1706-7, bap. Feb. 29, 1708; Jemima, 
b. Dec. 25, 1709; Ezekiel, b. June 7, 1712; Mehitabel, b. Oct. 20, 
1714; Dorcas, b. Feb. 13, 1716-17; Sarah, b. Jan. 13, 1718-19; 
David, b. Jan. 29, 1720-21; Mary, b. Nov. 8, 1723; Susannah, b. 
May 28, 1726, bap. July 10, 1726, d. Jan. 8, 1728; Stephen, b. 
June 11, 1728, bap. July 21, 1728. Eesumed in Chapter VI. 

2. Samuel Webster, bap. Feb. 17, 1683-4. No history. His 
name was not mentioned in bis father's Will, dated Apr. 7, 1732, 
nor in the inventory of the estate, July 23, 1735. The end. 

3. Susannah Webster, b. Apr. 25, 1686, and bap. the day fol- 
lowing,' married, May 10, 1709, Thomas Steele, b. Sep. 9, 1681, 
son of Samuel and Mercy (Bradford) Steele, brother of Abiel 
Steele who mar. Cap. John Webster of Southington. They re- 
sided in West Hartford where both died, apparently on the same 
day, namely, Nov. 27, 1757. 

Children: (Steele) Jerusha, July 1, 1710; Samuel, Mch. 11, 
1712; William, Dec. 10, 1713; Susannah, Dec. 15, 1715; Thomas, 
bap. Oct. 11, 1717; James, b. Dec. 22, 1719; Nathaniel, Nov. 3, 
1721; John, bap. Nov. 17, 1723. 

(1) Jerusha Steele m. Feb. 12, 1730, Daniel Mills of Windsor, Conn. 

(2) Samuel m. (1) Dec. 20, 1739, Elizabeth Merry; (2) Martha S., 
surname not found. He died Sep. 12, 1779, the father of fifteen children. 

(3) William m. Lydia Seymour, b. May. 11, 1719, at Hartford, dau. 
of John Seymour. They resided in New Hartford, Ct. He d. of smallpox 
in 1777, and she d. 1801. Mrs. Elizabeth (Kellogg) Hayden, a descendant, 
resided, 1894, at Waterbury, Ct. 

(4) Susannah m. July 18, 1734, Thomas Hosmer of West Hartford, b. 
Oct. 28, 1701, and d. February, 1777. Their dau. Ruth Hosmer, b. Sep. 
20, 1744, d. Jan. 25, 1S18, m. Oct. 22, 1765, Ephriam Kellogg, b. Sep. 20, 
1740, d. Feb. 11, 1819. Their son, Elisha Kellogg, b. Aug. 20, 1781, d. 
Aug. 6, 1857, m. Dec. 3, 1806, Jane Saxon, b. Aug. 28 1783, d. Oct. 24, 
1853. Their dau. Ruth Jane Kellogg, b. Jan. 19, 1821, d. June 29, 1889, 
m. Sep. 23, 1841, Emmons Arnold, b. Dec. 2, 1815, d. Feb. 11, 1878. Their 
son, Frederick Kellogg Arnold, b. July 10, 1844, at Sheffield, Berkshire 
Co., Mass., m. Sep. 15, 1869, at Portland, Oregon, Mary Nichols Tower 
of Springfield, Vt., b. Apr. 7, 1847. Res. 1897, 335 Jefferson St., Portland, 
Oregon. Children: (Arnold) Elliott Emmons, b. Oct. 9, 1871, d. Nov. 
8, 1880; Hosmer Kellogg, b. Oct. 14, 1873; Katharine Sabin, b. Jan. 1, 
1884. Emmons Arnold had another son, Frank Emmons Arnold, b. March 
30, 1853. 

(5) Thomas m. and died without issue, at West Hartford, Ct. 

(6) James m. Lois He died 1766. 

(7) Nathaniel m. Oct. 16, 1746, Susannah Olmsted. He died Oct. 15, 
1789. They had ten children. 

(8) Dr. John m. Lydia He d. Dec. 5, 1760 and she m. (2) 

May 9, 1762, Robert Sanford. The end. 

52 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

4. Mary Webster, b. and bap. Sep. 29, 1688, m. Feb. 21, 1705- 
6, John Bracy of Hartford, b. 1677, s. of Stephen Bracy, or Brace, 
a colonist, a hatter from London, well-to-do and of good standing. 
He came to Hartford from Swanzey about 1660 and d. in 1692. 
He left a widow and children. His children were : Elizabeth, 
Phoebe, Ann, Stephen, John, Henry. He owned land in the "Great 
Meadow" at Rocky Hill and Pottacunk, and left an estate of more 
than 400 pounds. In his will he ordered Henry put to a trade. 
His son John who m. Mary Webster removed from Hartford to 
Harwinton, Ct., where, 1738, lie was one of the original settlers. 

Children: (Bracy or Brace) (Baptisms in First Church, Hart- 
ford) Mary, bap. Apr. 3, 1709; a child of John Brace name il- 
legible, bap. May 3, 1713, probably Jonathan; Elisha, bap. Feb. 
13, 1714-15; Dorcas, bap. ,jSTov. 3, 1717; Rebecca, bap. Oct. 15, 
1721; Joseph, bap. Aug. 23, 1724. 

(1) Mary ra. Moses Webster, s. of William and Sarah (Nichols) 
Webster, which see. (2) Jonathan ra. Mary Messinger. (3) Elisha m. 

Jerusha Their cihldren were John, Jared and Elisha, and the 

last m. Irene Catlin. Resided in Hartford and Bethlehem. The end. 

5. Mehitabel Webster, b. March 8, 1691, mar. July 8, 1714, 
David Bidwell of Hartford, b. 1687, son of John and Sarah 
(Welles) Bidwell. John Bidwell the father of David was a tan- 
ner, and his wife the dau. of Thomas Welles of Hartford, and 
granddaughter of Gov. Thomas Welles, the fourth governor of the 
Colony of Connecticut. 

The Genealogy of the Bidwell Family in America, by Edwin M. Bidwell, 
Albany, N. Y., 1884, Joel Munsell's Sons, publishers, shows that Richard 
Bidwell, founder of the family, settled in Windsor, Ct., where he d. Dec. 
25, 1647. John who is assumed to have been the son of Richard m. 
Sarah Wilcox, and in his Will he mentions his dau. Sarah House, wife 
of William House. 

In his Will, dated Aug. 10, 1751, and probated Apr. 3, 1759, David 
Bidwell mentions Mehitable his wife, David his oldest son, Jacob, "my 
second son," and Amos "my son." 

Children: (Bidwell) David, b. Dec. 9, 1715, d. Feb. 7, 1716; 
Mabel, b. Aug. 18, 1718; David, b. Oct. 16, 1720; Isaac, b. Aug. 
16, 1723; Stephen, b. July 29, 1725; Jacob, b. Aug. 23, 1727; 
Amos, b. Aug. 18, 1729; Oliver, b. Dec. 13, 1732. Resumed in 
Chapter VI. 

6. Captain Stephen Webster, b. Jan. 1, 1693, and bap. Jan. 
8, 1692-3, mar. June 6, 1717, Mary dau. of John and Mary (01- 
cott) Burnham, all of Hartford, Ct. She was bap. Dec. 19, 1690. 
He d. in 1724 and his widow mar. (2) Apr. 9, 1730, as his second 
wife, Ebenezer Merrill, b. Dec. 18, 1698, of Hartford, s. of John 
and Sarah (Marsh) Merrill. Sarah Marsh was a descendant of 

4th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 53 

John and Anne (Webster) Marsh, dan. of Gov. John Webster. 
Ebenezer Merrill removed from West Hartford about 1734-37 to 
New Hartford, Ct., where he d. 1789. 

1724, July 2, an inventory of Stephen Webster's estate was taken, and 
his widow appointed administratrix, Aug. 4, 1724. 

1730, April 7, Mary Webster, widow of Stephen Webster, was appointed 
by the court at Hartford, guardian of her three children, viz., Isaac aged 
11 years, Mary aged 9 years, Timothy aged 7 years. 

1739, Dec. 4, Timothy Webster chose his step-father, Ebenezer Merrill, 
to be his guardian, Timothy being 17 years old. 

1739, Dec. 25, an agreement was entered into between Ebenezer Merrill 
and the heirs of Stephen Webster of Hartford, deceased, viz., Isaac Web- 
ster, Mary Webster and Ebenezer Merrill, guardian for Timothy Webster. 

Children: (Webster) Isaac, bap. June 15, 1718; Mary, bap. 
Dec. 11, 1720; Timothy, born Oct. 27, 1723. Resumed in Chapter 

7. Deacon Benjamin Webster, the half-brother, b. Aug. 9, 
1698, son of Jonathan Webster by his second wife, Mary Judd, mar. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Paul Peck, 3d, of Hartford, afterward of Litch- 
field. Benjamin Webster removed from Hartford to Litchfield 
after 1717, where both died, he July 10, 1755, in the 58th year of 
his age, and she July 17, 1775, aged 69 years. The epitaph on her 
tombstone reads, "Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of the late Deacon Benja- 
min Webster, one of the first settlers of the town in 1726, died July 
17, 1775, aged 69. For the memory of numerous and pious descend- 
ants this monument is erected in 1839 by her grandson, Solomon 
Marsh." Benjamin Webster was buried some four or five miles 
distant from her grave. 

Benjamin Webster was first constable and collector of West 
Litchfield in 1731, selectman in 1738, grand juror in 1734, lister 
or ratemaker in 1746, and a representative in the state legislature 
for Litchfield from 1752 to 1755. 

Children: Elijah, born Dec. 28, 1732, d. Aug. 18, 1754, aged 
22; James b. June 2, 1734, d. July 30, 1754, aged 21; Benjamin, 
Jr., b. Dec. 8, 1736; Stephen, b. May 21, 1739; Elizabeth, b. Jan. 
23, 1741-2; Charles, b. Mch. 18, 1743-4; John b. Apr. 3, 1747. 
Resumed in Chapter VI. 

Section 3. — Children of Robert and Hannah {Beckley) Web- 
ster, of Hartford, Ct. 

1. Robert Webster, b. Oct., 1689, (Robert and his bro. Abra- 
ham were bap. Oct. 28, 1694.) m. at Hartford, Apr. 3, 1718, Lois 
Stanley. He d. prior to Apr. 7, 1725, and she m. (2) Nov. 24, 
1726, William Peck, of Hartford, son of Paul, and removed to 
Litchfield, 1727. 

54 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

An inventory was taken of the estate of Robert Webster, Jr., at Hart- 
ford, Apr. 7, 1725. Appraisers, Justus Brace and John Seymour. Lois 
Webster ad'mx of estate of Robert Webster, Jr., late of Hartford, ex- 
hibited an account May 2, 1727. 

The Peck Genealogy gives the following: Lois Webster, m. Nov. 24, 1726, 
Wm. Peck, son of Paul and removed to Litchfield, 1727. Children: 
(Peck) Jerusha, b. Sep. 1727, m. Jos. Vaill; Timothy, b. March 6, 1730; 
Lois, b. Sep. 1732, m. John Osborn; Eunice, b. Sep. 1736; Margaret m. 
Capt. Harris Hopkins; Abigail m. James Stoddard; Sarah m. Abel Brown. 

Children: (Webster) Rebecca, b. Nov. 25, 1718, bap. Hartford, 
Jan. 25, 1718-19; Justus, bap. Hartford, Oct. 28, 1722. Resumed 
in Chapter VI. 

2. Abraham Webster, b. Sep. 1. 1693, bap. with his brother 
Robert, Oct. 28, 1694. No history. 

3. Hannah Webster, b. Nov. 7, 1695, bap. Nov. 10, same 
year. She m. Ebeuezer Webster, the son of John and Sarah (My- 
gatt) Webster. (See Ebenezer Webster for further history.) 

4. Joshua Webster, b. March 7, 1700, bap. March 10. No 

5. Caleb Webster, b. Feb. 22, 1703, bap. March 1, 1702, (prob- 
ably 1702-3) Avas a business man in Hartford as the following 
transactions show, yet there is much obscurity concerning him. 

Feb. 23, 1744-5, Caleb Webster, of Hartford, deeds 17i acres to Joseph 
Webster, of Hartford, land in Hartford, bounded West on the river, North 
on land of Ebenezer Webster, South on land of heirs of Robert Webster, 
deceased. On the same date he deeds land near that above mentioned to 
Ebenezer Webster. Witness, Jos. Webster, Jr. 

Oct. 3, 1744, Caleb Webster, of Hartford, mortgages to Joseph Webster, 
land in Hartford, bounded on his own land and on land of Abigail Webster. 

May 30, 1750, Caleb Webster sells to Medad Webster, both of Hartford, 
sixteen and one-half acres in the Commons. 

March 30, 1753, Caleb Webster of Wethersfield sells to Samuel Flagg 
of Hartford, certain undivided common lands inherited from his honored 
grandfather, Robert Webster, formerly of Hartford, deceased, and his right 
on the east side of the River from his honored grandmother, Mrs. Webster, 
formerly of Hartford, deceased. 

Of his marriage we have no record, but the following baptism 
seems clearly to have been tbat of his child. 

Children: (Baptism in East Hartford) Joshua, son of Caleb 
Webster, bap. Jan. 28, 1750. Resumed in Chapter VI. 

6. Joseph Webster, bap. Nov. 16, 1707, m. in 1726, Hannah 
Baker. The end. 

7. Abigail Webster, b. Jan. 22, 1710, bap. Jan. 22, 1709-10, 
m. May 2, 1753, Timothy Pitkin. (Farmington Records.) 

May 2, 1750, Abigail Webster, quit claims to Ebenezer Webster, 
both of Hartford, land in Hartford, bounded in part on a little 

4th Gen.] Kobert Webster's Line • 55 

river, belonging in equal shares to said Ebenezer Webster, Caleb 
Webster, to the heirs of Joseph Webster, Jr., and to said Abigail 
Webster. The end. 

Section 4. — Children of Joseph and Mary (Judd) Webster of 
Hartford, Ct. 

1. Mary Webster, b. May 31, 1697, and bap. June 6, same year 
m. at Hartford, Dec. 26, 1717, Isaac Kellogg, of Hartford, b. Jan. 
17, 1697, son of Deacon Samuel Kellogg of West Hartford, and 
grandson of Lieut. Joseph Kellogg, of Hadley, Mass. 

He represented New Hartford in the Conn. Legislature twenty- 
three times; was Justice of the Peace, and a Deacon in the Church. 

Clara Louisa Kellogg, the noted songstress, is a descendant of 
this Isaac Kellogg. 

He d. July 3, 1787, at 90 yrs., and she, Jan. 3, 1780, at 82 yrs. 

Children: (Kellogg) Samuel, Nov. 15, 1718; Abraham, Jan. 17, 
1720-1; Mary, March 12, 1723; Theodosia, June 7, 1724-5; Isaac, 
Oct. 8, 1727; Noah, Dec. 13, 1729; Joseph, Oct. 14, 1731; Ashbel, 
Oct. 18, 1732; Sarah, Feb. 16, 1735; Margaret, June 12, 1737; 
Ann and Esther, twins, Aug. 21, 1739; Huldah, March 30, 1742. 

(1.) Samuel Kellogg, born Nov. 15, 1718, mar. Mary Steel, of New 
Haven, and lived at Goshen and Enfield, Ct., and died at Poultney, Vt. 
They had 10 children. A grandson, Asaph Seymour, mar. a Nabbie Webster. 

(2) Abraham, born Jan. 17, 1721, mar. June 17, 1747, Sarah Marsh, 
and lived at New Hartford, Ct. They had 11 children. A grandson, 
Warren Kellogg, mar. Khoda Webster. Sarah Marsh, who mar. Abraham 
Kellogg, was a descendant of Anne Webster (Marsh), daughter of Gov. 
John Webster. New Hartford records: 1780, Apr. 4, Frederick Webster 
Kellogg m. Margaret Moor. 

(3) Mary, born March 12, 1723, mar. John Birge, and lived in Torring- 
ford, Ct. They had six children. 

(4) Theodosia, born June 7, 1725, mar. April 4, 1745, Jonathan Marsb, 
a carpenter of New Hartford, Ct. They had four children. His grand- 
father, John Marsh, of Hartford, Ct., or Hadley, Mass., mar. Anne, 
daughter of Gov. John Webster. 

(5) Isaac, born Oct. 8, 1727, mar. Jan. 26, 1748, Martha Merrill, and 
lived at Winchester, and New Hartford, Ct. They had 8 children. 

(6) Noah, born Dec. 13, 1729, mar. Nov. 18, 1754, Clemency Merrill. 
He was Deacon in the Church at New Hartford, Ct., and had 9 children. 

(7) Joseph, born Oct. 14, 1731, mar. Esther Porter, of Farmington, Ct. 
They lived at New Hartford, Ct. Had 5 children and perhaps more. 

(8) Ashbel, born Oct. 18, 1732, mar., first, April 5, 1759, Sarah Loomis; 
second, Lydia Steele; third, Lucy Cotton. Lived at New Hartford, Ct., 
and had 15 children. (Was Sarah Loomis the one born Feb. 22, 1733-4, 
dau. of Isaac & Hannah (Eggleston) Loomis of Windsor?) 

(9) Sarah, born Feb. 16, 1735, mar. about 1752, William Merrill, of 
Canton, Ct. Had 9 children. 

56 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap 3 

(10) Margaret, born June 12, 1737, mar. Joseph Moore, of Pittsfield, 

(11) Ann, and (12) Esther, born Aug. 21, 1734, mar. as follows: 
Ann, Roger Crow, of New Hartford, Ct.; Esther, mar. a Birge, christian 
name unknown. (Kellogg Genealogy says "d. young.") 

(13) Huldah, born March 30, 1742, mar. Joseph Benham, of New Hart- 
ford, Ct. Had 9 children. (Kellogg Gen. says James Benham.) The end. 

2. Elizabeth Webster, b. March 6, 1700, bap. March 10, same 
year, m. Joseph Waters of Hartford, Nov. 2, 1729. Elizabeth, wife 
of Joseph Waters, was received into the 2d Church of Hartford. 

Letters of administration were granted to Elizabeth Waters, the widow 
of Joseph Waters, of Hartford, deceased, Jan. 20, 1740-1, who with 
David Ensign gave a bond of 100 pounds. The widow, Elizabeth, was 
appointed guardian of Joseph Waters, a minor of three years. An inven- 
tory of the estate was made by David Ensign, Isaac Kellogg and Nathaniel 
White and filed Jan. 21, 1740-1. Estate declared insolvent, Jan. 6, 1741-2. 
May 24, 1750, Abraham Waters, a minor of 16, chose his brother, Webster 
Waters, for a guardian. June 11, 1750, Elizabeth Waters, a minor, chose 
her mother, Elizabeth Waters, for guardian. 

Letters of Administration were granted Jan. 14, 1758, to Theodore Gil- 
bert of New Hartford, Ct., and Isaac Kellogg, Esq., on the estate of 
Elizabeth Waters, Jr., deceased. 

Children: (Waters) (Baptisms in 2d Church of Hartford.) 
Mary, bap. Aug. 22, 1725; Mary, again, Dec. 18, 1726; Webster, b. 
about 1729; Elizabeth, bap. Feb. 7, 1730-31; Abraham, b. about 
1734; Joseph, Jr., b. about 1737. The end. 

Section 5. — Children of William, and Sarah (Nichols) Webster 
of Hartford, Ct. 

1. Cyprian Webster, b. Sep. 3, 1701, bap. Sep. 7, same year, in. 
Sep. 25, 1729, Elizabeth Seymour, b. May 1, 1700, dau. of Daniel 
and Mabel (Bigelow) Seymour. (See later in this chapter.) He 
removed from Hartford to Harwinton in 1734-5; was town clerk 
of Harwinton from 1741 to 1756, and Selectman of Harwinton 
for the years 1737 and 1762. He was received into First Church, 
Hartford, March 21, 1724-5, and his wife, Nov. 1, 1730. 

Chipman's History of Harwinton, Ct., states that Cyprian Webster had 
land conveyed to him by deed in Harwinton as early as Nov., 1733, but 
first went to the town in 1734, and was first recorded as an inhabitant 
of the town in 1737. He settled in the east half of the town. The first 
settlers of Harwinton, Ct., were Messenger, Brace, Hopkins, Webster, 
Phelps and Wilson. 

The town records show that on July 6, 1739, Cyprian Webster recorded 
as the ear mark of his creatures, "a cross on the end of each ear and a 
slitt in the end of the left ear." 

Jan. 20, 1741-2, Cyprian Webster was elected town clerk at a town 
meeting. Dec. 4, 1753, he was town Treasurer. First Tuesday in Dec. 
1763, he was elected town clerk for ensuing year. 

4th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 57 

The town records show that Cyprian Webster was chosen town Treasurer 
from 1742 to 1757 inclusive. 

The records of the Assembly of the Colony show that at each session 
for the years 1757 to 1761 inclusive, Cyprian Webster was made a Justice 
of the Peace for the County of Litchfield. 

Jan. 29, 1780, Samuel Bull deeded land to Elizabeth Webster bounded 
in part by Cyprian Webster's land. Who was she? (The dau. b. 1731.) 

Apr. 21, 1738, Cyprian Webster was appointed one of a committee to 
secure the services of Andrew Bartholomew as the minister for the meet- 
ing-house in Harwinton. Dec. 6, 1744, he was one of a committee that 
set apart certain lands for the minister, Mr. Bartholomew. Dec. 14, 1739, 
he was designated as one of the tithing men. May 20, 1745, he was ap- 
pointed one of the committee to seat the meeting house in said town 
(probably to assign pews in the church). Feb. 17, 1745-6, it was voted 
that Elizabeth Webster, and several other females named, shall sit in ye 
pew under the stairs at ye east end of the meeting-house. Dec. 20, 1752, 
Cyprian Webster, and two others were appointed a committee to look 
after the making and paying for making of pews for the meeting-house, 
and he and several others were appointed "seaters" of the meeting-house. 
And on same date he was appointed one of a committee to appoint places 
for school meetings, &c. 

Chipman gives in a list of the original proprietors of East Harwinton 
(all the proprietors of East H. probably belonged in Hartford, Ct., while 
the proprietors of West H. probably all belonged in Windsor, Ct.) the 
names of Abram Webster, Samuel Webster, and the heirs of William 
Webster. (The heirs of William seem to have been the only ones of the 
name who actually settled in the town.) 

Aug. 20, 1751, a petition was presented to the State Legislature asking 
for the formation of Litchfield County, from certain towns named, and 
among the signers was Cyprian Webster. 

She d. May 23, 1761, in the 61st year of her age, and he, Dec. 24, 
1770, aged 70 years. 

Children: Elizabeth, b. July 19, 1730, bap. same day, and d. 
Aug. 3, 1730; Elizabeth, again, b. June 17, 1731, bap. June 20, 
same year; Cyprian, Jr., July 28, 1733; Timothy, Oct. 11, 1734, 
d. Jan. 23, 1755-6, in 22d year. Resumed in Chapter VI. 

2. Sergeant William Webster, b. Sep. 3, 1703, and bap. Sep. 
5, of Wintonbury in Windsor, Ct., m. (1) June 3, 1731, Mary 
Watson, who d. May 6, 1754, in her 44th year, and (2) Sep. 26, 
1759, Anna Case, dau. of Josiah Case of Simsbury, Ct. He was 
a member of the Church in West Hartford, 1732. 

The following real estate notes show something of his history. Always 
of Windsor unless otherwise stated. May 5, 1730, Wm. Webster buys of 
Thomas Clapp, land in F. June 22, 1741, Wm. and Samuel Webster buy 
of Matthew Allen. Feb. 28, 1755, Sergeant Wm. Webster buys of David 
Brown: Witnesses — Pelatiah Mills and Beriah Tree. May 4, 1757, Wm. 
Webster of Farmington buys of Zebulon Shepard of New Hartford, land in 
N. H., "laid out to John Keeney." March 23, 1759, Wm. Webster buys 

58 The Webster. Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

of Gideon Burr. Jan 23, 1760, Wm. Webster sells to Ebenezer Doolittle 
of Wallingford, land in New Hartford. Oct. 22, 1765, gives to his son, 
James Webster, land in Wintonbury. Jan. 2, 1771, ditto "near my 
dwelling house." Wit., Matthew Cadwell, Jr. Jan. 2, 1772, "to my son, 
James Webster of Windsor." 

By his Will dated Mch. 27, 1777, William Webster, of Windsor, gave 
to his wife, Anne; their sons, Joseph, Hezekiah, and Daniel; to his eldest 
son, William, besides what he had already gi\jn him by deed or gift; 
to eldest daughter, Sarah Lawrence; to daughter, Susannah Gillet; daugh- 
ters, Anne and Welthean, and to his grandson, Roger Mills. This Will 
was exhibited in Court, May 3, 1779. 

Jan. 4, 1790, distribution of estate ordered. 

Jany. 7, 1790, Hezekiah Parsons was appointed to administer and 
divide the estate of the youngest son of Sergt. Wm. Webster, as follows: 
Whereas Daniel Webster, late of Windsor, lately died leaving estate both 
real and personal to which Wm. Webster, late of Windsor, but now of some 
part of the State of New York; Sarah, the wife of Amos Lawrence of 
Hartford; James Webster, of Windsor; Susannah, the wife of Capt. Amos 
Gillet; Roger Mills, Junr., of Windsor; Anna, the wife of Hezekiah Par- 
sons, Junr., of Farmington; Joseph Webster, Hezekiah Webster, and 
Welthean Webster, all of Windsor, are heirs. 

March 23, 1790, Matthew and James Cadwell were appointed to distri- 
bute the estate of Wm. Webster, late of Windsor, dee'd. 1. To Mrs. Ann 
Webster, the widow; 2. Joseph Webster, 3. Hezekiah Webster, 4. the 
legal representatives of Daniel Webster, deceased. Pelatiah Cadwell is 

April 5, 1790, The distribution of the estate of Daniel Webster, late 
of Windsor, was ordered, to the following — Wm. Webster — Joseph Webster 
— Hezekiah Webster — James Webster — Sarah Lawrence — Susannah Gillet — 
Ann Webster and Welthean Webster, brothers and sisters of the said de- 
ceased — and to the heirs of Mary Mills, an equal single share. 

Sergeant Wm. Webster died, March 21, 1779, aged 75 yrs, 6 
mos. 18 ds. 

Children: (1st mar.) A son still-born, July 12, 1732; William, 
b. Aug. 2, 1733 at Bloomfield, bap. at West Hartford, Aug. 26, 
1733, d. Nov. 17, 1736; Sarah, b. January 8, 1735-6; William, 
(again) b. July 24, 1738; bap. at Wintonbury, July 30, 1738; 
James, b. November 11, 1740; bap. November 16, same year; Su- 
sannah, b. June 29, 1743, bap. July 3; Mary, b. March 5, 1746, 
bap. March 9; twin children born September 4, 1748, and died 
September 6, and 9, respectively, the same year. (Second mar- 
riage) Anna, b. June 18, 1760, bap. July 20; Joseph, b. February 1, 
1762, bap. February 14; Wealthean, b. January 4, 1764, bap. Feb- 
ruary 12; Hezekiah, b. March 18, 1766, bap. March 30; Daniel, 
b. February 5, 1769, baptized April 2, 1769. He died November 
10, 1789, at 20 years. Eesumed in Chapter VI. 

3. Captain Moses Webster, b. Sept. 26, 1706, bap. Sept. 29, 
same year, m. Dec. 6, 1733, Mary Brace, dau. of John and Mary 

4th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 59 

(Webster) Brace, Eev. Daniel Wadsworth, officiating minister. 
She was bap. at the Center Church, Hartford, Conn., April 3, 
1709. He removed from Hartford to Harwinton between 1734 
and 1737. 

Chipman, in his History of Harwinton says that Moses Webster first 
took a deed of land in the town in 1737. That he first went there in 
1737 and was first recorded as an inhabitant in 1739. He settled in the 
East half of the town and is mentioned as Captain in 1740. 

The town records show that on Dec. 14, 1752, Moses Webster, recorded 
as the ear mark for his creatures, "a square cross on the left ear and a 
slitt on each side of the right ear." Also Dec. 14, 1739, he was appointed 
by the Town Meeting a Tything man. 

She d. Sep. 14, 1762 or 1764, and he at Harwinton, Dec. 29, 
1797, aged 91 yrs. 3 mos. and 3 days. 

Children: (Moses and Abijah, b. Hartford, others at Harwin- 
ton.) Moses, b. 1734; Abijah, 1736; Mary, July 29, 1738; Amos, 
July 12, 1740; Ozias, Aug. 22, 1742; Charles, March 22, 1745. 
Resumed in Chapter VI. 

4. Susannah Webster, b. April 18, 1710, m. Nov. 8, 1733, 
Capt. William Marsh of Litchfield, Conn., bap. July 1, 1706, son 
of John and Elizabeth (Pitkin) Marsh. 

Children: (Marsh) Ann, b. June 23, 1735; Susannah, June 16, 
1737; Irene, Oct. 4, 1738; William, Sep. 14, 1740. The end. 

5. Sarah Webster, bap. Aug, 10, 1712, m. Aug. 20, 1733, "by 
me, John Marsh, J. P.," Capt. John Marsh, of Litchfield, Conn., b. 
Oct. 20, 1712, son of John and Elizabeth (Pitkin) Marsh. 

Children: (Marsh) John, b. Oct. 17, 1734; Jerusha, b. Oct. 
23, 1735; Elizabeth; Eachel; Rhoda; Mary; Sarah. The end. 

6. Samuel Webster, bap. Nov. 28, 1714, m. Dec. 17, 1741, at 
Wintonbury, Ct., Elizabeth Case. 

May 30, 1737, Samuel Webster of Farmington purchased 80 acres there 
of Daniel Richards of Hartford. 

May 2, 1741, Samuel Webster was admitted to the church in Winton- 
bury Parish. 

July 27, 1748, Samuel Webster of Windsor, deeds land in Harwinton 
to his brother, Cyprian Webster of Harwinton, his interest in the land 
originally laid out to his honored father, Wm. Webster of Hartford, still 
undivided land. Deed made at Simsbury. 

June 6, 1771, Samuel Webster of Windsor purchased land of Daniel, 
Eliphalet and Nathaniel Steele, and Aaron Webster, all of Hartford. 

April 13, 1799, the Will of Samuel Webster late of Windsor, deceased, 
was exhibited in Court, dated Aug. 8, 1785, in which he makes bequests 
to his wife, and four sons, Micha, Timothy, Ashbel and Aaron. May 17, 

60 The Webster Genealogy [Prom Chap. 3 

1799, Elizabeth Webster, widow of Samuel, quit-claimed her third in 
the estate to her sons, "Michael" and Timothy of Windsor. 

Samuel Webster died Nov. 13, 1798, aged 84, and his widow, 
Elizabeth, Sep. 24, 1799, in the 77th year of her age. 

Children: Ashbel, bap. Dec. 17, 1741, and died on the day of 
his baptism; Elizabeth, bap. Jan. 30, 1743; Ashbel, again, bap. 
May 13, 1744; A child born, died February 22, 1746; Ruth, bap. 
March 8, 1747; Samuel Jr., bap. April 9, 1749; Micah, bap. Mch. 
17, 1751; Aaron, bap. Sep. 1, or 5, 1753; Timothy, bap. and died 
Aug. 9, 1757; Anne, or Ame, or Amy, bap. Nov. 12, 1758; Tim- 
othy, again, born Feb. 9, 1761, and bap. Apr. 26, same year; Eachel, 
bap. Apr. 8, 1764. Resumed in Chapter VI. 

Section 6. — Children of Elizabeth Webster who married John 
Seymour, Jr., Hartford, Ct. 

1. John Seymor was born in Hartford, Dec. 25, 1694. He mar- 
ried (1) June 25, 1718, Lydia Mason, dau. of John and Hannah 
(Arnold) Mason, and granddaughter of Capt. John Mason. He 
married, (2) at West Hartford, May 7, 1733, Hannah Ensign, 
daughter of David Ensign, of West Hartford, or John Ensign 
of Hartford. John Seymour removed to West Hartford, about 
1731-2, and from there to New Hartford, about 1750, where he 
died July 25, 1758. He had 20 children. He held several town 

Children: (Seymour) (1st mar.) Lydia, b. May 11, 1719; 
Abigail, b. Apr. 7, 1720; Elisha, b. Mar. 25, 1722; Isaac, b. Oct. 
10, 1723; Lucretia, b. Feb. 19, 1725, d. May 13, 1728; John, b. 
Nov. 24, 1726; William, b. Aug. 18, 1728; Lucretia, again, b. Aug. 
1, 1730. (Second Marriage) (All b. at New Hartford, Ct.) Uriah, 
b. Sep. 7, 1733; Hannah, b. Aug. 3, 1735, d. Sep. 21, 1737; Eliza- 
beth, b. Nov. 15, 1736; Elias, b. Aug. 23, 1738; Hezekiah and 
Hannah, twins, b. July 7, 1740; Nathaniel, b. Oct. 11, 1742; Ely 
(or Elijah) b. Aug. 6, 1744; Zerviah, b. Oct. 18, 1746; David, b. 
Aug. 7, 1748.; Sarah, b. July 12, 1750. Resumed in Chapter VI. 

2. Ensign Timothy Seymour, of Hartford, Conn., was born 
June 27, 1696, and married at West Hartford, April 27, 1727, 
Rachel Alleyn, b. Aug. 20, 1694, daughter of Edward and Rachel 
(Steele) Alleyn, of Hartford. He removed to West Hartford and 
became a member of the church there in 1730. The house he built 
and lived in is still (1882) standing on the brow of a hill at the in- 
tersection of the roads to New Britain and Newington and was 
in the possession of his descendants until 1870. He was appoint- 
ed Ensign of the 4th Militia Company, of Hartford, in 1743. He 
died Sept. 8, 1749, leaving a large estate valued at 18,000 pounds, 
with debts to the amount of 5000 pounds. His widow, Rachel died 
in 1755. He was Selectman 1739, and held other town offices. 

4th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 61 

Children: (Seymour) Timothy, Jr.; Alleyn; Charles; Rachel; 
Charles, again. 

3. Daniel Seymour, was born October 20, or 24, 1698, and mar- 
ried at West Hartford, May 10, 1727, Mabel Bigelow, daughter of 
Jonathan and Mabel (Edwards) Bigelow, of Hartford. She was 
baptized Nov. 6, 1703. He died Sept. 21, 1769. She died Nov. 
10, 1757. They had four children. In 1734 he was collector of 
the town rate, was Selectman in 1749, and held other town offices. 

4. Elizabeth Seymour, b. May 1, 1700, m. Sept. 25, 1729, Cy- 
prian Webster, b. Sept. 1, 1701, son of Wm. and Sarah (Nichols) 
Webster. (See earlier in this chapter.) 

5. Jonathan Seymour, born March 16, 1702-3, was a joiner and 
master builder. He m. May 27, 1725, Mary Bull, dau. of Daniel 
and Mary (Mygatt) Bull, of Hartford. He was appointed Ensign 
of the 2d Militia Company in Hartford, in 1744; Lieutenant in 
1752, and Captain in 1754. He died Sept. 30, 1776. She died 
in Feb., 1786. They had 7 children. He held many town offices 
and served on numerous committees. 

6. Nathaniel Seymour, b. Nov. 17, 1704, m. Dec. 23, 1725 his 
cousin, Mary Seymour, dau. of Capt. Thomas and Ruth (Norton) 
Seymour, born at Hartford, Nov. 3, 1703. He was appointed En- 
sign of the 2d Militia Company, of Hartford, in 1754. He died in 
Feb. 1761, and she died Feb. 3, 1758. They had one child, a daugh- 
ter. He held several town offices. 

7. Susannah Seymour, b. April 13, 1706, m. at West Hartford, 
July 20, 1733, Nathaniel Pomeroy, of Suffield, Ct., son of Joseph 
and Hannah (Seymour) Pomeroy, b. Jan. 23, 1706. He died Feb. 
20, 1781. She died Feb. 23, 1778. They had six children. 

8. Margaret Seymour, b. Jan. 30, * 1707-8, bap. Jan. 29, 
1707, m. John Catlin, b. at Hartford, Oct. 20, 1703. They removed 
to Litchfield, Ct., where he died in 1768. They had nine children. 
George Catlin, the painter, was a grandson. 

9. Zebulon Seymour, b. at Hartford, May 14, 1709, mar. at 
Hartford, June 7, 1733, Keziah Bull, daughter of Daniel and Mary 
(Mygatt) Bull, of Hartford, a sister of Mary, who married Jona- 
than Seymour, a brother. He was a joiner and master builder. 
He died Feb. 3, 1765 in his 56th year. She died at New Hartford, 
Jan. 4, 1800, aged 87. They had ten children. He was Selectman 
in 1750-51, and held other town offices. 

10. Moses Seymour, b. Feb. 17, 1710-11, m. at Hartford, 
March 14, 1738, Rachel Goodwin, b. Nov. 15, 1765, daughter of 
Ensign Nathaniel and Sarah (Easton) Goodwin. He was admitted 
to the Church in West Hartford, in 1746, and his wife before 1757. 
He died Sept. 24, 1795. She died July 24, 1763, aged 48. They 
had 8 children. 

The Hon. Horatio Seymour, one of the Governors of the State 

62 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

of New York, and a Presidential candidate of the Democratic 
party, and the late Judge Origin S. Seymour, Chief Justice of the 
Supreme Court of Connecticut, of Litchfield, Conn., were descend- 
ants of Moses Seymour. He held various town offices. 

11. Richard Seymour, bap. March 22, 1712-13, m. (1) Feb. 
25, or 26, 1741, Elizabeth Wadsworth, dau. of Joseph and Joanna 
Wadsworth. He was Quarter Master of the Troop of Horse in the 
1st Eegiment of the Colony, in 1753. Was also one of the Troop 
that marched to Ft. Edward after the alarm in 1757. Appointed 
Cornet of the Troop of Horse in the 1st Regiment, in May 1759. 
His wife Elizabeth died Oct. 12, 1759, and he mar. (2) at Hart- 
ford, Feb. 18, 1761, widow Mary (Benton) Skinner. He lived 
on Rocky Hill on land still occupied by his descendants. He died 
March 1, 1784, aged 71. His widow, Mary, died in Nov. 1818, 
aged 98. He had 8 children by the first wife, and one by the 
second. He held various town offices. 


Fourth Generation — Great Grand Children of Gov. John and 

Agnes Webster in the Line of their son 

Thomas Webster. 

First Generation, Gov. John and Agnes Webster. — Second, Thomas 
and Abigail Alexander Webster named in the Divisions of this 
Chapter. — Third, Children of Thomas and Abigail Alexander 
Webster named in the numbered Sections of this Chapter. — 
Fourth, Grandchildren of the same named in the numbered Para- 
graphs of this Chapter, printed in heavy face type. 

First Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Gov. John 
and Agnes Webster, by their son, Thomas Webster, of Northamp- 
ton, Hadley and Northfield, Massachusetts, who married Abigail 

Thomas Webster attempted to locate in North-field, now in 
Franklin Co., Mass., but was driven back by the Indians. He 
lived temporarily at Hadley, but returned to Northfield where he 
died. Hostilities again arising, at least three of his children settled 
in Lebanon, New London Co., Ct. 

Section 1. — Children of George and Sarah (Bliss) Webster of 
Lebanon, Ct. 

1. Abigail Webster, b. Dec. 6, 1696, at Springfield, Mass., was 
included in the division of her father's estate, April 22, 1724. 
Nothing further. 

The eldest great-grandchild of Gov. John Webster, in the line 
of his son Thomas, was Abigail, b. Dec. 6, 1696, at Springfield, 
Mass., daughter of George and Sarah (Bliss) Webster. As we 
have no record of her life, the distinction of beginning the fourth 
generation passes to her brother, Samuel Webster of Lebanon, Ct. 

2. Samuel Webster, b. Nov. 5, 1698, at Northampton, Mass., 
m. Feb. 14, 1722-3, at Lebanon, Ct., Anne Marsh. Something of 
the history of this family may be gleaned from the following 

1719, Oct. 18, Samuel Webster of Lebanon buys of Joseph 
Thomas also of Lebanon. 

1722, May 10, Mrs. Samuel Webster united with First Church, 
in Lebanon. 

1724, March 26, Samuel Webster of L. buys land there of Eleazor 
Williams of Stonington, Ct. 

±724, Nov. 10, Samuel Webster of Lebanon buys in Bolton. 


64 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

1726-7, Feb., he drew "lott" No. 19 in the second division of land laid 
out in Bolton. "For his privelege of Bump." 

1731-2, Feb. 9, he deeded land in Bolton to Ebenezer Webster of Lebanon, 
(doubtless his brother) "50 pounds and divers other good causes," in the 
presence of John Webster, Jr., (his cousin.). 

1732-3, Jan. 16, Jonathan Webster, Pelatiah Webster, Noah Webster, 
Jerusha Webster, all of Lebanon, sell to "our beloved brother, Samuel 
Webster of Lebanon, land of our honored father, George Webster of Leb- 
anon, deceased." 

1732, Nov. 29, sells to George Webster of Lebanon, land there. 

1735, April 17, Samuel Webster was admitted to the First Church in 

1736, May 12, Samuel Webster of Lebanon, purchased land in the town 
of Stafford, Ct., but the Stafford records show nothing further in regard 
to him. Buys of Jos. Payn of Stafford — wit's. : John Lamb and George 

1736, May 12, Samuel Webster of Lebanon, County of Windham, Ct., 
sells two pieces, one of which contained 50 acres. 

1736, June 18, Samuel Webster purchased "lott" 34 of Joseph Colyer, 
of Bolton, second division of land in Bolton. 

1737, Aug. 31, he sells to his brother, Benajah Webster. 

1740, July 26, Anne, dau. of Samuel Webster was baptized. 

1741-2, Jan. 11, sells to his beloved brother, Noah Webster of Lebanon, 
and takes in exchange land formerly owned by their honored father, 
George Webster, late of Lebanon, deceased. 

1741, June 2, Zerviah Webster and Mary Webster sell to Samuel 
Webster, their brother, land formerly owned by their father, George Web- 
ster, late of Lebanon, deceased. 

1743, May 4, he deeds lott 34 of the Second Division, to Joseph Webster 
(his brother), of Lebanon. 

1757, Mch 26, Samuel Webster and Anne his wife of Lebanon, sell to 
Peleg Sanford Mason. Elihu Webster mentioned in the boundaries. 

1757, Mch. 28, Samuel Webster and Anne his wife deed land in Lebanon 
lying "partly on the land of Elihu Webster." 

1757, Dec. 23, Samuel Webster of Lebanon deeded land there to Jedediah 

1785, Dec. 22, Dan Terry of Lebanon sells land there to Benjamin Kinne 
which extended "to land of Sarah Martin, set to her as part of her 
father, Mr. Samuel Webster's estate." (See Land Records, Vol. 14, p 

From the foregoing it is evident that Samuel Webster and his 
wife Anne were living at the end of 1757, hut of the exact date of 
the death of either we have found no record. 

Children: (All born in Lebanon, Ct.) Samuel, bap. July 18, 
1725, d. Nov. 4, 1712; Jerusha; Sarah, b. ab. 1730; Anne, bap. 
July 26, 1740. Resumed in Chapter VII. 

3. Jonathan Webster, b. Nov. 5, 1700, probably at Northamp- 
ton, Mass., m. at Lebanon, Conn., Mary Strong, b. Sept. 19, 1707, 
dau. of Josiah and Joanna (Gillett) Strong. 

4th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 65 

Jonathan Webster was one of the founders of the church in 
Goshen Parish, in 1729, to which his wife was admitted as a mem- 
ber, Jan. 30, 1732. On the 19th of June, 1745, he purchased 
land in Lebanon of Josiah Dean, on which Dean lately dwelt, and 
on which said Webster now dwells. 

He died July 27, 1746, aged 45 years, 8 months and 22 days. 
His widow was living as late as 1756, as shown in legal records 
recited below. 

Jonathan Webster left a Will dated the day of his death, "he being 
sick," which was exhibited in court, Aug. 23, 1746. (Willimantic Probate 
records.) In it bequests are made to his wife, one-third; to his son 
Jonathan, his dau. Mary, his son Israel, and constituted his brother, 
Pelatiah Webster of Lebanon, sole executor, providing however that when 
his son Jonathan should be of age that he be joined with Pelatiah Webster 
as executor. The witnesses were Samuel Webster, Pelatiah Marsh and 
Pelatiah Webster, Jr. The estate was inventoried at 934 pounds, 4 shil- 
lings and 9 pence, dated Aug. 18, 1746. 

Lebanon Town Records show that, March 16, 1746-7, Mary Webster, of 
Lebanon, widow of Jonathan Webster, late of Lebanon, deeded land to her 
son Jonathan Webster. 

Jany. 1, 1747, David Roberts and Mary Roberts, . both of Lebanon, 
receipted to Pelatiah Webster, of Lebanon, executor of last will "of our 
honored father, Mr. Jonathan Webster, of Lebanon." Witnesses, Pelatiah 
Webster, Jr., and Jonathan Webster. 

Tuesday, Jany. 5, 1747-8, Court appointed Ebenezer Webster, Stephen 
Strong and Samuel Webster, all of Lebanon, to set out thirds to the 
widow, Mary Webster. 

April, 1747, Samuel Webster, Stephen Strong and Pelatiah Webster, set 
off the thirds to the widow, Mary Webster. 

Jany. 31, 1748-9, The Court declared Jonathan Webster, son of Jonathan 
Webster, late of Lebanon, deceased, to be of age, and eligible as executor 
under the terms of his father's will. 

Probably 1750, David Roberts and Mary his wife, who was daughter of 
Jonathan Webster, late of Lebanon, deceased, receipted to the executor, 
Pelatiah Webster. 

Nov. 22, 1756, Mary Webster receipted to her son Jonathan Webster, 
of Lebanon, in full of demands for what was willed to her son, Israel 
Webster, by his father Jonathan Webster. 

Children: (All born at Lebanon, Ct.) David, b. April 8, 1725, 
bap. April 25, same year, died Jan. 2, 1727-8; Jonathan, b. Feb. 
26, 1727, bap. May 7, 1728; Mary, b. Dec. 14, 1729, and bap. at 
Goshen Church, Jany. 4, 1730; Abigail, b. Feb. 12, 1731-2, bap. 
at Goshen Church, Feb. 16, 1731, must have died prior to July 27, 
1746, as she is not mentioned in her father's Will; Israel, b. June 
18, 1735, bap. at Goshen Church July 6, same year, and died at 
Lake George, Oct. 24, 1755, "in ye 21 year of age." Eesumed in 
Chapter VII. 


66 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

4. Pelatiah Webster, b. Nov. 17, 1702, at Northampton, Mass., 
m. Dee. 14, 1725, at Lebanon, Conn., Joanna Crowfoot (Church 
record.), who was the widow, Joanna Smith. On this same date, 
Pelatiah Webster's mother, Sarah Bliss Webster, married Capt. 
John Marsh, which see. He was admitted to the church in Goshen 
Parish, July 12, 1730, and his wife, Joanna, Oct. 4, 1730. 

The town records of Sharon, Ct., show: "April 19, 1746, Jeremiah 
Foster, of Sharon, deeds land in Sharon to Pelatiah Webster, of Lebanon." 

Lebanon Town Records show, April 4, 1748, Pelatiah Webster, of Le- 
banon, deeded land to John Webster, of Lebanon, and Aug. 25, 1757, 
Pelatiah Webster, of Lebanon, deeded land in Lebanon, bordering on land 
of Samuel Webster. 

From Willimantic Probate Records. March 3d, 1756, Administration 
was granted to William Clark and Joanna Webster, both of Lebanon, on 
the estate of Pelatiah Webster, late of Lebanon, deceased. March 4, 1756, 
an inventory was made of the estate which amounted to 588 pounds, 1 
shilling and 2 pence. 

Dec. 13th, 1756, the Court ordered them to sell a part of the estate, 
to make 100 pounds, notice of sale to be published at Lebanon. Again 
June 28th, 1757, ordered another sale to raise 80 pounds, and again 
April 6th, 1759, a similar order to raise 25 pounds, notice of two last 
mentioned sales to be published in the three Societies of Lebanon, and 
also in Windham, and in Coventry; and Aug. 22d, 1757, they reported 
sale of portions of estate, and the land is described as bordering on land 
of Samuel Webster. 

In May, 1757, on petition of William Clark and Joanna Webster, the 
General Assembly of the Colony granted liberty to sell some of the estate 
of Pelatiah Webster to pay debts, and in March 1759, on petition of 
William Clark alone, as administrator, a similar grant was made. 

Aug. 25, 1757, William Clark and Joanna Webster of Lebanon, ad. 
on est. of Peletiah Webster late of Lebanon, deceased, sell to Pelatiah 
Webster of Lebanon. 

April 2d, 1760, John Lyman and Israel Loomis, guardians of Constant 
and Abigail Webster, two of the heirs of the estate of Pelatiah Webster, 
moved for a division, which was ordered, viz: to Pelatiah, eldest son, 
to Shadrach, to Oliver, to Constant, to Jerusha Bailey, wife of Joseph 
Bailey, Jr., to Sarah Webster, and to Abigail Webster, all the heirs to 
said estate, and same date, division was made, viz: to "Oliver the 3d 
of said deceased" and to Sarah Webster, to Jerusha, to Constant, and to 
Abigail, and states that the eldest son, Pelatiah, hath made over his 
share to his brothers Shadrach and Oliver, and that Shadrach hath re- 
ceived his part at Greenwich, a freehold estate belonging to said deceased. 

Dec. 20, 1771, Mrs. Joanna Webster, widow, and Oliver one of children 
petitioned for a division which was ordered, viz: to Pelatiah, eldest son, 
a double portion; to heirs of Shadrach, to Oliver, Sarah, Jerusha, Con- 
stant, and Abigail. Feb. 4, 1772, division made of that part of estate 
which had been set off as thirds to the widow, Joanna Webster, since de- 
ceased. (Pelatiah, the eldest son, having relinquished his double portions, 
to his brothers, Shadrach and Oliver, and Shadrach having taken for his 

4th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 67 

share, the farm which his father had owned in Greenwich, in Boston 
Govt.) Division was made to Oliver, to Constant, to Sarah, eldest daugh- 
ter, to Abigail, youngest daughter, and to Jerusha, "mother of the heirs 
of said deceased." Part of the land was described as adjoining land of 
Samuel Webster. 

Inscription on tombstone of Pelatiah Webster, in Cemetery, at Lebanon, 
Ct. "The body of Mr. Peletiah Webster lies buried here. He married 
Mrs. Joanna Smith, by her had eight children, gave his eldest son a 
liberal education, the rest he brought up reputably. He was a pious 
and prudent man. Born 17 Nov., 1702. Died 15th Feby., 1756." 

Pelatiah Webster died Feb. 15, 1756, aged 53 years, 2 months and 
28 days. She died prior to Feb. 4, 1772. 

Children: (All born in Lebanon, and all except the first, who 
was bap. at Lebanon, baptized at Goshen Church.) Pelatiah, b. 
Nov. 24, 1726, bap. Feb. 26, 1728; Ebenezer, b. Sept. 15, 1729; 
Shadrach, b. Sept. 14, 1732; Oliver, b. May 6, 1735, and bap. June 
8, following; Sarah b. Sept. 7, 1737, and bap. the 11th; Jerusha, 
b. Oct. 29, 1739, bap. Nov. 4, following; Constant, b. Dec. 7, 1741, 
bap. Dec. 22, following; Abigail, b. May 31, 1745, and bap. June 
6th, following. Resumed in Chapter VII. 

5. George Webster, b. Aug. 5, 1704, at Northampton, Mass., 
m. March 29, 1727, at Lebanon, Conn., Martha Taylor. She was 
admitted to the Goshen church in the year 1730. Nov. 20, 1732, 
George Webster 2d of Lebanon, granted a release of his claim to 
land which had been his father's, George Webster, 1st, to his broth- 
er, Samuel Webster of Lebanon. 

Administration was granted, Dec. 17, 1742, on the estate of Mr. George 
Webster of Lebanon, deceased, to Samuel Torry and Martha Webster, both 
of Lebanon. 

From Willimantic Probate Kecords, Feby. 13, 1743. Inventory ex- 
hibited of estate of George Webster, late of Lebanon, deceased. On the 
2d Tuesday of Nov., 1743, Letters of Administration granted to Samuel 
Torry and Martha Webster (widow of George) on the estate of George 
Webster, late of Lebanon. 

Sept. 14, 1743, Samuel Webster, of Lebanon, appointed guardian to 
"Luey" (Levi), son; Elihow, son; and Martha, daughter, minors of 
George Webster. 

Dec. 16, 1743, Distribution made to widow Martha, to George, eldest 
son, to "Lonid" (Levi) 2d son, to Elihow, 3d son, and to Martha, daugh- 

Feb. 27, 1744, Ebenezer Gray and Samuel Webster, guardians of George, 
'Loith" (Levi), Elihow, and Martha, sons and daughter of George 
Webster, petition to have widow's thirds set off to Mrs. Martha Webster, 
widow and relict. April 8, 1745, thirds set off to widow. 

June 1, 1745, Caleb Pierce, Timothy Clark, and Joseph Phelps distrib- 
uted the estate to the widow, to George the eldest son, (delivered to 

68 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

his guardian, Ebenezer Gray), to Levi, Elihu, and Martha (delivered to 
their guardian, Samuel Webster ) . 

From Lebanon Records of Deeds. April 3, 1746. The Selectman of 
Lebanon, divided land, at request of Samuel Webster, of Lebanon, guardian 
of George, Levi, Elihu, and Martha Webster, all of Lebanon, children of 
the late George Webster, of Lebanon, deceased. 

April 8, 1745, Jedediah Phelps, Samuel Williams, and John Lyman laid 
out to Martha Webster, etc., 20 acres of land laid out to Levi Webster, 
"on the highway which leads to the village." 

April S, 1746, Ebenezer Gray, being about to remove to .Rhode Island, 
was released from guardianship of George, and Samuel Webster, of Le- 
banon, was appointed guardian in his stead. 

May 12, 1748, "Lenie" (Levi) made choice of Samuel Webster, of 
Lebanon, to be his guardian. 

Aug. 28, 1749, George, receipted to his late guardian, Samuel Webster, 
for his share of estate. 

Jany. 19, 1758, Levi, at Lebanon, receipted to his late guardian Samuel 
Webster, in full of demands. 

George Webster died, Oct. 30, 1742, at the early age of 38 yrs. 
1 mo. and 25 days, leaving a widow and four children, the oldest 
being fourteen years of age. His widow, Martha, d. Feb. 13, 1788, 
aged 84 years. 

Children : (All born in Lebanon, Ct., and bap. at the First 
Church) George, b. March 25, 1728, bap. May 19 following; Levi, 
b. May 5, 1733, bap. July 1, 1732-3; Elihu, bap. April 10, 1736; 
Martha, b. Jan. 21, 1741-2, bap. Apr. 18, 1742. Kesumed in 
Chapter VII. 

6. Noah Webster, b. Aug. 9, 1706, at Lebanon, Ct., m. (1) at 
Lebanon, Katharine Neweomb, b. May 21, 1710, dau. of Deacon 
John and Alice (Lumbert) Newcomb of Lebanon; afterward of 
Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. He m. (2) Oct. 2, 1755, at Somers, Ct., 
Elizabeth Jones. At Springfield, Mass., is entered the record that, 
May 8, 1755, it was his intention to marry Margaret Chapin of 
Springfield, posted May 24, 1755. Whether her death or some 
other circumstance led to a change is unexplained in the records. 

The Stafford, Conn., town records show that, Feb. 12, 1742-3, Noah 
Webster of Lebanon purchased of Timothy Simons of Lebanon, the one- 
third right of Simons, "in quality and quantity," of land by the last 
Will and Testament of Jonathan Pasco, late cf Stafford, deceased, unto 
John Burroughs, Hannah Warner and said Timothy Simons. March 9, 
1743, he sold the same to Amos Fuller of Lebanon. Witnesses, Ward 
Clark and Gershom Clark. 

Lebanon town records, show, Dee. 22, 1749, Noah Webster, of Lebanon, 
deeded land in Goshen Parish, Lebanon, and Sept. 29, 1757, Noah Webster, 
of Lebanon, deeded land there, to Pelatiah Webster, of Lebanon. Feb. 19, 
1757, Noah Webster, of Lebanon, deeded land in Lebanon, to Pelatiah 
Webster, of Lebanon, Samuel and Jerusha Webster, witnesses. 

From Willimantic Probate Record. Aug. 20, 1762, date of Will of 

4th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 69 

Noah Webster, of Mansfield, Ct., "being in poor health," gave to his wife 
Elizabeth, to son Elijah, to son Asahel, to daughter Submit Carpenter, 
to son Daniel, to son Abraham, to daughter Elizabeth, to son George, to 
daughter Rhoda Webster, to son Noah, to son Moses, and constituted 
his son Moses and wife Elizabeth, his executors. 

Sept. 16, 1764, Elizabeth Webster, and Moses Webster, executors, ask 
division of estate. 

Feb. 1, 1765, Ebenezer Wright and Peabody Mosely distributed the 
estate as follows: To widow, Elizabeth, part of house and lands; Elijah 
and Asael, heirs, land in Somers; Moses, a son, part of house, some land, 
the saw mill, part of corn mill, and part of personal property; dau. 
Submit Carpenter, 2 pounds; son Daniel, 6 pounds; son Abraham, 2 
pounds; dau. Elizabeth Webster, 6 pounds of value "in movables;" son 
George, 12 pounds; dau. Ehoda Webster, 6 pounds; son, Noah, 12 pounds; 
son Moses, "all the residue of the estate." Moses Webster his son, and 
Elizabeth his widow, sole executors. Witnesses, Elizabeth Smith, Bethiah 
Crery and Timothy Fuller. Will probated, Oct. 7, 1762. Inventory made 
Oct. 28, 1762, in which is mentioned land in Somers. 

He died at Mansfield, Conn., Sept. 20, 1762, aged 56-1-11. His 
second wife outlived him, but the date of death of either wife 
has not been found. 

Children: (All born in Lebanon, Ct. Baptisms at Goshen 
Church.) Elijah, b. Sept. 3, 1729; Daniel, b. Dec. 6, 1730; Asahel, 
b. Sept. 25, 1732, died June 22, 1734; Submit, date of birth not 
known; Abraham, b. J any. 1, 1736-7. (One of the proprietors of 
Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, in 1761.) Asahel, (again) b. April 29, 
1739; Elizabeth, b. April 8, 1741; Moses, b. May. 25, 1743; Ehoda, 
b. June 12, 1747,. baptized Sept. 6, following; George, b. June 1, 
1749, baptized June 25, following; Huldah, bap. March 7, 1752, at 
home; Noah, bap. March 11, 1753. On this same date appears 
also the name Calvin Webster in another record. (By 2d mar.) 
Noah, b. March 13, 1757 (or 1759.) Resumed in Chapter VII. 

7. Ebenezer Webster, b. June 9, 1708, at Lebanon, Conn., m. 
Dec. 5, 1734, Mehitable Thomas. 

Lebanon town records show, Feb. 9, 1731-2, Ebenezer Webster, 
of Lebanon, granted quit claim deed to Samuel Webster, of Le- 
banon, of all the lands (in Lebanon) which he (Ebenezer Webster) 
had or ought to have of the lands belonging to George Webster, of 
Lebanon, deceased. 

Ebenezer Webster was admitted to full communion in the First 
Church, Lebanon, March 11, 1739, and to the Church at Goshen, 
June 13, 1742. She was admitted to the First Church Lebanon) 
July 16, 1732. 

Feb. 9, 1731-2, Ebenezer Webster, of Lebanon, had land deeded to him 
in Bolton, by Samuel Webster of Lebanon, "for 50 pounds and divers 
other good causes," in presence of John Webster, Jr. 

70 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

Nov. 3, 1737, Ebenezer Webster of Lebanon buys of Samuel Thomas of 
Lebanon, land there, and Jan. 15, 1741-2, sells to his brother, Noah 
Webster the "home lot" of Samuel Thomas, and on the same day Noah 
deeds to Ebenezer. 

Feb. 6, 1770, the Court "allows" Ebenezer Webster, of Lebanon, to be 
guardian of Philip Loomis, a minor, of Lebanon. 

From Willimantic Probate Records, Nov. 26, 1779; Court ordered, 
and April 18, 1780, land was "set off" from estate of Samuel Thomas, 
late of Lebanon, to Ebenezer Webster, of Lebanon, to satisfy a debt. 

April 26, 1783, Ebenezer Webster and Mehitable his wife; Samuel Fish 
and Abigail his wife, and Samuel Thomas, all of Lebanon, deed land in 
the 2d Society of Lebanon to Elkana Porter. 

May 29, 1784, date of Will of Ebenezer Webster of Lebanon. Gave 
to wife, Mehitable; to daughter, Abigail Fish; and to granddaughter, 
Triphena Webster. Constituted his daughter, Abigail Fish, his Executrix. 
Witnesses, David Strong, Jr., Lucinda Fish, and David Strong. Jany. 
10, 1786 the witnesses swore to Will. Feb. 8, 1786, the Will was exhibited 
in court, and Abigail Fish accepted as Executor and she gave bonds, with 
Samuel Fish and John Allen as sureties. 

From Columbia Ct. records of deeds: Jany. 15, 1805, Mehitable Webster, 
Samuel Fish, Abigail Fish, and Ebenezer Fish, all of Columbia, Ct., deed 
land in Columbia, probably near line of Lebanon, to Stephen Hosmer, of 

From the foregoing summary of legal transactions it is clear 
that Ebenezer Webster died in the ) r ear 1785 in his 77th year, and 
his widow outlived him some years. 

Children: (All b. in Lebanon and bap. in First Church.) 
Mehitable, b. June 9, 1738, bap. June 10, 1738; Lucy, b. April 
22, 1742, d. Dec. 7, 1747; Abigail, b. Dec. 21, 1744; Zerviah, b. 
Feb. 14, 1746-7, bap. July 26, 1746. Eesumed in Chapter VII. 

8. Sarah Webster, b. May. 5, 1710, in Lebanon, Conn., m. 
there, Feb. 24, 1731-2, Samuel Terry, b. July 1, 1709, in Lebanon. 
She was admitted to full communion in the First Church, Lebanon, 
March 22, 1730. 

1757, May 30, Samuel Terry and Sarah his wife, both of Le- 
banon, Ct., for 17 pounds in household goods given at the marriage 
of said Samuel to said Sarah, and 30 pounds now paid, by Samuel 
Webster, they quit-claim their right in the estate of our honored 
father, George Webster, deceased. 

After her death he m. (2) Rachel He died Jan. 

18, 1798. 

Children: (Terry) (All born in Lebanon, Ct.) (1st m.) Sam- 
uel, Nov. 24, 1732; Abigail, Mch 29, 1734; Sarah, Nov. 13, 
1735; Elisha, Aug. 14, 1737, d. at Lebanon, Aug. 14, 1739; Anne, 
Apr. 15, 1739; Hannah, Dec. 15, 1740. 

(1) Samuel m. Oct. 16, 1754, Susannah Taylor, and lived in 
Lebanon, Ct. (2) Abigail m. Nov. 21, 1759, Thomas Webster. 

4th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 71 

(3) Sarah, no history. (4) Anne m. April 7, 1763, Gideon Post. 
(5) Hannah, no history. 

The Terry Genealogy conjectures that there was another son of 
Samuel and Sarah (Webster) Terry, namely, Josiah, b. May 14, 
1758. He was a Eevolutionary soldier, and d. July 22, 1844, in 
Peru, Clinton Co., N. Y. He m. Nov. 11, 1783, in Manchester, 
Vt., Deborah Eels, b. May 1, 1763, and she was living in Peru, 
N. Y., in 1848. 

The same Genealogy conjectures that there were other children 
as follows: Ephriam, bap. June 15, 1760; Albemarle, b. Nov. 
28, 1762, d. Mch 12, 1784; Samuel, bap. Apr. 19, 1765; Deborah, 
bap. Nov. 3, 1771. (May have been a daughter of Dan Terry.) 
(Lebanon Baptisms.) The end. 

9. Jerusha Webster, b. Jan. 20, 1711-12, at Lebanon, Conn., 
m. there, Nov. 28, 1734, John Morey. The end. 

10. Benajah Webster, a farmer, b. Dec. 25, 1713, at Lebanon, 
Conn., m. there, Sept. 26, 1739, Eunice Strong, b. Nov. 19, 1711, 
dau. of Josiah and Joanna (Gillett) Strong of Windsor, Conn. 
She was a sister of Mary Strong, wife of his brother, Jonathan 

Benajan v\ 7 ebster was admitted to full Communion in the First 
Church, Lebanon, Dec. 11, 1735, and she, May 16, 1740. 

Aug. 31, 1737, Benajah Webster of Lebanon, released to Ms brother, 
Samuel Webster, land owned by his honored father, George Webster, de- 

Dec. 26, 1740, Benajah Webster of Lebanon purchased land in Coventry 
of Robert Turner of Coventry. 

Jan. 5, 1745-G, John Webster of Lebanon bound over to Benajah Webster 
of Coventry, Windham Co., Conn., Nathaniel Welch. One witness was 
Samuel Webster. 

Nov. 3, 1749, Jacob Strong of Torrington, Nathaniel Strong of Windsor, 
Asahel Strong of Torrington, Timothy Strong of Windsor, Nathaniel Ells- 
worth of Windsor, Supply Strong and Ann his wife of Litchfield, Benajah 
Webster of Coventry and Eunice his wife, David Drake of Windsor and 
Elizabeth sell land to Daniel Ellsworth. 

From Willimantic Probate: May 14, 1751, is date of Will of Benajah 
Webster, of Coventry, "being sick." gave whole of estate to be equally 
divided among his children, viz: to Benajah, Samuel, Cyrenus, Justus, 
and Abdiel, "my sons," Cloe and Eunice, "my daughters," "when they 
shall come of age," said children to be put out to good trades at the age 
of 14 years. Constitutes his brother, Pelatiah Webster, and Noah Porter, 
of Coventry, his executors. Witnesses, Ichaboc" Hatch, Gideon Church, 
Elihu Webster. 

June 3, 1751, the estate was inventoried at 439 pounds, 11 shillings, 
9 pence, of which the land was estimated at 218 pounds and 4 shillings. 

Jany. 20, 1751-2, Pelatiah Webster, of Lebanon, was appointed guardian 
of Benajah, Samuel, Abdial, Justus, Cyrenus, Eunice Webster and Cloe 

72 The Webster Genealogy [Prom Chap. 3 

Webster, minors of Benajah Webster, late of Coventry, deceased. July 27, 
1756, Ebenezer Bacon, of Lebanon, appointed guardian, of Justus, Samuel, 
and Abdiel, in the room of Pelatiah Webster, deceased, and on same date, 
Nathaniel Strong, of "Winsor," appointed guardian of "Cyprus," a minor 
of Coventry, "and the choice of Benajah and Eunice Webster, two more 
minors of Coventry is likewise allowed by this Court and approved, and 
the said guardian gave bonds," etc. 

May 7, 1757, The administrators of the estate of Peletiah (Pele") Web- 
ster, deceased, exhibited an account for Peletiah Webster, as the late 
executor of estate of Benajah Webster, deceased. 

Eunice, the wife of Benajah Webster, died Nov. 27, 1750, and 
he, between May 14, 1751, the date of his Will, and June 3, 1751, 
the date of the inventory of his estate, aged about 38 years. 

Children: (All born in Coventry except the first born in Le- 
banon) Benajah, Oct. 2, 1740, bap. Oct. 5, following at First 
Church, Lebanon; Cloe, b. April 11, 1742; Eunice, b. Aug. 15, 
1743; Samuel, b. Feb. 21, 1744-5; Cyrenus, July 18, 1747; Justus, 
b. Dec. 16, 1747-8; Abdial, Jan. 3, 1749-50. Besumecl in Chap- 
ter VII. 

11. Mary Webster, b. April 1, 1718, at Lebanon, Conn., and 
bap. April 13, following, m. June 4, 1740, Joseph Smith. 

Children: (Smith) Elizabeth, b. Oct. 15, 1742; Mary, b. June 
1, 1744; Elisha, b. March 24, 1746. There may have been other 
children. This line has not been thoroughly traced. The end. 

12. Joseph Webster, a shoemaker, b. May 20, 1720, at Le- 
banon, Conn., m. (1) Nov. 14, 1744, as shown by the Bolton, Ct., 
town records, Martha Adams, and (2) about 1757, as shown by 
the Stafford, Ct., town records, Hannah 

As shown in extracts following, Joseph Webster was of Lebanon in 
1743 when he sold land which had belonged to his honored father, George 
Webster of Lebanon, deceased. In 1753 he was of Bolton. In 1756 he sold 
land in Windsor where he then resided, and evidently removed at once 
to Stafford where he was a resident in 1757, and remained until his 
death in 1788. In Stafford his church relations were with the "West 
Society," a church in the west portion of the town, whose records we are 
advised do not now, 1913, exist. This has obscured many points that 
might otherwise have been made plain concerning this family. In chron- 
ological order the land and other notes appear as follows: 

1743, May 2, Joseph Webster of Lebanon deeded land there to Samuel 
Webster of Lebanon, which had belonged to his father, George Webster, 

1743, May 4, Joseph Webster of Lebanon had land on "Lott" No. 34 of 
2d division in Bolton, which was deeded to him by Samuel Webster of Le- 

1743, May 16, Joseph Webster of Lebanon, Cordwainer, sells to Samuel 
Webster of Lebanon, land there that belonged "to my honored father, 
George Webster of said Lebanon, deceased." 

4th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 73 

1753, April 12, Joseph Webster of Bolton deeded said "Lott No. 34," to 
Phynies Stadman in exchange for land of the latter in Windsor. 

1753, April 12, Joseph Webster of Bolton buys of Joseph Steadman of 
Windsor, land in Windsor. 

1756, July 17, Joseph Webster of Windsor sells to Abner Fitch of Coven- 
try, land in Windsor. Witnesses: Joseph Strong, Jr., and Tabitha Strong. 

1757, July 31, Joseph Webster of Stafford buys of Josiah Converse 
Stafford, land there. Witnesses, Isaac Pinney, Susannah Pinney. 

1768, April 4, Joseph Webster of Stafford buys of Joseph Pasko of 
Stafford, li acres in South west part of the town. 

1768, Sept. 7, Joseph Webster of Stafford buys of Abner Burroughs of 
Windsor, land in Stafford. Wit's: Zebulon West, Samuel Cobb. 

1774, Aug. 15, Joseph Webster of Stafford sells to Joseph Pasko of 
Stafford, land which he had previously purchased of Pasko. 

1778, Mch 3, Joseph Webster of Stafford, buys of John Gagor of Nor- 
wich. Wit's: Zephaniah Alden, Nathan Webster. 

1778, April 10, Joseph Webster to Nathan Webster, both of Stafford, 20 
acres, "being part of the farm on which I now live." 

1779, July 3, Joseph Webster of Stafford to "my son, Nathan Webster." 

1780, March 24, Joseph Webster of Stafford gave a deed to "my son 
Simeon," who, in turn, gave a bond in the sum of $500 to support his 
parents the rest of their natural lives," showing that his wife Hannah, 
was then living. 

1785, Nov. 7, Joseph Webster of Stafford sells to Joshua Pomeroy. 

Joseph Webster is buried in Tolland, Ct., and his tomb-stone 
reads, "Died Feb. 28, 1788, in ye 66th year of his age," — a dis- 
crepancy of one year, nine months and eight clays. The dates of 
his wives' deaths are not found. 

The town records at Stafford Springs, Conn., contain a partial 
list of the children of Joseph Webster by both marriages, but some 
of the names and dates have become illegible, and cannot be de- 
ciphered under the most powerful magnifying glass. 

Children; (Stafford Town Eecords at Stafford Springs) (1st 
m.) 1753, Simeon Webster, son of Joseph and Martha Webster 
was born. (2d m.) April 19, 1758, Simeon Webster, son of Joseph 
and Hannah Webster was born, and died May 25, 1759 ; Feb. 13, 
1760, Simeon 2d was born; Nov. 18, 1761, Anna was born; Amos 
was born, Feb. 5, 1766; Samuel was born, and d. Sep. 3, 1768; 
(Samuel's date of birth is also given, Sep. 20, 1767.) Sep. 2, 1768, 
Samuel 2d was born. 

There may have been other children. There certainly was a 
Joseph Webster, Jr. as shown by the following : 

1778, April 9, Joseph Webster, Jr., of Stafford, buys of Benjamin 
Thomas, Jr. Witnesses : Amos Webster, Nathan Webster. 

1779, Aug. 9, Joseph Webster, Jr., of Stafford, buys of Samuel Gagor 
of Stafford, land there which "I (Samuel Gagor) bo't of my honored 
father, John Gagor," being 40 acres by measure, b. on s. w. corner by 
land that I sold to Nathan Webster. 

74 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

1779, Aug. 9, Joseph \Vebster, Jr., to Samuel Gagor, land that I bo't of 
Benjamin Thomas, Jr. 

1788, Sept. 12, Joseph Webster of Stafford buys of John Thompson, Jr., 
of East Windsor. Wit. Joseph Allen and Anne Allen, and Joseph Kimball 
is mentioned in the boundaries. 

Joseph Webster, St., died Feb. 28, 1788, and so his son Joseph omits 
the "Jr." in the above deed. 

There are coincidences which suggest that Isaac Webster, b. 1755, of 
Bennington, Bennington Co., Vt., may have been a son also. Samuel, 2d, 
removed first to Bennington, thence to Fairfax, Vt. 

Anna Webster in the above list may be Anna Gladding of Fairfax, Vt., 
where Samuel Webster settled. See following: 

1804, Aug. 14, Isaac Webster of Fairfax, Vt., buys of Gamaliel Hopkins 
of same place, and Samuel Webster and Anna Gladding appear as wit- 
nesses. Same occurs in a purchase the same day of Moses Norton. There 
were Gladdings in Stafford, Conn., where Anna Webster was born. 

Children : Eevised list — Joseph, the eldest, probably b. 1745 ; 
Simeon 2d, b. Feb. 13, 1760; Anne, b. Nov. 18, 1761; Amos, b. 

; Nathan; Samuel 2d, b. Sep. 2, 1768; and Isaac. There 

may have been a Mary and a Martha. Eesumed in Chapter VII. 

Note: 1790, the Census gives for Tolland, Tolland Co., Ct. the 
following Websters : Joseph, Thomas, David, Eansford, Martin, 

13. Zurviah Webster, date of birth unknown, but about 1721, 
m. Nov. 17, 1763, by Elder Colton, (Bolton Conn, records) Joseph 

Lebanon Town Eecords show, June 2, 1741, Zerviah and Mary 
Webster, of Lebanon, released to their brother, Samuel Webster, of 
Lebanon, land in Lebanon which had belonged to their father, 
George Webster, of that place. 

Aug. 15, 1767, Joseph Webster, of Bolton, had land in Bolton 
deeded to him by Balph Cox, and the same date by Zurviah Cobb. 
The end. 

Section 2. — Children of Captain John and Elizabeth Webster 
of Lebanon, Ct. 

1. Elizabeth Webster, b. Feb. 26, 1700-1, at Lebanon, Ct., m. 
Dec. 4, 1722, Lieutenant Jedediah Strong of Lebanon, Ct., s. of 
Jedediah and Abiah (Ingersoll) Strong. 

Children: (Strong) (From Lebanon Town Eecords.) John, 
b. Sep. 5, 1723; David, May 23 1725; Elizabeth, Feb. 6, 1727, 
and d. Mch. 28 same year; Jedediah, Nov. 8, 1728; Solomon, Oct. 
6, 1730; Elijah, Aug. 11, 1733 ; Benajah, Jan. 17, 1734-5. 

(1) Cap. John Strong married twice. He settled at Woodstock, Vt., 
where his first wife — name not given — died, Jan. 15, 1784, aged about 60 
years. He m. there, (2) Widow Mary Hoisington. He was a hotel 

4th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 75 

keeper. Was elected several times to the Vermont Legislature. He d. 
in 1806 at Argentenie, Canada, near Montreal, having gone there with a 
grandson, Benjamin Burch, Jun., two years before. Children: Sally 
who m. Benjamin Burch, and Freedom who m. Richard English and had 
fourteen children. Mrs. English d. Oct. 6, 1839. 

(2) David, a farmer and a Revolutionary soldier, m. (1) July 29, 1756, 
Rebecca Swift, of Columbia, Conn., who d. Apr. 21, 1757, and he m. (2) 
April 27, 1758, Deborah Terry. 

(3) Jedediah m. Jan. 10, 1751, Hepzibah Webster, b. Oct. 31, 1727. (A 
Hepzibah Webster was baptized at Lebanon, Ct., Nov. 12, 1728.) Was 
she a daughter of Samuel Webster and Anne Marsh ? 

Children: Jedediah, Oct. 23, 1751, d. Feb. 25, 1832; Hepzibah, Oct. 7, 
1753; d. unm.; Benajah, July 3, 1756; Eliphalet, July 6, 1758; Faith, Sept. 

2, 1760, m. Asahel Woodworth; John, Sept. 23, 1762; Christian, Dec. 4, 
1765, d. unm. was nurse for her invalid sister, Hepzibah; Elizabeth, Mch. 
29, 1769, m. Jeduthun Woodworth of Lebanon. 

(4) Solomon m. (1) about 1756, Mary White who d. June 10, 1777, 
and (2) July 5, 1782, Mary Hutchinson, nee Wilson. Resided after 1764 
at Hartford, Vt. Children: (1st m.) Freelove, Jan. 20, 1757; Molly, June 

3, 1758; Lydia, Mch. 17, 1760; Solomon, June 19, 1763; James, May 3, 
1768, d. Apr. 20, 1839. (2d m.) Jedediah, May 13, 1783. 

(5) Elijah m. Mch 18, 1756, Ruth Loomis, b. June 14, 1729, dau. of 
Zechariah and Joanna (Abel) Loomis. He settled at Hartford, Vt., 
where he died, 1775. Children: Olive, b. Jan. 7, 1758; Elizabeth, June 10, 
1759, m. Mch. 2, 1780, Jonathan Reynolds; Elijah, July 4, 1760; Ruth, 
Aug. 19, 1762; Submit, Oct. 19, 1763; Joanna; John who lived at Bridge- 
water, Vt. ; Ebenezer, Feb. 13, 1770; Ann. 

(6) Benajah m. (1) Polly Bacon of Lebanon, Ct., who d. Aug. 8, 1790, 
and he m. (2) Widow Elizabeth Wilson of Bethel, Vt., b. May, 1748. He 
resided at Hartford, Vt., where he died, Jan. 26, 1821. Children: Barna- 
bas, a farmer and Revolutionary soldier, m. Lydia Strong, dau. of Solomon 
Strong, and settled on the Holland Purchase, N. Y. * * Polly, b. Dec. 
12, 1760, m. Ashbel Smith of Hartford, Vt., and died Oct. 17, 1806. * * 
Hon. William, b. 1763; Mercy m. Isaac Hincher; Elizabeth m. Simeon 
Brooks of Bethel, Vt. ; Tryphena, b. June 12, 1770, m. Joel English; 
Deacon Benajah, Dec. 3, 1771; Fredonia, m. Lemuel Wood of Randolph, 
Vt. ; Lydia m. Henry Walbridge of Randolph, Vt. 

Polly in the above list, b. Dec. 12, 1760, m. Ashbel Smith, son of George 
and Anna (Webster) Smith of Lebanon, Ct. He d. at New Haven, Ct., 
and she d. Oct. 17, 1806. 

1761, Nov. 3, Daniel Pomeroy of Lebanon, Ct., paid 10 pounds to 
Benajah Strong of said Lebanon, one "shear" of land in Hartford, Vt., — 
"a number of proprietors of whom I am one." The end. 

2. John Webster, b. July 10, 1702, probably at Lebanon, Conn., 
m. Aug. 20, 1724, at Lebanon, Mary Dewey, b. Oct. 24, 1704, at 
Lebanon, dau. of Josiah Dewey 2d. She was admitted to the 
church at Goshen, June 13, 1742, and he, Nov. 18, 1750. 

1723, June 5, John Webster of Lebanon purchased land in Hebron of 
Nathaniel Dewey of Lebanon. 

76 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

1739-40, Mch 5, John Webster of Lebanon, yeoman, buys of John Mory 
of Lebanon, land there. 

1744, Feb. 27, Court appointed John Webster of Lebanon, guardian of 
Nathaniel Wolch, minor son of Jonathan Wolch. (May have been 1746.) 

1744, April 18, Josiah Dewey of Lebanon, "for the consideration of my 
love and parentall affection which I do have and do bear to my two 
daughters, Mary Webster and Mehitable Buel, both of said Lebanon," 
gives two parts of land "in equal proportion." 

1747-8, Mch 3, John and Mary Webster of Lebanon deed land there. 

1751-2, Jan. 31, John Webster of Lebanon to T'elatiah Webster. 

1756, Aug. 10, John Webster of Lebanon was chosen by Ebenezer 
Humphrey, a minor of Lebanon, to be guardian of said Humphrey. 

1757, July 26, John Webster of Lebanon deeded land in Goshen, Le- 
banon, to Elijah Webster his son. 

1761, Feb. 9, John Webster of Lebanon deeded land in Goshen, Lebanon, 
to his son Abel Webster of Lebanon. 

1761, Mch. 1, John Webster grants land in Goshen Society, Lebanon, 
to Elijah Webster, Jr. 

1763, Dec. 2, John Bascom at Lebanon gives a tract of land to Elijah 
Webster, Jr. 

1764, Nov. 6, John Webster grants land to "my son, Elijah Webster," 
being '"part of the farm on which I now dwell." Witness: Phineas Webster 
of Lebanon. 

1765, Apr. 6, Abel Webster son of John granted land to his brother 
Elijah Webster, bounded in part by land which John Webster had given 
to his son Daniel, and also by land which Abel had received from his 
father, John Webster. (Deed in possession of George Bird Webster of 
Lebanon, Ct., 1880, showing that John Webster had a son Daniel.) 

1772, June 23, a bond given by Elijah Webster was witnessed by Abel 
Webster and Daniel Webster. 

No record of the date of death of John Webster or his wife 

Children: (Born at Lebanon, Ct., baptized at First Church.) 
Mary, b. June 6, 1725, bap. June 13, following; John, Nov. 29, 
1727; (died May 10, 1750.) Elijah, Feb. 19, 1730-31, bap. Feb.. 
21 following; Grace, Apr. 29, 1733; Elizabeth, Sep. 15, 1735; Abel, 
Nov. 23, 1737, bap. Nov. 27 following; Daniel, b. Apr. 29, 1740, 
(0. S.) bap. May 5 following. (John, again, b. July 17, 1751. 
This was probably son of John, above, b. Nov. 29, 1727.) A child, 
b. Jan. 16, 1743-4, d. same day. 

John Webster, b. Nov. 29, 1727, is supposed to have died May 
10, 1750 and not 1753 as given in the Dewey Genealogy. Eesumed 
in Chapter VII. 

3. Thomas Webster, b. Feb. 8, 1703-4, probably at Lebanon, 
Conn., m. there, Aug. 17, 1727, Lydia Lyman, b. Nov. 23, 1709, 
dau. of Lieut. Jonathan and Lyclia (Loomis) Lyman. 

Thomas Webster of Lebanon purchased land in Hebron in 1732 of 
Nathaniel Dewey of Lebanon, and settled there in the Gilead Society, where 

4th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 77 

he remained for about 20 years, when the town of Bolton was set off. 
By the division he was left in Hebron, but as he was near the line, and 
was six miles from Hebron Centre, and only three and a half from Bolton 
Centre, he bought a small plot of ground adjoining his land, and moved 
his house over into Bolton. But several of his children who lived near 
him were within the limits of Hebron, and remained residents of that 

The first mention of him in the Bolton Records is Oct. 23, 1751, when 
Jerijah Loomis deeded land to him in Bolton near the Hebron line and 
Nov. 25, 1751 and March 25, 1754 Beriah Loomis deeded land to him in 
the same neighborhood. 

April 16, 1760, Thomas Webster and Lydia his wife of Bolton sold land 
in Coventry to Elijah Lyman, Simeon Webster a witness. 

In May and June, 1760, Thomas Webster, of Bolton, Ct., was borne as 
a Deputy from Bolton, Ct., in a General Assembly of the Governor and 
Company of his Majesty's Colony of Conn. 

He died at Bolton, Ct., Dee. 1, 1802, aged 99 years, 9 months, 
and 22 days. She died Dec. 10, 1790, aged 81 and both are buried 
at Bolton, Ct. 

Children: (All born in Hebron, Conn.) Thomas, b. March 7, 
1729; Liddia, Feb. 4, 1730-1; Jonathan, Feb. 12, 1732-3; Elijah, 
Nov. 12, 1734; Simeon, March 18, 1736; Bachell, Sep. 9, 1737; 
David, Feb. 13, 1738-9 (or May 17, 1739) ; Zeruah, Znriah or 
Zavia, often called "Viah" for short, b. Aug. 29, 1740 ; Joseph, 
1742; Sarah, Nov. 3, 1744; Jacob, March 31, 1746; Elizabeth, 
"Betty," May 12, 1748; Ann, Feb. 9, 1750-1; one other died young. 
Besumed in Chapter VII. 

4. Josiah Webster, b. Jan. 26, 1705-6, at Lebanon, Conn., m. 
there, July 21, 1726, Hannah Huchison. 

From Willimantic Probate Records, May 3, 1751, John Strong, of Le- 
banon, and Hannah Webster, widow of Josiah, were appointed adminis- 
trators of the estate of Josiah Webster, late of Lebanon, deceased. March 
17, 1752, inventory was returned. 

March 19, 1754, Stephen Strong and David Strong, both of Lebanon, 
reported the distribution of the estate as follows : 1. To Hannah Webster, 
widow; 2. To Josiah Webster, eldest son, surviving; 3. To Daniel Webster, 
second son; 4. To Submit Webster, eldest daughter; 5. To Hannah Web- 
ster, second daughter. 

April 14, 1767, Josiah Webster signed a receipt to Eleazer Huchinson, of 
Lebanon, guardian of Josiah, Hannah Webster, and Daniel, for the move- 
able estate set out from the estate of their father Josiah Webster, 
late of Lebanon, to said Josiah, and to said Hannah Webster, and Daniel 
Webster "which are since dead." 

He died at Lebanon, Ct., April 10, 1751, in the 46th year of 
his age. She, at the same place, June 18, 1773, in the '64th year 
of her age. 

From tombstone in Lebanon Cemetery. In memory, Mr. Josiah Web- 

78 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 3 

ster, who died April 10, 1751, in the 46" year of his age. Mrs. Hannah 
Webster, wife of Josiah Webster, died June ye 18, 1773, in the 64" year 
of her age. Mrs. Submit Webster, died Sept. 1765, in the 26" year of 
her age. 

Children : (All born in Lebanon;, and bap. at the First Church.) 
Josiah, b. May 29, 1727, bap. Aug. 6, 1728, and died July 25, 
1739; Daniel, b. May 31, 1729, and d. June 27, 1739; Eleazer, 
born Oct. 19, 1731, bap. Jany. 2, 1732, and d. July 15, 1739; 
Paul, b. Sept. 11, 1734, bap. Sept. 15, same year, and died Sept. 
19, 1734; Hannah, b. June 4, 1736, bap. June 6, same year, and 
died July 9, 1739; Submit, born Nov. 11, 1739, bap. Nov. 18, 1739, 
and died at Lebanon, Sept. 1765 in the 26th year of her age; and 
Josiah, b. Jany. 5, 1742-3, bap. Jany. 9, 1743; Hannah, b. Dec. 
15, 1745; Daniel, b. July 15, 1748, and bap. July 30, 1749. Ee- 
sumed in Chapter VII. 


Fifth Generation — Great Grand Children of Lieut. Robert and 

Susannah Treat Webster, son of Gov. 

John Webster. 

First Generation, Gov. John and Agnes Webster. — Second, Lieut. 
Robert and Susannah Treat Webster. — Third, Children of Lieut. 
Robert and Susannah Treat Webster named in the Divisions of 
this Chapter. — Fourth, Grandchildren of Lieut. Robert and. 
Susannah Treat Webster named in the numbered Sections of 
this Chapter. — Fifth, Great Grandchildren of the same in the 
numbered Paragraphs of this Chapter, printed in heavy face type. 

First Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Lieut. Eobert 
and Susannah Treat Webster, by their eldest son Jobn Webster of 
Hartford, Ct., who married Sarah Mygatt. 

Section 1. — Ghldren of Capt. John (John, Robert, Gov. John) 
and Abiel (Steele) Webster of Southington, Conn. 

1. Rev. Elisha Webster, b. Nov. 12, 1713, at West Hartford, 
m. March 8, 1749, (Wethersfield records) Sarah Warner. 

Elisha Webster was ordained Oct. 1, 1740 as the first minister of the 
town of Canaan, Ct. He was the first person from the limits of Southing- 
ton to enter Yale College, which he did in 1734, and was graduated, 1738. 
He remained at Canaan, Ct., until Oct. 14, 1752. It is not known where 
he was, from the latter date to 1783, when he was made a freeman at 
Southington, Ct. 

June 6, 1744, Elisha Webster of Canaan sold land to Aaron Webster 
of Southington where the land was located. April 17, 1752, Elisha Web- 
ster of Wethersfield sold to David Page of Branford, land in Southington. 
June 22, 1753, Elisha Webster of Wethersfield purchased land there of 
John Coleman of Bolton. 

Elisha Webster served in the French and Indian War in the expedition 
to Havana in Capt. John Patterson's Co. (afterwards Capt. Roger Eno's 
Co.), Col. Lyman's Conn. Regt. as a private from March 20 to Dec. 5, 
1762, 37 weeks and 2 days, receiving as his total wages, 18 pounds, 12 
shillings and 10 1-4 pence. He was reported as in hospital New York 
from Nov. 23, to Dec. 5, 1762. 

Elisha Webster died at Southington, Conn., Jan. 29, 1788, at the 
house of Capt. Samuel Pardee, and his widow, in 1789, aged over 
80 years as shown by the church record. Her Will, dated Jan. 
7, 1789, and exhibited in court, Feb. 11, 1789, is signed Sarah 


80 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

Webster. She gave all her property to Wm. Warner the 2d, of 
Wethersfield, and Wm. Warner was made the executor. The end. 

2. Jerusha Webster, b, Jan. 8, 1714. No history. 

3. Lieut. Aaron Webster, b. Feb. 24. 1716-17, at West Hart- 
ford, m. Lydia . 

He held the military rank of Lieutenant. The Colonial Records of Ct. 
show that the "Assembly" of the Colony in Oct. 1761, "established Mr. 
Aaron Webster to be Lieut, of the 2d Company, or trainband, in the parish 
of Southington." 

He became noted among athletes for various feats, among others for 
throwing a stone over the steeple of the old Church. His name frequently 
occurred in connection with the interests of the Congregational church. 

Copy of a Receipt recorded in Vol. 3, page 3, Probate Records, District 
of Farmington, Connecticut. 

Southington, Dec. 7, 1785. 

Received of Robert Webster of Southington the full amount of what is 
due us respectively from the Estate of Aaron Webster late of Southington, 
deceased, the whole being personal estate, and the said Robert being the 
only administrator thereon. 

Witness our hands and seals this 7th day of December, 1785. Lydia 
Webster, Jared Harrison, Hannah Harrison, Aaron Webster, Elisha Web 
ster, Daniel Barnes, Sarah Barnes. 

Witnessed and sworn to before Timy. Clark, Justice of the Peace. 

He died at Southington, Conn., March 21, 1783. The date of 
his wife's death not obtained. 

Children: (All born and bap. at Southington, Ct.) Lydia, bap. 
July 29, 1744, died Sept. 5, 1746, in 3d year; Lydia, b. Oct. 7, 
1746; Hannah, b. Oct. 20, 1748; Abiel, b. Feb. 6, 1750; Eobert, b. 
Dec. 14, 1752 ; Aaron, b. Feb. 2, 1755 ; Jerusha, b. Dec. 14, 1756 ; 
Elisha, b. Nov. 22, 1758; Daniel, bap. April 14, 1765, and died 
same date; Sarah, born Aug. 7, 1767. Eesumed in Chapter VIII. 

4. Abiel Webster, b. July 31, 1718. No history. 

5. Mercy Webster, b. July 23, 1720, m. April 17, 1777, (Farm- 
ington records) Abel Carter. The end. 

6. Sarah Webster, b. April 17, 1722, at West Hartford, Ct., m. 
as his first wife, Samuel Eoot, of Southington, Ct., b. Jan. 3, 
1724, son of Samuel and Abigail (Cowles) Root. She died Feb. 
12, 1755, aged 32 years. He mar., second, Mar. 22, 1757, Chloe 
Palmer. He died of smallpox April 8, 1782, aged 58, and his 
widow d. in Cheshire in 1794. 

Children: (Root) (1st m. only.) Oliver, b. Feb. 10, 1748, d. 
Feb. 24, 1750; Sarah, b. Dec. 15, 1750; Oliver, b. Nov. 1, 1754. 
(By his 2d m. 8 children.) Resumed in Chapter VIII. 

7. Ann Webster, b. Apr. 18, 1724, at West Hartford, Conn., m. 
Dec. 15, 1757, as his second wife, Joseph Nichols, son of Joseph 

5th Gen.] Bobert Webster's Line 81 

Nichols, and grandson of Isaac Nichols, Jr., of Stratford, Conn. 
He d. Jan. 24, 1773. Date of her death not obtained. 

Children: (Nichols.) Lucy, b. Dec. 5, 1758, m. Luke Adams. 
The end. 

8. Susan Webster, (Susannah) b. July 8, 1726, at West Hart- 
ford, m. Nov. 6, 1746, Ebenezer Scott. She was admitted to full 
communion July 24, 1748. 

Children: (Scott) (From Farmington Church Eecords.) Sam- 
uel, b. Sept. 2, 1747, bap. Aug. 7, 1748 ; Lucy, b. April 20, 1749, 
bap. June 4, 1749; Elisha, b. Jany. 8, 1751, bap. March 17, 1750-1; 
Jerusha, b. Apr. 22, 1753, bap. March 10, 1753 ; Asel, b. Oct. 19, 
1755. The end. 

9. John Webster, b. Sep. 4, 1728, at West Hartford, Ct., m. 
Nov. 3, 1755, Ehoda Lewis, dau. of Nathan and Mary (Gridley) 

John Webster served in the French and Indian War in Capt. Eldad 
Lewis' Co., 4th (Connecticut) Regt., as Sergeant from Sept. 11, to Oct. 
24, 1755, 7 weeks and 6 days, receiving as total "wages" 2 pounds, 9 shill- 
ings, 9 pence. 12 days was allowed for returning home. 

Nov. 7, 1759, John Webster of Farmington sold land in Litchfield to 
Daniel Steward of Litchfield. Witnesses: Seth Lee and John Treadway. 

Administration of the estate of John Webster was granted to Rhoda 
Webster, May 18, 1772. Aug. 12, 1772, she sold land of John Webster 
late of Farmington, deceased. 

A distribution of John Webster's estate was made Jany. 20, 1778 to the 
widow Rhoda Webster, only son Philologus, and daughters Theodosia Web- 
ster, Hannah Lewis Webster, Ursula Webster, Vashti Webster, and Rhoda 

Administration of Rhoda Webster's estate was granted Dec. 14, 1791, 
to Asahel Lankton. 

An inventory of the estate of Rhoda Webster, of Southington was taken 
Jany. 23, 1790 by Timothy Clark and Ashbel Cowles. They gave the value 
at 11 pounds, 15 shillings, 9 pence. Distribution of the estate was made 
August 18, 1791. To only son Philologus Webster, to heirs of deceased 
daughter, Theodosia Cowles, viz. Rhoda, Seba and Theodosia. To heirs 
of deceased daughter Hannah Dutton, viz: Electa Dutton and Rowland 
Dutton. To daughter Ursula Sloper, to daughter Vashti Lankton, and 
to daughter Rhoda Howd. 

John Webster lived in the south-east part of what is now the 
town of Southington, which was formerly in Farmington, where 
in April, 1772, he died, and she, Dec. 25, 1789, aged 56 or 57 years. 

Children: (All born in Southington, Ct.) Theodosia, b. Aug. 

19, 1756; Philologus, b. April 24, 1759; Hannah Lewis, b. May 

20, 1762; Ursula, b. March 17, 1765; Vashti, b. Dec. 19, 1767; 
Ehoda, b. Oct. 3, 1769. Eesumed in Chapter VIII. 

10. Abigail Webster, b. Sep. 23, 1731, at Southington, Ct., m. 

March 14, 1754, John Dutton, according to Farmington Town 

82 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

Eecords; but according to Gad Andrus, of Southington, she mar. 
Samuel Root, son of Samuel. The end. 

11. Osee Webster, b. April 1, 1734, at Southington, Ct., m. 
May 12, 1757, Mercy Beckwith, of Southington. 

Osee Webster, Sr., served in the French and Indian War in Capt. Eldad 
Lewis' Co., 2d (Conn.) Regt., as clerk, from March 30, to Nov. 16, 1758, 
33 weeks and one day, receiving as his total "wages" 16 pounds, 11 shill- 
ings, 5 pence. 

Records of Bennington Co., Vt., show that Sep. 15, 1761, a charter was 
given Osee Webster and 61 others, 68 shares in all, under Benning Went- 
worth, governor of the colony. 

Administration of the estate of Osee Webster was granted to Mary 
(ought it not to be Mercy) Webster, March 5, 1777. An inventory of his 
estate was taken by William Barnes and John Upson, Jr., March 5, 1777, 
and they assessed it as 18 pounds, 16 shillings, and 8 pence. 

He d. in 1777 as above shown. ISTo record of her death. 

Children: (All born in Southington.) Osee, b. Feb. 20, 1763; 
Cyrus, March 24, 1765; Sarah, May 6, 1767; John, Aug. 14, 
1769; Anne, May 28, 1771; Seth, Feb. 6, 1774; Anne, (again) 
Oct. 8, 1775. Resumed in Chapter VIII. 

12. Robert Webster, b. April 8, 1736. We have no record of 
this son except that he served in the French and Indian War as 
follows : 

(1) As Sergeant in Cap't Benjamin Lee's Co., 3d Reg't, date 
of enlistment and time of service not given. Discharged Sep. 11, 
1758. Roll dated Ft. Edward, Oct. 19, 1758. (2) As Serg't in 
Cap't David Holmes' Co., 4th Reg't. Dates of enlistment and dis- 
charge and length of service not given. Roll dated Woodstock, 
Apr. 25, 1759. The end. 

Section 1.— Children of Ebenezer (John, Robert, Gov. John) 
and Hannah (Webster) Webster of Hartford, Ct. 

1. Matthew Webster, b. Feb. 14, 1720, 0. S., at Hartford, Ct., 
m. 1747, Mabel, daughter of William Pratt, of Hartford, a de- 
scendant of John Pratt, one of the original settlers of Hartford, 
Ct., she being his great-great-granddaughter. 

Matthew Webster removed to Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co., N. 
Y., with his sons Samuel and Benjamin in March 1792. They 
were the first New Englanders to settle among the Dutch of that 

Matthew Webster died at Schaghticoke, N". Y., Feb. 9, 1807, 
aged 86 years, 11 months, 25 days, as shown by his tombstone. 
His wife, Mabel Pratt, died at the same place May 5, 1813, in her 
89th year. 

Children: (All probably born at Hartford, Ct.) Samuel, b. Oct. 
11, 1748; Mabel, b. 1749; Hannah, b. Feb. 15, 1753; Achsah, b. 

5th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 83 

Sep. 13, 1755; Benjamin, b. Dec. 29, 1759, also given March 4, 
1760; Charles K(ichard) and George, twins, b. Sep. 30, 1762. 
Resumed in Chapter VIII. 

2. Hannah Webster, bap. Sep. 17, 1721, at Hartford, Ct. m. 
Elijah Mills, of Windsor, Ct., b. May 30, 1726, son of Cap. Pe- 
latiah and Martha (Chapman) Mills. She d. Feb. 13, 1782, in her 
71st year, and he, Jan. 1, 1811, aged 86 years. 

Children: (Mills) Hannah, bap. Nov. 10, 1745; Lticina, bap. 
Oct. 7, 1750; Diadema, bap. July 1, 1753; Judith, bap. May 2, 
1756; "Nabby," (Abigail), bap. Jan. 7, 1759; Elijah, bap. Sep. 6, 
1761; Oliver, bap. June 19, 1765, d. in a few days; Sarah, b. Sep. 
1767, d. Mch. 30, 1768, aged 7 months; Sarah (again), bap. Sep. 
18, 1768. 

(1) Elijah Mills, bap. Sep. 6, 1761, m. Nov. 6, 1783, Huldah 
Drake. His oldest daughter, Alanthina, b. Oct. 19, 1784, mar. Dec. 
4, 1806, Frederick Mills, of Wintonbury, Ct., a quaker preacher, b. 
Dec. 18, 1783, son of Frederick and Roxy (Storrs) Mills. They 
removed to and settled at Lowville, Lewis Co., N. Y., where they 
raised a large and respectable family. 

Timothy Mills, a brother, b. Dec. 15, 1789, at Wintonbury, Ct., 
m. Sep. 1813, at Canajoharie, N. Y., Catharine Taylor, b. Dec. 
15, 1792, at Kortright, Delaware Co., N. Y., dau. of Henry and 
Phoebe (Herrington) Taylor. They also settled at Lowville, 
Lewis Co., N. Y. Children: (Mills) (All born in Lowville ex- 
cept first born in Watson, Lewis Co., N. Y.) Susan, Oct. 4, 1814; 
Roxey, June 15, 1816; Deloss, Jan. 8, 1818; Dwight, Nov. 5, 1819; 
Jane, May 27, 1821 ; Maria, Sep. 19, 1823; Frederick, Aug. 9, 1826, 
d. March 13, 1827; Melissa, March 17, 1828; Duane, July 25, 1835, 
d. March 2, 1836. 

Of the above, Susan m. Hart Morris ; Eoxey m. Charles Chase ; 
Jane m. Rev. Isaac Sabin Bingham, D.D., of the Methodist Episco- 
pal church, and for many years a member of Black River and 
Northern New York Conferences; Maria m. Norman Brainard 
Foote of Rome, Oneida Co., N. Y., a leading citizen and business 
man, and representative in the Legislature for one or more terms. 
Edward H. Foote of the Philippine Islands, is a son. The end. 

3. Capt. Medad Webster, a farmer, bap. Jan. 5, 1723-4, at 2d 
Church, Hartford, Ct., m. Nov. 10, 1748, Elizabeth Holten, dau. 
of Joseph Holton of Hartford. He (Capt. Webster) was a mem- 
ber of 2d Church, Hartford. 

The Assembly of Ct. in May 1761 made him Ensign of the 2d Co. or 
Trainband of Hartford, in the 1st Regt. of the Colony. He was subse- 
quently made Lieutenant, and then Captain. 

Record of Deeds at Hartford shows, June 9, 1771, Medad Webster, deeds 
land in Hartford on the West side, formerly known as Town Commons, 
bounded on the North by Farmington road, and South on Wethersfield line, 
to Isaac Sheldon. 

84 The Webstek Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

By Will dated April 7, 1790. Medad Webster, of Hartford, gives to his 
wife, Elizabeth, daughter Eunice Robbins, wife of Jacob Robbins, of 
Wethersfield, and sons Samuel Webster, and Joseph Webster. The Will 
was exhibited in Court, March 10, 1794. 

Distribution of the estate of Capt. Medad Webster, deceased, of Hart- 
ford, ordered March 1, 1801, on motion of Samuel Webster, only surviving 

He died at Hartford, April 9, 1793, aged 70, and she Aug. 18, 
1805, the notice of her death appearing in a paper Aug. 28, 1805. 

Children: (All born at Hartford.) Samuel, born Sept. 1749; 
Joseph, born 1751; Eunice, born 1758. (No record has yet been 
found of the dates of their births. In their father's Will they are 
mentioned in this order, Eunice, Samuel, Joseph. But Eunice may 
have been the youngest. The birth dates of the sons are estimated 
from their ages at death. Eesumed in Chapter VIII. 

4. Mary Webster, bap. March 13, 1725-6, m. Joseph Ensign 
of Hartford, Ct. She d. Feb. 19, 1805, aged 78 years. He died 
prior to 1778 as shown in the following extracts. 

March 25, 1778, We, Mary Ensign, widow of Joseph Ensign, deceased, 
and James Ensign, eldest son of said Joseph, both of Hartford, sell to 
Elisha Dodd land in Hartford, bounded by Nathaniel Skinner, and John 
Skinner, heirs of John Austin, deceased. 

April 3, 1787, Mary Ensign, widow, and James Ensign, both of Hart- 
ford purchased of Anna Webster, 12§ acres which descended to Anna Web- 
ster from her honored father, Ebenezer Catling, late of Hartford, deceased, 
bounded by land of Joseph Bull and the Estate of Wm. Staley or Stanley, 
and "lies in common with the land belonging to the heirs of Joseph 
Ensign, deceased." 

Nov. 26, 1788, I, Mary Ensign of Hartford, widow, dau. of Ebenezer 
Webster, Sr., late of Hartford, to Thomas Seymour, land owned by my 
father, Ebenezer Webster. Witnesses, Jonathan Bull and Jemima Gains. 

March 20, 1792, We, James Ensign, Asa Ensign, Perez Ensign, James 
Taylor and Abigail Taylor, his wife; Mary Ann Ensign, and Wealthy En- 
sign, all of Hartford, sell to Richard Seymour land in common and undivid- 
ed with Mary and James Ensign. The end. 

5. Thankful Webster, bap. Dec. 21, 1729, died unm. Dec. 22, 
1784, aged 55 years. 

6. Ebenezer Webster, bap. Oct. 1, 1732, First church, Hart- 
ford, m. Abigail Goodrich, dau. of Charles Goodrich of Wethers- 

Ebenezer Webster, Jr., served in the French and Indian War in Lieuten- 
ant Col. Nathan Payson's Co., 1st Regt., of Conn, troops (the 2d Co. of 
the Regt.), as a private (dates of enlistment, discharge and length of serv- 
ice are not given). The roll was dated at Camp Ticonderoga, Oct. 14, 

June 5, 1770, in the settlement of the estate of Charles Goodrich of 
Wethersfield, by the widow, Mary, "now the wife of Jonathan Curtis," she 

5th Gen.] Eobeet Webster's Line 85 

released her right of dower to Abigail Webster, Dorcas and Mary Good- 
rich, children of said deceased. 

June 7, 1782: Ebenezer Webster, of Hartford, deeds a part of his home- 
stead in Hartford, near the South end of Cooper Lane, to John Graham, 
of Wethersfield. 

Ebenezer Webster died Sunday, March 25, 1804, and Abigail his 
widow, Sept. 24, 1820, aged 87 years. There were apparently no 

7. Sarah Webster, of Hartford, Ct., the date of whose birth is 
unknown, mar. a man by the name of Clark. Nothing further 

8. Rebecca Webster, of Hartford, Ct., the date of whose birth 
is unknown, mar. Samuel Turner, of Hartford. Nothing further 

Section 3. — Children of Jacob (John, Robert, Gov. John) and 

Elizabeth Nichols of Hartford, Ct. 

1. Elizabeth Webster, bap. Jan. 31, 1719-20. No history. 

2. Jacob Webster, bap. April 14, 1723, of Hartford and after- 
ward of Windsor, Ct., m. Jan. 10, 1748, Azubah Barber, b. Oct. 
31, 1725, dau. of Nathaniel and Mary (Filley) Barber of Windsor, 
Ct. She d. Jan. 9, 1758, ten years after their marriage, and he 
d. Dec. 21, 1813, in his 91st year, both at Windsor. 

Children: Hezekiah Wood, b. Oct. 23, 1749, d. Dec. 16 fol- 
lowing. Their only child. The end. 

3. Hezekiah Webster, bap. July 31, 1726, No history. 

Section 4. — Children of Captain Daniel (John, Robert, Gov. 
John) and Mirriam Kellogg of Hartford, Conn. 

1. Capt. Noah Webster, b. March 25, 1722, at Hartford, Ct., 
m. (1) Jan. 12, 1749, Mercy Steele, dau. of Eliphalet and Cathar- 
ine (Marshfield) Steele of Hartford, and (2) at West Hartford, 
June 12, 1806, Sarah Hopkins of that place. 

Noah Webster appears as a member of the Church at West Hart- 
ford, in 1739, and his first wife, Mercy (Steele) Webster, appears 
on the same record in 1759; His first wife was a direct descendant 
of Gov. Bradford, of the Mayflower, viz., Gov. William Bradford, 
2d Governor of Plymouth. 

Record of Deeds at Hartford, Ct., shows that on July 1, 1770, Noah 
Webster, Sr., deeded land in the West Division, to his son Abraham Web- 

In the Pension Claim of Asa Seymour it is alleged that Noah Webster, 
of Hartford, was a Capt. in the Revolutionary War, and went with his 
Co. to Fishkill, thence up the river to Livingston Manor, then back to 
Fishkill, and after two month's service was discharged. In the memoir 
of Noah Webster in the Dictionary it is said that, "Mr. Webster (Noah) 

86 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

volunteered his services under the command of his father, who was captain 
in the alarm list, a body comprising those of the militia who were above 
forty-five years of age, and who were called into the field only on pressing 
emergencies. In that campaign, all the males of the family, four in num- 
ber, were in the army at the same time." 

On a list of individual records, the name of N. Webster is borne as Cap- 
tain with the militia at Peekskill, 1777. On the same kind of a list, 
Hartford Volunteers, it is shown that Noah Webster marched with the 
militia to oppose Burgoyne on the Hudson in September and October, 1777. 

By will dated March 7, 1813, Noah Webster, Sr. gives as follows: to his 
wife Sarah, his son Charles, and to his children: Mercy Belden, Abraham 
Webster, Noah Webster, Jerusha Lord and Charles Webster. 

Noah Webster's first wife, Mercy Steele, d. Oct. 5, 1794. He 
d. Nov. 9, 1813, aged 90 years, 7 months, 14 days. His second 
wife d. June 4, 1819, aged 78 years. 

Children: (All by first marriage) Mercy, b. Nov. 8, 1749; 
Abraham, Sep. 17, 1751 (or Sep. 28) ; Jerusha, b. Jan. 22, 1756, 
bap. Feb. 1; Noah, b. Oct. 16, 1758, bap. Oct. 22; Charles, b. Sep. 
2, 1762, bap. Sep. 5. Eesumed in Chapter VIII. 

2. Zephaniah Webster, b. June 1, 1724, at Hartford, Ct., m. 
Lydia Seymour, dau. of Bevil and Lydia (Dodd) Seymour of 
Newington, Ct. 

Her name appears upon the West Hartford Church Eecord in 
1754, but his does not appear in the list of members. 

Zephaniah Webster served in the French and Indian War as follows: 

(1) In Capt. Nathan Whiting's Co., 2d Begt., as private, for 4 weeks from 
April 29, 1756, receiving as his total "wages" one pound, 12 shillings. 

(2) In Maj. Nathan Payson's' Co., 1st Begt., as a private from March 29 
to Nov. 30, 1757, 35 weeks and 2 days, receiving as total "wages" 14 
pounds, 2 shillings, 3 pence, and 2 farthings. The roll was dated Ft. 
Edward, Oct. 17, 1757. Both were Conn. Begts. 

Dec. 21, 1761: Administration of the estate of Zephaniah Webster late 
of Hartford, was granted to Noah Webster. Inventory of the estate taken 
Feb. 1, 1762. 

April 12, 1762 : His estate was represented insolvent and commissioners 
appointed to adjust claims of creditors. Commissioners: Benjamin Col- 
ton, Abraham Merrills, and Elisha Seymour. The Court allows Lydia 
Webster, widow of the deceased, 2 pounds, 3 shillings, and 11 pence, for 

He died March 7, 1761, aged 36 years and 9 months, and since 
her name is not mentioned in her father's Will, in 1774, it is 
assumed that she died before that date. 

Children: (Baptized in West Hartford church) Thankful, bap. 

July 7, 1754; Bavil; Zephaniah, bap. July 1, 1756; Zephaniah, 

(again) bap. July 15, 1759. Besumed in Chapter VIII. 

' 3. Abraham Webster, b. Jan. 17, 1727, at Hartford, Ct., of 

whom nothing is known except that Nov. 30, 1751, an inventory 

5th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 87 

was taken of the effects of Abraham Webster, deceased, late of 
Hartford. The end. 

4. Mirriam Webster, b. Oct. 21, 1729, at Hartford, Ct., m. 
(1) Elias Hopkins, May 10, 1751; and (2) May 14, 1761, William 
Sedgwick, born June 29, 1707, son of Samuel and Mary (Hopkins) 
Sedgwick. He died in 1771, and she mar. (3) Nov. 27, 1777, 
John Marsh, of New Hartford. Her husbands ' died as follows : 
Hopkins, 1756; Sedgwick, 1771; Marsh, 1805. She died at West 
Hartford, Ct., Sep. 17, 1819. 

Children: (1st m., Hopkins) Mirriam, b. 1755. (2d m., 
Sedgwick.) Sarah, William, Timothy, Isabella. Eesumed in Chap- 
ter VIII. 

5. Deacon Daniel Webster, b. Sep. 4, 1731, at Hartford, Ct., 
m. Feb. 28, 1760, (Farmington records) although intentions were 
published at West Hartford in 1758, Azuba Judd, dau. of William 
and Euth (Lee) Judd. 

His name appears in the list of church members at West Hart- 
ford, in 1759, and again in 1770, at which latter date his wife's 
name also appears in the list. Daniel and Azubah Webster sell 
land in Farmington in 1760. 

March 12, 1784: Inventory was taken of the estate of Capt. 
Daniel Webster, at Hartford, and March 26, 1784, administration 
on the estate of Daniel Webster, deceased, late of Hartford, was 
granted to Azubah Webster, and Daniel Webster. Aug. 15, 1787, 
estate distributed to widow Azubah, Daniel the eldest son, Asahel 
and Euth. 

He died Nov. 8, 1782 of palsy. She is recorded under the name 
of widow Zuba Webster, in West Hartford Church, in 1790. 

Children: (All born and bap. at West Hartford.) Daniel, 
bap. March 29, 1761; Euth, bap. July 25, 1762; Asahel or Asa, 
bap. Oct. 8, 1769. Eesumed in Chapter VIII. 

Second Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Lieut. 
Eobert Webster, by his son, Deacon Jonathan Webster, a merchant 
of Hartford, Ct., who m. Dorcas Hopkins, and Mary Judd. 

Section 1. — Children of Jonathan (Dea. Jonathan, Robert, Gov. 
John) and Esther (Judd) Webster of Hartford and Glastonbury, 

1. Jonathan Webster, a miller, b. Oct. 5, 1705, at Hartford, 
Conn., m. Feb. 1730, Mabel Eisley, dau. of John and Mary 
(Arnold) Eisley of Hartford. (Glastonbury records, p. 16.) John 
Eisley was the son of Eichard, the son of Eichard Eisley, one of 
the original settlers of Hartford. The name is sometimes improp- 
erly spelled Wrisley. 

April 14, 1746, Jonathan Webster sold for 20 pounds, 20 acres of upland 
in the "Five Miles," to his son, Jonathan Webster of Glassenbury. 

88 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

July 25, 1754, Jonathan Webster, Jr., of Glassenbury purchased land 
of Samuel Risley in the meadow at Hoccannum. 

Jonathan Webster served in the French and Indian War in Maj. Nathan 
Payson's Co., 1st Regt., as a private from March 29, to Nov. 30, 1757, 
35 weeks and 2 days, receiving as total "wages" 14 pounds, 2 shillings, 
3 pence, and 2 farthings. The roll was dated at Ft. Edward, Oct. 17, 1757. 
A Conn. Regt. 

April 25, 1767 : Jonathan Webster, of Glassenbury gives to his son 
Jonathan, Jr., one half my mill lott in the Five Miles, bounded North by 
Elizur Webster, and South by Alexander King. 

From Hartford Records of Deeds, Sept. 1, 1767 : Jonathan Webster deeds 
to his son Ashbel one half of Grist Mill, mill lot, dam, house, barn, etc., 
situated on East side of river (Conn, river), and on the same date Jona- 
than Webster, Jr., gives a quit claim on same property to his brother 
Ashbel. And on the same date, Jonathan Webster, Sr., deeds to his son 
Elizur 200 acres of land on the East side of the river, situated in the 
"Five Miles." 

At the October session of the General Assembly, 1777, provision was 
made that all freemen should take the oath of fidelity to the State and 
country. Jonathan Webster took that oath of fidelity at Glastonbury, in 

Dec. 25, 1781, an inventory of the estate of Jonathan Webster of Glas- 
tonbury, deceased, was taken by Samuel Wells and Benjamin Porter, 
valued at 55 pounds, 5 shillings and 1 pence. 

Both died at Glastonbury, Conn., she, Jan. 2, 1781, and he, 
Nov. 14, 1781, aged 76 years, 1 month and 9 days. 

Children: (All born at Glastonbury.) Susannah, July 1, 1730, 
died Nov. 1, 1736; Ashbel, March 12, 1733; Mabel, July 29, 1735; 
Susannah, Sept. 21, 1737; Jonathan, Jany. 24, 1739; Asiel or 
Asahel, Oct. 28, 1740; Elizur or Eleazer, Sept. 30, 1743; Mary, 
May 8, 1745; John, May 12, 1747; Joshua, April 16, 1750. Ee- 
sumed in Chapter IX. 

2. Esther Webster, b. Feb. 25, 1708, m. about 1724, Timothy 
Smith, b. June 10, 1702, at Hadley, Hampshire Co., Mass., son 
of Deacon Samuel and Mary (Smith) Smith, his 2d wife. Dea- 
con Samuel Smith was the son of Philip, the son of Samuel of 
Wethersfield, and later of Hadley. 

Timothy Smith lived at East Hartford, Windsor and Goshen, Ct., (leav- 
ing E. Hartford 1753), and thence to Hanover, Grafton Co., N. H.,- in 
1776, and is buried in the family yard just east of his old home. 

Both died at Hanover, N. H., he Jan. 30, 1792, and she Mch. 
9, 1793. 

Children: (Born at East Hartford, Ct.) Edward, Nov. 25, 
1727; Mary, 1728; Rebecca, 1731 ; Timothy, May 14, 1734; Esther, 
1735; Abijah, Dec. 3, 1738; Jemima, Oct. 9, 1739; John, June or 
Sep., 1744; Hannah, 1748, bap. at East Hartford, Feb. 19, 1749; 
Aaron, bap. March 24, 1751. Resumed in Chapter IX. 

5th Gen.] Eoberx Webster's Like 89 

3. Jemima Webster, b. Dec. 25, 1709, m. Samuel Risley, son 
of Samuel and Eebecca Risley, son of Richard, son of Richard, an 
original settler of Hartford, who was born, probably, in Oxon, 
County of Lancastershire, Eng., prior to 1615, as shown by the 
Risley Genealogy, entitled "The Risley Family History," Grafton 
Press, New York, 1909, by Edwin H. Risley, of Utica, K Y. 

Samuel Risley, Sr., died Feb. 6, 1756, in his 77th year, as shown in 
East Glastonbury church record. He left a Will dated May 9, 1752, in 
which he made bequests to his wife Rebecca, his sons Samuel, Richard, 
David, Job, Oliner, Thomas the youngest son; Rebekah Loveland, Ruth 
Hollister, Sarah Risley, daughters, and Abigail Risley, a grand-daughter. 
His son Thomas, named as Executor. 1756, April. 28, Inventory of Samuel 
Risley deceased was made and Thomas Keeney was one of the appraisers. 

Thomas Risley referred to as the youngest son, and who was made 
Executor, died Jan. 1, 1813, in his 88th year, and Elizabeth Burnham, his 
wife, d. Aug. 29, 1801 in her 74th year, and both are buried in the Buck- 
ingham Cemetery. 

Samuel Risley, Jr., who m. Jemima Webster removed to Greenfield, 
Franklin Co., Mass. The earliest real estate record there bearing his 
name is dated July 5, 1763 in which he is said to be of Hartford, Conn. 
He purchased 80 acres of John Severance of Bernardston, Mass. July 21, 
1763, Samuel Wrisley of Hartford sells to Samuel Stoughton. The next 
year, May 5, Samuel Wrisley of Hartford, Conn., purchases in Greenfield 
of Nathaniel Dickenson, Samuel and Hannah Dickenson. 

Samuel Risley, Jr., was evidently accompanied by his brother David in 
his removal from Glastonbury, Ct., to Greenfield, Mass., for March 5, 1764, 
David Risley of Greenfield sells to David Risley, Jr., his son; and Sep. 
25, 1770, David Risley, Jr., of Greenfield sells 30 acres to Elijah Risley. 
An Elijah Risley of Gill, Franklin Co., Mass., who m. (1) Deborah, and 
(2) Polly Bancroft, may have been the above Elijah, and David Wrisley 
of Greenfield, b. 1740, who m. Hannah, may have been the David, Jr., 

May 4, 1769, Samuel Wrisle of Greenfield sells to Timothy Bigelow. 
April 7, 1774, Samuel Wrisley of Greenfield sells to Noah Munn of North- 

The identity of the above Samuel is clearly established by the following 
real estate record in Glastonbury, Conn.: Oct. 11, 1774, Samuel Risley 
and Jemima Risley of Greenfield, and Stephen Webster of Bernardston, 
Hampshire Co., Mass. Bay Province, and Mehitable Smith of Hartford, Ct., 
quit-claim to Jonathan Webster of Glastonbury, land at west end of Jona- 
than Webster's lot, and the 20 acres sold by our honored father to Jeduthun 
Smith. Witnesses: Wm. Welles, Joshua Webster, Isaac Tubbs, Eunice 

The last real estate record bearing his name is dated Aug. 23, 1787, in 
a sale of land to George Stoughton, son of Samuel Stoughton. 

Undoubtedly some of the Risleys of that period, in and about Green- 
field and Montague, were their children, although no birth list has been 
found. Oct. 8, 1788, Samuel Wrisley of Montague sells to Samuel Wris- 
ley of Glastonbury, Conn., showing a continued relationship with the 

90 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

home town. Risleys from Bolton, Conn., and Coventry, Conn., all rela- 
tives, located in this region. We note the following names: May 5, 1775, 
Elijah, David Jr., Asahel Eisley, all of Greenfield. March 9, 1782, Ben- 
jamin Risley, Jeddediah Darling, David Risley, David Risley, Jr., 
Ithamer Allen, Solomon Denio, David Gaines, all of Greenfield. Oct. 4, 
1783, Benj. Risley of Hartford, Ct., sells in Greenfield, Mass., to Ephriam 
Andrews. In boundaries are Merodock Smith, Elijah Risley and Elijah 
Risley, Jr., Zepaniah Thayer, Jacob Fox and Wm. Richardson. April 
3, 1777, Gershom Wrisley of Coventry, Conn., buys in Greenfield of John 
Hawks of Deerfield. May 29, 1777, Gershom Risley of Greenfield buys 
more land of Abner Barnard of Northampton and Selah Barnard of 
Deerfield. June 20, 1780, Gershom Risley of Bolton, Conn., sells land 
in Greenfield, Mass., to Benjamin Risley of Bolton, Ct. The end. 

4. Capt. Ezekiel Webster, b. June 12, 1712, m. Jan. 21, 1730, 
Eebecca Gaines, b. July 5, 1709. She may have been the dau. of 
Samuel Gaines who the year following sold land to Ezekiel Web- 

Ezekiel Webster was Collector in that part of the town of East Hartford 
which is now the town of Manchester, in 1746. One of the schools estab- 
lished in 1751 in what is now Manchester, was located near Ezekiel 
Webster's in the Eive Miles, then a part of Hartford. 

Ezekiel Webster was appointed guardian of Jerusha Sparks, a minor 
aged about 13 years, Feb. 11, 1752, and Anna Sparks, a minor six years 
old, May 11, following, both daughters of John Sparks, late of Glaston- 
bury, deceased, and Aug. 7, 1753 he exhibited in Court an inventory of 
the estate of Susannah Sparks, late of Hartford, deceased. 

Cap. Ezekiel Webster was killed by an Indian. Tradition in various 
branches of the family says in the French and Indian War. He died 
July 3, 1756. Mr. John G. Fitch of Olmstead, Ohio, writing under date 
of Jan. 31, 1887, says: "Thaddeus Fitch m. Nov. 27, 1788, at North 
Bolton, Ct., now Vernon, Rebecca Webster, dau. of Elijah. Her grand- 
father, Ezekiel Webster, was killed by the Indians near Syracuse, N. Y." 

Scribner's History of the United States, Vol. Ill, p. 290, recites: "On. 
the 3d of July, when Col. Bradstreet, who had been charged with the 
conduct of a convoy of provisions and stores down the Onondaga to 
Oswego, was returning to Schenectady, he was suddenly attacked about 
ten miles from Oswego, and had a sharp skirmish with a body of Cana- 
dians and Indians," etc. On the 8th of the previous September the battle 
of Lake George had been fought, war had been declared by the English, May 
17, 1756, and by the French, June 9, following. The coincidence of time and 
circumstance gives confirmation to the tradition. 

Stephen Webster, a younger brother, sixteen years the junior of Ezekiel, 
named one of his sons in honor of Cap. Ezekiel, his brother, and in 
his later life told of this older brother "of light curled hair and immense 
build and strength," who was killed at Quebec, the place, no doubt an 

In the line of Ephriam Webster, a son, is the tradition that Cap. 
Ezekiel Webster was an officer in the Revolutionary war; that he was 
killed by an Indian who removed his heart before life was extinct, and 

5th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 91 

ate it. The date of his death fixes the war in which he fell; it was too 
early for the Revolution. 

Sep. 7, 1756, administration was granted on the estate of Cap. Ezekiel 
Webster, late of Hartford, deceased, to Jonah Olcott and Joseph Cowles. 
The inventory showed about 14 acres near Samuel Price's mill, with a 
mansion house. Thomas Pitkin, Jr., and Samuel Price, appraisers. 

In his Will of Sep. 14, 1758, Jonathan Webster of Glastonbury makes 
a bequest to "the heirs of my son Ezekiel." 

Nov. 5, 1761, the estate of Ezekiel Webster was declared insolvent, 
Samuel Weed, David Webster and Jonathan Webster being creditors, 
and 14 acres near Webster's grist mill were set out to said creditors. 

Dec. 30, 1771, Rebecca Webster of Hartford sold to Samuel and Timothy 
Briant of Hartford, land in Orford Parish, Elijah Webster a witness. 
Feb. 13, 1773, Rebecca Webster, widow, deeds land in Orford Parish. 

July 6, 1787, Elijah Webster, Alexander Keeney, Jun., and Sarah 
Keeney, all of East Hartford, sell land in Glastonbury to Joshua Web- 

June 9, 1789, Joseph McKee and Ruth McKee; Ephriam Webster and 
Eleazor Webster, unite in a deed for the transfer of the same land as 
the above. 

For many years search was made in vain among all descendants for a 
birth list of the children of Cap. Ezekiel Webster. At last Mrs. C. A. 
Stevens of 53 Pine street, Waterbury, Conn., found one, and in a letter 
dated Sep. 18, 1904, she says: "The enclosed is a copy of an old paper 
I found not long since among old deeds, &c, taken from the garret of 
the 'mansion house' built by Ephriam Webster, on the banks of the 
Farmington river." 

Capt. Ezekiel Webster d. July 3, 1756; Rebecca, his widow, d. 
June 28, 1796. 

Children: (Born East Hartford, Parish of Orford.) Rebecca, 
b. Aug. 18, 1733; Ruth, b. June 3, 1736; Ezekiel, b. June 21, 
1739, bap. June 24; Joseph, bap. Aug. 1741; Elijah, b. May 5, 
1742, bap. May 22 ; Sarah, b. Aug. 8, 1744, bap. Aug. 26 ; Ephriam, 
b. Nov. 26, 1747, bap. Nov. 27; Eleazor, b. Jan. 4, 1749, bap. Jan. 
28. Resumed in Chapter IX. 

5. Mehitable Webster, b. Oct. 20, 1714, m. (1) a Morley, and 
and (2) John Smith, as shown by the following lease: 

1770, July 15, I, widdow Mehitable Smith of Hartford, West Division, 
do for value received, lease unto my son, Timothy Morley (or Mosley) 
all my third part of the farm that was my last husband's, John Smith, 
deceased, the whole time and term of life after date hereof. Signed by 
X mark. 

The following is given as a possible clew to John Smith. Farmington, 
Ct., Sep. 24, 1743: Mehitable Smith wife of John Smith of Rye, County 
of Westchester, Province of New York, and Hannah, wife of Thomas 
Smith of Highland, Orange Co., N. Y., buy of Mary Hart, John Bartlett 
and Sarah his wife of Guilford, New Haven Co., Ct., land in Newington 
of Farmington. Mary Hart was wife of Rev. John Hart. The end. 

92 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

6. Dorcas Webster, b. Feb. 13, 1716-17, m. Feb. 12, 1739-40, 
Eliphalet Ensign. He was the son of David Ensign as note : Dec. 
13, 1739, David Ensign of Hartford, Ct., gave Eliphalet, his son, 
land in New Hartford, where afterward Eliphalet resided, and 
where Eliphalet Ensign d. July 21, 1792, in his 75th year. She 
doubtless d. at Whitestown, Herkimer (afterward Oneida) Co., 
1ST. Y., as witness: 1797, Dec. 25, she gave power of att'y to her 
son Samuel to rent her farm in New Hartford, Ct., "on which my 
late husband, Eliphalet Ensign formerly lived," and describes 
herself as "late of New Hartford." Math. Hurlburt, Jutsice of the 
Peace, and Uriah Seymour are named in the paper. Eliphalet En- 
sign" had a brother David who m. July 4, 1753, Elizabeth Steven- 
son. These brothers took the oath of freeman in ISFew Hartford, 
Ct, Dec. 10, 1752. 

Eeal Estate Note:— 1777, Apr. 2, David Webster of Wethersfield ; Eli- 
phalet and Dorcas Ensign of New Hartford, Litchfield Co., Ct., quit-claim 
to Jonathan Webster of Glastonbury, land in Glastonbury. Witnesses, 
Zebulon Merrill of New Hartford, Aaron Austin, Sarah Kelsey, and 
Hepzibah Webster. 

Children: (Ensign) (Born at New Hartford, Ct.) Datis, 
Dec. 23, 1739-40; Jerusha, Nov. 18, 1742; Samuel, Sep. 6, 1745; 
Eliphalet, Jr., Aug. 16, 1748; Elias, Dec. 26, 1750; Seth, Dec. 20, 
1754; Seth (again), Apr. 10, 1755. 

(1) Jerusha m. Jan. 25, 1770, Daniel Shepherd, Jr. 

(2) Samuel m. Sep. 3, 1767, Mary Ives. Children: Samuel, b. Aug. 
2, 1768; Bela, Feb. 13, 1770; Linus, Apr. 10, 1772; Seba, b. Mch. 20, 
1774, d. May 2, 1774. 

(3) Eliphalet, Jr. m. Nov. 20, 1777, Esther Dickinson. Children: 
Esther, b. July 31, 1778; Elias, Apr. 17, 1780, d. June 22, 1783; Polly, 
Jan. 29, 1782; Elias (again), Jan. 7, 1784; Anna, Mch. 12, 1786; Eli- 
phalet, Jr., Nov. 25, 1788; Dorcas, Apr. 9, 1791; Lucy, July 10, 1793; 
Sally, Nov. 2, 1795; Susanna, b. Chemung, Tioga Co., N. Y., Jan. 15, 
1798; Titus, b. Ulster, Luzerne Co., Pa., Feb. 13, 1801. (The above taken 
from town records at New Hartford, Ct.) 

Linus Ensign of Whitestown, Oneida Co., N. Y., in 1802 purchased 
land of Peter Smith and Elizabeth his wife, of Utica, N. Y., probably in 
the town of Cazenovia. 1839, Thomas Ensign, Nelson; N. Y. 

Nov. 20/ 1777, Uriah Seymour, Jr., and Dorcas Ensign were married. 
(New Hartford, Ct., records.) Was she a dau. of Eliphalet not included 
in above list? 

Eliphalet Ensign, Sr., who m. Dorcas Webster, was the son of David 
Ensign of Hartford, Ct., who in his Will, dated Nov. 6, 1759, named his 
wife, Sarah, his daughters Abigail, Hannah, Zerviah ; his sons, David, 
Eliphalet, Datis, Ezekiel; his grandson, Ebenezer Price, and "my son," 
Solomon Ensign, for executor. The end. 

7. Sarah Webster, b. Jan. 13, 1718-19, is mentioned in her 
father's Will of 1758, as Sarah Keeney. A deed is given in 1751 

5th Gen.] Egbert Webster's Line 93 

by John Keeney and Sarah his wife of Glastonbury, which may 
have been the above Sarah Webster and her husband. The Cen- 
tennial of Glastonbury, p. 197, affirms that she married John Case. 
If she was twice married it is probable that John Case was her 
2d husband. She had a niece, Sarah, dau. of Cap. Ezekiel Web- 
ster, who m. Alexander Keeney, Jr. The end. 

8. David Webster, b. Jan. 29, 1720-21, a lawyer of Glaston- 
bury, Ct, m. (1) June 20, 1750, Lydia Andrus, b. July 20, 1730, 
dau. of Caleb and Mary (Gillett) Andrus of Newington Parish in 
Wethersfield, Ct. He m. (2) Oct. 29, 1761, Zerviah Hart, b. Dec. 

16, 1728, dau. of Hezekiah and Martha (Beckley) Hart, and 
widow of John Allis, who was b. Sep. 11, 1726 and died Jan. 17, 
1786, son of William Allis. Zerviah Hart had one son by John 
Allis, namely Abel Allis, b. 1775, who m. Widow Thankful Gilbert, 
and d. July 3, 1816. David Webster m. (3) Nov. 22, 1786, Olive 
Smith, widow of Abraham Deming. 

David Webster graduated at Yale in 1741 ; studied and practiced law 
at Farmington and elsewhere. Taught school in Newington from 1751 
to 1759, all but two years, and there made the acquaintance of Lydia 
Andrews, who became his first wife. He also taught school in Great 
Swamp society. Lydia, his wife, was large and tall, he small. The 
children were large like the mother. He located on the hill near the line 
between the town of Farmington and Wethersfield, where Jonathan Web- 
ster, now (1808) lives. He died at the house o >. the hill where the late 
Philo Webster lived and in 1864 died. 

The Will of David Webster dated Jany. 8, 1805, when his age is given: 
"Aetate Octavo Decimo Quatuor." He gives to hi°, wife Olive; son Amos 
A.; son David; son John; his daughter the wife of William Steele, his 
daughter Mary, relict and widow of Jonathan Beckley; daughter 
Hephzibah, wife of Israel Deming; daughter Lydia, wife of Elijah Bevins; 
his granddaughters Lucy, Lydia, and Olive Deming, Zerviah youngest 
daughter of his son John. Will exhibited in Court June 6, 1806. In- 
ventory taken May 29, 1806. 

The estate was distributed Dec. 12, 1806, to the widow, Amos, David, 
John, Hannah, Lydia, Hepzibah, Mary, and Zerviah, a granddaughter. 

He and his wives died in Newington, Ct., as follows : Lydia An- 
drus, April 13, 1761, in her 31st year; Serviah Hart- Allis, Jan. 

17, 1786, aged 57 years and 1 mo., and he, May 12, 1806, in his 
85th year, and his widow, Olive Smith-Deming, March 31, 1831, 
aged 92 years. 

Children: (By first mar.) Hannah, b. at Glastonbury July 
10, 1751; Amos Andrews, b. probably at Newington, Aug. 30, 
1752; Mary, b. Feb. 28, 1754, and bap. March 3, following; David, 
b. Feb. 5, 1757, bap. the day following; Lydia, born April 13, 
1761, the date of her mother's death. She doubtless died soon, 
if not at that time, since another child born in 1765 is named 
Lydia, (2d mar.) Hepzibah, b. Nov. 3, 1763; Lydia, b. Sept. 28, 

94 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

1765; John, b. April 7, 1768; Selah, Sept. 20, 1770, bap. at 
Kensington, Ct, Sep. 30, 1770, d. Nov. 13, 1776, in 7th year. 
Resumed in Chapter IX. 

9. Mary Webster, b. Nov. 8, 1723, m. Samuel Williams of 
Wethersfield or Glastonbury, Ct. She was not living at the date 
of her father's will, Sep. 14, 1758. 

Children: (Williams) Cornelius, b. July 9, 1750. 

(1) Cornelius Williams, m. (1) Anna Kelsey, dau. of Daniel Kelsey. 
She d. in Alford, Berkshire Co., Mass., and he m. (2) in Sep. 1778, 
Mrs. Thankful Nash, nee Sackett, widow of Jonathan Nash, and (3) Feb. 
22, 1795, Sarah Kellogg, b. Sep. 19, 1767, in Canaan, Ct., dau. of Elijah 

Cornelius Williams was a farmer in Alford, Berkshire Co., Mass., where 
he d. July 25, 1821, and his third wife and widow, Sarah Kellogg, died 
Aug. 26, 1856. Children: (Williams) (7th Generation) (2d m. ) Samuel, 
b. Thursday, July 27, 1780; Charles G. b. Sep. 8, 1782; Sylvester, b. Dec. 
7, 1784; John, b. Jan. 4, 1790; King, b. Sunday, Jan. 22, 1792. (3d m.) 
Anne, b. Wednesday, July 26, 1796; Thankful, b. July 10, 1798; Sally, 
b. Thursday, June 5, 1800; Elijah Kellogg, Aug. 26, 1802; Cornelius, 
Jr., Feb. 22, 1805; Amanda Penelope, Aug. 28, 1807. 

Notes on the above: The history of Samuel, Charles G., Sylvester and 
John, not obtained. King Williams settled in Curtisville, Stockbridge, 
Mass. — Ann Williams, m. a Kendall and located on the Hudson River. — 
Sarah Williams d. in Mich., 1879, unm. — Cornelius Williams, Jr., m. 
Mary Lowrey. Children: (8th Generation) Sylvina, Mary, Sarah, George, 
Amanda, Charles, Emma. In 1911, George Williams was living in South 
Egermont, Mass. — Elijah Kellogg Williams m. Dec. 2, 1833, Orret An- 
toinette Wheeler, b. Feb. 20, 1814, dau. of David and Abigail (Conklin) 
Wheeler. Children: (8th Generation) Julia Antoinette, b. June 2, 1836, 
d. June 10, 1838; Samuel Kellogg, b. Sep. 2, 1839; Julia Antoinette, b. 
Aug. 27, 1848, d. unm. May 21, 1871. 

(1) Samuel Kellogg Williams m. (1) Jan. 31, 1866, Susan Maria 
Milligan, b. March 16, 1840, dau. of William and Maria (Edwards) 
Milligan. She d. Dec. 10, 1878, and he m. (2) Feb. 12, 1882, Julia Ade- 
laide Lowrey, nee Mansir, wid. of Judson Lowrey. He d. Feb. 12, 1906, 
and his wid. res. 1911, at 32 Hopkins St., Hartford, Ct. 

Children: (9th Generation) (1st mar.) Mary Antoinette, b. Apr. 6, 
1868; Laura Edwards, b. May 19, 1869; Julie Kellogg, b. Dec. 29, 1872. 
(2d mar.) Frances; William. 

(1) Mary Antoinette m. in Nov., 1897, Charles Henry Smith and they 
res. 1911, at Alford, Mass. 

(2) Laura Edwards m. Apr. 20, 1895, Stanley Millard, b. May 7, 1866, 
s. of David Crego and Eliza Curtis (Race) Millard. 1911 they res. at 
Alford, Mass., R. F. D. from Great Barrington, on the old homestead 
built in 1772, one room of which with fireplace is retained in the new 
and elegant house more recently built. Children: Helen Stanley, b. Sep. 
20, 1897; Josephine Milligan, b. Aug. 31, 1902. The end. 

10. Stephen Webster, b. June 11, 1728, m. (1) Eebeckah 
Williams, dau. of Jacob and Rebecca (Hubbard) Williams. He 

5th Gen.] Eobekt Webster's Line 95 

m. (2) Dec. 2, 1767, at Glastonbury, Ct., Widow Elizabeth Fox 
nee Kilbourne, widow of Thomas Fox, son of Abraham Fox. He 
m. (3) (intentions published June 8, 1788, at Northfield, Mass.) 
Patience Johnson of Hinsdale, 1ST. H. 

Stephen Webster probably removed from Glastonbury, Ct., to Bernards- 
ton, Mass., between 1771 and 1775, as his son Ezekiel was learning his 
trade at the former place during the early part of the War of the Revo- 
lution. He removed from Bernardston, Mass., to Northfield, Mass., in 

May 16, 1771, Stephen Webster, in a deed given John Foster of Ber- 
nardston, Mass., for a house and 50 acres of land, signs himself as of 
"Glossenbury, Ct." 

Feb. 13, 1773, Stephen Webster and Elizabeth his wife of Bernardston, 
Hampshire Co., Mass., sell land in Glastonbury, Conn., in Eastbury Parish, 
to Thomas Hunt, where said Hunt now dwells, 17 acres set out to said 
Elizabeth by her father, Abraham Kilborn, deceased. Abraham Kilborn, 
b. 1675, d. 1713, m. in 1699, Sarah Goodrich, dau. of John Goodrich. 

April 4, 1777, Stephen Webster, of Bernardston, Mass., land there of 
Ebenezer Mattoon of Amherst, bounded by land of Stephen Webster and 
Job Wright. Witnesses, John Burke and John Burke, Jr. Two years 
later, April 10, a deed includes the names of his grandsons, Charles, 
Jacob and David Webster. 

Aug. 11, 1779, a deed (Glastonbury records) states that Samuel and 
Jemima Risley of Greenfield, and Stephen Webster, of Barnardstown, 
Hampshire Co., Mass. Bay Colony, and Mehitable Smith, of Hartford, 
for 8 pounds, sell to Jonathan Webster. Allusion is made to "our said 
father, Jonathan Webster, Sr." 

Jan. 15, 1782, Stephen Webster of Bernardston buys of John Hollister 
of Hartford. Witnesses, George and Elizur Talcott. 

Stephen Webster's first Avife was Rebeckah Williams. Her father, Jacob 
Williams of Hartford, Ct., left a Will dated July 14, 1750, in which he 
made bequests to his loving wife, Rebekah, his son, John, (if John or 
Jacob dye before they come of age) his sons Aaron and Israll, wright 
in the 5 miles; his dau. Rebekah Webster, his daughters, Zubah Keeney; 
Anneh Williams, Deborah Williams and Thankful Keeney. (Hartford 

Stephen Webster's second wife was Elizabeth Kilbourne, the widow of 
Thomas Fox of Glastonbury, Ct. Her first-born, June 15, 1740, was 
Thomas Hunt. By Thomas Fox she had the following children: Michel, 
a daughter, b. Apr. 27, 1743; Sarah, June 1, 1745; Abraham, July 4, 
1747; Ruth, May 21, 1749; Isaac, March 8, 1751; Elizabeth, April 16, 
1753; Jacob, Aug. 28, 1755; Nama, July 25, 1757; Gad, Dec. 5, 1759. 
Administration was granted on the Est. of Thomas Fox of Glastonbury, 
deceased, to Elizabeth Fox, the widow, and Jonah Fox, both of Glaston- 
bury. They, with Thomas Hunt, gave bonds for 200 pounds. Abraham 
Fox, a minor, son of'Thos. Fox, dec'd, chose his brother, Thomas Hunt 
of Glastonbury, for guardian, and Ruth Fox, a minor, dau. chose her 
uncle, Jonah Fox for guardian. 

96 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

Stephen Webster's third wife was Patience Johnson of Hinsdale, New 

It is said his children were not well pleased with his last marriage, 
as his son Ezekiel being then (1806) town clerk at Northfield tacked 
up the "Publishing Notice" on the rear of the Church, instead of the 
front where such notices were usually placed. 

The Bible from which the record of Stephen Webster, Jr.'s family- 
was obtained contains the following: "This bible was bought Oct. A. D. 
1762 by Stephen Webster for his mother Ester Webster upon thes condi- 
sions that she will endors the price of it upon a sertain noat she hath 
aganst sd Stephen and also that I Ester Webster do by thes Presense 
will and give this bible to my son Stephen Webster and his heirs after 
my death. Witnes my hand this second day of April Anno Domony 

Ester X Webster. 
"in presense of us 

Jacob Webster 
Nathan Webster." 

"Stephen Webster his book 

God give him Grace thereunto look 

That he may run that blessed Race 

That Heaven may be his dwelling place." 

Stephen Webster outlived his three wives. He d. at Northfield, 
Mass., Feb. 4, 1818, aged 89 years, 7 mos, 23 ds. Eebeckah d. 
Oct. 8, 1766, Elizabeth cl. Dec. 20, 1787, in her 69th year. 
Epitaph : "The eye of him that hath seen me shall see me no more." 
His third wife, Patience, died at Northfield, Mass., Aug. 1, 1809. 

Children: (All by 1st mar., and all b. at Glastonbury, Ct.) 
Jacob, Feb. 12, 1748; Jemima, Feb. 16, 1750; Nathan, Aug. 29, 
1752; Anna, Dec. 12, 1754, died Sept. 2, 1776; Ezekiel, April 1, 
1757; Stephen, Oct. 20, 1759; Eebeckah, Feb. 19, 1762; Esther, 
Feb. 29, 1764; Eunice, May 4, 1766, and died March 17, 1767. 
The dates of birth herein given are all new style, except the first 
three. Resumed in Chapter IX. 

Section 2. — Children of Mehitable (Dea. Jonathan, Robert, 
Gov. John) who married David Bidwell of Hartford, Ct. 

1. Mabel Bidwell, b. Aug. 18, 1718, m. Dec. 20, 1744, Uriah 
Judd, b. Dec. 28, 1713, of Farmington, Ct. No children. 

The Porter Genealogy affirms that this Mabel Bidwell m. Enoch 
Kelsey, and their son, William Kelsey, b. Feb. 1, 1748, married 
and had a daughter Lucy, b. 1772, who m. Asahel Porter, and 
they had eight children, duly enumerated. 

2. Capt. David Bidwell, b. Oct. 16, 1720, m. Esther Lawrence. 
He resided at Canaan, Ct., where three of his children were born. 

5th Gen.] Eobeet Webster's Line 97 

He removed to Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N. Y. April 16, 1778, 
he gave a deed to David Bid-well, Jr., and both are given as "yeo- 
men." Witnesses, Chas. and Esther Moore. On the same day he 
purchased land of John, Ashbel, Joseph, Ephriam, and Titus An- 
drous, all of Stillwater. May 23, 1785, he sold to David, Jr. 
Both were described as farmers. Witnesses, Moses Nelson and 
Jacob Bidwell. 

Both died at Stillwater, 1ST. Y., he about 179-1, and she, Nov. 
10, 1809. 

Children: (Bidwell) (First five born at Canaan, Ct. ; the other 
two at Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N. Y.) Esther, May 6, 1750; David, 
Oct. 20, 1754; Jacob, Sep. 9, 1758; Daniel, ab. 1760; Tryphena, 
no date; Abram, Mch. 3, 1769; Phineas, May 9, 1771. 

April 29, 1795, Phineas Bidwell purchased land of David More- 
house and Tryphena his wife, all of Stillwater. Witnesses, Charles 
Moore and David Bidwell. Apr. 21, 1819, David Bidwell and 
Desire, his wife, sell to Charles M. Bidwell, all of Stillwater. Be- 
sumed in Chapter IX. 

3. Capt. Isaac Bidwell, b. Aug. 16, 1723, a blacksmith, m. 
June 5, 1745, Anna Porter, b. 1725. She d. May 12, 1809, at 
Farmington, Conn., where they resided. 

Children: (Bidwell) Isaac, b. Aug. 5, 1746, d. Sep. 1, follow- 
ing; Oliver, Aug. 5, 1746, d. Sep. 21, 1746; Sarah, b. Nov. 9, 
1747; Isaac, (again) b. Dec. 5, 1749, d. Jan. 14, 1750; Theodore, 
b. ab. 1753; Huldah, b. Aug. 20, 1755; Anna, April 4, 1758; Le- 
vina, b. May 20, 1760; Isaac, (still again) b. Aug. 25, 1762; Chloe, 
b. Aug. 1, 1764; Titus, b. Oct. 3, 1765. Isaac Bidwell b. 1762, d. 
Nov. 15, 1822, and Titus d. Nov. 9, 1808. 

4. Stephen Bidwell, b. July 29, 1725, m. Anna Bossiter, b. 
in Harwinton, Ct. They resided in Northfleld and Litchfield, both 
in Litchfield Co., Ct. 

Children: (Bidwell) Elijah, b. Dec. 9, 1760, d. May 10, 1848; 
Stephen, b. May 23, 1765; Polly; Amy; Euth; Mabel. 

(1) Stephen Bidwell Jr. m. Anna Bossiter and d. Oct. 25, 

(2) Mabel Bidwell m. Timothy Webster, which see. They lived 
at Catskill, N. Y., and were early settlers of Acra, Greene Co., 
N. Y. She died between 1846 and 1850. 

Benjamin Bidwell, b. Oct. 8, 1744, son of Daniel and Agnes 
(Abbe) Bidwell, of Chatham, Ct., m. Eunice and removed in 1786 
to Durham, Greene Co., N. Y. He d. June 16, 1828. 

5. Jacob Bidwell, b. Aug. 23, 1727, m. Dec. 31, 1764, Sarah 
Belden, b. June 20, 1748, dau. of Timothy Belden. Jacob Bidwell 
resided at West Hartford, Ct. He d. at Watertown, Ct., and she 
at Coventry, Chenango Co., N. Y., Jan. 23, 1833, where she was 
living with her son, Timothy Bidwell. 


98 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

Children : (Bidwell) Mabel, b. March 29, 1766, cl. July 21, 
1766; Jacob, b. Sep. 2, 1767; Jared, b. Feb. 12, 1769; Mabel, b. 
June 23, 1771; Timothy, b. May 7, 1773, d. March 23, 1774; 
Sarah, b. March 31, 1774, d. unm. before 1816, in Coventry, N. 
Y.; Lucretia, b. Oct. 2, 1777; Polly, b. July 23, 1780, d. Feb. 13, 
1781; Polly (again) b. Jan. 30, 1782, d. Feb. 4, 1782; Timothy, 
(again) b. Dec. 28, 1782; Abner, b. July 8, 1785, d. Aug. 30, 
1880 ; Charles, b. Sep. 10, 1787. 

(1) Mabel Bidwell m. Erastus Cadwell. Children: A son, and 
Mabel, b. ab. 1812, who died young. (2) Jacob Bidwell, d. Nov. 
30, 1846. (3) Jared, d. Apr. 26, 1852. (4) Lucreta, d. Aug. 
20, 1848. Timothy, of Coventry, N. Y., cl. March 27, 1866; 
.Charles d. Oct. 23, 1848. 

6. Amos Bidwell, b. Aug. 18, 1729, m. Oct. 25, 1753, Phoebe 
Williams, dan. of Gabriel Williams. They lived at Hartford, Conn., 
where she d. after 1774. 

Children : Susannah, b. Jan. 13, 1755, probably died unm. ; 
George, b. Oct. 9, 1756; Phineas, b. July 9, 1758; Bachel, b. Dec. 
7, 1759; Buth, b. Dec. 28, 1761; Williams, May 28, 1764; Nancy, 
b. Oct. 21, 1766; Amos, Jr., b. Feb. 18, 1769; Ozias, b. March 31, 
1771; Eunice. 

(1) George Bidwell d. April 17, 1840. (2) Williams d. Oct. 3, 
1840. (3) Ozias cl. Oct. 12, 1846. 

7. Oliver Bidwell, b. Dec. 13, 1732. No record. The end. 

Section 3. — Children of Capt. Stephen (Dea. Jonathan, Robert^ 
Gov. John) and Mary (Burnham) Webster of Hartford, Ct. 

1. Isaac Webster, bap. June 15, 1718, at Hartford, m. Nov. 
11, 1739, Ame White. He located in West Hartford, Ct. She 
is recorded as a member of the church in West Hartford in 1741 
and he in 1770 and 1787. 

Sep. 13, 1750, Isaac Webster of Hartford purchased land of Benjamin. 
Merrills and Mary his wife. Thomas Ensign, Ebenezer Mix, Daniel Web- 
ster are mentioned in the boundaries. 

Sep. 20, 1754, John Carter of Hartford deeds to Isaac Webster two< 
pieces of land for his maintainance during his natural life, and March. 
4, 1756, he makes another conveyance. 

April 10, 1756, Isaac Webster sells to Moses Seymour and April 29 1 
buys of Daniel Webster of Hartford. Apr. 13, 1761, of Ebenezer Catlin. 

March 21, 1765, Isaac Webster and Elisha Seymour appear as admin- 
istrators of the estate of John Carter. 

March 6, 1767, he buys land on the west side of Samuel Olmstead of 
East Haddam. Witnesses, Solomon Ensign and Irene Ensign. 1768, of 
Asa Gillit, of Hartford. 

June 23, 1769, he with Elisha Seymour sells to Allen Stanley formerly 
of the estate of John Carter. 

July 18, 1772, Isaac and Isaac, Jr., with Gideon Webster, buy of Thomas 

5th Gen.] Eobeet Webster's Line 99 

Seymour, 26 acres. Wit's Benj. Payne, Edward Dodd, Jr., and Feb. 12, 
1782, of Elisha Seymour, Noah and Charles Webster, witnesses. March 26, 
1785, to Leah Hinsdale wife of Isaac Hinsdale, Elizabeth Webster, a wit., 
bounded by Isaac Hinsdale, Elisha Seymour, Martin Kellogg and Jona- 
than Skinner. May 5, 1788, of John Seymour. 

Aug. 14, 1792, Isaac Webster, Stephen Webster, Isaac Webster, Jr., of 
Hartford sell to Thomas Pitkin of Somers, Tolland Co., Ct., their right to 
land in East Hartford, formerly belonging to Stephen Webster, Benjamin 
Webster, and Jonathan Brace, now belonging to their heirs. In presence 
of Noah Webster, Justice of the Peace. Two-thirds of one-sixth of the 
above land belonged to Stephen Webster, Benjamin Webster and Jonathan 
Brace. Charles Webster a witness. 

By Will, dated March 24, 1801, Isaac Webster, of Hartford, gives to 
the following: Wife Ame, daughters Ami, and Anna, son Stephen, son 
Isaac, son Gideon, Ira son of Gideon, grandsons Ephron and Truman. 
The Will was exhibited in Court, December 1, 1801. 

Dec. 12, 1801 : The Record of Court shows distribution of estate of 
Isaac Webster, to Stephen eldest son, Isaac next eldest son, to Gideon 
third son. By Solomon Ensign, Aron Cook and Nathaniel Seymour. 

He died in West Hartford, Conn., Sep. 19, 1801, in his 84th 
year (so on tombstone), and she d. June 23, 1807 in her 91st year. 

Children: (All bap. at West Hartford.) Euth, bap. Nov. 9, 
1740, died young; Euth, (again) bap. March 22, 1741, died Oct. 
25, 1759, aged 18 years, 6 months and 25 days; Stephen, bap. 
July 31, 1743; Amy, bap. Jany. 26, 1746; Isaac, bap. May 22, 
1748; Gideon, bap. June 16, 1751; Mary, bap. April 10, 1754, 
and died Nov. 3, 1759, aged 5 years and 7 months; Amny or 
Amna, 1759. Eesumed in Chapter IX. 

2. Mary Webster, bap. Dec. 11, 1720, m. Benjamin Merrill 
as shown by the following real estate note: Dec. 12, 1745, Timo- 
thy Webster of Hartford buys land of Benjamin Merrill and Mary 
Merrill, his wife, owned by "our honored father, Stephen Webster 
of said Hartford, deceased." The end. 

3. Timothy Webster, b. Oct. 27, 1723, m. Aug. 15, 1745, 
Sarah White, probably of Hartford, Ct., b. 1724. He removed to 
and settled in Litchfield, Ct. He is said to have been a very large 

Timothy and Sarah Webster are recorded as members of the 
Church at West Hartford, in 1741. He was a lister or ratemaker 
at Litchfield in 1766. 

Eecord of Deeds, Hartford, shows, Feb. 15, 1775, Timothy 
Webster, of Litchfield, deeded land in the late Town Commons, 
in Hartford, to Isaac Sheldon. 

Both died in Litchfield, Ct., he, April 30, 1803, aged 79 ys, 6 
mos, 3 ds, and she, Oct. 7, 1814. 

Children: (Probably all born in Litchfield) Timothy, b. Jany. 
12, 1747; Michael, May 8, 1747-8; Sarah, Sept. 24, 1751; Elijah, 

100 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

March 29, 1755; Beuben, May 12, 1757; James, b. Aug. 17, 1759; 
a child born and died in Feby. 1760; Euth, b. March 2, 1762; a 
child b. 1765, d. in two days; Huldah, b. Feb. 21, 1767. Eesumed 
in Chapter IX. 

Section 4. — Children of Deacon Benjamin (Dea. Jonathan, 
Robert, Gov. John) and Elizabeth Peck, of Litchfield. 

1. Benjamin Webster, b. Dec. 8, 1736, in Litchfield, Conn., 
m. Feb. 10, 1759, Lucretia Buell, b. April 26, 1742, dau. of Dea- 
con Peter Buell, b. May 22, 1710, and Avis Collins. Stiles' Ancient 
Windsor affirms that Benjamin Webster 2d of Litchfield m. Lucre- 
tia Bull, b. April 7, 1742, dau. of John and Mary (Loomis) Bull 
of Windsor. 

Benjamin Webster served in the French and Indian War in Capt. Archi- 
bald McNeaPs Co., 4th Regt. of Ct., as a private from March 29, to Oct. 
19, 1758, 29 weeks and 2 days, receiving as his total "wages" 13 pounds, 
3 shillings, 7 pence. He named his son, Loudon in honor of Lord Loudon, 
Commander-in-Chief of the English forces. April 13, 1782, Benj. Web- 
ster of Litchfield, "for natural affection, love and good will," deeded land 
to his son, Elijah Webster. 

Benjamin Webster died, Oct. 29, 1782, and she, March 23, 1809, 
aged 67 ys. After Webster's death she m. a Guernsey. 

Children: (All born at Litchfield, Ct.) Elijah, March 19, 
1761; Avis, April 20, 1763; Lucretia, Feb. 14, 1766; Benjamin, 
Feb. 10, 1769; Claudius, Aug. 27, 1772; Dan, Jany. 23, 1776; 
Loudon, March 3, 1780; Polly, Feb. 11, 1783. Eesumed in Chap- 
ter IX. 

2. Stephen Webster, b. May 21, 1739, at Litchfield, Ct., m. 
there, about 1763, Honor Kilbourn of Litchfield. 

A granddaughter of Stephen Webster, Mrs. Anna Beach says, that he 
served through the War of Revolution. W. H. W. says, "I find an old 
roll on which appears the name of Corporal Stephen Webster, of Lieut. 
Charles Seymour's Co., Col. Thomas Belding's Regt., General Wolcott's 
Brigade, who enlisted April 16, 'and was discharged June 6.' I have 
not been able to make out the year whether 1776 or 1777, but there were 
quite a number of Companies called out at the same time." 

Mrs. Beach further says that a few years before the War, Stephen 
Webster bought a farm of 100 acres, three miles from Litchfield on 
which he settled and where he spent the remainder of his days. After 
the War his children began to leave home and he selected his youngest 
son, Ozias, to remain with him on the homestead, but Ozias tired of 
farming and desired to go into other business and then, at the request 
of Stephen, his son Orange, with his family, went upon the homestead 
and lived there until both the parents died. 

Stephen Webster d. Xov. 28, 1823, aged 84 ys, 6 mos, 7 ds, 
and she, March 30, 1813, aged 75 ys. 

5th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 101 

Children: (Lack of dates makes the true order of births im- 
possible) Sarah, b. Sep. 8, 1765; Stephen, Jr.; Truman, 1767; 
Honor, 1768; Eoswell; Heman, b. Nov. 7, 1773; David; Eachel, 
ab. 1773; Anna, ab. 1774; Orange, Dec. 28, 1780; Ozias, ab. 1786. 
Eesumed in Chapter IX. 

3. Elizabeth Webster, b. Jan. 23, 1742, at Litchfield, Ct, m. 
as his 2d wife, Cap. Solomon Marsh, b. Feb. 10, 1735-6. His 
first wife was Jerusha Marsh, his own cousin, born Oct. 3, 1735, 
dau. of Cap. John and Sarah (Webster) Marsh. No date of 
either marriage. 

He d. May 30, 1804, and his widow, Elizabeth, d. June 29, 

Children: Marsh (1st m.) Deborah; Jerusha. Both died 
young. (2d m.) James; Olive, b. 1766; Solomon, Jr., b. Sep. 1, 
1777; Betsey; Lydia; David, b. Jan. 10, 1784; Deborah; Jerusha; 

(1) James Marsh m. May 10, 1785, Sarah McNeil and had eight 
children whose names appear in the Marsh Genealogy. 

(2) Olive m. 1786, Levi Coe, she d. 1788. 

(3) Lydia m. March, 1792, Cap. Salmon Buel, b. 1767. She d. 1808. 
He m. (2) her sister, Jerusha Marsh. 

(4) David m. for his first wife, Olive Osborne. He d. Dec. 28, 1869. 

(5) Deborah m. (1) Jabez McCall; (2) George D. Kasson; (3) Abner 

(6) Jerusha m. 1809, as his 2d wife, Cap. Salmon Buel, b. 1767. He 
d. 1868, aged 100 ys. and 7 mos. His first wife was her sister, Lydia 

(7) Huldah m. Joshua Garritt, the 3d. 

(8) Solomon Marsh, Jr., died unm. and Betsey Marsh, no record. The 

4. Charles Webster, b. March 18, 1743-4, at Litchfield, Ct., 
m. there, Ehoda Kilbourn, b. March 9, 1744, dau. of James Kil- 
bourn. They removed to New Durham, Ulster Co., N. Y., and 
later to a place called Kiskeydong, Greene Co., N. Y., about 12 
miles west of Catskill, where he <3. in June, 1796. She m. (2) 
Galpin and returned to Woodbury, Ct. She d. at Westford, Otsego 
Co., N. Y., in Jan. or Feb., 1835, aged 91 years. Some descendants 
affirm that she died in Waterbury, Ct. 

Children: (The order of births as given by Mrs. M. F. Web- 
ster, Newport, Ky. The absence of dates makes a correct order 
impossible.) (All born in Litchfield Co., Ct.) James; Chrales; 
Friend; Ehoda; Comfort, b. May 20, 1774; Elizabeth, b. about 
1772; Lydia; Tola; Wait; Jesse; Ehineas. Eesumed in Chapter 

5. John Webster, a farmer, b. April 3, 1747, at Litchfield, 
Ct., m. Anna, whose maiden name has not been obtained. 

102 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

He removed to the town of Whitestown, Herkimer Co., N". Y.. 
now Oneida Co., and purchased land there as early as 1792 as 
shown by deeds quoted below. 

He was a soldier in the War of Eevolution. He alleged (in his claim 
for pension) service as follows: First, enlisted in Feb. 1776, Captain Bar- 
zilla Beebe's Co., marched to the West end of Long Island, "crossing the 
Sound in vessels," to a place called "Brookline" where he stood guard, 
cut "fachines" and assisted in building a fort; served about three months. 
Second. In Aug. 1776, volunteered in Capt. Archelaus Buel's Co., of 
militia, Col. Sheldon's Regt.; "marched to the Sound and there took 
shipping for New York City;" was there at the time when the city was 
taken by the British, retreated to Kingsbridge ; was in skirmish with 
the British there; marched up the river and, after "shipping of the 
enemy," returned; was discharged at or near Kingsbridge, after a service 
of three months and ten days. Third. In Aug. 1777, was drafted in 
Capt. Eaton Jones Co., of militia, Col. Elisha Sheldon's Regt.; marched 
to North River and had quarters at "Fishkill Barracks and performed 
service up and down the river to protect the inhabitants from incursions 
of the enemy; marched up the river when the British shipping proceeded 
up the river to the relief of Burgoyne, to prevent their landing and mak- 
ing depredations, and down the river after Burgoyne was captured and 
the shipping returned down the river; was discharged at or near Fishkill 
after a service of three months and fifteen days. Fourth. In Aug. 177S, 
was drafted in Lieut. Ephriam Harrison's Co.; marched to North River 
and was at Kingston and vicinity for twelve days. Fifth. In Oct. 1779, 
was drafted in Capt. Zebulon Taylor's Co., of militia, Col. Sheldon's Regt.; 
marched, to Horseneck, North River, N. Y., where the British and Tories 
were making frequent attacks; served about two months. 

He was allowed a pension of $40.76 per annum. 

Jan. 26, 1776, he receipted for a gun and bayonet, No. 63, at Litchfield, 
Conn., belonging to the Colony of Conn., which was drawn for use in the 
Colony's service. 

At Utica, N. Y., is the following record of deeds: Edward Lewis, of 
Whitestown, Herkimer Co., N. Y., deeded land on Hugh Wallan's right, 
afterwards John Taylor's, on Sept. 19, 1792, to John and Simeon Web- 
ster. (Simeon probably the oldest son of John.) 

Oct. 29, 1795, John Webster of Whitestown N. Y., sells land to Thomas 
Webster of Litchfield, Ct., "adjoining the farm this day sold to Chauncey 
Webster and Asa Webster. 

Oct. 9, 1796, John Webster, of Whitestown, N. Y., gave a deed to 
Thomas Webster of Litchfield, Ct., and to Chauncey Webster, of Whites- 
town, and Asa Webster, of Litchfield, Ct. This land was on the road to 
"Anisga," or "Onisgo." Aug. 7, 1799, Anna, widow of John Webster, gave 
a deed. 

He d. prior to 1799, as shown by preceding deed, and she was 
said to be living as late as 1832. 

Children: (Born in Litchfield Co., Ct.) Simeon; Chauncey, 
b. Nov. 4, 1772; Thomas; Asa, b. June 11, 1775; William; John; 
Samuel. Eesumed in Chapter IX. 

5th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 103 

Third Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Lieut. Rob- 
ert Webster, by his son Robert Webster of Hartford, Ct., who mar- 
ried as his first wife, Hannah Beckley, the mother of his children. 

Section 1. — Children of Robert (Robert, Robert, Gov. John) 
and Lois (Stanley) Webster of Hartford, Ct. 

1. Rebecca Webster, b. Nov. 25, 1718, at Hartford, Ct., no 

2. Justus Webster, bap. Oct. 28, 1722, at Hartford, Ct., m. 
Nov. 29, 1750, at Litchfield, Ct., Jerusha Stoddard, b. there Nov. 
18, 1734, dau. of Cap. Moses and Ruth (Goodwin) Stoddard of 
Litchfield. Moses Stoddard, father of Jerusha, was born March 
20, 1700-1, and m. May 18, 1732, Ruth Goodwin. 

One of the early settlers of Litchfield was John Stoddard, b. Feb. 22, 
1674-5, son of John and Elizabeth (Curtis) Stoddard, who m. Nov. 19, 
1696, at Wethersfield, Sarah Camp, b. Feb. 17, 1677, at Hartford, dau. of 
John and Mary (Sanford) Camp. 

Justus Webster was a Lister or Ratemaker at Litchfield in 1766. 

Sept. 18, 1750: Justus Webster, of Litchfield, quit claimed to Ebenezer 
Webster, land in Hartford, lately belonging to Joseph Webster, Jr., a 
part of homestead sometime belonging to Robert Webster, of Hartford 

Charles Webster of Sandy Hook, Ct., son of Obed Webster, has a Bible 
with family record in it, dated 1657, with the words, "Timothy Stanley, 
Jr., and Justice Gibs, own this book." He suggests that Justus Webster 
was given his first name from Justice Gibs. 

June 7, 1777, administration was granted on the estate of Justus Web- 
ster, late of Litchfield, deceased, to John Stoddard and James Webster. 

Both died in Litchfield of smallpox, he May 22, 1777, and she, 
May 29, 1777. 

Children: (Probably all born in Litchfield) Rebecca, b. Sep. 
7, 1751; James, Aug. 19, 1754; Obed, July 23, 1761; Asa, May 
1, 1764, d. prob. before 1778, as he was not enumerated among 
the minor children; Jonah, b. 1766; John, June 4, 1770. 

Farmington records show Asa, son of Asa Webster, was born 
Feb. 20, 1763. Who were they? Resumed in Chapter X. 

Section 2. — Children of Caleb (Robert, Robert, Gov. John) 
Webster of Hartford, East Hartford and Wethersfield, Ct., wife 

1. Joshua Webster, bap. Jan. 28, 1750, at East Hartford, son 
of Caleb, m. (Farmington Church record) Sep. 18, 1773, at Farm- 
ington, Ct., Abigail Booth, b. Oct. 3, 1743, dau. of Matthew and 
Abigail (Steele) Booth. Abigail Steele was b. Jan. 5, 1721. (His- 
tory of New Britain, Ct.) 

In the year 1772, Joshua Webster of Farmington sold land "on the 
Walnut hills." 

104 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

Abigail Booth was admitted to church at New Britain, Ct., June 23, 
1782. They lived on West Main street and the house he built gave place 
to the present residence of Edmund R. Swift. After Webster's death she 
m. (2) March 5 or 15, 1813, Sylvanus Dunham, who lived at the back of 
"Shuttle Meadow." She was received to Southington Church in 1814, by 
letter from the New Britain Church. After the death of Mr. Dunham 
she returned again, June 6, 1824, to the Church in New Britain. 

The Will of Joshua Webster, of Berlin, Ct., dated May 28, 1798, proved 
Sep. 4, 1798, witnessed by Elihu Burrett, Bela Judd, and Lydia Judd, 
gives to wife Abigail, son Leonard, and daughters Abigail and Lucy. 
Executor, James North. Inventory made June 28, 1798, 332 Pounds, 9 
shillings and one pence. Insolvent. Distribution made Sept. 1, 1801, to 
widow Abigail, son Leonard, oldest daughter Abigail and second dau. 
Lucy. Feb. 19, 1800, Abigail Webster was appointed guardian of Leon- 
ard, Abigail and Lucy Webster. 

Both d. at New Britain, Ct., he, June 10, 1798, aged 49 yrs., and 
she, in May, 1829, aged 81 years. 

Children: Leonard Booth, bap. July 14, 1782; Abigail, bap. 
March 2, 1783; Lucy, bap. Oct. 24, 1784. Resumed in Chapter 

Fourth Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Lieut. Rob- 
ert Webster, by his son Ensign William Webster of Hartford, Ct., 
who married Sarah Nichols. 

Section 1. — Children of Cyprian (Ensign William, Robert, Gov. 
John) and Elizabeth (Seymour) Webster of Hartford and Har- 
winton, Ct. 

1. Elizabeth Webster, b. June 17, 1731, m. Jan. 31, 1787, at 
Harwinton, Wm. Haydon. (New Hartford, Ct., records.) She 
was from Wintonbury. The end. 

2. Deacon Cyprian Webster, b. July 28, 1733, m. Feb. 25, 
1768, Sarah Hayden of Harwinton, Ct., b. Nov. 21, 1743, at Har- 
winton, dau. of Joseph and Esther (Grant) Hayden. In Wind- 
sor is this record: Cyprian Webster m. Feb. 25, 1768, Sarah Nich- 
ols, b. Nov. 21, 1743, dau. of Joseph and Esther (Nichols) 

Cyprian Webster was a representative for Harwinton in the Conn. 
State Legislature in 1777. He was appointed Deacon of the Congrega- 
tional Church in 1793. He was Town Clerk from 1766 to 1767. He was 
Selectman of the town for 1775 and 1809. 

On the tombstone of Deacon Cyprian Webster, in the old South burying- 
ground, are the following inscriptions. "The first burial in this yard." 
"The first corpse in the new meeting-house." 

"Let virtue guard thy narrow bead 
Where virtue's image lays his head 

Beligion shead a sweet perfume 

And angels watch around thy tomb." 

5th Gen.] Kobert Webstee's Line 105 

He died at Harwinton, Ct., Apr. 12, 1809, aged 75 ys, 8 mos, 
14 ds. His widow died March 11, 1828, aged 84 ys, 3 mos, 20 
ds, and is buried in Goshen, Ct. 

Children : Born at Harwinton) Cyprian, March 3, 1769 ; Sarah 
and Elizabeth, twins, born May 8, 1776. Eesumed in Chapter 

Section 2. — Children of Sergeant William (Ensign William, 
Robert, Gov. John) and (1) Mary (Watson) Webster of Winton- 
bury in Windsor, Ct. 

1. Sarah Webster, b. Jan. 8, 1735-6, m. June 2, 1757, Amos 
Lawrence of Kensington, Ct. A son, Joseph William Lawrence, 
b. Nov. 20, 1770, on Long Island, N. Y., settled first in Geneseo, 
N". Y., and then in Branch Co., Mich., Halls Corners, where he 
d. May 20, 1847. Henry 1ST. Lawrence, a son, res. 1891, Lansing, 
Mich. The end. 

2. William Webster, b. July 24, 1738, m. Edee Drake, b. July 
6, 1737, at Windsor, Ct., dau. of Phineas and Deborah Drake, an 
Englishman, probably a deserter from the British Army. 

Wintonbury, the home of William Webster, was at the corners of three 
towns, Windsor, Farmington, and Simsbury, and got its name from the 
first and last syllables of those three towns. 

William Webster, Jr., was admitted to the Church at Wintonbury from 
the First Church at Simsbury, March 11, 1761. They were admitted to 
the Church at Wintonbury as husband and wife April 5, 1767. 

April 9, 1783, Joseph Fitch and Prudence, his wife, both of Windsor; 
William Webster and Ede his wife, both of Farmington, unite in a deed 
to Thomas Eggleston of Windsor, conveying land which was their sis- 
ter's share in the estate of their late mother, Deborah Drake, late of 
Windsor, deceased. 

Sep. 18, 1784, Wm. Webster of Farmington, buys of David Weller of 
Wethersfield, land in Williamstown, Berkshire Co., Mass. 

His descendants say that he removed to Washington, Berkshire Co., 
Mass., where he made a deed, Dec. 25, 1787. He sold his farm in Ct. 
Sept. 11, 1784. He removed later to Hartford, Washington Co., N. Y. 

All of the above family lived for a time on the Hudson river near West 
Point, whence one of the family, Jehiel, is said to have started off one 
morning on horseback, saying that he was going to seek his fortune, and 
nothing was afterward heard of him until 1892. Another states that he 
left Ft. Ann, Washington Co., N. Y., then a young man without a family. 
A nephew says that just before Jehiel left home he (the nephew) remem- 
bers uncle Jehiel shooting into a flock of pigeons and killing 28 at one 

The Census of 1790 gives the name of William Webster of the town 
of Hudson, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

A deed dated March 27, 1805, enumerates the following heirs of 
Phineas Drake late of Windsor, deceased: Roger Drake of Royal Grant, 
N. Y. ; Joseph Fitch and Prudence his wife of Windsor; John Lewis and 

106 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

Hannah his wife of Sumeld, Ct., Joseph Smith of New Haven, Ct., Ede 
Webster of Farmington, Ct., Benjamin Smith of Hartford, Ct., John 
Adams and Hannah his wife of Hambleton, N. Y., Fredeirck Wilcox and 
Eunice his wife of Cazenovia, N. Y., Polly Smith of Ne..' Haven, Ct., 
Joseph Smith, Jr., of Hanover, Vt., Deborah Owen of Westfield, Mass. 

He probably died in Washington Co., ~N. Y., perhaps at Hart- 
ford, X. Y., but the date of his death or that of his wife is un- 

Children: (All born at Wintonbury (Bloomfield,) Ct.) Wil- 
liam, Dec. 29, 1766, bap. April 5, 1767 ; Asaph, born Dec. 6, 1767, 
bap. June 5, 1768, and died Sept. 24, 1779, aged about 11 years; 
Elijah Drake, born Dec. 6, 1769, bap. March 18, 1770; Elisha, 
born Feb. 29, 1772, bap. Aug. 9, same } r ear; Chloe, bap. April 17, 
1774, died Oct. 2, 1775, aged about 18 months; Phineas, born 
Jany. 17, 1775, bap. June 23, 1776; Jehiel, born 1777, bap. Oct. 
10, 1779 ; Chloe, again, born Oct. 2, 1781, bap. Nov. 4, same year. 
Eesumed in Chapter XL 

3. James Webster, b. Nov. 11, 1740, at Bloomfield, Ct., m. 
there, June 9, 1763, Hannah Hubbard, dau. of John and Hannah 

James and Hannah (Hubbard) Webster were admitted to the 
church at Wintonbury, Jany. 15, 1764. 

June 10, 1768, James Webster and Hannah his wife, buy of our honored 
father-in-law, Jonathan Palmer and Hannah Palmer bis wife, land in 
Wintonbury, bounded south by land "set out" to said Hannah Palmer for 
her thirds in the Estate of honored father, John Hubbard. April 11, 
1769, James Webster and Nathaniel Burr sell to Joel Cook of Windsor, 
land in Wintonbury Society. May 15, 1772, James Webster and Hannah 
his wife sell to Timothy Hubbard land from her honored father, John 
Hubbard of Wintonbury, deceased. Feb. 25, 1803, James Webster of 
Sheldon, Franklin Co., Vt., and Hannah his wife sell to Miller Fish of 
Windsor, land there. Witnesses: John Webster, Samuel Dewey. 

They probably died in Sheldon, Franklin Co., Vermont, but we 
have no record of dates. 

Children: (Probably all born at Wintonbury) Hannah, bap. 
Jany. 15, 1764; James, bap. Feb. 7, 1768; Mary, bap. Oct. 15, 
1770; John, bap. May 9, 1773, and died June 23, 1775, aged about 
2 years ; John, again, bap. Nov. 12, 1775 ; Susanna, bap. May 9, 
1779 ; Alanson, born Mch. 6, 1787, bap. June 4, 1793. Eesumed 
in Chapter XL 

4. Susannah Webster, b. June 29, 1743, m. at Wintonbury, 
Ct., Feb. 23, 1764, Amos Gillet, b. Oct. 15, 1743, son of Cap. 
Jonathan, Jr., and Abigail (Hubbard) Gillet. Susannah Webster 
Gillet d. Feb. 24, 1820, aged 76 ys, 7 mos, 25 ds. He d. April 4, 
1830, aged 86 ys, 5 mos, 19 ds. 

Children: (Gillet) (All born and bap. at Wintonbury) Susan- 

5th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 107 

nah, bap. Dec. 30, 1764, died Dec. 22, 1770; Huldah, bap. May 3, 
1767; Bockee, bap. March 19, 1769; Susannah, (again) bap. July 

28, 1771; Amos, bap. March 13, 1774; Jonathan, bap. Feb. 23, 
1777; Mary, bap. June 13, 1779; Sarah. 

(1) Huldah Gillet m. (1) Jonathan Filley, and (2) Elihu Mills. 

(2) Roxy m. Oct. 5, 1786, Lemuel Roberts. 

(3) Susannah m. Luther Fitch. 

(4) Deacon Amos m. (1) March 9, 1797, Mitty Hubbard, and (2) Apr. 

29, 1824, Miriam Brown. 

(5) Jonathan married but wife's name not given. 

(6) Mary m. July 24, 1800, Fred Newberry. 

(7) Sarah m. David Filley. The end. 

5. Mary Webster, b. March 5, 1746, at Wintonbury, Ct., m. as 
his first wife, March 23, 1768, Cap. Soger Mills. She d. Oct. 23, 
1768, in her 24th year, and he m. (2) Abigail Griswold, by whom 
he had seven children. By Mary Webster he had one, Eoger, bap. 
Oct. 16, 1768. Nov. 24, 1791, Eoger Mills, Jr., m. Miss Bidwell 
in Wintonbury, Ct. 

An Elijah Mills m. Nov. 6, 1783, Huldah Drake, and among 
their children was one named Samuel Webster Mills, bap. Apr. 20, 
1794. The end. 

Section 3. — Children of Sergeant William {Ensign William, 
Robert, Gov. John) and (2) Anna (Case) Webster of Wintonbury 
in Windsor, Ct. 

1. Anna Webster, b. June 18, 1760, m. at Wintonbury, Ct., 
June 25, 1778, as his first wife, Capt. Hezekiah Parsons, Jr., b. 
June 13, 1757, son of Ensign Hezekiah Parsons. Anna Webster 
Parsons died and he m. (2) Eose Case of Simsbury. He d. at 
Wintonbury, May 22, 1825, aged 68. 

Children: (Parsons) (All born at Wintonbury.) A child, 
March 9, 1779, died March 11, 1779; Lizzie, bap. Feb. 27, 1780; 
Anna, bap. Aug. 25, 1782 ; Hezekiah, bap. March 20, 1784, d. Feb. 
16, 1809; William Webster, bap. Aug. 26, 1787; Wealthy, bap. 
March 14, 1790; Daniel Latimer, bap. Aug. 12, 1792; Bishop Case, 
bap. July 5, 1795 ; Lamira, bap. Jany. 5, 1800. 

(1) William Webster Parsons mar. Dec. 22, 1808, Eunice Phelps. 

(2) Daniel Latimer Parsons had a daughter, bap. May 25, 1823, 
named Anna Webster Parsons. The end. 

2. Joseph Webster, b. Feb. 1, 1762, mar. April 14, 1785, Ma- 
hitable Drake, who was born Jany. 28, 1766. They spent their 
lives at Bloomfield where he was a farmer. 

1787, April 12, Joseph Webster of Windsor and Mahitable his wife sold 
land there to Moses Drake of Windsor, which came "by heirship from her 
honored father, Ebenezer Drake late of Windsor, deceased." Pelatiah 
Mills and Noah Drake in boundaries. 

108 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

1800, Sep. 13, Jos. Webster of Windsor buys of Noah Burr, land there. 
1819, June 30, Jos. Webster of Windsor buys of Daniel Porter and Ann 
his wife of East Windsor. 

1825, Joseph Webster sells to Mary Webster. 

He died at Bloomfield, March 13, 1831, aged 69, and she Dec. 
30, 1834, aged 69. 

Children: (All born at Wintonbury) A son born July 9, 1786, 
died July 23, two weeks old; Joseph Case, born June 9, 1787, bap. 
Jany. 11, 1801; Ebenezer, born March 22, 1789; Mahitable, born 
Oct. 14, 1791; Nancy, born Dec. 10, 1795; Daniel William, born 
April 21, 1797; Clarissa, born April 23, 1803. A son died Feb. 
2, 1809, aged 2 years. Eesumed in Chapter XL 

3. Wealthean Webster, b. Jan. 4, 1764, m. Feb. 14, 1802, as 
his 2d wife, Thomas Shepard, Jr., bap. Nov. 29, 1764. His first 
wife was Mary Hoskins, who died Jany. 29, 1800, aged 35. Weal- 
thean Webster died Jan. 11, 1809, and with her he buried a son 
and a daughter. Crazed with grief he cried out as the bodies were 
taken from his door, "come and get some more !" 

His children by Wealthean Webster were Wealthyann, Mary and 
Lucy. All died young. It is said that Jason Shepard of West 
Hartford has a completer record of the family. The end. 

4. Deacon and Maj. Hezekiah Webster, b. March 18, 1766, m. 
May 4, 1794, at West Hartford, Ct., Anna Goodwin, b. Jan. 5, 
1776, dau. of Morgan and Mary (Hawley) Goodwin of Farming- 
ton, Ct. Hezekiah Webster removed from Wintonbury to Canaan, 
Ct., thence to Sennett, Cayuga Co., N. Y., where he arrived Oct. 
7, 1821. He was a deacon in the Presbyterian church, as was also 
his son William, and a son of William, all in the same church. 

In answer to an inquiry in regard to the correct name of the wife of 
Hezekiah Webster, Mrs. H. A. Vorce, his granddaughter says, "All I can 
tell you of my grandmother's name is, I have a small painting of her 
taken for my grandfather when he was in the War of 1812, and on it is 
written her name in full, Anna Goodwin Holly Webster, and I always 
understood from my mother that her mother's name was Anna Goodwin 
Holly before she married my grandfather." 

Maj. Hezekiah Webster, who was familiarly known in later life as 
Maj. Ky Webster, was a farmer and resided at Wintonbury Parish, now 
Bloomfield, Windsor, Ct., until Sept. 1815, when he removed to Canton, 
Ct., where he remained until 1821, when he removed to Brutus (now Sen- 
net) Cayuga Co., N. Y., where he arrived Oct. 7, 1821, and where he re- 
mained until his death. Previous to 1829 he was engaged for several 
years in selling clocks in North and South Carolina, in company with a 
man by the name of Stone, which venture proved a sad experience to him 
and led to his removal to New York State, which removal was then, 1821, 
considered a great undertaking. 

He served as Capt. of a detached Co., of the Conn, militia in the War 

5th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 109 

of 1812, in Col. Sterling's Regt., and was on duty at New London, Ct., 
from Sept. 13, to Nov. 1, 1813. 

Cicero Webster says, Nov. 1, 1883, that Holley or Hawley was no part 
of his mother's name; that her maiden name wrs Anna Goodwin only; 
that Hawley was always a favorite name in the family but he cannot tell 
why. Later information shows that her mother's maiden name was Haw- 

Hezekiah Webster died in Sennett, N. Y., May 20, 1835, aged 
69 ys, 2 mos, 2 ds, and his widow, May 20, 1841, aged 65 ys, 4 
mos, 15 ds. She d. six years after he died, and on the same day of 
the month. 

Children: (All born at Bloomfield, Ct., except the last, who 
was born at Canton, Ct.) Harriet Anna, born April 19, 1796, bap. 
Feb. 23, 1800; Hezekiah, born Oct. 1, 1798, died Nov. 15, 1798, 
aged six weeks; Hezekiah Goodwin, born Sept. 14, 1800, bap. Dec. 
14, same year; William, born Sept. 25, 1802; David Hawley, born 
Nov. 21, 1805, bap. June 8, 1806, and died Jany. 29, 1809, aged 
3 years; Julia Ann, born March 23, 1808; Wealthy Ann, born April 
22, 1810, bap. Oct. 7, same year, died April 11, 1813, aged 3 years; 
Cicero, born Nov. 15, 1812; Samuel, born April 27, 1815, bap. 
Nov. 26, 1815; Sterling Edward, born at Canton, Ct., June 21, 
1817. Eesumed in Chapter XI. 

Section 4. — Children of Capt. Moses (Ensign William, Robert, 
Gov. John) and Mary (Brace) Webster of Harwinton, Ct. 

1. Moses Webster, b. at Hartford, Ct., 1734, seems not to 
have mar., but the rolls show that he served in Capt. Aaron Hitch- 
cock's Co., 1st Kegt, of Ct., French and Indian War, as a private 
from June 4, to Oct. 15, 1756, 19 weeks and one day, at 12 shill- 
ings, per month, total "wages" being 7 pounds, 13 shillings, one 
pence, and 3 farthings. The roll was dated in Oct. 1756 at Ft. 
Win. Henry, and he was reported "sick at Ft. Edward." The 
pay roll reported him "Died Oct. 15, 1756," which was evidently 
an error as the next item will show. 

In Oct. 1764 his father represented to the Assembly that his son 
Moses, Jr., went into the campaign of 1756', and on his return was 
so worn out by hardship that his father was obliged to go to Albany 
to bring him home ; that Moses, Jr., languished and after about five 
years died. The Assembly granted the father 25 pounds. Moses, 
Jr., died Feb. 20, 1761. The end. 

2. Abijah Webster, born at Hartford, 1736, mar. March 27, 
1760, Ann Smith, of Litchfield. He died June 30, 1762, and so 
far as we know without issue. The end. 

3. Mary Webster, b. July 29, 1738. No history. 

4. Amos Webster, born July 12, 1740, at Harwinton, Ct., mar. 
Nov. 19, 1767, Theodosia Bull, of Harwinton. Both died at Har- 

110 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

winton, he Oct. 12, 1827, aged 88 years, and she Feb. 14, 1817, aged 
70 years. 

Children : (All born at Harwinton) Mary, Dec. 21, 1768; Amos, 
Feb. 1, 1771 ; Abijah, Dec. 6, 1783. 

The "Record of Conn. Men in the Revolution," has Amos Webster in 
the 3d Co., Capt. Joel Clark, of Farmington, of the 8th Regt. Col. Jedediah 
Huntington, of Norwich, from July 10, to Dec. 18, 1775. The Regt. was 
stationed on the Sound until Sept. 14, when it was ordered to the Boston 
Camps, and took part at Roxbury in Gen'l Spencer's Brigade. Resumed 
in Chapter XI. 

5. Ozias Webster, b. Ang. 22, 1742. Wm. H. Webster says, 
"My father, Wm. B. Webster, affirms that this child must have died 
young as he never heard of him and never heard his father men- 
tion an uncle by the name of Ozias." The end. 

6. Charles Webster, b. March 22, 1745, at Harwinton, Conn., 
m. there, Nov. 1, 1771, (Town records, 1772,) Hannah Phelps, b. 
April 20, 1753, at Burlington, Ct., dau. of Joshua and Hannah 
(Birge) Phelps. 

Fragment of history on Phelps family from town records of Harwinton, 
Ct. Joshua Phelps m. at Litchfield, Ct., July 8, 1752, Hannah Birge. 
Among its first settlers (Harwinton) was Phelps, prob. Joshua or his 
father. In list of land owners at Windsor, Ct., in 1640, appear the names 
of Wm., Samuel, and Geo. Phelps. 

Children : Hannah, b. Apr. 8, 1753; Mary, July 29, 1756; Rhoda, Jan. 
31, 1758; Abigail, Dec. 25, 1759; Joshua, Aug. 29, 1762; Eunice, Aug. 
30, 1766; Sarah, Aug. 29, 1769; Lynd, July 10, ?771; Lois, July 18, 1774. 

Charles Webster was in the >\ ar of Revolution with his brother 
Amos. They were out on duty for several months at a time at different 
periods of the War. As Charles Webster had then only an infant son, 
the women, with only the aid of a 16 year old brother of Mrs. Webster, 
were obliged to get in the crops, while, he, Charles, was in the service. 

His grandson, Ozias L. Webster, claimed that Charles Webster, was 
one of the first to start out for service in the War of the Revolution, not 
even waiting to be summoned. He also stated that he knew of none of 
the family who served in any Indian War or in the War of 1812. 

Official Records show, Charles Webster, private, 3d Regt., Conn, line, 
July 1, 1780, to Dec. 13, 1780. Also as fifer in Lieut. Chas. Seymour's 
Co., at Peekskill, April 21, 1777, to June 6, same year. Also as private 
in Capt. Foote's Co., Col. Hooker's Regt., at Peekskill, March 29, 1777, to 
May 20, following. 

Aug. 5, 1840, Hannah Loomis, widow of Charles Webster, made her 
first application for a pension; her residence, Torrington, her age 87, and 
said he rendered four tours of service. Same date, George Jones of Har- 
winton certified that he served in Capt. Aaron Foot's Co., Col. Epaphras 
Shelden's Reg't. of Conn, troops; that he marched from Harwinton in 
Aug. 1776, to New York and was stationed there, and served at Harlem, 
York Island and other places in that neighborhood for one or two months, 

5th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 111 

and that Charles Webster went with him, and served as waiter to Lieut. 
Jacob Hinsdale all that time. 

Capt. Aaron Foot's Co. of Col. Noadiah Hooker's Regt. of Farmington, 
at Peekskill, Charles Webster, private, marched, March 29, 1777, dis. May 
20, 1777. 

The Comptroller of Conn, certifies that he finds the following on his 
records: "Pay roll of the short Levies who have served in Lieut. Col. 
Grosvenor's 3d Conn. Regt. in Campaign of 1780. Charles Webster com- 
menced service July 1, 1780, expiration of service, Dec. 13, 1780. Amount 
of service, 5 mos. 13 ds. Wages, 10 pounds, 17 shillings, 4 pence. 

March 4, 1847, Allen Cook and Eunice Phelps say they were near 
neighbors to Charles Webster; swear to his mar. prior to the war and 
to his service; she swears that she lived with Charles Webster at the 
time of the War of Revolution, and was with his wife during his ab- 
sence in the service. 

For Hannah Loomis, wid. of Charls Webster, private, was issued a 
pension certificate at $23.10 a year. 

March 11, 1803, Charles Webster, late of Harwinton, son of Charles Web- 
ster, deceased, was appointed guardian of Martin Webster, age 13 years; 
Wyllys Webster, 11 years; Rhoda, ab. 20, and Nabby ab. 18, children of 
said Charles Webster, deceased. 

He died at Harwinton, May 2, 1802, aged 57 years. She died 
at New Hartford, Ct., June 26, 1848. The Probate records at 
Harwinton certify that she died May 28, 1849, having m. (2) Aug. 
22, 1805, Job Curtis, and (3) March 28, 1810, Timothy Loomis, 
of Windsor, Ct. She died at the home of her daughter Hannah 
(Webster) Goodwin, aged ninety-five years, two months and six 
days. Timothy Loomis, her third husband, born June 3, 1750, 
was son of Timothy and Sarah (Talcott) Loomis, and Hannah was 
his second wife. He, Timothy Loomis, died at Torrington, Ct., 
Feb. 15, 1832. 

Children: (Webster) (All born at Harwinton) Ozias, March 
14, 1773; Charles, Sept. 18, 1775; Hannah, April 14, 1778, bap. 
at New Hartford Church, Oct. 4, 1778, or at West Britain by 
Pastor of that Church; Susanna, April 26, 1780; Ehoda, March 27, 
1783; Abigail or Nabbe, May 26, 1785; Eoswell, Aug. 17, 1787, 
died July 8, 1788; Martin, born July 16, 1789; Wyllis, Feb. 26, 
1792. A child, July 6, 1794, died July 8, 1794. Resumed in 
Chapter XL 

Section 5. — Children of Samuel (Ensign William, Robert, Gov. 
John) and Elizabeth (Case) Webster of Wintonbury, Ct. 

1. Elizabeth Webster, of Wintonbury, Ct., bap. Jany. 30, 1743, 
mar. at Farmington, Ct., Jany. 21, 1781, Joseph Hawley, of Farm- 
ington, who was born July 7, 1732. Both died at Farmington, he 
Feb. 26, 1812, aged 79, and she Jan. 11, 1812, aged 69. 

Children: (Hawley) (All born at Farmington, Ct.) Almira, 

112 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

born Dec. 29, 1781, bap. Nov. 8, 1795, died March 1865; Levi, 
born Oct. 15, 1783, died Nov. 27, 1787, aged 5 years; Joseph, born 
Oct. 24, 1785, bap. Nov. 8, 1795. Eesumed in Chapter XI. 

2. Ashbel Webster, a farmer and shoemaker of Wintonbury 
(Bloomfield) Conn., bap. May 13, 1744, mar. (1) March 21, 1773, 
at West Hartford, Ct., Annie, daughter of Zacheus Kelsey, of 
Hartford. He mar. (2) at Wintonbury, July 22, 1778, Anna At- 

Apr. 28, 1755, Jos. Atwell buys of Jonathan Hurlbut, both of Wood- 
bury, Ct. 1753, Apr. 3, Jos., Atwell buys in Woodbury. May 16, 1786, Ash- 
bel Webster and Anna his wife of Windsor; John Cadwell and Annar his 
wife of Hartford, sell to Frederick Mills and Elihu Mills of Windsor, 
land in Wintonbury; land in partnership with our brother, and 16 heirs 
of our honored father, Jos. Atwell, by his first wife. 

Ashbel Webster died at Avon, Ct., Feb. 8, 1823, aged 78. His 
first wife Annie, died at Wintonbury, Sept. 6, 1775, aged about 24 
years. His widow, Anna, died at Avon, Ct., Feb. 3, 1832, aged 74. 

Children : (All born in that part of Simsbury which is now a 
part of Bloomfield, Ct.) (1st m.) Lucy, bap. April 24, 1774, and 
died Sept. 2, 1775, aged 18 months; (2d m.) Lucy, bap. May 24, 
1779; Eunice, born April 11,. 1781, and bap. May 19, following; 
Ashbel, born Sept. 1785, bap. May 14, 1786; Rhoda, born Sept. 
24, 1794. Resumed in Chapter XL 

3. Ruth Webster, bap. March 8, 174'.'. No " istory. 

4. Samuel Webster, bap. April 9, 1749, is said to have been 
"lost at sea," but the Grant Genealogy identifies him as the one 
whose marriage follows: Samuel Webster m. Lucy Bissell, b. Apr. 
23, 1739, dau. of David and Sarah (Grant) Bissell. 

Jan. 11, 1765, Lucy Webster, wife of Samuel Webster, purchased land 
in Windsor of David, Daniel 3d, Elijah and Sarah Bissell, all of Wind- 
sor, wit's Josiah and Noah Bissell. 

They resided at East Windsor Hill, Ct., where he d. June 2, 
1799, in 62d year of his age (b. 1737), and she d. Jan. 19, 1823, 
aged 83 years. 

July 12, 1799, an inventory of the estate of Samuel Webster 
was exhibited. Letters of adm. were granted July 5, 1799, to Lucy 
Webster and Richard Strickland. Creditors were C} r renius and 
Walter Webster. 

Children: Lucy, b. Sep. 2, 1763; Walter, July 21, 1765; Grove, 
Dec. 31, 1767; Wealthy, Nov. 9, 1769; Clark, Jan. 4, 1772, d. 
Feb. 8, 1790, aged 18 ys. 

(1) Lucy, b. Sep. 2, 1763, dau. of Samuel and Lucy (Bissell) Webster, 
m. Dec. 28, 1786, Richard Strickland. 

5th Gen.j Kobert Webster's Line 113 

(2) Walter, a brother, d. unm. 1808, Feb. 1, Inventory of the estate 
of Walter Webster was exhibited. 

(3) Grove, a brother, d. unm. 

In Dimock's records of Mansfield, Tolland Co., Ct. is this: 1845, Apr. 
20, Lucy Webster of East Windsor, m. Edmund Craine of Mansfield. 

(4) Wealthy, a sister, of East Windsor, Ct., b. Nov. 9, 1769, m. 1S00, 
Asa Bowe, b. June 20, 1776, son of Amos Bowe and his first wife, Lydia 

. Wealthy d. Apr. S, 1825, and he m. (2) Sabra Strickland. He 

d. at East Windsor Hill, June 20, 1848. Children : Abner, b. July 11, 1801, 
d. May 21, 1809; Eliza, Oct. 24, 1S03, d. unm. Aug. 18, 1858; Wealthy, 
Jan. 28, 1806; Emeline, Nov. 1, 1808; Laura, May 3, 1811. 

(a) Wealthy Bowe, m. Jan. 22, 1835, Eleazor Fenton of East Wind- 
sor. They removed to Hopewell, Ontario Co., N. Y., and thence to Ridge- 
ville, Warren Co., O., where she d. Aug. 29, 1885. 

(b) Emeline Bowe, m. Nov. 5, 1839, Julius Birge. 

(c) Laura Bowe, m. as his second wife, Obadiah Allen Bowe. She d. 
July 30, 1879. He was editor of The Mohawk Times and Herkimer 

5. Micah Webster, of Wintonbury, Ct., bap. March 17, 1751. 
Was a soldier in War of Kevolution, as shown in Stiles' Windsor 
and on Army roll. 

Revolutionary muster rolls say, private Micah Webster enlisted May 
25, 1777, for 8 months, in Capt. Abner Prior's Co., Col. Philip Burr Brad- 
ley's Regt., Conn. Foot, under Brigadier Gen'l. Huntington. He is borne 
on all the muster rolls from enlistment to his discharge, Jany. 8, 1778. 

He lived, at least, during his latter days with his brother Aaron Web- 
ster. He never married. He died at his brother's in Henrietta, Monroe 
Co., N. Y., June 31, 1829, aged 78 years, and is buried in the Patterson 

In a list of Windsor men, or those who enlisted there in War of Revo- 
lution, appear the names of Timothy, Zephaniah and Micah Webster; the 
latter enlisted in 1777 in 4th Conn. Reg't, Cap. Abner Prior's Co. And in 
a list of those who went out from Windsor in Oct. 1777, in a detachment 
under Ensign David Barber of Windsor, of Lt. Col. Willey's Regt. state 
militia, who started for Peekskill, Oct. 6, and were absent 38 days, appears 
the name of Corp. Zephaniah Webster. The end. 

6. Aaron Webster, born Aug. 1753, and bap. Sept, 1, 1753, a 
farmer of Henrietta, Monroe Co., N\ Y., mar. at Bloomfield (Win- 
tonbury), Ct., July 1, 1778, Mary Sheppard, born Feb. 18, 1759, 
and bap. July 8, same year, same place, dau. of Thomas Sheppard. 

In 1793, Aaron Webster removed to New Canaan, Columbia Co., N. Y., 
and July 5, 1822, removed to Henrietta, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

He served in the War of the Revolution. He alleges service as follows, 
in his Pension Claim: 1st "Enlisted at Windsor, in 1775, for 7 months 
to go to Boston as a private under Capt. Humphrey in Col. Huntington's 
Regt. Served out the term and was discharged at Roxbury, Mass." 

2d "Enlisted at Windsor in April 1776 for 7 months to go to New 
York as a Sergeant under Capt. Jonah Gillett, in Col. Gay's Regt., and 

114 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

Gen'l James Wadsworth's Brigade. He says that Col. Gay died in New- 
York and that Col. Hart succeeded to the command on Long Island. He 
served out his term and was discharged at North Castle." 

3d "Enlisted at Windsor for two months in Sept. 1777, to go to Rhode 
Island as a Sergeant under Capt. Jonathan Humpl rey, in Col. McClel- 
lan's Regt. Thinks . that this Regt. belonged to the "New Levies" and 
to the "State Line." He served out the term and was discharged at 
Providence, R. I. Was in the engagements at Flatbush and on Long 

Besides above mentioned services he served in the militia of Ct. for 4 
years during the Revolutionary period. He says that his house was 
burned Dec. 10, 1800 with all his papers including his Sergeant's War- 
rant signed by Col. McClannan (McClellan). 

The "Record of Conn. Men in the Revolution," reports Aaron Webster 
served in the 3d Co., Capt. Jabez Thompson, of Derby, of the 1st Regt., 
Col. (Gen'l) David Wooster, of New Haven, as a private, from May 18 
to Dec. 20, 1775. The 3d Co. served at the siege of Boston. In the latter 
part of June the Regt. marched to New York and encamped at Harlem, 
and a small detachment guarded stock on Long Island during the Sum- 
mer. About Sept. 28, the Regt. marched to the Northern department, 
Gen'l Schuyler's, and took part in operations along Lakes George and 
Champlain. It assisted in the reduction of St. Johns in Oct. and after- 
wards was stationed in part at Montreal. There is nothing to show on 
the record whether the 3d Co. served with the Regt. at all. 

In the History of Seymour, Ct. (1879) a list of guards for duty detailed 
at Horse Neck from Sep. 15 to 21, 1777, contains the name of Aaron 
Webster. He was allowed a Pension of $65 per annum. 

Both died in Henrietta, N. Y., she July 26, 1833, and he June 
4, 1843. Both are buried in the Patterson Cemetery, 1 1-2 miles 
from Tenner's near West Henrietta. 

Children: (All born and bap. at Bloomfield, Ct.) Aaron, born 
May 26, 1779, bap. June 28, following; Samuel, bap. Aug. 25, 1782, 
and died at 6 years; Polly, bap. Sept. 29, 1784; Electa, born July 
25, 1786, and bap. the Sept. following; Samuel, born April 28, 
1787, bap. Nov. 24, 1787; Charlotte (or Charley) Sheppard, born 
April 9, 1789, bap. Oct. 14, 1792; Theron, born May 8, 1791, bap. 
Oct. 14, 1792; Almeron; Cynthia; Eliza. Resumed in Chapter XI. 

7. Anne Webster, bap. Nov. 12, 1758, m. John Allen. Noth- 
ing further known. 

8. Timothy Webster, born Feb. 9, 1761, bap. April 26, follow- 
ing, mar. at Windsor, Ct., July 1784, Sarah Allen, born Oct. 13, 
1763, a relative (said to have been a cousin) of Gen'l. Ethan Allen. 

Timothy Webster was a farmer and at one time owned a farm in Conn, 
which he lost by endorsing a friend, after which he removed to Columbia 
Co., N. Y. Dec. 17, 1784, Timothy Webster of Windsor and Sarah his 
wife sell to Elisha Allen of W. land in Wintonbury Parish. 

It is alleged that he served as a soldier in the War of the Revolution 

5th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 115 

but no record of his service has been found and no Pension was allowed 
to his widow. It is claimed that he served as a private in Capt. Gris- 
wold's Co., of Conn, militia and also as an Ensign in Capt. Parson's Co., 
of Ct. militia and that he first enlisted in 1778 or 1779. His widow was 
residing in 1839, at Sullivan, Madison Co., N. Y., then very poor and 
only kept out of the Poor House by her pride. 

Stiles in his "Ancient Windsor," gives from old certificates of enlist- 
ment, etc., the name of Timothy Webster as one who went from Wind- 
sor in the War of the Revolution. 

He died at Livingston Manor, Columbia Co., N. Y., June 9, 
■ 1813, and she at Sullivan, Madison Co., N. Y., July 31, 1841. 

Children: (All born in Hartford Co., Ct.) Timothy, Jr., born 
May 29, 1785; Sally, born Nov. 1, 1791; Truman, born Aug. 4, 
1794; Mary, born March 4, 1801; Truxton, born March 9, 1803; 
Harlow, born Oct. 1, 1805. Resumed in Chapter XL 

9. Rachel Webster, bap. April 8, 1764, m. Gillett. Nothing 
further known. 

Fifth Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Lieut. Rob- 
ert Webster, by his daughter, Elizabeth, who married John Sey- 
mour, Jr., of Hartford, Ct. 

Section 1.— Children of John and Lydia (Mason) Seymour of 
Neiv Haven, Ct. John was the son of John Seymour, Jr. and 
Elizabeth (Robert, Gov. John) Webster. 

1. Elisha Seymour, b. March 25, 1722, Hartford, Ct., d. June 
19, 1790, at West Hartford, Ct., m. there, July 5, 1743, Abigail 
Sedgwick, b. Dec. 2, 1722, dau. of Ebenezer and Prudence (Merrill) 

Children: Elisha; Enos; Eli; Levi; Ebenezer; Abigail; Pru- 

(1) Ebenezer Seymour, one of the above children, a farmer, m. 
May 5, 1777, in Parmington, Ct., Achsah Woodruff, b. there ab. 
1755, dau. of James and Lydia (Curtis) Woodruff. He rem. from 
West Hartford, Conn., to Rome, Herkimer Co., (now Oneida Co.) 
N. Y., where he d. ab. 1808. He was a soldier in the Revolution, 
1st Conn. Reg't, Major Roger Newberry, commanding, 4th Co., 
Lieut. Charles Seymour, commanding, and others. His children 
were Miranda, b. W. Hartford, Ct., Sep. 16, 1779; Eber, bap. May 
15, 1781; Ebenezer, bap. June 2, 1782; Archibald; Dyer. 

Miranda Seymour, above, m. Feb. 6, 1803, prob. at Rome, N. 
Y., Amos Halbert, b. Apr. 6, 1778, in Pelham, Hampshire Co., 
Mass. Both d. in Pavilion, N. Y., she Aug. 1, 1851, and he, June 
7, 1862. Their son Harrison Halbert, b. March 3, 1814, at Pavi- 
lion, N. Y., m. there, Nov. 1, 1838, Harriet Emelia Tillotson, b. 
there Oct. 4, 1819. Their dau. Emma Miranda Halbert, b. Jan. 
28, 1840, at Perry, N. Y., m. Jan. 16, 1862, at Grand Rapids, 

116 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 4 

Mich., Myron Miller, a farmer, b. July 2, 1835, at Scottsville, N. 
Y. He was educated at the Homer, N. Y. Academy, and she at 
Ingham University, LeEoy, N. Y. He d. Apr. 26, 1890, at Scotts- 
ville. She was living, 1913, and with her son, Elbert Harrison 
Tillotson Miller, b. Jan. 30, 1863. She has made extensive tours 
abroad. He is interested in New England genealogy and hopes 
soon to publish the History and Genealogy of the William Miller 
Family of Northampton, Mass., to which he belongs. Eesidence, 
1913, Scottsville, Monroe Co., N". Y. The end. 


Fifth Generation — Great Grand Children of Thomas and Abi- 
gail Alexander Webster in the Line of Thomas 
the son of Gov. John Webster. 

First Generation, Gov. John and Agnes Webster. — Second, Thomas 
and Abigail Alexander Webster. — Third, Children of Thomas 
and Abigail Alexander Webster named in the Divisions of this 
Chapter. — Fourth, Grandchildren of Thomas and Abigail Alex- 
ander Webster named in the numbered Sections of this Chapter. — 
Fifth, Great Grandchildren of the same named in the numbered 
Paragraphs of this Chapter, printed in heavy face type. 

First Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Thomas and 
Abigail Alexander Webster, by their eldest son, George Webster 
of Lebanon, Ct., who married Sarah Bliss. 

Section 1. — Children of Samuel (George, Thomas, Gov. John) 
and Anna (Marsh) Webster of Lebanon, Ct. 

1. Jerusha Webster, date of birth unknown, m. (1) June 
25, 1754, at Lebanon, Ct., Joseph Martin, bap. Aug. 29, 1729, d. 
1755, s. of Joseph, s. of William. She m. (2) as his second wife, 
William Hall of Guilford, Litchfield, and Lebanon, Ct., and Han- 
over, 1ST. H. 

Children: (Hall) (2d m.) Webster, Mercy, Joseph, Ithamar, 
Jerusha. Webster Hall and Ithamar Hall are named in the Cen- 
sus of 1790 in New Hampshire. The end. 

2. Sarah Webster, b. ab. 1730, m. Abijah Martin of Wood- 
bury, Litchfield Co., Ct., son of Joseph and Sarah (Harris) Mar- 
tin, b. Oct. 16, 1720. He first married, July 13, 1741, Mary Terril, 
who d. in 1745. After her death he married Sarah Webster under an 
assumed name. Can this be it? 1748, April 14, James Jetson and 
Sarah Webster were married. (Lebanon, Conn, records.) 

April 1, 1746, Abijah Martin for himself and his heirs does "resign 
up" certain lands to the proprietors. Oct. 1, 1746, sells to William Martin. 
July 8, 1755, Abijah Martin, Asahel Martin, Andrew Martin, Amos Mar- 
tin (all begin with A.) sold to Benjamin Stiles land owned by their 
honored father, Joseph Martin, late of Woodbury, deceased. 

Abijah Martin was a sea captain. Because of domestic troubles it is 
said that he changed his name. When this became known to his second 
wife, Sarah Webster, she refused to live with him. At length she re- 
lented and they were remarried under his true name. Their home was 


118 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

in Bethlehem, a hamlet of Woodbury, Ct. In the French and Indian War 
he was taken prisoner, and was given up by his friends as lost. Twice 
she married him, and twice mourned him as dead. 

He had one son by his first marriage: Elijah Martin, b. April 15, 1744, 
who was reared by his step-mother with such care that she seemed par- 
tial to him. 

They finally removed to Peacham, Caledonia Co., Vt., where she 
reached the age of nearly ninety years, so well-preserved and self- 
reliant that she drove spirited horses to near the end of her life. 
She died June 18, 1819, and was followed to the grave by sixty of 
her descendants, and it was said in the funeral sermon of her, "a 
saint who had sojourned awhile on earth." Three of her sons were 
in the Eevolutionary War, two enlisting from Bethlehem, Ct. 

Children: (Martin) Sarah, b. 1751; Abijah; (1749, Dec. 25, 
Abijah s. of Abijah Martin died,) (the following b. at Woodbury, 
Ct.) Andrew, bap. Sep. 5, 1756; Jerusha, bap. Oct. 8, 1758; 
Ashbel, bap. Nov. 27, 1760; David, bap. Aug. 11, 1763; Samuel, bap. 
May 11, 1766; Marsh, Aug. 27, 1769, probably died in infancy; 
Mary Ann, May 31, 1772. 

(1) Sarah m. Elias Hand of Bethlehem, Ct., where he d. prior to 1800. 
She removed to Peacham, Vt., and d. in 1844, aged 93. Her farm ad- 
joined her brother David's. 

(2) Andrew was a soldier in the Eevolutionary War; was twice mar- 
ried. Lived at Peachem, Vt. and Haverhill, N. H. Was 76 years old when 
he applied for a pension. 

(3) Jerusha m. Seth Fairehild. She d. at Peachem, Vt., in 1838. Their 
daughter, Susan, m. Timothy Cowles of East Hartford, Conn. A grand- 
daughter, Jane Elizabeth Cowles, resides, 1914, at 8 Sever Street, Plymouth, 
Mass., and has contributed much to the Cowles Genealogy which is being 
prepared for publication by Col. C. D. Cowles, retired, of the U. S. Army. 

(4) Cap. Ashbel was in the Revolutionary War. He m. a Chamber- 
lain. She d. at Peacham, Vt., at an advanced age. 

(5) Captain David was in the Revolutionary War. He m. Olive or 
Sylvia Hard, and d. at Peacham, Vt., about 1840. 

(6) Samuel m. (1) Chloe Stoddard, and (2) Ann Granger of Shef- 
field, Ct. He had a son and a grandson name "Webster" Martin. He d. 
at Stanstead, 1808. 

(7) Mary Ann m. Nov. 20, 1795, Cap. James Chamberlain. She d. at 
Orwell, Vt., 1860, having survived her husband 56 years. 

Tradition had it that Nathan Martin who took up land in Peacham, Vt., 
in 1784, was a son of Abijah and Sarah (Webster) Martin. (Furnished 
by Helen Guilford, 1820 Hawthorne Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 25, 

3. Anne Webster, bap. July 26, 1740, m. George Smith of Leb- 
anon, Ct. Nothing further. 

Section 2. — Children of Jonathan (George, Thomas, Gov. John) 
and Mary (Strong) Webster, Lebanon, Ct. 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 119 

1. Jonathan Webster b. Feb. 26, 1727, at Lebanon, Ct., m. (1) 
at Lebanon, Ct. May 25, 1748, Dorathy Hills, b. Nov. 20, 1730, 
dau. of Philip and Hannah (Cutting) Hills, who died April 3, 
1762, and he m. (2) Nov. 24, 1763, Ruth Holdridge. 

He was admitted to the church in Goshen, Ct., Aug. 23, 1741. 

The Records of the Town of Sharon, Ct., show. "Nov. 13, 1744, Thomas 
Spafford, of Sharon, deeds a certain half right or allotment of land in 
Sharon, to Jonathan Webster, of Lebanon." Miss Talcott says she does 
not find the name of Webster on Family Records of Sharon at all and she 
thinks that they may have settled on the New York side of the line in 
Dutchess Co. 

In an old Church Record of Exeter Parish, Lebanon, Ct., appears the 
following without date: The following are names of persons that sub- 
scribed for a building in Exeter to be used as a place of worship and 
schoolhouse called Brewster's Church. It (the Church) proved a failure 
and is now used as a schoolhouse, and called Church schoolhouse. In 
said subscription appear the names of David, Ruth, Jonathan, Benoni, 
Ruel, Gershom and Laban Webster. 

Feb. 20, 1783, at Lebanon, David Webster, of Lebanon, and James 
Webster, same place, receipted for lands from the estate of their father, 
Jonathan Webster. Witnesses were Jonathan Webster, Jr., and Ruel Web- 

Williamantic Probate Records, April 23, 1783: Administration granted 
Ruth Webster and James Webster, (widow and son) on the estate of Jon- 
athan Webster, late of Lebanon, deceased; and April 14, 1784, they were 
directed to sell some portion and give notice of the sale at Lebanon, and 
also, Exeter Parish; and April 21, 1785, they reported that they had sold 
to Rufus Lamb of Lebanon, and to Benoni Webster. June 19, 1783, an in- 
ventory was filed, taken by Daniel Abel, Jun., Israel Williams, and Elias 

April 21, 1785: Distribution ordered, viz: to widow, her thirds; to 
James Webster, administrator, to pay debts, 26 pounds, and remainder 
to be divided into 12 equal shares and distributed as follows ; viz : to 
Jonathan, Israel, William, Benoni, Ruel, Gershom, Laban, Dorathy, Molly, 
Aaron and Ruth, equal shares to each, except Jonathan to whom a double 

May 2, 1785 : Distribution made to James Webster, administrator to 
pay a debt; to widow Ruth Webster, to eldest son Jonathan, to son Israel, 
to son William, to son Ruel, to son Benoni, to son Gershom, to son Laban, 
to youngest son Aaron, to eldest daughter Dorathy, to second daughter 
Molly, and to third daughter Ruth. 

May 29, 1787: At Lebanon, Ruth Webster (the widow) receipted for 
75 pounds, 19 shillings, 6 pence, in full for her dower. Witnesses, Ruel 
and Dolly Webster. 

June 9, 1809: Claim allowed against estate of Jonathan Webster, who 
died in 1783, to the administrator, James Webster, and mentions that the 
widow had also been one of the administrators, but was then dead and 
refers to two sons who had become of lawful age before the widow died. 

Oct. 10, 1809: Division of estate (widow's thirds) ordered, viz: to 
James Webster administrator, amount of his claim against deceased, 

120 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

widow's thirds, to eldest son Jonathan a double share, and to the other 
10 children equal shares. 

Oct. 31, 1809: Distribution of that part of estate which had been set 
to widow as dower, viz: to James Webster, administrator, for a debt; to 
eldest son Jonathan two shares; to Benoni, Ruel, Laban, Israel, William, 
Gershom; to Dorathy Webster, Molly Webster, Aaron and Ruth. 

Dec. 16, 1809: Isaac Webster (probably should be Israel), William 
Webster, Benoni Webster, James Morgan and his wife Ruth, and Aaron 
Webster, appeal from the decision of the Court which allowed $40 to 
James Webster, one of the administrators. 

In an old Co. roll of War of the Revolution, certified to by Capt. John 
Isham, and containing names of persons who enlisted at Colchester, Ct., 
and vicinity, appears the name of Jonathan Webster, "1776, New York 

He died prior to April 23, 1783, at which date Administration 
was granted on his estate. His widow Enth was in Hartland, Vt., 
Feb. 12, 1809, when she signed a lease for her property in Lebanon, 
Ct. She died in Hartland, Vt., Mch. 12, 1810. 

Children: (Births at Lebanon; Baptisms at Goshen.) (1st m.) 
Jonathan, b. Feb. 23, 1748-9, bap. Feb. 26, same year; James, b. 
Dec. 22, 1751, bap. Jan. 26, 1752; David, b. Feb. 14, 1754, new 
style; Israel, b. May 25, 1756, bap. May 30, following; William, b. 
Aug. 1, 1758, and bap. Aug. 13, following; Zenas, b. June 7, 1760, 
bap. June 16, following; Benoni, b. April 3, 1762, and bap. next 
day at his father's house. 

(2d m.) Buel, bap. Oct. 23, 1764; Gershom, bap. July 7, 1765; 
Laban, bap. June 7, 1767; Dolly, bap. June 3, 1769; Molly, bap. 
May 23, 1773; Euth, date unknown; Aaron, b. Sep. 20, 1778. Ee- 
sumed in Chapter XII. 

2. Mary Webster, b. Dec. 14, 1729, m. Jan. 3, 1745, David 

When her father's Will was written in 1746 she was not men- 
tioned by her married name, but Jan. 1, 1747, she and her hus- 
band, David Eoberts, sign a receipt. The end. 

3. Israel Webster, b. June 18, 1735, d. at Lake George, Oct. 
24, 1755, in the 21st year of his age, in the French and Indian 

Original rolls on file in the State Library, at Hartford, Conn., show 
that Israel Webster served in Capt. Ebenezer Leach's Co. in the 4th 
Regiment of the Colony of Conn, in his Majesty's service; in the French 
and Indian War, as a private from Sept. 10 to Oct. 24, 1755 (6 weeks and 
3 days) when he died. His "wages" amounted to 2 pounds, one shilling 
and 11 pence. 

From Willimantic Probate Record, Lake George, Oct. 23, 1755, Israel 
Webster revealed his will to Joseph Hills and Samuel Hunt, that his 
sister Mary should have his mare and his brother Jonathan his best coat 
and jacket, and all the rest to go to his mother. 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 121 

Jany. 15, 1756, Administration granted on estate of Israel Webster, 
late of Lebanon, deceased. 

Hill and Hunt appeared in Court, at Lebanon, Ct., Dec. 31, 1755, and 
affirmed that Israel Webster declared his last will in their presence and 
that they committed the same to writing. The end. 

Section 3. — Children of Pelatiah {George, Thomas, Gov. John) 
and Mrs. Joanna (Smith, nee Crofoot) Webster of Goshen Parish, 
Lebanon, Ct. 

1. Rev. and Hon. Pelatiah Webster, a merchant and states- 
man of Philadelphia, Pa., b. Nov. 24, 1726, m. (1) Sep. 24, 1750, 
at Greenwich, Hampshire Co., Mass., Mrs. Euth Kellogg of Suf- 
fiekl, Ct. 

The town records of Greenwich, Mass., state that a purpose of 
marriage between Eev. Pelatiah Webster of Quobbin, Ct., and Mrs. 
Euth Kellogg of Suffield, Ct., was given Sep. 8, 1750. After be- 
ing posted three public days a certificate was issued Sep. 24, 1750. 

He m. (2) Eebecca Hunt. In the Boston, records, Common- 
wealth Eeport, Vol. 30 is this: 1785, Oct. 8, Pelatiah Webster, 
Esq., of Philadelphia, and Eebecca Hunt were married. 

Eev. Pelatiah Webster was graduated from Yale College in 1746, studied 
theology, and preached at Greenwich, Mass., 1748-49. 

From the ministry he turned aside to an active business career. His 
father, Pelatiah Webster, St., died Feb. 15, 1756, and the numerous real 
estate transactions occurring after that date, bearing the name of Pe- 
latiah Webster, were necessarily his, as no other Pelatiah Webster of 
suitable age was living at that time. We append the following: 

1756, Sep. 1, Pelatiah Webster became a land-owner in Stafford, Ct., 
but his name does not further appear there. He purchased of Noah Col- 
ton of Stratford, and his mother, Joanna Webster (by x mark) and Oliver 
Webster were witnesses. 

1757, Aug. 25, Wm. Clark and Jonathan Webster of Lebanon, adminis- 
trators on Estate of Pelatiah Webster, late of Lebanon, deceased, sell 
to Pelatiah Webster of Lebanon. 

1759, March 8, Pelatiah Webster of Ashford, Windham Co., Ct., gentle- 
man, buys land of Edward Goddard of Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., Mass., 
Gentleman, land in the westerly part of Hardwick, Worcester Co., Mass. 
Witnesses: Sarah Ward, Artemas Ward. 

1759, April 12, Daniel Bascom of Lebanon sells to Pelatiah Webster 
of Ashford, land in Lebanon. 

1759, Dec. 1, Pelatiah Webster of Windham sells to Jonathan Baker 
of Ashford, land in Coventry. 

1760, April 2 and 7, Pelatiah Webster of Windham buys of, and sells 
to Silas Bingham. 

1761, Oct. 1, Pelatiah Webster of Lebanon, buys of Joseph Mason of 
Willington, Ct., land in Windsor, Ct. Elizabeth Hill a witness. 

1761, Nov. 30, Pelatiah Webster of Lebanon sells to Oliver Pomeroy, 
land in Coventry. 

1762, Oct. 12, Pelatiah Webster of Lebanon, sells to Joseph Mason of 
Willington, Ct., land in Wintonbury (Windsor), Ct. 

122 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

1763, May 30, Pelatiah Webster, late of Greenwich, Mass., now of Le- 
banon, Ct., has land siezed in Hardwick, Mass., by Daniel Goddard, Att'y, 
for Edward Goddard, to satisfy a judgment. 

Some authorities have given 1755 as the year when Pelatiah Webster 
removed to Philadelphia which is a decade too early as shown by the 
real estate transactions, and confirmed by the next following: 

1770, Jan. 10, Pelatiah Webster, late of Lebanon, now of the City of 
Philadelphia, Pa., sells to his two brothers, Shadrach Webster of Green- 
wich, Massachusetts Bay Colony, and Oliver Webster of Lebanon, land 
formerly owned (in Lebanon) by "my honored father, Pelatiah Webster, 

Of him Noah Webster, LL. D., says: "Mr. Webster being dismissed 
from his pastoral charge, entered into trade, and settled in Philadelphia 
where he accumulated a handsome estate. He had attended a good deal 
to matters of finance, and during the Revolution it was customary for 
members of Congress, especially the Connecticut delegation, to pass even- 
ings Avith him, and consult upon the money concerns of the United States. 
In 1783 he wrote a dissertation on the "Political Union and Constitution 
of the United States." In this he attempted to prove the necessity of 
vesting Congress with more power. Mr. Webster had one son who died 
in Philadelphia in the summer after the British troops left the city. 
He had two daughters who married in Conn jcticut. Ruth married John 
Perit by whom she had two sons, John and Pelatiah. John settled in 
Philadelphia, and Pelatiah in New York. After the death of Mr. Perit 
she married Mr. Leffingwell of Norwich. She is still living (1836) and 
a widow. Sophia Webster, the other daughter of Pelatiah married Thad- 
deus Perit and had one son, Pelatiah, who died in early life." 

Drake's Dictionary of American Biography gives this summary: "A 
political writer. He studied theology and preached at Greenwich, Mass., 
in the winter 1748-49. He was afterwards a merchant in Philadelphia, 
Pa. He was an active Whig during the war of Revolution, and published 
a work on Political Economy. He succeeded David James Dove as teacher 
to the Germantown Academy, which was organized in 1760. In his 
"Political Economy" published in 1791, he gives an account (p. 187) of 
what he suffered by reason of the British occupation of Philadelphia. 
They threw him into prison in 1778 and detained him there 132 days." 

A very interesting letter of Pelatiah Webster to Mr. Silas Dean, dated 
Philadelphia, Pa., April 2, 1774, is published in full in Hinman's "Con- 
necticut in the Revolution." 

An article entitled "Observations in Finance," dated Philadelphia, Oct. 
4, 1776, was written by him. 

The General Assembly of Connecticut granted permission, Sep. 20, 
1777, to Pelatiah Webster to transport 5000 lbs. of sugar to Pennsyl- 

The splendor of Mr. Webster's career is becoming more and 
more apparent. Hon. Hannis Taylor, a former American minis- 
ter to Spain, and a writer of wide repute on constitutional law, 
prepared and presented to Congress in 1908 a memorial setting 
forth the claim that Hon. Pelatiah Webster of Philadelphia was 
the real and original architect of the Constitution of the United 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 123 

States. That our form of Federal government is the product of 
his mind alone ; that his "Dissertation on the Political Union and 
Constitution of the Thirteen United States of North America/' 
written Feb. 16, 1783, and published that year, was the common 
source from which came the four "plans" presented to the Con- 
stitutional Convention four years later, known as "the Virginia 
plan," "the Charles Pinckney plan," "the Connecticut plan," "the 
Alexander Hamilton plan;" and that the Constitution, as finally 
written and adopted, embodied his ideals largely unchanged and 
with few rejected; that the greatest of modern governments sprang 
into life, full-orbed from his clear and mighty brain. If later, the 
Hon. Daniel Webster was the most illustrious expander of the 
Constitution, it should be remembered that Hon. Pelatiah Webster, 
an earlier native and product of New England, was its intellectual 
creator. One has fittingly said of the three great Websters ; "Noah, 
Daniel and Pelatiah, but the greatest of these is Pelatiah." If out 
of the obscurity which has shrouded his memory for more than a 
hundred years should come at last a just estimate, it might go far 
toward establishing the above comparison. 

Space cannot be given for the entire Memorial which is Docu- 
ment No. 461 of the Senate, presented by Mr. Carter, May 4, 
1908, and may be had upon application to Senators or Eepresenta- 
tives, but certain extracts follow: 

"Pelatiah Webster needs the admissions neither of Madison nor Ban- 
croft to establish his title to the authorship of the 'wholly novel theory' 
now embodied in the Constitution of the United States, because that 
title rests upon contemporary documentary evidence as clear and con- 
vincing as that upon which rests Jefferson's title to the authorship of 
the Declaration of Independence. If that be true, then he has made 
a larger personal contribution to the science of government than any 
other one individual in the history of mankind. Among our nation- 
builders he stands second to Washington alone. 

"And yet among them all he only has been neglected and forgotten by 
his countrymen, not through any conscious omission, but because of a 
careless historical scholarship which has failed to present his great 
achievement in its true light. That conviction has impelled the under- 
signed — who has devoted more than thirty years to the special study of 
the origin and growth of our constitutional systems, State and Federal — 
to present to the Congress herein, very briefly, the historical data upon 
which Pelatiah Webster's right to immortality depends. He it was who 
first suggested the separate existence of the two Houses of. Congress, 
when, in 1783, he said, 'That the Congress shall consist of two Chambers, 
an Upper and Lower House, or Senate and Commons, with the concur- 
rence of both necessary to every act; and that every State send one or 
more delegates to each House: this will subject every act to two discus- 
sions before two distinct chambers of men equally qualified for the debate, 
equally masters of the subject, and of equal authority in the decision.' 

124 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

(The italics in all the quotations from Pelatiah Webster's paper are his 
own. ) 

"Prior to that utterance no Federal Assembly, ancient or modern, had 
ever consisted of two chambers; no one had ever suggested such an idea. 
If after a careful examination of all the facts the Congress shall deem 
the architect of our Federal Constitution unworthy of a monument, the 
undersigned prays in his behalf that this humble memorial may be 
embodied in its records so that succeeding generations may determine 
for themselves whether or no his work has been justly judged." 

Humbly presented by 

Hannis Taylor. 

The following is a partial account of the personal suffering 
which he endured in the struggle for American Independence. 

"In the Spring of 1777 Mr. Webster's connections in trade were again 
disastrously affected, not only by loss of property, but also for a time 
loss of personal freedom. Having loaded a vessel of his own with a cargo 
of flour and iron he sailed for Boston and, on April 6th, was unfortunately 
taken on the passage by the English frigate Orpheus and carried into 
Ehode Island, where he writes, 'after one month's imprisonment I was 
released on exchange, having lost my whole vessel and cargo to the amount 
of about 2000 pounds hard money for which I had not the least compen- 
sation.' Upon his release from prison in Rhode Island he immediately 
returned to Philadelphia and remained in the City when it was taken 
Sept. 26th, 1777, by the British. Among other reasons for so remaining 
he had a child sick with the small-pox, who could not be removed; 'but,' 
he writes 'I did not enjoy the least friendly or confidential interviews with 
the British troops.' 'For three months my time was spent in visiting the 
American prisoners in the gaols of Philadelphia and in procuring for and 
carrying to their relief such food and clothing as I could collect, at a 
time when their distresses were beyond all description, and when it was 
deemed a crime to show compassion to them. On Feb. 6th, 1778, I was 
taken out of my bed at 11 o'clock at night by order of General Howe and 
committed to gaol. I was under great apprehension that my daughters — 
one a little under, one a little over twenty years of age — would go out 
of their senses with their fright and their unprotected condition. I suf- 
fered a most severe confinement and my property to a large amount was 
seized and conveyed into the King's stores. I could not obtain any knowl- 
edge of the causes for these acts; the presumption generally admitted was 
that my constant and careful attention on the American prisoners was 
thought to imply too strong an attachment to Americans to be compatible 
with the duty or protection of a British subject." 

After the evacuation of the city 1778 — June 18th, — Mr. Webster recov- 
ered liberty and a part of his property, but sustained a loss of 500 pounds 
hard money. 

A writer in the Philadelphia Public Ledger, under date of April 
5, 1908, makes the following contribution to the history of this re- 
markable man: 

"It appears that some time before the Revolution, perhaps about the 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 125 

year 1770, Webster succeeded David James Dove as English teacher in 
the G-ermantown Academy. Dove it seems, became disgruntled with the 
management of the Germantown school and left, but he did not succeed 
very well with his school, which was established near the academy. Web- 
ster followed him, but how long he remained at the Germantown institu- 
tion I do not know — probably only for a few years, since he is known to 
have been in business in this city about the time of the Revolution. 

"The other fact, which I accidentally unearthed, was the burial of his 
wife. I do not remember to have seen stated anywhere that Webster was 
married, but it seems that he was. In the list of persons buried in the 
several churchyards in the city and Liberties from August 1 to November 
9, 1793, under the caption "Second Presbyterian" appears the name of 
"Rebecca, wife of Pelatiah Webster." The date is not given, consequently 
it is not known whether Mrs. Webster was one of the 4000 victims of the 
yellow fever or not. The fever did not rage during the whole of that 
period, and it was toward the end of August when it burst in its fury. 
It was very violent and secured many victims on Water street, and Web- 
ster, as is known, lived on that thoroughfare below Chestnut street." 

Nov. 11, 1793, Pelatiah Webster of the City of Philadelphia, merchant, 
made his Will, which was probated Sep. 9, 1795. The following are its 
bequests : 

To my granddaughter, Alitheia Sparhawk, daughter of my late daughter, 
Alitheia, wife of Doct. John Sparhawk, lots on 4th Street, between Chest- 
nut and Walnut Streets. 

To my grandson, Pelatiah Perit, son of my late daughter, Sophia, wife 
of Thaddeus Perit of the City of New Haven, Ct., Merchant, land in New 
Haven that I bought of Jared Ingersoll, Esq. 

To my two grandsons, John Webster Perit and Pelatiah Perit, sons of 
my son-in-law, John Perit, and my daughter, Ruth, his wife, my stock 
in the Company of Webster, Adgate and White. 

To my granddaughter, Rebecca Hunt Perit, — devised to Maria Perit. 
My two granddaughters, Rebecca Hunt Perit and Maria Perit. 

To sucli children of my son-in-law, Perit, and my daughter Ruth his 
wife, as shall be living at my death, a tract of land in Luzern County, 
lying on the waters of Wyalusing and Mesch oping Creek, containing about 
12,500 acres, which I bought of Samuel Wallis. 

All my grandchildren, who are the above legatees, are infants under 
lawful age. 

Executors: John and Ruth Perit. 

Witnesses: Mordecia Wetherill, Joshua Lippencott, Charles C. White. 

Pelatiah Webster and his son-in-law, John Perit, were buried in 
the Arch Street Cemetery, Philadelphia, one of, if not the oldest 
cemeteries in the city. It was subsequently abandoned, and the 
land condemned for business purposes. A section in Mount Ver- 
non Cemetery, opposite Laurel Hill Cemetery was bought for the 
reinterment of removed bodies. The remains of Mr. Webster and 
Mr. Perit were accordingly taken from Arch street to Mount Ver- 
non and placed side by side. A stone slab covers their graves, but 
the slab was erected for Mr. Perit and reads : "Sacred to the mem- 

126 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

ory of John Perit, late of Norwich, in Connecticut, who departed 
this life, Jan. 12th, 1793, aged 56 years." Webster has no tomb- 
stone and his resting place is fixed by this slab only. The grave 
is located near the center of the northwest section which was pur- 
chased by the trustees of the old Arch Street Cemetery. 

Dates of death have not been obtained of either wife, and his 
death occurred not long prior to the probating of his Will, Sep. 
9, 1795. Descendants claim that there is no picture of Hon. Pe- 
latiah Webster extant. 

Children: (Record of Town of Greenwich, Mass.) Abethia, b. 
Oct. 24, 1751; Pelatiah, April 16, 1753; Euth, Oct. 8, 1754, died 
Dec. 27, 1754; Ruth b. ab. 1755; Sophia, Jan. 9, 1761. Resumed 
in Chapter XII. 

2. Ebenezer Webster, b. Sep. 15, 1729, no history. Not men- 
tioned in his father's Will, April 2, 1760. The end. 

3. Shadrach Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Sept. 14, 1732, mar. 
at Greenwich, Hampshire Co., Mass., (Intentions published March 
6, 1756.) Elizabeth Wright, both of Greenwich. He died prior 
to Sept. 18, 1770, probably at Greenwich, Mass., and she was living 
at that place Sept. 18, 1770. She m. (2) Dec. 23, 1772, John 
Hunt, Jr., at Hardwick, Mass. 

From Hunt Genealogy: John Hunt, of Hardwick, Worcester Co., Mass., 
son of John, h. in 1749, mar. (1) Dec. 23, 1772, Elizabeth Webster, and 
(2) Sept. 23, 1784, Sarah Foy. W. H. W. says: This Elizabeth Webster 
was probably the widow of Shadrach Webster, and yet the following would 
indicate that she must have been separated from Hunt as he married (2) 
Sarah Foy in 1784. Elizabeth Webster Hunt was -.ot dead in 1782 when 
Patience Hunt made her will, next following. 

Will of Patience Hunt, of Hardwick, Mass., dated Oct. 28, 1782, proved 
in 1784, bequeathed to daughter Elizabeth, late wife of John Hunt. Codicil 
mentions the heirs of her daughter Elizabeth; Caroline (Wright) Webster, 
and Patience (Wright) Webster. 

North Hampton Probate Records show Sept. 18, 1770: Inventory made 
of estate of "Sharach" Webster of Greenwich; Elizabeth Webster, ad- 

Children: Sarah, born Sept. 5, 1759; Elizabeth, born Oct. 11, 
1761; Lavina, born March 7, 1764; Patience Wright, born May 
15, 1766. (All born at Lebanon, Ct., except the first, the place 
of whose birth is unknown. There may have been a fifth child, or 
making at least five in all, named Caroline Wright.) Resumed in 
Chapter XII. 

4. Oliver Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., May 6, 1735, mar. 
March 25, 1760, Patience Wright, of Greenwich, Mass. Bay. He 
was a resident of Lebanon, Ct., till about 1770, when he removed 
to Worthington, Mass. He died at Bennington, Licking Co., Ohio, 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 127 

about 1816, having previously followed his son Pelatiah to that 
State. She died in Delaware Co., Ohio. 

Oliver Webster, Sr., served in the French and Indian Wars in Capt. 
Edmond Wells' Co. as a private from April 9, 1757, for 2 weeks and 4 
days, receiving "as his total "wages" 10 shillings and 3 pence, — a Co. of 
Conn, troops. 

Oliver Webster served in the War of Revolution for 8 months in Capt. 
John McGreiger's Co., Col. John Durkee's Regt. Conn. Line. Enlisted 
Aug. 16, 1779, and discharged Jany. 15, 1780. Name on muster from 
Sep. 30, 1779 to Feb. 1, 1780. Muster of 1780 made at Morristown. 

From Hunt Genealogy: Will of widow Patience Hunt, of Hardwick, 
Mass., dated Oct. 28, 1782, and proved 1784, bequeaths to daughter Pa- 
tience, wife of Oliver Webster, of Worthington, Mass.; to daughter Eliza- 
beth, late wife of John Hunt- Codicil mentions heirs of daughter Eliza- 
beth; Caroline Wright Webster, and Patience Wright Webster. 

1762, Feb. 8, Oliver Webster of Lebanon sells to Samuel Webster of 
Lebanon land there which did belong to my father, Pelatiah Webster dec'd. 
Boundaries mention land set out to my sister Abigail. 

1772, Jan. 28, Oliver Webster of Lebanon sells to Beriah Southworth 
land set off to him from his mother Joanna's Est. 

1791, June 24, Oliver and Constant Webster of Worthington, Hampshire 
Co., Mass., Sarah Wadsworth of New Britain, N. Y., Joseph Bailey and 
Jerusha his wife, of Sharon in Litchfield Co., Ct., and Gideon Osterhout 
(or Osterpont) and Abigail his wife of Shumway, Luzern Co., Pa., sell to 
Anderson Martin of Lebanon, land there from their father's estate. 

Children: (The five following were born and bap. at Lebanon, 
Ct.) Oliver, born Feb. 7, 1761; Mary, Nov. 20, 1762, bap. Nov. 28, 
same year, at Goshen Church; Ebenezer, born Oct. 25, 1764, bap. 
Nov. 4, 1765; Huldah, born Jany. 18, 1767, bap. March 1, fol- 
lowing; Joana, born Aug. 2, 1769. (The following were born at 
Worthington, Hampshire Co., Mass.) Lucinda, July 27, 1772; 
Claricy, Oct. 22, 1774; Sarah, May 25, 1777; Parthenia, Jany. 26, 
1780; Pelatiah, Sept. 24, 1782; Althea, (Allethea) Feb. 11, 1787. 
Eesumed in Chapter XII. 

5. Sarah Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Sep. 7, 1737, m. there, 
Nov. 4, 1760, John Wadsworth, b. there, 1737, son of John Wads- 
worth. They settled in Dover, Dutchess Co., N. Y., where he died 
in 1788. Her residence in 1791 was given as New Britain, N. Y. 
The Armenia, N. Y. records give in part the children following. 

Children: (Wadsworth) John, b. June 27, 1762; Joanna, b. 
April 15, 1764, d. 1829; Joseph, 1765; Sarah, Aug. 27, 1767, d. 
1818; Benjamin, June 29, 1768; Jerusha, April 12, 1771, d. 1814; 
Betsey, 1772, d. same year; Constant Webster, 1774; Betsey 
(again), 1776, d. 1777; Ebenezer, 1778. The end. 

128 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

6. Jerusha Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Oct. 29, 1739, m. there, 
Nov. 23, 1758, Joseph Bailey, Jr., b. May 4, 1733, s. of Joseph and 
Abigail (Ingraham) Bailey of Lebanon, Ct. 

They resided, 1791, at Sharon, Litchfield Co. Ct. 

Joseph Bailey, Jr., was a soldier in the War of Kevokition. Both 
died in Sharon, Litchfield Co., Ct., and both are buried in the 
Ellsworth Cemetery, with others of their family. Inscriptions : 
"Joseph Bailey and Jerusha Webster, his wife, removed from Le- 
banon, Ct., in 1774. He died in Sharon, Ct., Sep. 15, 1802, aged 
69. Mrs. Jerusha Bailey, wife of Joseph Bailey, died Aug. 12, 
1803. Pelatiah W. Bailey, d. Dec. 3, 1812, aged 34. Jerusha 
Wadsworth Bailey, wife of Dea. Joseph Baile} r , died Feb. 20, 1814, 
aged 43. Dea. Joseph Bade}*, died Oct. 3, 1836, aged 69." 

Children: (Bailey) Jerusha, b. Jan. 23, 1760; Abigail, April 
1, 1762; Mercy, 1764; Sarah, Dec. 20, 1765; Joseph, b. 1767; Pe- 
latiah, b. Mch. 21, 1778; Benjamin, b. 1780; Joanna, b. June, 

(1) Jerusha- Bailey, m. Mch. 17, 1792, Luke Wolcott. (2) Abigail 
Bailey, m. Aug. 12, 1785, Solomon Young. (3) Mercy Bailey, m. Mch. 
17, 1792, Sylvester Babcock, probably a son of Elisha Babcock. (4) 
Sarah Bailey, m. July 17, 1803, in Sharon, Ct., Samuel S. Elliott, b. July 
21, 1753. Children: (Elliott) Isaac, b. Sharon, Ct., July 9, 1806. Isaac 
Elliott, m. March 11, 1834, Sarah Hurd. He died in Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Children: (Elliott) Samuel Hurd, b. Mch. 13, 1840, d. 1841; Betsey Maria, 
called "Bessie," b. Nov. 21, 1841; Samuel Hurd, b. Mch. 2, 1846; Sarah, 
b. Sep. 1, 1848. Note: This Elliott family are descendants of John Elliot, 
the first missionary to the Indians, b. in England, 1604. He m. 1632, Ann 
Mountfort, and the same year became minister of the Church at Roxbury, 
Mass., where he died, May 20, 1690. 

(5) Joseph Bailey, Jr., m. Jerusha Wadsworth. They lived and died 
in Sharon, Ct. He was a Deacon in the Congregational Church in South 
Ellsworth, a village in the town of Sharon, where both died, she, Feb. 20, 
1814, aged 43, and he, Oct. 3, 1836, aged 69. Children: (Bailey) William; 
John; Joseph; Jerusha; Sarah. 

William Bailey, m. Cathrine Blake, dau. of James and Dorcas Blake. 
Children: James Blake Bailey, who m. Mary Schuyler. They both died 
at Tribe's Hill, N. Y., without issue. John Bailey married and has de- 
scendants in Western New York. Joseph Bailey married and has de- 
scendants in Niles, Mich. Jerusha Bailey m. a Mr. Hosford and settled 
in Carthage, N. Y. Sarah Bailey m. John Levi. Their son, Ezra Levi, 
married and removed to the west. Ezra Levi had a son James Bailey 
Levi, a mechanic and builder, who returned East and married Kate Silver- 
nale, of Salisbury, Ct., and settled in Norfolk, Ct. Ezra Levi had also 
two daughters. 

(6) Pelatiah Webster Bailey, m. Nov. 26, 1801, Phoebe Baldwin of New 
Milford, Ct. Children: (Bailey) Esther, b. Feb. 8, 1803; Lucretia, b. 
Aug. 8, 1805; Betsey, b. June 2, 1806; Joel Webster, b. Aug. 24, 1808; 
Truman Gaylord, b. July 24, 1810; Edwin H, b. June 21, 1812. 

Esther Bailey, m. Ebenezer Abel. 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 129 

Lucretia Bailey, m. Jan. 3, 1832, at New Milford, Litchfield Co., Ct., 
Alvah Harmon Buck, a lumber dealer, b. there in 1807, son of David See- 
ley and Susannah (Marsh) Buck. She d. in Bath, Steuben Co., N. Y., Sep. 
11, 1845, and he in Michigan, Sep. 10, 1858, and he is buried there. 
Children: (Buck) (First two b. in New Milford, Ct., and other three in 
Bath, N. Y.) Moses Edwin, b. June 27, 1833; Lucy Ellen, b. Dec. 8, 1836; 
Martha, b. Aug. 28, 1839, d. May 9, 1841; Lois Susan, b. Mch. 11, 1842; 
John Webster, b. Aug. 30, 1844. 

Moses Edwin Buck, a builder, m. at Towlesville, N. Y., Sep. 18, 1856, 
Ellen Willis. Both d. at Avoca, N. Y., she, Feb. 28, 1909, and he. Dec. 
23, 1913. Children: (Buck) Frances A., who m. Aaron Shaver, and their 
son, Floyd A. Shaver, b. Mch. 1, 1883, m. Dec. 26, 1906, Clara Mae Palmer. 
Residence, 108 N. Water St., Elmira, N. Y. Children: (Shaver) Burton 
A., b. Jan. 20, 1908, d. Apr. 23, following. — Lucy Ellen Buck m. Sep. 23, 
1854, at Bath, N. Y., Andrew Jackson Barton, a builder. He d. there in 
Mch., 1879, and she m. second, Daniel Hull. She resides, 1914, a widow, 
at 212 W. Morris St., with her son, Edwin H. Barton, Bath, N. Y. — Lois 
Susan Buck, m. Oct. 26, 1856, at Thurston, N. Y., Charles Washington 
Emerson, a farmer. He died in Bath, N. Y., where, 1914, she resides, the 
widow of her second husband, Simeon Stillwell, at 6 N. Washington Ave. 
Children: (Emerson) Herbert, b. Jan. 4, 1859; Albert Washington, b. Dec. 
5, 1867; Ward H., b. May 4, 1874. Herbert Emerson, m. in May, 1888, 
Arvilla Shiesley. Children: Lawrence, b. Feb. 25, 1890; Ethel S., b. Mch., 
1893. Lawrence Emerson, m. Jan. 14, 1914, Erma McCaslin. Ethel S. 
Emerson, m. Jan. 29, 1913, Frank Niffin. Albert Washington Emerson, m. 
Dec. 5, 1867, Emma Dildine. Res. Bath, N. Y. Children: (Emerson) 
Vera Belle, b. Nov. 22, 1888. She m. Nov. 24, 1908, Walter Benjamin. 
Children: (Benjamin) Gloria, b. Oct. 1, 1910. Ward H. Emerson resides 
in Syracuse, N. Y., 1318 S. Salina St. — John Webster Buck, m. July 1, 
1865, at Bath, N. Y., Ella Smith, where he died, Mch. 15, 1902, and she 
resides, 1914. Children: Emma Lucretia, b. May 7, 1867. Emma Lucretia 
Buck, m. Nov. 26, 1885, Charles Courtland Smith. Children: Edna, who 
m. July 1, 1914, Frederick William Parker. 

Betsey Bailey, m. Benjamin Handlin, of Sharon, Ct. Their dau., Esther 
Lucretia, b. there, Nov. 15, 1841, "a writer of history" married as his 
third wife, Sep. 23, 1889, at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Rodney Curtis, a 
shoe merchant, b. Apr. 29, 1810, at Stratford, Ct., son of Evert and Lucy 
(Patterson) Curtis. He d. May 29, 1901, at Bridgeport, Ct. No children. 
She resides, 1914, at Bath and Keuka Park, N. Y. She has furnished much 
of the material for the above record. The end. 

Joel Webster Bailey, m. Laura Marsh, of New Milford, Ct. 

Truman Gaylord Bailey, m. Betsey Maria Clark, of Sharon, Ct. Chil- 
dren: (Bailey) Cornelia Ann, b. July 19, 1834; Phoebe Eliza, b. Nov. 2, 
1837; Esther Maria, b. Jan. 24, 1845. 

Cornelia Ann Bailey, m. Oct. 8, 1863, Rev. William James. Children: 
(James) Annie, b. Nov. 1, 1870, at Hoboken, N. J.; William G-aylord, Jr., 
b. Dec. 28, 1871; Maria Louise, b. Jan. 11, 1872; George, b. Jan. 1, 1874. 
William James, Jr., was graduated at Rochester University. He m. Mabel 
Ford. He is pastor, 1913, of the Baptist Church at Ft. Plain, N. Y. 
Phoebe Eliza Bailey, m. Aug. 2, 1856, Benj. Franklin Dunham. Res., 1914, 
at 26 Foster St., Danbury, Ct. Children: (Dunham) Charles Francis, b. 

130 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

Apr. 1, 1861; Truman Alphonso, Mcli. 18, 1867; Clifford Corbin, b. Oct. 
22, 1874. (1) Chas. Francis, m. Dec. 26, 1891, Jennie Dixon. (2) Truman 
Alphonso, m. May 11, 1892, Sarah Brush. (3 Clifford Corbin, m. Aug. 14, 
1901, Mary Elizabeth Nichols. 

Esther Maria Bailey, m. Sep. 12, 1867, Watson Edward Beach. Res~ 
1914, Seattle, Wash. Children: (Beach) Kitlena Maria, b. Apr. 12, 1869, 
at Amenia, N. Y. ; Gail Watson, b. Dec. 11, 1874, at Norfolk, Ct. ; Florence 
Esther, b. June 9, 1880; Lelia Virgil, b. July 2, 1884, both at Hays, Ellis. 
Co., Kans. Kitlena Maria Beach, a graduate of the Boston Conservatory 
of Music, and instructor at Ottawa, Kans., m. there, Nov. 30, 1899, Wil- 
liam Frederick Ingham. Residence, 1914, 5612 Greenwood Ave., Seattle, 
Wash. Children: (Ingham) Frederick Watson, b. July 9, 1902; Theodore, 
b. July 15, 1905; Gordon, b. Oct. 31, 1909, at Kansas City, Mo. Prof. 
Gail Watson Beach, m. Aug. 23, 1904, Blanche Willis, of Ottawa, Frank- 
lin Co., Kans. Both were graduated from Ottawa University in 1895. He 
was called to the Chair of Science in the University of Grand Island, Neb.,. 
1900. Is now, 1913, at New Westminster, B. C. manufacturing shingles.. 
Children: (Beach) Donald W., b. Nov. 4, 1907, at Seattle, Wash.; Robert 
Willis, b. May 2, 1909; Russell Esterly, b. Apr. 20, 1913. Florence 
Esther Beach, a graduate of Ottawa University, and in Art at Barnard 
College, resides, 1913, unm., at Seattle, Wash. Lelia Virgil Beach, 
m. in May, 1908, at Ottawa, Kans., Carl Judson Cutler, both gradu- 
ates of Ottawa University. Children : ( Cutler ) Richard Horace, b. Apr. 
19, 1910, at Seattle, Wash.; Lawrence Gaylord, b. Sep. 12, 1913, at New 
Westminster, B. C. 

Edwin H. Bailey, died at twenty-three years, after studying for the 
ministry. The end. 

(7) Benjamin Bailey, m. a Loraine. The end. 

(8) Joanna Bailey, m. June 4, 1809, at Sharon, Ct., John Aaron Elliott. 
Both d. there, she, Jan. 11, 1848, and he, Dec. 17, 1864. Children: (El- 
liott) Anna Maria, b. Sep. 8, 1810; Margaret Elizabeth, b. June 25, 1812; 
John Williams, b. Oct. 18, 1814; Mary Amelia, b. Dec. 20, 1816, d. Dec. 
16, 1819; Henry, b. Feb. 27, 1819; Joseph Bailey, b. July 21, 1821; Samuel) 
W., b. Apr. 4, 1824; George Webster, b. Sep. 17, 1826, d. Feb. 13, 1832; 
Charles Frederick, b. Dec. 27, 1830, d. Men. 13, 1859; Frances Amelia, b. 
Aug. 27, 1835. 

Anna Maria Elliott, m. first, George Heath, and second, Harry Cowles. 
Both d. in Sharon, Ct., he, 1840, she, Sep. 30, 1884. Had one dau. by her 
first marriage, Anna Eliza, b. Aug. 24, 1837. She and her mother were- 
teachers in. a seminary in Alabama. She m. a Mr. Williams and soon both- 
died with yellow fever. Her mother remained in the South until the Civil 
War, when she returned to Sharon, Ct., and married Harry Cowles, as. 

Margaret Elizabeth Elliott, m. Robert H. Getty. They removed from 
Sharon, Ct., to Indiana. She d. in Mich., Sep. 18, 1846. Children: (Getty) 
Frances Maria, b. July 6, 1840; Ann Eliza, b. Jan. 9, 1842; Robert Elliott,, 
b. in April, 1845, and d. Aug. following. After her death Mr. Getty m. 
second, Agnes Mead of Meadville, Pa. 

John Williams Elliott, m. and lived in Alabama. His wife d. leaving 
two sons and one dau. His sister, Anna Maria (Mrs. Heath) resided with 
him in Alabama. His dau. Luella is m. and resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 131 

Henry Elliott, m. Oct. 14, 1850, Anna Gaylord, of Gaylordsville, Ct. 
Res. Bridgeport, Ct., where for many years he was in mercantile busi- 
ness, and where both died. , Children: (Elliott) Grace, b. Aug. 24, 1852; 
Henry, Jr., who lives in Bridgeport, Ct. 

Joseph Bailey Elliott, M. D., a graduate of Yale, a physician of New 
Hartford, Ct., and Brooklyn, N. Y., m. Elizabeth Miles, b. Dec. 25, 1828, 
in Philadelphia, Pa. Both d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., she, Nov. 4, 1892, and. 
he, July 3, 1898. Two daughters survive. 

Samuel W. Elliott, m. Oct. 11, 1848, Lucy Ann Belcher, dau. of Henry, 
Residence, Salisbury, Ct. Children: (Elliott) Mary Anna, b. Nov. 7, 1851. 

Charles Frederick Elliott, m. Sep. 30, 1852, Jane Aletta Miles, dau. of 
Earl Miles of Brooklyn, N. Y., where they reside. Children: Marion, b. 
July 30, 1852. 

Frances Amelia Elliott, a teacher before marriage, m. May 23, 1870, Bev. 
Edwin Janes, brother of Rev. Edmund S. Janes, D. D., one of the Bishops 
of the Methodist Episcopal Church. They resided in Flushing, L. I. She 
died, Sep. 13, 1907, at East Northfield, Mass. Children: (Janes) Amelia 
Elliott, b. May 23, 1872, who m. Oct. 10, 1893, William C. Roberts, of 
Flushing, L. I. One dau. Ruth Elliott Roberts, b. Nov. 6, 1898, at Mel- 
rose, Mass. William C. Roberts has for many years been cashier of the 
Northfield Seminary. Address, Highland Ave., East Northfield, Mass. 

7. Capt. Constant Webster, b. Dec. 7, 1741, at Lebanon, 
Conn., having lost his father when he was about 14 years of age, 
was bound out to a neighbor in Connecticut to learn the black- 
smith trade, but ran away. He is said to have enlisted in the 
army when quite young (in war of Eevolution), but remained in 
service only a few months, and on his return married Miss 
Kinne and lived in Connecticut. The first wife died and he re- 
moved with his children to Worthington, Mass., where he mar. (2) 
Mrs. Chloe Sackett, nee Atherton, dau. of James Atherton. He' 
was captain of a militia Company at Worthington, owned a farmi 
there, carried on blacksmith business, and was a member of the 
Congregational Church. 

1763, April 19, Constant Webster late of Preston, New London Co., Ct., 
now of Windham, do. Co., Ct., sells to Beriah Southworth of Leb. land 
in Leb. laid out to my sister, Jerusha Webster, from the Est. of my 
honored father, Pelatiah Webster, deceased. 

Constant Webster was a soldier in the French and Indian War and 
also the Revolutionary War. 

His name is found on the fragments of old rolls of the French and 
Indian War, 1755-63 on file in the Conn. State Library, where he is credited 
with a service as private in Capt. Azel Fitche's Co., 2d Ct. Regt., from 
April 13 to Dec. 4, 1761, 33 weeks and 5 days, for which he received 16 
pounds, 17 shillings and 1 pence. The Co. was mustered, in June 1761, 
at Albany, but probably also rendered service at other points ; mention is 
made of some of the sick as left at "Crown Point Fort." 

Constant Webster, Sergeant in Capt. Ebenezer Webber's Co., from Worth- 
ington; marched on Lexington Alarm April 20, 1775. Second Lieut., 11th 
Co-, 2nd Hampshire (County) Regt., Commissioned April 5, 1776. Lieut. 

132 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

in Webber's Co. on expedition to Stillwater Sept. 20, to Oct. 4, 1777. Lieut, 
in Christopher Bannister's Co. May 8, 1777 to July 8, 1777. Marched to 
Ticonderaga. Lieut, from Aug. 15, 1777, to Aug- 23, 1777; was in com- 
mand of a company that marched from Worthington to Bennington to 
reinforce General Stark, returned home via Northampton conducting pris- 
oners from Bennington. 

The private named Constant Webster in Capt. Ebenezer Sheldon's Co. 
raised to reinforce the Continental Army, who served from Aug. 6, 1780 
to Oct. 6, 1780, was no doubt the son of Capt. Constant Webster, in above 
list a Lieut. 

The Probate Records of Northampton, Mass., show that Constant Web- 
ster, blacksmith, of Worthington, Mass., gave to his wife Chloe, and to 
his children (in the following order) : to his son Constant; Shadrach; his 
daughters Mary, Lois, and Lydia; and to his sons Pilutack, James, Cyrus, 
Charles, Asahel, and Justus. His son Constant was appointed administra- 

He died at Worthington, Mass., about 1826, aged 85 years. 

Children: (1st mar.) Constant, about 1760; Shadrach, ab. 
1765; Pelatiah, lost at sea; Polly or Mary; Lois; Lydia, and three 
others who died young. (2d mar.) James Atherton, b. April 3, 
1783; Justus, b. Nov. 10, 1786; Cyrus, b. Sep. 30, 1789; Asel or 
Asahel, b. Worthington, Mass., Feb. 17, 1785; Charles; Ebenezer, 
d. March 26, 1799, aged 8 ys.; Chloe, b. May 11, 1793; Betsey, d. 
Feb. 9, 1815, in her 18th year. The above deaths in Worthington, 
Mass. Eesumed in Chapter XII. 

8. Abigail Webster, b. May 31, 1745, and bap. June 6, 1745, 
m. May 22, 1766, at Amenia, Dutchess Co., INT. Y., Gideon Oster- 
hout, or Osterpont, of Shumway, Luzern Co., Pa. 

Children: (Osterhout) (Amenia, 1ST. Y. records.) Joanna, b. 
Sep. 20, 1767; Hannah, Mch. 18, 1770, "at Dsacon Lotrup's) ; Pe- 
latiah Webster, Mch. 18, 1774. (These dates may be baptisms and 
not births). The end. 

Section 4. — Children of George {George, Thomas, Gov. John) 
and Martha (Taylor) Webster of Lebanon, Ct. 

1. George Webster, b. March 25, 1728, married, unknown. 
George Webster was admitted to full communion in the First 
Church, Lebanon, Ct., July 26, 1740. 

1749, Aug. 5, George Webster of Oyster Bay, County of Jamaica, Long 
Island, N. Y., deeded land in Lebanon, Ct., which he had from his father, 
George Webster, late of Lebanon, deceased, to James Cushman of Wood- 
stock, Ct. 

1749, Aug. 26, George Webster, late of Lebanon, now of Oyster Bay, 
N. Y., deeds land which belonged to his father, to Samuel Webster of 

1752, Oct. 7, George Webster, late of Lebanon, now of Essex Co., East 
New Jersey, deeds land in Lebanon, which had belonged to his father. 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 133 

Bounded by * * * land laid out to my brother, Elihu, and partly on 
land laid out to Levi. 

1757: George Webster served in the French and Indian war, as private, 
from Feb. 21, 1757, to Aug. 18, 1757, 25 weeks and 4 days, receiving total 
"wages," 10 pounds, 4 shillings, 7 pence. He was in Major Phineas 
Lyman's Co., 1st Conn. Reg't. The roll was dated, Fort Edward, Oct. 3, 

In all the study given to this case no clew has been developed 
which has led to any clear results. It is hoped that in case he 
married and had issue, the line may yet be discovered, especially if 
there are living descendants. The end. 

2. Levi Webster, b. May 5, 1733, at Lebanon, Conn., m. (1) 
unknown. He m. (2) Oct. 1809, at Colchester, Ct., Mrs. Mercy 
Robinson. A newspaper, dated Oct. 23, 1809, commenting on the 
marriage declared that the groom was then aged 80 (in fact, if 
this was the Levi, 76) and she, 86, and that he had been a widow- 
er about three weeks, and she a widow about six weeks. 

The Census of 1790 shows the following Websters living in Norwich, 
New London Co., Ct. : Stephen, Elizabeth, Levi. 

1754, June 13, Levi Webster of Palmer, Hampshire Co., Mass., deeds 
land in Lebanon, Ct., to Peleg Sanford Mason, which was set off to him 
from the estate of his father, George' Webster, of Lebanon. 

Levi Webster was in the French and Indian War on the following 
tours, in Connecticut troops: 

1755 : In Cap. Joseph Savage's Co., as a private, from Sep. 2, 1755 to 
Nov. 23, 1755, — 11 weeks and 6 days — for which his wages were 3 pounds, 
19 shillings, 11 pence. 

3756: In Cap. Edmund Wells' Co., as a private, from May 3, 1756 
to Nov. 26, 1756, — 29 weeks and 5 days — at 1 pound and 12 shillings per 
month, the total "wages" amounting to 11 pounds, 17 shillings, 8 pence, 
3 farthings. Roll dated, "Camp at Fort William Henry, Oct. 13, 1756." 

1757 : In Cap. Edmund Wells' Co., as a private, for two weeks and 
three days, from April 12, 1757, receiving as "wages" 9 shillings, and 
9 pence. 

1758: Jan. 19, Levi Webster of Lebanon, Ct., gave receipt to Samuel 
Webster, his late guardian, for 5 shillings, in full for his estate, real 
and personal. 

1777 : A Levi Webster is borne on the record of Connecticut Men in 
the War of Revolution, among the "Conductors of teams for transporting 
supplies from Connecticut to the Continental army in 1777," as a team- 
ster, and his residence is given as Colchester- Whether it is the above 
Levi, or his son, is not clear. 

The First Society Church of Colchester, Ct., has the record of the 
following baptisms: (The first Ihree are given as "sons of Levi Webster," 
and the remaining three as "sons of the wife of Levi Webster.") 

Children: Levi, bap. Oct. 14, 1759; Absalom, bap. May 31, 
1761; George, bap. July 20, 1766; Stephen, Aug. 27, 1769; Eliza- 

134 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

beth, Sep. 9, 1770; a daughter, name illegible, Sep. 4, 1774. Re- 
sumed in Chapter XII. 

3. Elihu Webster, bap. Apr. 10, 1736. Undoubtedly, from 
notes which follow, it may be presumed that this Elihu Webster 
married, and the minor Elihu Webster who died in Coventry may 
have been his son. In the record of New York soldiers in the 
Revolutionary War appears the name of Elihu Webster in the 13th 
Regt. of Albany Co. Militia. 

Like his brother George, Elihu Webster seems to have disap- 
peared, and left no clew in the public records of his fate. We re- 
cord only the following notes. 

March 28, 1757. Samuel Webster and Ann his wife deed land in Le- 
banon which is described as lying partly on land of Elihu Webster. 

Jan. 24, 1763. Elihu Webster, of Lebanon, deeds land in Lebanon, to 
Peleg Sanford Mason, viz. : all his right in real estate of his father, 
George Webster, of Lebanon. 

Lebanon Town Records show: Feb. 26, 1787, Letters of administration 
on estate of Elihu Webster, late of Coventry, were granted to Ozias Haw- 
kins, who, Aug. 8, 1787, represented that said Elihu Webster was his 
apprentice and died under age and had no estate save a recovery on a 
trial of 6 Pounds Continental, against one Palmer (said Elihu being or 
having been a soldier) who had run away. April 14, 1788, appears inven- 
tory of estate of Elihu Webster, a young man, a minor of Coventry, Conn., 
deceased. "Cash due from and received of Captain Chester Wells on ac- 
count of said Elihu's services in the army." Dr. "To cash paid Mr. James 
Parker for the purchase and redemption of his said Elihu's time, to whom 
he was bound on said Elihu's earnest desire. The end. 

4. Martha Webster, b. Jan. 21, 1741-2, m. Feb. 20, 1767, 
Richard Larabee of Coventry, Conn. The town records there give 
the name Mary instead of Martha. 

A deed in Lebanon, dated Apr. 5, 1763, states that the land sold 
was one fifth of a tract which belonged to Mr. George Webster, 
late of said Lebanon, deceased, father of said Martha Webster. 
The end. 

Section 5. — Children of Noah {George, Thomas, Gov. John) 
and (1) Katharine (Newcomb) and (2) Elizabeth (Jones) Web- 
ster, Lebanon, Ct. 

1. Elijah Webster, b. Sep. 3, 1729, at Lebanon, Ct., mar. at 
Martha's Vineyard, March 28, 1757, widow Elizabeth Trapp. He 
died at Lebanon, Ct., 1767, she surviving him. 

From Willimantic Probate Records: April 10, 1767, Jedediah Strong, 
of Lebanon, appointed administrator of estate of Elijah Webster, late of 
Lebanon, deceased. April 13, 1767, Inventory, no land mentioned. June 
27, 1767, Administrator reported estate insolvent. Oct. 5, 1767, Return 
of creditors, and among them were Pelatiah Webster, and Oliver Webster. 
April 22, 1768, Court authorized sale of estate, saving widows thirds. 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 135 

Children : (All born at Lebanon, and baptisms at First Church) 
Eddy, born Jany. 29, 1758; Betty or Elizabeth, born Dec. 18, 1759, 
bap. Oct. 25, 1761 ; Eansford, born Dec. 8, 1763, bap. May 6, 1764, 
and died Dec. 14, 1764; Eansford (again), born Dec. 5, 1765, bap. 
Dec. 26, same year. Eesumed in Chapter XII. 

2. Daniel Webster, b. Dec. 6, 1730, at Lebanon, Ct., m. Dec. 
31, 1754, at Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Mass., Hannah Vosburgh. 
Eeal estate transactions show that he was also of Egremont, as 
see: "I, Daniel Webster, late of Sheffield, turner, now of Egre- 
mont, April 28, 1760." The latest real estate record in Egre- 
mont is dated Dec. 23, 1766. He thence removed to Chatham, 
Columbia Co., 1ST. Y. 

This Daniel Webster was in the Erench and Indian War; went 
out of Sheffield in a Hampshire Co., Beg't, under Maj. John Ash- 
ley, to Fort Edward in 1757, for the relief of Fort William 

He died near Lee Centre, Oneida Co., N. Y., and is buried in 
the Hall Cemetery, north-west of the village about two miles. M. 
E. Webster, visited the spot, July 20, 1907, and read for himself 
the inscription: "Daniel Webster died Sep. 22, 1813, aged 82 
years. A convert at the age of sixteen under Whitfield's preaching." 
He is buried beside his son David and six grandchildren. 

Children: (First four born at Sheffield, Mass., as shown in the 
town records; the others elsewhere.) Euth, July 20, 1755; Han- 
nah, Oct. 2, 1756; Daniel, Jan. 10, 1758; Isaac Vosburgh, Oct. 
1, 1759; David, 1763; Stephen, 1767; Ezekiel, March 6, 1770;* 
Ehoda, b. Aug. 7, 1773; Polly, 1774; Abigail; Asahel. Eesumed 
in Chapter XII. 

3. Submit Webster, date of birth unknown, but ab. 1735, m. 
Jan'y 15, 1755, Joshua Carpenter, son of Amos Carpenter of Cov- 
entry, Ct. Details of this family are lacking except what follows. 
The Carpenter Genealogy has fuller records. 

Children: (Carpenter) Catharine, b. May 2, 1757; Deborah, 
Dec. 2, 1758; Joshua Augustus, Mch. 5, 1763; Amos, April 10, 
1765; Eoger, Apr. 12, 1767; John, April 30, 1769; Frederick, 
Nov. 13, 1771; Catharine (again), Mch. 28, 1774; Benjamin; Jere- 

(1) Deborah Carpenter probably m. Thomas Hancock, April 16, 1775, 
and settled in Somersworth, N. H. 

*John B. Newcornb of Elgin, 111., genealogist of the Newcomb family, 
obtained from Mrs. Mary (Webster) Norton, a daughter of the above 
Ezekiel Webster, a statement that Ezekiel was a son of Daniel Webster; 
that Ezekiel had a brother named Stephen, and gave the names of 
several of Stephen's children; and also that Ezekiel had a nephew, 
David, who m. Hannah Gifford, and lived in Fabius, Onondaga Co., N. Y., 
where Ezekiel died June 9, 1824. Stephen Webster of Murray, Orleans Co., 
N. Y., had a sister Polly Eggleston of Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

136 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

(2) Frederick m. Diana Heath and lived in Charlestown, Mass. 

(3) Benjamin was killed at Braxton, Va., in an Indian War. 

(4) Jeremiah was captured by the Indians when a lad and compelled 
to run the gauntlet, but escaped unharmed except the loss of one eye. The 

4. Abraham Webster, b. Jan. 1, 1736-7, at Lebanon, Ct., m. 
Sep. 12, 1758, Margaret White of Coventry, Ct. She was an 
only child whose mother died when she was very young. The 
father soon married again and took up a grant of land where the 
Isaac Reid place now is, near the old Campbellite Meeting House, 
close to the Upper Hyde Village where he lived and died. 

Abraham Webster served in the French and Indian War as follows: 

(1) In Cap- Edmund Wills' Company of Conn, troops, two weeks as a 
private, from April 15, 1757, receiving as his total "wages" 8 shillings. 

(2) In Captain Azel Fitch's Company, 2d Reg't of Connecticut troops, 
as Sergeant. ( Dates of enlistment, discharge and length of service not 
given.) The muster-roll is dated, Lebanon, May 1, 1759. 

He went alone to Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, in the year 1760, and 
sent for his wife and infant son in 1761. He was one of the origi- 
nal grantees of the township of Cornwallis, July 21, 1761. (See 
Yarmouth Herald, Nova Scotia, Jan. 28, 1902.) 

1782, Sep. 20, Silas Clark and Abigail his wife of Lebanon; 
Abraham Webster of Cornwallis, N". S., and Hannah French of 
Coventry, sell to "our brother, Abner White of Coventry," their 
right in the estate of James White, late of said Coventry, deceased. 

Children: Abraham, b. at Lebanon, Ct., April 13, 1759; (the 
rest at Cornwallis, 1ST. S.) Daniel, Oct. 4, 1761; Margaret, Mch. 6, 
1762; Isaac, July 28, 1763; Olive, Feb. 20, 1765; David, Dec. 20, 
1767, d. Jan. 18, 1768, aged eighteen days; David (again), Jan. 
11, 1768, died young; Cyrus and Darius, twins, Sep. 18, 1769. 
Eesumed in Chapter XII. 

5. Asahel Webster, b. Apr. 29, 1739, at Lebanon, Ct., mar. 
Mary Lawrence. He was recommended to Church at Vernon (for- 
merly INTo. Bolton), by Eev. George Colton, of Bolton Centre. 
Church record of Vernon, Conn., shows that he and wife were ad- 
mitted to Church there after 1762, date not given. 

He served in the French and Indian Wars, as follows: 

1. In Captain Edmund Wells Company, Connecticut troops, as a private 
for three weeks from April 8, 1757, receiving as his total "wages" 12 

2. In Captain Henry Champion's Company, 3d Regiment of Connecticut 
troops, as a private, from April 4, to Nov. 17, 1758, 32 weeks, and 4 
days, receiving as his total "wages" 14 pounds, 13 shillings, and 2 pence. 
(The Company was called "A Company of Foot in his Majesty's service, 
raised for the reduction of Canada.") 

3. In Captain Azel Fitch's Company, 2d Regiment of Connecticut troops, 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 137 

as a Corporal, from April 10, to Nov. 21, 1760, 32 weeks, and 2 days, 
receiving for his total "wages" 17 pounds, 9 shillings, and 6 pence. 

From Bolton, Conn., Town Records: June 16, 1768, Benjamin Kilbourn 
of Bolton, deeds land there to Asahel Webster, of Bolton, and March 30, 
1779, Asahel Webster of Bolton deeds land in Bolton to Ebenezer Gilbert, 
of Hebron, and Nov. 19, 1772, Jonathan Olmsted, of Hartford, deeds land 
in Bolton, to Asahel Webster, of Bolton, and April 6, 1779, Abel West of 
Bolton, deeds land in Bolton to Asahel Webster of Bolton, and Feb. 25, 
1783, Josiah Whitney, of Bolton, deeds land in Bolton, to Asahel Webster, 
of Bolton, and Feb. 21, 1793, Asahel Webster of Bolton, deeds land in 
Bolton (that part of Bolton which is now Vernon, Conn.) to Nathaniel 
Hammond, of Bolton. It is probable that all of the land above referred 
to was situated in what is now Vernon, Conn. 

The Bolton records show that Asahel Webstel took the Oath of Fidelity 
at Bolton, Ct., Aug. 22, 1777, and again, Sept. 16, 1777. 

The Probate records of Columbia, Tolland Co., Ct., show: Will of Asa- 
hel Webster, late of Vernon, dated Mch. 11, 1805, and exhibited in Court, 
May 1, 1810. He appointed his wife Executrix, and gave her all of his 
estate, and after her death, to Asahel W. Lawrence, and in case of his 
death before her, then to the heirs of Asahel W. Lawrence. Inventory, 
Apr. 19, 1810. 

The Vernon Church record shows that he d. at Vernon, Mch. 28, 
1810, aged 71 years; and a Hartford paper, dated Apr. 16, 1810, 
a notice of her death at Vernon, aged 71 years. No children. The 

6. Elizabeth Webster, b. April 8, 1741, at Lebanon, Ct., re- 
ceived a portion of her father's estate, Feb. 1, 1765. 

Intentions of the marriage of Elizabeth Webster and Oliver Pier 
were published at Great Barrington, Berkshire Co., Mass., July 
10, 1762. The marriage was consummated, but we have not the 
date. A tomb-stone at North Egremont, Mass., has this inscrip- 
tion : "In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth, wife to Mr. Oliver Pier, 
died June 11, 1783, aged 43." 

After her death Mr. Pier married (2) Phoebe Hayden Howard, 
a widow, Avho survived him. He lived at Great Barrington, Mass., 
and New Haven, Addison Co., Vt., where he died Jan. 11, 1805, 
and where he is probably buried. He was a soldier in the Eevolu- 
tionary war from Mass., and a member of the Vermont Constitu- 
tional Convention in 1791. He was a farmer, b. May 9, 1741. 

Children: (Pier) Oliver, Jr.; Moses, b. Feb. 28, 1767; Justus; 
Lydia; Eoselina; Calvin, Feb. 22, 1780; Ira Webster, May 19, 
1783, at Egremont, Mass. Calvin was born at Great Barrington. 

(1) Oliver Pier, Jr., was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, from 
Mass. He lived at Vergennes, Vt., 1794-5; New Haven, Vt., 1796; 
Waltham, Vt., 1806. Married and had a family. 

(2) Moses m. (1) prior to Aug. 23, 1787, Abigail Benjamin of Egre- 
mont, Mass., dau. of Nathan Benjamin of same place. He m. (2) Mercia 

138 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

Seymour Rogers. He d. in Vergennes, Vt., in Sep., 1823, where he is 
buried beside Mercia or Marcia, his wife. Malinda, their dau. m. Feb'y 
14, 1811, Elipalet Bush, both of Vergennes, Vt. 

(3) Justus m. (1) unknown. (2) Phoebe Phelps, a widow. He d. at 
New Haven, Vt., where he is probably buried. His Will was filed Apr. 4, 
1846. He was survived by his wife, Phoebe. Philetus Pier, son of Justus, 
m. at New Haven, Vt., Oct. 8, 1811, Lois Warner of Middlebury, Vt. 
Manford Pier, another son of Justus, m. there, Feb. 9, 1818, Susan Chil- 
son of New Haven, Vt., their home. 

(4) Lydia m. Samuel Munger. 

(5) Roselina m. David Chittenden, a farmer and tanner. 

(6) Calvin m. Sep. 23, 1801, at Middlebury, Vt., Esther Everts, the 
daughter of a Revolutionary soldier. Both died at Fon du Lac, do Co., 
Wis., he, Feb. 13, 1856, and she, Oct. 3, 1869. 

Children: Edward, b. Mch. 31, 1807; Colwort Edwin, Jan. 14, 1810; 
Oscar, Mch. 24, 1814; Caroline Esther, May 6, 1816; Norman, May 30, 
1818; Harriet, Dec. 2, 1820; Oliver Webster, May 31, 1823. 

(a) Edward, a farmer and banker, m. June 2, 1829, Harriet Newell 
Kendall. Children: Ann, b. Dec. 3, 1832; Ruth R., Feb. 9, 1837; Colwort 
Kendall and Caroline Stearns, twins, June 7, 1841. 

Colwort Kendall, a lawyer, was in the Civil War: 1st and 38th Wis. 
Infantry. He was Lieut. Col. of the 38th Wis. Infantry. He m. June 
25, 1866, at Fon du Lac, do Co., Wis., Kate Hamilton. Children: Kate 
Hamilton, b. Dec. 11, 1868; Caroline Hamilton, Sep. 18, 1870; Harriet 
Hamilton, April 26, 1872; Mary Hamilton, Apr. 11, 1877, d. June 2, 1885. 

(aa) Kate Hamilton m. Nov. 26, 1901, James Alexander Mcintosh, No. 
children. Res., 1908, 20 Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, Wis. 

(bb) Caroline Hamilton m. Nov. 17, 1897, John Henry Roemer. Chil- 
dren: Kate Pier, Sep. 17, 1898; John Pier, Aug. 10, 1901; James Mcintosh, 
Nov. 3, 1906, d. Jan. 29, 1907. 

(cc) Harriet Hamilton m. Sep. 9, 1905, Charles Gilchrist Simons. Chil- 
dren: Kate Pier, July 25, 1906. 

(b) Caroline Esther Pier, b. May 6, 1816, dau. of Edward, m. Feb. 3, 
1836, at Middlebury, Vt., the home of both, Joseph Olmistead. 

(7) Dr. Ira Webster studied medicine at Burlington, Vt., and m. Oct. 
23, 1810, at Belpre, Washington Co., O., Sarah Bradford. He d. Feb. 20, 
or 24, 1856, at Willoughby, O. 

Loret Pier, m. May 22, 1833, Charles Lee Smith, at New Haven, Vt., 
their home. The end. 

7. Moses Webster, b. May 25, 1743, at Lebanon, Ct., mar. Feb. 
28, 1765, at Mansfield, Ct., Elizabeth Bennett, born Sept. 7, 1747, 
dau. of William Bennett. Moses Webster probably lived at Mans- 
field, Tolland Co., Ct., where his father was living at the time of 
his death. He probably raised his family in Ct. Admitted to 
church in Goshen Parish, Dec. 6, 1767. 

June 18, 1770, Elizabeth Webster of Mansfield, Windham Co., Ct., sold 
to David Hale of Enfield, Hartford Co., Ct., 45 acres in said Enfield. Wit- 
nesses: Ephriam Terry, Israel Jones. 

Jan. 21, 1788, Moses Webster and Elizabeth Webster his wife of Mans- 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 139 

field, and which Elizabeth is sister and one of the legal heirs of Wm. 
Bennett, the younger, late of s'd Mansfield, said to be deceased, sell to 
Thos. Peck of Willington, 1-4 of said William's double share of the real 
estate of said Wm. Bennett's, now deceased. 

From a Memoir kept by Isaac Webster, of Nova Scotia, son of Moses 
Webster, the following is taken: 

"Noah Webster, the father of Moses Webster, and grandfather of Isaac 
Webster, removed from Lebanon, to Mansfield, with his family, consisting 
of Elijah Webster, Daniel Webster, Abraham Webster, Asahel Webster, 
Moses Webster (my father), and George Webster, a next younger brother 
also two daughters, Submit and Rhoda. I cannot give any dates. 

A grandson of Noah John Webster says that, there was another son 
Abraham, who went to Nova Scotia and was a practising physician there. 
He says, "I am in possession of a Bible which this Abraham Webster gave 
to my grandfather, Noah John." This Abraham's son also graduated as a 

From Willimantic Probate Records: June 26, 1783, Moses Webster, of 
Mansfield, Conn., appointed guardian of John Carpenter, a minor of Le- 
banon, (probably son of his sister, Submit) in room of Jedediah Strong. 

He died Jany. 28, 1815, aged 71 years, 8 months, and 3 days, at 
Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y. She died at her son's (Augustine) 
at Chester, Meigs Co., Ohio, Oct. 13, 1825, aged 78 years, 1 month, 
and 4 days. 

Children: Isaac, born at Mansfield, Ct., June 26, 1766; Augus- 
tine, born March 30, 1768; Lucretia, born at Mansfield, Ct., Feb. 
3, 1770; Elizabeth, born March 14, 1772; Noah John, born May 

9, 1774; Huldah, born Sept. 28, 1776, died Nov. 25, 1790, aged 14 
years, one month, and 27 days; Moses, born Jany. 31, 1779, 
drowned May 11, 1782, aged 3 years, 9 months, 11 days; a daugh- 
ter born Feb. 5, 1781, died Feb. 8, 1781 ; Katharine, born Feb. 10, 
1782; Moses, born July 18, 1787, bap. at 2d Church of Mansfield, 
Aug. 4, 1787; Jerusha, born Oct. 17, 1789, bap. 2d Ch. Mansfield, 
Jan. 3, 1790. Resumed in Chapter XII. 

8. Rhoda Webster, b. June 12, 1741, at Lebanon, Ct., m. in 
Nov., 1771, at Mansfield, Tolland Co., Ct., John Eoyce, Jr. 

Children: (Royce) (Born at Mansfield, Ct.) Oliver, b. Oct. 2, 
1774; Oliver, (again) June 8, 1776; John, April 29, 1778; Rhoda, 
June 16, 1781. The end. 

9. George Webster, a farmer, b. June 1, 1749, at Lebanon, 
Ct., m. Dec. 8, 1774, at Lebanon, Ct., Deborah Dewey, b. Aug. 11, 
1756, in New London Count} r , Ct., dau. of Charles Dewey, b. May 

10, 1733, and Deborah Buell, his wife, b. Sep. 13, 1738, dau. of 
Timothy Buell. Both Charles Dewey and Deborah Buell were 
born in Hebron, Ct. 

Nancy Winifred (Bauserman) Lockner, granddaughter of Nancy (Web- 
ster) Wyckoff, (dau. of Philo Webster) has a pair of gold ear-rings 

140 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

which Deborah (Dewey) Webster, wife of George Webster, gave to Nancy 
(Webster) Wyckoff when she was a young girl. 

"George Webster was killed by a fall from a horse, near Harpersfleld, 
Delaware Co., N. Y., where he settled soon after the Revolutionary War, 
and being a quaker, gave the name to the locality of Quaker Hill." Letter 
of Mrs. Frances I. Wallace (Mrs. William A.), 199 Lancaster St., Albany, 
N. Y., Feb. 15, 1898. 

1801, August 28, Surrogate Anthony Marvin, at Kortright, Delaware 
Co. N. Y., appointed Deborah Webster administratrix of the estate of 
George Webster, of Kortright, N. Y., who lately died intestate. 

The Dewey Genealogy says : Deborah Dewey m. Webster. Mary 

Dewey, her sister, b. May 8 or 13, 1760, m. Dr. Josiah Graves of Green 
River, Columbia Co., N. Y., and afterward of Rupert, Vt. A granddaugh- 
ter of Charlotte, dau. of Josiah Graves, M.D., is the wife of Dr. F. M. 
Carpenter, Town Clerk of Rupert, Vt., in 1898. 

Mrs. Sabrina Turner, dau. of Abraham Webster, b. Mch. 8, 1778, writes 
from Geneva, Ashtabula Co., 0., May 12, 1882: "I cannot tell where my 
grandfather lived but it seems now that it was Cooperstown, N. Y. He 
d. before my father came to this country, being thrown from his horse 
and hurt internally." 

He died from injury, as above shown, by being thrown from a 
horse, about Aug. 1, 1801, at or near Harpersfield, N. Y., in his 
53d year. She d. Nov. 19, 1837, at the home of her son, Philo 
Webster of Saybrook, 0., where she is buried. 

Children: Cynthia, born May 13, 1776; Abraham, b. March 8, 
1778; Piercy, (Percis) b. July 27, 1780; Wealthy, b. Dec. 5, 
1782, at Hudson, Columbia Co., N. Y.; Belinda, b. May 24, 1785; 
George, b. May 16, 1789, at Spencertown, Columbia Co., N. Y. ; 
Polly, b. August 28, 1791; Philo, b. June 22, 1794 at Delhi, Dela- 
ware Co., N. Y. ; Lewis, b. July 31, 1800. Eesumed in Chapter 

10. Huldah Webster, bap. March 7, 1752, "at home," may 
have died in infancy, at least was not mentioned in her father's 
Will dated Aug. 20, 1762. The end. 

11. Noah Webster, b. March 13, 1757, or 1759, received a be- 
quest in his father's Will dated Aug. 20, 1762. Nothing further 
known. The end. 

Section 6. — Children of Ebenezer (George, Thomas, Gov. John) 
and Mehitable (Thomas) Webster, of Lebanon, Ct. 

1. Mehitable Webster, b. June 9, 1738. No record. Is not in 
Will of her father, dated May 29, 1784. The end. 

2. Abigail Webster, b. Dec. 21, 1744, m. Samuel Pish. Noth- 
ing further known. 

3. Zerviah Webster, b. Feb. 14, 1746-7 no record. In the 
Will of Ebenezer Webster, dated May 29, 1784, is a bequest to 
"my granddaughter, Tryphena Webster. Clearly Mehitable or Zur- 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 141 

viah must have married a Webster, or a daughter of Abigail Pish 
or one of the other two, in case there was not a son, or other chil- 
dren. The end. 

Section 7. — Children of Benajah (George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and 'Eunice (Strong) Webster, of Lebanon, Ct. 

1. Benajah Webster, Jr., a farmer, b. Oct. 2, 1740, in Leb- 
anon, Ct., m. at Dunstable (now Nashua), Hillsborough Co., 1ST. 
H., Rachel Lovell, b. there about 1740. 

She is said to have been a woman of excellent character and rendered 
many valuable services during the Revolutionary war. She encountered 
many bitter experiences with the Indians when her husband was a prisoner 
of war in Quebec. Her history was the subject of eulogy by the Mayor in 
an address in City Hall at Nashua, and Delia Webster, a descendant was 
introduced amid applause. 

He served in the French and Indian War. In a list of those who served 
in Gen'l Phineas Lyman's Co., war of 1760, from Windsor and Suffield, 
appears the name of Benajah Webster, private, enlisted March 15. He 
was first in Captain Gideon Wolcott's Company, 1st Regiment; from 
April 13, to Nov. 15, 1758, 31 weeks, for which he was paid 13 pounds, 
19 shillings; and served in Captain Edward Barnard's Company, 1st 
Regiment, from April 10, to Dec 14, 1759, 35 weeks and 4 days, for which 
he was paid 16 pounds and 2 pence. It is alleged by his descendants that 
he also served in the Revolutionary War, and that his wife was noted for 
her efficient service to the army during that war. It is said that his 
grandson, Jared, has a part of the diary that Benajah kept while a 
prisoner at Quebec. Mrs. Mary Jane Bard, Ferrisburg, Vt., says E. H. 
Webster of Ticonderoga, N. Y., has the diary. 

Mrs. Mary Jane Bard, a granddaughter, says, "My grandfather Benajah 
Webster, was busily engaged in his grist mill when he was taken prisoner 
and carried to Quebec. They burned his house, killed his pigs, and ravaged 
the premises. His wife and a neighbor in similar condition fled by boat 
to Whitehall, N. Y., Mrs. Webster rowing the boat. He built the first 
brick house and shop in Vergennes, Vt., and in 1900 it was still standing 
at the corner of Water Street, owned by Dr. Willard." 

Among the "Windsor Men in the War," Stiles in his "History of Ancient 
Windsor," (Conn.) enumerates private Benajah Webster as borne on the 
muster roll of Gen. Lyman's Company in camp at Montreal, Sep. 4, 1760. 
The men were from Windsor and Suffield, Conn. 

In an old Pension case of Josiah Kellogg, (File No. 41,722) dated July 
12, 1820, mention is made of certain debts which he owed to Benajah 
Webster and Isaac Webster. At that date he lived at Ferrisburg, Vt., but 
removed about 1834 to Cayahoga Co., O., probably near Cleveland. 

Dec. 10, 1762, Benajah Webster of Windsor, Conn., purchased land in 
Westfield, Mass., of John Barber of said Westfield, "layed out" to David 
Moseley, Esq. 

In the town of Ferrisburg, Addison Co., Vt., Benajah Webster 
finally settled, and when, Dec. 11, 1788, he purchased for 90 

142 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

pounds, one hundred acres of Isaac Gage of Ferrisburg, in the first 
division of Lot 129, in the west end of the lot, he was already a 
resident of Ferrisburg. He and his family were members of the 
Congregational Church. He died in Ferrisburg Feb. 8, 1791. His 

widow, Eachel, m. Stockman. She died April 15, 1813, 

aged 73 years. Land note: 1810 Charles Stockman and Lucy his 

Children: (Eecorded in Ferrisburg, but place of birth not in- 
dicated) William Wolcott, b. March 15, 1771; Eunice, b. March 
22, 1773; Eachel, b. Dec. 4, 1775; Benajah, July 13, 1779; Han- 
nah, Nov. 10, 1781; Jonathan Lovell, b. Dec. 7, 1787; John Cham- 
plain, b. July 2, 1789; Sally Fox, clau. to Eachel, wife of Benajah 
Webster, b. April 23, 1769. 

It is said that Eunice was the first white child b. in Ferrisburg, 
Vt., and that all the others were born in Ferrisburg, except Wil- 
liam who was born in Dunstable (Nashua), N. H. Eesumed in 
Chapter XII. 

2. Cloe Webster, b. April 11, 1742, at Coventry, Ct., m. Icha- 
bod Wadsworth of Ellington, Tolland Co., Ct. 

Aug. 20, 1767, Chloe Webster of Windsor buys of Ichabod Wads- 
worth of Ellington Earish. Wit's : Aaron and Dorothy Bissell. 

Nov. 23, 1788, at Glastonbury, Ct., Cloe Webster and Nathaniel 
Windship were married. (Was this the same, or another?) The 

3. Eunice Webster, b. Aug. 15, 17-13, at Coventry, Ct., m. 
Moses Loomis, Jr., of East Windsor, Ct., b. Dec. 24, 1734. 

Moses Loomis, Sr. was born June 24, 1696, and d. Feb. 16, 1761. He 
m. Elizabeth Bidwell, b. 1706, dau. of Daniel Bidwell, b. Oct. 19, 1682, 
and d. Aug. 24, 1765, of Hartford, Ct., and his wife, the widow, Esther 
Buckland, whom he m. Dec. 17, 1729. The children of Moses Loomis, Sr., 
and Elizabeth Bidwell, his wife were: Rebecca, b. June 4, 1726; Elizabeth, 
b. Dec. 30, 1732; Moses, Jr., b. Dec. 24, 1734; Submit, b. Oct. 20, 1736; 
Zerviah, b. Nov. 10, 1738, d. Dec. 10, 1740; Roxelena, b. Oct. 1, 1741, was 
living in 1761; Justus, b. Aug. 25, 1745. 

The estate of Moses Loomis, Sr., was ordered distributed, Apr. 5, 1761, 
— "late of Windsor, deceased," — to Moses Loomis of Windsor, eldest son, 
double share; with single shares to Justus, Rebecca, Mabel, Submit, Rose- 

Moses Loomis, Jr., sold his farm in Windsor and purchased in Bolton 
in the year 1765. He died about 1783. 

In the East Windsor Erobate Eecords is found the following: 
July 16, 1783, administration was granted on the estate of Moses 
Loomis, late of East Windsor, deceased, to Eunice Loomis and Cy- 
renius Webster, both of East Windsor. 

Children: Eeuben, b. Dec. 23, 1773; near Litchfield, Ct.; Or- 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 143 

Stiles' Supplement, p. 91, gives the name of Erele or Ercle, b. 
1760, and d. Dec. 21, 1794. Whether this was a child of Moses, 
Jr. and Eunice Webster has not been satisfactorily shown. Re- 
sumed in Chapter XII. 

4. Samuel Webster, b. Feb. 21, 1744-5, in Coventry, Ct, m. 
Nov. 15, 1770, Jerusha Smith. 

This has been one of the most difficult cases to trace and prove 
that we have found, but the excerpts given below remove all rea- 
sonable doubt as to the identity of this Samuel Webster. 

1772, June 4, Samuel Webster of Coventry, Windham Co., Ct., cord- 
wainer, sells to Thomas Harvey of Surry, Cheshire Co., N. H., husbandman, 
land in Surry. Witnesses: Benjamin Bellows and Samuel Wright. 

On the same date Samuel Webster personally appeared at Walpole, 
Cheshire Co., 1ST. H., and acknowledged the above deed. 

1774, Feb. 5, Samuel Webster, Jerusha Webster, and Mary Smith, all 
of Coventry, Ct., sell land there to Timothy Brown. 

1772, June 26, Samuel Webster of Hartford, Vt., shoemaker, for 6 pounds 
buys of Abel Marsh, yoeman, same place, 100 acres on lot 17 in first 

1776, June 24, I, Samuel Webster of Hartford, Cumberland Co., Prov- 
ince of New York (Hartford, Vt.), shoemaker, for 20 pounds, sell to 
Joseph Williams of the same place, two "sertain" undivided wites of land, 
belonging to the original wright (right) of John Seymour and Solomon 
Allen, as may appear by the Charter of records of the township of Hart- 
ford. Witnesses: Simeon How, Joel Marsh. Acknowledged at Gloucester, 
N. Y., before Joel Marsh, J. P. Recorded, Jan. 25, 1782. 

1779, Jan. 21, Samuel Webster and Jerusha Webster, his wife, of Hart- 
ford, Cumberland Co., Vt., sell to Nathaniel Root of Coventry, Ct., land 
in Coventry. 

1800, Mch. 11, Samuel Webster of Hartford, Windsor Co., Ct., sells for 
$15, Pine lot 63, containing 7i acres. Original right of Gideon Bingham, 
to Daniel Marsh. Witnesses: Daniel Hazen and William Strong. 

1810, May 31, same to Joseph Paine of Hartford, Vt. Witnesses: Ebe- 
nezer Brown and Benjamin Durkee. 

1812, July 1, same for $333, to William Webster of the same place. 
Witnesses: Reuben Webster and Freegrace Leavitt. 

1814, July 24, same to "my son, William Webster." Witnesses: Jeah 
Strong, and John Strong. 

1814, July 24, William Webster of Hartford, Vt., released the use and 
improvements of thirty acres of land, given this day to him by his father, 
Samuel Webster, during the natural lives of his father and mother, and 
"quit-claimed" all his right in his father's estate for the benefit of said 
William Webster's brothers and sisters. Witnesses: Jedidah Strong and 
John Strong. 

1817, Nov. 29, Samuel Webster of Hartford, Vt., sells to William Web- 
ster of the same place; and on the same day, William Webster executed 
a paper declaring that he (William) was firmly bound to his father and 
mother, Samuel and Jerusha Webster of Hartford, Vt., to care for them 
during their natural lives. 

144 The Webster Gexealogt [From Chap. 5 

1818, Jan. 14, William Webster of Hartford. Vt., to Perry Green Gard- 
ner of Randolph, Orange Co., Vt. 

ISIS, Aleh. 15, Jerusha Webster of Hartford, Vt.. m. there, George G. 
Gardner of Randolph, Orange Co., Vt., Rev. Austin Hazen, officiating. 

1S19, The voting list at Hartford, Vt., included, William Pixley, Asa 
Pixley, Samuel Webster, Reuben Webster. 

1819, June 19, Elisha Smith of Washington, Orange Co., Vt., by Will 
gives to his wife, Sarah Smith, and to "my nephews and nieoes:" 

1. William Webster, 

2. Mary Wood, 

3. Reuben Webster, 

4. Reuby Webster, 

5. Jerusha Gardner, 

all of Hartford, Windsor Co., Vt. 

1822, Aug. 26, William Webster of Hartland, Vt., sells to John Fletcher 
of Pomfert, Vt., "land which I have occupied, and on which 1 have lived 
for twenty years past." 

1S3S, Alch. 27, William Webster of Hartford, Vt., buys of Andrew Tracey 
of Woodstock, Vt., land in Hartford, and on the same day sold it back 
again, (to Tracey.) 

1880, July 17, Alma P. Webster of Hartford. Vt. buys of Frank W. 
Shattuck and Marinda A. Shattuck, his wife. 

1S86, Feb. 1, Frank D. Webster of Hartford, Vt., buys of Osie F. Barron, 
blacksmith, same place, a shop in Quechee Village. 

18S9, June 29, Charles A. Webster was appointed administrator of the 
estate of Frank D. Webster, late of Hartford, Vt., deceased. 

1906, July 28, the Postmaster of Quechee, Vt., in a letter to M. R. 
Webster, said: "Xo Websters here now. F. D. Webster died here ten or 
fifteen years ago. Widow left town; can't tell where she went." 

Children : William ; Mary : Eeuben ; Beuby : Jerusha. We place 
Isaac, b. 1771, at the head of this list, as the oldest son of Samuel 
and Jerusha (Smith) Webster. It is not proved, but it is a fair 
presumption. Eesumed in Chapter XII. 

5. Cyreneus Webster, b. July IS. 1747, at Coventry, Ct., mar. 
Prudence Skinner, of East Windsor, born March 20, 1755, and took 
her brother Benjamin as an apprentice. 

Cyreneus Webster was a farmer, tanner and shoemaker. His father 
Benajah died in 1751 and in his Will directed that all of his children 
should be "put out to good trades at the age of 14 years." On Jany. 20, 
1751-2, Cyreneus was placed under the guardianship of his uncle Pelatiah 
Webster, who having died, Cyreneus was, on July 27, 1756, placed under 
the guardianship of Xathaniel Strong, of Windsor, Ct., and when about 
16 years of age he was put out to learn the trades of tanner and shoe- 
maker with a Mr. King, of East Windsor. ( now South Windsor ) , Ct. 
After serving out his apprenticeship he commenced business for himself 
in that town near the line of East Hartford, and on the Main Road from 
East Windsor Hill to Hartford, where he remained for about 11 years, 
when he bought a farm a few miles to the Northeast, but still in the town 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 145 

of East Windsor where he spent the remainder of his life carrying on 
the business of farming and shoe-making. 

1777, June 7, Prudence Webster buys land of Nathaniel Porter of East 

He died at East Windsor, June 26, 1S30, aged 81, and his wife, 
Prudence, same place, Jany. 24, 1846, aged 91 years. 

Children: (All born at East Windsor, Ct., now South Wind- 
sor.) Chloe, born March 8, 1772; Eli, born Dec. 28, 1773; James, 
born May 7, 1776; Theodosia, born Feb. 26, 1778; Sally, born 
Jany. 16, 1780; Naomi, born April 21, 1782; a child bap. Feb. 
15, 1781; Prudence, born about 1786; Betsey, born about 1788; 
Wareham, born Nov. 19, 1790, bap. Feb. 27, 1791; Cynthia, born 
about 1796. Eesumed in Chapter XII. 

6. Justus Webster, b. Dec. 16, 1717-8, at Coventry, Ct., has not 
been located. In the early part of 1775, a Justus Webster settled 
at New Haven, Addison Co., Vt., (See Vermont Quarterly Ga- 
zette, No. 1, p. 70.) 

7. Abdial Webster, b. at Coventry, Ct., Jany. 5, 1719-50, mar. 
Martha Churchill, born in Ct., in 1718. 

Abdial Webster, a farmer, removed from Ct. in 1775, to Hubbardton, 
Rutland Co., Vt. He was one of the first settlers of that town and was 
one of the nine families which constituted the whole population of the 
town at the time of the battle of Hubbardton. in 1777, when all the set- 
tlers fled before the English and Indians. He returned to the town about 
17S0 and settled on the farm which has since remained in the family pass- 
ing from him to his son Benajah, then to Benajah's son Lyman, then to 
Lyman's daughter, Mrs. Mariette Ganson, who now (1S92) resides on the 
farm. The rose bush which Mr. Abdial Webster brought from Ct. still 
blooms every year by the side of the place where their first log house stood. 

He died at Hubbardton, Vt., March 20, 1S20, and she at the 
same place, Feb. 20, 1828. 

Children : Samuel, date of birth unknown, a farmer, died with- 
out issue; Benajah, born in 1771; Persis, dsle of birth unknown. 
Eesumed in Chapter XII. 

Section 8. — Children of Joseph (George, Thomas, Gov. John) 

and (1) 2Iartha (Adams) and (2) Hannah ( ) TYebster, of 

Lebanon, Bolton, Windsor and Stafford, Conn. 

1. Joseph Webster, Jr., date of birth unknown, assumed to be 
the oldest of the children of Joseph and Martha (Adams) Web- 
ster, m. Azubah . 

1778, Apr. 9, Joseph Webster, Jr., buys of Benjamin Thomas, Jr. Amos 
and Nathan Webster, witnesses. 

1779, Aug. 9, Jos. Webster, Jr., of Stafford, of Samuel Gagor. 

1787, April 28, Joseph Webster of Stafford buys of Simeon Webster of 
Tolland. 178S, Sep. 12, Jos. of Stafford. 

146 The Webstee Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

1790, Mcli. 22, Joseph Webster of Stafford sells to Daniel Webster of 
Windsor. "My son Daniel." 

1800, Sep. 13, Joseph Webster of Windsor buys of Noah Burr of Wind- 
sor, land there. 

1800, Sep. 13, Jos. Webster of Tolland buys of Solvin Converse of Staf- 

He died at Springfield, Hampden Co., Mass., and Feb. 2, 1813, 
Ira Webster was appointed administrator of the estate. The 
widow's name was Aznbah. Boston Centennial, Aug. 19, 1812, re- 
ported : "Died in Springfield, Mr. Joseph Webster." 

Children: Daniel; Joel; Ira, b. 1785; Porter, 1786; Joseph; 
Eoswell. Resumed in Chapter XII. 

2. Simeon Webster, b. Feb. 13, 1760, a farmer, m. Oct. 17, 
1784, Sybil Converse, (spelled Sibel on tomb-stone) b. in Gilead, 
Ct., 1762.* He lived in Stafford, Ct., having purchased land there 
in 1780 of Nathan Webster, his brother, and sold it in 1787 to Jo- 
seph Webster, probably his father, and removed to Tolland, the 
next town south, where both died; she, April 12, 1837, aged 75, 
and he, July 28, 1842, aged 82. 

He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. "Ran away from home," 
says one of his descendants, "and enlisted when he was only sixteen years 
old; was wounded in the foot, one toe being shot off while he was on a 

In his application for a pension, May 4, 1818, he says that he enlisted 
at Stafford, Ct., under Lt. Blodget, in Cap. Walbridge's Co., late of Staf- 
ford; Col. Chas. Webb's Reg., Conn. Line, Continental establishment, in 
May, 1777, to date from Feb. 1777, as a private for three years. Joined 
his Co. and Reg. in the spring of 1777 at Stamford, Ct., Lt.-Col. Isaac 
Sherman then having command of the Reg.; was the 2d in the line, and 
soon marched to White Plains, thence to Penn. Was in several hard skir- 
mishes, and also in the battle of Monmouth. Served three years without 
furlough or absence. Was discharged at Morristown, N. J., ab. Feb. 1, 
1780. Sent his discharge for arrears of pay and lost it. Is 58 years old 
and has a deranged wife 56 years old and a weakly child. 

June 26, 1820, he applies for restoration alleging a service in 1776 of 
seven months in Cap. Pease's Co. of Col. Wolcott's Reg., Conn, line, at 
Ft. Trumbull, in addition to service formerly alleged; also that he was in 
the battle of Chestnut Hill in 1777, and that in the battle of Monmouth 
he was in a detachment of 40 of whom 17 were killed. 

A pension seems to have been obtained with some difficulty on the 
apparent ground that he had reduced his property by distribution among 
his children to a point which would permit it. Hence he petitioned Con- 
gress, Hon. Alvin Willey certifying his good character. A certificate was 
finally re-issued at $8 per month. 

Summary of his Will made July 24, 1842, and recorded at Tolland, Ct. : 
gives to his daughters, Polly who m. Roswell Russell; Lueia who m. Parley 
Johnson ; Menda ( the name of whose husband I have forgotten ) , and Ruth 
who m. Samuel Charters, deceased, $40 each. To his grandchildren, being 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 147 

children of his son Joseph Webster, deceased; of his daughter, Marcia, 
deceased, who m. Sylvaniis Baker; of dau. Minerva who m. Timothy Ben- 
ton- of dau. Lucy who m. Elizur Hurlbut, said Minerva and Lucy, de- 
ceased, $10 each to each grandchild. To his grandchildren, being the six 
youngest children of his son Samuel, deceased, $20 each. To Samuel 
P. and William Webster, two eldest sons of his son Samuel, deceased, he 
gives nothing. All the residue to his son Milton Webster, whom he made 
executor, and his heirs. 

Children: Polly, b. Oct. 3, 1780; Joseph Barnes, b. June 17, 
1786; Lucia, ab. 1788; Marcia, 1789; Minerva, March 3, 1794; 
Samuel, 1796; Milton, 1798; Ruth, 1800; Amanda, 1802; Lucy, 
Aug. 25, 1804. Resumed in Chapter XII. 

3. Anne Webster, b. Nov. 18, 1761. It is suggestive that in 
Fairfax, Vt., where Samuel Webster, a brother of Anne settled, that 
the name Anne Gladding frequently appears in family transactions. 
There were Gladdings in Stafford, Conn., and it is possible that 
she married a Gladding and removed to Fairfax, Vt. 

4. Amos Webster, date of birth illegible in the Stafford, Conn., 
records. The real estate records of Stafford make clear the iden- 
tity of this son of Joseph Webster, as note : 

Nov. 21, 1777, Joseph Webster of Stafford deeds "to my son, Amos 
Webster of said Stafford," land in the S. W. part of town. Witness, Mary 

Oct. 3, 1780, Amos Webster of Stafford buys of Samuel Gagor of same 
place. March 14, 1781, he sells the land to Alex. Glass of Stafford. Nathan 
and Betsy Aldrich, witnesses. Sept. 13, 1782, he buys of Amos Torry of 
Stafford in N. W. part of township. Witnesses, Isaac Foot, Mary Foot 
and Josiah Fuller. 

October 14, 1785, he purchased a farm in Pittsford, Eutland Co-, Vt., 
on which he lived several years, and owned the entire plot of land on 
which the village of Pittsford now stands, and built the second house in 
said village. He was a strong, ambitious man of high character, an 
excellent citizen and neighbor. He was supposed to be a brother of Nathan 
Webster who came from Burlington, Vt., and Nov. 7, 1785, also purchased 
a large tract in Pittsford. The Town Clerk, 1907, wrote that he had 
searched the entire records and found that they were residents of Pitts- 
ford from 1784 to 1788, when they sold their property and departed. 
There is no record of any birth, marriage or death in their families, and 
no Webster name has since been on the books. 

1800, Nov. 1, Amos Webster of Cazenovia, N. Y., sold a tract of land 
called Newpetersburg, County of Shenango, N. Y., to Asa Dana of West- 
moreland, Oneida Co., N. Y., lot 49- (Chenango Co. notes.) 

Much research has failed to identify any descendant, or make clear 
the later history of this man. The end. 

5. Nathan Webster, b. date unknown, at Stafford, Ct., m. (1) 
Nov. 28, 1782, "when about 24 years of age," Sarah Russell, (2) 
Elizabeth. A deed given March 17, 1812, by Amos B. Fuller and 

148 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

Catharine his wife of Madison, 1ST. Y., was to Nathan Webster and 
his wife Elizabeth. Another deed given at Pornfret, Chautauqua 
Co., N". Y., Dec. 17, 1825, suggests that he had a second mar. It 
is signed, "Elizabeth." 

His parentage is clearly shown by a deed given July 3, 1779, by 
Joseph Webster of Stafford, Ct., to "My son Nathan Webster of 
Stafford." May 20, 1783, he buys of Samuel Kent, both of Staf- 
ford, land in the West Society. June 5, 1786, Timothy Torry of 
Hartford sold to Nathan Webster, "late of Stafford but now of 
Vermont," bounded by heirs of the late Elijah Eussell. 

He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Jan. 6, 1S25, he (writing 
a fair hand) made application for a pension, from Fredonia, Chautauqua 
Co., N. Y. Says he enlisted when ab. 17 years of age at Stafford, Ct., Apr. 
21, 1777, into service of U. S., in Cap. Amos Walbridge's Co., Col. Charles 
"Web's" Reg., Gen. Huntington's Brigade. Joined his Co. at once and 
served till ab. Dec. 7, 1777, when he was wounded at the battle of White 
Marsh, near Schuylkill, Pa., in left arm, by a musket ball which passed 
through his arm at the elbow joint and shattered the bone in such manner 
that he has never recovered the use of his arm. Remained with the army 
in a wounded and helpless condition until the 25th of Dec, when he with 
others, whose terms of service would expire on the last day of the month, 
was discharged and sent home. He returned to his father's at Stafford, 
with whom he resided until he was ab. 24 years old. 

His father was a shoemaker, and Nathan rendered him some assistance 
in his shop. By fastening the wrist of his wounded arm to his thigh, and 
"using the strength of his thigh to pull the thread," he could do some 
light work himself. 

When he was about 24 he married and removed to Pittsford, Rutland 
Co., Vt., where he kept a small tavern in a new country for ab. four years. 
He then formed a connection with a brother of his in a small country 
store. Carried on that business about three years and then failed and they 
became poor. 

He then went to St. Johns, Lower Canada, and kept a tavern about 
eleven months, when he removed to Vergennes, Addison Co., Vt., and sup- 
ported himself till 1809 by coarse shoe making and cobbling. 1795, Jan. 
1, New Haven, Vt., bought; 1796, May 16, sold above. 

Then he went to Pultney (Poultney, Rutland Co.), Vt., and after six 
months to Granville, Washington Co., N. Y., where he resided ab. two 
years; thence to Madison, Madison Co., N. Y., supporting himself for four 
years by cobbling and such other work as his poverty compelled him to do. 

Thence he removed to Phelpstown, Ontario Co., N. Y., remaining four 
years, and thence to Fredonia, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., where he resided 
about five years, his poverty, lameness and misfortunes following him. 

Two physicians certified to his disability by reason of a gun-shot wound 
which had caused a shortening of the os lurmeri, and partial anchylosis. 

Jan. 6, 1825, Elijah Webster, in a fair hand, of Fredonia, N. Y., certifies 
that he is the son of Nathan Webster, aged ab. 40, and has a family of 
his own to support. 

Feb. 14, 1825, Nathaniel Cushman of Hancock, Addison Co., Vt., certi- 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 149 

fies that he was a soldier of the same Co. of Nathan Webster, and in detail 
corroborates Webster's allegations as to service, wounding, etc. 

Feb. 11, 1825, Isaac Pinney of Royalton, Windsor Co., Vt., certifies the 
same as Cushman, preceding. 

He was pensioned at $8 per month. 

July 22, 1833, he asked the transfer of his pension to the Pittsburgh 
Agency, as he had removed to Huron Co., 0. (Perhaps Norwalk or Milan.) 
But on the loth of December, 1834, he requests its re-transfer to the New 
York City Agency, as, on account of fever and ague, he has been compelled 
to return to New York state to live with his children. 

April 2, 1835, he wrote a letter to the Pension Office, dated Sardinia, 
Erie Co., N. Y. 

The dates and places of the deaths of Nathan Webster and his 
wives are not secured. 

Children : Elijah, b. Stafford, Ct., Aug. 25, 1783. Eesumed in 
Chapter XII. 

6. Samuel Webster, b. Sep. 2, 1768, at Stafford, Ct., a mer- 
chant, m. in Sep., 1790, Lavina Hopkins, b. Mch. 1, 1772, at Nine 
Partners, N". Y. He d. about 1845. 

He settled first in Bennington, Vt, 1792. Thence removed about 
1802, to Fairfax, Franklin Co., Vt., where he spent the remainder 
of his life. He d. about 1845. 

1792, Feb. 14, Samuel Webster of Bennington, Vt., buys of Joseph Hall 
of Bennington, land there "below Silas Walbridge's saw mill." 

1792, June 22, Samuel Webster of Bennington sells to Isaac Webster 
of Bennington, "a certain dwelling, mill and potash," below Silas Wal- 
bridge's saw mill. Witnesses: William Allen, Jonathan Robinson. 

1797, Mch. 19, Samuel Webster of Bennington, Vt., sells to Isaac Web- 
ster of Bennington land there, bounded by Silas Walbridge, and witnessed 
by Jonathan Robinson and Samuel Way, 34 acres of land set to Jerusha 
Dewey, Clarisa Safford, Lavina Webster, and Horace Hopkins, of the 
estate of Benjamin Hopkins, late of Bennington, deceased. 

1801, Feb. 19, Samuel Webster of Bennington buys of Zanish Hopkins 
of Fairfield, Franklin Co., Vt., bounded by David Walbridge and Ephriam 
Smith. Witnesses: Rudd Hopkins, Samuel Webster. 

1801, Sep. 29, Samuel Webster of Benningtor sells to Timothy Harvey. 
Bounded by David Walbridge and Ephriam Smith. 

1803, Mch. 1, a Town Meeting was held at the house of Josiah Safford, 
Fairfax, Vt., and the name of Samuel Webster appears as one of the high- 
way officers. 

1804, Feb. 15, "I, Samuel Webster, of Bennington, Bennington Co., Vt., 
to Moses Norton of Bennington, Vt." (Fail fax records.) 

1807, Oct. 12, "I, Samuel Webster of Fairfax, Vt., to William I. Staell 
and Alfred S. Pell of the City of New York." 

1845, April 22, The Will of Samuel Webster of Fairfax, Vt., was pre- 
sented for probate. The following are mentioned: My sons, Joseph and 
Samuel; my daughters, Emeline Merrils and Aura Lowell, and my son, 
Tlieron Webster. His son Samuel Webster, Executor. 

150 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

1893, Sep. 4, Mrs. Addio L. Allen of St. Albans, Vt., wrote to M. R. 
Webster, "I find in the family record of my father, Theron Webster that 
his father Samuel was born as given above, and d. in Fairfax, Vt., in 
1845. Theron's grandfather, Joseph Webster, d. in Conn, (town not 
given) Feb. 28, 1784." 

Children: (Born, Bennington, Vt.) Hopkins, b. Apr. 5, 1790; 
Hiram B., b. Mch. 12, 1793; Samuel, b. Dec. 25, 1794 (Fairfax 
Town records state that this Samuel was born in Bennington, Vt., 
and moved with his parents to Fairfax when he was six years old — 
1800); Joseph, March 20, 1797; Isaac A. (Adams?), Feb. 15, 
1799; Aura (also given Ora and Anna), Feb. 24, 1801; (Born, 
Fairfax) Emeline, March 25, 1803; Theron, March 12, 1805; 
Clarissa or Clara, Feb. 20, 1807, d. Feb. 25 following; Betsey, 
Jan. 21, 1809; George Washington, July 8, 1811; Henry Carlton, 
June 8, 1813 ; Harrison Bemon, June 12, 1817. Resumed in Chap- 
ter XII. 

7. Isaac Webster, b. ab. 1755, parentage unknown. It is as- 
sumed that he was the son of Joseph Webster of Stafford, Ct. The 
fact that Samuel Webster and Isaac Webster both settled in Ben- 
nington, gives some coloring to the belief that they were brothers. 
Isaac seems to make his first purchase of Samuel. It is a matter 
of regret that no conclusive fact has been obtained to remove all 
doubt, but the presumption is sufficient to put this here even with 
the possibility that he belonged to some other branch of the nu- 
merous Webster families. 

Isaac Webster m. July 6, 1780, at Bennington, Vt., Anna Rob- 
inson, b. Oct. 4, 1759, youngest daughter of Cap. Samuel Robin- 
son, Sr., b. in Cambridge, Mass., 1705, but who resided and died in 
Bennington, Vt. 

Isaac Webster died at Bennington, Vt., Jan. 28, 1827, aged 72 
years. Anna Webster his widow d. there, Jan. 29, 1842, aged 82 
years and 3 months. "I shall be satisfied when I awake, in thy 
likeness," is on her tomb-stone, and Prov. 27 :1 on his. M. R. Web- 
ster visited their graves, Aug. 21, 1900. 

Isaac Webster was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Jan. 11, 1819, 
he applied for a pension. Wrote in a good hand, was 64 years old, and 
resided at Bennington, Vt. Declared that he enlisted with Col. Seth War- 
ner, and went into Canada; was in the taking of St. Johns, Chamblee, 
Montreal, and Sorrel. 

After this campaign was ended, and in 1776, he engaged with Col. 
Heman Swift, and served a number of months, and in March, 1777, he 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 151 

enlisted in Col. Seth Warner's Regt. of Continental troops, in Cap. Wait 
Hopkins' Co. for the term of three years and faithfully served out the 
whole time. Was in the battle of Huberston; was severely wounded, and 
had his arm broken by two musket balls, which disabled him for service 
for several months. By leave of his Col. he returned to his friends and 
hired a physician, and after his arm was in some degree restored, joined 
his Regt. and was in the battle of Bennington, and at the taking of Bur- 
goyne at Saratoga. He continued to serve with his Regt. till the summer 
of 1779, when the Regt. was ordered to Fort George, where he was taken 
by the Indians and carried to Canada. After a few months, not being 
redeemed, he made his escape through the wilderness. It was 19 days 
before he arrived at the American Settlements, and "six long days with- 
out any provisions." On his return home he rejoined his Regt., and served 
out his three years, and in March, 1780, was legally discharged by Col. 
Seth Warner, in writing, but said writing was lost. In the year 1798, 
or thereabouts, he was placed on the pension list at $30 per year, and 
by a late Act has been raised to $48 per year. He makes this application 
to obtain the pension of $96 per year. 

Jacob Safford, an officer of Col. Warner's Regt., confirms Webster's state- 
ment in regard to his two services in Warner's Regt., also stating that 
Webster was in the retreat from Ticonderoga. He spells the place where 
the battle was fought, "Hubborton." 

Jonathan Robinson, a neighbor, also corroborates Webster's statements 
in regard to his service, and says that after he was wounded at Hubbor- 
ton he retreated to Bennington and employed a surgeon, whom he himself 
paid between $40 and $50, and boarded himself, and "as soon as he was 
able to bear arms he was in the battle of Bennington, although not able 
to carry a gun." On his return to Bennington "he married an amiable 
but very feeble wife, who for 35 years has been very sickly." He has a 
"considerable" large family of girls; his only son, on whom he leaned 
for support in his old age, he has buried. He has been unfortunate in 
being bail, which has subjected him to considerable loss. 

Feb. 13, 1819, he was pensioned at $8 per month. 

It appears that his pension was subsequently discontinued on account 
of the amount of property he possessed, but he was again put on the rolls 
in 1820, at $4 per month. 

1792, June 22, Isaae Webster buys of Samuel Webster, both of Benning- 
ton, a certain dwelling, mill and potash." (See Samuel Webster preced- 

1797, Apr. 10, Isaac Webster of Bennington, Vt., buys land there of Moses 
Robinson. Witnesses, Elijah and Jonathan Robinson. Bounded by Ste- 
phen Hopkins. 

1797, Nov. 29, sells to Joseph Robinson, 2d, bounded by Ephriam Smith, 
and David Walbridge. 

1800, Jan. 31, Isaac sells to Silas Walbridge. Witnesses, Silas Merry- 
field, Jason Sibley. Bounded by Benjamin Hopkins. 

1805, Mch. 28, Isaac Webster buys of Samuel Thayer in the east part 
of Bennington, on the road from Gen. Safford's mill. Witnesses, Thomas 
Wilder and Seth Dodge. 

1810, Mch. 13, Isaac Webster buys of Thomas Wilder in the east part 

152 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

of Bennington. Bounded by Stephen Dewey, John Richmond and Paul 

1815, March 14, Isaac Webster and Odiah Loomis of Windsor, Ct., buy 
land of Henry Allyn of Bennington, land in Bennington. Bounded by 
David Walbridge, Samuel Safford, Stephen Pratt. 

1816, May 22, Isaac Webster sells to Thomas Wilder land in east Ben- 
nington, bounded by George Godfreys and Stephen Pratt. 

1817, Jan. 13, Isaac Webster sells to Henry Allyn land which he bought 
of said Henry Allen. Witnesses, Olivia Norton, Martin Norton. 

1828, Feb. 20, Mercy Webster, of Bennington, Vt-, sold to David Weeks, 
"that part of my father's estate set out to me." 

1838, May 8, Anna Webster (by mark) of Bennington, Vt., aged 78 
the previous October, says that when her husband escaped from the In- 
dians, a fellow-prisoner escaped with him. She says she was married to 
him on the 6th of July, 1780, and that he died in January, 1827. 

The last Will of Isaac Webster, dated Jan. 6, 1826, gives to his 
wife, Anna, his daughters, Anna Wilder, Sarah Dewey, Persis 
Hubbard, and to her two sons, Edwin Safford and Albert Bruce, 
and to her son now in life by her present husband, Theophilus 
Hubbard. Also to his other daughters, Kuth Allen, Mercy Webster 
and Harriet L. Weeks. Executors, Stephen Dewey and David 
Weeks, Jr. 

Pension, Continued : Pension was allowed Mrs. Webster at 
$120 per annum, and the office seems to have given Mr. Webster 
credit for two years' service as a Sergeant in Warner's Regt. of the 
New Hampshire Line. 

1842, Oct. 14, the widow's dower of Anna Webster, relict of 
Isaac Webster, was divided as follows : To Sarah, wife of Stephen 
Dewey; Anna, wife of Thomas Wilder; Persis, wife of Theopholis 
Hubbard; Ruth, wife of Henry Allyn; Mercy, wife of Randolph 
Beaumont; Harriet L., wife of David Weeks. 

Children: (Born Bennington, Vt.) Anna, March 22, 1781; 
Sarah, Nov. 28, 1782; Joseph, July 20, 1784; Persis, Nov. 11, 
1785; Ruth, March 20, 1790; Mercy, April 18, 1792; Isaac Rob- 
inson, March 8, 1795; Harriet L., Jan. 18, 1797; Isaac R., June 
26, 1801. Resumed in Chapter XII. 

8. Mary Webster, b. about 1753, m. Serg't John Gaylord. 
She d. Apr. 1, 1821, aged 68. She had a brother Isaac, and a broth- 
er who had an insane wife. John and Mary (Webster) Gaylord had 
three children : John who m. Sarah Phinney ; Mary who m. Benj. 
Loomis; Betsey, who m. Roswell Miller. Simeon Webster (No. 2 
in this family) certified May 4, 1818, in his pension application 
that he had a "deranged wife 56 years old, and a weakly child." 
We have no conclusive proof that Mary was a dau. of Joseph and 
a sister of Isaac, but the coincidences are strong. The end. 

9. Martha Webster, b. probably prior to 1750, m. William 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 153 

Children: (Eeade) Martha, b. Oct. 31, 1771, in Enfield, Conn., 
and d. there, June 26, 1850, m. Dec. 24, 1794, Isaiah Allen, b. 
July 8, 1774, in Enfield, where they resided, and he died May 7, 
1845. Children: (Allen) There were nine. The end. 

Second Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Thomas 
and Abigail Alexander Webster by their son, Capt. John Webster, 
who married Elizabeth , and Grace Loomis. 

Section 1. — Children of John {Capt. John, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Mary [Dewey) Webster, Lebanon, Ct. 

1. Mary Webster, b. June 6, 1725, of Lebanon. No record. 

2. John Webster, b. Nov. 29, 1727, of Exeter Parish, Lebanon, 
Ct., m. about 1747, Mary Bliss. He d. May 10, 1750. The 
Dewey Genealogy gives it 1753 which contradicts facts which are 
given below. 

After the death of John Webster she m. (2) May 6, 1752, Jo- 
seph Barstow and had ten children by Barstow. Dr. J. W. Bar- 
stow of New York City states (1899) that Joseph Barstow re- 
moved about 1735 from Pembroke, Mass., to Lebanon, Conn., and 
that May 6, 1752, he married the widow, Mary Webster. 

Children: (Webster) John, b. about 1747; Polly, b. about 
1749. (We have the record of a John Webster b. July 17, 1751. 
Could it have been a second son John, b. to John and Mary 
(Dewey) Webster, and given the name of his older brother, John, 
who died May 10, 1750? Resumed in Chapter XIII. 

3. Elijah Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Feb. 19, 1730-31, m. 
there, March 26, 1755, Abia Metcalfe, b. Mch. 3, 1736, dau. of Ebe- 
nezer, Jr., and Thankful Metcalfe. He was admitted to the church 
at Goshen, Sep. 24, 1758. 

The descendants of Elijah Webster claim descent from the Mayflower. 
Mrs. Emma A. Whitney, of Burlington, Vt., gives the following line: 
Wm. Mullens and wife, and their dau. Priscilla. Also John Alden of the 
Mayflower. John Alden m. Priscilla Mullens, and had four sons and 
four daughters. The eldest dau. Elizabeth mar. Wm. Peabody; the next 
dau. Ruth m. John Bass, from whom descended John and John Quincy 

A dau. of Wm. and Elizabeth Peabody m. Ichabod Wiswall, pastor of 
church in Duxbury, Mass., and had a dau. who m. Rev. John Robinson, 
whose dau. Faith m. Jonathan Trumbull, Governor of Connecticut, whose 
son Jonathan was also governor of Connecticut. Mercy Peabody m. John 
Simons and their dau. Martha m. Ebenezer Delano, whose grandfather 
came from Walloon, France. 

John and Mercy Simons had Thankful, Abia and Joshua. Thankful m. 
Ebenezer Metcalf and had Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Abia, and Abia m. 
Elijah Simons. 

Dec. 1, 1763, Elijah Webster, Jr., buys land in Lebanon of John Bascom 

154 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

of Union. Nov. 6, 1764, John Webster, of Lebanon sells to "my son," 
Elijah Webster of Lebanon. 

Dec. 31, 1777, court issued letters of administration on the estate of 
Elijah Webster late of Lebanon, deceased, to Reuben Porter, Jan. 8, 
1778, inventory made of said estate. Oct. 3, 1778, Daniel Abel and Oliver 
Bill, appraisers made report on the above estate which included land "on 
the southeast side of the highway leading from Lebanon to Colchester." 

April 23, 1785, court ordered thirds set off to the widow, Abiah Web- 

Aug. 4, 1817, Levi Webster, executor of the last Will of Abiah Webster, 
late of Lebanon, deceased, exhibited the will in court, Aug. 19, 1817, date 
of inventory. Witnesses to Will, Peleg Thomas, Chester Lamb, and Jabez 
Metcalf. Oct. 7, 1812, date of Will of Abiah Webster of Lebanon, gave 
to daughter Anna, one-half of real estate; to son Levi, to daughter Molly, 
gold ear rings; to daughter Hannah, gold necklace; to daughter Thankful, 
linen; to daughter Abia, linen; to sons Charles, Frederick and Elijah Hub- 
bard, to the two last named she gave only $2 each, to her son Levi, she 
gave all of her real estate, one half of which was under an encumbrance 
to her daughter Anna during her natural life. She constituted her son 
Levi her sole executor. 

Both died in Lebanon, Ct., he of smallpox, March 23, 1777, and 
she, July 15, 1817. 

Children: (Births at Lebanon, baptisms at Goshen Church.) 
Anne, born July 19, 1757, bap. Sept. 17, 1758; Eli, bap. Sept. 24, 
1758; Thankful Augusta, born March 26 or 28, 1760; Molly, born 
Dec. 17, 1762, bap. April 24, 1763; Abia, born Jany. 9, 1765; 
Hannah, born May 25, 1767, bap. Oct. 25, same year; Simeon Met- 
calf, born July 1, 1769 ; Charles Frederick, born July 2, 1771 ; Eli- 
jah Hubbard, born Dec. 23, 1773 or 1774; Levi Abel, born March 
12, 1776. Resumed in Chapter XIII. 

4. Grace Webster, b. Apr. 29, 1733, at Lebanon, Ct., m. Dec. 
3, 1750, Samuel Wise. 

Children: (Wise) Jonathan, b. April 1, 1751; Samuel, b. Dec. 
5, 1753; Betty, b. Dec. 12, 1755; Lovina, b. Oct. 17, 1757; Betty 
(again), b. Jan. 28, 1760; Grace Webster, b. July 23, 1763. The 

5. Elizabeth Webster, b. Sep. 15, 1735. No history. 

6. Abel Webster, b. Nov. 23, 1737, of Lebanon, Ct., mar. at 
Lebanon, May 11, 1759, Sarah Cole, of Colchester, Ct., born June 
2, 1738. 

Abel Webster, Sr., served in the French and Indi. n Wars in Capt. Caleb 
Hide's Co., the 6th Co. of the 3d Regt., as a private from June 9 to Dec. 
2, 1756, 34 weeks, receiving as his total "wages" 13 pounds 12 shillings. 
A Conn. Regt. 

From Willimantic Probate Records: March 30, 1773, Abel Webster, ap- 
pears as one of the creditors of Abel Buel, late of Lebanon, deceased. 

April 16, 1777, Letters of Administration on estate of Abel Webster, 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 155 

late of Lebanon, deceased, granted to Ebenezer Cole, Jr., who died; and 
Dec. 25, 1777, Sarah Webster was appointed Administrator in his place. 
April 19, 1777, Inventory and appraisal by Isaiah Williams, Reuben Met- 
calf, and Reuben Porter. No real estate mentioned. Jany. 12, 1790, Abra- 
ham Wilcox, of Lebanon, was appointed guardian to Adonijah Webster and 
Abel Webster minor children of Mr. Abel Webster, late of Lebanon, de- 

He died at Lebanon, Ct., March 22, 1777, of smallpox. She 
survived him. No date of death obtained. 

Children: (Born at Lebanon, bap. at Goshen Church) Lydia, 
born March 20, 1760, bap. Aug. 31, same year; Amos, born March 
10, 1762, bap. May 9, same year; Esther, born March 28, 1764, 
bap. June 17, following; Alexander, born March 16, 1766, bap. 
April 7, same year; Mason, born April 23, 1768, bap. May 8, 
same year; Luna, born June 26, 1770, bap. July 5, same year; 
Adonijah, born Sept. 27, 1772, bap. Oct. 25, same year; Abel, 
Aug. 26, 1774; Sally, Aug. 23, 1776. Eesumed in Chapter XIII. 

7. Daniel Webster, b. April 29, 1740, Old Style, at Lebanon, 
Ct., and baptized, May 5, 1740, m. (1) at Lebanon, Oct. 30, 1765, 
Bridget Holdridge, b. June 21, 1740, at Hebron, Ct. She d. April 
5, 1780, soon after child-birth, as witness this entry in an old 
family Bible: "Our baby died Mch. 27, 1780." He m. (2) Jan. 
17, 1782, Temperance Culver, b. Jan. 17, 1750, at Litchfield, Ct. 
He died Apr. 4, 1835, aged 95 years. His second wife died Mch. 
7, 1839, aged 83-1-20. He resided at Green Eiver, Columbia Co., 
X. Y., and Ames, Montgomery Co., X. Y., where he died. 

This Daniel Webster was a Revolutionary soldier, — a private in Cap. 
Ozias Bissell's Co., Col. Roger Enos' Reg't, Conn, state troops; engaged 
in forces of the U. S. for three months. He arrived in camp, June 29, 1778. 
Mustered at Ft. Arnold, Aug. 8, 1778. At White Plains, July 19, 1778. At 
Ft. Clinton, Sep. 5, 1778. 

His grandson, Alexander McDonough Webster of Cobleskill, Schoharie 
Co., N. Y., thinks that his grandfather, the above Daniel, did not receive 
any pension. 

1766, April 6, John Webster of Lebanon, Ct., sells or gives his son 
Daniel Webster of Lebanon, and mentions land which he gave his son Abel 

Children: (1st m.) Abigail, b. Sep. 25, 1766, at Lebanon, Ct. ; 
Ezekiel, Dec. 3, 1768; Lydia, Aug. 27, 1771; 1774; John, June 
10, 1777. (2d m.) Ozias Bissell, b. Dec. 13, 1782, d. Feb. 12, 1784; 
infant, May 4, 1786, d. the same day. Eesumed in Chapter XIII. 

Section 2. — Children of Thomas (Capt. John, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Lydia (Lyman) Webster of Bolton, Ct. 

1. Thomas Webster, a farmer, b. at Hebron, Ct., March 7, 
1729, m. April 12, 1759, at Hebron or Lebanon, Ct., Abigail Terry, 

156 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

b. March 29, 1734, dau. of Samuel and Sarah (Webster) Terry, of 
Hebron. He d. in Gilead Parish, Hebron, Sep. 18, 1789, and is 
buried in Bolton, Ct. She survived him fifteen or more years. 

The Probate Records show, Hebron, Oct. 5, 1789, an o-der of Court for 
the appraisal of the estate of the above named Thomas Webster, Sr., and 
the appraisal was reported Nov. 11, 1789, at 100 pounds, 19 shillings, 3 

Children: (All born in Gilead Parish, Hebron.) Thomas, born 
May 29, 1761, probably died young; Solomon, Nov. 27, 1762; 
Thomas, Jr., Aug. 12, 1764; John, April 7, 1766; Abigail, Dec. 
6, 1767; Samuel, June 17, 1770, bap. at Bolton, Aug. 26, follow- 
ing; Daniel, June 13, 1772, bap. at Bolton, Aug. 23, following; 
Aaron, born Nov. 2, 1774. Eesumed in Chapter XIII. 

2. Lydia Webster, (Liddia in birth list) b. Feb. 4, 1730, at 
Hebron, Ct., m. as his 2d wife, Oct. 16, 1759, Waite Hotchkiss, b. 
Jan. 18, 1704, son of Wait and Sarah (Bishop) Hotchkiss. (Oth- 
ers say, son of Joseph and Hannah (Crittenden) Hotchkiss. 

Waite Hotchkiss had by his first marriage, ( 1 ) Lois, b. Oct. 5, 1835, d. 
March 9, 1818, m. Dec. 11, 1760, Phineas Johnson, (2) Sarah, b. June 
5, 1738, d. Feb. 5, 1746, (3) Selah, b. Dec. 24, 1742, m. Rebecca. 

About 1764-5, they settled at Wolcott, Ct., where Lydia Web- 
ster died, April 12, 1776, and he m. (3) Oct. 10, 1776, Widow De- 
borah Twitchell. He died in 1799, aged 66, and his third wife, 
June 18, 1831, aged 89. 

Children: (Hotchkiss by Lydia Webster) Joel, born at Guil- 
ford, Aug. 8, 1760; Lydia, same place, Aug. 28, 1762; Sarah, born 
at Wolcott, Ct., March 27, 1765; Abner and a twin sister, born at 
Wolcott, May 24, 1771. The sister died soon after birth. Ee- 
sumed in Chapter XIII. 

3. Jonathan Webster, a farmer, b. Feb. 12, 1732-3, at Hebron, 
Ct., m. (1) Oct. 16, 1759, Eunice Shaler or Shailor, of Bolton, Ct., 
and (2) at Hebron, Ct., May 11, 1763, Elizabeth Willcox of Gilead, 

Eevoluntionary War : Jonathan Webster, of Sandisfield, Mass., 
on list of men raised for six months' service, Oct. 25, 1780. Served 
from July 2, 1780 to Jan. 5, 1781, in the Continental Army. 
(This may refer to Jonathan, Jr.) 

They removed to Sandisfield, Berkshire Co., Mass., probably 
about 1767. Mrs. Elizabeth Webster was admitted to the Church 
at Sandisfield, Sept. 9, 1770. 

Nov. 15, 1793, Jonathan Webster of Sandisfield purchased land in Beth- 
lehem, Mass., of Samuel Webster of Hebron, Ct. 

June 27, 1796, Jonathan Webster sold to Jonathan Webster, Jr., both 
of Sandisfield, witnesses, Obah Ward and Obah Ward, Jr. 

The Will of Jonathan Webster, late of Sandisfield, deceased, dated 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 157 

April 20, 1797, was admitted for probate, June 6, 1797, in which he makes 
bequests to "my beloved wife," Elizabeth, "My beloved sons," Jonathan, 
Ebenezer, and Joel; "My beloved daughters," Eunice, Elizabeth, Martha. 
Orders land in Bethlehem to be sold, and appoints his son, Ebenezer Web- 
ster sole executor. Witnesses, Jacob Webster, William Shepherd, and 
Abner Webster. 

His first wife died at Hebron, Ct., Nov. 24, 1762. He and his 
second wife died at Sandisfield, Mass., he between Apr. 20, 1797 and 
June 6, 1797. ISTo date of death of his widow. 

Children : (First three born at Hebron, Ct., the other three at 
Sandisfield, Mass.) (By first mar.) Eunice, born Oct. 30, 1760. 
(2d m.) Jonathan, born May 4, 1764; Ebenezer, May 1, 1766; 
Elizabeth (Betsey) bap. Bolton, Ct., March 6, 1768 ; Martha, born 
July 20, 1770; Joel, born Feb. 28, 1773 (or Feb. 29, 1772). Re- 
sumed in Chapter XIII. 

4. Elijah Webster, b. at Hebron, Ct., Nov. 12, 1734, a tanner 
and currier, a shoemaker and farmer, mar. at Hebron, Ct., Dec. 
16, 1762, Deborah Post, of Gilead, Ct., who was born Aug. 13, 
1741, dau. of Jeradiah and Deborah (Curtice) Post who were m. 
July 1, 1730. The old house of Elijah Webster, at Gilead, is still 
standing and occupied. 

Notes from Probate Records of Columbia, Ct.: Elijah Webster, late of 
Hebron, Will dated Jany. 13, 1813, and Codicil dated Nov. 17, 1815, ex- 
hibited in Court, Dec. 5, 1815. Inventory exhibited Jany. 2, 1816. Gives 
to wife Deborah, and sons Elijah, Ezekiel and Joel, and to daughters De- 
borah and Clarissa (Clara). Among bequests are land and tan vats. 
Mentions land which she (probably his wife) purchased of Joel Webster, 
which he gives to her children (naming all five of his own living children). 
Appoints his sons Ezekiel and Joel executors. 

He died at Gilead, Nov. 26, 1815, in his 80th year, and she 
July 30, 1813, aged 72. 

Children: (Born at Hebron, bap. at Gilead Parish.) A daugh- 
ter, b. Nov. 23, 1763, died Dec. 2, following; Debora, born Feb. 
13, 1765; Elijah, b. Mar. 27, 1767; Ezekiel, born Dec. 21, 1769, 
died Sept. 7, 1775; Joel, born Dec. 21, 1772, died Sept. 2, 1775; 
Ezekiel, born Nov. 30, 1775; Joel, born Jany. 11, 1779; Clara, 
born Oct. 16, 1781. Resumed in Chapter XIII. 

5. Simeon Webster, a farmer, b. at Hebron, Ct., March 18, 
1736, mar. Sept. 13, 1764, Rebecca Brown, of Hebron, Ct. They 
resided at Bolton, Ct., Parish of Gilead in Hebron, in a house a 
short distance south of his father's house. He was probably a shoe- 
maker as well as a farmer, for it appears from the testimony irj 
the Pension case of the widow of Asa Stiles, that Simeon Webster, 
of Lebanon (that part which is now Columbia,) made the wedding 
shoes of said Stiles. 

158 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

Simeon Webster, Sr., served in the French and Indian War in Capt. 
Samuel Chapman's Co., 1st Conn. Regt.. as a private from May 25, to 
Nov. 10, 1758, 25 weeks and one day, receiving as his total wages 11 
pounds, 6 shillings, 3 pence and two farthings. 

Simeon Webster, Sr., died when his children were young and after his 
death, said children made their home with their grandfather Thomas 
Webster. In an inventory of the estate of Thomas Webster, father of 
Simeon Webster, Sr., mention is made of 80 acres of land willed to the 
heirs of Simeon Webster, late of Hebron, deceased. This inventory was 
exhibited March 1803. 

Dec. 4, 1773, administration was granted to David Webster on the es- 
tate of Simeon Webster, dec'd, late of Hebron, Rebecca the widow, men- 
tioned. (Colchester Probate Records.) 

Simeon Webster d. at Bolton, Ct., Sep. 23, 1773, of pleurisy. No 
date of his widow's death. 

Children: (Both born at Hebron.) Bebecca, March 22, 1765; 
Simeon, March 16, 1767. Besumed in Chapter XIII. 

6. Rachel Webster, b. at Hebron, Ct., Sept. 9 or 19, 1737, mar. 
Lot Fuller, a farmer, who resided at Sandisfield (Montville So- 
ciety), Mass. Both died at Sandisfield, he July 12, 1811, aged 78, 
and she Feb. 28, 1812, aged 75. 

Children: (Fuller) (First four born in Bolton, Ct., and others 
probably at Sandisfield, Mass.) Lot, born Feb. 28, 1760; Simeon, 
Oct. 21, 1762; Judah, Feb. 3, 1765; Rachel, b. April 16, 1767; 
Abial, Jan. 24, 1769, d. Sep. 28, 1775; Samuel, b. Oct. 14, 1770; 
Thomas, b. June 3, 1772, cl. Nov. 18, 1777; Joseph, b. Apr. 18, 
1775; Lydia, b. Jan. 7, 1779; Elizabeth, b. March 10, 1781. 

(1) Simeon Fuller resided in New York state with his son, Russell 

(2) Juda Fuller died in Sandisfield, Mass., Oct. 24, 1819, aged 55. His 
first wife, Lois, d. there Feb. 19, 1791, aged 29, and his second wife, Sarah, 
d. there May 10, 1848, aged 85. 

(3) Joseph Fuller m. (1) Lucy Hastings of Suffield, Ct., who d. Sep. 15, 
1835, aged 57, and he m. (2) Sally Hastings, a half-sister of his first 
wife. They removed to northern Illinois, where both died. By first mar. 
he had Lucy, who d. at 5 years, May 19, 1803; Sheldon, Albert, Alanson, 
and perhaps others. iNo children by 2d mar. 

(4) Elizabeth Fuller m. Perley Claflin and res. in Monteray, Mass. 
Children: Betsey, Lucinda, Philinda. The last m. as his second wife, 
John Northrop of Tyeringham, Mass., and is the step mother of Mrs. 
Daniel Webster. The end. 

7. David Webster, a farmer, b. at Hebron, Ct., Feb. 13, 1738-9, 
mar. Dec. 18, 1766, Molly Wilcox, of Gilead Parish, Hebron, Ct., 
born March 19, 1743. Some records have it Mary Hitchcock. 
They resided at Bolton, Ct., where he was admitted a freeman, 
Sept. 17, 1776, and took the Oath of Fidelity, at Bolton, Aug. 22, 
1777, and Sept. 16, following. 

Feb. 11, 1770, she was admitted to the church in Bolton. 

5th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 159 

April 27, 1772, David Webster of Bolton, Ct., purchased land there of 
Amasa Loomis. 

Notes from Columbia Probate Records: David Webster, of Bolton, 
Will dated Aug. 20, 1811. Exhibited in Court Jany. 1, 1818. Inventory 
exhibited Nov. 19, 1S18. Gives to wife Mary, to sons Oliver, David and 
Eldad, and to daughters Mary, Barbe, Rue and Martha. Appoints son 
Oliver his executor. April 22, 1818: The Court granted letters of ad- 
ministration on the estate of David Webster, late of Bolton, to Joel Web- 
ster, of Hebron (this was evidently owing to the death of Oliver Web- 
ster, the executor). April 19, 1819, distribution of estate of David Web- 
ster, was made to sons David and Eldad, and to daughters Ruea Bidwell, 
Barber Chappel, Mary Bidwell and Martha Webster. 

He died at Bolton, Ct., Nov. 29, 1817, aged 78, and she at the 
same place, Aug. 1, 1814, aged 72. 

Children: (All probably born and bap. at Bolton.) Mary, born 
Jany. 14, 1768; Barbara, June 12, 1770, bap. July 16, following; 
David, born Nov. 21, 1771, bap. Dec. 29, following; Eldad, born 
March 18, 1773, bap. May 9, following; Bue (Buah) born Nov. 
25, 1774, bap. Nov. 27, following, died July 29, 1776; same name 
as above, born June 27, 1776, bap. Aug. 25, following; Martha, 
born June 18, 1780, bap. June 25, following; Oliver, born Sept. 
19, 1785. Besumed in Chapter XIII. 

8. Zeruah Webster, also given Ziviah or Saviah, born at Heb- 
ron, Ct., Aug. 29, 1740, mar. (1) Nov. 17, 1762, Joseph Cobb, of 
Bolton, born in 1730, and (2) April 2, 1771, Joseph Sutliff, or 
Sutlief, of Bolton, and soon after removed to Wolcott, Ct. 

Joseph Cobb died Aug. 10, 1767 or 1771, probably in the 31st 
year of his age. Joseph Sutliff died Nov. 11, 1801, aged 67, at 
Wolcott, Ct., where she also died April 20, 1819, aged 78. 

Children: (First mar.) (Cobb) Hope, born at Bolton, Ct., 
June 4, 1764, died at Smyrna, N. Y. ; Joseph, also born at Bolton, 
Ct., March 15, 1766, died there June 13, 1767. (Second mar.) 
(Sutliff) (All born at Wolcott, Ct.) Joseph, died at Damascus, 
Pa.; Zeviah, mar. Benjamin Hickox. She died at Waterbury, Ct. 
A daughter, Mrs. Mary Buck, widow of Daniel Buck, aged 80, re- 
sided in 1884, at Farmington, Ct. Abiather; Michael, born 1775, 
died on the ocean Sept. 10, 1799, in the 24th year of his age, re- 
turning from West Indies; Lydia, born Feb. 1, 1778, mar. Beach; 
Nathan, died at Smyrna, N. Y. The end. 

9. Joseph Webster, a farmer; a Baptist Bxorter and Deacon, 
b. 1742, who is said to have "attended the ministration of a Bap- 
tist Elder, at Stafford, Ct." some of the congregation living in 
Willington, some in Tolland, and some in Windsor. He mar. 
March 3, 1768, Ruth Loomis, b. Feb. 19, 1745, of Bolton, Ct., a 
sister of Jerijah Loomis, who mar. Sarah Webster, a sister of this 
Joseph Webster. 

160 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

April 27, 1772, John Perkins, of Hebron, deeded land in Bolton, to Jo- 
seph Webster, of Bolton, and 

Feb. 9, 1786, John Goodwin, of East Hartford, deeded land in Bolton 
bordering on Glastonbury, to Joseph Webster, of Bolton, and 

Oct. 4, 1791, John Taylor, of Bolton, deeded land in Bolton, to Joseph 
Webster, of Bolton. 

The East Hartford Records of Deeds show that, March 3, 1809, Alex. 
Brumbley deeded land to Joseph Webster, of Bolton, 

Notes from Columbia Ct. Probate Records: Will of Joseph Webster, 
of Bolton, dated March 27, 1805. Inventory exhibited March 1, 1810, with 
Ruth Webster, as executrix. Gives to his wife Ruth, to son-in-law, 
Jeremiah Culver, to son-in-law, Reuben Risley, to daughter, Sabra Ris- 
ley, and to granddaughter Ruth Webster Culver, and directs that the por- 
tion left to his wife should, after her death, go to daughter Sabra Risley, 
and to granddaughter Ruth Webster Culver. July 4, 1826, The Court 
granted administration to Jacob Webster, of Bolton, Ct., on the estate of 
Joseph Webster, late of Bolton, deceased. Inventory made at Bolton, Aug. 
15, 1826. By order of Court, of Sept. 5, 1826 and Oct. 24, 1826, a com- 
mittee was appointed to make distribution, and distribution was made 
Nov. 23, 1826, to Sabra Risley, wife of Reuben Risley, and to Ruth W. 
Webster, wife of Jacob Webster. 

He died Dec. 31, 1809, aged 67, and she April 17, 1826, aged 

Children : Ruth, born 1768, and Sabra, born at Bolton, Ct., 
July 20, 1770. Resumed in Chapter XIII. . 

10. Sarah Webster, b. Nov. 3, 1744, mar. Jany. 3, 1765, Jeri- 
jah Loomis, son of Jerijah and Abigail (Atherton) Loomis, of 
Bolton, a farmer, born March 24, 1741. He was a brother of 
Ruth Loomis, who mar. Joseph Webster, brother of the above 
Sarah. He died at Bolton, Ct., Dec. 14, 1800, and she at the 
same place, Jany. 20, 1803, aged 57. 

Children: (Loomis) (All born at Bolton, Ct.) Sarah, born 
Oct. 5, 1765, died young; Jerijah, born July 21, 1769, (mar. 
Susannah Risley, who died Aug. 20, 1848, aged 77. He died at 
Bolton, Ct., Feb. 15, 1846. They had 8 children.) Anne, born 
1771, mar. first, Collins, second, Crandal, and third, Salter, of 
Cortland, N. Y. ; Martha, born 1773, mar. John Howard, of White 
Pigeon, Mich.; Nathaniel, born 1775, of New York. Mrs. A. C. 
W. Andrus, names four other children, viz : Sarah 2d, Chloe, 
Clara and Jerusha. They probably all died young. The end. 

11. Jacob Webster, a farmer, b. March 31, 1746, m. (1) Na- 
omi Dunham, of Hebron, Ct., and (2) Aug. 24, 1786, Lois Bax- 
ter, b. July 25, 1759. They resided in what is now South Saudis- 
field, Mass. 

He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War; a private in Capt. Samuel 
Wolcott's Co., Col. Hopkins' Regt. Service between July 16', 1776 and 
Aug. 5th, 1776, 16 days. Company marched to the Highlands, N. Y.; Roll 

5tli Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 161 

sworn in Berkshire Co. Mass., also Capt. Elijah Deming's Co., Col. Ash- 
ley's (Berkshire Co.) Regt. ; entered service July 8, 1777, dis. July 28, 
1777; service 20 days. Company called out at request of Maj. Gen. 
Schuyler and ordered to march to Fort Edward. 

Feb. 2, 1808, Lois Webster of Sandisfield, was appointed guar- 
dian of Daniel and Ljanan Webster, minors under 14 years of 
age, sons of the late Jacob Webster, deceased. March 1, 1808, the 
same Lois Webster was appointed by the court, guardian of Levi, 
Chloe, Jacob and Joseph Webster, minors above 14 years of age, 
children of the late Jacob Webster, deceased. 

His Will mentions Abner and Eli, his sons, Mary Chalker, Kern 
Webster his daughters, and Lois his beloved wife. 

His first wife, JSTaomi, d. about 1784; he died at Sandisfield, 
Jan. 6, 1808, and his widow, Lois, Oct. 29, 1848, aged 89 years. 

Children: (All born at Sandisfield, Mass.) (First mar.) Ab- 
ner, b. Sept. 7, 1772; Ellis, a daughter, b. April 26, 1774, died 
March or April 20, 1775; Eli, b. Feb. 24, 1776; Aseneth, b. Aug. 
24, 1779, and died Oct. 21, following; Mercy, b. Dec. 3, 1780; 
Kerenhappueh, (early changed to Katherine,) b. July 23, 1783. 
(Second mar.) Levi, b. May 29, 1787; Chloe, b. Aug. 1, 1789;' 
Jacob, b. June 7, 1791; Joseph, b. April 21, 1793; Daniel, b. 
Aug. 19, 1795; Lyman, b. Jany. 4, 1798. Resumed in Chapter 

12. Elizabeth Webster, "Betty," b. May 12, 1748, d. unm. at 
Gilead, Conn., March 26, 1827, and is buried in Bolton. 

13. Anna Webster, b. at Hebron, Ct., Feb. 9, 1750-51, mar. 
at Bolton, Ct., Dec. 19, 1774, Asa Kellogg, a farmer, descendant 
in the Fifth Generation from Samuel Kellogg, of Hatfield, Mass. 
He was born at Colchester, Ct., Jany. 21, 1749; They settled at 
Bolton, Ct., but about 1790 removed to Sandisfield, Mass. He 
died at South Sandisfield, March 22, 1823, and she at the same 
place, Dec. 16, 1846, aged nearly 96 years. 

Children: (Kellogg) (Seven born probably at Bolton, Ct. ; the 
last two at Sandisfield, Mass.) Russell, born Nov. 26, 1776, died 
Feb. 29, 1778; Asa, born Feb. 14, 1778, died March 18, same 
year; Anna, b. June, 1779, d. Kov. 13, following; Asa again, 
born Feb. 3, 1782; Russell, b. Jan. 17, 1786, d. March 29, 1787; 
Russell, again, b. Feb. 25, 1788, d. June 9, following; Orrin, b. 
April 26, 1789, d. Feb. 28, 1791; Sarah, b. Sep. 19, 1790; Orrin, 
again, b. July 20, 1793, bap. July 29, 1793. 

(1) Asa Kellogg, m. Oct. 15, 1812, Mary Goodrich, b. Feb. 1788, in 
South Sandisfield, Mass. He d- Nov. 12, 1864, aged 82; and she, July 20, 
1873, aged 85 years. 

Children (Kellogg) : Jared, b. Sep. 27, 1813, d. Feb. 15, 1891; Jemima, 
Emily, b. Nov. 10, 1816; George, b. July 10, 1819; Mary Elizabeth, b. 
Aug. 15, 1821; Kuth Anna, b. March 26, 1823; Harvey, b. Aug. 7, 1825; 

162 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 5 

Irene Amelia, b. Nov. 23, 1827; David, b. Feb. 4, 1830; Harriet Estella, b. 
June 9, 1833; James Nathaniel, b. Feb. 3, 1836, d. Feb. 2, 1843. 

Ruth Ann Kellogg, b. March 26, 1823, m. George Moses Seward, Sep. 
14, 1845. Both died in September, 1898, she the 3d and he the 26th.. 
They had ten children. 

(2) Orren Kellogg m. Oct. 28, 1848, at Sandisfield, Mass., Harriet White 
of Sandisfield, b. Jan. 28, 1801, at Barkhamsted, Conn. They resided 
for a time in Sandisfield and removed to Winsted, Ct., and thence to Cole- 
brook, Ct., where he d. Nov. 4, 1859. She m. (2) at Winsted, Conn., July 
10, 1863, Anson Harrington, of Northampton, Mass. He d. Aug. 6, 1878. 
No children. The end. 

Section 3. — Children of Josiah (Capt. John, Thomas, and Gov^ 
John) and Hannah (Hutchinson) Webster. 

1. Josiah Webster, a cooper, carpenter, and joiner, b. at Leban- 
on, Ct., Jan. 5, 1742-3, m. (1) Sarah Loomis, b. Nov. 15, 1736, 
dan. of Lieut. Joseph and Sarah (Woodward) Loomis, of Leb- 
anon, Conn. They lived at Lebanon until about 1792-94, when 
they removed to Warren, Herkimer Co., N. Y., then an unbroken 
wilderness. He mar. second, Miss Sarah Bacon, of Baldwinsville,, 
NT. Y. 

Last Will of Josiah Webster of Columbia, Herkimer Co., N. Y., dated 
Jan. 31, 1816, has bequests as follows: To my son, Daniel Webster, 2. 
cows, now let out to Samuel Hatch; my dau. Lyndia Hatch; my sons,. 
Josiah Webster, Jr., and Wm. Webster; my grandson, Josiah Nelson Web- 
ster, son of William, "a gun, to be given to the eldest male heir to. 
latest posterity;" my daughters, Submit Hatch and Lyndia Hatch; my son- 
in-law Joseph Hatch, executor, and John Mix "the overseer of my Will."' 

He and his second wife died in Herkimer Co., N. Y., he Feb. 
6, 1816, his first wife about 1794, and his second, 1814. 

Children: (All born in Lebanon, Ct., except the youngest, who> 
was born in Warren, N. Y.) (First mar.) Asaneth; Submit (Mit- 
tie), born 1767, bap. at Lebanon, April 5, 1737; Daniel, ab. 1770 ^ 
Hannah, who died young; Josiah, born Oct. 24, 1774, bap. Oct.. 
30; Abigail, born 1776, died at Lebanon, Ct., Sept. 18, 1792, aged 
16 years; Rhoda; Malinda, born Jany. 8, 1783; William, born 
Feb. 27, 1786. (2d mar.) Sarah; Daniel, born Oct. 7, 1800. Re- 
sumed in Chapter XIII. 

2. Hannah Webster, b. Dec. 15, 1745, m. April 18, 1765, at 
Lebanon, Ct., Peter Perkins of New London, Ct. Probably left 
no issue. The end. 

3. Daniel Webster, b. July 15, 1748. No record. 


Sixth Generation — Great Grand Children of John and Sarah 

Mygatt Webster of Hartford, Ct, in the Line of 

Robert the son of Gov. John Webster. 

First Generation, Gov. John and Agnes Webster. — Second Lieut. 

eobert and susannah treat webster. third, john and sarah 

Mygatt Webster. — Fourth, Children of John and Sarah Mygatt 
Webster named in the Divisions of this Chapter. — Fifth, Grand- 
children of John and Sarah Mygatt Webster named in the num- 
bered Sections of this Chapter. — Sixth, Great Grandchildren of 
the same named in the numbered Paragraphs of this Chapter, 
printed in heavy face type. 

First Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of John and 
Sarah Mygatt Webster, by their eldest son, Capt. John Webster of 
Southington, Ct., who married Abiel Steele. 

Section 1. — Children of Aaron (Capt. John, John, Robert, Gov. 
John) Webster and Lydia his ivife of Southington, Ct. 

1. Lydia Webster, b. Oct. 7, 1746, at Southington, Ct., m. June 
18, 1767, Amos Eoot, bap. June 29, 1740. Both died in Southing- 
ton, she, April 9, 1780, aged 33 yrs., 6 mos., 2 ds., and he, May 11, 
1787, aged about 47 years. He m. (2) May 9, 1781, Mercy Barnes 
who d. April 24, 1784. 

Children: (Boot) (All born in Southington.) Ashbel, b. May 
26, 1768; Beuben, b. April 23, 1770; Margaret, b. Sept. 11, 1772; 
Chauncey, "Chaney," Nov. 7, 1774; Buth Smith, Feb. 24, 1777; 
Lydia, Jany. 19, 1780. 

(1) Beuben Boot m. Hannah George and had Amos and George. 
The latter lived in Woodbury, Ct. 

(2) Chauncey Boot m. Polly Newell, b. Feb. 28, 1781. Both 
died in Homer, Cortland Co., 1ST. Y., he, Nov. 18, 1825, and she, 
Sep., 1837. Their dau. Martha Ann Boot, b. Nov. 26, 1815, m. 
Bussell Hubbard of Cortland, N. Y. 

(3) Ashbel Boot was a teacher and died unm. 

(4) Buth Smith Boot m. John Insley. 

(5) Lydia Boot m. John Neal of Southington, Ct., and their son 
was a Presbyterian minister. The end. 

2. Hannah Webster, b. Oct. 20, 1748, m. Dec. 21, 1769, Jared 
Harrison of Wolcott, Ct. The end. 


164 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

3. Abiel Webster, b. Feb. 6, 1750, d. July 20, 1784, unmarried. 
The end. 

4. Robert Webster, born at Southington, Ct., Dec. 14, 1752, 
mar. Feb. 23, 1775, Lucy, daughter of Zealous Adkins (or Atkins), 
of Southington. He lived on what has since been known as the 
Selah Barnes' place. 

Administration of the estate of Robert Webster was granted to Lucy 
Webster, April 5, 1790, and an Inventory was taken by Timothy Clark and 
Ashbel Cowles, May 3, 1790, who placed the estate at 43 pounds, 8 shill- 
ings and 11 pence- 
He died at Southington, Ct., March 10, 1790. No date of her 
death obtained. 

Children: (All born at Southington.) Anna, Oct. 8, 1775, bap. 
Sept. 11, 1780; Lucy, bap. Sept. 11, 1780; Joel, b. June 26, 1779, 
and bap. Sept. 11, 1780; Lydia, b. Sept. 11, 1781; Ira, bap. Oct. 
26, 1783, died March 17, 1784; Ira again, b. Dec. 24, 1784; Abigail, 
b. Jany. 9, 1787; Polly, bap. June 28, 1789, died March 2, 1790. 
Eesumed in Chapter XIV. 

5. Aaron Webster, born at Southington, Ct., Feb. 2, 1755, mar. 
Phoebe Winston, of Burlington, Ct. 

They appear to have resided during the early part of their married 
lives at Southington, Ct., and to have spent the latter part of their lives 
at Bristol, Ct. The Records of Deeds in Southington show that he deeded 
land there in the early part of 1782, adjoining land of his father, Lieut. 
Aaron Webster. The records of Deeds of Bristol, Ct., show that he was 
in that town as early as 1787. The Records of admission to the Church 
at Bristol, Ct., are missing for the period from April 1782, to Oct. 1792, 
but Mrs. Phoebe Webster appears to have been admitted to Church there 
during said period. They probably moved to Bristol about or soon after 

From Probate Records of Farmington, Ct. Will of Aaron Webster, of 
Bristol, Ct., dated March 25, 1797, and proved June 5, 1797. Witnesses, 
Joseph Byington, Ezra Ray, and Joel Barnes. Gave to wife Phebe, sons 
Addison and Aaron, and daughters Phebe, Laurana, Mercy, Jerusha and 
Betsey. Executor, his wife. Inventory made May 29, 1797, amount 
$1145.69. No date to distribution, but it was made to the widow, sons 
.Addison and Aaron, and daughters Mercy, Jerusha and Betsey. 

Will of Phebe Webster, dated Aug. 11, 1804 and proved Oct. 2, 1804. 
Witnesses, Israel Barnes, Lurana Barnes and Elijah Barnes. Gave to 
daughters Phebe, Jerusha and Betsey, to son Aaron and to daughter 
Lurena. Executors, son Addison and Bliss Hart. Inventory made Sept. 
26, 1804. 

March 12, 1804. Addison Webster appointed guardian to Aaron Web- 
ster, a minor, and Bliss Hart appointed guardian to Betsey Webster, a 
minor, Oct. 2, 1804. 

April 27, 1802, administration was granted to Addison Webster, on the 
estate of Mercy Webster of Bristol (daughter of Aaron and Phebe Web- 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 165 

ster). Inventory taken April 26, 1802, amount $90.71. Distribution made 
April 4, 1803, to eldest male heir, Addison Webster, and to heirs Phebe 
Webster, Laurana Webster, Jerusha Webster, Betsey Webster, and Aaron 
Webster (her brothers and sisters). 

Above mentioned records show that 1799, Joel Barnes was appointed 
guardian to Lucretia and Jerusha Webster. Were these not Lurena and 
Jerusha, daughters of Aaron and Phebe Webster? Joel Barnes was made 
guardian of Lucretia (Lurena) June 12, 1799, and of Jerusha, Nov. 25, 

Both died at Bristol, Ct., he, Apr. 17, 1799, and she, Aug. 28, 

Children: (Three and perhaps four born at Southington, the 
others probably at Bristol, as follows) : Addison and Mercy, twins, 
bap. Sept. 17, 1780; Phoebe, bap. Sept. 2, 1781; Laurena or Lurena 
or Lorena; Jerusha, b. March 21, 1787; Betsey, b. April 26, 1791; 
Aaron, b. Dec. 29, 1794. Resumed in Chapter XIV. 

6. Jerusha Webster, born at Southington, Ct., Dec. 14, 1756, 
mar. Jany. 13, 1779, Lieut. Daniel Barnes. He married, ISTov. 23, 
1785, Sarah Webster, her sister, which see. 

The record of this marriage and the births which follow are 
from the Farmington Town Records. She d. at Bristol, Ct., Feb. 
20, 1785. 

Children: (Barnes.) Lauren, born June 16, 1781; Horace, born 
April 16, 1783. 

(1) Lauren Barnes an att'y at Bristol, Ct., d. May 28, 1811, un- 

(2) Horace Barnes was lost at sea, according to family tradition, 
when young and unmarried. 

7. Elisha Webster, b. Nov. 22, 1758, m. Martha , 

as shown by the following deeds. 

Aug. 13, 1783, Elisha Webster and Martha his wife of Southing- 
ton, Ct., deed a piece of land lying in Farmington, in the town of 
Southington, butting east on the land of Lois Pond, and south on 
the land of widow Martha Pond, to Moses Pond. 

Oct. 6, 1778, Elisha Webster of Farmington deeds land to Isaac Lewis 
of Farmington, butting in land of Jared Lee and Jonathan Barnes. 

April 3, 1780, Elisha Webster of Southington, deeds land to Asa Allcox 
of Farmington, butting on land of Jared Lee and Jonathan Barnes. 

May 1, 1782, Aaron Webster deeds land to Elisha Webster, Jr., "on 
account of love and near relationship" to his son, Elisha Webster, Jr., 
butting on land of Philologus Webster, Timothy Clark, and Chancy Merri- 

One or more of these notes may refer to Rev. Elisha Webster who lived 
until 1788. Elisha Webster, son of Lieut. Aaron, b. Nov. 22, 1758, is 
said by some to have died May 17, 1764, in which case all the notes should 
be referred to Eev. Elisha Webster, a brother of Aaron. The end. 

166 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

8. Sarah Webster, b. Aug. 7, 1767, m. Nov. 23, 1785, Capt. 
Daniel Barnes, whose first wife was Jerusha Webster, above, sister 
of Sarah. (This marriage and the births are taken from the Bristol 
Town Records.) She d. June 10, 1830, at Weymouth, Medina Co., 
Ohio. He d. Feb., 1814. 

Children: (Barnes.) Marcus, b. Feb. 17, 1787; Daniel, b. Sept. 
1, 1788 ; Polly, Nov. 12, 1790 ; Giles, Oct. 30, 1792 ; John Bird, Feb. 
23, 1795; Orville, Feb. 26, 1797; Romulus, Oct. 16, 1800; Oliver 
Ellsworth, Jany. 12, 1803; Decius Julius Cicero, April 28, 1804, 
died unm. 1834; Henry Marcus, Nov. 23, 1806. Resumed in Chap- 
ter XIV. 

Section 2. — Children of Sarah (Capt. John, John, Robert, Gov. 
John) Webster and her husband Samuel Root of Southington, Ct. 

1. Sarah Root, m. May 28, 1771, Samuel Beekley, b. Canaan, 
Ct., July 25, 1751, son of Joseph and Pede (Hancock) Beekley. 
They lived and died at Canaan, Ct., and were both members of the 
Congregational church. She d. Oct. 2, 1809, and he m. (2) Nov. 
22, 1810, Mrs. Naomi Kellogg, nee Gaylord, widow of Asahel Kel- 
logg. She d. Mch. 12, 1830, and he Jan. 13, 1840. 

Children: (Beekley.) (Born Canaan, Ct.) (1st m.) Billa, 
Aug. 29, 1773; Samuel, June 15, 1776; Luther, Dec. 31, 1779; 
Silas, Jan. 11, 1786; Oliver, Oct. 11, 1793, d. Mch. 5, 1798 at 
Canaan. Resumed in Chapter XIV. 

2. Oliver Root, b. Nov. 1, 1754, m. Oct. 1, 1778, Anna Holcomb 
•of Canaan, Ct., dau. of David Holcomb. They rem. from South 
Canaan, Ct., to Lenox, Berkshire Co., Mass., where both died, she 
July 17, 1796, aged 36, and he, Sep. 5, 1797, aged 43. 

Children: (Root.) (All born at Lenox, Berkshire Co., Mass.) 
Sarah, July 26, 1779; Elizabeth, July 5, 1781; Oliver, June 2, 
1783; Amna (or Anna), June 17, 1786; Sartiel, Feb. 1, 1789; 
Levinda, May 23, 1791 ; Hiram, Aug. 18, 1793. 

(1) Sarah Root, m. a Haskins. 

(2) Dr. Oliver, a physician, m. Feb. 28, 1815, Polly Peet. He d. 
in Canaan, Ct., Sep. 21, 1822. Children: Mary, Oliver, Sartial, 
all b. in Canaan. 

(3) Amna (or Anna) m. a Palmer and went to New York state. 
The end. 

Section 3. — Children of John (Capt. John, John, Robert, Gov. 
John) and Rhoda (Lewis) Webster of Southington, Ct. 

1. Theodocia Webster, b. Aug. 19, 1756, m. Thomas Cowles. 
Children: (Cowles.) Lucinda. 

(1) Lucinda Cowles, m. May 20, 1829, Emilius Bartholomew, a farmer, 
b. May 22, 1807, in Kirkland, Oneida Co., N. Y., son of Ichabod Bartholo- 
mew. She died June 22, 1835, and he married again. He was a merchant 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 167 

and became postmaster at Leoni, Jackson Co., Mich. He d. Nov. 11, 1S62. 
The end. 

2. Philologos Webster, b. at Southington, Ct, April 24, 1759, 
mar. Feb. 11, 1784, at Cheshire, New Haven Co. y Conn., Sarah 

He resided first in Southington, Ct. (probably in the parish of Farm- 
ingburg), but soon after 1803 must have removed to Simsbury, Ct., to 
a neighborhood known as Bushy Hill, where he remained until after 1812, 
when he removed with his family to Cazenovia, N. Y. He remained there 
only a short time, and removed to Ohio and settled on a large farm in 
Franklin Co., north of Columbus. He and his children died and are buried 
on this farm. All of the members of this family were very large in build. 
The Conn. Courant, of Hartford, Ct., Aug. 24, 1784, contains the follow- 
ing notice: "The house of Philo (Philologos?) Webster in Southington 
was destroyed by a terrible gale of wind, but none of the family were 

Philologos Webster was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. (His name 
appears as Philo — an abbreviated form of Philologos). He served in Cap't 
Asa Bray's Co. He arrived in camp April 3 and was discharged May 15, 
1777. His name appears on the payroll of the company, May 10, 1777. 
He served one month and twenty-two days. On his monument in Green- 
lawn Cemetery, near Columbus, Ohio, appear the words: "Philologos Web- 
ster, member Connecticut Militia, Col. Hooker's Eeg't, Cap't Asa Bray's Co. 
of the Colonial Army." 

Philologos Webster's name appears quite frequently on the records of 
deeds of the towns of Southington, Bristol and Simsbury, Ct., from 1780 
to 1812. 

Dec. 6, 1780, Robert Webster (probably a cousin) deeded land in South- 
ington to him, adjoining land that he already had, and on the same day 
he deeded land in Southington, which adjoined land belonging to his 
sister, Ursula Webster, to Lemuel Clark. 

April 19, 1782, Aaron Webster, Jr. (a cousin) deeded land in Southing- 
ton to him. 

Aug. 21, 1782, he deeded land in Farmingburg parish, Southington, to 
Joseph Dutton, Jr. (his brother-in-law, husband of his sister, Hannah 
Lewis Webster). 

April 28, 1783, Elisha Webster, Jr. (his cousin) deeded land to him 
in Southington, adjoining land which he already owned. 

Nov. 3, 1785, he deeded a saw-mill, one half of which he had previously 
bought of his sister, Hannah Lewis Webster, before her marriage, and 
which was situated about a mile and a half from the "meeting house" in 
Southington, to Joseph Dutton, Jr. (his brother-in-law). 

March 29, 1787, James Beckwith, Jr. deeded 144 acres of land on Fall 
Mountain, in Bristol, Ct., to him. 

Jany 23, 1804, Chauncey Case, of Cazenovia, N. Y., deeded land in 
Simsbury, Ct., to him (describing him as of Southington). (From Sims- 
bury records.) 

April, 1805, he deeded land in Simsbury to a resident of Southington. 
(Simsbury records.) 

168 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

Jany. 26, 1808, he had land deeded to him at "Bushy Hill" in Sims- 
bury, which adjoined land already owned by him. (From Simsbury rec- 

Oct. 19, 1809, Philologos Webster had more land, near that already 
owned by him in Simsbury, deeded to him. (From Simsburg records.) 

Aug. 3, 1812, Philologos Webster and Philo Peter Webster of Bushy 
Hill, Simsbury, Ct., had a piece of corn deeded to them in payment of a 
debt, and Harvey Webster signed as one of the witnesses. 

Nov. 4, 1812, Philologos Webster purchases land in the town of Nelson, 
Madison Co., N. Y. Again in 1812, he, and Sarah his wife of Simsbury, 
Ct., buy land in town of Nelson, (Cazenovia) N. Y. Philo Webster a 

He died at Clintonville, Franklin Co., Ohio, May 28, 1824. She 
died July 28, 1822, aged 66 years. 

Children: (Probably all b. in Southington, Ct.) Philo Peter, b. 
May 28, 1785; John, b. Jany. 11, 1787; Harvey, b. July 15, 1788; 
Levi, b. Feb. 13, 1790; Rhoda, b. March 15, 1792; Elihu, b. Sept. 6, 
1795. Resumed in Chapter XIV. 

3. Hannah Lewis Webster, b. at Southington, Ct., May 20, 
1762, mar. Dec. 13, 1781, Joseph Dutton, Jr. She died May 10, 
1790. The end. 

4. Ursula Webster, b. at Southington, Ct., Mar. 17, 1765, mar. 
(1) Daniel Sloper, son of Capt. Daniel and Rachel (Langdon) 
Sloper. He died Nov. 3, 1790, in his 34th year, after which she 
mar. (2) Timothy White. 

Oct. 5, 1786, Daniel Sloper and Ursula his wife unite in a deed convey- 
ing land bounded by land of Rhoda Webster. 

Children: (Sloper.) (1) Lucy, mar. Caleb Savage; (2) James, 
died at sea; (3) Ruth, mar. a man who lived in Middletown, but 
died soon after marriage; (4) Daniel, who lived at the Savage 
House. The end. 

5. Vashti Webster, b. at Southington, Ct., Dec. 19, 1767, mar. 
Asahel Langdon. She died July 30, 1792. The end. 

6. Rhoda Webster, b. at Southington, Ct., Oct. 3, 1769, mar. 
Dec. 13, 1790, Salmon Howd. The end. 

Section 4. — Children of Osee (Capt. John, John, Robert, Cov. 
John) and Mercy (Beckwith) Webster of Southington, Ct. 

1. Osee Webster, b. Feb. 20, 1763, at Southington, Ct., mar. 
Ruth King, daughter of Ebenezer and Phebe (Dakin) King, of 
Dutchess Co., K. Y., in which she was b. Oct. 30, 1773. 

He is said to have served against the "cowboys" in the War of Revolu- 
tion, having run away from home when only 14 years old to enter the 
service. He is also said to have served in the battle of Pittsburgh, but 
this is doubtful as he was then 51 years old. He was a mill-wright and 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 169 

removed with his family about 1819 and settled on the line between what 
are now Monroe and Orleans Counties, N. Y. 

March 27, 1787, deeds to Samuel S. Squire, butting on land of Capt. 
Joel Potter, David Smith, and Eleazer Peck. 

April 2, 1787, Osee Webster of Southington, Ct., deeds land to John 
Woodruff, Jr., butting on Job Lewis, and Thomas and Josiah Andrews. 
Same date, to Abel Carter, butting on Carter, Samuel Pratt, and Daniel 
Carter. Also, same date, to Stephen Grannis, butting on Joel Grannis, and 
Abel Cartel - , with new dwelling house and barn. 

Dec. 13, 1808, Benjamin Perry and Phoebe his wife; Osee Webster and 
Ruth his wife; Ansel King and Phoebe his wife; Asa Clother and Phoebe 
his wife; Ommal King and Margaret his wife; John Terry, Jr., and 
Rebecca his wife of Northumberland, Saratoga Co., N. Y., sell to Seth 
Perry, Jr., land in Northumberland. 

He died Aug. 5, 1840, aged 77. She died May 17, 1864, aged 90 
years, 6 months and 17 days. 

Children: (All except the youngest b. in Saratoga Co., N. Y. 
at a place then called "Big Bend," more properly Northumber- 
land.) Sally, b. Oct. 5, 1793; an infant of a few days; Ebenezer 
King, b. Jany. 1, 1795; Salmon, May 3, 1797; Noah, May 17, 1799 
Luther Holley, May 12, 1801; Mariah Hannah, Jany. 12, 1803 
Milton Holley (or Hawley) Aug. 3, 1805; Elisha, July 26, 1807 
Rodney Osee, April 6, 1809; Caroline Angaline, Dec. 29, 1811 
Lucy Emily, July 26, 1813; William Riley, May 1, 1815; an infant 
of a few days; Mercy Minerva, b. at Junius, Seneca Co., N. Y., 
Jany. 1, 1819. Resumed in Chapter XIV. 

2. Cyrus Webster, b. March 24, 1765, at Southington, Ct., 
lived at Blanford, Russell (Westfield), Hampden Co., Mass. He 

m. Rhoda . After his death she m. Mr. Newton of 

Cuba, Allegany Co., N. Y. 

1797, Dec. 8, Cyrus Webster of Blanford, Mass., gentleman, takes 
execution on Samuel Ives of Great Barrington. 1795, July 3, David Ingra- 
ham and Lydia his wife of Blanford sell to Cyrus Webster of Russell, land 
in Blanford. 1795, Dec. 18, Jno. Cooley of Granville to Cyrus Webster of 
Blanford, yeoman, one half grist mill in North part of Granville, com- 
monly called "Bagg's Mill." 1797, Cyrus sells half of Bagg's mill to 
Lewis Ely. 1799, Apr. 2, Jos. Mitchel sells to Cyrus W. of Blanford, yeo- 
man, land in that part of Russell called Westfield, new addition, laid out 
to Daniel Root's heirs. Lots 5, 6, 7. 1800, Jan. 1, Cyrus Webster and 
Rhoda sell to David and Ebenezer King, Jr. of Suffield, Conn., land in 
Blanford, Mass. 1800, Sep. 29, Cyrus to Gad Langdon of Russell, land in 
that part of Russell called Westfield, lots 5, 6, 7. 1815, Feb. 27, Cyrus 
buys of Anna Parsons, a single woman of Granville, land there. Witnesses : 
Reuben Hills, David Curtiss. Also buys of Levi Higley and Levi Sutliff. 
1815, Feb. 27, Cyrus Webster buys of Jno. Seward, do place, land there. 
Boundaries: Noah Bliss, Gad Bliss, Col. Seth Parsons, Polly Coe, Timothy 
Coe, Anna Parsons, John Jenkins, David Parsons, Ward Nicholas Boyls- 

170 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

ton. 1820, Jan. 5, Cyrus and Rhoda sell to Att'y of Ephriam Root of 
Hartford, land in Granville, Mass. 1831, Cyrus and Rhoda his wife sell. 
Helena Webster and James Barlow, witnesses. 

Children: Cyrus, b. Russell, Mass., Nov. 2, 1791. 

The Vital Statistics of Granville, Mass., show the baptism of 
the following children of Cyrus Webster and wife : June 24, 1804, 
Ehoda, William Holland, Sarah; and, May 15, 1808, Mercy. Also 
the following marriages : Feb. 24, 1829, Rhoda Webster and Lewis 
Chapin of Springfield. Dec. 16, 1829, Mercy Webster and William 
Gaines of Granby, Ct. Resumed in Chapter XIV. 

3. Sarah Webster, b. May 6, 1767, at Southington. No record. 

4. John Webster, b. Aug. 14, 1769, at Southington, Ct., mar. 
Jany. 22, 1793, Thankful Hazzard, b. March 25, 1774. She was 
the daughter of a soldier of the Revolution, and her mother (Miss 
Stewart) was a sister of the mother of Commodore Perry. 

John Webster carried on a mechanical, mercantile and milling 
business and aided generally in building up a new country. 

Nov. 19, 1802, John Webster of the town of Hartford, Ontario Co., N. 
Y., purchased land in township No. 3, range 2, of James Wadsworth of 
Geneseo, Ontario Co., N. Y., lying west of the Genesee River, 2 parcels, 
in what was known as the town of Fairfield. Hartford included what 
are now the towns of Rush and Avon. Oct. 15, 1810, John Webster of 
Avon, N. Y., buys of James Wadsworth of Geneseo, land for a mill dam 
on Honeoye Creek in Avon. Witness, John Stanley. 

John Webster died at Rush, N. Y., with his son, Hazzard, Nov. 
29, 1840, and she at Hinesburg, Orleans Co., N. Y., with her daugh- 
ter Betsey, Aug. 26, 1841. A tombstone in an old cemetery at 
East Rush, Monroe Co., N. Y., reads thus : "John Webster, born 
in M'ss., Aug. 14, 1769, d. at Rush, Nov. 29, 1840, aged 77 years 
and 3 mos. T. Hazzard wife of John Webster born in N. Y., 
March 25, 1775, died at Murray, Orleans Co., N. Y., Aug. 26, 
1841, aged 6Q years and 5 mos." 

Children: (All born at Rush, Monroe Co., N. Y.) Mercy, b. 
Dec. 21, 1793; Stewart Hazzard, b. Dec. 5, 1796; Ira, b. Nov. 7, 
1798; Margaret, b. May 10, 1801; Celesta, b. Aug. 3, 1804, died 
July 15, 1806; John Clark, b. Aug. 29, 1807; Milton, b. Aug. 10, 
1809; Hazzard, b. March 8 or June 18, 1814; Betsey, b. Feb. 10, 
1816; Sally, b. May 3, 1817, and died Sept. 3, following; Mary, 
b. Jany. 17, 1820, and died Aug. 10, 1821. Resumed in Chapter 
XIV. - 

5. Seth Webster, b. Feb. 6, 1774, at Southington, Ct. This 
family has eluded all search, and we record a few confused facts 
and recollections. They may lead to further discovery. 

Mrs. Mercy Donalson thinks that Emily Webster, who is said to have 
mar. a man who lost a leg, perhaps named Wilson, a tailor by trade, 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 171 

who lived near Oswego, N." Y., could tell of "Uncle" Seth's family. She 
believes that Emily was Seth's daughter, that she m. a man named Her- 
man of Oswego; that Emily was an only child. She also speaks of Dr. 
Wm. Webster of Batavia, N. Y., as probably a son of Cyrus, at least of 
a different family from Emily. His father wanted him to study for the 
ministry. He preferred medicine, and aided by his grandfather, became 
a doctor. John Holbrook Webster gives the date of birth of Dr. Wm. H. 
Webster Dec. 12, 1841, and says he was an own cousin of his father, Milton 
Webster. (Milton was a son of John of Rush, N. Y.) 

The Genesee County, N. Y., records furnish the following: May 20, 
1835, William H. Webster of Batavia purchases of Chauncey and Ange- 
line Kirkham a lot in Batavia. 1836, William H. Webster in Batavia. 
Aug. 5, 1837, William H. Webster of Batavia, N. Y., purchases of John 
Webster of Rush, Monroe Co., N. Y. Sep. 15, 1841, Wm. H. Webster of 
Batavia sells to Samuel N. Oothout. 

Wm. H. Webster of Batavia, N. Y, made a Will, dated Dec. 5, 1841, 
which was presented to the Court, Jan. 3, 1842. In it his wife, Ruth 
Victoria, his dau. Frances Elizabeth, and his sons, William Cyrus, Charles 
Abram, and James Graves, are mentioned. 

April 16, 1851, William S. Mallory appeared as special guardian of 
Frances Elizabeth, Wm. H., Charles A., infants under 21 years of age, 
and Ruth V., all of Batavia; sells to Ruth V. Webster and William 
Blossom of Batavia, N. Y. The end. 

6. Anne Webster, b. Oct. 8, 1775, at Southington, Conn. No 

Second Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of John and 
Sarah (Mygatt) Webster, by their son Ebenezer Webster of Hart- 
ford, Ct., who married Hannah Webster, dau. of Eobert and Hannah 
Beckley Webster. 

Section 1. — Children of Matthew {Ebenezer » John, Eobert, Gov. 
John) and Mabel {Pratt) Webster of Hartford, Ct., and Schaghti- 
coke, N. Y. 

1. Samuel Webster, b. at Hartford, Ct., Oct. 11, 1748, mar. 
March 2, 1786, at Hartford, Ct., Mary, daughter of Daniel and 
Lydia (King) Seymour, of same place. She was born May 15, 
1754, and bap. May 19, following. The above marriage was by 
Eev. Benjamin Boardman. Samuel Webster removed with his 
father and mother and his brother Benjamin, from Hartford, Ct., 
to Schaghticoke, JST. Y., in March, 1792. 

Dec. 12, 1776. Samuel Webster, of Hartford, deeded land to Ebenezer 
Bannard, Jr. 

The Will of Samuel Webster of Schaghticoke, N. Y., is dated May 8, 
1811, in which mention is made of his wife (name not given) his daugh- 
ters, Mary Flynn and Lydia Webster, his son, James Webster, and his 
brothers, Benjamin Webster and Charles R. Webster. 

172 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

Samuel Webster, died at Schaghticoke, 1ST. Y., May 9, 1813, in 
his 64th year, and his widow, Mary, at the same place, Oct. 26, 
1832, aged 78, 5-11. 

Children: (The first three b. at Hartford, Ct., and the remain- 
ing three at Schaghticoke, N. Y.) A child, b. 1787, died April 24, 
1787; Mabel, Jany. 4, 1788, died Nov. 22 or 24, 1790; Mary, b. 
March 21, 1791; James, Jany. 29, 1794; Lydia, Aug. 27, 1798; 
Eobert, date unknown, died at age of 11 months. Resumed in 
Chapter XV. 

2. Mabel Webster, b. 1749. No record. 

3. Hannah Webster, b. at Hartford, Ct., Feb. 15, 1753, mar. 
(1) John Benton, Jr., and (2) Oct. 8, 1800, Deacon Ezra Corning, 
as his second wife. His first wife was Catharine Hull, whom he 
mar. Sept. 25, 1774, and who died July 9, 1798. Ezra Corning 
died July 16, 1816. She died Dec. 9, 1820. 

Children: (Benton) (All by her first marriage.) Prudence 
Nott, b. 1775; Hannah, b. Feb. 15, 1777; Mabel, b. Dec. 3, 1778. 
These were all evidently born at Hartford. (2d mar.) No children. 
Resumed in Chapter XV. 

4. Achsah Webster, b. at Hartford, Ct., Sept. 13, 1755 (or 
1758), mar. Feb. 20, 1779, as his 2d wife, Elisha, son of Daniel and 
Jerusha (Whiting) Skinner, of Hartford, Ct. 

Elisha Skinner served in the War of Revolution as a teamster or con- 
ductor of teams, and an Express rider a large portion of the time, be- 
tween May 1775 and Nov. 1780, under Col. Jeremiah Wadsworth, of Hart- 

Both died and are buried at Hartford, Ct., he March 2, 1822, 
aged 60, and she Oct, 13, 1836, aged 78. 

Children: (Skinner) Elisha Webster, b. at Hartford, Sept. 22, 
1780; Hezekiah, b. at Great Barrington, Mass., March 19, 1784. 
(All the following' at Hartford.) John, b. Feb. 21, 1786; Daniel 
May 8, 1788; Charles, Oct. 21, 1790; Nancy, Oct. 22, 1792; Abigail 
Pratt, Feb. 7, 1795 (Family Record says, 1796) ; Catharine, June 
18, 1797, (Family Record gives, June 10, 1798) ; Harriet, Jany. 
29, 1799 (Family Record says, 1800). Resumed in Chapter XV. 

5. Benjamin Webster, b. at Hartford, Ct., Dec. 29, 1759 or 
March 4, 1760, mar. at Schagticoke, N. Y., in July, 1807, Mrs. 
Eve Boss, b. ab. 1778, nee Millis, daughter of John Millis. 

Benjamin Webster, Sr., was a Pensioner of the United States for serv- 
ices in the war of the Revolution. He enlisted in the Conn, line, Capt. 
Lemuel Cliffs Co., 1st Regt., for the war, and served until its close, as a 
private. He was a sailor for seven years after the war, but for the last 
forty years of his life was a farmer. 

Jan. 16, 1832, Benjamin Webster, Jr., of the village of Lansingburg, 
Rensselaer Co., N. Y., made his last Will in which are mentioned, "My 
wife," Eve Webster, Adam Boss and Rachel Boss, youngest children of 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 173 

her first husband, George Boss. "My children," Matthew, Jacob, Charles 
Henry, Mabel, George, Edward, Lydia. (All under the name Webster.) 
James Webster a witness. Bedford Filkin and Charles Henry Webster, 

Both died at Schaghtieoke, 1ST. Y., lie Jany. 20, 1832, aged 72- 
10-23; she April 8, 1864, aged 85. 

Children: (All born at Schaghtieoke, N. Y.) Benjamin, May 
11, 1805; Matthew, July 26, 1808; Jacob, May 15, 1810; Hannah, 
March 28, 1812, died May 27, 1815; Charles Henry, June 1, 1814; 
George, April 21, 1816;*Mabel, May 19, 1818; Edward, Sept. 14, 
1820; Lydia Jane, Aug. 20, 1823. Resumed in Chapter XV. 

6. Charles R. Webster, (the R. is supposed to stand for Rich- 
ard), b. at Hartford, Ct, Sept. 30, 1762, a twin brother of George, 
mar. at Hartford, Ct., Monday, Feb. 17, 1787, Rachel, daughter of 
Ashbel and Rachel (Skinner) Steele, b. at Hartford, in 1763. Her 
father, Ashbel Steele, died at Albany, July 8, 1790, aged 59, and 
her mother .Rachel (Skinner) Steele died at Albany, May 21, 
1804, aged 66. Charles Richard Webster, mar. (2) at Albany, 
April 2, 1796, Cynthia Steele, a sister of his first wife, who was 
b. Sept. 19, 1770. 

Charles B. Webster had some part in the Bevolutionary War as shown 
by the following. In the year 1818, at Albany, N. Y., he certified that he 
was a printer; that in 1778 and 1779, he lived in Hartford, Ct., and was a 
member of an artillery company, raised in Hartford, Capt. Samuel Mat- 
tock. This company performed guard duty to Gen. George Washington 
and French officers at Hartford and Wethersfield when the interview took 
place prior to Arnold's treason. Was one of the firm (1818) keeping a 
book store in Albany. 

When the militia of Conn, was called out in 1781, Charles B. Webster, 
then 19 years of age, became one of the members of Capt. Hezekiah Wyllys' 
Co., and went with the Co. to New Haven, Ct., where he served for 15 

Charles B. Webster was known as the Father of Printing at Albany, N. 
Y., where he and his twin brother George Webster carried on the Printing 
and Book Publishing Business for many years, having associated with them 
for a large part of the time, three of the sons of their sister, viz: Elisha 
W., Hezekiah and Daniel Skinner. 

The father of Charles B. became surety for a stranger, an Englishman, 
and was compelled to make good the amount of his endorsements, by which 
means he lost all his property, being compelled to sell even his cow, and 
Charles B. then at the age of seven, was apprenticed to Hudson and Good- 
rich, printers of the Connecticut Courant, at Hartford, Ct., to remain until 
he should be 21 years of age. 

In 1782, he removed to Albany and entered into partnership with Solo- 
mon Balentine, whose printing material (as Webster often said) consisted 
of as many types as a squaw could carry in her bag. He at once estab- 
lished a printing office at Albany, it being the first one started on the 

174 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

Hudson higher up than Fishkill. As Balentine was not a congenial part- 
ner, Webster separated from him in 1783 and went to New York City, 
before the city was evacuated by the British, where he commenced the pub- 
lication of the New York Gazette, but after the close of the war, Balentine 
having left Albany, and Webster's friends there urging his return, he again 
established himself in Albany. Soon after, his twin brother George united 
with him in the business, and not long after that, the three nephews, 
(Skinners) above named, were taken into the partnership. 

In 1784, the firm issued the first number of the Albany Gazette, which 
paper continued its existence to 1845, when it was the oldest paper in the 
State. In Nov. of the same year they published the Webster Calendar or 
Albany Almanac, which has since been annually issued, and about the same 
time they published the New England Primer. In 1788 they published the 
Albany Journal, or Montgomery, Washington and Columbia Intelligencer. 
They also published the first Albany Directory, which was for the year 1813. 

When he first went to Albany the Yankees were not generally liked by the 
old Dutch and other residents of that place, but Webster at once became 
quite popular, and was ever after prominent in almost every business and 
benevolent enterprise of that city. He was one of the originators of the 
Albany Mechanics' Society, of which he was President from 1799 to 1824, 
and later he was prominent in originating the Lancastrian School and the 
Apprentices' Library. He was also a member of the Washington Benevolent 
Society. He was a Trustee of the Albany Savings Bank, a Director of the 
Albany Insurance Co., was one of the Board of Commerce and Improve- 
ment, was a Trustee of the Presbyterian Church, and his wife Cynthia was 
one of the managers of the Albany Ladies' Society. He was Capt. of the 
Albany Independent Art'ly Co., of which his brother George was a Sergt. 
and he tendered the service of his Co. to President Adams, at the time of 
the anticipated war with France. 

Through all the great political convulsions, amid the hurry of an increas- 
ing business, and under the burden of continual and engrossing cares, he 
retained all his early habits. He rose at four and came home at nine, and 
laid down before ten; his diet was plain; he was strictly temperate, re- 
markably laborious and of unwearying activity. No day found him so busy 
that it prevented him from reading, before breakfast, a chapter in the 
Bible, and uniting with his family in prayer. 

He was said to be 6 ft. in height, erect and easy in manner, a high fore- 
nead, fair complexion, black hair, which turned silver gray in later life, 
eyes a light clear gray and lively and full of intelligence. He was dignified 
and full of courtesy and benevolence. His conversation was interesting, 
instructive, and pure. He died at Saratoga Springs whither he had gone 
for his health. His last words were, "The aim of my life has been to have 
my heart right with God and my trust in the merits of my Redeemer." 
(See the Annals of Albany for a full Biography and many references to 
Charles R. Webster.) 

He died at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., July 18, 1834, and is 
buried at Albany, 1ST. Y. His wife Eachel died at Albany, March 
31, 1794, aged 30 years and 10 months, and his widow at Albion, 
N. Y., Dec. 22, 1848, aged 78. 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 175 

Children: (All b. at Albany, N. Y.) (By first mar.) : Rachel, 
Sept. or Oct., 1789, and died aged 15 clays; Eliza, Nov. 4, 1790; 
Charles, April 4, 1793. (By second mar.) : Ashbel Steele, Feb. 
17, 1797; Benjamin, April 25, 1799, died Aug. 31, 1800, aged 
1-4-6; Lucy, April, 1802, died Dec. 24, 1802, aged 8 months; 
Matthew Henry, Nov. 22, 1.803; Benjamin, 1805 or 1806, died 
Sept. 11, 1808; Edward, July, 1809, died Nov. 9, same year, aged 
4 months; Richard, July 14, 1811. Resumed in Chapter XV. 

7. George Webster, b. at Hartford, Ct., Sept. 30, 1762, twin 
brother of the foregoing Charles Richard, mar. (1) Apr. 3, 1799 
(reported in Providence, R. I. Journal.) Rachel Bush, and (2) 
at Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Mass., Nov., 1810, Sarah Bush, sister 
of his first wife, whose parents were Jonathan and Rachel (Steele) 
Bush, of Sheffield, Mass. Notice of this marriage was published in 
papers at Hartford, Ct., Nov. 12, 1810. George Webster was a 
printer and publisher, of Albany, N. Y., with his brother Charles 
Richard. See foregoing record of Charles R. Webster which in- 
cludes much that is common to both. 

He died at Albany, N. Y., Feb. 21, 1823. His first wife died 
(place unknown) 1809. His widow died at Albany, June, 1843. 

Children: (All b. at Albany, N. Y.) (1st m.) George Bush, 
1800; Samuel, b. 1802; William, b. July 3, 1804; John, b. in 1805; 
(2d. m.) Horace Bush, b. Feb. 11, 1813; Matthew Howard, b. 
July 4, 1816; Rachel, b. Aug. 3, 1820, died unmarried at Detroit, 
Mich., 1869. Resumed in Chapter XV. 

Section 2. — Children of Capt. Medad {Ebenezer, John, Robert, 
Gov. John) and Elizabeth {Holt en) Webster of Hartford, Ct. 

1. Samuel Webster, a farmer, b. at Hartford, Ct., in Sept., 
1749, mar. at Hartford, about 1770, Hulclah Skinner, daughter by 
his first wife, of Jonathan Skinner. 

Sept. 19, 1805, Samuel Webster, of Hartford, deeded land partly in Hart- 
ford and partly in Wethersfield, to Ezekiel Atwood. 

Letters of administration on the estate of Samuel Webster, Sr., were 
granted Sept. 21, 1813, to Menzies Webster. Inventory was taken Oct. 4, 
1813. The administrator representing the estate insolvent was empowered, 
Oct. 13, 1814, to sell it for the benefit of the creditors. 

Both died at Hartford, Ct., he March 25, 1813, aged 63 years 
and 6 months, and she April 1, 1813, aged 59 years and 4 months. 

Children: (All b. at Hartford, Ct.) Mary (Molly) b. Sept. 1, 
1772, bap. July 31, 1791; Hepzibah (Heppy) b. about 1777; Hul- 
dah; Samuel Holton, Apr. 17, 1777; Menzies (Menza) b. Sept. 26, 
1784; Henry (Harry) b. 1786; Elizabeth (Betsey) Aug. 28, 1789, 
bap. May 8, 1791, dau. Sam'l 2d ; Fanny, May 15, 1792, bap. Sep. 
23 following; Martha, "Patty," bap. Dec. 26, 1802; Charles, b. 
1794, bap. Dec. 6, 1795. Resumed in Chapter XV. 

176 The Websteb Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

2. Joseph Webster, a farmer, b. in 1751, at Hartford, Ct., 
mar. Nancy Bunce. They lived at Eocky Hill (Wethersfield) Ct. 
He died at Eocky Hill, Ct., Dec. 22, 1801, aged 50 years and she 
Feb. 12, 1831, aged 76 years. The Hartford Courant of Dec. 28, 
1801, says: "Died on Tuesday (Dec. 22) last very suddenly, Mr. 
Joseph Webster of this town, aged 50 years. Mr. Webster went into 
the woods that afternoon for the purpose of cutting some hoop poles 
and not returning at his usual hour the family were alarmed and 
search was made for him. He was found lifeless lying on his back 
with some hoop poles across him. It is thought his death was 
caused by his falling. He leaves a wife, six children and an aged 
mother to lament his untimely fate." His wife outlived him some 
30 years, dying Feb. 12, 1831, aged 76. 

From the Probate Records of Hartford, Ct. : May 28, 1805, Letters of 
Administration on the estate of Joseph Webster, late of Hartford, Ct., were 
granted to Roderic Sheldon, of Hartford. 

Aug. 31, 1808, William Webster, aged about 17 ; Frederick Webster, aged 
about 19; and Nancy Webster, aged about 14, made choice of Joseph Web- 
ster, of Hartford, to be their guardian, and the Court appointed Joseph 
Webster to be guardian to Jerusha Webster, aged about 11 yrs., all minors, 
being children of Joseph Webster, late of Hartford. The guardian must 
have been the brother of his wards. 

Children: (All b. at Eocky Hill, Ct.) Eunice, b. Oct. 17, 1784; 
Joseph, July 24, 1787; Frederick, Sept. 13, 1789, bap. May 8, 
1791; William, b. Oct. 28, 1791, bap. Aug. 5, 1792; Nancy, Oct. 
20, 1794, bap. Nov. 8, 1795, died unmarried, Jany. 23, 1860; 
Jerusha, b. Nov. 10, 1797, bap. Mar. 17, 1799, died unmarried, 
Oct. 8, 1819. Resumed in Chapter XV. 

3. Eunice Webster, b. at Hartford, Ct., about 1758, mar. Nov. 
13, 1784, as his second wife, Jacob Robbins, b. Jany. 27, 1747, 
son of John Robbins, of Wethersfield, Ct. He died Aug. 9, 1823, 
and she at Wethersfield (Rocky Hill) Ct, Jany. 9, 1835, aged 77. 

Children: (Robbins) (All probably b. at Wethersfield, Ct.) 
Silas Webster, b. Aug. 24, 1785; Austin, b. July 5, 1787; Chloe, 
b. June 29, 1789; Moses, b. July 29, 1791; Eunice Webster, b. 
Nov. 18, 1793. Resumed in Chapter XV. 

Third Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of John and 
Sarah (Mygatt) Webster, by their son, Captain Daniel Webster of 
Hartford, Ct., who married Mirriam Kellogg. 

Section 1. — Children of Capt. Noah (Capt. Daniel, John, 
Robert, Gov. John) and Mercy (Steele) Webster, Hartford, Ct. 

1. Mercy Webster, b. at Hartford, Ct., Nov. 8, 1749, mar. at 
West Hartford, Ct., Sept. 18, 1769, John Kellogg Belding (Bel- 
den), b. May 19, 1740, son of John and Sarah (Kellogg) Belding, 
of Hartford. He died Nov. 22, 1815, and she Aug. 12, 1820. 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 177 

Children: (Belden) (Probably all born at West Hartford, Ct.) 
Mercy, b. March 26, 1771, died April 18, 1777; Lucinda, b. Feb. 
10, 1772; John, b. Jany. 14, 1774; Rachel, born Aug. 5, 1776, died 
Sept. 9, 1777; Ebenezer, b. Sept. 19, 1778; Mercy, b. May 2, 1782; 
Betsey, b. March 18, 1786. Resumed in Chapter XVI. 

2. Abraham Webster, b. at Hartford, Ct., Sept. 17 or 28, 1751, 
mar. (1) at New Hartford, Ct., Jany. 11, 1775, Rachel Merrill, b. 
1752, who died in childbed at West Hartford, Jany. 19, 1776, in 
her 24th year. The intentions of marriage were published in West 
Hartford, Jany. 1, 1775. The date of Mrs. Rachel Webster's death 
as given on her tombstone at West Hartford, is Jany. 18, 1776, 
"in ye 24th year of her age." He mar. (2) at West Hartford, 
Feb/ 17, 1778, Dorothy (Dolly) daughter of Moses and Rachel 
(Goodwin) Seymour, of West Hartford, born Oct. 13, 1746, and 
bap. Oct. 19, following. Moses Seymour, her father, was the son 
of John and Elizabeth (Webster) Seymour, b. Feb. 17, 1710-11. 
Rachel Goodwin her mother was clau. of Nathaniel Goodwin, and 
she was bap. Jan. 22, 1715-16. Moses Seymour and Rachel Good- 
win were mar. March 14, 1737-8. 

Abraham Webster enlisted for service in the war of Revolution, at Hart- 
ford, Ct., Feb. 1, 1776, for one year, in Capt. John Stevens' Co., of Col. 
Charles Burrell's Regt., Conn. line. He joined his company at Canaan, Ct,, 
whence they marched to Albany, N. Y., thence to Ft. George, thence to 
Ticonderoga, and thence to Montreal, where their orders were counter- 
manded and they proceeded to the Cedars, on the river in Canada, where 
there was a small fort, commanded by Maj. Butterfield, who was beseiged 
by the British Canadians and Indians. Here he was surrendered to the 
British and held by them as a prisoner for a short time. After his release 
he returned with the army to Ticonderoga and remained in service until 
Feb. 1, 1777, when he was discharged at Ft. Independence, opposite Ticon- 
deroga. In 1829 Webster owned about 86 acres of land at Lebanon, N. Y., 
valued at $810, and personal property of the value of $171, but he claimed 
to be then in debt to the amount of nearly $780. 

He was allowed a pension of $8 per month. 

The "Record of Conn. Men in the Revolution," has Abraham Webster's 
name on "Lexington Alarm List," for a service of 2 days in April 1775, 
from Hartford, Ct., a private in Capt. Abraham Sedgwick's Co. 

It also has him, in Capt. John Steven's Co., Col. Charles BurralPs Regt., 
raised on Continental establishment, 1776, from Feb. 5, (the end of his 
term is not given, but the term of the Regt. expired Jany. 19, 1777.) The 
Regt. was raised to serve in the Northern Department, under Gen'l Schuyler. 
It reinforced the troops beseiging Quebec under Arnold, and after the re- 
treat from that position in April 1776 was stationed at Ticonderoga and 
vicinity. Stevens' Co. and one other was engaged in the affair at the Cedars, 
40 miles above Montreal, and nearly all were made prisoners. 

His name and the name of his first wife appear upon the church record 
at West Hartford, in 1775, and his second wife appears as a member in 


178 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

The census of 1790 shows Abraham Webster of the town of Bethlehem, 
Berkshire Co., Mass. 

In the year 1793, Abraham Webster and Dolly his wife of Stockbridge, 
Berkshire Co., Mass., sell land there. 

1803, Abraham Webster of Hamilton, Chenango Co., N. Y., purchased 
land there of Sir Wm. Pulteney of England. 

Abraham Webster was a brother to Noah, author of the Dictionary. He 
was doubtless the Abraham Webster who served in Capt. John Stevens' 
Co., in the War of Revolution, and who was surrendered with his Company 
to the Canadians and Indians at the Cedars in Canada, and who, in 1829, 
was residing at Lebanon, N. Y. 

Dolly Webster, his 2d wife died at Lebanon, Madison Co., N. Y., 
June 5, 1819. He mar. (3) at Vernon, Oneida Co., N. Y., Feb. 
19, 1822, Eunice W. Childs, of Deerfield, Franklin Co., Mass. 
(The History of Deerfield has this: Ezekiel Webster mar. Eunice 
Childs, b. Aug. 17, 1778, and she mar. (2) Giles Hubbard.) 

Abraham Webster died at Sullivan, Madison Co., 1ST. Y., Aug. 
4, 1831, having removed from Lebanon, 1ST. Y., a few years before. 
He is buried at East Boston, Madison Co., N. Y. His widow and 
third wife d. at Sunderland, Franklin Co., Mass., April 24, 1844. 

Children: (All b. and bap. at West Hartford.) (1st m.) : 
Eachel : Abraham, b. and bap. Jany. 19, 1776, died Jany. 2G, fol- 
lowing, aged six clays. (2d m.) Dorothy: Eachel, b. Jany. 25, 1779, 
bap. Jany. 31, following; Sophia, b. Sept. 6, 1781, bap. Oct. 14, 
following; Dorothy (or Dolly) b. Feb. 17, 1784, bap. June 13, fol- 
lowing; Eunice, b. Dec. 12, 1786, bap. Feb. 26, following; Abra- 
ham Seymour, b. Nov. 19, 1789. (3d mar.) No children. Resumed 
in Chapter XVI. 

3. Jerusha Webster, b. Jany. 22, 1756, mar. at West Hartford, 
Ct., Nov. 12, 1778, Joel Lord, of Salisbury, Litchfield Co., Ct., 
afterwards of Danby, Thompkins Co., N. Y. She died Aug. 4, 
1831. The end. 

4. Noah Webster, the distinguished author of Webster's "Amer- 
ican Dictionary of the English Language," b. at West Hartford, Ct., 
Oct. 16, 1758, mar. Oct. 26, 1789, at Boston, by Eev. Peter Thatch- 
er, Eebecca Greenleaf, of Boston, Mass., with whom he became ac- 
quainted in Philadelphia while teaching in an Academy. She was 
daughter of William Greenleaf, the first High Sheriff chosen by the 
people of Boston in the Eevolution, and who at a public meeting of 
the citizens of Boston, on the 18th day of July, 1776, first read in 
part, at least, the Declaration of Independence to the people of 
Boston then and there assembled. Judge William Cranch, who was 
in 1801 appointed Associate Judge of the Circuit Court of the Dis- 
trict of Columbia by his uncle, John Adams, President of the Unit- 
ed States, and in 1805 was appointed Chief Justice of the same 

Note. — The steel portraits of Noah Webster, LL.D., are used by permission 
of G. & C. Merriam Co., Publishers of Webster's New International Dictionary. 
They are from a painting made by Samuel F. B. Morse, inventor of the telegraph. 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 179 

Court by Thomas Jefferson, mar. Nancy, another daughter of Wil- 
liam Greenleaf. William Greenleaf s wife, the mother of the two 
daughters named above, was Mary Brown, of Plymouth. 

The following is a summary of the ancestry of Noah Webster in 
the female lines which appeared in the New York Times, and is 
dated Sep. 30, 1908. 

Susanna Treat, wife of Robert Webster, was the daughter of Capt. Eichard 
Treat of Wethersfield. Capt. Richard Treat was one of the original pro- 
prietors of Wethersfield, and was commissioned Captain in Richard Lord's 
First Connecticut Cavalry in 1658. 

Sarah Mygatt, wife of John Webster, was the daughter of Jacob Mygatt 
of Hartford and Sarah Whitney. Jacob Mygatt was the son of Deacon 
Joseph Mygatt, one of the original proprietors of Hartford, who came from 
England in the Griffin in 1633. 

Sarah Whitney was the daughter of the Hon. William Whitney, one of 
the original proprietors of Hartford, and Treasurer of the colony in 1641 
till his death, 1647. 

Miriam Cooke Kellogg, wife of Daniel Webster, was the daughter of Noah 
Cooke of Northampton, Mass., and Sarah Nash. Noah Cooke of Northamp- 
ton was the son of Capt. Aaron Cooke of Dorchester, Mass., who was born 
in England. 

Sarah Nash was the daughter of Joseph Nash, an early settler of Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

Mercy Steele, the mother of Noah Webster, the lexicographer, was the 
daughter of Eliphalet Steele and Catherine Marshfield. Eliphalet Steele was 
the son of Samuel Steele and Mercy Bradford. Samuel Steele was the son 
of John Steele, Jr., of Hartford, and Mercy Warner. John Steele, Jr., was 
the son of John Steele, one of the original proprietors of Hartford, and 
Secretary of the colony in 1634-1639. He was born in Essex County, Eng- 

Mercy Warner was the daughter of Andrew Warner, one of the original 
proprietors of Hartford. 

Mercy Bradford, wife of Samuel Steele, was the daughter of Major Will- 
iam Bradford of Plymouth, Mass., Commander in Chief in King Philip's 
war, and Alice Richards, his wife. Major William Bradford was the son 
of Gov. William Bradford of Plymouth, who came over in the Mayflower, 
and Alice Carpenter Southworth, his wife. 

Alice Carpenter was the daughter of Alexander Carpenter, a Pilgrim, 
who was born in Wrentham, England, but afterward lived at Leyden. 

Alice Richards, the wife of Major Bradford, was the daughter of Thomas 
Richards of Plymouth. 

Of the Marshfield family the writer has no knowledge. From the above 
it will be observed that Noah Webster came from sturdy stock, and that 
Connecticut may rightly claim him as one of her most distinguished sons. 

In a sermon preached by Rev. Henry B. Roberts, at West Hart- 
ford, Ct., on Thanksgiving Day, 1888, devoted to the Life and 
Work of Noah Webster, and published in The Connecticut Courant, 
Dec. 6, 1888, he says: 

"We have an interest in him because he was born in this place, was 

180 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

brought up under the nurture of this church, and received his training for 
college just across the way. He came of substantial stock. His great- 
grandfather was one of the first settlers in Hartford, and governor of 
Connecticut. His mother was a descendant of William Bradford the Ply- 
mouth governor. His father was justice of the peace, and for many years 
deacon of this church. He died at the great age of ninety-one. You may 
see his tombstone in our oldest burying ground, and underneath his epitaph 
is that of his wife, Mercy, described as "his consort, equally respected for 
her piety and virtues." 

"Noah Webster, the son, was born October 16, 1758, in a house still 
standing here. He told the lady who now occupies the house that he prob- 
ably first saw the light in the front parlor, for the best room in the house 
was thought in those days none too good for such an event. The place is 
not changed much since the days of the Revolution. The farm of eighty 
acres around it has been divided and sold. A row of Lombardy poplars that 
once stood before the house has been cut down, and a little shop in the 
front yard has been torn down. 

"When Noah was twelve years old his pastor, still a young man of thirty- 
three, died, and the Rev. Nathan Perkins succeeded him. His ministry 
lasted for the remarkable period of sixty-six years, and in that time he 
fitted more than one hundred and fifty men for college and instructed some 
thirty candidates for the ministry. Noah Webster was one of the first 
young men whom he prepared for college. In 1774 he entered Yale, proba- 
bly going on foot from his father's house to New Haven. The father was 
deeply interested in his son's career, for he mortgaged his farm to pay 
the college expenses, and more than once rode horseback to New Haven to 
bring his boy home, walking back and letting his son ride, saying he was 
best able to walk. 

"Yale college had then about one hundred and fifty students, and a 
faculty consisting of two professors and three tutors. The four years were 
spent in the acquisition of Latin and Greek and a smattering of mathe- 
matics, logic, rhetoric and metaphysics. The students lodged in the dormi- 
tories and boarded at commons. 

"Young Webster entered college (1774) at an extraordinary time, when 
the political agitations without must have interfered seriously with scholas- 
tic quiet. He had been but a few months in college, when the thrilling 
story of Lexington and Concord came, followed soon by Bunker Hill. Gen- 
eral Washington and his staff passed through New Haven on his way to 
take command of the Revolutionary forces gathered in Cambridge. They 
lodged there, and in the morning were invited to see the drill of a company 
of the students, who finally escorted General Washington as far on his way 
as Neck Bridge. Webster had the honor of leading the way blowing a fife. 

"In the third year of his course, (1777) on account of the war, college 
life in New Haven was broken up, and the classes were dispersed to various 
towns. Webster's class went to Glastonbury. That summer New England 
was stirred as never before by the tidings of the invasion of Burgoyne from 
Canada. General Howe was advancing from the south to meet him; thus 
they hoped to strike a fatal blow at the rebellious colonists. Burgoyne, with " 
his British forces, accompanied by large bands of savage Indians, came ever 
nearer. When he reached Albany he planned to send out those Indians over 

6th Gen.] Kobert Webster's Line 181 

Connecticut to burn, to pillage, to ravage, and to kill. He succeeded in 
reaching Lake Champlain and the banks of the Hudson. 

"The alarm of our Connecticut people may easily be imagined. Men were 
hurried into the field to meet the invading army. A company went from 
West Hartford, commanded by Deacon Webster, and in that company went 
his three sons, Noah among them. All the male members of the family 
were away. Whether Mrs. Webster and the girls did the haying that sum- 
mer, I know not. This West Hartford company took part in the brilliant 
victories which ended in Burgoyne's surrender. The British with the tune 
of Yankee Doodle in their ears laid down their arms at the feet of these 
New England farmers. Our towns' people came home from the brief cam- 
paign as heroes. But not all; for Dr. Perkins has recorded in the "Bill 
of Mortality" for that year, the name of Lewis Stanley as dying in cap- 
tivity. Very likely he was taken by the Indians and put to death by tor- 
ture. John Hooker and Lyman Gillette died of camp distemper, and 
William Henry died of wounds. Deacon Webster, however, and his three 
boys came home safe and sound. 

"The following year, (1778) Noah finished his college course. His father 
gave him an eight-dollar bill of the Continental currency, worth about four 
dollars in silver, and sent him forth to win his own way in the world. He 
taught school for a living; read law as he could, and gained admittance to 
the bar, (in the year 1781)." 

Noah Webster was a prodigious worker. He touched many lines 
of activity and all with ability. Methodical and tireless, he ac- 
complished a life work astonishing in its variety and extent. Ris- 
ing half an hour before sunrise daily, but never using lamp light 
for his studies, he husbanded his strength and preserved his health, 
which was never robust, to an advanced old age, working to the last. 

His wish, we are told, was to be a lawyer, but his aptitudes led 
him steadily toward philology and his monumental work was "The 
American Dictionary of the English Language." 

He taught a Classic School at Goshen, in Orange Co., 1ST. Y., 
1782, and here began to formulate his Institutes of the English 
Language, the first part of which was the basis of his famous 
spelling book, the sale of which, up to 1876, exceeded 70,000,000 

In 1787 he was principal of an academy in Philadelphia, and 
upon the urgent wish of many of the founders of the new Constitu- 
tion (the Constitutional Convention was in session that year), he 
wrote a valuable summary of its provisions and urged its adoption 
by the states. Previously (1785) he had written "Sketches of 
American Policy," which foreshadowed the character of the forth- 
coming Constitution. He had also, in 1786, delivered lectures in 
the principal cities along the Atlantic seaboard, on the English 

He located in New York and established, in 1788, The American 
Magazine, which he published a year at a heavy financial loss. The 

182 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

following year, 1789, he returned to Hartford, and took up the 
practice of law. On the 26th of October that year occurred his mar- 
riage. His law practice became large and profitable, but upon the 
urgent solicitation of friends of President Washington's adminis- 
tration, the young lawyer dropped his briefs and went to New 
York City (fall of 1793) and founded "The Minerva/' a daily, and 
"The Herald/' a semi-weekly newspaper, since changed to "The 
Commercial Advertiser" and "The New York Spectator," respec- 
tively. In the year 1798 he settled in New Haven, having resigned 
editorial charge of his papers, but not his proprietorship. 

Still voluminous in his authorship he published (1799) two vol- 
umes on Epidemics, inspired by the recent ravages of yellow fever. 
In 1802, "Origin and State of Banking Institutions and Insurance 
Offices," and "Eights of Neutral Nations in Times of War," and in 
1807, "Philosophical and Practical Grammar of the English Lan- 

All this, however, seemed but a prelude to the larger work to 
which he was drawn — the master passion and purpose of his life — 
the production of an American Dictionary. To accomplish this, 
he removed to Amherst, Mass., where he became one of the found- 
ers of the college, and president of its first board of trustees, in 
the meantime representing the town in the Legislature as he had 
also done several times in New Haven, where also he had been 
Judge of one of its Courts. Eeturning to New Haven, in 1822, 
he was honored the following year with the title of LL.D., conferred 
by Yale College, his Alma Mater. For 36 years he labored in the 
production of his Dictionary and in his 70th year (1828), he 
brought it to completion and published its first edition in 2 vol- 
umes. This had required a trip to Europe in June, 1824, with 
two months in Paris at the Eoyal Library, and eight months at 
Cambridge University, England. He finished the work in Jan. 
1825, and says of it: 

"When I arrived at the last word, I was seized with a tremor 
that made it difficult to proceed. I, however, summoned up strength 
to finish the work, and then walking about the room I soon re- 

From the revised edition of 1841 we have selected parts of his 
own narrative as there given in the preface, which we reproduce 
largely in his own words, as follows : 

"In the year 1783, just at the close of the Revolution, I published an 
elementary book for facilitating the acquisition of our vernacular tongue, 
and for correcting a vicious pronunciation, which prevailed extensively 
among the common people of this country. Soon after the publication of 
that work, I believe in the following year, that learned and respectable 
scholar, the Rev. Dr. Goodrich of Durham, one of the trustees of Yale 
College, suggested to me the propriety and expediency of my compiling a 

Gth Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line !>■"! 

Dictionary, which should complete a system for the instruction of the citi- 
zens of this country in the language. At that time, I could not indulge 
the thought, much less the hope, of undertaking such a work; as I was 
neither qualified by research, nor had I the means of support, during the 
execution of the work, had I been disposed to undertake it. For many 
years, therefore, though I considered such a work as very desirable, yet 
it appeared to me impracticable; as I was under the necessity of devoting 
my time to other occupations for obtaining subsistence." 

He then narrates how, to remedy these defecl in the language, and 
supply the new words "which recent discoveries in the physical sciences had 
introduced into use," he published his Compendious Dictionary in 1806. 

His original plan did not include "the origin and progress of our Lan- 
guage, much less of other languages." "I limited mj views to the correct- 
ing of certain errors in the best English Dictionaries, and to the supplying 
of words in which they are deficient. Bui after writing through two let- 
ters of the alphabet, I determined to change my plan." 

Laying aside his manuscripts, and all books treating of language, except 
Lexicons and Dictionaries, he sought in about twenty language's the primary 
sense of words, and affinities between the English and many other languages. 

"I spent" he says, "ten years in this comparison of radical words and in 
forming a Synopsis of the principal Wards in twenty Languages, arranged 
in Classes, under their primary Elements and Letters." 

Before this was finished he visited Europe and gained what he was able 
in the matter of pronunciation and grammatical construction. 

In all this is apparent the conviction which he expresses, that the people 
of this country needed an American Dictionary of the English Language, 
for while England and this country had much in common, there had sprung 
up on this side of the Atlantic another class of institutions and ideas which 
needed a new class of definitions to express them. The same winds in the 
two countries did not mean the same thing. 

And he adds this lofty utterance: "The United States commenced their 
existence under circumstances wholly novel, and unexampled in the history 
of nations. They commenced with civilization, with learning, with science, 
with constitutions of free government, and with that best gift of God to 
man, the Christian religion. Their population is now equal to that of Eng- 
land; in arts and sciences, our citizens are very little behind the most 
enlightened people on earth; in some respects they have no superiors; and 
our language, within two centuries, will be spoken by more people in this 
country than any other language on earth, except the Chinese, in Asia, and 
even that may not be an exception." 

In concluding his prefatory history and the explanation of his great 
task, he modestly declares: "It satisfies my mind that I have done all that 
my health, my talents and my pecuniary means would enable me to ac- 
complish. I present it to my fellow citizens, not with frigid indifference, 
but with my ardent wishes for their improvement and happiness; and for 
the continued increase of the wealth, the learning, the moral and religious 
elevation of character, and the glory of my country." 

"To that great and benevolent Being, who, during the preparation of this 
Work, has sustained a feeble constitution, amidst obstacles and toils, dis- 
appointments, infirmities and depression: — who has borne me and mv man- 

181 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

uscripts in safety across the Atlantic, and given me strength and resolution 
to bring the Work to a close, I would present the tribute of my most 
grateful acknowledgments. And if the talent which he intrusted to my 
care, has not been put to the most profitable use in his service, I hope it 
has not been 'kept laid up in a napkin,' and that any misapplication of it 
may be graciously forgiven." . NOAH WEBSTER. 

New Haven, 1840. 

Noah Webster died in New Haven, Ct, May 28, 1843, and his 
widow, June 25, 1847, and they are buried there in the Grove Street 

Children: Emily Scholten, b. at Hartford, Ct., Aug. 4, 1790; 
Frances Juliana (always called Julia), b. at Hartford, Ct., Feb. 5, 
1793, bap. in private on account of sickness, Feb. 18, 1793; Har- 
riet, b. in New York City, April 6, 1797; Mary, b. at New Haven, 
Ct., Jany. 7, 1799; William Greenleaf, b. Sept. 15, 1801; Eliza 
Steele, b. at New Haven, Ct., Dec. 21, 1803; Henry Bradford, b. 
Nov. 20, 1806, and died when about 10 weeks old; Louisa, b. at 
New Haven, Ct., April 12, 1808. Eesumed in Chapter XVI. 

5. Charles Webster, b. at West Hartford, Ct., Sept. 2, 1762, 
mar. (1) Dee. 11, 1783, according to Farmington Church Eecord, 
Betsey Woodruff. (2) Jany., 1811, Mrs.. Joanna Wilkinson, nee 
Darling, widow of Jonathan Wilkinson. 

Charles Webster, Sr., was a merchant of Hartford, Ct., who mar. ( 1 ) 
Elizabeth Woodruff, daughter of Darius and Elizabeth Woodruff, and (2) 
Mrs. Joanna Wilkinson, of West Hartford, formerly of Cumberland, R. L, 
a daughter of Peter and Amy Darling. Peter Darling was a magistrate 
and a large land holder. 

Charles Webster, of Hartford, mar. Elizabeth Woodruff, of Farmington. 
The intentions were published at West Hartford, Nov. 30, 1783. Notice of 
his second marriage was published in Hartford papers, Jany. 7, 1811. West 
Hartford Church Records give date of death of first wife, April 19, 1810, 
but notice of death published in a Hartford paper, dated Monday, April 
23, says she died on the previous Monday, which would be the 16th of 
April, and gives her name as Elizabeth, wife of Charles Webster. 

His, and his first wife's names appear as members of the Church at West 
Hartford, in 1787. 

Charles Webster's first wife died at West Hartford, Monday, 
April 16, 1810, aged 51. He died Feb. 23, 1817, same place, 
aged 59, and his widow Joanna at Waterbury, Ct., in 1841. 

Children : (All b. and bap. at West Hartford.) (By first mar.) 
Charles, bap. May 23, 1787; Nelson, bap. Feb. 18, 1788; Samuel 
Woodruff, b. 1791; (By second mar.) Elizabeth Amey, b. Oct. 14, 
1811; Jonathan, b. Jan. 19, 1816, whose name was changed early 
in life to John Wilkinson, at the request of his uncle, Noah Web- 
ster, who wished to perpetuate the name of John in the family. 
Resumed in Chapter XVI. 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 185 

Section 2. — Children of Zephaniah (Capt. Daniel, John, Rob- 
ert, Gov. John) and Elizabeth (Seymour) Webster, West Hartford, 

1. Thankful Webster, bap. July 7, 1754. No record. 

2. Bavil Webster, a printer, b. at West Hartford, date un- 
known, mar. Amna Catlin, who was born in 1758. After his 
death she mar. again, John Van Norden. 

Children : None by either marriage. 

Feb. 8, 1773, Bevil Webster, a minor, son of Zepbaniah Webster, late of 
Hartford, deceased, made choice of his mother, Lydia Webster, to be his 

Bavil (or as usually spelled, Bevil) was in business in Hartford from 
at least 1778 to 1781. He advertised "Indigo" in 1778 and in 1781 the 
"Pslams of David, by Dr. Watts," the "New England Primer," etc. "Print- 
ing and Book Binding carried on," "a few rods Southeast of the Court 

March 25, 1778, Thomas and Experience Ensign, of Hartford, deeded 
land in Hartford, to Bavil Webster. March 25, 1778, Bavil Webster, of 
Hartford, deeded land in Town Commons of Hartford, to John and Elisah 

Dec. 24, 1782, notice was published that Trumbull's Poem of MacFingle 
would some out soon, to be published by Bavil Webster. 

Sept. 25, 1783, Bavil Webster, of Hartford, deeded land in Hartford, to 
Susa Dod wife of Edward Dod. 

In a pay abstract of Capt. Jonathan, Wadsworth's Co., Col. Cook's 
Eegt. of militia from the state of Conn., Corporal Bevil Webster marched 
Aug. 26, and was discharged Nov. 3, but the year is not given. (If the word 
"state" is correct, it was probably after the Rev. war.) The end. 

3. Zephaniah Webster, probably a printer, bap. at West Hart- 
ford, Ct, July 15, 1759, mar. at Scotland, Windham Co., Ct., July 
21, 1784, Huldah Drake, both of Hartford. Children: (See 

1756, May 10, Zephaniah Webster of Hartford sells land in New Hartford, 
Litchfield Co. Ct., to "my honored father, Cap't Daniel Webster of 

Stiles, in his "Ancient Windsor" gives from old certificates of enlistment, 
etc., the names who served in the War of Revolution, who were natives of 
Windsor or enlisted there, and among them he has the name of Zephaniah 
Webster, who he says served in the Continental Army and who was at 
Boston and Fishkill. 

Wm. H. Webster says, the following is furnished by me by George E. 
Hoadley, Hartford, Ct., "died at Philadelphia the 12th ultimo, Zephaniah 
Webster, aged 15, son of Zephaniah Webster, printer; the 19th ultimo, died, 
Mr. Zephaniah Webster, printer, and Mrs. Huldah Webster his wife. (Hart- 
ford Courant, Oct. 1, 1798.) They probably died of yellow fever." 

The Revolutionary rolls have the following: Zephaniah Webster enlisted 
in the 4th Troop of Sheldon's Dragoons, 2d Regt., as a Corporal, in place 
of Elias Hopkins of Hartford, on Jany. 1, 1778. He (Webster) is described 

186 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

as of Hartford, Ct., 5 ft., 9 in. high, light complexion, grey eyes, light hair, 
and a farmer. His final disposition is not shown. He probably served to 
the close of the war and was mustered out of service with his Regt. 

Sept. 28, 1785. Zephaniah Webster, of Hartford, deeded to John and 
Elisha Dodd of Hartford, land in "Town Common," in Hartford, "laid out 
to my grandfather, Daniel Webster, lately deceased." 

The Record of Conn. Men in the War of Revolution shows that Zepha- 
niah Webster served as a Private in Capt. John Harmon's Co., Col. Erastus 
Wolcott's Regt. of State Troops, at Boston, Mass., for about 6 weeks, Jany. 
and Feby. 1776. His Regt. was a part of the detachment which occupied 
Boston after the enemy evacuated the town. 

Also that he served as a private at Peekskill, N. Y., from April 6 to 
May 23, 1777, in Capt. Abel Pettibone's Co., Col. Erastus Wolcott's Regt. 
The End. 

Section 3.— Children of Mirriam (Capt. Daniel, John, Robert, 
Gov. John) Webster, and her husbands, (1) Elias Hopkins, (2) 
William Sedgwick, West Hartford, Ct. 

1. Mirriam Hopkins, b. 1755, m. Joseph Gilbert, b. 1748, and 
they removed in 1811, from Litchfield, Ct., to the town of Eich- 
mond, Ontario Co., N. Y., where he died Nov. 11, 1812, in his 
64th year. She died at Lima, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1839, in her 84th 

Children: (Gilbert) Lucy, b. Aug. 28, 1774; Elias, Nov. 29, 
1776; Joseph, Nov. 2, 1778; Merriam, June 3, 1780; Clara, June 
30, 1783; Luman, April 24, 1785; Theodotia, April 28, 1787; 
Truman, May 13, 1790; Orin, Dec. 30, 1792; Almira, June 28, 
1794; Chloe, April 21, 1796; Edwin, Feb. 12, 1798; Caroline, Sept. 
8, 1799. Eesumed in Chapter XVI. 

2. Sarah Sedgwick, m. Oct. 10, 1784, probably at New Hart- 
ford, Conn., Mai. James Benham, a farmer, b. there Aug. 14, 
1764. He d. at Bridgewater, Oneida Co., N. Y., Jan. 6, 1809,— or 
near that year. 

Children: (Benham) (All b. at Bridgewater, Oneida Co., N. 
Y., except the first two and possibly the two following, at Hart- 
ford or New Hartford, Ct.) Polly, Mar. 15, 1786; Miles, Dec. 10, 
1787; Harriet, Oct. 20, 1790; Huldah, Feb. 10, 1793, d. Dec. 28, 
1797; Sedgwick, Mar. 26, 1795; George, Apr. 9, 1798; Ansel, Sep. 
19, 1800; Sophronia Webster, Oct. 2, 1802; Henry, Aug. 17, 1805; 
James, Dec. 31, 1808. Resumed in Chapter XVI. 

3. Timothy Sedgwick, m. Lucy Sedgwick. 
Children: Pamelia, b. Feb. 28, 1798. 

(1) Pamelia m. Dec. 24, 1823, Horace Welles, b. Aug. 11, 1795, son of 
Levi and Hannah (Welles) Welles. He d. Nov. 21, 1865. The End. 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 187 

Section 4. — Children of Deacon Daniel (Capt. Daniel, John, 
Robert, Gov. John) and Azubah Judd, West Hartford, Gt. 

1. Daniel Webster, bap. at West Hartford, March 29, 1761, 
mar. at Wethersfield, Ct. Mch. 18, 1790, Betsey Waterbury, of 
Wethersfield, Ct. Intentions published at West Hartford, Feb. 28, 

Feb. 6, 1805, Daniel Webster of Hartford deeds land tbere to Asahel 

Webster of Dummerston, Windham Co., Vt. 

Inventory of Daniel Webster, of Hartford, deceased, taken Oct. 18, 1806, 

by Lemuel Hurlburt and Asahel Porter. 

March 21, 1807, Levia Webster, a minor, about 15 years old and Elizabeth 

B. Webster, a minor about 13 years old, daughters of Daniel Webster, late 

of Hartford, deceased, made choice of Lemuel Hurlburt to be their guardian- 
Letter of administration on estate of Daniel Webster, late of Hartford, 

deceased, granted to Elisha Mix, Aug. 18, 1806. Distribution of his estate 

ordered June 13, 180S, viz.: to Levia Webster and Betsey Webster, 

daughters of said deceased, to each an equal share. 

May 7, 1816, Levia Webster and Elizabeth Webster sell to Elisha Mix, 

all of Hartford land bounded by said Mix. 

Betsey Webster died at West Hartford, Feb. 23, 1806, in her 44th 
year, and he at the same place, Aug. 10, 1806, aged 45. 

Children : Levia, b. 1792 ; Elizabeth, b. West Hartford, Ct., 
1794. Eesumed in Chapter XVI. 

2. Ruth Webster, bap. July 25, 1762, at West Hartford, Ct., 
m. there, Feb. 24, 1786, Simeon Merrills. 

Oct. 21, 1800, Elizabeth Webster deeds land to Euth Merrills, all of 

In 1805, Ruth Merrill, alias Euth Webster deeded to Elisha Mix, 
of Hartford, land in Hartford, bounded in part by land sold the same 
day to Daniel Webster and in part on land of Azubah Webster, as her 
dower, as widow of Daniel Webster, deceased. 

Feb. 10, 1809, Asahel Porter, conservator to Ruth Merrills otherwise 
called Ruth Webster, sells to Elisha Mix, land bounded by West Hart- 
ford Street, by Josiah Huntington and Asahel Webster. We have no 
record of children or deaths. The end. 

3. Asahel Webster, a blacksmith, sometimes called Asa, bap. 
at West Hartford, Oct. 8, 1769, married but the name of wife not 

Dec. 1, 1786, Asahel Webster, a minor son of Daniel, aged about 17 
years made choice of Elisha Mix to be his guardian. 

Feb. 6, 1805, Daniel Webster, of Hartford, deeds land in Hartford, to 
Asahel Webster, of Dummerston, Windham Co., Vt. Also land in Farm- 

He removed to Dummerston, Windham Co., Vt., where he purchased 
a tract of 60 acres of land near the Conn, river. The deed is date May 
29, 1797. The house which he built on this land (in 1892) is owned 

188 The Webstee Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

and occupied by Deacon Adin A. Dutton, and the farm and buildings are 
among the best in the town. He sold the place in 1805 to Giles Alex- 
ander, and removed to Bennington, Vt. On his way over the Green 
Mountains to his new home he stopped on the heights of land that over- 
looked the Conn, valley and gave a long lingering look at the region 
he was viewing for the last time. A person who passed him at that time 
reported that he was seated on a log shedding tears abundantly. 1797, 
May 29, Asahel Webster of Dummerston, Windham Co., Vt., a black- 
smith, of Cornelius Jones of same Dummerston, land in D. part of lot 
10, 60 acres — more or less, bounded north by Wm. Miller, east, Aaron 
Brooks, southerly, Col. Wm. Boyden, Jesse Hildreth, and Chas. Davenport, 
Jun., and westerly by Aaron Brooks. 

„,., (Ezra Butterfield, 
Wit. J _ _ 

) Jason Duncan. 

1805, Apr. 24, Ashahel Webster of Dummerston, Vt., to Giles Alexan- 
der of Charlestown, Middlesex Co., Mass., part of Lot No. 10, in D., b's 
same as in purchase except Wm. Miller and Aaron Brooks are "deceased," 
same that he bo't of Cornelius Jones. — Wit's — Samuel Porter, Chief Judge 
of Windham Co. Court, and Jabez Butler. 

Children: (The first probably born in Ct, the others in Vt.) 
Olive, b. May 11, 1791; Asahel, Dec. 25, 1793; Azubah, June 23, 
1796, died Sept. 11, 1797; Azubah, again, b. Aug. 22, 1798. The 
Dummerston, Vt., records have all the names as above except Olive. 
Eesumed in Chapter XVI. 


Sixth Generation — Great Grand Children of Dea. Jonathan 

and Dorcas Hopkins and Mary Judd Webster of 

Hartford and Glastonbury, Ct., in the Line of 

Robert the son of Gov. John Webster. 

First Generation, Gov. John and Agnes Webster. — Second, Lieut. 

eobert and susannah treat webster. third, deacon jonathan 

and Dorcas Hopkins and Mary Judd Webster. — Fourth, Children 
of Deacon Jonathan and Dorcas Hopkins and Mary Judd Webster 
named in the Divisions of this Chapter. — Fifth, Grandchildren 

of the same named in the numbered sections of this chapter. 

Sixth, Great Grandchildren of the same named in the numbered 
Paragraphs of this Chapter, printed in heavy face type. 

First Division, showing the G-reat-Grandchildren of Deacon 
Jonathan and Dorcas Hopkins Webster, by their son Jonathan 
Webster of Hartford and Glastonbury, Ct., who married Esther 

Section 1. — Children of Jonathan "the miller" (Jonathan, 
Dea. Jonathan, Robert, Gov. John), and Mabel (Risley) "Webster 
of Glastonbury , Ct. 

1. Ashbel Webster, a miller, b. at Glastonbury, Ct., March 12, 
1733, mar. about 1753, Eachel Price, b. 1737, whose mother's 
maiden name was Blinn. His father, Jonathan, owned a grist mill 
at Hartford (afterward East Hartford) Ct., which was bequeathed 
to Ashbel, who carried it on for some years, and then sold out, re- 
moving to Washington Co., N". Y., where he settled within the 
limits of what afterwards became the town of Hampton. Part of 
his family was born at Glastonbury, Ct., and part at Hampton, 
N. Y. 

Ashbel Webster, Sr., served in the French and Indian War in Capt. 
Elizur Goodrich's Co., 2d Ct. Regt., as a Corporal from April 15 to Sept. 
12, 1755, 21 weeks and 3 days, at one pound, 8 shillings, per month, his 
total "wages" amounting to 7 pounds and 10 shillings. The roll does not 
show where his Co. served, but since most of the Companies at that time 
were on duty at or in the vicinity of Ft. William Henry at the head of 
Lake George, it is not unlikely that he was at that place. The battle of 


190 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

Ft. William Henry and Ft. Edward was fought Sept. 5, 1755, 7 days before 
his discharge. 

Who was Rachel Price, wife of Ashbel Webster? 

Samuel Price of Glastonbury, Ct., m. (1) April 7, 1714, Dorothy Fox, 
b. 1693, dau. of Richard and Beriah (Smith) Fox. She d. Feb. 10, 1727-8, 
and he m. (2) May 22, 1729, (Hebron Records) Sarah Perrin. 

Children: (Price) (1st m. ) Samuel, b. June 19, 1715; John, b. Oct. 24, 
1716; Dorothy, May 31, 1718; Zachariah, Oct. 13, 1719; Sarah, Sep. 25, 
1722; Ebenezer, Apr. 20, 1726. (2d m.) Robert, b. Feb. 10, 1729-30; 
Elizabeth, b. March 13, 1731-2. 

Rachel Price, b. 1737, whose mother's maiden name was Blinn, m. about 
1753, Ashbel Webster, b. March 12, 1733; and Hannah Price of Glastonbury, 
m. May 5, 1760, Asiel Webster, a younger brother of Ashbel, b. Oct. 28, 

John Price, b. Oct. 24, 1716, was drowned, March 31, 1737, and he left 
a widow, Rachel, and a son Elizur, b. July 1, 1736. May 3, 1737, adminis- 
tration was granted on the estate of John Price, dec'd (estate insolvent), 
to Samuel Price and Jeduthan Smith, all of Glastonbury; and 

July 5, 1737, Samuel Price, his grandfather, was made guardian of 
Elizer Price, a minor one year old, son of John Price, deceased. 

Rachel Price, who was born 1737, may have been the posthumous daugh- 
ter of John Price, named for her mother Rachel. If not, then it is probable 
that she was the daughter of Samuel Price, Jr., b. June 19, 1715, and 
Hannah Price, who m. Asiel Webster, may have been a sister — otherwise, 
perhaps a cousin. 

Was Samuel Price, Sr., who m. Dorothy Fox, of the Deerfield, Mass. 
family? Note that Feb. 15, 1715-16, Robert Price, "sometime of Deerfield, 
Mass.," has a land transaction. Again, July 15, 1735, Samuel Price, "only 
son and heir of Robert Price, formerly of Deerfield, deceased, which Robert 
was one of the soldiers in the Falls fight," (Turners Falls, May 10, 1676, 
with the Indians ) . Fallstown, now Bernardston, Mass., was set apart as 
pension land for those and their families who were in the "Falls" fight. 

John Fox, b. 1688, a brother of Dorothy Fox, who m. Samuel Price, m. 
Dec. 15, 1709, Susannah White, dau. of Henry White of Deerfield. May 
12, 1715, John Fox and Susanna Fox his wife of Glastonbury, Ct., sell land 
in Deerfield, Hampshire Co., Mass., to Samuel Barnard of Deerfield, land 
which came from Henry White, late of Deerfield, dec'd, father of said 
Susanna Fox. (Hampden Co. records.) 

These facts are suggestive of relationship between the Deerfield, Mass., 
and Glastonbury, Ct., families, but nothing conclusive has yet been dis- 

April 15, 1783, Ashbel Webster of Hartford, deeded all his real estate, 
lands, mill, house, barn, etc., in the Parish of Orford, in Hartford, to John 
Willis, of Glastonbury, Ct. Also July 11, 1783, Ashbel Webster of East 
Hartford sells to John Couch, 24 acres, for 65 pounds. 

The father and mother of this Ashbel Webster died as follows: Mabel 
(Risley) Webster, Jany. 2, 1781, and Jonathan Webster her husband, 10 
months later in Nov. of the same year, at 72 years of age. Disencumbered 
of the care of the "old people" Ashbel the son prepared to leave Ct., sell- 
ing the land mentioned in the notes above, April 15 and Jul}' 11, 1783. 

6th Gen.] Kobeet Webster's Line 191 

The tax lists of Poultney, Rutland Co., Vt. show that he paid taxes in 
that place in the years 1785 and 1787. Five of his children at that time 
were of age and may have been married when he departed for Vt., perhaps 
in 1783. His son Ashbel followed him from Conn., a few years later as 
will be seen when his name is reached. 

Both died at Hampton, Washington Co., 1ST. Y., he, Aug. 1, 
1801, in his 69th year, and she, May 8, 1813, in her 76th year. 

Children: (Born probably in Orford Parish, East Hartford) 
Samuel, b. May 1754; Ashbel, b. Aug. 8, 1756; Susannah, b. about 
1758; Benjamin, bap. July 6, 1760; Abijah, b. about 1762; Allen, 
about 1765; Eachel, about 1768, bap. at Bolton, Aug. 26, 1770; 
Bosetta, about 1769; Abel, Feb. 11, 1773; Aaron, Aug. 28, 1775; 
Miner, 1776. Besumed in Chapter XVII. 

2. Mabel Webster, b. July 29, 1735. No record. 

3. Susannah Webster, b. Sep. 21, 1737, died Sep. 27, 1755, 
probably unmarried. 

4. Jonathan Webster, b. Jan. 24, 1739, at Glastonbury, Ct., 
mar. Agnes . 

Jonathan Webster served in the French and Indian War, in Major 
Nathan Payson's Co., 1st Ct. Reg't, as a private from Mch. 29 to Nov. 
30, 1757 — 35 weeks and 2 days, receiving as total wages 14 pounds, 2 s., 
3d. and 2 far. Roll dated Ft. Edward, Oct. 17, 1757. 

Nov. 10, 1762, Joannah Ruscoe (signed Risco) of the township of 
Southampton, Suffolk Co., N. Y., sold land in the 5 miles to Jonathan 
Webster of Glastonbury, Ct., joiner. Signed also by David Hand. Wit- 
nesses, Job Pierson and Chloe Mulford. 

That Jonathan Webster died early in life, at about 31 years of age, 
will appear in the following notes. 

June 5, 1770, administration was granted on the estate of Jonathan 
Webster, Jr., unto Agnes Webster, of Hartford, widow of said deceased 
and to John Webster of "Glassenbury." Bonds were given by John Web- 
ster, William Densmore, Agnes Webster. 

May 20, 1772, an account of administration on estate of Jonathan 
Webster, Jr., late of Hartford, deceased, was presented by John and Agnes 
Webster, administrators, by which account they have paid in debts and 
charges and supporting children under four years of age, the sum of 54 
pounds, 15 shillings, 8 pence. 

Dec. 11, 1772, Agnes Webster and John Webster were authorized by the 
Court to sell real estate as administrators of the estate of Jonathan 
Webster, deceased. 

April 19, 1795, Agnes Webster, Samuel Fox, Mabel Fox, Elijah Keeney, 
Mary Keeney, Benjamin Brown, Dorinda Brown and Jonathan Webster, 
all of East Hartford, sell to George Hall, of Glastonbury, 25 acres for 
144 pounds. These were daughters and their husbands, and one son, as 
will appear later. 

Children: (Probably born in the Parish of Orford, East Hart- 
ford, or Glastonbury) Abigail, b. about 1759 or 60; Anna, 1761; 

192 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

Mabel, b. June 3, 1763, bap. June 12, 1763; Mary, bap. Jan. 27, 
1765; Jonathan, b. 1767; Dorinda, b. 1769. Kesumed in Chapter 

5. Asiel Webster, a farmer, (also spelled Asahel) b. Oct. 28, 
1740, at Glastonbury, Ct., in. there, May 5, 1760, Hannah Price 
of Glastonbury. 

Asahel Webster, Sr., served in the French and Indian War, as follows: 
( 1 ) as Asael Webster, in Capt. Eliphelet Whittelsey's Co., of 1st Conn. 
Regt., as a private from June 17 to Nov. 15, 1758, 32 weeks and 3 days, 
receiving as his total "wages" 14 pounds, 11 shillings, 10 pence and 2 
farthings. (2) as Asahel Webster, in Capt. Eliphelet Whittelsey's Co., 
1st Ct. Regt., as a private from March 28 to Dec. 24, 1759, 38 weeks and 
6 days, receiving as his total "wages" 17 pounds, 9 shillings and 9 pence. 

He removed from Glastonbury to Mass., soon after his marriage. Oct. 
18, 1765, Asahel Webster of Hartford, Ct.j purchased land of Timothy 
and Mary Child of Greenfield, Mass. He is said to have owned and kept 
a tavern on the Connecticut River at Turner's Falls, Mass., when nearly 
all of the transportation in that neighborhood was by boats on the river. 

Nov. 15, 1785, Asahel Webster of Greenfield, Mass., bought of Gideon 
Sage of Greenfield, land there, bounded by Asahel Webster, Joseph Bar- 
nard and the "Great River." Wit's: Seth Field, Richard Cary. 

Nov. 15, 1795, Asahel Webster of Greenfield, buys of Gideon Sage, same 
place, land there, "running by G. Webster." (He had a son George and 
also a son Giles.) He lived in that part of the town of Greenfield known 
as Gill until his death. 

The Records show that Asahel Webster bought land May 2, 1791, at 
Cheapside, now Gill, Mass. The Records also show that in 1808, Hannah 
Webster, widow, quit claimed to Chester Webster land willed to her 
by her late husband, and also April 18, 1794, an Asahel Webster sold 
land and signed by himself, no mention being made of a wife. It is said 
by a descendant that after the death of Asahel, Sr., his sons, Price and 
Chester, lived on the farm for several years, and then sold out and went 
West. The records show that March 29, 1810, Price Webster sold a piece 
of land in Gill "the same being land willed to William, Price, Jonathan 
and Chester, by their father Asahel." Again March 18, 1818, Price Web- 
ster, of Northfield, sold Real Estate to Ezra Purple of Gill. Both deeds 
are signed by Price and Polly Webster. If Price Webster lived at North- 
field it could have been only for a short time us he was not taxed there 
between 1815 and 1820. 

From North Hampton, Mass., Probate Records: Will of Asahel Webster, 
of Gill, Mass., dated Dec. 2, 1799, bequeaths to wife Hannah Webster, and 
to his "five sons;" to the three eldest, Giles, William and Jonathan, and 
to the two youngest, Price and Chester, and to daughter Lucy Darby and 
daughter, Hannah Webster, and to three grandchildren, Sally, George and 
Polly. Executors, Hannah (wife) and son William. The Will was ex- 
hibited in Court, Jan. 7, 1800. Inventory dated Sep. 9, 1800. Witnesses, 
Eliphas Alexander, Samuel Janes, Job Goodale. 

Both died at Gill, Franklin Co., Mass., he just prior to 1800, 
and she prior to 1810. 

6th Gen.] Kobert Webster's Line 193 

Children : Asiel or Asahel, bap. Oct. 1, 1760 ; George, bap. 
Dec. 27, 1761, prob. d. y. ; Giles, b. 1763, bap. May 20, 1764, by 
Rev. Simeon Backus of Hadley; Hannah, bap. May 25, 1766; 
William, bap. July 3, 1768 ; Lucy, bap. July 21, 1771 ; Jonathan, 
bap. June 12, 1775; Price, called also, George Price, b. March 15, 
1783, at Gill, Mass., bap. May 8, 1783; Chester, b. March 17, 
1785, bap. Feb. 15, 1786. Resumed in Chapter XVII. 

6. Elizur Webster, a farmer, b. Sep. 30, 1743, at Glastonbury, 
Ct., mar. probably at East Hartford, Ct., Ruth Densmore, who 
was b. Aug. 24, 1747. 

Elizur Webster served as a teamster in the War of Revolution and at 
the close of that war, or soon after, removed from Conn., probably going, 
first to Poultney, Vt., and later to Whitehall, Washington Co., N. Y., al- 
though some of his descendants claim that he went direct from Conn, to 
Whitehall with many other settlers from Ct. 

April 12, 1783, Elizur Webster, of Hartford, deeded to Stephen Bidwell, 
land on the East side of river in Society of Orford, third tier of lots from 

March 11, 1791, Eleazer Webster, sold land to John Treat. (See East 
Hartford Record of Deeds.) Same Records show that Eleazer Webster of 
Hartford, deeded land in East Hartford to Elisha Trayne, of East Hart- 
ford, viz: about 7 acres near the Powder Mills South of Hockanum river 
and two thirds of a dwelling house, except a life lease to Elizabeth Evans. 
Deed dated at Hartford in presence of Chauncey Goodrich and Israel 

The descendants of Elizur Webster give his date of birth they say from 
an old Bible record, as Oct. 1745, which must be an error, as Mary, his 
sister, was born May 8, 1745. 

He died March 26, 1791, and she June 27, 1829. 

Children: (All born in East Hartford, Ct., except possibly two 
or three of the youngest, who may have been b. at Hampton, 1ST. 
Y.) Elizur, b. Aug. 24, 1767; Obadiah, b. Sept. 27, 1769; Wait, 
b. May 2, 1772; Ruth, b. May 26, 1774; Roger, b. July 12, 1776; 
Sarah, b. Aug. 26, 1778; Ann, b. Jany. 9, 1782; Mabel, b. Jany. 
4, 1785; William, b. in Hampton, N. Y., May 4, 1787; Betsey, 
b. Dec. 24, 1789. Resumed in Chapter XVII. 

7. Mary Webster, b. May. 8, 1745, at Glastonbury, Ct., m. 
June 17, 1762, as his 2d wife, Job Risley, Jr., b. March 3, 1743, 
son of Job and Beriah (Fox) Risley. He was a Revolutionary 
soldier. He lived in Glastonbury, Ct., where both died, she, Dec. 
7, 1784, and he, May 23, 1786, and are buried in Hockanum Ceme- 

Children: (Risley) Russell, Jehiel, usually called Hiel; Elihu, 
died in infancy; Honour, Lucretia, Betsey, Molly, Prudence, b. 
Dec. 9, 1778; Anna. 

(1) Russell Risley, no record. (2) Jehiel was a sea captain. (3) 

194 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

Honour m. Elisha Beach of Hartford, Ct. (4) Lucretia m. John Allyn. 
(5) Betsey m. Sep. 26, 1791, Ebenezer Smith. (6) Molly m. Benjamin 
Roberts. (7) Prudence m. Elisha Sage. (8) Anna m. Vibberts. 

Prudence Risley (Job, Jr., Job, Samuel, Richard, Richard), m. Nov. 27, 
1802, Elisha Sage, b. Jan. 12, 1779. He d. April 28, 1854, and is buried 
in Durhamville, N. Y. She d. Sep. 26, 1865, in Oneida, N. Y. 

Children: (Sage) (First three born in East Hartford, Ct.; next two in 
Bruynswick, Ulster Co., N. Y. ; William, unrecorded ; Russell, Vernon, 
Oneida Co., N. Y. ) Henry Risley, April 27, 1805; Sally, Jan. 26, 1807; 
Fannie, Feb. 14, 1809; Elisha Montague, Apr. 13, 1812; Elizur Webster, 
April 13, 1812; William, July 25, 1814; Russell, Aug. 4, 1816. 

Russell Sage, youngest child of Elisha and Prudence (Risley) Sage, be- 
came one of the most distinguished financiers of his time. From poverty 
and obscurity he wrought his way into life. He left home at 14 to engage 
in business, and to tireless industry he added work in night schools and 
general evening study. Mercantile business in Troy, N. Y., soon led him 
to transportation by land and water. He was twice elected to Congress 
and was potent in the purchase of Mt. Vernon as a perpetual memorial 
to George Washington. In 1863 he removed from Troy to New York City 
and became one of the foremost financial magnates of the world. He m. 
(1) 1841, at Troy, N. Y., Maria Winnie, whose death occurred in 1867, 
and he m. (2) Nov. 24, 1869, Margaret Olivia Glocum, who survives him 
and carries on the benefactions made possible by his colossal fortune. No 
children by either marriage. 

Fannie Sage, a sister of Russell Sage, m. in 1830, Samuel Chapin of 
Oneida, N. Y., and was the mother of 12 children. The end. 

8. John Webster, b. May 12, 1747, at Glastonbury, Ct., m. 
Nov. 9, 1769, Elizabeth House of Glastonbury, dau. of Jonathan 

Jonathan House was the son of Joseph House, b. 1687, who was the son 
of William House, who died in 1703. Joseph House, b. 1687, m. Rachel 
Pitkin, dau. of Col. Roger and Hannah (Stanley) Pitkin. Col. Roger 
Pitkin was the son of William and Hannah (Goodwin) Pitkin. Wm. 
Pitkin, last named was the son of Roger Pitkin. Hannah Goodwin was 
the dau. of Ozias and Mary (Woodward) Goodwin. Hannah Stanley was 
the dau. of Caleb and Hannah (Cowles) Stanley, while Caleb Stanley was 
the son of Timothy. Hannah Cowles was the dau. of John Cowles. 

John Webster was a farmer and merchant of Glastonbury, Ct.,. 
where he took the Oath of Fidelity in 1779. He d. there Oct. 1,. 
1781, in his 34th year, and she m. (2) April 26, 1786, Ben]. Por- 
ter of East Hartford. Ben]. Porter d. Oct. 19, 1806, aged 76, and 
she d. Sep. 15, 1830, aged 80 y's. John Webster's grave in Glas- 
tonbury Cemetery is marked by a well preserved tombstone. 

Dec. 24, 1788, the estate of John Webster of Glastonbury was 
distributed to the widow, now wife of Benjamin Porter; to John 
Webster, a son, a double share; Jerusha, a dau., wife of William 
Smith, and Bettie Webster, Heppy Webster, Mercy Webster, daugh- 
ters. Stephen Treat and Elizabeth Webster were administrators. 

oth Gen.] 



Children: (All born in Glastonbury, Ct.) Jerusha, b. Sep. 24, 
1771, bap. Oct. 7, following; Elizabeth, b. Dec. 18, 1773, bap. 
Dec. 20, following; Hepzibah, b. July 9, 1775, bap. July 16, fol- 
lowing; John, b. April 28, 1778, bap. May 3, following; Abraham, 
bap. Oct. 8, 1780, probably died young; Mercy, b. March 5, 1781, 
bap. Mar. 11 following. Resumed in Chapter XVII. 

Note: Benjamin Porter, the second husband of Elizabeth (House) Web- 
ster, was born Dec. 11, 1730, son of Hezekiah and Sarah (Wright) (his 
2d wife) Porter of Windsor and East Hartford, Ct. Benjamin Porter m. 
(1) 1753, Elizabeth Phillips, b. 1725, who d. 1786, in Boston, Mass. 

Children: (Porter) Margaret, b. 1754, m. Job Porter; Isaac, b. 1750, 
m. Ruth Porter; Rachel, b. 1758, m. Jacob Wilcox; Benjamin, b. 1763, no 
record; Elizabeth, b. 1765, m. Israel Fox; Hezekiah, b. 1770, d. 1792 in 
Demerara, in British Guiana; Sarah, b. 1777, no record; Jonathan, b. 
1784, m. Mary Willis. 

Mrs. Erastus Tiffany of Rome, Oneida Co., N. 'I., great granddaughter of 
the above John Webster, has an account book kept by said John Webster, 
of Glassenbury, Ct., purchased Dec. 18, 1771. The following names appear 
in it, copied and arranged in alphabetical order by M. R. Webster, Feb. 
10, 1897. 

Andres (Andrews). Elisha, May 22, 
17 i 2, shad and shad and salmon. 
Bidel (Bidwell), Ephriam, Oct. 2, 

1772, Rye, fish, tobacco, potatoes. 
Case, John, May 23, 1773, weaving. 
Courtes (Curtis), Samuel, Feb. 13, 

1773, and Feb. 4, 1774, wood, 
Covel, Ezra, Dec. 8, 1771, solt 


Dean, Barnabas, June 22, 1772, 
4 bbls of fresh alewives. 

Denison, Thos., July 7, 1781, Rum. 

Densirore, William, about 1771, 
riding his horse. 

Fisher, Alexander, June 25, 1779, 

Forbs, Moses, no date, weaving. 

Fox, Ephriam, Oct. 3, 1772, April 
3, 1773, July 10, 1781, Hogshead, 
Pork, use horse, oxen, rum. Account 
bal. Dec. 16, 1782. 

Fox, Joseph, Jan. 23, 1772, Mar. 
2, 28, and June 6. 1772, rye, 100 
foot stickwork, mending a wheel, 

Fuller, Barnaba, Jan. 26, 1773, 
rye, wood, beans, potatoes. 
' Ganes, Nathaniel, Feb. 4, 1773, 
wood; Nov. 3, 1778, weaving. 

Goslen (Goslee he signs it) John, 
June 10, 1772; Dec. 27, 1773, May 6, 
1775. salt, rum, shad, weel (wheel). 

Hale, Daniel, July 6. 1781. rum. 

Hills, Daniel, Jan. 28, 1772, Mar. 
30. 1773, Dec. 18. 1773, May 6. 1775, 
weaving, beans, flax-seed, shad, salt, 

Holding (Holden), John, Apr. 22, 
1773. salmon, shad. 

House, Jonathan. 

Hubbard, Jonathan, Apr. 24 and 
Mav 1, 1770, shad. 

Keeney, Richard, May 8, 1770, 

Kilbon, Stephen, Aug. 25, 1772, 
rye. use of horse, potatoes, tobacco. 

Lucas. John, Apr. 4, 1775, % bal. 

Morley, William, June 17, 1774, 

Pease, Jonathan, Jan. 7, 1770, 

Porter, Benjamin, June 1, 1775, 
Jan. 8 and June 24, 1779, spinning, 
oxen, calf, nails. 

Porter, Job, ad. for Hannah 

Porter, Jonathan, Aug. 23, 1770, 

Porter, Timothy. Nov. 19, 17S2, 
To horse to ride to army, % closed. 

Porter, William, May 15, 1781, 
rum, Dec. 3, 1782 % closed. 

Pratt, Samuel, Feb. 21, 1770, and 
Mar. 25, 1772, 1 bbl alewives, and 
horse 3 ds. 

Prise, Samuel (Price), Aug. 27, 
1770, June 3, '72, Feb. 5, '73, July 
2, '74, Apr. 13, '75, Dec. 30, '83 % 
closed. Sold pigeons, wood, 1 veal, 
salt, weaving. Ashbel Webster a 
brother of John the merchant mar- 
ried Rachel Price, prob. a relat'v. 
Risley, Benjamin, no date, rum. 

Robbards (Roberts), Benjamin, 
May 1, 1772, weaving 21 yards 

Robbards, Jonathan, Apr. 23, 
1775, muskrat skins. 

Robbards, Samuel, May 8, 1772, 

Slew, John (Sellew in his signa- 
ture), Jan. 31, 1773, corn and use 
of horse. 

Slew, Philip, May 21, 1772, Nov. 
15. '72, Feb. 16, July 27, '73, salmon, 
fowls, wood, riding horse to' Mol- 
bory (Marlborough). % closed Dec. 
10, 1782. 

Smith, Allad, no date, weaving. 

Smith, Asphraf, and in another 
place written Ashar and erased; 
June 28, 1774, rum and flax seed. 
Dec. 15, '74, pork. 

Smith, George, June 28, 1772, Dr. 
to cash and riding horse. 

Smith. Hannah, Dec. 10, 1779, 
wood, corn, horse, wheat flour, po- 
tatoes, shad, "Billing Spring" men- 

196 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

tioned. Jan. 3, 1783, % settled with his est. Jan. 11, 1783. % Dec. 12, 

Stephen Treat and Elizabeth Web- 1771 "rie." Feb. 15, 1772. "Sam- 

ster, administrators, of John Web- mon." 

ster, deceased. Dated, Glassenbury. Wheeler, Lazarus, % closed Jan. 

Smith, Israel, no date, rum. 11, 1783. 

Smith, Margaret, Mav 13, 1775, Williams, Oliver, Jan. 3, 1772, 

and Mav 23, 177G, salt. Closed Nov. wood. 

26. 1782. Woodruff, Gurd and Gurding, 

Smith, Nathaniel, Dec. 14, 1771, May 18, 1774, fresh and "solt" shad, 

cash. and "sammon." 

Treet (Treat), Stephen, an admin- Woodruff, Mart, Apr. 22, 1773, 60 

istrator of estate of John Webster. shad. 

Webb, Joseph, Jan. 25, 1772, Woodwith (Woodworth), Thomas, 

wood. Aug. 18, 1772, weaving 32 yds 10 of 

Webster, Elizabeth, widow of it streaked. 

John. Wright, Eleazer, Feb. 4, 1773, 

Webster, John, "his book, Bought wood and "riding horse to Hart- 
December the 18 Day of 1771." ford." 

Price 0.4.4." Jan. 16, 1783, the wid- Wright, Samuel, Feb. 15, 1772, 

ow settled with Stephen Treat, ad. cash by Garsham Wheeler, 

est. of John Webster of Glassen- Wright, Wm. or Mrs. — can't read 

bury, deceased. Webster died Oct. — of Weathersfield, June 10, 1778, 

1, 1781. weaving. 

Webster, John, no date, weaving. ****** 

May have been his own %. His son Notes on Foregoing. Martin 

John was born April 28, 1778. Woodruff and Freelove Goodale were 

Webster, Jonathan, no date, weav- married at Eastbury, Conn., Jan. 9, 

ing. This was probably the father 1771. 

of Mabel, Dorinda, Anna, &c. Gurdon Woodruff and Anna Web- 
Wheeler, Gecham, Dec. 18, 1771, ster were married at Bolton, Conn., 
rye. Sep. 18, 1777. Hence the Gurd or 

Wheeler, Garsham, late of Glas- Gurding Woodruff mentioned in the 

senbury, deceased. Settlement with %'s was probably his father. 

9. Joshua Webster, b. April 16, 1750, at Glastonbury, Ct., m. 
(1) at Glastonbury, Nov. 9, 1772, Beriah, daughter of Job and 
Beriah (Fox) Bisley, of Glastonbury, b. Nov. 21, 1749, and (2) 
at Glastonbury, July 14, 1790, Prudence Smith, of Glastonbury, 
b. Dec. 31, 1756; and (3) at Stamford, Delaware Co., N. Y., 
Feb. 20, 1812, Elleanor Squires. 

Joshua Webster was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was ap- 
pointed 1st Sergt. in Capt. John Barnard's Co. of Col. Samuel Wyllys 
Regt. of Conn, forces in the war of Revolution, Feb. 24, 1777, having 
enlisted for the war about the 10th of Jany. 1777. He was discharged 
from the service May 2, 1779, on account of sickness. While absent sick 
at Glastonbury, he was at one time reported as a "deserter," but the 
record was corrected on the next return. His sickness was caused by 
an injury to his "Testacies," received in jumping from a barge to the 
shore, in which (barge) he had just made a trip from West Point to 
Robinson House (then Gen'l. Washington's Headquarters). He claimed 
to have been in the battle of Long Island with Lord Sterling, when the 
latter was taken prisoner, also to have been in an engagement with the 
British at Brunswick, N. J., where they drove the enemy to Amboy, on 
board their shipping, and there "I lost a part of my hair, shot by a 
musket ball." He also claimed to have enlisted in 1775, and to have 
served then 7 months at Boston. Also to have served with the militia at 
N. Y. City and Long Island in 1776. In the latter part of the war he 
claims to have served as a Capt. of ten teams for about one year. Also 
at the last to have commanded a State Privateer to the close of the war. 
He drew a pension from the General Government. 

In 1818 and 1820 he was residing at Harpersfield, Delaware Co., N. Y., 
and he probably removed to that county about 1792. 

The Record of Conn. Men in the War of Revolution gives: Joshua Web- 

6th Gen.] Kobert Webster's Line 197 

ster a Sergeant in 10th Co., Capt. Oliver Hanchett, 2d Regt., Col. Joseph 
Spencer, enlisted May 3, 1775, and discharged July 3, 1775. The Regt. 
took part at Roxbury in the siege of Boston. 

The same Record gives: Joshua Webster, a Sergeant, in Capt. John 
Barnard's Co., 3d Regt. Conn. Line, Col. Samuel Wyllys, enlisted Feb. 
24, 1777, for the war, was discharged March 5, 1779, rejoined April 4, 
1779, and again discharged May 2, 1779. 

Joshua Webster removed from Glastonbury, Ct., to Delaware 
Co., N. Y., about 1792. 

His first wife, Beriah, died Feb. 9, 1790; his second wife, Pru- 
dence died at Stamford, Delaware Co., 1ST. Y., May 3, 1811. The 
date of his death and last wife not obtained. 

Children: (1st mar.) (All born at Glastonbury) Eoxie, b. 
March 13, 1773, died April 14, same year. (This Eoxie, accord- 
ing to the Glastonbury Eecord, was b. March 17, and bap. March 
21, 1773); Eoxie, again, b. July 29, 1774; Elijah, b. Jany. 11, 
bap. Jan. 24, 1779 ; Jared, b. Jany. 29, 1790, bap. Feb. 9, follow- 
ing. (2d m.) Grove, b. July 1, bap. Oct. 16, 1791 (at Stamford, 
N. Y.) Beriah, b. Jany. 13, 1793; Joshua, b. Aug. 6, 1794; Jona- 
than, b. May 6, 1798. Eesumed in Chapter XVII. 

Section 2. — Children of Esther Webster (Jonathan, Dea. Jona.~ 
than, Robert, Gov. John) who mar. Timothy Smith, of East Hart 
ford, Ct., and Hanover, N. H. 

1. Edward Smith, b. Nov. 25, 1727, a carpenter and farmer, 
m. Euth Porter, b. Aug. 6, 1728, dau. of James and Mehitable 
(Pitkin) Porter of Windsor, Ct. He d. at Hanover, Grafton Co., 
N. H., Jan. 15, 1815. 

Children: (Smith) (All born at East Hartford, Conn.) Euth, 
b. June 15, 1750, d. in five weeks; Euth, again, May 6, 1751; 
Mary, Feb. 19, 1753; Esther, Aug. 15, 1755; Eussell, Feb. 11, 
1758; Eachel, May 17, 1760; Mabel, March 22, 1764; John, Feb. 
24, 1766; Edward, Dec. 7, 1769. 

(1) Edward Smith, last named, m. Hannah Chandler, "a notable woman 
who learned to read after she had sent thi - ee sons through College." She 
died April 2, 1850, and he, Feb. 28, 1851. 

Among their children were Rev. Noah Smith, who died while pastor of 
the South Britain, Conn., Congregational church. He m. Laura Parmelee 
of Middletown, Ct. ; Rev. Chandler Smith who d. at Danbury, Conn.; 
Hon. Cyrus P. Smith, the first elected Mayor of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Rev. and Hon. E. P. Smith, for six years Commissioner of Indian 
Affairs under President Grant, was a son of Rev. Noah Smith named 
above. He was also elected President of Howard University and Iowa 
University. He d. on the coast of Africa. 

Mr. Roswell Timothy Smith of Nashua, N. H., in 1898 furnished the 
data concerning the descendants of Esther (Webster) Smith, and shows 

198 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

that her grandson, Edward Smith, b. Dec. 7, 1769, also had a son Ashbel, 
who was the father of Roswell Timothy Smith. (Ashbel, Edward, Ed- 
ward, Timothy, Samuel, Philip, Timothy,) and that all except himself 
were deacons in the Congregational church. Mr. R. T. Smith, although 
crippled for life by a shock received when three years of age, has been 
a successful portrait painter, a book seller, and has attained high dis- 
tinction as an inventer. 

2. Mary Smith, b. 1728, m. Porter, and lived in Wind- 
sor and Ellington, Ct., sometimes called Windsor-Goshen, and (2) 
June 15, 1757, Hezekiah Goodrich. She d. Dec. 18, 1804. 

Children: (2d mar., Goodrich) (Born, Ellington, Ct.) Heze- 
kiah, May 10, 1758; Mary, b. May 5, 1760; Josiah, Dec. 22, 1761; 
Euth, June 18, 1765; Charles, Nov. 14, 1767; Margaret, Sep. 18, 

3. Rebecca Smith, b. 1731, m. Gideon Smith, known as "Mas- 
ter Gid Smith," a farmer and mason, son of Gideon, who was son 
of Joseph, who was son of Joseph. The last named Joseph was 
also father of Mary Smith, wife of Dea. Samuel Smith, the father 
of Timothy, so that Eebecca and Gideon were second cousins. 

Gideon Smith was a large man of great enterprise; ran a flat-boat 
between Hartford and Hanover for some years, propelling it with a "white 
ash breeze," — that is, a long pole placed on the bed of the river by which 
the boat was pushed forward by walking over the boat. He taught school 
in winter; laid the foundation for Dartmouth Hall (college), and the 
East abutment of the Hanover and Norwich bridge. But best of all, 
influenced several boys to go through college, including his own son Aaron, 
Nathaniel Kendrick, Noah Smith, Cyrus P. Smith, Chandler Smith and 
Nathaniel Wright, the apostle to the Indian Five Nations. Nathaniel 
Kendrick, his grandson, was a life-long educator. 

Children: Aaron, b. July 23, 1752; Ann; Eunice; Mary; Re- 
becca; Mollie; Martha; Gideon; Elijah; Loudon. (1) Aaron m. 
Abigail Kendrick, b. Mch. 17, 1750; (2) Ann. m. Samuel Ken- 
drick whose son is alluded to above. The Kendricks were from 
Coventry, Ct. (See Life and Times of Elder Ariel Kendrick of 
Ludlow, Vt.) Samuel Kendrick's father, Ebenezer brought him 
as a child to Hanover in 1776. Daniel Kendrick volunteered in 
the Burgoyne campaign. (3) Eunice m. Andrew Tenney. (4) 
Rebecca m. Jonathan Woodward. (5) Mollie m. Solomon Jacoks. 
(6) Martha m. Wm. Nfevens. (7) Gideon m. Mahitable Carpenter. 
(8) Elijah m. Esther Smith. (9) Loudon m. Esther Risley. 

4. Timothy Smith, b. May 14, 1734, m. Ruth Parsons, b. Oct. 
1739. Both d. at Hanover, ST. H., she July 3, 1829, and he Oct, 16, 

5. Esther Smith, b. 1735, m. Gersham Risley, b. 1742, son of 
Richard and Hannah (Smith) Risley of Bolton, Ct. Hannah 
Smith was a dau. of Gershom Smith. Gersham Rislev was a farm- 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 199 

er and stone carver. She cl. at Hanover, 1ST. H., Aug. 6, 1825. 
Lewis Risley, of Piermont, 1ST. H., is a grandson. 

Children: (Risley) Asa, Hannah, Esther, Anne, Huldah, Eli- 
jah, Martha. 

( 1 ) Asa Risley m. Ruth Badger of Coventry, Ct., and removed to Han- 
over, N. H., in 1789. Children: Lewis, 1777; Ruth, 1781; Lucy, 1786, 
m. Feb. 28, 1820, James Francis, b. July 21, 1786; Asa, b. 1790, m. 
Leviah Kendrick. 

6. Abijah Smith, b. Dee. 3, 1738, married, had a family, rem. 
to Jackson, N. H., where he d. Sep. 4, 1800. 

7. Jemima Smith, b. Oct. 9, 1739, m. Asa Parker. She d. Dec. 
27, 1826. 

8. John Smith, b. June or Sep., 1714, m. Anna, dau. of Edward 
and Anna (Huntington) Hovey. He cl. Jan. 5, 1808. 

Children: (Smith) William, b. Aug. 2, 1775; Lucinda, Feb. 
1777; Ezekiel, Dec. 3, 1779; Timothy, Dec. 1781; John, Nov. 2, 
1782; Anna, Nov. 11, 1784; Priscilla, May, 1787; Polly, Jan. 5, 

(1) Wm. m. Polly Parker and d. Mch. 1854. (2) Lucinda m. David 
Goodrich and d. Nov. 1805. (3) Ezekiel m. Ruth Risley and she d. Sep. 
1860. (4) Timothy m. Achsah Wright; lived on the old home farm and 
d. there Sep. 28, 1875. (5) John m. Laura Owen; lived to old age at 
Hanover, N. H., and then rem. to Ypsilanti, Mich. She d. May 25, 1855, 
and he July 24, 1879. (6) Anna m. David L. Davis and d. June 27, 
1871. (7) Pricilla m. Amasa Hurlbut and d. Nov. 1840. (8) Polly m. 
John G. Colt. He d. in Kansas, Sep. 5, 1856, and she, Nov. 6, 1856. 

9. Hannah Smith, b. 1748, and bap. at East Hartford, Ct., Feb. 
19, 1749, m. Isaac Walbridge — the first marriage in Hanover, N. 
H. Eev. Grant Powers, pastor at Haverhill, N. H., as was his 
father before him, in his history of the Coos Country, (variously 
spelled), a name given by the Indians for the valley of the Upper 
Connecticut, gives an account of it. Her parents were opposed to 
the marriage. They removed to Royalton, Vt. When the Indians 
burned that place their house escaped, it being the first as the In- 
dians approached and they could not stop for one house. She d. 
there July 2, 1801. No children. C. B. Walbridge of Sharon, Vt., 
might know their history. 

10. Aaron Smith, bap. March 24, 1751. No record. 

Note: Roswell Timothy Smith of Nashua, N. H., says: The three 
branches of Edward, Rebecca and John Smith remained in Hanover, N. 
H. There is hardly a northern state which has not felt their influence 
to a notable extent for good, as teachers, preachers and leaders. 

The Parish east of Hanover was settled by Connecticut men. It was 
a farming community. At the 89th anniversary of the first settlement 
it was found that 89 educated men — one for each year — had gone forth 
from that parish. The descendants of Esther Webster were not second 

200 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

in this. They include Prof. J. K. Lord of Dartmouth, Prof. E. S. Par- 
sons of Columbia. Dr. Kendrick, once President of Hamilton College, 
was a descendant. Rev. Nathaniel Wright, apostle to the Five Nations 
(Indians) called her "mother," for she adopted him when a little child. 

Section 3. Children of Capt. Ezekiel (Jonathan, Dea. Jona- 
than, Robert, Gov. John) and Rebecca (Gaines) Webster of East 
Hartford, Conn., in what is now the town of Manchester. 

1. Rebecca Webster, b. Aug. 18, 1733, m. William Simons. 
Nothing further. 

2. Ruth Webster, b. June 3, 1736 (on tombstone, Ruth M.) m. 
Apr., 1761, Joseph MeKee, b. Nov. 8, 1729, son of Andrew Mc- 
Kee (wife unknown since Mary, who survived him, was his second 
wife and may not have been the mother of Joseph). 

Andrew McKee, b. 1691, d. Sep. 24, 1765, was the father of the follow- 
ing children: (McKee) Robert, b. 1726; Nathaniel; Joseph, b. Nov. 8, 
1729; Betty; Jerusha; Miriam; Margaret; John. 

The following inscriptions are from tomb-stones in the Manches- 
ter, Ct., Centre Cemetery: Mrs. Ruth M. McKee, wife of Joseph 
McKee, d. Feb. 6, 1803, in the 68th year of her age. Joseph Mc- 
Kee (grave marked as a Revolutionary soldier), died June 15, 
1808, in his 78th year. 

Children: (McKee) Joseph, b. Sep. 20, 1758, bap. Oct. 29; 
Elijah, b. July 26, 1762; Betty, May 19, 1764; Bille, b. Aug. 15, 

1766, bap. Aug. 19, 1766, lived five days; Eleazor, b. June 27, 

1767, bap. May 29, 1768; Aaron, b. May 10, 1770; Russell, b. Aug. 
21, 1772; James, b. Nov. 26, 1774, d. in infancy; Ruth, b. June 
17, 1777; David, b. Aug. 27, 1780. Resumed in Chapter XVII. 

Notes on the McKees. — Andrew McKee, "advanced in age and infirm 
in body," makes a Will dated Jan. 21, 1765, in which bequests were made 
to his wife Mary, his sons, Robert, Nathaniel and Joseph McKee; his 
dau. Betty Hollister; his two grandchildren, Ithamer and Mary Pelton; 
his dau's, Jerusha, Miriam and Margaret McKee. John McKee, his son, 
was made residuary legatee and executor. 

(1) Robert McKee, his oldest son, b. 1726, wife unknown, had the 
following children: (1) Robert McKee, Jr., b. 1753, d. Oct. 24, 1826, 
a Revolutionary soldier, who had a wife Elizabeth who d. March 27, 
1843, aged 90 years. Their son Robert McKee, b. Jan. 1, 1779, in 
South Manchester, Ct., m. (1) in Hebron, Conn., May 24, 1803, 
Dorothy Kellogg, b. Sep. 27, 1777, in Colchester, Ct., dau. of Israel 
Kellogg. She died Apr. 10, 1811, and he m. (2) in 1812, Amy Chubbuck 
of Tolland, Ct. They rem. to Orwell, Bradford Co., Pa. (2) Elizur McKee, 
b. March 18, 1766, m. Oct. 19, 1787, Abigail Fox, b. Aug-. 22, 1786, 
dau. of John and Mary (Waterman) Fox of Middletown, Ct., John Fox 
a son of Joseph Fox and Esther Sparks his wife, of Glastonbury, Ct., who 
was a son of Richard Fox and his wife Beriah Smith. The children of 
Elizur and Abigail (Fox) McKee were: Katy, b. Sep. 25, 1788; Chaun- 

Gth Gen.] Kobert Webster's Line 201 

cey, b. Feb. 3, 1791; Sidney, b. Aug. 15, 1795; Electa, b. Nov. 26, 1797; 
Austin, b. Nov. 4, 1799; William, b. Nov. 5, 1801. (3) Andrew McKee, 
no record. (4) Appleton McKee, no record. (5) Alexander McKee, b. 
March 12, 1768, m. July 27, 1788, Persis Cooper, b. July 12, 1770, and 
bad a son, Samuel Cooper McKee, b. Jan. 21, 1789. Nothing further. ( 6 ) 
Francis McKee, no record. (7) James McKee, no record. (8) Jassar 
McKee, no record. 

(2) Nathaniel McKee m. Prudence Hollister and settled in Bolton, Ct. 
Children: Nathaniel, b. April 10, 1750; George, b. Aug. 15, 1756; Pru- 
dence, b. May 10, 1760; Allen, March 26, 1762; Miller, April 3, 1764; 
Asahel, b. Feb. 16, 1766; Sarah, b. Dec. 23, 1767; Mariam, Jan. 8, 1770; 
Anne, b. July 10, 1772; Timothy, b. July 26, 1774; George, b. Feb. 4, 
1778; Jabez, b. June 29, 1780; Samuel, b. 1784, d. June 30, 1793, of 
convulsions. (Bolton records.) 

(3) Joseph McKee, m. Euth Webster, Avhich see. 

(4) Betty McKee, m. Dec. 13, 1753, Francis Hollister, son of Charles 
Hollister of Glastonbury. Children: (Hollister) Abner, b. Oct. 28, 1754; 
Betty, b. March 14, 1757; Jerusha, b. Sep. 6, 1759; Frances Vose, (dau.) 
b. May 19, 1761; Prudence, b. Aug. 24, 1763; Timothy, b. March 4, 1765; 
Appleton, b. Jan. 14, 1767. 

(5) Jerusha McKee, and her sisters, Miriam and Margaret McKee, are 
named in their father's Will of 1765. No further record. 

(6) John McKee m. Feb. 20, 1766, Elizabeth Wardwell (Somers records), 
spelled McKay. No further record. 

The following groups some of the above McKees: Oct. 1, 1795, John 
McKee and Martha his wife; Alexander McKee and Persis his wife, all 
of East Hartford, Ct. ; Samuel Mart her and Olive his wife, in Molbury, 
Windsor Co., Vt. (now Marboro, Windham Co.) sell to Deliverance Cooper 
of Chatham, Ct. Witnesses, Richard Pitkin and Robert McKee. 

The following Wethersfield, Ct., inscription suggests that a part of the 
family resided there. "Here lyeth ye Body of Robert ye son of Mr. 
Robert and Elizabeth MeccKee who died Apraill ye 11, A. D. 1736, in ye 
4 year of his age." 

3. Ezekiel Webster, b. June 21, 1739, m. Esther Smith. A 
baptism at East Hartford, Conn., June 30, 1765, of "Ezekiel, son 
to Ezekiel and Esther Webster," seems to confirm the above. But 
later it is clearly shown by Oneida County, N". Y., real estate rec- 
ords that Esther was the wife of Elijah Webster, a brother of Eze- 
kiel. It is possible therefore that Ezekiel Webster died and Elijah, 
his brother, married his widow. No data yet found settles the 
matter, aged descendants being divided in their recollection. Un- 
less the two brothers, Ezekiel and Elijah, married each an Esther, 
the above is probably the true solution. The end. 

4. Joseph Webster, bap. Aug. 1741. JSTo record. 

5. Elijah Webster, b. May 1, 1742, m. Jerusha, possibly Jerusha 

This marriage is affirmed as a tradition and rests on the recollection 
of descendants. It is certain that he also married Esther, as shown 

202 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

by this deed dated Jan. 29, 1806, which reads: Elijah Webster and his 
wife Esther of the town of Vernon, Oneida Co., N. Y., and late of New 
York, to Perry Hubbart of the same place, etc. In the acknowledgment 
it is said that Elijah Webster signed for himself and wife. Aug. 12, 1802, 
Elijah Webster sold to Rosel Fitch, both of Vernon, and deed is signed, 
Elijah Webster and Ester Webster. A deed was signed Jan. 29, 1807, by 
Ebenezer, Eli, Joseph, Seth, Elishar and Roiace (Horace) Webster to 
Abner Darling. In the meantime Elijah Webster died and Oct. 2, 1810, 
Widow Esther Webster, Joseph Webster and Olive his wife; Elisha Web- 
ster and Caty his wife (signed Catharine), Horace Webster, Ebenezer 
Webster and Roxy his wife; Eli Webster and Jerusha his wife, and the 
Widow Chloe Webster, all of the town of Vernon, Oneida Co., N. Y., deeded 
land on lot 229 to Hewitt Hills. Russell Webster and Ebenezer Webster 
in the boundaries. 

The following transactions in Connecticut are of interest: 
1783, Mch. 19, Elijah Webster of Hartford (Ct.), sells to Samuel Benja- 
min of Hartford, land in the Parish of Orford. 

1785, Sep. 1, Aaron Tryon of East Hartford sells to Timothy Bryant 
of East Hartford, and Elijah Webster of East Windsor, land in Orford 
Parish, East Hartford, joining Bolton, bounded by land of Samuel Ben- 
jamin, Elijah Webster, Noah Foot, Timothy Cheeney. 

1797, Feb. 1, Elijah Webster and Alexander McKlen of Bolton buy land 
there of Eleazer Webster of Southwick, Hampshire Co., Mass. 

1798, Nov. 30, Samuel Evans, Obadiah Wood and Elizabeth Wood his 
wife of East Hartford, sell to Elijah Webster of Bolton, land in Orford. 

1800, Feb. 20, Elijah Webster of Bolton sells to Converse Fitch of East 
Windsor, land in Orford, b. north by East Windsor line. Thaddeus Fitch 
mentioned in the boundaries. 

Resuming the New York state transactions, note the following: 

1799, Sep. 34, Jedediah Darling of Augusta, Oneida Co., N. Y., sold to 
Elijah Webster. 

1800, Apr. 7, Samuel Ensign of Whitestown (a relative, see Ensign), 
sold to Elijah Webster of Augusta, N. Y. (Act for better support of 
Oneida, Onondaga and Cayuga Indians, passed Apr. 9, 1795, mentioned.) 

1803, Nov. 7, Elijah Webster of Vernon, Oneida Co., N. Y., sold to Rus- 
sell and Allen Webster of same place, land in Oneida Reservation. 

1807, Jan. 29, Ebenezer, Joseph, Eli, Seth, Elisha and Horace Webster, 
all of Vernon, sell to Monroe Darling, land in ^ ernon. 

1811, Esther, Joseph, Olive, Elisha, Horace, Katy, Ebenezer, Roxy, Eli, 
Chloe and Jerusha unite in a deed. 

Elijah Webster died between Jan. 29, 1807, when he signed a 
deed, and Oct. 2, 1810, when his wife signed a deed as "Widow 
Esther Webster," the exact date not determined. Esther the widow 
lived with her son, Eli, and died at his home in Pomfret, Chau- 
tauqua Co., 1ST. Y., aged 90 years, probably about 1835. 

In the deed given in 1811, the name of Ezekiel Webster does not 
appear, but the name of his widow, Chloe (Ellsworth) does. He 
died in Vernon, IN". Y., of small-pox prior to the removal of the 
family to Chautauqua county. 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 203 

Children: (Born in the Parish of Orforcl, East Hartford, Ct., 
East Windsor, and in or near Bolton) Rebecca, b. Sep. 10, 176(5, 
said to have been born in that part of Bolton which in 1808 was 
set off as Vernon; Ebenezer, March 16, 1767; Eli, 1777; Ezekiel ; 
Elisha; Joseph, July, 1783; Horace, June 10, 1786; Seth, Jerusha. 
Resumed in Chapter XVII. 

6. Sarah Webster, b. Aug. 8, 1744, m. Alexander Keeney, Jun. 
This marriage is confirmed by a deed given July 6, 1787, by Eli- 
jah Webster, Alexander Keeney, Jr., and Sarah Keeney, all of 
East Hartford, for land in Glastonbury to Joshua Webster. 

It is said that Sarah Keeney removed from East Hartford to Farming- 
ton about the same time (1792) that her brother Ephriam Webster did. 
In the Webster plot in Farming-ton is a tombstone erected to Levi Keeney 
who died May 12, 1805, aged 25 years. 

July 6, 1708, Alexander Keeney of Hartford, sold to Alexander Keeney, 
Jr., 30 acres, "and is one-half of the farm that I bought of Timothy Cole 
and Samuel Wells which formerly belonged to William Burnham, and 
is one-half of the farm on which said Alexander Keeney, Jr., now liveth." 

Jan. 12, 1770, Alexander Keeney sells to Alexander Keeney, Jr., land 
in the five miles. Witnesses, Richard Pitkin and Joseph McKee. 

Children : No record. The end. 

7. Ephriam Webster, b. Nov. 26, 1747, m. (1) at East Hart- 
ford, Ct., Hopeful Olcott, b. June 25, 1756, and bap. July 1, 1756, 
dau. of Josiah and Penelope (Beckwith) Olcott. She d. at East 
Hartford about one year after marriage and he m. (2) Apr. 3, 
1778, Prudence Smith of East Hartford, b. Aug. 1758, daughter 
of Jonathan and Miriam Smith* of North Bolton, Ct., now Vernon. 
She d. Jan. 12, 1799, aged 41, and he m. (3) Jan. 1, 1800, at New 
Haven, Ct., Mrs. Eunice Olmsted, nee Kingsbury of Andover or 
Bolton, Ct., b. Apr. 30, 1755, being the widow of Nathaniel Olm- 
sted, and mother of Dennison Olmsted, a professor in Yale Col- 
lege. Ephraim Webster d. May 17, 1833, aged 87, and she, Jan. 
6, 1846, aged 91. 

Ephriam Webster was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was 
a private in Cap't Nehemiah Rice's 3d Co. Lt. Col. Isaac Sherman's 5th 
Conn. Reg't. Joined July 24, 1782, probably to serve to Jan. 1, 1783. 
On musters from July 29, 1782, to Oct. 13, 1782. For Sep. and Oct. he 
was noted as "on command," Quarter Master's general service. On a book 
of Conn, soldiers he is reported as in Cap't Selden's Co., Col. S. B. Webb'"* 
Reg't, and discharged Dec. 9, 1782. 

Note: Jonathan Smith died Aug. 11, 1814, and his widow, Miriam 
Smith, died Jan. 13, 1828, aged 99 years. In his Will, dated June 21, 
1805, he gave "to the legal heirs of my dau. Prudence Webster, deceased, 
five shillings each." His children were: Johanna who m. McLean; Miriam 
who m. Tucker and died May 3, 1790; Prudence who m. Ephriam Web- 
ster; Levina who m. (1) Williams, and (2) Sherman, and she d. July 
20, 1843; and Orrin who m. Dart. 

204 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

From the record of Connecticut Men in the Revolution, Ephriam Web- 
ster is borne as a private on the Lexington Alarm List for six day's 
service in Cap't Timothy Cheney's Co. in April, 1775, and was from the 
town of Hartford. 

He appears in a list of persons who signed a petition in 1772 for 
the formation of a new Society, which was set off from East Hartford 
and called the Parish of Orford, now Manchester, Ct. (From "The One 
Hundredth Anniversary of the First Church of Manchester.") 

He was made elector at East Hartford, Apr. 12, 1784. 

Deeds on East Hartford land records: — 1782, Apr. 12, Ozias Bidwell 
(Bissell?) to Ephriam Webster, and same date, Ephriam Webster to Allen 
Olcott, Theodore Pitkin and Robert McKee. — 1789, Joseph McKee is men- 
tioned in one of Ephriam Webster's deeds. — 1791, Nov. 25, Ephriam Web- 
ster and the Selectmen of Orford Parish exchange lands. — 1791, Nov. 25, 
Ephriam Webster to Nathaniel Olcott and Robert McKee. — 1793, Feb. 25, 
Ephriam Webster to Zebulon Bidwell, land in Fourth tier from Bolton, 
Orford Parish, Asahel McKee, witness.- — 1793, March 22, Ephriam Webster 
to George Griswold, bounded east on Bolton line. — 1793, Apr. 13, Ephriam 
Webster to Robert McKee, Jr., of Orford. 

He removed from Vernon, or East Hartford to Farmington with an 
ox team in April, 1792, and lived in the Romanta Porter house on the 
right bank of the Farmington river, just above the bridge of the New 
Haven and Northampton Railroad. 

He purchased a farm in the West District of Farmington, consisting 
of about 200 acres and on the banks of the river. This must have been 
about the time slavery was abolished in Conn., for he had in his family 
an old colored woman, Aunt Chloe by name, an ex-slave, and the authori- 
ties of Farmington objected to his bringing her into the town fearing she 
might come upon the town for support, so Ephriam built a basement 
room to his house which Aunt Chloe occupied until her death. 

He was a great worker and a good provider for his family. Not being- 
able to read or write he always "made his mark," but he could count 
money and always correctly. 

He always had morning prayers, his wife reading the scriptures and 
he offering the prayer which never varied; he went to evening service at 
the school house and offered the same prayer. 

J. Erskin Webster, Fredonia, N. Y., July 16, 1893, writes: There were 
five brothers besides Ephriam Webster, who was not a brother (an uncle 
as it now appears), who settled on the Holland Purchase, New York 
state, within two miles of each other. The road took the name, "Webster 
Street." Ephriam lived here until his house burned, and everything he 
had; then he went back to Oneida Co. His wife is remembered as the 
introducer of penneroyal into this part of the country. She brought the 
seed from Oneida Co." 

He returned to Connecticut where he died May 17, 1833, in 

Last Will and Testament : Proved June 13, 1833, and Inven- 
tory exhibited Sep. 28, 1833, showed real estate $4,237.42, and per- 
sonal, $1,985.08. Ezekiel Cowles, executor. Nov. 19, 1834, al- 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 205 

lowance was made for support of the widow. Distribution, Dec. 
8, 1834, to eldest son, Eussell, son Allen, daughter, Rachel Porter, 
Ephraim Webster, legatee; heirs of Chester Webster, Harvey Web- 
ster and the widow, Eunice. 

Eunice Webster's will is dated New Haven, Ct, Oct. 10, 1835. 
Names her children by former marriage : Nathaniel 01mste*d, 
Denison Olmsted, and her dau. Sarah, wife of Eussell Eichards of 
Farmington, and her aged sister, Lydia Kingsbury. She describes 
herself as "being far advanced in age." Appraisers appointed Feb. 
17, 1846. 

Children: (All b. at East Hartford, or Vernon, Ct., except 
youngest possibly at Farmington.) (First mar.) A child, d. early. 
(Second mar.) Eussell, May 31, 1779; Allen, Nov. 1, 1780; Eachel, 
Jan. 1, 1783; Ephraim, May 29, 1785; Nathaniel, Aug. 29, 1787; 
Harvey and Chester (twins), June 14, 1790; Martin, May 13, 
1793, bap. at Vernon, Ct., Apr. 4, 1797. Eesumed in Chanter 

8. Eleazor Webster, b. Jan. 4, 1749, m. Uranah Dewey. The 
Dewey Genealogy says that Urania Dewey, b. Dec. 2, 1769, at 
Westfield, Mass., dau. of Gad Dewey and Deidamia Wood his wife 
(son of Joseph Dewey), m. Eleazer Webster. 

After Eleazor Webster's death in 1819 she married as his 2d wife, 
David Phelps of Green River, Columbia Co., N. Y., b. July 11, 1752, at 
Simsbury, Ct. His first wife was Ruth Ward, whom he married in 1773. 
She died in Austerlitz, N. Y., May 26, 1825, after which he m. the Widow 
Urania (Dewey) Webster. She was killed by lightning, April 2, 1841, 
while riding in a carriage, and remained sitting as though not injured, the 
lightning melting her gold beads which were found in her shoes. She was 
in her 71st year. 

Eleazer Webster was a soldier in the War of Revolution. 1777, from 
May 22 to Dec. 10, Eleazer Webster, a private, served in 2d Co. of Col. 
Benj. Hinman's Reg't. (See Conn. Men in the Revolution.) 

Invalid File, No. 33,890, shows: April 18, 1818, Eleazer Webster says 
he was formerly of East Hartford, Ct., but now of Northampton, Mass., 
in the County of Hampshire, — age not given. Enlisted in May 1775 in 
Cap't George Pitkin's Co., of Col. Enos's Reg't, in the Conn. Line, and 
served until Jan. 1776 when he was discharged. Immediately enlisted 
again in Cap't Bissell's Co., of Col. Huntington's Reg't, in the Conn. Line, 
Continental Establishment, and served until Jan. 1777, when he was dis- 
charged at "Peekskiln," N. Y. Had lost his discharge. 

Nov. 14, 1818, Ozias Bissell of Vernon, Tolland Co., Ct., testified that 
in Dec. 1775, he having been commissioned a Cap't in order to enlist men 
to serve in the Continental Army for one year, enlisted Eleazer Webster 
in his Co. in Dec. 1775, and marched him with the Co. to Roxbury, Mass., 
and joined the Reg't of Col. Jedediah Huntington of the Conn. Line and 
Continental Establishment, where he served until the month of Dec. when 

206 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

he (Bissell) was taken prisoner by the enemy on Long Island, and being 
detained a prisoner one year could not testify as to Webster's discharge. 

Oct. 15, 1818, Stephen Gibbs of East Windsor, Ct., testified that on Jan. 
4, 1776, he joined the Co. of Cap't Ozias Bissell of Col. Jedediah Hunt- 
ington's Reg't at Boxbury, Mass. After he had been absent from the 
Co. about twenty days on furlough, and when he so joined the Co., he 
found Eleazer Webster there as a private in said Co., and that Webster 
continued with said Co. at Boxbury and New York until the taking of 
Ft. Washington on York Island, which was about Nov. 1, 1776. When 
affiant left New York for southward, he saw said Webster no more in 
service. Pensioned at $8 per month. Signed his own name. 

From vouchers in the 3d Auditor's office at Washington, D. C, it ap- 
pears that on Sep. 23, 1819, Justin Wright and Lyman Fowler of Northamp- 
ton, Mass., testified that Eleazer Webster of Northampton died Aug. 11, 
1819. Administration granted to Joshua Curtis, who, Oct. 4, 1819, ap- 
pointed Daniel Hinckley of Boston his att'y to receive the pension money 
at the Boston Agency. On Mch. 6, 1819, Eleazer Webster himself had 
appointed David (or Daniel) Hinckley of Boston his att'y to collect his 
pension. He then signed in a fair hand. No Elizur Webster was found 
on the records of the 3d auditor's office. 

1789, June 9, Joseph McKee and Ruth (her X mark) MeKee, Ephriam 
Webster and Eleazor Webster unite in a deed to Joshua Webster, quit- 
claim, to land in Glastonbury, at the west end of the home lot of Jona- 
than Webster, late of Glastonbury, dec'd, bounded north and south by 
land of s'd Jonathan Webster dec'd, and west by Wethersfield and Glas- 
tonbury, being on Keeney's Point, and on the east by land owned by 
Jeduthan Smith. 

1791, Feb. 13, William Corning of East Hartford sells to Eleazer Web- 
ster of same place, land in Orford Parish. Robert McKee mentioned in 

1792, Oct. 25, Eleazer Webster of Hartford sells to Elijah Trayne of 
East Hartford, land there near the Powder Mill. Boundaries: John Olds, 
Timothy Steadman, Samuel Flagg, the Hockanum River, George Keeney, 
excepting the use by Elizabeth Evans for her natural life. Benjamin Stacy 
Evans her son. 

1791, Mch. 11, Eleazer Webster of East Hartford, Ct., sells to John 
Teel. (Northampton, Hampshire Co., Mass., records.) 

1797, Feb. 1, Eleazer Webster of Southwick, Hampshire Co., Mass., sells 
to Elijah Webster and Alexander McKlen of Bolton, Ct., land in Westfield 
lately owned by Noah Ashley of Westfield, near Little River. 

1809, June 6, Joshua Mills and Experience Mills his wife, sell to Eleazer 
Webster of Westfield, land there. Mentioned in boundaries, Josiah Kel- 
logg, Ashbel Fowler, Martin Stiles, Charles Watherbee — 15 acres. Ex- 
perience Mills is described as heir of Josiah and Abigail Watkins, both 
late of Westfield. Witnesses, John Ingersoll, James Wright. 

1810, Feb. 7, Eleazer and Uranah Webster of Westfield, Mass., and the 
following: Elijah Dewey and Rachel Dewey; George Weaver and Beulah 
Weaver; Roger Dewey and Ethan Dewey of Southwick, Mass., Salmon 
Stiles and Anna Stiles of Westfield; Benoni Veits and Esther Veits of 
Granby, Ct., sell to David Lounsbury of Southwick, Mass., 1-2 of a tract 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 207 

of land in Southwick. Bounded by Gad Dewey, Josiah Kellogg and Charles 

1817, Jan. 15, Eleazer Webster of Southwick, Mass., bids in real estate 
owned by Roger Dewey of Southwick who had mortgaged it to s'd Eleazer 
Webster. Boundaries: Salmon Stiles, Asahel Fowler, Silas Kellogg, Wm. 
King, Deputy Sheriff. 

Probate records of Northampton, Mass. : 1819, Sep. 22, Joshua Curtis, 
Levi Lyman, Zenas Joy, all of Northampton, give bond to Hon. Samuel 
Hinckley, Esq., Judge of Probate, $500, as ex's and admin's on the estate 
of Eleazer Webster. Same date estate reported insolvent. Court ap. 
Oliver Warner and Julius Phelps, both of Northampton, Commissioners to 
receive, examine and allow claims. 

1819, Aug. 11, estate of Eleazer Webster inventoried at $34.50. 

1819, Widow of Eleazer Webster, without giving her name, was paid 

1820, June G, Joshua Curtis makes a final accounting and includes $21.55 
on account of pension. Same date Commissioners report and it is ordered 
put on file. Clarissa Webster is mentioned as a creditor — probably Clara, 
the adopted daughter. 

Eleazer Webster died at Northampton (Easthampton), Aug. 11, 
1819, as testified to in Pension Case. His widow, Urania m. David 
Phelps of Green River, 1ST. Y., as above shown. 

Children : Clara or Clarissa was an adopted daughter. Some 
have claimed that it was Clara who m. David Phelps and not her 
foster-mother, but descendants of Ethan Dewey, a brother of 
Urania, disclaim this. No record of Clara. The end. 

Section 4. Children of David {Jonathan, Dea. Jonathan, Rob- 
ert, Gov. John) and (1) Lydia (Andrus) and (2) Zerviah (Jlart- 
Allis) Webster of Glastonbury and Newington, Ct. 

1. Hannah Webster, b. July 10, 1751, at Glastonbury, m. Jany. 
31, 1770, William Steele, son of William and Lydia (Seymour) 
Steele, b. at New Hartford, Ct., May 27, 1742. They were mar. 
and resided at New Hartford, Ct. He was an Ensign in the Revo- 
lution. William Steele died at New Hartford, Ct., May 9, 1806. 

Children: (Steele) William, b. Feb. 16, 1773; Ezekiel, Aug. 21, 
1774; Zadock, b. Oct. 21, 1776, died Feb. 10, 1777; Hannah, b. 
Aug. 18, 1779; Zadock, again, b. Dec. 4, 1780; Lydia, b. March 
29, 1782; Noah, b. Dec. 21, 1783; Lavina, b. Nov. 10, 1785; Lo- 
visa, b. Sept. 8, 1789; Chloe, b. May 13, 1791, died Aug. 17, 1794. 

(1) William Steele mar. Oct. 12, 1801, Polly Cone, b. Burlington, Ct., 
April 1, 1777. He died at Farmington, 111., July 10, 1S38, and she Sept. 
21, 1860, leaving 5 children. 

(2) Ezekiel, mar. Feb. 1, 1795, Polly Hinman, b. Aug. 13, 1775. He 
died at New Hartford, Ct., March 7, 1853, and she at same place, Feb. 
17, 1845. They had 8 children. 

(3) Hannah, mar. David Benjamin, and they had a large family. 

208 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

(4) Zadock, mar. in 1805, Laura Lyman. They removed to West An- 
dover, Ohio, where he died, having had 10 children. 

(5) Lydia, mar. April 26, 1803, Selah Merrill. They had two children. 

(6) Noah, mar. March 26, 1813, Susan Hart, of Farmington, Ct., b. Oct. 
20, 1783. He died at New Hartford, Ct., in Jany., 1844. She died May 
12, 1855. They had a son Isaac M. who resided at New Hartford. 

( 7 ) Lavina, mar. but other facts not known. 

(8) Lovisa, mar. one Millard and had a son Salmon Millard, who re- 
sided at Manchester, Ct. The end. 

2. Amos Andrews Webster, a farmer, constable and tax col- 
lector of Newington, b. Aug. 30, 1750, probably at Newington, Ct., 
mar. Dec. 18, 1777, Mabel Andrews, second daughter of Daniel 3d, 
and Eunice Andrews, who was b. June 17, 1754. She was a con- 
stituent member of Berlin Church in 1775. 

A descendant of Amos Andrews Webster says that he was disin- 
herited by his father, David Webster. 

The Record of Conn. Men of the Revolution has Amos Andrew 
Webster on the "Lexington Alarm List" from Wethersfield for six 
day's service in Capt. John Chester's Co., in April 1775. 

Both died at Newington, Ct., he, Jan. 10, 1827, and she, Dec. 
23, 1831. 

Children: (All b. at Newington, Ct.) Selah, Dec. 30, 1778; 
Amos Andrus, Jr., July 10, 1781, bap. Oct. 14, following; Daniel, 
June 28, 1783, bap. Nov. 2, following; Erastus, July 25, 1785, bap. 
Nov. 6, following; Leonard, Aug. 2, 1788, bap. Sept. 28, follow- 
ing; Lydia, Nov. 29, 1791, bap. Feb. 26, 1792; Mabel, Aug. 8, 1793, 
bap. March 9, 1794; Chloe, Dec. 30, 1795, bap. May 22, 1796; 
Cyrus, b. Dec. 31, 1798, bap. Oct. 6, 1799. (All the baptisms were 
at Newington and "in the right of the mother.") Resumed in 
Chapter XVII. 

3. Mary Webster, b. Feb. 28, 1754, at Newington, Ct. (Church 
records), mar. there, May 11, 1774, Jonathan Beckley, son of 
Daniel and Ruth (Hart) Beckley, b. in "Beckley Quarter," Ct., 
probably Wethersfield then, 1755. Both d. in Berlin, Ct., he June 
30, 1804, and she Dec. 25, 1831. 

Children: (Beckley) (All b. at Beckley Quarter except Hosea 
at Berlin) Amos, b. Nov. 14, 1776; Ruth, Aug. 12, 1777; Hosea, 
Dec. 18, 1779; Roxy about 1783; Norman, 1794. Resumed in 
Chapter XVII. 

4. David Webster, b. at Newington, Ct., Feb. 5, 1757, a farm- 
er of Berlin, Ct., mar. (1) Dec. 27, 1781, Ann Kelsey, daughter 
of Enoch and Mary (Bidwell) Kelsey, and (2) June 9, 1812, widow 
Lois (Savage) Sage, of Cromwell, Ct. 

David Webster was one of the original members of the Second 
Congregational Church of Berlin. He died at Berlin, Nov. 17, 
1818, in his 62d year, and his first wife Ann died March 7, 1811, 

6th Gen.] Kobert Webster's Line 209 

aged 53. His second wife Lois mar. as her (3) husband, Jany. 1, 
1824, Noah Bacon, of Middletown, Ct. 

Children: (All by his first marriage, and all born at Berlin) 
Jemima, April 5, 1783; Charlotte, July 18, 1785; Abel A. (only 
an initial), May 8, 1788; Annie, Oct. 5, 1793. Eesumed in Chap- 
ter XVII. 

5. Hepzibah Webster (by 2d m.) b. at Newington, Ct., Nov. 
3, 1763, mar. Israel Deming, b. 1760, of Berlin Ct., son of Abra- 
ham. She d. Mch. 18, 1832, aged 69. He d. Apr. 30, 1848, at 
Beckleyville, Ct. 

Children: (Deming) Levi; Jacob; Philip; William; Horace, 
b. Mch. 4, 1804; Lucy; Lydia; Olive, and Hepzibah. 

Lucy m. Sep. 23, 1817, and d. Oct. 27, 1841, and Lydia mar. 
successively, Silas North. Olive mar. Elijah Smith and Hepzibah 
m. Jan. 14, 1824, Abijah North. She (Hepzibah) d. Nov. 9, 1831. 
The end. 

6. Lydia Webster (by 2d m.) b. Sept. 28, 1765, mar. Elijah 
Bevins, of Chatham, Middlesex Co., Ct. They lived for a time in 
Mass. and then separated. A son Alvin (not certain about this 
name), went to Alabama to work and on his return died of yellow 
fever at sea, and was buried in the sea. There were probably other 
children. The end. 

7. John Webster (by 2d m.) b. at Newington, Ct., April 7, 
1768, a farmer in the Newington Society of Wethersfield, Ct., mar. 
Jany. 28, 1790, Eunice Deming, bap. Apr. 5, 1772, daughter of 
Abraham and his third wife Olive (Smith) Deming, of Beckley 
Quarter, Newington, Ct. John Webster occupied the house next 
north of his father, where Philo Webster lived and died, on the 
hill by the pear-tree, in the south part of Newington. 

Both died at Wethersfield, Ct., he Feb. 26, 1829, aged 61, and 
she Aug. 12, 1835, aged 63. 

Children: (All b. at Wethersfield, but the last.) Sylvester, 
April 3, 1790; Jonathan, Feb. 27, 1793; Olive Smith, June 20, 
1796 ; Philo, May 5, 1799 ; Seviah Hart, b. at Berlin, Ct., Sept. 23, 
1801. Eesumed in Chapter XVII. 

Section 5. Children of Stephen (Jonathan, Dea. Jonathan, 
Robert, Gov. John) and Rebeckah (Williams) Webster of Glaston- 
bury, Ct., Bernardston and Northfield, Mass. 

1. Jacob Webster, b. Feb. 12, 1748, at Glastonbury, Ct., m. May 
13, 1770, at Wethersfield, Ct., Abigail Goodrich. 

He was a soldier in the Revolution, was taken sick while in the service, 
and died while absent from home. He was a private from Bernardston, 
in Capt. Taylor's Co., Nicholas Dyke's Reg't, Sep. 17, 1776. 

He lived in Conway, Mass. After his death his widow m. Coats, 

a brother of her dau. Anna Webster's husband. 

210 The Webster Genealogy [Prom Chap. 6 

Jacob Webster died Oct. 3, 1776, probably in the army. 

April 10, 1779, Hezekiah Newcomb of Bernarclston sells to Ste- 
phen Webster's grandsons, Charles, Jacob, and David Webster, all 
of Bernardston. 

Children: Charles, b. July 23, 1770; Jacob, July 23, 1772; 
David Williams, Aug. 8, 1774; Anna, Sep. 25, 1776. Resumed in 
Chapter XVII. 

2. Jemima Webster, b. Feb. 16, 1750, at Glastonbury, Ct., m. 
Feb. 22, 1769-70 (Bolton records) at Bolton, Ct., Reuben Keeney, 
b. 1746, son of Thomas Keeney of Hartford. 

A deed was given June 12, 1761, in which occurs the words: "The land 
that Thomas Keeney gave to his son Thomas, about 11 acres; to his son 
Joseph, about 10 acres, with ye house; land given to Reuben and Isaac 
Keeney, about 32 1-2 acres." The record is at Broad Brook, Ct., and after 
careful study it appears that Reuben and Isaac were intended to be under- 
stood as "sons," although that is not stated. 

Reuben Keeney removed from Bolton, or East Hartford to Bernardston, 
Mass., but purchased land Aug. 27, 1787, in Greenfield of Merodach B. 
Smith of Greenfield. Keeney was of Bernardston. 

Aug. 7, 1797, administration was granted on the estate of Reuben 
Keeney, deceased, to Stephen Webster, Jr., at the request of the widow 
and son. 

Dec. 4, 1798, Stephen Webster, Jr., was appointed guardian of Ephriam 
Keeney, aged 20 ; Stephen Keeney, 18 ; Lovica Keeney, 15 ; Lucinda, 12 

Oct. 17, 1800, Richard Gains releases all of his claim in the real estate 
of Reuben Keeney, the honored father of Lovica Gaines, who before her 
decease was "my lawful and wedded wife," to Jemima Keeney of Gill, 
Mass., widow, and mother of Lovica Gaines, late of Gill, deceased. Wit- 
nesses, Job Goodale and George Goodrich. 

Reuben Keeney d. Feb. 26, 1797, in his 51st year, and Jemima, 
his widow, d. June 9, 1829, aged 79. Both are buried in the old 
cemetery at Bernardston, and both have headstones. 

Children: (Keeney) (All b. in Greenfield, (Gill) Mass., ex- 
cept first two at Bolton, Ct.) Reuben, 1772; Charity, 1776; Eph- 
riam, 1778; Stephen, 1781; Lovicy, 1782; Lucinda, 1786. 

(1) Reuben Keeney, Jr., a farmer, m. March 11, 1799, Mary (Polly) 
Nightengale. They lived and died in Gill, Mass., he, Dec. 22, 1853, and 
she, Dec. 19, 1861, aged 81 years. 

(2) Charity, Stephen, and Ephriam all died at Gill, Franklin Co., 
Mass., April 23, 1799, June 7, 1851, and March 31, 1852, respectively, 
unmarried. Stephen and Ephriam were farmers. 

(3) Lovicy m. March 4, 1800, Richard Gaines. (See notes above.) In 
the old Cemetery at Bernardston is this inscription, "Lovicy, wife of 
Richard Gaines, died Aug. — , 1800, in the 17th year of her age." 

(4) Lucinda m. (intentions, Feb. 16, 1805) Wm. Stevens. She d. at 
Montague, Franklin Co., Mass. The end. 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 211 

3. Nathan Webster, b. Aug. 29, 1752, at Glastonbury, Ct., m. 
(1) in New Hartford, Conn, in Aug. 1775, Mary Andrus, (2) in 
Aurelius, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Mrs. Elizabeth Fish, nee Pitcher, 
widow of Nathan Fish. 

He resided at New Hartford, Conn., in early life, real estate 
records showing that he purchased and sold land there from 1775 
to 1781; at Orford, Grafton Co., N. H. from 1783 to 1802; from 
1804 to 1811, Lisle, Broome Co., N. Y. ; 1813 to 1822, at Aurelius, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y. In 1832 he was residing at Parkman, Geauga 
Co., 0., but the next year returned to Venice, Cajmga Co., N. Y. 
He died at Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., about 1838, aged 85 years. 
His first wife, Mary Andrus, was living in Lisle, N. Y., Sep. 16, 
1811, as shown by her signature upon a deed. But in 1813 a deed 
was signed by his second wife, Betsey (Elizabeth) showing approxi- 
mately the date of the first wife's death and his second marriage. 
The date of the death of his second wife is not ascertained. 

Nathan Webster was a soldier in the war of Revolution. In his pension 
claim he alleged that in 1775, he enlisted at New Hartford, Conn., in a 
company of Light Infantry or Cavalry, commanded by Uriah Seymour in 
Col. Noah Phelps' Reg't, an independent Reg't designed to act as minute 
men; that he remained a member of that Co. during the war, except for 
about seven months in which he was engaged in Capt. HubbelPs Co. of 
militia. Also that he served six different tours in Seymour's Co., viz., 

(1) When the Co. was ordered out at the Lexington Alarm ab. Apr. 
20, 1775, — to Lexington, Concord, etc., the Co. arriving after those places 
were destroyed, but remaining in service about one month. 

(2) When Co. was called out in June 1776, and ordered to New York 
City, where it arrived in the latter part of the month, and where it was 
stationed on the day that the Declaration of Independence was promul- 
gated, and whence it retreated with the main army to White Plains where 
it was engaged in the battle of that place, and in the vicinity of which 
the company remained until it was dismissed after about three months' 

(3) When the Co. was ordered to Danbury in Apr. 1777, where it ar- 
rived a few hours after the place was burned, and was afterward engaged 
in the battle of Ridgefield, where he saw Gen. Wooster after he was mor- 
tally wounded, and remained in service about one month. 

(4) When the Co. was ordered to White Plains in June or July, 1777, 
where it was stationed for about three months, watching the "motions" 
of the enemy. 

(5) When the Co. was ordered to Fairfield, Green Farms, Norwalk, etc., 
in July 1779, arriving soon after those places were burned, and remaining 
in service about three or four weeks. And, 

(6) When the Co. was ordered to New London in Sep. 1781, where it 
arrived immediately after that place was burned, and remained in service 
about one month, on which tour he "was at Groton soon after Col. Ledyard 
was massacred." 

He also alleges that in the month of June, 1775, he enlisted at New 

212 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

Hartford, Conn., for six months in Capt. Hubbell's Co., Col. Chas. Webb's 
Reg't of Conn, militia, which marched to Horseneck, remaining there about 
two weeks, then sailed to New Haven and from there marched to Boston 
and remained in that vicinity, being quartered on Winter Hill, a few rods 
in the rear of Gen. Lee's headquarters, until one month after the expira- 
tion of his service, at request of his officers, making the total service of 
this tour seven months. 

He made application for the pension, Aug. 10, 1832, and gave his age 
at that time as 79 years, and his residence as Parkman, Geauga Co., 0., 
and alleged that he resided at New Hartford, Conn., during the period 
of the Revolution; that from 1812 to 1832 he resided at Aurelius, Cayuga 
Co., N. Y., and that in June of the latter year he removed to Parkman, 
Ohio. In Sep. 1833, he rem. to Venen (Venice), Cayuga Co., N. Y. He 
was allowed pension at the rate of $55.66 per annum. No documentary 
evidence of service found. 

Hiram Webster, his grandson, says that Nathan Webster was known 
as Cap't Webster, that he rem. from Conn, to New Hampshire, near Haver- 
hill or Concord; from N. H. to Broome Co., N. Y., thence to Cayuga Co., 
N. Y., three miles from Auburn. 

From "Connecticut Men in the Revolution." (Certified.) Nathan Web- 
ster is borne on Lexington Alarm List, for three days, — from New Hart- 
ford, — Apr. 1775. Capt. Seth Smith's Co., same name, served in 8th Co., 
Capt. Wm. G. Hubbell of New Fairfield — other officers from Danby and 

Same name, served in Capt. John Mills of Fairfield, Co., 2d Regt. Conn, 
line, Col. Chas. Webb of Stamford and Col. Zebulon Butler of Wyoming 
from Apr. 21, 1777 (for eight mos.) to Jan. 1, 1778. Reg't recruited at 
large throughout the state — see its history. Same name, served in Capt. 
James Judsons' Co., "Militia Light Horse in Maj. John Skinner's Reg't, 
State of Conn.," from July 13 to Aug. 3, 1777. 

1775, Mch. 13, Nathan Webster of New Hartford, Litchfield Co., Ct., 
buys there of Abram Cutting of same place. Abel Ives in boundaries. 

1779, July 12, buys of Isaac Loomis. Bound: Isaac Loomis, Jr., Na- 
thaniel Ives, Jr. 

1780, Dec. 15, buys of Samuel, Eliphalet, and William Richards. B'd: 
David Bidwell. Wit's: Seth Smith, Ferdinand Smith, Elijah Phelps and 
Samuel Olcott. 

1781, Dec. 6, of Joseph Kellogg; Zebulon and Susannah Merrill, wit- 

1781, Dec. 6, sells to Esther Kellogg, wife of Capt. Joseph Kellogg. 
Bound. — Gabriel Flower. 

1783, May 16, Nathan Webster of Orford, Grafton Co., N. H., carpenter, 
buys of Samuel Todd, Jr., of Orford, 70 acres in Orford, for 300 pounds. 
Witness, Theodore Andrew, and James Morey. Israel Morey, J. P. Note: 
Mary Andrus who m. Nathan Webster had a brother, Theodore, b. Sep. 
18, 1751, who m. Susannah Thompson, b. Jan. 10, 1752, dau. of Solomon 
and Susannah (Gridley) Thompson. Both died in North Farmington, 
Ct., at the house of their son Frederick, he, Sep. 1823, and she, Feb. 19, 

1783, Sep. 8, Nathan Webster of Orford, N. H., buys of Nathaniel Riley 

6th Gen.] Kobert Webster's Line 213 

of New Hartford, Ct. Solomon Woodruff, Jerijah Merrill and Zebulon 
Merrill named in the boundaries. 

1785, Jan. 4, Nathan Webster of Orford, N. H., carpenter, sells to 
Stephen Webster, Jr., of Baringstown, Hampshire Co., Mass. Bay, yeoman, 
two certain river lots of 70 acres. Wit., Stephen Lumbard, Theodore 

1785, March 2, Stephen Webster of Barrington, Hampshire Co., Mass. 
Bay, yeoman, sells to Nathan Webster of Orford, carpenter, two river lots 
in Orford. Witnesses, Seth Field and Charles Frederick Field of Ber- 
nardston, Mass. 

1798, June 12, Nathan Webster buys of Wm. Simpson, both of Orford, 
four acres there. 

1799, May 21, Nathan Webster of Orford, gentleman, buys of Nathaniel 
Hopkins of Orford, 2 1-2 acres for $550. Witnesses, Wm. Simpson, Elisha 

1800, April 2, Nathan Webster and Mary his wife, both of Orford for 
$800 sell 2 acres there to Wm. S. Rogers of Orford. Witnesses, Abiather 
G. Britton, John I. Doubledee. 

1801, Nov. 27, Nathan Webster and Stephen Lombard buy of Samuel 
Todd, all of Orford, land there. Witnesses, David Webster, Jr., Thomas 
Russell, J. P. 

1802, May 1, Nathan Webster, gentleman, buys of Thomas Williams, 
"taylor," both of Orford, one acre there. Witnesses, Wm. Howard and 
Jonathan Sawyer. 

1802, July 15, Nathan Webster of Orford, Grafton Co., N. H., gentle- 
man, buys of Edward Edwards of the town of Lisle, Tioga Co., N. Y., 
south half of lot 521, grand division of Boston lots. 

1802, Dec. 8, Nathan Webster, joiner, to Samuel Morey, Esq., both of 
Orford, two river lots there. Witnesses : E. Kingsbury, Jr., and Nathan 
Webster, Jr. 

1S04, Jan. 21, Nathan Webster of Lisle, Broome Co., N. Y., (set off 
from Tioga County) of Josiah Parsons of Lisle, land theretofore deeded 
to Theodore Sedgwick of Berkshire Co., Mass. 1811, Sep. 16, Nathan 
Webster and Mary his wife of Lisle, sell. 1814, April 11, Nathan Webster 
of Aurelius, Cayuga Co., N. Y., sells to Nathan Webster, Jr., of Scipio, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y., land in lot 3 of Scipio. 

1815, June 28, Nathan Webster and Betsey his wife, sell to Daniel Van 
Allen and Polly his wife, land in Scipio. 

Onondaga Co. land records show, Apr. 15, 1814, a deed signed, Lewis 
I. Nelson, and Betsey his wife; Nathan Webster and Elizabeth his wife; 
Nathaniel Fish, Belvidera Fish, Fanny E. Fish, Mary Fish, Aaron Olm- 
stead and Laura his wife; Asa Simpson and Minerva his wife; Daniel 
Englis and Sallie, his wife, Aurelius, N. Y., to Jacob Schenck of Hannibal, 
Onondaga Co., N. Y., land in Hannibal. 

His first wife died between 1811 and 1814; he died between 
1815 and 1817, and Elizabeth the widow was living in 1817 when 
she signed a deed. 

Children: (All born New Hartford, Litchfield Co., Conn., ex- 
cept last two at Orford, Grafton Co., NT. H.) Anna, bap. Oct, 25, 

214 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

1778; Polly, Nov. 5, 1780; Theodosia, Jan. 25, 1784; Nathan, born 
Mch. 10, 1786; Charles Ingalls, Mch. 23, 1789; Ira, 1795; Sophia; 
Betsey; Cynthia. Resumed in Chapter XVII. 

4. Ezekiel Webster, b. Apr. 1, 1757, n. s. at Glastonbury, Ct., 
mar. (1) Feb. 28, 1782, Lois Norton, b. May 1, 1759. Mar. (2) 
April 25 (May 22) 1832, Hannah Holton, widow of John Holton, 
nee Sheldon, bap. Oct. 16, 1757. 

Ezekiel Webster was a blacksmith, learned his trade of Deacon Arms, 
at Deerheld, Mass., during the early period of the War of Revolution ; 
he was drafted for service in that Avar in Capt. French's Co., but his mas- 
ter furnished a substitute for him. In April, 1782, he purchased a house 
and lot at Northfield, Mass., being the same place upon which his grand- 
son, Charles E. Webster, now (1882) resides. He was a Representa- 
tive for Northfield in the Mass. Legislature, in the years 1808, 1814, and 
1815. He was Town Clerk of Northfield from 1805 to 1818. He was also 
for a time sealer of weights and measures. He was quite an extensive 
manufacturer for his day. He established a forge and trip-hammer, and 
manufactured plows and other farming implements. "He was a man of 
large stature, whose feats of strength are told in story to this day." 

1782, Aug. 30, Ezekiel Webster of Northfield, buys of Nathan Fisk of 
Westminster, Windham Co., Vt., land in Northfield. Witnesses, Samuel 
Williams, Aaron Whiting. 1785, Dec. 22, he buys land in New Hamp- 
shire, of Eliphalet Ensign, Jr., of New Hartford, Ct., and May 20, 1789, 
sells to Eliphalet Ensign, Jr., of New Hartford, three parcels of land 
there. In the boundaries are Abel Ives, Stephen Pitkin, Moses Douglass, 
Eliphalet Ensign and others. 

He died at Northfield, Mass., Feb. 9, 1839, and his first wife, 
Lois, same place, July 21, 1831. 

Children: (All b. at Northfield, Mass. and all by 1st mar.) 
Melinda, Sept. 6, 1783; Sophia, b. Oct. 29, 1785; Ezekiel, Jany. 
19, 1788; Arad, June 9, 1790, died the 27th of the same month; 
Susan, Aug. 26, 1792; Arad again, Jany. 25, 1795; Lois, Nov. 4, 
1797; Rebecca, Sept. 28, 1800. Resumed in Chapter XVII. 

5. Major Stephen Webster, a noted hotel keeper of Northfield, 
Mass., b. Oct. 20, 1759, n. s. at Glastonbury, Ct., m. at Bernards- 
ton, Mass., Eunice Loomis, b. May 1, 1767, dau. of Daniel and 
Eunice (Lyman) Loomis of Lebanon, Ct. Her parents died at 
Bernardston, Daniel, July 11, 1819, aged 82; Eunice, Jan. 28, 1816, 
aged 82, and are buried in Old Cemetery in Bernardston. 

Records of Deeds show that Jany. 30, 1790, Stephen Webster, 
sold to Stephen Webster, Jr., real estate in Falltown, now Ber- 
nardston, the deed being signed by Stephen Webster (no wife) and 
witnessed by David Webster and John Webster. 

Stephen Webster is said to have been major in a Mass. Militia 

Both d. at Bernardston, Mass., he, June 6, 1829, aged 69 years, 

6th Gen.] Bobert Webster's Line 215 

7 mos., 16 ds. ; and she, Nov. 24, 1826, aged 59 ys., 6 mos. 23 ds. 
and are buried in the old cemetery near the village. 

Children: (All b. at Bernardston, Mass.) Bette, May 4, 1785, 
died March 30, 1787; Artemas, Oct. 7, 1787; Miner, July 24, 1791; 
Stephen Williams, Feb. 2, 1794; Sylvia Eunice, b. March 14, 1796; 
Stephen, June 14, 1798, died Jan. 6, 1808, aged 10 ys.; Esther, 
June 22, 1800; Sarah, Nov. 9, 1811, died Jany. 30, 1812. Ee- 
sumed in Chapter XVII. 

6. Rebecca Webster, b. Feb. 19, 1762, is said to have mar. a 
Mr. Marston, and removed to N. H., and to have had several 
children, who used to visit Mrs. Slate, at Bernardston, Mass. The 

7. Esther Webster, b. Feb. 29, 1764, mar. July 27, 1788, Is- 
rael Chapin, of Bernardston, Mass., and she died June 11, 1810. 
The end. 

Second Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Deacon 
Jonathan and Dorcas Hopkins and Mary Judd Webster, by their 
daughter, Mehitable Webster, (1st m.) who married David Bid- 
well, of Hartford, Conn. 

Section 1. — Children of Capt. David Bidwell (Mehitable Web- 
ster, Dea, Jonathan, Robert, Gov. John) of Stillwater, Saratoga Co., 
N. Y., and his wife, Esther Lawrence. 

1. Esther Bidwell, b. May 6, 1750, m. Charles Wood. The end. 

2. David Bidwell, b. Oct. 20, 1754, m. Mary Gregory. He d. 
May 6, 1829. 

Children: Eeuben, b. July 23, 1781; Hannah, b. Jan. 20, 1785; 
Charles Moore, b. June 3, 1788. 

(1) Reuben Bidwell, m. 1801, Sarah Hart, b. Oct. 18, 1784. She d. 
Nov. 3, 1841. He died Mch. 18, 1852. Children: David, b. July 25, 1802; 
Jeremiah Hart, b. June 3, 1804; Hiram, b. Apr. 12, 1806; Mary Polly, b. 
Feb. 17, 1808; Charles, b. Apr. 30, 1810; Harvey G., b. Aug. 26, 1812; 
Malinda G., b. Apr. 21, 1815; Matilda C, b. Nov. 6, 1817; Alvin, b. Sep. 
27, 1819; Susan S., b. Feb. 2, 1822; Henry M., b. Apr. 12, 1824, d. Nov. 
21, 1836. 

David Bidwell, m. Dec. 5, 1833, Roxa Miller. 

Jeremiah Hart Bidwell, m. (1) Feb. 21, 1838, Lydia Dennison, b. Dec. 
10, 1814, who d. Apr. 14, 1840, and he m. (2) Nov. 24, 1840, Laura Eliza- 
beth Swan. She d. Jan. 29, 1871. Date of his death not obtained. 
Children: (1st m.) Nathan Dennison, b. Mch. 28, 1840. (2d m.) Laura 
E., b. May 4, 1842; Sarah Elizabeth, b. July 3, 1844; Martha Malinda, b. 
July 16, 1846. 

Nathan Dennison Bidwell, a teacher, and later a merchant and traveling 
salesman, m., Feb. 7, 1861, Phoebe Ann Wright, b. Jan. 10, 1836, dau. of 
Thomas and Ruth (Losee) Wright of Clifton Park, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 
The Wrights were earlier from Duchess Co., N. Y. She d. at Astoria, N. 

216 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

Y., June 10, 1891. He d. in Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 14, 1899. Children: 
Mary Janette; Taylor Daniel; William Thomas, who died young. Taylor 
Daniel Bidwell, assistant secretary of the Rochester Trust and Safe De- 
posit Company, of Rochester, N. Y., resides, 1914, and also his sister, Mary 
Janette, usually called "Minnie," at 50 Hancock Street, both unmarried. 

Laura E. Bidwell, died Jan. 29, 1871. 

Sarah Elizabeth Bidwell, m. Sep. 24, 1859, Lyman E. Miller. She died 
Aug. 29, 1863. Child: Mary Ella Miller, b. Apr. 4, 1862. 

Martha Malinda Bidwell, m. Theodore Allen. She d. May 27, 1912. 
Children: (Allen) Jennie, b. Jan. 5, 1865; Fred, b. Aug. 15, 1866. 

Hiram Bidwell, m. 1831, Perlina Comines. 

Mary Polly Bidwell, m. Manning Taylor. He died Jan. 3, 1876, and she 
d. Jan. 22, 1880. 

Charles Bidwell, m. Dec. 10, 1835, Mary Baldwin. 

Harvey G. Bidwell, m. Oct. 10, 1833, Mercy Powell. 

Malinda G. Bidwell, died April 5, 1873. 

Matilda C. Bidwell, no record. 

Alvin Bidwell, m. (1) Oct. 27, 1847, Helen Flagler. She died Feb. 27, 
1878, and he m. (2) 1879, Mrs. Garrison. The end. 

Susan 8. Bidwell, died July 3, 1851. 

3. Jacob Bidwell. m. Dolly Andrews. 

4. Daniel Bidwell, m. Kachel Drake. 

5. Tryphena Bidwell, m. David Morehouse. 

6. Abram Bidwell, m. (1) Abigail Benedict, and (2) Clarissa 
Gregg. He died Feb. 4, 1842. 

7. Phineas Bidwell, m. Hannah Williams. The end. 

Third Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Deacon 
Jonathan and Dorcas Hopkins Webster, by their son, Capt. Ste- 
phen Webster of Hartford, Ct., who married Mary Burnham. 

Section 1. — Children of Isaac (Captain Stephen, Dea. Jona- 
than, Robert, Gov. John) and Ante (White) Webster of West 
Hartford; Ct. 

1. Stephen Webster, bap. July 31, 1743, at West Hartford, 
mar. (1) May 9, 1765, Ann McCloud, of Wethersfield, Ct. In- 
tentions were published at West Hartford, April 28, 1765. He 
mar. (2) June 1, 1806, Hannah, widow of Seth Kilborn, whose 
maiden name was Churchill, b. Jany. 11, 1749. He was admitted 
to Church at New Britain, Ct., July 5, 1807. Was a farmer and 
lived on the farm of his second wife after he mar. her, which farm 
was in 1867 owned and occupied by Levi S. Wells. The family 
removed to the West. 

His grandson, Edward Webster, son of Stephen, Jr., says that Stephen 
Sr., served in the War of Revolution. 

It is stated that Ann McCloud, wife of Stephen Webster, was of Scotch 
origin from Aberdeen, Scotland, and that she was b. on the ocean while 
her parents were on the way to this country. 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Lixe 217 

Stephen Webster and wife are recorded as members of the Church at 
West Hartford in 17S7. 

A grandson of Stephen Webster says there were five Webster farms on 
the public road in West Hartford adjoining each other, in the following 
order: Stephen Webster, Sr.; his brother Isaac Webster; his brother 
Gideon Webster: Theodore Webster son of Stephen: and Stephen Web- 
ster, Jr. 

His first wife died probably at West Hartford, Ct.. March 10, 
1805, in her 63d year. He died at Hartford, April 11 (or Sept. 
11), 1819, aged 73. His widow died Jany. 25, 1838. 

Children : (All by first mar. : born and bap. at West Hartford.) 
Mary, bap. Aug. 10, 1766; Theodore, b. April 15. 1769, as given by 
the old Family Bible, but the record of bap. is April 15, IT 68; Ste- 
phen, bap. Sept. 9, 1770: Xorruan. Oct. 10. 17 7-3, as given in a 
Family Bible, but bap. Xov. 1. 1772; Billy, bap. Aug." 13, 1775, 
died Dec. 18, 177?; Billy again, b. Oct. 20, 1778, and probably 
bap. Jany. 4, following: Allen and Anna, twins, b. July 20, 1780, 
bap. Aug. 20. 1780 : MeCloud, b. Xov. 2, 1783. Besumed in Chap- 
ter XVIII. 

Oct. 17, 1S01, Stephen Webster and Isaac Webster, both of Hartford, 
sell to Gideon Webster of Hartford, and the following are mentioned in 
the boundaries: Solomon Ensign, Elisha Mix, Stephen and Isaac Webster, 
Ezekiel Williams, Jonathan Gilbert. Levis Bobbins, Zebulon Seymour. 
Witnesses, Xatban Perkins, Jr., Elisha Mix. 

2. Amy Webster, bap. Jan. 2G, 1746, at West Hartford, mar. 
Ebenezer, son of Isaac and Buth (Gaylord — 2d wife) Goodwin. In 
1762, he received from his grandfather, William Gaylord, a deed 
of 57 acres of land in Xew Hartford. Ct.. to which he soon re- 
moved, and where he became one of the leading citizens, holding 
various offices in town and Church. It is claimed that he served 
in the War of Bevolution. Both died at Xew Hartford, Conn., he. 
May 18, 1810, and she, Jany. 8, 1835, aged 89. 

Children: (All b. at Xew Hartford, Ct.) Buth, b. June 3. 1764; 
Ebenezer. June 10, 1766: Lucy, July 18, 176S: James, Sept. 4, 
1770; Seth, Aug. 12. 17T2: William, Jany. 5. 1775, died young: 
William again, Oct. 15. 17 76: Xorman, Jany. 16, 1778; Pitts. 
Jany. 28. 1779: Horace. Feb. 12. 17 Si: Polly, Oct. 8, 1782: 
Amanda, Oct. 15. 1783. Besumed in Chapter XVIII. 

3. Isaac Webster, Jr.. bap. May 22. 1748, at West Hartford, 
mar. Abigail Woodruff, of Farmington. Ct.. dau. of James. In- 
tentions were published at West Hartford. March 19, 1781. 

Clipping: Hartford, Dec. 9, 1777, "Mr. Thomas Goodman says 
there is a continental stray ox of Isaac Webster's at West Division. 
He has been there about a month." 

1787, Isaac Webster, Jr., and wife are recorded members of the 
church at West Hartford. 

218 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

Feb. 17, 1792, Isaac Webster, Jr., of Hartford, bought land of 
James Church of Hartford. He died at West Hartford, Oct. 20, 
1827, aged 80, and she at Avon, Ct., Dec. 26, 1842, aged 84. 

Children: (All b. and bap. at West Hartford.) Truman; Eph- 
ron William, b. July 15, 1782; Anson; Ruthy; Abigail (Nabby) 
all four bap. July 3, 1792. Resumed in Chapter XVIII. 

4. Gideon Webster, bap. June 16, 1751, at West Hartford, m. 
Dec. 30, 1779, Sarah Cadwell, b. Nov. 14, 1755, probably a dau. 
of Samuel and Elishabe (Brace) Cadwell of West Hartford. If 
this be true, either her date of birth should be 1754, which har- 
monizes with the date of baptism, Nov. 24, 1754, or the date of 
baptism may have been copied wrong. Intentions of marriage were 
published Nov. 15, 1779. 

Gideon Webster is borne on the Lexington Alarm List, as a private for 
two days from the town of Hartford, Cap. Abraham Sedgwick's Co. As 
above, Col. Chester's reg't of Conn., Oct. 1, to Dec. 20, and 4 days to 
travel home. No year. Again, same Co. Jan. 19, to Feb. 28, 1776, Reg't 
went to N. Y. under Gen. Lee. 

Gideon Webster and wife are recorded as members of the Church at 
West Hartford, in 1787." 

Both died and are buried in the cemetery at West Hartford, he 
June 6, 1820, aged 69, and she March 27, 1830. 

Children : Ira, bap. May 23, 1787. Resumed in Chapter XVIII. 

5. Amna Webster, b. 1759, m. about 1780, (intentions pub- 
lished June, 1780) Elisha Mix, a farmer, b. 1761 and bap. July 1, 
1764, at West Hartford, Ct., son of Ebenezer and Anna (Good- 
win) Mix. 

1820, Mch. 23, Samuel Mix and Seth Goodwin, administrators 
of the Est. of Elisha Mix, Esquire, all of Hartford, sell land to 
Jedediah Mills, same bounded by Jeremiah W. Beardsley, Gideon 
Webster, Jesse Porter and Solomon Ensign, Abigail Mix a witness. 

Both d. in West Hartford, he June 12, 1818, aged 59, and she 
Jan. 27, 1842, aged 83. 

Children: (Mix) (Born, West Hartford, Ct.) Elisha, Feb. 14, 
1781; Lucy Stone, March 26, 1782; Polly, Dec. 26, 1784; Samuel, 
Sep. 13, 1785, d. Oct. 5, 1786; Amny, June 11, 1787, d. March 16, 
1797; Fanny, May 31, 1789; an infant son, twin with Fanny, 
June 1, 1789, d. same day; Samuel 2d, May 29, 1791 ; James, July 
10, 1793 ; Henry, March 18, 1795 ; Amny Webster, March 22, 1797 ; 
infant, June 6, 1799, d. same day; Mahala, Feb. 16, 1801. 

(1) Elisha Mix, Jr., m. Elizabeth Burbridge. He d. Nov., 1832, at New 
York City. 

(2) Lucy Stone m. Nathaniel Carroll. She d. March 6, 1858, at Nauga- 
tuck, Ct. 

(3) Polly m. David Selden. She d. April, 1842, at West Hartford, Ct. 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 219 

(4) Fanny unm., d. July 3, 1864, at West Hartford, Ct. 

(5) Samuel 2d m. Abigail Gridley. He d. January, 1849, Hartford, Ct. 

(6) James m. Dec. 8, 1814, Lucy Steele, of Hartford, Ct. He d. in 
1859, at Terryville, Conn. 

(7) Henry m. May 24, 1821, Angelina Beardsley. He d. Sep. 25, 1866, 
West Hartford, Ct. 

(8) Amny Webster, m. June 12, 1820, Timothy Sedgwick. She d. Feb. 
2, 1866, West Hartford, Ct. 

(9) Mahala m. Dec. 13, 1821, Thos. O'Hara Goodwin, b. Nov. 22, 1796, 
son of Seth and Jennet (Croswell) Goodwin. Thos. O'Hara Goodwin was 
a potter and a farmer in W. Hartford, where he d. July 16, 1880, and his 
wife, Mahala, d. May 18, 1873. The end. 

Section 2. — Children of Timothy (Capt. Stephen, Dea. Jona- 
than, Robert, Gov. John) and Sarah (WJtite) Webster of Litch- 
field, Ct. 

1. Timothy Webster, b. Jan. 12, 1747, in Litchfield, Ct., m. 
Aug. 23, 1770, Mabel Bidwell, b. March 15, 1748, dau. of Stephen 
and Anna" (Eossiter) Bidwell of Northfield and Litchfield, Ct. 
Timothy Webster was an early settler of Acra, Greene Co., N". Y. 

He was a soldier in the Revolution. Muster roll data: Private Timothy 
Webster, Capt. Barnard's Co., Col. Samuel Wyllis (3d) Battln., Conn, 
forces. Enlisted Feb. 28, 1777 to serve to Jany. 1779 (for three years says 
another roll). On muster from July 21, 1778, to Jan. 3, 1779, when noted, 
"Disch'd Jan. 1, 1779." Muster of Aug. 4, and Sep. 1, 1778 at White 
Plains, and for Oct. 3, 1778, at Fredericksburg, and for Nov. 4, 1778, at 
New Milford, Second Hills, and for Dec. 12, 1778 to Jan. 5, 1779, at Red- 
ing. On muster of Nov. 4, 1778, noted as, "On Command Infantry." Conn. 
Men in the War of Revolution has: Timothy Webster enlisted as a pri- 
vate in Capt. Edward Ell's Co., of the 3d Regt. Conn. Line, Col. Samuel 
Wyllys, Feb. 28, 1778 for 8 months and was discharged Jany. 1, 1779. A 
letter from him to his wife dated at Norwalk, Aug. 18, 1776, shows that 
he and his brothers, Elijah and James, were then in the service at that 
place, but does not give the Co. and Regt. in which they were serving. 

May 4, 1853, Huldah Buel, of Newbury, Orange Co., N. Y., testifies that 
her five brothers, Timothy, Michael, Elijah, Reuben and James, then of 
Litchfield, Ct., were all in the service of the United States about the year 

The following, an ancient looking letter, appears in the case for pen- 
sion of James Webster's widow, addressed, "Mrs. Mabel Webster, at 
Litchfield,"— "this with care"— dated— "Norwalk, Aug. 18, 1776," and 
reads — "these lines are to let you know that throu goodness of god I am 
well as I hope they may finde you. I have no grate matter of nuse to 
write you we are all and got here well we shall set out to Day it is said 
fur Kingsbridge giveing duty to myne and your parents and love to broth- 
ers and sisters tell father and mother that Elijah and James are well I 
should be glad that you would write to me by the poste if you can find 
out when he comes down this morning the cannon was heard to goe very 
brisk but we have not heard any thing further I would have you keep 

220 The Webster Genealogy [Prom Chap. 6 

Sumbody with you so as not to be alone and take good care of the chil- 
dren So I must bid you farwell while I remain your loveing husband" 

"Timothy Webster" 
'•tell sister patiens that hur husband is well and would have hur send 
his mare Down to live Sanfords to pastur till he Cums back" 

Both died at Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y., he, date not found, she, 
between 1846 and 1850. She lived with her brother, Timothy 
Bidwell at the time of her death. 

Children: Timothy, b. Nov. 10, 1772; Norman, b. at Litch- 
field, Oct. 18, 1774; Abner, b. Jany. 13, 1777; Dennis, b. Aug. 29, 
1779; Mabel. Eesumed in Chapter XVIII. 

2. Michael Webster, of Litchfield, Ct., b. May 8, 1748, a farm- 
er of Litchfield, Ct., Freehold, Green Co., N. Y., Franklin, Dela- 
ware Co., N. Y., and of Jefferson, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, mar. July 
10, 1774, at Middletown, Ct., Elizabeth Clark, of that place, and 
removed from Litchfield, Ct., to Ohio, as above. 

He was a soldier in the War of the Revolution. He probably lived for 
a while at Northfield, Litchfield Co., Ct. He removed to Franklin, N. Y., 
soon after 1785, and about 1808 to Jefferson, Ohio, removing with ox teams 
through the wilderness, finding only three white families when he reached 
Jefferson, but plenty of Indians. 

Michael Webster in his Pension Claim, made in 1832, signs his name, 
Mical Webster, an<! gives his residence then as Jefferson, Ashtabula Co., 
Ohio, and says that he enlisted in the fore part of June, 1776, at Litchfield, 
Ct., into Capt. Abraham Bradley's Co., as a Private for six months, and 
that he belonged to the Regt. of Col. Gay, of Farmington, Ct., and to the 
Brigade of Gen'l Wadsworth. He marched to New York City where the 
Regt. was quartered for some time, and then crossed over to Long Island, 
and was he thinks under the command of Gen'l Green. Was quartered 
for some time near Brooklyn Ferry. Was in action near Brooklyn, and 
after that retreated to New York City and went into quarters on East 
River and was there when the city was taken, after which his Division 
retreated to Harlem, near Kingsbridge, where he was taken sick and sent 
to New Jersey. Was absent sick about six weeks, when he rejoined his 
Co. on the Hudson, where he was quartered until his term of service was 
expired, and he was discharged about the last of Dec. 1776. Says he re- 
sided at Litchfield when he enlisted. He was pensioned at $20.00 per 
annum. He was one of five brothers in the war. (See Timothy.) 

He died at Williamsfield, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, Feb. 27, 1850, 
aged 101 years, 9 months, 19 days. She died in Kingsville, Ash- 
tabula Co., Ohio, Oct. 15, 1842. 

Children: (The following six b. at Litchfield, Ct.) Clark, Dec. 
10, 1774; Daniel, b. March 24, 1776; Elizabeth, b. Nov. 5, 1777; 
Michael, March 10, 1779; Luman, Feb. 5, 1781; Leman, June 16, 
1782; Polly, place of birth unknown, May 21, 1784; Sally, place of 
birth unknown, Dec. 12, 1785; Elemuel, b. at Freehold, N. Y., 
June 2, 1788; Fanny (and the two following b. at Franklin, N. Y.) 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line , 221 

April 3, 1790; Clara, Aug. 10, 1792; Minerva, March 12, 1799. 
Resumed in Chapter XVIII. 

3. Sarah Webster, b. Sep. 24, 1751, no record. 

4. Elijah Webster, of Litchfield, Ct., b. Mar. 29, 1755, mar. 
Oct. 18, 1780, Martha Clark. He was a soldier in the War of the 
Revolution. He appears to have been a resident of Ashtabula Co., 
Ohio, in 1832. He removed there soon after 1814, after the death 
of his father and mother. 

Elijah Webster in an affidavit in his brother Michael's Pension case, 
says that while his brother was in the service, he was drafted and taken 
to New York and there saw his brother. He does not give his Co. or 

An Elijah Webster served in Cap't Amos Barnes Co., Col. Noadiah 
Hooker's Reg't of Farmington, from Apr. 12 to May 20, 1777, at Peeks- 
kill and vicinity. 

1806, Nov. 26, Elijah Webster gives land to his son Smith Webster. 

Elijah and Martha (Clark) Webster died at Kings ville, Ohio, 
he July 13, 1843, aged 88, and she Nov. 5, 1824, aged 69. 

Children: (All b. at Litchfield, Ct.) White, Sept. 7, 1781; 
Smith, July 13, 1785; Levi, July 10, 1787, died Sept. 4, 1792; 
Anna, (Anna) b. March 9, 1789; Olive, Oct. 15, 1791, died Nov. 
8, 1792; Olive again, Feb. 13, 1794; Tryphena, Apr. 24, 1796; 
Huldah, March 20, 1797; Maria, Jany. 14, 1800. Kesumed in 
Chapter XVIII. 

5. Reuben Webster, of Litchfield, Ct., b. May 12, Sept. 1 or 
Oct. 15, 1757, a farmer, mar. June 2, 1781 Anne Buell, b. Nov. 
3, 1763, daughter of Salmon, b. Oct. 14, 1739, and Margaret (Cat- 
lin) Buell, of Litchfield. He was a soldier in the War of Revolu- 

Reuben Webster was a member of the Conn. House of Representatives 
for Litchfield in 1826; was a Selectman of Litchfield in 1822; was first 
constable and collector in 1805; was Assessor in 1828, and a Grand Juror 
in 1814 or in 1824. 

1804, May 2, Reuben of Litchfield, Ct., and Anne his wife to Sibil Og- 
den a wid. of Catskill, N. Y. 

He died at Litchfield, Aug. 2, 1833, aged 76 years. 

Children: Ariancla, b. Jany. 12, 1782; Belinda, b. Sept. 23, 
1787; Hosea, b. at Litchfield, Ct., Dec. 14, 1789; Augustine (or 
Augustus) b. May 22, 1791; George Buell, b. at Catskill, N. Y., 
Sept. 8, 1796; Edwin Belden, b. May 18, 1803. Resumed in Chap- 
ter XVIII. 

6. James Webster, b. at Litchfield, Ct., Aug. 17, 1759, of 
Cairo, Greene Co., N. Y., mar. Mollie Rossiter, (pension papers 
give name Mabel) of Litchfield, Ct. He was a soldier in the 
War of Revolution. 

222 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

In a paper published Oct. 10, 1859, it is stated that the five Webster 
brothers held a reunion at about that time at the house of Mrs. William 
Carpenter, of Saratoga, N. Y. She was the daughter of Russell. The 
brothers were all members of the Baptist Church. 

James Webster's Revolutionary service as alleged by his children. Prob- 
ably not very reliable as to length of service, etc. It is alleged that he 
rendered several tours of duty, amounting in all to about two years, all 
of the service being rendered as a private, that he served for about six 
months in and about New York City, being there when the British took 
the city in Capt. Ephriam Carpenter's Co., of Lieut. Col. Obediah Hosford's 
Regt. Also that he served in Cap. Archelaus Buel's Co., also that he 
served for about six months in Col. Sheldon's Light Horse, also that he 
served in Capt. Grant's Co. and that in 1777 he was drafted in Capt. 
Phineas Baldwin's Co., for three months and marched through Dutchess 
Co., N. Y., when he saw the smoke from the burning of Kingston, which 
was fired by the British army. Pension was not allowed. 

1785, Oct. 29. Millicent Rossiter, — James Webster, Millicent Webster, 
Moses Sanford, Jr., Anne Sanford, Jonathan Rossiter sell land b. by 
Timothy Webster, Jr. 

He removed from Litchfield, Ct., to Cairo, N. Y., about 1788 
or 89, and died at the latter place Feb. 2, 1850. 

Children: (All but the last b. in Litchfield, Ct.) James, Jany. 
4, 1782 (or 87 according to the tombstone) ; Eussell, April 5, 
1783; Jarvis, Nov. 6, 1785; Lyman, Feb. 8, 1787; Chester, b. at 
Acra, Green Co., 1ST. Y., Aug. 4, 1791. Eesumed in Chapter 

7. Ruth Webster, b. March 2, 1762. No record. 

8. Huldah Webster, b. Feb. 21, 1767, mar. Ashbel Buell, b. 
Jan. 10, 1765, in Litchfield, Ct., son of Archelus and Mary (Lan- 
don) Buell. In 1853 she resided at Newbury, Orange Co., Vt. 
She died Oct. 10, 1856. 

Children: (Buell) Ward, b. Sep. 4, 1788; Candace, b. Apr. 
2, 1791; Loveman, Apr. 22, 1794, all born in Litchfield, and 
others may have been born later. The end. 

Fourth Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Dea. 
Jonathan and Dorcas Hopkins, and Mary Judd Webster, by his 
son, Deacon Benjamin Webster of Litchfield, Ct., who m. Eliza- 
beth Peck. 

Section 1. — Children of Benjamin {Dea. Benjamin, Dea. Jona- 
than, Robert, Gov. John) and Lucretia (Buell) Webster of Litch- 
field, Ct. 

1. Elijah Webster, b. March 19, 1761, at Litchfield, Ct., m. 
about Jan., 1783, Lois Coe, b. March 24, 1762, dau. of Thomas 
and Mrs. Mary (Keyes, nee Goodell, widow of Zachariah Keyes) 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 223 

He removed to the Mohawk country in 1791, and died at Whitesboro, 
Oneida Co., N. Y., Oct. 26, of that year while building a house in the 
(then) wilderness and preparing for the removal of his family, which he 
had left at Litchfield, Ct. 

To illustrate the newness of the country and the imperfect communi- 
cations of that date, it was three weeks before the news of his death 
reached his family at .Litchfield. His wife, Lois, was a woman of great 
energy and spirit and completed the settlement lie had begun in the face 
of great difficulties. She made three journeys on horseback between Litch- 
field and Whitesboro (a distance of more than 100 miles) and finally re- 
moved there about 1795. Mr. Charles A. Webster, of Galesburg, 111., a de- 
scendant of Lois has in his possession a part of the saddle tree upon 
which she rode in making these journeys. He also has two o-f the tablet 
bricks which had been built into the chimney of his ancesor's Conn, rouse, 
one of which is marked "E. W." and the other "1784." After the death 
of Elijah Webster, his widow mar. Robert ,_>ennet, but the marriage not 
being a happy one they soon separated. It is believed there was no issue 
by this marriage with Sennet. 

He died at Whitesboro, N. Y. (now Whitestown), Oct. 26, 1791, 
and she same place, Sept. 24, 1841, aged 79 years and six months, 
and was buried beside her first husband, Elijah Webster. A head- 
stone, in part illegible, marks their resting place. One reads, 
"Died Sep. 24, 18 — , Lois, wife of Elijah Webster and late wife 
of Robert Sennett, aged 79 years and 6 months." The inscription 
on the other stone, evidently that of Elijah Webster, cannot be 

Children: (All b. at Litchfield, Ct.) Uri, b. Nov. 30, 1783; 
Clara; Guy, Dec. 7, 1787; Miles, Aug. 20, 1789; Lois, May 10, 
1792. Resumed in Chapter XIX. 

2. Avis Webster, b. Apr. 20, 1765, at Litchfield, Ct., mar. 
Jany. 1, 1783, Elon Crampton, son of Joseph and Mary Crampton, 
who died May 27, 1837, aged 77. They lived at Litchfield, Ct. 

Children: (Crampton) (All b. at Litchfield.) Benjamin, 
Aug. 4, 1783; Anne, May 19, 1785; James, June 16, 1788; Elon, 
April 21, 1790, never mar. but lived and died at Litchfield; Avis, 
Sept. 21, 1794; Polly, Xov. 11, 1796; Elizabeth, June 22, 1806. 

( 1 ) Anne Crampton, mar. Charles Merrill and lived in Waterloo, N. Y. 

(2) James mar., had children, and removed to the West. 

(3) Avis mar. Caleb Pickett and lived at Hartland, Ct. 

(4) Polly, mar. Guerdon Filley, and lived at Litchfield, Ct. 

(5) Elizabeth mar. William Selley (or Selby), of Hartland, Ct., where 
they lived. No children. The end. 

3. Lucretia Webster, b. Feb. 14, 1766, at Litchfield, Ct., m. 
Jan. 8, 1785, Elisha Mason, b. Apr. 4, 1759, son of Joseph and 
Patience (Rossiter) Mason, Jr. Elisha Mason d. June 1, 1858. 
No record of her death. 

Children: (Mason) (All b. at Litchfield) Cynthia, July 24, 

224 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

1786; Stephen, April 11, 1787, and died May 17, following; 
Stephen again, b. May 30, 1788, died April 7, 1790; Lucretia, 
Nov. 1, 1790; Caroline, Dec. 22, 1792; Elisha, June 5, 1795, died 
in 1817; Elijah, June 7, 1797, died April 14, 1798; Elijah, May 
25, 1799, died July 3, 1857, at Kalamazoo, Mich. ; Joseph William, 
May 6, 1801; Edwin, Aug. 17, 1803; Benjamin W. (Webster?), b. 
May 22, 1805 ; Joshua, Feb. 18, 1807. 

(1) Cynthia Mason, mar. (1) Mr. Turner and (2) Mr. Carrington. She 
died Jany. 12, 1871. 

(2) Lucretia mar. Guy Webster, son of Elijah and Lois (Coe) Webster, 
her cousin. 

( 3 ) Joseph William was Post Master at Morris, Ct., and mar. ( 1 ) 
June 13, 1828, Lucy, daughter of Rev. Joseph Crossman, of Salisbury, Ct., 
who died Sept. 8, 1839. He mar. (2) Sept. 13, 1840, Lucretia Peartree, 
widow of David, of Bantam, Ct. Her maiden name was Stoddard. They 
had children. The end. 

4. Benjamin Webster, Jr., born Feb. 10, 1769, at Litchfield, 
Ct., a farmer of Litchfield, mar. (1) Sally Hotchkiss, daughter 
of Elihu and Lydia (Eobinson) Hotchkiss, and mar. (2) about 
1821, Abiah Hotchkiss, daughter of Joel Hotchkiss. She was the 
Widow Bradley when she mar. Benjamin Webster, was of Bethany, 
Ct., and not related to the first wife, who was of Morris, Litchfield 
Co., Ct. 

He died at Litchfield, Ct., March 27, 1842. His first wife 
Sally, same place, June 3, 1818, aged 49, and his second wife, 
Abiab, at New Haven, Ct., in Spring of 1865. 

Children: (All b. at Litchfield) (1st mar.) Marina, about 
1791; Lucretia; Benjamin, May 24, 1795; Orrin, Sept. 4, 1797; 
Elihu, April 13, 1800; Julia, July 26, 1803; Elijah, May 31, 
1805; Guy, 1808; Emily; Sally Ann. (2d mar.) Joel Hotchkiss, 
Sept., 1821 ; William, Nov. 27, 1823 ; Martha Pratt, 1825. 

Benjamin Webster's second wife had four children before she 
mar. him, by Bradley, 'two of whom are living (at the time this 
note was made,) at New Haven, Ct., viz: Lucy Bradley, unmar- 
ried, and Adaline Treat, now a widow. Resumed in Chapter XIX. 

5. Claudius Webster, b. Aug. 27, 1772, at Litchfield, Ct., a 
farmer, of Litchfield, mar. July 1, 1795, Margaret Buell, b. July 
9, 1769, daughter of Salmon and Margaret (Catlin) Buell. 

Claudius Webster was a Grand Juror, at Litchfield, in 1807 and 
was a Lister or Bate Maker of same town in 1814. 

He removed to Monticello, Sullivan Co., N. Y., in 1820, and 
occupied a farm near that place, where both died, she Jany. 18, 
1845, and he April 19, 1852. 

Children: (All b. at Litchfield, Ct.) Aranda, Sept. 16, 1796; 
Fanny, Dec. 23, 1799 ; Jeannette, Nov. 1, 1802 ; Peter Buell, Nov. 
4, 1805. Resumed in Chapter XIX. 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 225 

6. Dan Webster, b. Jan. 23, 1776, at Litchfield, Ct., a shoe- 
maker and farmer of North East, Dutchess Co., N. Y., mar. at 
that place, Jerusha Goodrich, dau. of Samuel and Jerusha (Buell) 
Goodrich. Both d. at North East, N. Y., in June, 1812. 

Children: (Born at North East, N. Y.) Angenetta Maria; 
Benjamin Franklin, Dec. 30, 1804 ; Edmund Brimhull ; Dan Buel ; 
John' Milton, March 2, 1810; Samuel Dunham, b. Sep. 8, 1811. 
Eesumed in Chapter XIX. 

7. Loudon Webster, b. March 3, 1780, at Litchfield, Ct., m. 
Feb. 14, 1804, Mary Ann Orton, b. Jan. 2, 1770, daughter of 
Samuel and Mary (Luroy) Orton, of Scotch Irish descent, and 
granddaughter of Samuel Orton by his wife, Abigail, dau. of 
Gideon Smedley. He died at Bridgeport, Ct., in 1834 or 1835, 
and she mar. (2) White Webster, and both were deceased in 1880. 
She died at Ivingsville, Ohio, Jany. 11, 1869, at 85. White Web- 
ster, her second husband, was the son of Goodwin Long Webster, 
of Sennet, N. Y., and grandson of William Webster, of the same 

Loudon Webster began life as a carpenter and joiner, but spent 
the greater part of it on a farm, which he owned, and where his 
children were all born. 

In 1805 Loudon Webster of Farmington, Ct., and Marian his 
wife deed land which was distributed out of her brother, James 
Orton's land, late deceased, to Jonathan Mason. 

Children: (All b. at Litchfield) Cynthia Ann, May 12, 1805; 
Ashbell Wheeler, Jany. 8, 1807; Mary Ann, March 15, 1809, (some 
say 1819); Harriet Lucretia, Sep. 4, 1811; Avis Elizabeth, Dec. 
28, 1816; Margaret Maria, Nov. 15, 1815; Cladius Buel, Aug. 11, 
1818; Amelia Caroline, 1820; Edwin Elisha, July 26, 1822; 
Dan, died at 3 or 4 years of age at Litchfield, Ct. Resumed in 
Chapter XIX. 

8. Polly Webster, b. Feb. 11, 1783, at Litchfield, Ct., m. 
Ashbell Wheeler and removed to New York state. The end. 

Section 2. — Children of Stephen (Dea. Benjamin, Dea. Jona- 
than, Robert, Gov. John) and Honor (Kilbourn) Webster, of 
Litchfield, Ct. 

1. Sarah Webster, b. Sep. 8, 1765, at Litchfield, Ct., mar. a 
Mr. Paine, of Litchfield, and had a daughter Sally, who mar. 
Eev. John M. Peck, D.D., of Rock Spring, 111., who, accompanied 
by his wife, went as a missionary to China or India. The end. 

2. Stephen Webster, Jr., mar. (1) Rebecca Catlin, and (2) 
Feb. 20, 1817, Mrs. Olive (Catlin) Way, a sister of his first wife. 
They lived near Catskill, N. Y., and are said to have had no 
children. The end. 


226 The Webstek Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

3. Truman Webster, of Litchfield, Ct, b. about 1767, a farmer 
of Litchfield, Ct., mar. Oct. 8, 1795, Diana (or Diadema) San- 
ford, only child of Stephen and Abigail (Fuller) Sanford, of 
Northfield, Ct. They finally removed to Northfield, Ct., and 
lived with her parents, where he died Sept. 17, 1844, aged 74. 
His wife, Diana, died Saturday, Aug. 10, 1839, aged 65. 

Children : Stephen Sanford, b. at Litchfield, Ct., about July, 
1796, died Nov. 2, 1799, aged 3 years and 4 months; David, 
(Daniel) b. at Litchfield, July, 1798, died Nov. 4, 1799, aged 1 
year and 16 months. (All the following were b. at Northfield, 
Ct.) David Sanford, May 10, 1800; Sophia, May 10, 1802; Ly- 
man, Nov. 7, 1805; Abigail, July 10, 1808; Anna, April 12, 
1811; Sally, March 11, 1814. Resumed in Chapter XIX. 

4. Honor Webster, b. about 1768, at Litchfield, Ct., m. Jona- 
than Wright, Jr., b. 1765, son of Jonathan and Leah (Bissell) 
Wright. Jonathan Wright, Sr., was a soldier in the Revolution 
and after the Avar lived in Milton, Litchfield Co., Conn., where 
his son Jonathan, owned and carried on a farm and tannery. He 
died suddenly from bursting a blood vessel by a strain, at Litch- 
field, Ct., Dec. 14, 1799, and she Aug. 24, 1803. 

Children: (Wright) (Born, Milton, Conn.) Jonathan, Dec. 
18, 1790; Amos Webster, Oct. 21, 1793; Honor, March 9, 1796; 
Rachel. Resumed in Chapter XIX. 

5. Roswell Webster, b. 1780, at Litchfield, Ct., a farmer, mar. 
there July 26, 1801, Clara, dau. of Joseph and Sally (Ferguson) 
Goodwin, b. July 26, 1781, at Litchfield, Conn. He served in the 
war of 1812. 

He alleges that he entered the service of the detached militia of New 
York about Aug. 28, 1814, and about Sep. 8, volunteered to cross the- 
Niagara River into Fort Erie, Upper Canada, and was placed under com- 
mand of Captain John Markham, in Regiment of Lieutenant Colonel Caleb 
Hopkins, General Peter B. Porter's Brigade and on the 17th of Sep. in the 
Bortie made on the enemy's Battery, he received a wound in the left side, 
was taken prisoner by the enemy and remained in their hands for several 
days, when he escaped from their hospital, rejoined his Company and was- 
discharged Nov. 8. The wound was in the left side, the musket ball pass- 
ing near the spleen, and causing epeleptic fits, for which he was allowed a 
pension of $4.00 per month, and increased to $8.00. 3d. Aud. reports, 
service Aug. 29 to Oct. 31, 1814. He was reported "Deserted" but sub- 
sequently reported "wounded on furlough." In 1820 he was residing in> 
Ontario County, N. Y. Says he was drafted at Canandaigua, N. Y. He 
lived for a time at Lewiston, Niagara Co., N. Y. He removed to Michigan 
a short time prior to March 1826, and in 1828, was at Indian Village^ 
Macomb Co., Mich. He died in an epeleptic fit, Aug. 8, 1850, at Romeo,. 
Macomb Co., Mich., where he left a widow. 

His widow, Clara, in May, 1856, resided at Tuscola, do Co., Mich., and 1 
gave her age then as 74 ; was mar. to Roswell Webster, by. Rev. Judahs 

6th Gen.] Eobeet Webster's Line 227 

Champion, a Presbyterian minister, at Litchfield, Conn., July 26, 1801. 
In March, 1862, she was residing at Armada, Macomb Co., Mich., and 
gave her age then as SI. In March, 1869, she was residing at Romeo r 
Mich., and gave her age as 87. She was allowed a pension. 

Nov. 22, 1856, Lucius Webster, of Macomb Co., Mich., appears as a wit- 
ness in the case. Who was he? 

Ed. I. Kendall, of Port Huron, Mich., April 7, 1893, in answer to my 
letter to Mrs. Harriet Fisher for information about the family of Lu- 
cius Webster, refers me to E. M. Webster, 521 Ninth Street, Washington, 
D. C. Also Amos Finch, and Dan Webster, St. Clair, Mich.; Charles Web- 
ster, Port Huron, Mich., 1022 Michigan Street. M. P. Owen, Romeo, Mich., 
and Walter Webster, Gratiot, Mich. 

He cl. at Romeo, Macomb Co., Mich., where for many years 
he resided, Sep. 14, 1850, aged 70 years, and she d. there, in March, 

Children : Sally ; Charles ; David ; Hiram ; Arma ; Wheeler 
Bella, b. at Lewiston, N. Y., July 11, 1822; Gyrenus, b. in Nia- 
gara County, N. Y. ; Almeda, b. East Bloomfield, N. Y., March 
1, 1810; Maryette, b. Lewiston, 1ST. Y., June 11, 1821; Lucius, 
July 21, 1822'; Emily. Resumed in Chapter XIX. 

6. Heman Webster, b. Nov. 7, 1773, at Litchfield, Ct, m. 
Sep. 27, 1802, Anna Bagley. Settled in state of Ohio from Litch- 
field, Conn., in Nov., 1815, in Morgan township, Ashtabula Co.. 
1811, Heman Webster of Farmington records real estate trans- 
action in Windsor, Ct. He d. Apr. 27, 1850. 

Children: Linus, b. May 3, 1803; Truman, March 1, 1805;: 
David, July 27, 1807; Jeremiah, April 10, 1810; Harvey, May 7 r 
1813 ; Roxanna, b. Litchfield, Ct., Feb. 5, 1815 ; Merritt, Apr. 
25, 1817; Heman Bagley, May 27, 1819; Noah, Nov. 9, 1822;. 
Roswell, b. Morgan, Ashtabula Co., O., Feb. 6, 1824. Resumed', 
in Chapter XIX. 

7. David Webster, date of birth unknown. Is said that he- 
"went west," but some branches of the family express doubt if 
there was such a son. 

8. Rachel Webster, of Litchfield, Ct., b. 1773, mar. April 24 r 
1794, Philo Morse of Litchfield, Ct., son of Amos and Betsey 
(Ives) Morse. They resided at Litchfield, Ct. 

Children: (Morse) Anna, b. June 11, 1797; Esther, July 8, 
year not known; Philo, March 15, year not known; Harriet, July 
1, 1803; Sarah, Dec. 18, year not known; Rachel, Sept. 8, 1806; 
Louisa, March 11, year not known. 

(1) Anna mar. Philo Chase, of Milton, Ct. She died March 22, 1845. 

(2) Esther mar. a Mr. Perry, of Bethlehem, Ct., and removed to Penn- 

(3) Philo of Wallingford, Ct. He was sent to the Penitentiary for life,, 
for barn burning. 

228 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

(4) Harriet mar. May 9, 1821, Harly Moss, of Wallingford, Ct., where 
he was probably living in 1883. 

(5) Sarah mar. Senator Blakeslee. Removed to Pennsylvania. She 
died young. 

(6) Rachel mar. and died in Oct., 1845. 

(7) Louisa mar. at Litchfield, Ct., Orson H. Moss, where they lived. 

9. Anna Webster, b. 1774, mar. (1) Stephen (or Samuel) 
Bussell. He was from Wethersfield, Ct., and his first wife was 
Sally Wadhams. He died and his widow, Anna, mar. (2) David 
Buell, b. Sept. 17, 1781, son of Salmon and Margaret (Catlin) 
Buell. The end. 

10. Orange Webster, of Litchfield, Ct., b. Dec. 28, 1780, mar. 
Dec. 25, 1802, Diantha Catlin, b. June 15, 1782, at Milton, Ct., 
dau. of David and Anna Catlin. Orange after the death of his 
father and mother with whom he lived on their homestead near 
Litchfield, Ct., until they died, removed to and settled at Sauger- 
ties, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

Orange Webster is said to have been drafted for service in the War of 
1812, but was out for only a short time. Said to have been an Orderly 
Sergeant. Not found on the Conn, record. 

March 20, 1830, Orange Webster of the town of Red Hook, N. Y., and 
Diantha his wife sell to Luther Webster, land there. 

Both died at Saugerties, X. Y., she Sept. 26, 1854, aged 73, 
and he Oct. 25, 1856, aged about 77. 

Children: (All b. at Litchfield, Ct.) Anna, Sept. 28, 1802; 
David, June 22, 1804; Stephen, March 9, 1807; Luther, March 
8, 1809; James Kilbourn, May 26, 1811; Orange, Jr., Nov. 10, 
1813; Diantha Belinda, Oct. 13, 1815; Honor Lucinda, Feb. 10, 
1817; Nancy Catlin, Sep. 18, 1820; Truman Catlin, Sept. 18, 
1823. Kesumed in Chapter XIX. 

11. Ozias Webster, a farmer, b. about 1786, at Litchfield, 
Ct., mar. (1) Elizabeth Morse, dau. of Ives Morse; and (2) 
Betsey and (3) Miss Jackson. He and his first wife re- 
moved from Connecticut to Kingsville, O., about 1811, traveling 
in a covered wagon and camping by the roadside on the way. He 
d. March 7, 1853, aged 67. He took cold going for the doctor for 
his son Harvey. His first wife died, date not found; his second 
wife d. Oct. 25, 1848, aged 60 years, and his third wife survived 

Children: (All by first mar. b. at Kingsville, O., and by second 
mar. at Milan, Washtenaw Co., Mich.) (1st mar.) George Wash- 
ington, d. unmarried at Kingsville, O.; Phineas, b. 1812; Harvy, 
b. about 1819; Kilbourn; Hannah Elizabeth, Jan. 31, 1822; Daniel, 
d. young at Kingsville, O.; Osea Orline, a dau. d. young at Kings- 
ville, O.; (2d mar.) Osea, a dau.; (3d mar.) none. 

6th Gen.] Kobert Websteu's Line 229 

Mrs. Hannah Elizabeth Hazen says that her mother died when 
she was a little girl and lost three children before she died. Ee- 
sumed in Chapter XIX. 

Section 3. — Children of Charles (Dea. Benjamin, Dea. Jona- 
than, Robert, Gov. John) and Rhoda (Kilboum) Webster of Litch- 
field, Ct., New Durham, Ulster Co., and KisTceydong, Greene Co., 
N. Y ., twelve miles west of Catskill, N. Y. 

1. James Webster, date of birth unknown, b. at Litchfield, 
Ct., m. April 17, 1792, Polly Orton. He removed from Litchfield 
to Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y. 

Jan. 11, 1814, James Webster of Greenland, Greene Co., N. Y., and Polly 
his wife sold land in lot 6 "in the mountain tract." 

Jan. 10, 1849, James Webster of Cairo, Greene Co., N. Y., made his 
Will, in which bequests are made "to my niece, Mary Foote," "to my grand- 
daughter, Milla Sanford;" to James Webster, Jr., Ralph Webster, Lyman 
Webster, Chester Webster, my grandsons, James and Edwin Sanford. 
Executors, James M. Sanford, Wm. G. Sanford. 

A correspondent wrote that there were three brothers, James, Charles 
and Stephen Webster living in the southwestern part of the town Cairo, 
N. Y. 

June 2, 1829, James Webster, Jr., and Polly his wife, sell land in Cats- 
kill to Charles Webster of Catskill. Polly Webster d. Aug. 31, 1884, and in 
her will remembered her dau. Charlotte Webster. Luke Roe of Cairo, X. 
Y. Ex'r. 

May 1, 1837, Charles Webster of Cairo, and Alma, his wife, of Catskill, 
sell land in Catskill. Charles Webster died June 23, 1874. His son, 
Charles Webster, Jr., d. Oct. 25, 1892. The last Charles made his Will 
Sep. 13, 1892, in which he names his youngest son, Henry L. (yman?) as 
legatee and executor. Henry L. died March 25, 1897. Another son of the 
last Charles is William Webster who lives four miles from Cairo, "up in 
the mountains." Wm. Webster of Purling, Greene Co., X. Y. 1902. 

1830, Stephen Webster of Catskill, Greene Co., X. Y., "of Cairo," buys 
land of Benedict Knapp and Katharine his wife. Stephen Webster d. 
April 11, 1882, and March 22 he made his Will and made bequests to my 
son, Daniel Webster, and Daniel's wife, Caroline. He was living a few 
years ago in Catskill. 

We note the following deaths which probably belong to these families: 

Russell Webster died March 2, 1870. Martin Webster died Feb. 25, 1885. 
Randall Webster died Aug. 4, 1885. Erastus Webster died Dec. 28, 1891. 
Mary E. Webster died Jan. 3, 1897. The end. 

2. Charles Webster, of Litchfield, Ct., b. 1765, a farmer, mar. 
at Bethlehem, Litchfield Co., Ct., May 12, 1793, Lydia Eggleston, 
dau. of James Eggleston. He removed in the year 1800, taking his 
family on an ox sled from Ct. to Westford, Otsego Co., N". Y., 
where he resided until 1854 when he removed with his son Oliver to 
Troy, Will Co., 111., and there died Sept. 4, 1859, aged 94. His 
wife died at Westford, Otsego Co., N. Y., Nov. 3, 1838, aged 65. 

230 The Webster Genealogy [Prom Chap. 6 

Children : (Four b. at Bethlehem, Ct., and the last two at West- 
ford, X. Y.) Jesse, April 13, 1795; Eliza, July 25, 1797; Charles, 
Aug. 9, 1799; Buth, died in childhood; James, Nov. 13, 1805; 
Oliver, March 30, 1808. Besumed in Chapter XIX. 

3. Friend Webster, b. at Litchfield, Ct., date not found, mar. 
April 5, 1792, at Bethlehem, Conn., Philena, dau. of David Brown, 
of Bethlehem. (Another Friend Webster was married March 6, 
1792, at Bethel, Fairfield Co., Ct., to Hannah Hine.) 

He removed to Canandaigua, Ontario Co., N. Y., in 1800, "when that 
country was a wilderness," whence he removed to Livonia, Livingston Co., 
N. Y. 

He was a soldier in the war of 1812 and served at Buffalo, N. Y., 
whence he was sent home sick with typhus fever, on a furlough, and died 
three days after he reached home, and his wife took the disease from him 
and died a week after he did. They left a large family of boys to be cared 
for, who were very young, and who were put out to trades and profes- 
sions. Nine of them married and raised families. "They were all strictly 
temperate and strong abolitionists." 

Both died at Avon, Livingston Co., X. Y., about 1813. Mrs. 
Delia Allen, a granddaughter, says ('94) they died 81 years ago, 
.and the wife died ten days after the husband. 

Children : Horatio ; Anthony ; Joseph G-. ; Herald, b. Avon, X. 
Y., Xov. 27, 1797; Friend, May 4, 1800; John Taylor, Oct. 6, 
1803; David; Eobert Eanson, b. at Canandaigua, X. Y., Jan. 
3, 1807; Daniel Thompkins, b. Avon, X. Y., Aug. 10, 1809; Ash- 
er; Eansom, died at 5 years of age. Eesumed in Chapter XIX. 

4. Rhoda Webster, b. in Litchfield, Ct., date not found, m. (1) 
Joseph Whitmore, sometimes spelled Wetmore, and (2) George 

Children: (Whitmore) Albert, Chester, Jesse, Lizzie, Ehoda, 

(1) Albert Whitmore was in the War of 1812, and killed in the battle 
of Kingston, Ca. 

(2) Chester, a farmer, m. Mary Dumont and died at Allegan, Mich. 
Children: Olivia, b. 1823, m. Levi Smith, d. 1851, Allegan, Mich.; Jarcy 

Jane, b. April 3, 1824, d. 1847, at Allegan, Mich.; Joseph Henry, b. Mch. 
1826, a farmer, m. Caroline F. Davison, Res. 1902, Kalkaska, Mich.; Rhoda 
M. b. Sep. 13, 1828, m. Wm. A. Bliss and d. 1887 at Allegan, Mich. 

(3) Jesse m. Calista Wood, and d. at Knowlesville. 

Children: Wm. and Chas. Wm. at Buffalo, N. Y. — one dau. Chas. five 
children in Rochester, N. Y. 

(4) Lizzie m. Sylvanus Haynes and d. Knowlesville, N. Y. 
Children: Joseph H. and a dau. who m. Silas Hood, Knowlesville. 

(5) Rhoda m. Hosea Roberts a farmer. She d. 1869 at Allegan, Mich. 

Children: Albert Dumont, b. 1833, a farmer and Lieut. 13 Mich. In- 
fantry 1861, m. Jan. 31, 1866, Elizabeth Hudson. Res. 1902, Allegan, 
Mich.; Braeia D. b. 1836, m. Charles Rounds. She d. 1874 at Kalamazoo, 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 231 

Mich.; Chester, died 1879 at Allegan, Mich.; Joseph H. res. 1902, Newark, 
N. J. The end. 

(6) Lucy m. Mr. Toby and resided in Medina, Orleans Co., N. Y. 

5. Comfort Webster, b. May 20, 1774, in Litchfield, Ct., known 
as "Old Put." m. Polly Jones of Bethlehem, Ct. They removed 
to Canandaigua, Ontario Co., N\ Y. 

Eecords of Ontario Co., 1ST. Y., show that Comfort Webster, of 
Canandaigua, N. Y., bought land in Canandaigua, Aug. 3, 1809, 
of Oliver Phelps, of Suffield, Hartford Co., Conn. 

Both died in the town of Canandaigua, she, May 7, 1838, aged 
60 ys. and he, Aug. 31, 1862, aged 88 ys. 3 mos. 11 days, and both 
are buried in a rural cemetery on the road from Canandaigua to 
Bristol Centre by a school house. 

In his last Will and Testament he mentions his sons, Sheldon 
and A. B., his daughters Lucy Hurd, deceased, and Bhoda; his 
son, Harvey C, and his dau. Polly Lee, and his grandson, Charles 
H. Lee. 

Children: Sheldon, b. Dec. 20, 1798; Aaron Burr; Lucy; 
Bhoda; Harvey Comfort; Polly. Besumed in Chapter XIX. 

6. Elizabeth Webster, died in Litchfield, Ct., unm., July 5, 
1796, aged about 24 years. 

7. Lydia Webster, b. in Litchfield, Ct., date unknown, m. Wil- 
liam Emmons of Litchfield. They removed to New York state and 
then to New York City. The end. 

8. Tola Webster, b. in Litchfield, Ct., date unknown, m. Silence 
Garnsey of Watertown, Ct. 

March 21, 1818, Tola Webster of Watertown, Ct., bought land of John 
Clark of New Milford, Ct., in Waterbury Park, so called. 

Mr. F. J. Kingsbury, of Waterbury, Conn., says that they lived in the 
town of Watertown, just beyond the Gideon Camp place, on the middle 
Bunker Hill road, less than half a mile from Oakville (a village partly 
in Watertown and partly in Waterbury), the town line running, it is be- 
lieved, through his house. 

All the family moved away from Watertown after the death of the 

The Waterbury probate records say: Sept. 3, 1833. Administration 
granted on estate of Silence Webster, to Alva W. Talmadge. Distribution 
to Fanny W. French, eldest daughter; Eliza Camp, second daughter; and 
Lucy Webster, third daughter. 

Both died at Watertown, Conn., he, March 31, 1830, aged 50 
yrs. and she, July 21, 1833, aged 52. 
Children: Fanny W. ; Eliza; Lucy. 

(1) Fanny W. Webster mar. Ager French, and moved to Wilkesbarre, 

(2) Eliza, mar. Ephraim Camp, a repairer of clocks and watches. They 

232 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

removed to Naugatuck, Conn., and lived on the back road, in the rear of 
the Cemetery. 

Children: Abner W., and Sarah, who went West years ago. Abner W., 
'95, resided at Pontiae, Livingston Co., 111. 

(3) Lucy, mar. a Hall. They lived recently in Baltimore. The end. 

9. Wait Webster, of Litchfield, Ct., a farmer, date of whose 
birth not learned, mar. Oct. 24, 1803, Sarah Manville, daughter of 
David and Susannah (Hill) Manville, of Middlebury, New Haven 
Co., Ct. She was b. at Watertown, Ct., Dec. 12, 1784. She was 
of French descent. Her father, David Manville being the son of 
Nicholas, who was b. in Paris, France, and came to America "dur- 
ing the French War before the Kevolution," and who mar. soon 
after arriving in this country, Mary Murry, of New Haven, Ct. 
Wait and Sarah (Manville) Webster removed to Coventry, Che- 
nango Co., N. Y., in Nov. 1805. Dec. 16, 1806, he purchased 
land there of Jonathan Parker. He died at New Haven, Ct., Jany. 
11, 1859, and she in New York City, May 26, 1868, aged 83-5-15. 

Children : ( The first two and last b. at Watertown, Ct., the 
other four at Coventry, N. Y.) Henry, July 7, 1804, died July 4, 
1806; George Butler, Oct. 10, 1805; Sarah, Aug. 11, 1807; Wil- 
liam, Sept. 15, 1810, died in three weeks; Henry W., April 4, 
1812; Francis Manville, May 27, 1820; Susannah, Nov. 27, 1824. 
Eesumed in Chapter XIX. 

10. Jesse Webster, b. in Litchfield, Ct., date not learned, is 
said to have died in N. Y. state at 11 years of age. Should this be 
incorrect a clew may be had of a Jesse Webster and Mary, his wife, 
of Westford, Otsego Co., N. Y., who sold land in 1827 to James 
Webster of Westford, and in 1830, James Webster and Polly, his 
wife, of Westford sell. The end. 

11. Phineas Webster, b. at Litchfield, Ct., date unknown, m. 
Mabel Biclwell of Litchfield, and removed in 1811 to Ashtabula 
Co., O. The end. 

Section 4. Children of John (Dea. Benjamin, Dea. Jonathan, 
Robert, Gov. John) and Anna Webster of Litchfield, Ct., and the 
town of Whitestoivn, Herkimer Co., now Oneida Co., N. Y. 

1. Simeon Webster, b. in Litchfield, Ct., perhaps the oldest 
of the family, date of birth unknown, mar. (1) unknown. He mar. 
(2) in Oneida Co., N. Y., about 1804-1810, Jerusha Camp who 
came from Durham, Ct. 

He came from Litchfield to Whitestown, N. Y., before 1792, 
since on Sep. 19, 1792, he with his father, John Webster, pur- 
chased land on lots 6 and 7 on the road leading to Oriskane, they 
were of Whitestown, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

He died in Chicago, 111., about 1843-45, aged about 80 years. 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 233 

We have no record of the death of his first wife. His second wife 
died, Jan. 16, 1847, aged 68 years, and is buried in the cemetery 
at Whitestown, and has a headstone, and about her lie the follow- 
ing children : Inscriptions — Catharine, daughter of Simeon and 
Jerusha Webster, b. April 17, 1813, d. Sep. 12, 1830, aged 17 ys. 4 
mos. 12 ds. Martha (same parents) b. March 24, 1815, d. Sep. 
5, 1833, aged 18 ys. 5 mos. 5 ds. 

Jerusha Warner, died March 21, 1847, aged 41 years, wife of 
Harvey Warner. 

Children: (1st m.) James; Sally. (2d m.) (All b. at Whites- 
town, Oneida Co., X. Y.) Jerusha, 1806; Bela Camp, June 1807; 
James, 1809; John Smith, Oct. 2, 1811; Catharine, Apr. 17, 1813; 
Martha, March 24, 1815; Charles Parmelee, Jan. 22, 1817; Daniel 
H, Jan. 20, 1819. Eesumed in Chapter XIX. 

2. Chauncy Webster, b. Nov. 4, 1772, at Litchfield, Ct., a 
farmer, mar. Jany. 1, 1799; Lyndia Hills, b. April 28, 1780. Aft- 
er his death she mar. (2) Oct. 26, 1834, William Hathaway. He 
died June 24, 1831, and she May 13, 1853. 

Children: (Born at Lenox, Madison Co., X. Y.) Philena, Feb. 
16, 1800; Cynthia, Aug. 5, 1801, died Feb. 16, 1804; Benjamin 
Franklin, Jany. 23, 1803; Piatt, April 27, 1805; Malinda, April 
23, 1807; Chauncey, Jany. 17, 1809; Palmer, Oct. 17, 1811; Caro- 
line, Sept. 14, 1813, died at Clockville, Madison Co., X. Y., June 
19, 1826; Harris, March 17, 1815; Ledyard Palmer, March 25, 
1817; Eandolph Streeter, Feb. 29, 1820- Harmon Le Eoy, Xov. 
3, 1822 ; Joseph Palmer, Jany. 10, 1824. 

It is to be noted that Xov. 29, 1804, Chauncy Webster and 
Linda his wife of Western, Oneida Co., X. Y., sold land to Albon 
Comstock, so that the first three children were probably born in 
Western instead of Lenox. Eesumed in Chapter XIX. 

3. Thomas Webster, b. in Litchfield, Ct., date unknown, pur- 
chased land of his father, John Webster, of Whitestown, X. Y., Oct. 
29, 1795, in Taylor's Patent of 1792, divided into four lots, 50 
acres of lot Xo. 3. Adjoining farms the same day were sold to 
Chauncey and Asa Webster. The tradition in the family is that 
Thomas Webster moved to Ohio, "and the last heard of him he had 
gone 700 miles further west." 

In some genealogical inquiries we find this : "Please give ances- 
try of Thomas Webster who came to Cincinnati early in 1800, or 
thereabouts. He was a widower with six children, viz. : Clarissa, 
Harriett, Sallie, Havilah, Levi and Mary, whom he left in Xew 
York state with her grandmother. I think they came from Al- 
bany. Thomas had a brother William who remained East." We 
have not had time to search this matter and leave to others its so- 
lution. The end. 

234 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

4. Asa Webster, b. June 11, 1775, at Litchfield, Ct., a farmer, 
mar. Aug. 15, 1802, Elizabeth Douglass, daughter of Eev. Caleb 
Douglass, a Baptist minister. 

Asa Webster was a soldier in the War of 1812. He was granted a 
bounty land warrant and in his claim therefor he alleged service as fol- 
lows: In Capt. Edmund Fuller's Co., New York militia from about Oct. 
8, 1814, to about Nov. 12, same year; was at Sacketts Harbor, and put 
in a substitute, James Blake, on the latter date and went home on ac- 
count of sickness in his family. No record of his service was found, but 
James Blake's name was found on the rolls. Webster's claim was, how- 
ever, allowed. He signed his name in poor handwriting and gave his resi- 
dence in 1850 and in 1855 as Western, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

Last Will of Asa Webster, Aug. 1, 1857: My wife, Elizabeth; my sons, 
Caleb and James; Bobert, Elizabeth and Susan, children of my son, Samuel, 
deceased; my son, Albert; Adonirum, Simeon and Clinton, children of my 
dau. Eliza Grems; Diana and Lavina, children of my dau., Susan Putnam; 
my daughter Sarah Ann Adams, wife of Asahel Adams ; Webster Wilson, son 
of Seth Wilson and Emily Wilson, also Martha and Emily their daughters; 
my dau. Bebecca Le Clear, wife of John B. LeClear; my dau. Hester 
Owens, wife of Owen Owens; Milton, Wesley, and an infant brother, chil- 
dren of my son George, deceased. Harry Grems and Archibald Hames, 

Last will of Elizabeth Webster of Western, dated Aug. 1G, 1869, men- 
tions Bobert Webster, my grandson, my granddaughter, Elizabeth Webster, 
minor children of Samuel Webster, deceased. Owen Owens, executor. 

Both died at Western, Oneida Co., N. Y., she Dec. 11, 1837, aged 
55-7-19, and he Sept. 27, 1857. 

Children: (All b. at Western, N. Y.) Elizabeth, April 7, 1803; 
William Ryley, April 3, 1805; Sarah Ann, Feb. 16, 1807; Susan 
Elvira, Nov. 30, 1808; Caleb Douglass, Nov. 20, 1810; Rebecca, 
May 21, 1812; James, May 1, 1814; Emily, June 19, 1816; Albert, 
Aug. 1, 1818; Esther Maria, Nov. 17, 1820; George Henry, June 
3, 1823 ; Samuel, Jany. 2, 1826. Resumed in Chapter XIX. 

5. William Webster, b. in Litchfield, Ct., date unknown. 
Nothing is known of this son. 

In Bockland, Venango Co., Pa., settled a William Webster, whose widow 
was born in 1784. April 7, 1855, she applied for a pension on account of 
his services in the War of 1812. She had no record of his services but 
says he was drafted at Caledonia, Genesee Co., N. Y., in Capt. Wm. Pen- 
nock's Co., Militia, and served about 6 weeks, about July 1, 1813, and was 
again drafted to go to Buffalo, and served about 2 months. She affirmed 
that she, Boxie Ann Hill and William Webster were m. Sep. 30, 1802, at 
New Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., and that he died in Venango Co., Pa., 
March 28, 1845. 

The name of this William Webster's father was John. He came 
from Connecticut, and settled in Rockland, Pa., about 1820. 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 235 

This William had 11 children, all of whom lived to marry, and 
none was living in 1900. 

Children : John, Maranda, William, Sally, Mary Ann, Lambert, 
Alfred, Harriet, Adeline, Warren, George. 

(1) John m. Sally Maitland of Eockland, Pa. 

(2) Maranda m. John Ford of Rockland, Pa. 

(3) William m. Mary Ann Collingwood of Rockland, Pa. 

(4) Sally m. James Hagerty of Rockland, Pa. 

(5) Mary Ann m. John Jolly of Rockland, Pa. 

(6) Lambert m. Jane Wood. No residence given. 

(7) Alfred married but who is not known. 

(8) Harriet m. John Stroup of Rockland, Pa. 

(9) Adeline m. John Kellerman of Rockland, Pa. 

(10) Warren m. Sally Ann McMillen, Apr. 8, 1847. 

(11) George m. Mary Jane Ross of Rockland, Pa. The end. 

6. John Webster, b. in Litchfield, Ct., date unknown, is buried 
in the old cemetery in Rome, Oneida Co., 1ST. Y. He evidently had 
no headstone. The remains of those in the old have recently, 1910, 
been removed to the new cemetery. The end. 

7. Samuel Webster, b. in Litchfield, Ct., the youngest of the 
family, was drowned in New York, apparently unmarried. The 


Sixth Generation — Great Grand Children of Robert and 

Hannah Beckley Webster, in the Line of Robert, 

the son of Gov. John Webster. 

First Generation, Gov. John and Agnes Webster. — Second, Lieut. 
Robert and Susannah Treat Webster. — Third, Robert and Han- 
nah Beckley Webster. — Fourth, Children of Robert and Hannah 
Beckley Webster named in the Divisions of this Chapter. — 
Fifth, Grandchildren of Robert and Hannah Beckley Webster 
named in the numbered Sections of this Chapter. — Sixth, Great 
Grandchildren of the same in the numbered Paragraphs of this 
Chapter, printed in heavy face type. The Seventh and Eighth 
Generations also appear in a Supplement within this Chapter, 
closing the record in this Line. 

First Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Robert and 
Hannah Beckley Webster by their son, Robert Webster of Hartford, 
Ct., who married Lois Stanley. 

Section 1.— Children of Justus {Robert, Robert, Lieut. Robert, 
Gov. John) and Jerusha (Stoddard) Webster of Litchfield, Ct. 

1. Rebecca Webster, b. at Litchfield, Ct., Sept. 7, 1751, mar. 
Sept. 16, 1773, Stephen Plant. 

E. N". Sheppard says, Stephen Plant and Rebecca Webster had : 
Jerusha, Naomi, Orpah, Stephen, Reuel, Rebecca, Ammi, and 

(1) Reuel Plant mar. Phebe Springer and had the following children: 
Isaac, Mary Ann, Harriet, Stephen, Jane, David, Phebe, Charlotte, Abi- 
gail and Miles. (a) Phebe mar. George Curtis, of Campville, Ct. (b) 
Abigail mar. Aai-on Baldwin. The end. 

2. James Webster, evidently married, because April 19, 1804, 
John Stoddard and Levi Coe were appointed by the Probate Court 
to distribute the estate of James Webster, late of Litchfield ( Conn. ) , 
deceased, to Clarissa Webster, a minor daughter. 

1794, May 8, James Webster of Litchfield, sold to John Webster of said 
Litchfield, "out of my father's estate," bounded by Jonah and Obed. 
Webster. (John 2d, in index.) 

1795, he sells his right to estate of David Stoddard. 

1797, Aug. 4, he sells to John Webster, 2d, "§ part of the land descended 
to me from my honored mother, Jerusha Webster, deceased, from her 
father, Moses Stoddard." 


6th Gen.] Eobert Websteb's Line 237 

1806, Ama Webster to Levi Coe (This may have been wife of James.) 
1778, he was ap. guardian of John Webster, a minor of about eight 
years. The end. 

3. Obed Webster, b. July 23, 1761, at Litchfield, Ct., a car- 
penter and joiner, m. (1) July 24, 1785, Betsey Lake, of Derby, 
New Haven Co., Ct., who was b. Dec. 2, 1762. He mar. (2) April 
15, 1805, Charity Johnson, b. Sept. 18, 1774. He mar. (3) April 
11, 1813, widow Lucy Hall, of Johnstown, Fulton Co., N. Y., who 
was b. at Great Hill (Derby), Ct., Aug. 16, 1771 or 1773. She 
was daughter of George Beard, a blacksmith, who died at Johns- 
town, 1ST. Y. 

Obed Webster was a soldier in the Revolution, in Capt. Harrison's Co., 
Conn, troops, and in Capt. John Stoddard's Co., Col. Beebe's Reg't., 
Conn. line. Also on same roll with Michael Webster, evidently the 17th 
Regt., commanded by Col. Sheldon. Private Obed Webster is on the roll 
of Capt. James Smith's Co., Col. M. Mead's Regt. No length of service 
given. Again was appraised at a certain sum, Nov. 24, 1779. On the back 
of the roll "Obed Webster and 30 others beg to be furloughed for reasons 
that they can render." 

In 1832, Obed Webster of New Haven Co., Conn., was on the roll of pen- 

Feb. 14, 1789, Obed Webster of Derby, Ct., buys land there. (Now Sey- 
mour, Ct. ) 

He died at Derby (Great Hill), Oct. 31, 1837. His first and 
second wives same place, Betsey, March 13, 1804, in childbirth, 
and Charity, Oct. 4, 1810. His widow died at Bethany (Beacon 
Falls), Ct., Jany. 18, 1858. 

Children: (All b. at Derby, Ct.) (By first mar.) Harriet, Feb. 
22, 1787, died April 29, same year; Lucretia, May 11, 1788 ; David, 
July 6, 1790; Sally, Aug. 16, 1792; Harriet, Aug. 21, 1794; Betsey, 
Nov. 6, 1796; Laura, May 14, 1799. Three still born children, 
respectively, Aug. 3, 1801, Oct. 1, 1802, March 13, 1804. (By 
second mar.) Clark, Sept. 23, 1805; Aaron, April 6, 1807. (By 
third mar.) Charles, Jany. 1, 1811. Besumed in this Chapter in 
a Supplement, page 239. 

4. Jonah Webster, b. 1766, at Litchfield, Ct., probably did not 
marry. In 1778 the estate of Justus Webster was distributed, 
among others, to Jonah Webster a minor about 11 years, to Stephen 
Plantz, guardian to said Jonah Webster. 1794 he is mentioned in 
the land boundary of his brother James. 

Sept. 2, 1841. Jonah Webster's estate was distributed to John 
Webster, heirs of Bebecca Plants, heirs of Obed Webster, and heirs 
of James Webster. The end. 

5. John Webster, b. June 4, 1770, at Litchfield, Ct., a farmer, 
m. Dec. 24, 1795, at Goshen, Litchfield Co., Ct., by Eev. Mr. Hooker, 
Mary Bartholomew, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Lucas) Bartholo- 

238 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. <3 

mew, b. there Feb. 28, 1771. Her father settled there in 1766, 
having come from Branford, New Haven Co., Ct. 

1794, May 8, John Webster purchased of James Webster, both of Litch- 
field, Ct., land out of their father's estate. He is called John 2d to dis- 
tinguish him from John of another family. 

1778, James Webster is appointed guardian of John, aged about eight 
years. Their parents died of small-pox. 

1796, Jan. 3, John Webster sells to Daniel Stoddard his right to the 
estate of David Stoddard. 

1809, Dec. 18, John Webster of Winchester, Ct., yoeman, sold to Geo. 
Minor of Loudon, Mass., \ of a saw-mill known as Owen's saw-mill in 

1812, Nov. 30, Samuel Bartholomew of Goshen, Ct., sold land to Mary 
Webster of Goshen, land in Alford, Mass., and Hillside, Columbia Co., 
N. Y. 

1814, Mch. 17, same Bartholomew to John Webster of town of Hillsdale, 
N. Y. 

He also lived at Great Barrington, Mass., and spent his final 
years at Green Biver (town of Hillsdale), Columbia Co., 1ST. Y., 
where both died, she Dec. 9, 1841, aged 70 ys, 9 mos, 11 ds, and 
he Nov. 25, 1851, aged 81 ys, 5 mos, 21 days. 

Children: Asa, b. Litchfield, Ct., Oct.' 28, 1796; Ari, Feb. 
1, 1799; Mary, Dec. 19, 1810. Resumed in Supplement to this 
Chapter, page 242. 

Second Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Robert 
and Hannah Beekley Webster, descendants by their dau., Hannah 
Webster of Hartford, Ct., who married Ebenezer Webster, son of 
John and Sarah (Mygatt) Webster. (See Ebenezer Webster for 
this line.) 

Third Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Robert and 
Hannah Beekley Webster, descendants by their son, Caleb Web- 
ster of Hartford, East Hartford, and Wethersfield, Ct., whose wife 
is unknown in this book. 

Section 1. — Children of Joshua (Caleb, Robert, Lieut. Robert, 
Gov. John) and Abigail (Booth) Webster of Farmington and 
Berlin, Ct. 

1. Leonard Booth Webster, bap. July 14, 1782, at New 

Britian, Ct., m. Frances , whose name in deeds is given as 


In the year 1805 Leonard B. Webster of Southwick, Hampden Co., Mass., 
and Abigail Webster deeded land previously sold by Wadsworth to Joshua 

1809, April 29, Leonard B. Webster buys lands in Lisle, Broome Co., 
N. Y. of Joel Warren and Peggy, his wife, all of Lisle, N. Y. 

1809, Dec. 16, Leonard B. Webster and Fanny, his wife, of the town of 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 239 

Plymouth, Chenango Co., N. Y., sell to Timothy Clark of Lisle, N. Y., land 
in Lisle. 

April 30, 1813, Leonard B. Webster buys land of Joseph Adams and 
Mary his wife, of the town of Sherburne, Chenango Co., N. Y., land there, 
and on the same day he with Fanny his wife sold the land to Tilly Lynde. 

George Nelson. Webster, a grandson, is authority for the fact that 
Leonard Booth Webster was a school teacher and died at Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Children : Norman Stanley, b. Feb. 28, 1810, at Sharon, Che- 
nango Co., N. Y. ; Walter Nelson, b. April 7, 1814, at Ithaca, N. 
Y. Some have suggested that there was a daughter. Eesumed in 
this Chapter (Supplement), page 244. 

2. Abigail Webster, bap. March 2, 1783, at New Britain, Ct, 
m. March 2, 1802, at Kensington, Ct., Abner Webster of Bristol, 
Ct., possibly the son of Timothy and Mabel (Bidwell) Webster, 
b. Jan. 13, 1777, of Litchfield, Ct. 

Nov. 14, 1792, Timothy Webster of Litchfield sold land in Bris- 
tol, showing that his activities reached in that direction. That 
Abner was the son of Timothy is not proved. The end. 

3. Lucy Webster, bap. Oct. 24, 1784, at New Britain, Ct., m. 
Sep. 27, 1801, Amzi Stanley, a lawyer and judge of Circuit Court, 
b. Oct. 23, 1770, son of Col. Gad and Mary (Judd) Stanley of 
Farmington, Ct. They removed from New Britain, Ct., to Mari- 
etta, O., in 1814, where both died with yellow fever, he Aug. 4, 
and she Aug. 8, 1823. 

Children: (Stanley) (All b. in New Britain, Ct.) Walter, Apr. 
18, 1803; Sheldon, Oct. 19, 1804; Henrietta Maria, Jan. 30, 1807; 
George, June 12, 1808; Philip, March 30, 1810; Amzi, Jr., Feb. 
5, 1811. Resumed in Supplement to this Chapter. Page 247. 

Supplement to Chapter X, Seventh Generation. 

Section 1. — Children of Obed (Justus, Eobert, Robert, Lieut. 
Robert, Gov. John) and Betsey (Lake), and Charity (Johnson), 
and Widow Lucy (Hall, nee Beard) Webster of Derby, New Haven 
Co., Ct. 

1. Lucretia Webster, b. May 11, 1788, (by first in.) of Ox- 
ford, Ct., mar. Isaac Tomlinson, son of Isaac and (Hawkins) 

Tomlinson, of Derby, Ct. They lived in the southern part of 
Oxford, Ct. He was a seafaring man, and was known as "Captain." 
She died at Oxford, Ct., Feb. 13, 1869; Nov. 13, 1869, another, 
and he "many years ago." 

Children: (Tomlinson) Maria, b. Dec. 6, 1806; Jennette, June 
2, 1810, died unmarried, Sept. 23, 1875; Grace, April 8, 1813; 
Jane, June 21, 1819; George Decatur, June 3, 1821; Isaac Wil- 
liam, March 27, 1824, died unmarried, Jan'y 24, 1848. 

240 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

(1) Maria m. Silas Gunn, of Oxford, Ct., who died at West Haven, Ct., 
in 1867. She died at Oxford, Ct., July 16, 1862. They had five sons, viz.: 
George, Andrew, Luzerne, Luther, Arthur. 

(2) Grace m. Samuel Lake, of southern part of Oxford, Ct., son of 
William and Tryphena (Tomlinson) Lake. He died Aug. 1, 1866. They 
had one son and a daughter, viz.: (1) Isaac Burr, b. April 27, 1832, who 
m., May 24, 1860, Sarah Maria Buel, of Clinton, Ct., b. March 19, 1837, 
and they had a son, Myron, b. May 2, 1870. (2) Fannie Maria, b. April 
7, 1837, and died, unmarried, Jan'y 8, 1881. 

(3) Jane m. John Lewis, of Waterbury, Ct. She died Dec. 12, 1842. 
They had one son, George, who had the consumption, and died young. 

(4) George Decatur m. (1) name unknown, from whom he soon sepa- 
rated; and (2) Laura Goodrich, of New Haven, Ct. He died Jan'y 25, 
1881 ; and she, Jan'y 23, 1876. By second wife he had a daughter, 
Jennette, who m. William Dodge, of Massachusetts. The end. 

2. David Webster, b. July 6, 1790, (by first mar.), a car- 
penter and joiner, of Derby (Great Hill, now Seymour), Ct., mar. 
Anna Bunnell, of Great Hill, daughter of Philemon and Ruth 
(Botsford) Bunnell. He died at Derby, Feb. 9, 1873. She was 
insane for several years prior to her death, May 5, 1873. The 

3. Sally Webster, b. Aug. 16, 1792, (by first m.) mar. Abi- 
jah Holbrook, of Derby, Ct. They resided at Oxford, Ct., where 
both died, he, Oct. 10, 1836; and she, Nov. 10, 1872. 

Children: (Holbrook) Sarah Ann, b. Jan'y 21, 1817, died, 
unmarried, Jan'y 20, 1861 ; Thomas William Wire, b. Jan'y 17, 
1819, was living '81, unmarried. The end. 

4. Harriet Webster, b. Aug. 21, 1794, (by first m.) mar. 
Elijah Lindsley, a farmer, of Litchfield, Ct. They removed to the 
Black Biver country, Johnstown, Fulton Co., N. Y. He died Aug., 
1876; and she, March 2, 1849. 

Children: (Lindsley) Lucius, b. April 5, 1818; Clark, June 18, 
1819; Daniel Hall, Dec. 8, 1821; Polly Maria, Dec. 24, 1822; 
Hannah Amanda, Nov. 23, 1824, died; Emily Jane, May 12, 1826, 
died; Elijah Miles, May 19, 1828; Caroline Matilda, July 15, 1830, 
died; George, July 11, 1832; Charles, July 31, 1834, died; Helen 
Elizabeth, July 20, 1835, died ; Charles Hazen, Aug. 6, 1839. 

(1) Lucius m. Nancy Torry. 

(2) Clarke Lindsley, a silversmith of Hartford, Conn., mar. Oct. 
2, 1841, Amanda Doolittle, of Woodbury, Conn., dau. of Benjamin and 
Betsey Colyer (Moore) Doolittle. Benjamin Doolittle was b. at Walling- 
ford, Conn., and Betsey Cuyler Moore, at Litchfield, Conn. Clark Lindsley 
and wife resided, '82, at Hartford, Conn. — Children : Hubert Edgar, b. July 
4, 1842, mar. and resides at Hartford, Conn.; Walter Terry, b. June 28, 
1845, served in the war of the Rebellion, and was killed at Atlanta, Ga., 
Aug. 27, 1864; Mary Frances, b. June 16, 1847, married and resides at 
Hartford, Conn. The end. 

6th Gen.] Eobeet Webster's Line 241 

( 3 ) Daniel Hall, a farmer, served in the War of Rebellion, in Co. L. 10th 
N. Y. Artillery, from Aug. 25, 1864, to June 23, 1865. He m. (1) Caro- 
line Matilda Carey, b. at Pamelia, Jefferson Co., N. Y., Oct 8, 1820; and 
he m. (2) Esther Ressegenie, b. at Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., N. Y., May 
13, 1826. His first wife died Chaumont, Jefferson Co., N. Y., Jan'y 
23, 1863, at which place his second wife was living '82. He has a daughter 
by second wife. 

(4) Polly Maria m. Levi A. Randall. They resided '82, at Danville, 
Dodge Co., Wis. He is dead but wid. Mch. 27, 1899, res. at Arlington, 
Kingsbury Co., So. Dak. Sons' names — Lucus Eugene and Walter and both 
live there. 

(5) George mar. Sarah Lawrence. He was in the army in the War of 
Rebellion. They resided '82, at Neilsville, Clarke Co., Wis. 

(6) Charles Hazen mar. Augusta Amadon. He was in the army in the 
War of Rebellion. They have four children, and resided '82, at Waupun, 
Fond du Lac Co., Wis. 

5. Betsey Webster, b. Nov. 6, 1796, (by first m.) mar. at 
Parish of Kingsbury, Johnstown, Fulton Co., N. Y., June 1, 1827, 
Samuel Ware Marshall, who was born in Swanzey, Cheshire Co., 
N. H., and was a farmer and blacksmith. He enlisted in the Keg- 
ular Army, May 26, 1812, and served until May 25, 1817, and at 
the time of his discharge was a Sergeant in Co. D., 2d U. S. In- 
fantry. He was said to have been wounded twice, viz. : at the 
battles of Little York or Toronto, and at Sacketts Harbor. They 
resided from 1828 to 1850 at Lime, Jefferson Co., N. Y. ; and from 
1850 to 1853, when he died, at Alto, Fond du Lac Co., Wis. ; and 
since his death she has made her residence with her niece, Maria 
Eandall, wife of Levi A. Eandall, at Danville, Dodge Co., Wis. 
He died at Alto, Wis., July 12, 1853, where she was living '82. No 
children by Marshall. The end. 

6. Laura Webster, b. May 14, 1799, (by first m.) mar. Benja- 
min Perry, of Oxford, Ct., son of Joel Perry. They resided at Ox- 
ford, Ct., where both died, he, March 9, 1851; and she, Oct. 14, 

Children: (Perry) Charles, b. May 29, 1829, mar. May 10, 
1851, Mary Ann Allen, of Oxford, Ct., daughter of Eli and Maria 
Allen. They had three sons, viz. : Charles, Walter, and John. The 

7. Clark Webster, b. Sep. 23, 1805 (by 2d m.) m. (1) Nov. 7, 
1830, Sarah M. Stetson (given also Stilson), who lived only a brief 
time, and he m. (2) Sarah Hitchcock, dau. of Timothy and Eaina 
(Twitchell) Hitchcock of Derby, Ct. Pes. Oxford, Ct. No chil- 
dren. The end. 

8. Aaron Webster, b. April 6, 1807, d. unm. March 11, 1838. 
He was a farmer of Derbv, Ct. 

9. Charles Webster, b. Jan. 1, 1814, (by third m.), a mason, 


242 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

of Derby (Great Hill, now Seymour), Ct. ; of Beacon Falls, Ct. ; 
and of Sandy Hook (Newtown), Ct., mar. (1) Feb. 18, 1838, Mary 
Antoinette Hard, of Oxford, Ct., b. Aug. 23, 1814, daughter of 
Joseph Nettleton and Agnes (Bartice) Hard, of Oxford; and (2) 
April 13, 1863, Mary Louisa Clark, of Zoar (Newtown),- Ct., b. 
at Zoar, Sept. 4, 1819, daughter of Granderson and Hannah (Hard) 
Clark. He (Granderson) was b. at Zoar, March 16, 1793, and died 
Sept. 25, 1850; and she (Hannah), b. Nov. 19, 1793, and died 
Dec. 11, 1853. 

Charles Webster's first wife, Mary Antoinette, died July 31, 
1861 ; and his second wife, Mary Louisa, was living '81, at Sandy 
Hook (Newtown), Ct. 

Children: Charles Franklin, b. Jany. 7, 1839, died Sept. 9, 
1845; Josephine, May 30, 1840, died Jan'y 3, 1843; Alice Mary, 
Aug. 25, 1843; Jane Adelaide, Aug. 21, 1845, died, unmarried, 
July 9, 1869; by second wife: no children. 

(1) Alice Mary was afflicted with a spinal disease, never walked. 
She died, unmarried, March 4, 1873. The end. 

Section 2. — Children of John {Justus, Robert, Robert, Lieut. 
Robert, Gov. John) and Mary {Bartholomew) Webster of Goshen, 
in Litchfield, Ct., and Green River, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

1. Asa Webster, b. Oct. 28, 1796, at Litchfield, Ct., m. at Hills- 
dale, Columbia Co., N. Y., (1) Nov. 22, 1817, Elizabeth Newcomb 
who d. Apr. 14, 1821, and he m. (2) May 23, 1822, Polly Moore, 
b. Sep. 29, 1795. All d. at Green Biver, Columbia Co., N. Y., he 
Apr. 7, 1854, and his second wife, May 2, 1866, age 70. 

Children: (1st m.) Maryette Lucretia, Nov. 22, 1818; Justus, 
Mch. 11, 1820; (2d m.) Almon Moore, March 11, 1826, Albert 
and Egbert, twins, Oct. 1, 1827. Besumed in Supplement to this 
Chapter. Page 243. 

2. Ari Webster, b. Feb. 1, 1799, m. Bhoda. There is some con- 
fusion about this. Notes taken by M. B. Webster seem to show 
that Bhoda the wife of Ari died Aug. 26, 1829, aged 30 years. 
Earlier notes affirm the same date of him, although it would make 
his age at death, 30-6-25. This name appears in a real estate note 
of 1825. No children. The end. 

3. Mary Webster, b. Dec. 19, 1810, m. Sep. 5, 1833, at Hills- 
dale, Columbia Co., N. Y., Samuel Belwin Bowe, a farmer, b. there 
June 30, 1810, son of James and Elizabeth (Olmstead) Bowe. 
Both died and are buried at Green Biver, Columbia Co., N. Y., he 
Sep. 3, 1853, and she Dec. 20, 1880. 

Children : (Bowe) (All b. in the town of Hillsdale, N. Y.) Por- 
ter, July 11, 1835; Myron, Oct. 25, 1837; Henry James, and Mary 
Jane (twins) Aug. 6, 1844. 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 243 

( 1 ) Porter, a farmer, m. Mary Sperry. Res. 1903, Stockbridge, Ing- 
ham Co., Mich. , 

(2) Myron, a farmer, m. Emma Hoyt. Res. 1903, Alford, Berkshire Co., 

(3) Henry James, a farmer, m. in 1869, Jennie A. Stoddard. She died 
at North Egremont, Mass., Mch. 30, 1884 and he at Hartford, Ct., Jan. 27, 

(4) iviary Jane m. Dec. 7, 1864, Henry William Burgett, a farmer. Res. 
1903, North Egremont, Mass. The end. 

Eighth Generation. — Children of Asa and Elizabeth (New- 
comb) and Polly (Moore) Webster, in this Chapter. 

1. Maryette Lucretia Webster, b. Nov. 22, 1818, m. Dec. 14, 
1836, by Eev. Wm, Lull, William Waltermire, son of Peter. He 
d. at Spencertown, 1ST. Y., May 20, 1885, where, 1903, she res. 
with her son, Eichard Codowning Waltermire. 

Children: (Waltermire) (Born' in town of Clinton, Dutchess 
Co., 1ST. Y., unless otherwise indicated.) Thaddeus John, Nov. 
12, 1837, d. Nov. 17, 1851; Thuressa, June 7, 1843, d. June 10, 
1844; Virgeneia, Jan. 10, 1845; Webster, Aug. 4, 1846, d. Mch. 
9, 1849; William Stewart, Jan. 1, 1849, d. Apr. 16, 1850; (all 
following b. New York City) Theadore, Jan. 8, 1851, d. July 29, 
1853; Milan LaFayette, May 26, 1852, d. Apr. 29, 1853; Kate, 
June 9, 1854, d. Sep. 30, 1870; Richard Codowning, Dec. 16. 
1859; Fred B., June 16, 1862, d. Sep. 16, 1862. 

(1) Virgeneia m. Dec. 17, 1863, Edward Forest Miller, a real estate agent 
of New York City. She d. Aug. 12, 1870, and he in 1889. Children: 
Maryetta, b. May 25, 1864, m. Ephriam Baldwin. She d. Sep. 17, 1889, 
soon after the birth of her child Maryetta. Mr. Baldwin res. 1903 at 
North Egremont, Mass. 

(2) Richard Codowning, a mechanic, m. June 29, 1879, Minnie May 
Barden, b. Nov. 21, 1857, dau. of Wesley and Jane (Eggleston) Barden. 
Res. 1903, Spencertown, Columbia Co., N. Y. Children: Kenneth Richard, 
b. May 24, 1880. The end. 

2. Justus Webster, b. March 11, 1820, d. unm. at Green Eiver, 
N. Y., Sep. 9, 1851, in the 31st year of his age. 

3. Almon Moore Webster, a merchant, b. March 11, 1826, 
s. of Asa and his second wife, Polly (Moore) Webster, m. (1) 
Mch. 18, 1847, Cornelia Becker who d. Dec. 19, 1850, in the 25th 
year of her age, and he m. (2) Lucy Ann Lacy, b. Nov. 15, 1827, 
dau. of Elisha and Electa Lacy. He d. March 30, 1858. The 
widow afterward m. Lorenzo Kellogg, and she died July 22, 1903, 
and was buried at Spencertown, N. Y. She has a dau. Mary 
Estella who m. Nov. 3, 1889, Edwin E. Blunt, a farmer, Chatham, 
N. Y., R. F. D. No. 1. 

244 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

Almon Moore Webster and first wife d. at Green River," N. Y., 
and are buried there, she Dec. 19, 1850, and he Mch. 30, 1858. 
The end. 

4. Albert Webster, a twin, b. Oct. 1, 1827, m. Feb. 8, 1856, 
Eunice Ann Becker. Res. 1903, Austerlitz, N. Y. The end. 

5. Egbert Webster, a twin, b. Oct. 1, 1827, m. April 3, 1850, 
Lucinda Van Duesan, at Hollowville, Columbia Co., 1ST. Y. 

He enlisted Oct. 4, 1862, in Co. E, 159 N. Y. Vol's, at Hudson, 
1ST. Y. He was discharged Oct. 12, 1865, at Augusta, Ga. 

He died at Copake, Columbia Co., N. Y., March 7, 1872, aged 
44 ys, and 5 months. Lucinda his wife d. Oct. 16, 1873, aged 
49 ys and 6 mos. Both are buried at Green River, N. Y. 

Children: Delmar Van Duesan, b. May 4, 1851; Mervin Asa, 
b. June 17, 1856. 

Delmar Van Duesan res. 1903 at Wakefield, Washington Co., 
R. I. Mervin Asa at Narragansett Pier, R. I. 

Massachusetts records show birth of Harriet L. Webster at Dal- 
ton, Berkshire Co., Mass., Aug. 5, 1893, dau. of Delmar Webster, 
a paper-hanger, born at Stephentown, N. Y., and Lillian Rans- 
house, his wife, b. at Pittsfielcl, Mass. The end. 

First Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Caleb Web- 
ster and his wife, unknown, by his son Joshua Webster of Farming- 
ton and Berlin, Ct., who married Abigail Booth. 

Section 1. — Children of Leonard Booth {Joshua, Caleb, Robert, 
Lieut. Robert, Gov. John) and his wife Frances, or Fanny, of 
Southioiclc, Mass., Lisle, Broome Co., and Plymouth. Chenango 
Co., N. Y. 

1. Norman Stanley Webster, b. Feb. 28, 1810, at Sharon, 
Chenango Co., 1ST. Y., m. (1) Sarah Chase, and (2) about 1840, 
Lucy Harrison Bates, of Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson Co., O. 

His first wife d., date not given. He d. Sep. 10, 1882, and 
his second wife res. '92 in Virginia. 

Children: (1st mar.) George, b. Geneva, 1ST. Y., Apr. 25, 1831; 
Mary Frances. (2d mar.) Elisha Bates; Sada, b. Mt. Pleasant, 
Jefferson Co., O., Dec. 23, 1843 ; Wm. Norman, b. New Philadel- 
phia, Tuscarawas Co., O., June 6, 1848. Continued. (See below.) 

2. Walter Nelson Webster, b. April 7, 1814, at Ithaca, N. 
Y., a weaver by trade, removed from New Philadelphia, Ohio, 
and became lost to the knowledge of his relatives. Rev. W. N. 
Webster of Deerfield, O., wrote in 1891, (Aug. 3) that Walter 
lived in New Philadelphia in 1846 ; that he then had three chil- 
dren; that one of them, George, was crippled in his hand. He 
continues : "Walter went west soon after their visit in 1846 and 
father saw a statement in a Western paper that a man by the 
name of Walter Webster, who had recently come into the neigh- 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 245 

borhood, was sitting under a tree in the edge of the woods and 
was killed by hostile Indians. Father never heard of him after- 
wards and gave him up as dead, and never heard from any of 
his family." 

He married, at Smithtown, 1ST. Y., Elizabeth Morris, b. June 
14, 1816, at New Town, North Wales, dau. of George and Eliza- 
beth (Humphries) Morris. She died in Toronto, Ca., Dec. 30, 
1905, and is buried at Otterville, Ontario, Ca. A Walter Nelson 
Webster, supposed to be the above, d. in June, 1887, at Lawson, 
Clear Creek Co., Colorado. 

Children: (First, born West Bloomfield, N. Y., the next two, 
Round Plains, and remaining two at Waterford, both in Norfolk 
Co., Ontario, Canada.) George Nelson, Apr. 25, 1842; Sarah 
Frances, Sep. 13, 1844; Elizabeth, July 26, 1846; Norman' Daniel, 
June 4, 1848; Minerva Maud, Jan. 9, 1851. Continued in this 

Eighth Generation. — Children of Norman Stanley and Sarah 
(Chase) and Lucy Harrison (Bates) Webster, in this Chapter. 

1. George Webster, b. Apr. 25, 1831, a manufacturer, m. (1) 
March 5, 1854, at New Philadelphia, Ohio, Fanny Ellen, dau. 
of Peter and Mary (Kinsley) Williams, b. there Sep. 12, 1833, 
and (2) Sep. 6, 1864, at Leo, Allen Co., Inch, Mary Craven, (the 
widow of Jacob W. Barnhart when Webster mar. her) b. Jan. 8, 
1837, near Wooster, 0., dau. of Samuel and Sarah (Medcalf) 
Craven. His first wife d. Nov. 29, 1860, at New Philadelphia, 0., 
his second wife and himself at Monroeville, Allen Co., Ind., she 
Apr. 29, 1900, and he July 7, 1900. He was Post Master of 
Monroeville, Inch, four years under Benj. Harrison, president. 

Children: (1st mar.) (Born, New Philadelphia, O.) Edward 
Chase, Jan. 21, 1855; Lizzie Bates, Oct. 22, 1857. (2d mar.) 
(Born, Monroeville, Ind.) Fanny, July 2, 1865, d. July 22, 1865; 
Frank Stanley, Nov. 29, 1866; Henry Merton, Dec. 23, 1869; 
George, Jr., Feb. 16, 1871, d. Aug. 18, 1872; Charles Bruce, Sep. 
28, 1873, d. June 8, 1879; Don Hiram Lycurgus, July 6, 1876; 
Mary Sims, Aug. 14, 1879, d. May. 1, 1880. 

(1 ) Edward Chase is (1900) a salesman in St. Louis, Mo. 

(2) Lizzie Bates m. Oct. 26, 1880, Clarence A. Phillips, a salesman. 
Res. 1900, 504 Douglass St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

(3) Frank Stanley, a lumber dealer with saw and planing mill, unm. 
1900, Monroeville, Ind. 

(4) Henry Merton, foreman in a shoe factory, m. June 4, 1894, Margaret 
Bell Bowen. Res. 1900, Mishawaka, Ind. 

(5) Don Hiram Lycurgus, a shoemaker, unm. 1900, Mishawaka, Ind. 
The end. 

246 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

2. Mary Frances Webster, b. date not given, m. but died of 
consumption. The end. 

3. Rev. Elisha Bates Webster, no birth date, a clergyman, 
was a member of the Pittsburg Conference of the Methodist Epis- 
copal church for over twenty years; was very successful, but went 
into the educational work and is President of the West Farming- 
ton College, West Farmiugton, Ohio, which belongs to the Con- 

Children: One son and two daughters. 

4. Sada Webster, b. Dec. 23, 1843, m. Dec. 15, 1870, at Free- 
dom, Beaver Co., Pa., Wm. Baldwin Marshall, a merchant, b. 
March 12, 1846, in Allegheny Co., Pa., son of Archibald and Sarah 
Elizabeth (Burns) Marshall. He d. Sep. 12, 1894, at Richmond, 
Va., and she res. '99, at Rock Creek, Ashtabula Co., 0. 

Children: (Marshall) (Born, New Wilmington, Pa.) Lilian, 
Nov. 3, 1871; Blanche, Oct. 20, 1873; Willa Beatrice, July 5, 

(1) Lilian m. Dec. 22, 1896, Geo. Edson Minich, a physician. Res. '99, 
West Farmington, 0. 

(2) Blanche m. Nov. 15, 1898, Charles Herbert Adams, a salesman. Res. 
'99, Pittsburg, Pa. The end. 

5. Rev. William Norman Webster, b. June 6, 1848, a clergy- 
man of the Methodist Episcopal Church, m. March 5, 1872, at 
Senecaville, Guernsey Co., 0., Carrie Aurelia, dau. of Perry and 
Adaline (De Lander) Shipley, b. there Feb. 17, 1849. Res. 1899, 
Newton Falls, Trumbull Co., 0. 

Children: Lulu Lucy, b. Stanleyville, Wash'n Co., 0., Jan. 
17, 1874, mar. Oct. 26, 1898, Edward Francis Kenney, a drug- 
gist. Res. '99, Youngstown, 0. The end. 

Eighth Generation. — Children of Walter Nelson and Elizabeth 
(Morris) Webster, in this Chapter. 

1. George Nelson Webster, a patent medicine vender, m. 
Mch. 19, 1865, Sabrina M. Hilleker. Res. '06, 50 Elm Grove, 
Parkdale, Toronto, Ca. 

2. Sarah Frances Webster, m. Jan. 1, 1866, Charles Davis, 
a builder. Res. 1911, 65 Gloucester St., Toronto, Ca. 

3. Elizabeth Webster, m. Jan. 1, 1872, Arthur Haywood, a 
farmer (now '06) deceased. Her res., 52 Gerrard St., Toronto, 

4. Norman Daniel Webster, a telegraph operator, m. Julia 
Bromley. Res. '06, 1112 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. He was 
born with right arm ending just below the elbow, without a hand. 
He graduated May, 1868, from Bryant & Stratton's Commercial 

6 tli Gen.] Kobert Webster's Line 247 

5. Minerva Maud Webster, m. Wm. James Hughes, a build- 
er. He is deceased and, '06, she res., 26 Gerrard St., West Toronto, 
Ca. The end. 

Section 2. — Children of Lucy (Joshua, Caleb, Robert, Lieut. 
Robert, Gov. John) Webster of Hartford, Ct., and her husband, 
Judge Amzi Stanley, of Marietta, 0. 

1. Henrietta Maria Stanley, b. Jan. 30, 1807, m. Orson H. 
Sejonour of New Britain, Ct. After the death of her parents, 
Mrs. Seymour returned to New Britain, Ct., riding the entire 
distance on horseback. She d. Hartford, Ct., June 1, 1879, aged 

Children: (Seymour) Eliza North, b. Apr. 20, 1828; Lucy 
Webster, Sep. 3, 1829, d. June 8, 1830 ; Lucy Webster, March 12, 
1831 ; Frederick Stanley, Nov. 8, 1836 ; Hattie A., Aug. 24, 1837. 

(1) Eliza North, m. 1847, Frederick Langdon. 

(2) Lucy Webster, a sister, m. May 4, 1852, Ira B. Smith, of Oxford, 

(3) Frederick Stanley, a brother, m. Nov. 1855, Hattie Granger, of 
Suffield, Ct. Enlisted as a Sergt. in 14th Eegt. Conn. Vols. 

(4) Hattie A., a sister, m. Oct. 1, 1857, Wm. M. Bird, of Charleston, 
S. C. The end. 


Sixth Generation — Great Grand Children of Ensign William 

and Sarah Nichols Webster in the Line of Robert 

the Son of Gov. John Webster. 

First Generation, Gov. John and Agnes Webster. — Second, Lieut. 
Robert and Susannah Treat Webster. — Third, Ensign William 
and Sarah Nichols Webster. — Fourth, Children of the same 
named in the divisions of this chapter. — -flfth, grandchildren 
of Ensign William and Sarah Nichols Webster named in the 
numbered sections of this chapter. slxth. great grandchil- 
dren of the same named in the numbered paragraphs of this 
Chapter, printed in heavy face type. 

First Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Ensign Wil- 
liam and Sarah Mchols Webster, by their son, Cyprian Webster of 
Hartford and Harwinton, Ct., who married Elizabeth Seymour. 

Section 1. — Children of Beacon Cyprian (Cyprian. Ensign 
William, Robert, Gov. John) and Sarah (Haydon) Webster of Har- 
winton, Ct. 

1. Maj. Cyprian Webster, b. March 3, 1769, at Harwinton, 
Ct., m. Nov. 21, 1790, Sabra Eossiter, b. at Litchfield, Ct., Feb. 8,. 

Cyprian Webster, 3d, was clerk in a store at Goshen, Ct., from 
1810 to 1812. He was Eepresentative from Harwinton, in the 
State Legislature from 1813 to 1816. 

He went south probably about 1816, and took with him two of 
his sons, Erastus and Cyprian. Erastus did not remain south.. 
They carried on business in the State of Alabama, at Claiborne,. 
Montgomery and Mobile. He died in Claiborne, Monroe Co., Ala.,. 
July 3, 1821. She died in Harwinton, Ct., Jany. 5, 1833, aged 65.. 

Children: (All b. at Harwinton.) Born Feb. 1791, triplets, 
sons, all of whom died the same day; Cyprian, May 26, 1792, died 
Oct. 20, 1793; Cyprian again, Nov. 5, 1793, died April 2, 1794; 
Erastus, April 5, 1795; Cyprian still again, Jany. 28, 1797; Hora- 
tio, Nov. 5, 1798; Horace, Oct. 26, 1800; twins, Julius and Junius,, 
b. Feb. 24, 1803; George, Nov. 4, 1805; Sabra Elizabeth, May 2^ 
1808; Sarah Mariah, May 28, 1810. Eesumed in Chapter XX. 


6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 24!) 

2. Sarah Webster, b. May 8, 1776, in Harwinton, Ct., a twin 
with her sister, Elizabeth, mar. Nov. 20, 1799, Samuel Lyman, a 
farmer, of Goshen, Ct., son of Col. Moses and Ruth (Collins) 
Lyman. He was b. July 23, 1770. Both united with the Church 
at Goshen, Ct., July 1, 1827. He held many offices in the gift 
of the town and was several times its Representative in the State 
Legislature. He died April 28, 1842, aged 72, and she at Newark, 
Wayne Co., N. Y., April 2, 1848, aged 72. 

Children: Eliza, b. Oct. 1, 1800; Sarah. 

Eliza united with the Church, March 7, 1817, and mar. Nov. 7, 
1832, James B. Pierce, of Newark, N. Y., and had four children. 
The end. 

3. Elizabeth Webster, b. May 8, 1776, in Harwinton, Ct., a 
twin with her sister, Sarah, mar. May 10, 1791, Roger Cook, of 
Litchfield, Ct., b. in Harwinton, May 23, 1766. He d. Aug. 1, 1838. 

Children : She had four sons and two daughters, viz : David, 
James, Richard, Wolcott, Sally and Maria. 

( 1 ) Richard, the eldest son, went into business in Georgia and died there. 

(2) Wolcott studied law in Litchfield, Ct., but had the consumption 
and started for the West Indies for his health and died on the passage. 

(3) The third son went South but returned and died with consumption, 
and his mother with the same disease. 

(4) The daughter Sally m. Oct. 25, 1816, James Butler, b. Feb. 4, 1790. 
He was of Litchfield, Ct., and Mentor or Painesville, Ohio. 

(5) The daughter Maria m. Truman Smith, and each left a daughter. 
The end. 

Second Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Ensign 
William and Sarah Nichols Webster by their son Sergeant William 
and (1) Mary Watson, and (2) Anna Case Webster of Windsor, Ct. 

Section 1. — Children of William (Sergt. William, Ensign Wil- 
liam, Robert, Gov. John) and Edee (Brake) Webster of Winton- 
bury and Farmington, Ct. 

1. William Webster, (Mary Watson line) b. Dec. 29, 1766, 
at Wintonbury, Ct., m. (1) June 28, 1789, Lydia Cone, b. Sept. 
18, 1768, and (2) in Cayuga Co., N. Y., June 12, 1813, widow 
Jane (Garrison) Van Amburgh, b. at Torbut, Northumberland 
Co., Pa., Feb. 19, 1783. His first wife died in Cayuga Co., April 
6, 1813. He died in Richland Co., Ohio, Feb. 4, 1840, and his 
widow, Jane, April 2, 1848, place not given. 

William Webster was a farmer and removed with his father from Ct. 
to Hartford, Washington Co., N. Y., between 1785 and 1789, his father 
having sold his farm in Ct., Sept. 11, 1784; and then in the spring "of 
1795" he removed to Onondaga Co., N. Y., and 1797 to Locke, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y., locating on a leased farm, or tract of wild land, where he remained 
until 1815, and then removed to Mansfield, Richland Co., Ohio. 

250 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

Children: (1st m.) (First four b. in Hartford, 1ST. Y., and 
the remaining five in Locke, X. Y.) Asaph, April 28, 1791; Mary, 
June 7, 1793, died in Onondaga Co., N. Y., April 24, 1796; Wil- 
liam Alexander, Feb. 3, 1795; Abner, April 10, 1797, died in 
Cayuga Co., N. Y., April 10, 1802; Amos Gillett, March 31, 1799; 
Mary, April 3, 1801; Susanna, March 1-1, 1803; Calvin Filmore, 
June 25, 1805; Elvira, Jany. 29, 1809. (2d m.) Sylvester, b. in 
Locke, 1ST. Y., March 12, 1814; (the three following b. in Troy, 
Kichland Co., Ohio) Alfred, Aug. 1, 1817, died at Troy, Ohio, 
Sept. 28, 1830; Orrin, Nov 5, 1819; John Garrison, April 5, 1823. 
Eesumed in Chapter XXI. 

2. Deacon Elijah Drake Webster, (Mary Watson line) b 
at Wintonbury, Ct., Dec. 6, 1769, a farmer and preacher, mar. 
(1) at Poultney, Vt., by William Ward, Esq., Oct. 5, 1795, Mrs. 
Esther Miles, a widow, daughter of Peter and Mary (Munson) 
Mallory, of Ct., b. Aug. 4, 1760. He mar. (2) at Poultney, Vt., 
Rev. Clark Kendrick officiating, April 20, 1812, Miriam Atwater 
Mallory, a niece of his first wife, b. at Hamden, Ct., Oct. 26, 1787. 
She was a daughter of Calvin and Miriam (Atwater) Mallory. 
Miriam's mother, wife of Calvin Mallory, died Nov. 4, 1787, and 
Mr. Calvin Mallory removed in 1788 to Poultney, Vt., with his 
widowed mother, Mrs. Mary Munson Mallory, who cared for 
Miriam, his infant daughter. 

Deacon Elijah Webster removed to Vt. prior to li93. An order appears 
on the Church records at Milton, Vt., dated Oct. 14, 1793, to pay him for 
preaching. A license to preach was issued to him at Fairfax, Vt., Oct. 22, 
1793. He was then a Congregationalist, but at about that time united 
with the Baptist Church at Fairfax, Vt. He is supposed to have settled 
at Poultney about July, 1794. 

All died at Poultney, Vt. ; his first wife Esther Miles, Feb. 9, 
1812, in her 52d year; he Jany. 17, 1823, in his 54th year; and 
his second wife Miriam, Nov. 8, 1869, aged 82. His tombstone 
reads thus : "The memory of the just is Blessed." "Here lies the 
mortal part of Deacon Elijah Webster, whose talents and piety 
gave him an elevation in society and in the Baptist Church of 
which he was a member." 

Children: (All b. at Poultney, Vt.) (1st m.) Amanda, Feb. 
9, 1797; Laura Rowley, Nov. 9, 1798; Julia Ann, April 1, 1801; 
Armenia, June 28, 1805, died April 29, 1814. (2d m.) Mary 
Munson, Aug. 8, 1813; William Jay, June 14, 1815; Charles 
James, April 14, 1817; Caroline, July 27, 1819. Resumed in 
Chapter XXL 

3. Elisha Webster, (Mary Watson line) a farmer, b. Feb. 
29, 1772, on Saturday at 2 o'clock, at Wintonbury, Ct., m. Jan. 
24, 1793, Dolley Fosiick, b. May 31, 1773, on Saturday. They 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 251 

resided at West Granville, Washington Co., and later at Conesus, 
Livingston Co., X. Y., where both died, she, Apr. 15, 1852, and 
he, May 26, 1852, and are buried in the South Livonia Cemetery. 

1819, Oct. 8, Elisha Webster of the town of Granville, X. Y., 
and Dolley his wife, sold land there to John Webster of the same 

Children: (All probably b. at West Granville, X. Y.) Elisha, 
Jr., Monday, Oct. 14, 1793; Moses, Monday, Nov. 16, 1795, d. 
1807, aged 11 years and 5 months; Dolley, Tuesday, June 27, 
1797; John, Wednesday, Oct. 9, 1798; Amanda, Wednesday, Sep. 
29, 1800; Roxcena, Monday, Mch. 8, 1802; William, Thursday, 
Dec. 27, 1803 ; Polly, Wednesday, Mch. 27, 1805 ; Lawrence, Sun- 
day, Mch. 1, 1807; George, Tuesday, May 30, 1808; Wealthy 
Warren Fosdick, Wednesday, June 28, 1810; Betsey. Resumed 
in Chapter XXI. 

4. Phineas Webster, (Mary Watson line) b. at Wintonbury, 
Ct., Jany. 17, 1775, a manufacturer of spinning wheels and looms, 
mar. May 18, 1800, Sarah Ripley, who was b. June 13, 1778. They 
resided at Ft. Ann, Washington Co., X. Y., until 1836, when they 
removed to Strongsville, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, where he died Feb. 
4, 1856. Her death not recorded. 

Children: (All b. at Ft. Ann, X. Y.) George, Tuesday, July 
15, 1800; John William, Thursday; Feb. 25, 1802; Charles, Thurs- 
day, Sep. 22, 1803 ; Willard, Sunday, June 30, 1805, died, un- 
married, of typhus fever when a young man; Jehiel, Friday, Aug. 
28, 1807; Anna, Tuesday, March 27, 1810; Mary, Sunday, Dec. 
20, 1812; Elijah, Friday, Oct. 22, 1813; Chloe, Saturday, May 6, 
1815; Amanda, Sunday, Jany, 3, 1819; Joseph, Saturday, July 7, 
1822; Betsey, date unknown, died of typhus fever, aged 15. Re- 
sumed in Chapter XXI. 

5. Jehiel Webster, (Mary Watson line) b. at Wintonbury, 
Ct., in 1777, and bap. Oct. 10, 1779. This is an interesting case 
as the following facts will show. According to tradition in the 
family, Jehiel left the family home, then on the Hudson river 
near West Point, when a young man without a family of his own, 
and has not since been heard of by the family. He started off 
one morning on horseback, stating that he was going to seek his 
fortune. Some of the family think that he went to sea. 

M. R. Webster, in 1892, found a Jehiel Webster, of Preble, Cort- 
land Co., X. Y., who answered the description. Replying to a 
letter of Aug. 9, 1892, W. H. Webster returned several Jehiels, 
among them this one b. at Wintonbury, Ct., 1777. Members of 
the family wrote that the coffin plate reads, "Died April 20, 1858, 
being 81 years and 6 months old." This so nearly agrees with the 
dates given that it seems certain that he was the Jehiel in ques- 
tion. But an additional proof is to be found in the following real 

252 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

estate record, Book 0, page 35, Cortland Co. Records: April 1G, 
1820, Jehiel Webster, of Preble, late of Cooksackie (Coxsackie), 
Greene Co., 1ST. Y., bought of Jacob Ostrander 20 acres of land 
in Preble for $1,000. 

1824, Dec. 18, Jehiel Webster of Coxsackie, Greene Co., X. Y., 
and Phoebe his wife, to Henry Wolf, same place, land there. 

1828, Apr. 16, Jehiel Webster of Preble, X. Y., late of Cook- 
sackie, X. Y., land in Preble. 

Jehiel Webster, of Preble, X. Y., mar. Phoebe Roe. 

Phoebe Roe, wife of Jehiel Webster, died Sept. 19, 1859, aged 
77 years. He was buried in Cortland, X. Y. 

Children : Edith and Phoebe. Resumed in Chapter XXI. 

6. Chloe Webster, b. at Wintonbury, Ct. Oct. 2, 1781, mar. at 
Pawlet, Rutland Co., Vt., Oct. 2, 1842, as his fourth wife, John 
Williams, a farmer of Granville, Washington Co., X. Y. After 
his death she removed to Ft. Ann, N. Y., where she died March 16, 
1856, aged 75. The end. 

Section 2. — Children of James (Sergt. William, Ensign Wil- 
liam, Robert, Gov. John) and Hannah (Hubbard) Webster of 
Wintonbury, Ct. and Sheldon, Franklin Co., Vt. 

1. Hannah Webster, bap. Jan. 15, 1764, at Wintonbury, Ct., 
m. Stephen Severance ; settled in Sheldon, Franklin Co., Vt. ; had 
one child, George, who died. Xo descendants. 

2. James Webster, bap. Feb. 7, 1768, at Wintonbury, Ct., m. 
Jan. 11, 1791, Belinda E., dau. of Jonathan and Sarah (Butler) 
Filley of Windsor, Ct., b. March 6, 1772. They settled in Sheldon, 
Vt., prior to 1800. 

A deed recorded Feb. 2, 1804, at Windsor, Ct., is from James Webster, 

Jr., of Sbeldon, Vt., and "Lendy," his wife, to Jonah and Gurdon Filley of 

Windsor, and "quit-claims" all rights in the prop£rty of Hezekiah Filley, 

deceased, late of Windsor. Witnesses: Jonathan Palmer and Elihu Mills. 

Oct. 10, 1814, James Webster of Sheldon, Franklin Co., Vt., made his 
Will. Names My son, James; My loving wife Lendy Webster "so long as 
she remains a widow; " three dollars each to my sons, and one dollar 
each to my daughters when they come of age. 

Children: Julia, b. Apr. 12, 1792; (Almon, bap. June 4, 1793, 
in Windsor, Ct., son of James, but may not be this James) ; 
Xancy, Apr. 22, 1794; James, b. Apr. 8, 1796; Verneria, Sep. 8, 
1798; Jason, July 4, 1803, d. Mch. 28, 1804; Eliza, Jan. 21, 
1805 ; Jason (again), May 11, 1807; Levi M., b. Sheldon, Vt., Sep. 
1, 1809; Mary, June 23, 1812, d. Aug. 13, 1813. Resumed in 
Chapter XXI. 

3. Mary Webster, bap. Oct. 15, 1770, at Wintonbury, Ct., died 
unm. at 60 years of age. 

4. John Webster, a merchant, b. Sep. 1, 1775 (bap. Xov. 12, 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 253 

1775 at Wintonbury, Ct.,) m. Dec. 27, 1806, at New Haven, Ct., 
Charity Bennett, b. Mch. 6, 1786, at New Fairfield, Ct. 

1803, Nov. 14, John Webster of Sheldon, Vt., sells to John Hubbard, Jr., 
and Joab Hubbard, of Windsor, Ct., and in Windsor, deeded to said John 
by Theodore and Lucy Cadwell of Sheldon, Vt. 

He lived at Wintonbury, Ct., Sheldon, Vt., and Salina, Wash- 
tenaw Co., Mich., where, March 29, 1834, he died, and she at 
Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., 0., Nov. 20, 1863. 

Children - : (Born, at Sheldon, Vt., except Daniel and James 
b. Swanton, Vt., Wm., Navy Island, N. Y., and Asahel at Auburn, 
N. Y.) John Hubbard, Sep. 28, 1807; Anson Bennett, Aug. 15, 
1809; Charity Harriet, July 10, 1811; Eoxy Ruana, Oct. 2, 1813; 
Daniel Noble, June 9, 1816 ; William H., b. Sep. 2, 1818, on Davy 
Isle, d. in infancy; Asahel Phipeny, Feb. 18, 1819; Alanson Gay- 
lor, Sep. 6, 1822; James Loren, July 4, 1824. Resumed in Chap- 
ter XXI. ' 

5. Susannah Webster, bap. May 9, 1779, at Wintonbury, Ct., 
married late in life, Warner. She came to Sheldon, Vt., in the 
year 1800, and resided with her brother Alanson. 

6. Alanson Webster, b. March 6, 1787, bap. June 4, 1793, at 
Wintonbury, Ct., m. Lucy Reed, b. 1790, of Sheldon, Vt. He was 
a native of Wintonbury, Ct., and came in 1799 to Sheldon, Vt., 
and remained until most of his children were born ; then moved to 
Faixfax, Vt., in 1832 ; thence to Lowell, Vt. 

1831, Aug. 4, Alanson Webster of Sheldon, Vt., sells to Lawrence Brain- 
ard of St. Albans. 

1832, Oct. 2, Alanson Webster of Fairfax, Vt., to Anson Bennett Webster 
of Sheldon, Vt. 

Both died at Lowell, Orleans Co., Vt,, he Feb. 21, 1881, aged 
93, 11, 13, and she Aug. 8, 1881. 

Children: (Born Sheldon, Vt.) Alonzo Alanson, Jan. 15, 1817; 
Lucy Jane, July 12, 1819; Buel Goodsell, Sep. 25, 1821; Ami 
Parker, Nov. 5, 1823; Fidelia, March 28, 1827; Clark Hubbard, 
Sep. 21, 1830; Mary Ann, Sep. 7, 1832; Helen, born Aug. 4, 1836, 
died Nov. 4, 1840, at Sheldon, Vt. Resumed in Chapter XXI. 

Section 3. — Children of Joseph (Sergt. William, Ensign Wil- 
liam, Robert, Gov. John) and Mahitable {Drake) Webster of Win- 
tonbury and Bloomfield, Ct. 

1. Joseph Case Webster, a farmer of Wintonbury (Bloom- 
field), Ct., b. June 9, 1787, (Anna Case line). He mar. Dec. 12, 
1838, Eunice Ellsworth. He died June 12, 1839, aged 52, and 
after his death she returned to Blandford, Hampshire Co., Mass. 
They had no children. 

254 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

1834, June 24, Jos. C. Webster of Windsor buys land there of Dwiglit 
Webster of Litchfield, Ct. The end. 

2. Ebenezer Webster, b. at Wintonbury, Ct., March 22, 1789, 
(Anna Case line), a farmer, mar. July 5, 1807, Mary Welles, of 
Farmington, Ct. He died at Bloomfield, Ct., July 27, 1829, aged 
40; and she July 5, 1872, at what place is not reported. 

Children: (All b. at Bloomfield or West Hartford, Ct.) : 
George, Nov. 14, 1808; Henry, 1809, died Sept. 30, 1811 ; Hiram, 
about 1811, bap. Aug. 4, 1822; Dwight, bap. Aug. 4, 1822; Ebe- 
nezer Welles, bap. Aug. 4, 1822; Mary Jane, West Hartford, b. 
Nov. 17, 1819, bap. Aug. 4, 1822; William Willis, b. at Bloom- 
field, Sept. 18, 1821, bap. Aug. 4, 1822; Sarah Jennette, b. June 
8, 1823, bap. Oct. 1, 1826 ; twins, Milo Merry and Martha Marilla, 
b. at West Hartford, March 5, 1826, and bap. Oct. 1, following. 
Milo Merry died Feb. 27, 1829, aged 3 years. 

From Farmington Probate Record. Aug. 24, 1829. Administration was 
granted to Joseph C. Webster, on the estate of Ebenezer Webster, in- 
solvent. Inventory was exhibited Nov. 16, 1829. Personal property 

1826, June 20, Ebenezer of Farmington and Mary his wife sell to Jo- 
seph, land in Windsor. Wit. — Dwight Webster and Jas. Goodwin. Re- 
sumed in Chapter XXI. 

3. Mahitable Webster, b. Oct. 14, 1791, at Wintonbury, Ct. 
(Anna Case line), died num. Sep. 10, 1840, aged 49. 

4. Nancy Webster, b. at Wintonbury, Ct,, Dec. 10, 1795, 
(Anna Case line), mar. April 20, 1825, Bev. Edwin Elijah Gris- 
wold, a Methodist Episcopal minister, of Simsbury, Ct. Both 
died at Danbury, Ct., she April 3, 1870; and he April 3, 1878. 

Rev. Edwin Elijah Griswold was stationed as follows: 1829, Monkton 
circuit, residence, Hinesburg, Vt.; 1831, Windsor circuit, residence Win- 
tonbury, Ct. ; 1833, Wethersfield circuit, residence, Berlin, Ct. ; 1835, New 
York City; 1837, New Haven, Ct.; 1839, Brooklyn, L. I.; 1841, Newburgh, 
N. Y.; 1843, Middletown, Ct.; 1845, Hempstead, L. I.; 1847, Presiding 
Elder of Hartford District; 1848, New York City, Mulberry Street; 1850, 
New York City, Ninth Street; 1852, Essex circuit; 1854, Danbury, Ct., 
where he spent the remainder of his life, but was appointed Presiding 
Elder as follows: 1856, Bridgeport, Ct. District; 1860, New Haven Dis- 
trict; 1861, New York District; 1865, New Haven District; 1868, Long 
Island, South District, which was his last appointment. 

Children: (Griswold) Fanny Fidelia, b. at Bloomfield, Ct., 
Feb. 22, 1826; Edwin Chauncey, b. at West Hartford, Ct., May 
18, 1827; Harriet Webster, b. at Hinesburgh, Vt., Feb. 23, 1830; 
Anne Augusta, b. in New York City, Sept. 18, 1836 ; Mary Vic- 
toria, b. in New Haven, Ct., Nov. 27, 1838, died in Brooklyn, N. 
Y., Nov. 8, 1839. Resumed in Chapter XXI. 

6th Gen.] .Robert Webster's Line 255 

5. Daniel William Webster, b. at Wintonbury, Ct., April 21, 
1797, (Anna Case line), a farmer, mar. at Windsor, Ct., Oct. 24, 
1821, Rhoda, daughter of Roger Philer. Rhoda (Philer) Webster 
died at Bloomfield, Ct., July 16, 1866 ; and Daniel William Web- 
ster, same place, Oct. 8, 1871. 

Children: (All b. at Bloomfield, Ct.) Lodesca, Dec. 28, 1822; 
Emeline, Oct. 31, 1825; Sarah Ann, May 26, 1828; a son, Sept. 21, 
1832, died Oct. 2, following; Daniel Henry, Oct. 31, 1836; Ellen 
Eunice, May 25, 1810. Resumed in Chapter XXI. 

6. Clarissa Webster, b. April 23, 1803, at Wintonbury, Ct., 
mar. Oct. 27, 1836, Lorenzo Burr, of Bloomfield, Ct. He died 
Sept. 19, 1872; and she Oct. 7, 1872. 

1834, Nov. 21, Clarissa Webster of Windsor sells to Daniel Wadsworth of 
Hartford, "land distributed to me out of my father's, Joseph Webster's, 
estate. Boundaries mention Mehitable Webster. 

Children: (All b. at Bloomfield, Ct.) Son, May 21, 1838, died 
soon; Mary Clarissa, April 17, 1840; Harriet Rosella, Feb. 12, 

(1) Mary Clarissa, m. at Hartford, Ct., April 23, 1861, Charles Henry 

(2) Harriet Rosella, m. at Bloomfield, Ct., Nov. iO, 1872, Charles Frank- 
lin Watkins, of Hinsdale, Mass. Res. 1913, 73 Laurel Street, Hartford, Ct. 
The end. 

Section 4.— Children of Deacon and Maj. Hezekiali {Anna 
Case line) (Sergt. William, Ensign William, Robert, Gov. John) 
and Anna (Goodivin) Webster of Wintonbury (Bloomfield) and 
Canaan, Ct., and Sennett, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

1. Harriett Anna Webster b. Apr. 19, 1796, at Bloomfield, 
Ct., m. Jan. 15, 1823, Ashley Clark, a harness maker and saddler 
of Elbridge, Onondaga Co., X. Y., who was born in Xorthampton, 
Ct. She died in Elbridge, X. Y., July 28, 1872. 

Children: (Born at Elbridge, X. Y.) Caroline Augusta, Oct. 
17, 1824; Edward Webster, Aug. 2, 1826; Frances Amelia, Dec. 
6, 1834. 

(1) Caroline Augusta, m. Dec. 8, 1844, James Munroe, an attorney. 
Res. 1905, Paris, France. Children: Julia, b. Mch. 6, 1846; Edward, b. 
July 13, 1849, d. at Syracuse, N. Y., 1884. 

(2) Edward Webster, a manufacturer, m. (1) Nov. 2, 1859, Fannie E. 
Phelps; (2) July, 1874, Frances Emma Wolcott; (3) Mrs. Rosanna S. 
Bennett. Res. 1905, Elbridge, N. Y. 

(3) Frances Amelia, m. May 29, 1856, Dr. Emmet Roberts. She d. at 
Iona, Mich., Mch. 29, 1879. Children: James Monroe, May 9, 1857; Laura 
Lathrop, Jan. 28, 1858; Harvey, May 25, 1861. (1) Laura Lathrop m. 
James Melone of Jamesport, Mo., where 1906 they resided. 

256 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

2. Hezekiah Goodwin Webster, b. at Bloomfield, Ct., Sep. 14, 
1800, a farmer, mar. (1) at West Hartford, Ct., Sept. 28, 1828, 
Mary Ann Hurlburt, daughter of Gideon and Anna (Gilbert) 
Hurlburt, of West Hartford. He mar. (2) at West Hartford, 
March 31, 1858, Mrs. Emily Barber, nee Clark, daughter of Thomas 
and Millie (Marble) Clark. 

Hezekiah Goodwin Webster appears to have removed from Ct. 
with his father and was probably for a short time a resident of 
Brutus (now Sennett), Cayuga Co., X. Y., although at the time 
of his mar. he was mentioned as of Westport, Essex Co., X. Y. He 
probably returned to Ct. and settled at West Hartford not far 
from the year 1830, where he remained until his death. 

Cayuga Co., IS". Y., land records show that Hezekiah G. Web- 
ster, Oct. 10, 1820, late of Canton, Hartford Co., Conn., pur- 
chased land; also Nov., 1822, from Henry and Jane Polhemus. 

His first wife died at West Hartford, Sept. 18, 1853, aged 43; 
and he, same place, April 20, 1880, aged 79. His widow, in 1881, 
was still living at West Hartford. 

Children: (1st m.) Elizur Goodwin, b. at Sennett, 1ST. Y., Dec. 
20, 1829, bap. at West Hartford, Ct., May 29, 1831; William 
Gideon, b. and bap. at West Hartford, Ct., b. Dec. 27, 1831, and 
bap. June 3, 1832 ; Adelbert Ashley, b. at W. Hartford, Ct., May 31, 
1842. Xo children by second mar. Resumed in Chapter XXI. 

3. William Webster, b. at Bloomfield, Ct., Sept. 25, 1802, a 
farmer of Sennett, Cayuga Co., X. Y. Removed when a young 
man from Ct. with his father to Sennett, where they settled upon a 
farm. Upon the settlement of his father's estate the farm passed 
into his hands and he occupied it until his death, and his widow 
was still living on the farm when this was written. He mar. at 
Hartford, Ct., Feb. 9, 1841, Flora, daughter of Oliver and Anna 
(Porter) Long, of Coventry and Hartford, Ct. He died at Sennett, 
X. Y., of heart disease, Aug. 14, 1872, aged 69-10-20. 

Children: (All b. at Sennett, X. Y.) William Oliver, Feb. 20, 
1842; Goodwin Long, Jany. 4, 1844; Hanson Samuel, Aug. 22, 
1846; Hezekiah, March 31, 1849; Flora Elizabeth and Florion 
Emerson (twins), b. May 18, 1851; Edward, Jany. 17, 1856, died 
Xov. 16, 1857, aged 22 months. Resumed in Chapter XXI. 

4. Julia Ann Webster, b. at Bloomfield, Ct., March 23, 1808, 
mar. March 8, 1837, Philo Perry Baldwin, a farmer, of Sennett, 
Cayuga Co., X. Y., whence he removed in March 1853, to Brighton, 
near Arlington, Alexander Co., Va. Being an Abolitionist and dar- 
ing to vote with the Republican party, his life was threatened and he 
was forced to sell his farm in Va. and return to the Xorth. In 
May, 1861, he removed to Montgomery Co., Ohio, where he re- 
mained for a year and then removed to Adrian, Lenawee Co., 
Mich., where he' purchased a farm and spent the remainder of his 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 25? 

life. She died at Fall Church, Va., Oct. 30, 1860; and he at 
Adrian, Mich., Nov. 28, 1870. 

Children: (All b. at Sennett, 1ST. Y.) (Baldwin) Sarah Anna, 
March 31, 1838; Julia, Sept. 9, 1840, died Sept. 19, following- 
Frances Augusta, March 30, 1843. 

(1) Sarah Anna mar. at Washington, D. C, July 14, 3 859, Nelson, son 
of Allen Vorce. She died at Arlington, Va., July 22, 1879. 

(2) Frances Augusta mar. at Adrian, Mich., Sept. 26, 1866, William Allen 
Vorce, son of Nelson Vorce, her sister's husband. They resided (1882) 
at Mason, Ingham Co., Mich. She d. about 1887. The end. 

5. Cicero Webster, b. at Bloomfield, Ct., Nov. 15, 1812, a 
farmer, mar. Thursday, March 7, 1839, Minerva Sophia Bentley, 
daughter of Eev. Samuel and Jane (Ladow) Bentley, of Weeds- 
port, N. Y. Both were living in 1881. 

Cicero Webster at first purchased in the Spring of 1838, and settled 
upon a farm known as the Mosley farm, at Sennett, Cayuga Co., N. Y., but 
from about 1848 to 1878 he was a farmer and wood dealer at Cato, Cayuga 
Co., N. Y. In 1878 he sold out at Cato and removed to Weedsport, N. Y., 
where in 1881, he was residing. 

Children : They had but one child, Chester Albert, b. at Cato, 
N. Y., Oct. 20, 1859, and in 1881 was unmarried, a salesman in 
a large dry goods store at Auburn, N. Y. The end. 

6. Samuel Webster, b. at Bloomfield, Ct., April 27, 1815, a 
farmer and carpenter, of Elbridge, Onondaga Co., N. Y., mar. 
at that place, Feb. 1, 1860, Mary Arvilla, daughter of Joseph Delos 
and Eliza (Bood) Averill. He died at Elbridge of heart disease, 
March 1, 1873; but she was living at that place in 1882. (Also 

Last Will and Testament of Samuel Webster of the town of Elbridge, 
N. Y., Feb. 25, 1873, gives to Mary Arvilla Webster the widow; Hanson 
S. Webster, F. Emerson Webster, Lucia Sawdry and Wm. Averill Webster. 

Children: (Born at Elbridge) Lulu S., (Lucia Sawdy in will), 
b. June 23, 1862 ; William Averill, April 10, 1864. 

(1) Lulu S. mar. Dec. 1, 1881, Clarence Sheldon, of Sennett. Cayuga Co., 
N. Y., son of William and Ellenor (Burrett) Sheldon. They were residing 
in 1882, at Sennett, N. Y. 

(2) William Averill is a turner by trade. The end. 

7. Sterling Edward Webster, b. at Canton, Ct., June 21, 
1817, was a farmer and mason, and resided at Sennett, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y., where, May 21, 1845, he married Julia A., daughter of 
John N". and Lydia P. (Fargo) Stoddard, of Middletown, Rutland 
Co., Vt. 

The home of the above was Sennett, N. Y., until Mar. 1, 1851, 

when he removed to Auburn, N. Y., where he remained until 

258 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

July 19, 1853. He then returned to Sennett, N. Y., and remained 
until Feb. 13, 1855, at which time removed to Cato, N. Y., where 
he resided at the time of his death, March 8, 1868. His death 
occurred by accidental drowning in Owasco Outlet, Auburn, N. 
Y. He fell, by a misstep, from a mill dam, and being struck by 
a heavy volume of water with great force he was instantly killed. 
The body was not recovered until April 11th ; it was buried at 
Sennett, N. Y., Apr. 14, 1868. 

They had no children. The widow was residing (1881) at 635 
South Seventh St., Burlington, Iowa. The end. 

Third Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Ensign 
William and Sarah Nichols Webster by their son, Capt. Moses 
Webster of Harwinton, Ct., who married Mary Brace. 

Section 1. — Children of Amos (Capt. Moses, Ensign William, 
Robert, Gov. John) and Theodosia (Bull) Webster of Harwinton t 

1. Mary Webster, b. Dec. 21, 1768, at Harwinton, Ct., m. 
Allen Colt, b. March 4, 1769, son of Jonathan Higley and Mary 
(Tuttle) Colt, of Torrington and Harwinton, Ct. Jonathan Hig- 
ley Colt was the son of John, the son of Jabez Colt of Windsor.. 
(i715) Ct.* 

Children: (Colt) Chloe, probably mar. Ephriam Cleveland, 
and died prior to 1882. Laura, Allen, Mary, residence in 1882, 
Canada. Harry, Canada. Nancy, Wis. Martin, went South and 
died prior to 1882. 

Note: Some of the grandchildren of Mary (Webster) Colt are said to 
be: Mrs. Mary Pickwick, Waterbury, Ct., Lorenzo Brunt, Northfield, Ct., 
Sarah Welton, Bristol, Ct., Mrs. Jennett Welton, Bristol, Ct., Mrs. Adaline 
Warner, Bristol, Ct., whose nephew, George A. Warner was postmaster; 
Alfred Palmer, Harwinton, Ct., Theda Douglass, Watertown, Ct. 

* Jonathan Higley Colt m. Oct. 13, 1761, Mary Tnttle, and had the follow- 
ing children: John, b. Sep. 9, 1762; Eliphalet. b. Feb. 12, 1784; Anson, b. 
July 19, 1766; Abel, (Allen) b. March 4, 1769; Truman, b. Jan. 13, 1771;: 
Millicent, b. Jan. 1. 1773; Rhoda. b. Jan. 11, 1775; Sally, b. Oct. 3, 1776; 
Polly, b. Dec. 20, 1778; Huldah, b. Aug 7, 1780; Electa, b. April 15, 1795, 
at Harwinton, Ct. 

(1) John Colt m. Ruth Gilbert and had Belinda, John, Jr., Gilbert, Lyman,. 
Riley, Wolcott, Elias. 

(2) Dr. Eliphalet m. Huldah Adams. 

(3) Anson m. Chloe Gillett and had Nancy, Anson, Jr., Cloe. Charlotte and' 

(4) Abel (Allen) m. Mary Webster. (See above.) 

(5) Truman m. (1) Ann Forbes, (2) Widow Ann Pardee, and had by 1st 
mar. Willis Forbes, Anson and Truman. Res. New Haven, Ct. 

(6) Millicent m. Ruel Gridley and had Clarissa, Fanny, Amos, Ann, Rhoda, 

Betsey and Ruel. 

(7) Rhoda m. Benjamin Hopkins and had Joel, Polly, Malissa, Rebecca,. 
Chester and Maria. 

(8) Sally m. Darias Wilson and had Darias. She married a second time.. 

(9) Polly m. a Williamson and had James, Riley, and one other. 

Gth Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 259 

(10) Huldah m. Silas Gridley, Jr., and had Eliza, Sally, Belinda, Silas 
Riley, Mary and Electa. 

Belinda who m. Beekwith; Mary who m. Riggs. Byron R. Plumb and Henry 

(11) Electa (Eliza) m. Romanta Tlumb and had Sally who in. Dodge; 
Dodge, grandchildren, resided 1899, in Bristol, Ct. The end. 

2. Amos Webster, b. at Harwinton, Ct., Feb. 1, 1771, a farmer 
of Harwinton, mar. (1) Mary, daughter of Roswell and Lydia 
(Rogers) Pond, of Harwinton, b. Nov. 14, 1769; and (2) in May, 
1840, Experience Barnum. He died at Harwinton, Dec. 13, 1849, 
aged 78-10-12. His first wife, Mary, died at Harwinton, Oct. 11, 
1838, aged 69 ; and his widow Experience died at Goshen. Nothing 
is known of her after the death of her husband, excepting the fact 
of her death. 

Children: (All b. at Harwinton, Ct.) A daughter in Jany., 
1800, died soon ; Lovina, and another, twins, b. Oct. 23, 1803, the 
one unnamed died Nov. 19, 1805 ; Cynthia, June 24, 1805 ; Amos, 
Oct. 27, 1806 ; Eoswell, Dec. 27, 1809. Resumed in Chapter XXII. 

3. Abijah Webster, b. at Harwinton, Ct., Dec. 6, 1783, mar. 
at Harwinton, Jany. 20, 1807, Olive Rossiter, b. Sept. 12, 1785. 

Abijah Webster was a Representative for Harwinton in the 
State Legislature for 1833 and 1834. Was Selectman for 1826, 
1832 and 1833. 

He died at Harwinton, March 26, 1855, aged 71, but the record 
of his death being in Farmington Town Records may indicate that 
he died there instead. She died at Harwinton, April 19, 1863, 
aged 78. 

Children: (All b. at Harwinton) Caroline, Nov. 13, 1807; 
Abijah, April 24, 1810, died Sept. 2, 1820, in his 11th year; 
Charles Rossiter, Oct. 18, 1813; Walter Rossiter, May 5, 1815; 
Jonathan Rossiter, May 7, 1817; Addison and Adaline, twins, b. 
April 23, 1819 ; Huldah Ann, April 27, 1829, died unmarried Oct. 
10, 1848. Resumed in Chapter XXII. 

Section 2. — Children of Charles (Capt. Moses, Ensign William,: 
Robert, Gov. John) and Hannah (Phelps) Webster of Harwinton, 

1. Ozias Webster, 1). at Harwinton, Ct., March 14, 1773, mar. 
at Harwinton, Dec. 7, 1800, Hannah, daughter of William and 
Deborah (Catlin) Merriam, also b. at Harwinton, Ct., Aug. 17, 
1773. Both died at Harwinton, he July 23, 1842, in the 70th 
year of his age ; and she May 23, 1853, aged 80 years. 

Children: (All b. at Harwinton) Sabrina, Nov. 22, 1801; Lo- 
vina, April 27, 1804, died July 18, 1807; Hannah, Dec. 17, 1805 
Lovina again, April 16, 1807; William Burn-ham, Dec. 27, 1808 
Susannah Deborah, Feb. 7, 1811; Eunice Phelps, April 14, 1813 
Ozias Loomis, March 29, 1815; Rhoda Catlin, June 22, 1818. 

Mrs. Hannah (Merriam) Webster and her brother Joseph Mer 

260 The Webstek Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

riam, and three of her children, Sabrina, Hannah, and Lovina, be- 
came communicants of the Episcopal Church at East Church, sit- 
uated near where Plymouth, Bristol and Burlington join, about 
the year 1831. Ozias, probably the father, became a communicant 
also Aug. 5, 1832. Inscription on tombstone of Ozias Webster, 
in Old South Burying Ground : 

"Behold my friend as you pass by, 

As you are now, so once was I; 
As I am now, so you must be, 

Prepare for death and follow me." 
Inscription on tombstone of Lovina, daughter of Ozias and Hannah 
(Merriam) Webster, b. April 24 or 27, 1804, in Old South Burying 
Ground, as follows: 

"Thy soul beloved one has fled, 
Soon thy cup of sorrow drain; 
Loved when living, mourned when dead, 
Thou the victor's prize has gained." 

Eesumed in Chapter XXII. 

2. Charles Webster, b. at Harwinton, Ct., Sept. 18, 1775, mar. 
at Harwinton, Ct., Dec. 7, 1803, Chloe Cook, daughter of Joseph 
and (widow Benton) Cook, of Harwinton, Ct. Both died at Mt. 
Gilead, Morrow Co., Ohio, he Feb. 14, 1837, aged 61 ; and she 
Jany. 2, 1833, aged 53. 

He was a farmer and removed from Harwinton to Peterborough, Madison 
Co., N. Y., in 1808; thence to Berkshire Co., Mass., before 1812; and 
thence to Crawford Co., Pa., before 1816 ; and thence to Mt. Gilead, Ohio, 
prior to 1824. 

1806, Charles Webster of Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y., land in Cazenovia, 
N. Y. 

1810, Charles Webster of Smithfield, Madison Co., N. Y., and Chloe his 

Children: Marvin Griswold, b. at Harwinton, Ct., Feb. 5, 1804; 
Charles Cook, b. at Harwinton, Feb. 3, 1806 ; Boswell Phelps, b. at 
Peterborough, X. Y., Dec. 28, 1808; Julian, b. at Peterborough, 
X. Y., Feb. 9, 1810; George, b. in Berkshire Co., Mass., Sept. 10, 
1812 ; Julia Ann, b. in Crawford Co., Pa., May 5, 1816 ; Joseph 
Willis, b. at Mt. Gilead, Ohio, Aug. 6, 1824, died at 3 years and 
11 months. Eesumed in Chapter XXII. 

3. Hannah Webster, b. at Harwinton, Ct., April 14, 1778, mar. 
(1) at Harwinton, Ct., Jany. 23, 1800, Eoswell Pond, Jr., bro. 
of Amos Webster's first wife, and (2) July 3, 1832, as his second 
wife, Ebenezer Goodwin, of Xew Hartford, Ct., b. June 10, 1766, 
son of Ebenezer and Ame (Webster) Goodwin. 

Eoswell Pond died at Harwinton, Ct., Sept. 18, 1826, aged 
54-2-3. Ebenez,er Goodwin died March 3, 1851, aged 85. She died 
at Elyria, Lorain Co., Ohio, Xov. 15, 1854, aged 76. 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Line 261 

Children: (All by marriage with Eoswell Pond, and all b. at 
Harwinton, except the last two.) Eoswell, Jr., Feb. 16, 1801 ; Lydia, 
b. July 1, 1803; Lewanna, June 30, 1805; Hannah Webster, Oct. 
10, 1807; Charles Webster, Feb. 8, 1810; Martin Webster, March 
12, 1814; Edwin Loomis, b. at Burlington, Ct., Sept. 6, 1816; 
Julius Eoswell, b. at Burlington, Ct., Feb. 11, 1822. No children 
by second marriage. Eesumed in Chapter XXII. 

Hannah Webster, father's sister, (a note made by Wm. H. Webster) in 
a letter to her sister, Eunice and her husband, Jehiel Way, Oct. 25, 1830, 
mentioned Joseph Merriam, and his daughter Rosalia, who had written 
that her father was sick and that two of her sisters had married. 

Sabrina Webster, Nov. 8, 1836, wrote to Jehiel and Eunice Way and said 
they had a letter from Lubeck, Me., and that cousin Merriam had been very 
sick. The connection indicated is that cousin Merriam lived at Lubeck, 

William J. Phelps, who described himself as "a farmer on Johnycake 
Mt.," May 22, 1827, wrote to father. 

Lovina Webster wrote June 16, 1834, to Jehiel and Eunice Way and 
spoke of "uncle Wilcox," and "aunt Lois," who had "been and seen their 
grandchild in Winsted, for Sheldon bas got a daughter and Olive is living 
there. Caroline is keeping school, Maria lives at home." (See Ozias 

4. Susanna Webster, b. at Harwinton, Ct., April 26, 1780, mar. 
at Harwinton, Nov. 20, 1800, Edward Hopkins Gaylord, son of 
Deacon Edward and Wealthy (Hopkins) Gaylord, of Harwinton. 
He was b. Feb. 26, 1779. 

He entered the service in the War of 1812, Sept. 10, 1814, as 
Adjutant of Col. Farnham's Eegt., New York Militia, under Col. 
J. X. M. Hurd, and served at Sacketts Harbor, X. Y., to Nov. 
9, 1814. 

Susanna (Webster) Gaylord died at Smithfield, Madison Co., 
X. Y., June 6, 1810, of consumption; and he mar. (2) at May- 
field, Fulton Co., X. Y., Sept. 8, 1812, widow Euth (Fisk) Green, 
of that place, who was b. in 1787, and was still living there in 
1857. He died at Hanover, Chautauqua Co., X. Y., Jany. 13, 

Children: (Gaylord) (1st m.) Franklin Webster, b. at Nor- 
folk, Litchfield Co., Ct., July 2, 1802, died Jany. 29, 1804; Parin- 
thia Phelps, b. same place, Feb. 2, 1804; Franklin Webster, same 
place, Aug. 5, 1805. (2d m.) Euth; William, b. Dec. 19, 1814; 
Susan, died unmarried ; Marietta, mar. a Mr. Creadell. 

(1) Parinthia Phelps Gaylord mar. May 5, 1840, William Henry Wedge, 
of Warren, Ct., and removed about 1854 to Little Valley, N. Y., where in 
1881, they were residing. 

(2) Franklin Webster Gaylord never married. Learned trade of Tanner 
and Currier with his uncle Martin Webster. When he became of age he 

262 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

removed to Pickensville, Pickens Co., S. C, and is supposed to have lost his 
life in a battle in the late war, as a Col. in the Confederate Army. 

(3) William Gaylord resided some years since (1881) at St. Louis, Mo. 
The end. 

5. Rhoda Webster, b. at Harwinton, Ct., March 27, 1783, " 
mar. (1) Oct. 2, 1804, Deacon Warren Kellogg, son of Abraham 
and Sarah (Seymour) Kellogg, b. at New Hartford, Ct., Jany. 
5, 1779, who was a carpenter and lived at New Hartford, Ct., but 
removed in 1805 to Trenton, Oneida Co., N. Y. Rhoda (Webster) 
Kellogg died at Trenton, May 29, 1811, and he mar. (2) April 
11, 1813, Ehoda Case, b. Feb. 21, 1791, dau. Caleb and Rhocla 
(Mills) Case, b. July 25, 1754. She d. Mch. 11, 1861, and he, at 
Westmoreland, N. Y., May 21, 1869. 

Children: (Kellogg) (By first wife, Rhoda Webster) (Proba- 
bly all b. at Trenton, N. Y.) Julia Ann. June 16, 1805; Frances 
Maria, June 24, 1809; Joseph Warren, May 13, 1811. (By second 
mar.) (Kellogg) Frederick William, b. March 6, 1815; Rhoda 
Webster, Nov. Nov. 13, 1816; Charles Horace, April 15, 1819; 
Norman Bissell, April 7, 1822; Harriett Aurelia, Jany. 31, 1825; 
Catherine Janette, Sept. 24, 1827; Mary Eliza,' July 28, 1830. 
Resumed in Chapter XXII. 

6. Abigail or Nabbe Webster, b. at Harwinton, Ct., May 26, 
1785, mar. Asaph Seymour, b. Feb. 23, 1785, and bap. at New 
Hartford, Ct., Feb. 12, 1790, a son of Hezekiah and Ruth (Kel- 
logg) Seymour. He removed to ITtica, Oneida Co., N. Y., where 
he carried on the business of iron casting. He is said to have 
finally joined the Oneida Community. He was a cousin of Hon. 
Horatio Seymour, one of the Governors of the State of New York. 
Bradford Seymour, a brother of Asaph, lived at Westmoreland, 
N. Y. She died at TJtica, N. Y., Dec. 28, 1851, and he at Yellow 
Springs, Green Co., Ohio, May 21, 1863. 

Children: (Seymour) Susan Webster, b. Dec. 13, 1810; Abby 
Ann, b. April 13, 1813 ; Mary Eliza, July 29, 1818, died Sept. 8, 
1829. Resumed in Chapter XXII. 

7. Martin Webster, b. at Harwinton, Ct., July 16, 1789, mar. 
Oct. 20, 1819, Pamelia North, daughter of Phineas and Chloe 
(Skinner) North, of Torrington, Ct., b. March 2, 1800 or 1801. 

Martin Webster lived at Torrington, Ct., and from 1828 to 1831 
he was one of the Selectmen of the town. In 1833 he was a Repre- 
sentative from the town, in the State Legislature, and in 1842 he 
was a State Senator. He at one time had a tannery, and from 
1831 to 1851 he was one of a firm engaged in manufacturing gilt 
buttons and other metal articles. He died in Mo., Aug. 24, 1879 ; 
and she at Torrington, Ct., March 31, 1831. 

Children : (All b. at Torrington) Susan Augusta, Oct. 14, 1820; 

6th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 263 

Henry Alfred, Sept. 16, 1822; Sarah Jane, July 27, 1824; William 
North, Dec. 2, 1827. Resumed in Chapter XXII. 

8. Wyllis Webster, b. Feb. 26, 1792, d. July 24, 1821, near 
New Orleans, La., unmarried. 

Fourth Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Ensign 
William and Sarah Nichols Webster, by their son Samuel Webster 
of Windsor who married Elizabeth Case. 

Section 1. — Children of Elizabeth (Samuel, Ensign William, 
Robert, Gov. John) Webster of Wintonbury, Ct., and her husband, 
Joseph Haivley of Farmington, Ct., where both died. 

1. Joseph Hawley, b. at Farmington, Ct,., Oct. 24, 1785, mar. 
Feb. 16, 1816, Hannah Eoot of Southiagton, daughter of James 
and Mercy (Woodruff) Eoot, b. Nov. 7, 1785. He was a farmer 
of Farmington, Ct., and d. Aug. 24, 1865. 

Children: (Hawley) (All b. at Farmington, Ct.) Elizabeth 
Merrill, b. Jany. 11, 1817, bap. March 22, following; Emily Cor- 
nelia, b. May 29, 1818, bap. Aug. 22, following; Samuel Chauncey, 
b. March 17, 1820, bap. June 4, following; Edward Newton, b. 
June 4, 1824, bap. Oct. 10, following. The end. 

Section 2. — Children of Ashbel (Samuel, Ensign William, 
Robert, Gov. John) and (1) Annie (Kelsey), and (2) Anna (At- 
well) Webster of Wintonbury, Ct. 

1. Lucy Webster, bap. April 24, 1779, at Simsbury, Ct., 
(mother Anna Atwell) m. March 5, 1795, Manning Brace, b. Dec. 
25, 1774, at Hartford, West District, Rev. Roger Viets officiating. 

Prof. Morton W. Easton of the University of Penn. ('92) is a 
grandson of Manning Brace and Lucy Webster, and gives date of 
Manning Brace's birth as Dec. 25, 1774, and his mar. to Lucy 
Webster as March 5, 1795; date of his death as May 30, 1828. 

Manning Brace was a son of Henry and Abigail (Hooker) Brace. 

Both died at West Hartford, Ct,, he, May 30, 1828, and she, 
Oct. 16, 1848. 

Children: (Brace) (Born West Hartford) Mahala, b. Aug. 5, 
1796, d. May 6, 1802; Lucy, b. Jan. 29, 1798, d. Feb. 28, 1798; 
Fanny, b. 1799, d. 1804; Lucy Mahala, Oct. 28, 1801; Fanny, 
(again) March 6, 1804; Fidelia, June 27, 1808; Hezekiah Hooker, 
June 7, 1811; Wm. Webster, May 15, 1815; Emeline Maria, Oct. 
28, 1818. 

(1) Lucy Mahala Brace m. Ebenezer Bevans, and d. at West 
Hartford, Sep. 11, 1865. (2) Fanny Brace m. Harvey Sweetland 
and has three children. (3) Hezekiah Hooker Brace m. March 
27, 1833, Mary Loomis, and their dau., Mrs. E. A. Nellis, 1906, 
resided at 12 Halibird Avenue, Winsted, Ct. The end. 

264 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

2. Eunice Webster, b. April 11, 1781, at Bloomfield, Ct., never 
married. In 1820, Eunice Webster of Farmington, Ct., purchased 
land in New Haven, Addison Co., Vt., and in 1825, sold the same. 
Witnesses, Nathaniel Olmstead, and Horace Cowles. She died at 
Avon, Ct., Dec. 9, 1873, aged 92 ys, 7 mos, 28 ds. The end. 

3. Ashbel Webster, b. Sep. 1785, at Bloomfield, Ct., (formerly 
Simsbury) a farmer, butcher and meat dealer, mar. Dec. 2, 1806, 
Esther, daughter of Roswell (b. May 3, 1755), and Olive (Stough- 
ton) Bissell, of East Windsor, Ct. Stiles' Ancient Windsor says, 
"dau. of Roswell and Chloe (Thompson ) Bissell. 

Jan. 5, 1841 : Administration granted on estate of Ashbel Webster, late 
of Avon, Ct. ; to his wid. Esther. Returned Feb. 10, 1841, personal, $709.- 
41; real, $2,410. Distribution ordered Apr. 5, 1842; made, Apr. 19, '42; 
returned, May 26, 1842, to seven children: Eliza P., Esther Maria, Leverett 
F., Mary Ann, Harriet A. Woodford, Laura Emma Carrier, Chloe F. Wood- 
ward and wid. Esther. 

Both died at Avon, Ct., he Dec. 13, 1840, aged 55 ; and she Nov. 
16, 1880, aged 93-3-10. 

Children: (First three b. at Bloomfield, the fourth at Simsbury, 
and the rest at Avon, Ct.) Laura Emma, April 15, 1807; Eliza 
Paulina, March 25, 1809; Chloe Thompson, Oct. 17, 1811; Esther 
Maria, b. at Simsbury, Ct., April 9, 1814; Harriet Atwell, b. at 
Avon, Ct., July 7, 1816; Miles Harrison, July 3, 1819, died at 
Avon, Ct., Feb. 25, 1822, aged 3 years; Mary Ann, Oct. 27, 1821; 
Leverett Franklin, Jany. 20, 1828. Resumed in Chapter XXIII. 

4. Rhoda Webster, b. at Simsbury, (now Blooznfield) Ct., 
Sept. 24, 1794, mar. Jany. 9, 1833, Chauncey R. Johnson, who 
died some years ago at Washington, D. C. She was living (1883) 
at 848 Main St., Hartford, Ct. She d. Men. 17, 1886. The end. 

Section 3. — Children of Aaron (Samuel, Ensign William, 
Robert, Gov. John) and Mary (Sheppard) Webster of Bloomfield 
(Wintonbury) , Ct., and Henrietta, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

1. Aaron Webster, a farmer, b. May 26, 1779, at Bloomfield, 
Ct., m. in Columbia Co., X. Y., Amy Bentley, of same Co., daugh- 
ter of Thomas and Barbara Bentley, formerly of Rhode Island. 
They removed in 1813 from Columbia Co., to Otsego Co., X. Y., 
and in 1820, to Monroe Co., X. Y., and a short time prior to his 
death, to Genesee Co., X. Y. 

March 4, 1820, Aaron Webster, late from New Lebanon, Columbia Co., 
N. Y., buys land in Henrietta of Wm. Roderick and Polly his wife of Rush, 
N. Y. 

Feb. 26, 1825, Aaron Webster, Jr., and Amy his wife, of Henrietta, N. Y., 
sell to Ebenezer Beach, Simeon P. Alcott, and Erasmus D. Smith of 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Oct. 11, 1832, Aaron Webster, Jr. and Amy his wife of the town of 

6th Gen.] Eobert Webster's Llne 265 

Brighton, Monroe Co., N. Y., sell to Josiah Gilbert of same place, land in 
the town of Brighton, "west of Irondequoit Bay." 

Sep. 10, 1832, Aaron Webster, Jr., and John Markham of the town of 
Rush, buy of Alanson Case and Eliza his wife, land in Rush near Case's 

March 29, 1839, Aaron Webster, Jr., and Amy his wife of Henrietta, 
sell to Lester Webster and Lyman Dickerson of Henrietta, land there. 
Witness, Aaron A. Webster. 

lie died at Henrietta, Monroe Co., X. Y., at the home of his 
daughter Mary S., Oct. 2, 1838. She died at South Bend, Ind., at 
the home of her son Aaron A., Feb. 6, 1849. 

Children : (All but two youngest b. at New Lebanon, Colum- 
bia Co., X. Y., and they in Otsego Co., 1ST. Y.) Lester, Dec. 2, 
1799; William, Thursday, Sept. 3, 1801; Harry Croswell, May 25, 
1804; Russell Bentley, Feb. 22, 1807; Mary Sheppard, Oct. 11, 
1809; Harriet Amy, May 13, 1811 ; Aaron A., May 3, 1814; Betsey 
Electa, Oct. 12, 1817. Resumed in Chapter XXIII. 

2. Polly Webster, bap. Sep. 29, 1784, at Bloomfield, Ct., m. 
in New Canaan, Columbia Co., X. Y., Sweet Case, who enlisted 
in the war of 1812, and is supposed to have been killed at the 
battle of Queenstown, Canada, Oct. 12, 1812, as he was never seen 
after the final engagement there. He probably d. at Queenstown, 
Canada, Oct. 12, 1812, and she d. in Monroe County, X. Y., in 
1824. Sweet Case was undoubtedly Sweet W. Case, s. of William 
and Anna (Gale) Case of Rush, X. Y. 

Children: (Case) William, d. in Branch County, Mich.; Al- 
meron; Charles, d. in Monroe County, X. Y. ; Xelson, d. in Wis- 

Almeron, mar. Miss Marcia M. Tripp. He d. at Ovid, Clinton 
Co., Mich., 1881, leaving a widow and a daughter who were, when 
last heard of, at Ovid, Mich. The end. 

3. Electa Webster, b. at Bloomfield (Wintonbury), Ct., July 
25, 1786, mar. in Columbia Co., X. Y., (Xew Canaan) in 1802, 
Oliver Case, b. July 26, 1785, son of William and Alice (Tripp) 
Case. They removed about Aug. 1836, to Dundee, Monroe Co., 
Mich., where he died Aug. 3, 1841. She d. at Petersburg, Monroe 
Co., Mich. 

Children: (Case) (All except two eldest b. in Monroe Co., X. 
Y.) Alice Mary, b. in Columbia Co., X. Y., Aug. 17, 1803; Al- 
mira, b. in Livingston Co., X. Y., July 14, 1805 ; Aaron Webster, 
b. Oct. 21, 1807; Caroline, Aug. 14, 1810; Talmon, Jany. 3, 1813; 
Edmund, March 9, 1815; Cynthia Ann, May 28, 1817; Anthony, 
Oct. 19, 1819 ; Abner Sheldon, Jany. 13, 1822 ; Emanuel, April 21, 
1824; Alonzo, Jany. 9, 1827, died Jany. 2, 1834; Bradley, March 
27, 1829. Resumed in Chapter XXIII. 

266 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

4. Samuel Webster, a farmer b. at Bloomfield (Wintonbury), 
Ct, April 28, 1787, mar. at Canaan, Columbia Co., X. Y., Oct. 
29, 1809, Mercy, daughter of Job and Joanna Green, b. at Pitts- 
town, Columbia Co., X. Y., Oct. 13, 1787. Both died at Hen- 
rietta, Monroe Co., X. Y., he June 15, 1878; and she Oct. 27, 

Children: (Four born at Canaan, 1ST. Y., Eliza Ann at Men- 
don, Monroe Co., X. Y., and the rest at Henrietta, 1ST. Y.) Harry 
Morgan, March 19, 1811 ; Amanda, March 1, 1813 ; Philo Hamil- 
ton, June 28, 1815; Emeline, Oct. 26, 1817; Eliza Ann, Aug. 19, 
1822; Ehoda, June 9, 1826; Mercy Maria, Aug. 24, 1828; Andrew 
Samuel, Dec. 19, 1833. Resumed in Chapter XXIII. 

5. Charlotte or Charley Webster, b. at Bloomfield, Ct., April 
9, 1789, mar. Feb. 28, 1808, Russell Bentley, b. April 17, 1786. 
They resided at Westford, Otsego Co., X. Y. He died March 22, 
1872; and she March 30, 1824. 

Children: (Bentley) (All b. at Westford, X. Y.) Electa Ann, 
April 2, 1812, died Sept. 24, 1813; twins, Almira Charley and 
Alfred Russell, b. May 7, 1815. Almira died March 28, 1816, and 
Alfred, June 12, 1816 ; William Rufus, b. March 12, 1817 ; Eliza- 
beth Ann, b. March 22, 1819 ; Aaron Webster, Oct. 19, 1822. 

(1) William Eufus, mar. Feb. 8, 1843, Miss Sarah A. Roseboom. They 
resided (1884) at Westford, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

(2) Elizabeth Ann, mar. in May, 3842, Spencer E. Lake. They resided 
(in 1884) at Mt. Vision, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

(3) Aaron Webster, mar. Aug. 26, 1849, Miss Iesinthie Roseboom. They 
resided (1884) at West Oneonta, Otsego Co., N. Y. The end. 

6. Theron Webster, b. at Bloomfield, Ct., May 8, 1791, a 
blacksmith, mar. at Middlefield, Otsego Co., 1ST. Y., 1813 (perhaps 
a later date), Sarah Wickham, b. at Middlefield, X. Y., Oct. 30, 
1796. They made their home for many years at Middlefield, but 
about 1851 removed to West Henrietta, Monroe Co., X. Y. Both 
died at the latter place, he Xov. 2, 1862, aged 71-5-24; and she 
Feb. 9, 1866, aged 70-8-21. 

Children: (All b. at Middlefield, X. Y.) Egbert, died at about 
three months; Harry Davis, March 3, 1817; Alonzo Deloss, July 
8, 1819; Harriet Elvira, 1821; Russell Bentley, Oct. 24, 1823; 
Edwin Xorthop and Adrial Ealy, twins, b. Feb. 22, 1832. Re- 
sumed in Chapter XXIII. 

7. Almeron Webster, no birth date, m. Charlotte Baker, Dec. 
11, 1826. Charlotte Webster was the widow of Almiron Webster of 
Parma, X. Y. He d. at Parma Center, X. Y. After his death 
she m. a Webster, not a relative of her first husband. 

Children: (1st m.) Electa, Bradley (last heard of in Wiscon- 
sin) ; Rensalaer, and some add William who m. before 1815 and 
settled in Rensselaer Co., N. Y. 

6th Gen.] Eobekt Webster's Line 267 

8. Cynthia Webster, no birth date, m. Joshua Palmer and had 
Eliza and Cynthia. Last heard of in Ohio. 

9. Eliza Webster, no date of birth, m. Hosea Martin of Rush, 
Monroe Co., 1ST. Y., where both died, she, Apr. 12, 1834, aged 30 
ys, 4 mos, 15 ds, and he, July 22, 1848, aged 54 ys and 8 mos. 
After the death of Eliza Webster, his first wife, he m. (2) Char- 
lotte L who d. May 11, 1837, aged 24 ys and 15 ds. He 

m. (3) Harriet Maxon. 

David Martin of West Rush, N. Y., advised Aug. 2, 1900, that 
he was the third child of Hosea Martin, and that he was living in 
the same house occupied by Hosea's first wife and children. 

Children: Mary L. d. Nov. 21, 1839, aged 16-11-18; Harriet 
E., d. Dec. 24, 1842, aged 11 ys, 4 mos. The end. 

Section 4. — Children of Timothy (Samuel, Ensign William, 
Robert, Gov. John) and Sarah (Allen) Webster of Windsor (Win- 
tonbury Parish), and Livingston Manor, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

1. Timothy Webster, Jr., b. May 29, 1785, in Hartford Co., 
Ct., married and had several children. He resided, Aug. 1839, 
in Monroe Co., N. Y. 

Oct. 16, 1854, Timothy Webster and Harriet his wife of the City of 
Rochester, N. Y., sell to John C. Van Epps of the same place, real estate 
in Rochester. 

Corporal Timothy 0. Webster, a soldier in the Union Army, is believed 
to have been a son. He m. Aug. 25, 1852, at Charlotte, Monroe Co., N. Y., 
Harriet Stevens, and in 1852 was a resident of Rochester. 

May 18, 1858, Harriet N. Webster, nee Stevens, and Timothy 0. Webster, 
both of Lockport, Niagara Co., N. Y., sell to James N. Stevens of Lockport 
a lot in that village. 

Timothy 0. Webster enrolled July 24, 18C2, in Co. F., 24th Mich. Inftry., 
at Detroit, Mich. He was killed near Petersburg, Va., June 18, 1864, "by 
the bursting of a shell." His widow was a resident of Detroit, Mich., Oct. 
2, 1865. She was 36 years old, Sep. 13, 1866. There were two surviving 
children in 1866, — Charles Franklin, b. Sep. 18, 1853; Harriet Emma, b. 
Aug. 27, 1856. The end. 

2. Sally Webster, b. Nov. 1, 1791, mar. Samuel Foot, and 
had five children. She died at Penn Hollow, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 
in 1853. The end. 

3. Truman Webster, b. Aug. 4, 1794, fell in a fit from the 
bank of a river, while fishing, in Madison Co., N. Y., and was 
drowned, May 15, 1829. Died unmarried. 

4. Mary Webster, b. in Hartford Co., Ct., probably Winton- 
bury Parish in the town of Windsor, March 4, 1801, mar. at Man- 
lius Square, Onondaga Co., N. Y., May 27, 1827, Ashley Brooks, 
of Worcester, Mass., b. March 4, 1797. His mother's name was 
Elizabeth, and she resided in April 1851, at Moravia, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y. He died at Auburn, N. Y., Aug. 5, 1870; and she at Roch- 
ester, N. Y., Dec. 4, 1880. 

268 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 6 

Children: (Brooks) (All b. at Sullivan, Madison Co., 1ST. Y.) 
George Washington, b. July 12, 1828 ; Sarah Jane, Sept. 14, 1829 ; 
Mary Veline, Jany. 9, 1832; Angeline, Nov. 5, 1834; Argelius, 
Dec. 18, 1836, died at Austin, Lander Co., Nevada, in 1873; Aus- 
tin Spencer, Nov. 17, 1838; Ashley, Jr., Feb. 28, 1840, died at 
Moravia, N. Y., Oct. 24, 1845. 

(1) George Washington Brooks, mar. at Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 
Sept. 5, 1855, and resided in 1884 at Detroit, Mich. Died in Syracuse, N. 
Y. A son Webster Brooks. 

(2) Sarah Jane mar. at Kelloggsville, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Oct. 5, 1848, 
Joshua Lorenzo Phelps, b. July 24, 1820. They resided in Rochester, 
N. Y. Children: Judson Lorenzo Phelps, b. May 7, 1854, at Moravia, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y. He is mar. and his mother, a widow resides with them, 
1913, at 18 Bellevue Drive, Rochester, N. Y. He is a Wall Paper Dealer 
at 149 State Street. 

(3) Mary Verline m. at Kelloggsville, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1848, William H. 
Main. They resided, 1884, at Ovid, Mich., and 1904, at Ellendale, Dickey 
Co., North Dak. 

(4) Angeline m. at Chicago, 111., in 1866, Hiram C. Main. They resided 
1884 at Port Byron, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

(5) Austin Spencer mar. at Locke, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Feb. 13, 1858, 
Harriet Hoagland, b. at Venice, Cayuga Co., N. Y., April 29, 1838. She 
was daughter of Lewis Hoagland. They resided (1884) at Clyde, Wayne 
Co., N. Y. Res. at 435 Main Street East, Room 14, Rochester, N. Y. The 

5. Truxton Webster, b. in Hartford Co., Ct, March 9, 1803, 
removed from his home in Sullivan, Madison Co., N. Y., in 1834, 
to Indiana, and is said to have made the journey on foot. He was 
missing very strangely from his new home, near South Bend, Ind., 
in the Spring of 1835, and is supposed to have been murdered for 
his money. He was never again heard of, and if his death occurred 
at that time he was unmarried. 

6. Harlow Webster, b. Oct. 1, 1805, in Hartford Co., Ct., a 
carpenter, mar. May 16, 1852, Nancy Scribner, daughter of Abra- 
ham Scribner, b. Aug. 9, 1822, at Greenville, Darke Co., Ohio. 
They made their home at South Bend, Inch, to which place he 
removed from Sullivan, Madison Co., N. Y., about 1834. He, 
like his brother, is said to have made the journey on foot. He died 
at South Bend, Ind., Jany. 2, 1860, and she was residing at that 
place in 1883. She d. May 20, 1890, in So. Bend, Ind. 

Children: (All b. at South Bend, Ind.) Lewis Harlow, April 
4, 1853 ; Sarah Jane, Sept. 7, 1855 ; Jonathan Allen Listen, Dec. 
27, 1857. In 1883 all three were unmarried and resided at South 
Bend, Ind. 

Sarah Jane d. Aug.. 19, 1890, South Bend, Ind. She was a 
manager in dry-goods store of Rose & Ellsworth, a member of the 
Reformed Church and active worker in the Sunday School. A 
memorial sermori on "A Useful Life" was preached Aug. 31, 1890, 
by her pastor, Rev. N. D. Williamson. The end. 


Sixth Generation — Great Grandchildren of George and Sarah 

Bliss Webster of Lebanon, Ct., in the Line of 

Thomas the son of Gov. John Webster. 

First Generation, Gov. John and Agnes Webster. — Second, Thomas 
and Abigail Alexander Webster. — Third, George and Sarah Bliss 
Webster. — Fourth, Children of George and Sarah Bliss Webster 

named in the divisions of this chapter. flfth, grandchildren 

of George and Sarah Bliss Webstek named in the numbered Sec- 
tions of this Chapter. — Sixth, Great Grandchildren of the same 
named in the numbered Paragraphs of this Chapter, printed in 
heavy face type. 

First Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of George and 
Sarali Bliss Webster by their son, Jonathan Webster of Lebanon, 
Ct., who married Mary Strong. 

Section 1. — Children of Jonathan (Jonathan, George, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and (1) Dorothy (Hills), and (2) Ruth (Holdridge) 
Webster of Lebanon, Goshen Parish, Ct. 

1. Jonathan Webster b. Feb. 23, 1748-9, at Lebanon, Ct,, 
(mother, Dorathy Hills) received his double share of his father's 
property, as the first-born, and was named in the distribution of 
his mother's estate, June 9, 1809. 

Oct. 27, 1788, Jonathan Webster sold land to Gershom Webster. 
Benoni Webster a witness. All of Lebanon, Ct. 

2d Beg't, Gen. Joseph Spencer's, Cap't Levi Wells Co. of Col- 
chester, had in it Jonathan Webster, from May 11 to Dec. 17, 
1775, a private. 

Lexington Alarm List, Cap. Daniel Tilden's Co., had private 
Jonathan Webster, Jr., 15 days service. The company was from 
Lebanon, Ct. 

ISTo trace of Jonathan Webster after June 9, 1809, has been found. 
The end. 

2. James Webster, b. Dec. 22, 1751, at Lebanon, Ct., (mother, 
Dorathy Hills) m. Anna Marsh, b. Oct. 13, 1758, dau. of Pelatiah 
and Anna (Marsh) Marsh. He died April 24, 1829, aged 77 
years, and she, April 15, 1829, aged 70 years. The Marsh Geneal- 
ogy gives the date, April 10, 1825. 

James Webster is borne on the Lexington Alarm List for fifteen days in 
April, 1775, from the town of Lebanon, in Cap. Clark's Company. 


270 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

1795, May 8, James Webster and Anne his wife sell to Rufus Lamb all of 

1803, Sep. 20, James Webster and Anne his wife, and Molly Marsh, all 
of Lebanon, sell to Flavia Marsh, their right to the estate of "our honored 
mother, Ann Marsh, now deceased." 

James Webster and family seem to have belonged to the Parish of Exeter 
in Lebanon. 

Children: Thena; Anna; Sally; Abigail, usually called "Abby," 
1783; Emily, d. in Lebanon; Erastus, b. Feb. 28, 1788; Lucy, b. 
Mch. 22, 1791; James, b. Sep. 20, 1795. Resumed in Chapter 

3. David Webster, b. Feb. 14, 1754, X. S. at Lebanon, Ct., 
(mother, Dorathy Hills) m. (1) Jerusha Berge, and (2) Xancy 
Randall. He lived at Lebanon, Ct., and Grafton, Rensselaer Co., 
X. Y., where he died Oct. 15, 1819. 

1790, Feb. 10, Benoni Webster sells to David Webster, both of Lebanon, 
Ct., land there. 

Lebanon, New London Co. Ct. : — David Webster is borne on the Lexing- 
ton Alarm List for a service of 4 days — April 1775 — from the town of 
Lebanon — Capt. Jas. Clark's Co. — Same name — served in 10th Co. Capt. 
John Ripley (of Windham) — 8th Regt. Col. Jedidiah Huntington (of Nor- 
wich) from July 11 to Dec. 18, 1775 — Regt. recruital mainly in New Lon- 
don, Hartford and Windham Counties — -was stationed on the Sound until 
Sept. 14 when it was ordered to Boston Camp and took part at Roxbury 
in Gen'l Spencer's Brigade. 

Data from Pay Roll: Private, David Webster — Capt. Wells Co. — Col. 
Thos. Belding'sRegt., Gen'l Wolcott's Brigade, Conn. Milit. — enlisted May 
10th, 1777 or 1776— Discharged May 22d, 1777 or 1776. 

1822, Apr. 4. Nancy Webster of the town of Grafton, Rensselaer Co., 
N. Y., mother of Seymour C. Webster, who is a son of David Webster, late 
of the town of Pittstown, Rens. Co., N. Y., said Seymour C. Webster being 
three years old the 19th day of Feb. last, do appoint said Nancy guardian 
of said Seymour C. Webster. 

Children: (1st m.) David b. at Lebanon, Tolland Co., Conn., 
May 19, 1775; Jerusha; Fila; Lydia; Justin, b. May 1, 1788; 
Polly; (2d m.) Lot, who died young; Alvah Harrison, b. Grafton, 
Rensselaer Co., X. Y., July 9, 1816; Seymour Clinton, b. Feb. 19, 
1819 ; Hannah. Resumed in Chapter XXIV. 

4. Israel Webster, b. May 25, 1756, at Lebanon, Ct., (mother, 
Dorathy Hills) m. there Mch. 13, 1781, Mary Sophia Carpenter, 
dau. of Ephriam and Sophia (Wheeler) Carpenter, b. about 1762. 
They removed to Hartford, Windsor Co., Vt., about 1789, and to 
Ascot, Lower Canada, about 1811, where he died May 3, 1838, and 
she, April 5, 1854, aged 94 years. 

Israel Webster was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and alleges 
that he enlisted, first, for one year, at Lebanon, Ct., in April or May, 1776, 
in Capt. Daniel Tilden's Co., of Col. John Durkee's Regt., Conn. Line, on 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Like 271 

the Continental establishment, and served his full term as a Private and 
was discharged in New Jersey. He alleges and the muster rolls confirm 
as to dates and places, that he enlisted, second, for three years, May 10, 
1777, as a corporal, in Capt. Jedediah Hyde's Co., of Col. John Durkee's 
Regt. (4th Conn. Regt. ) The Company was subsequently commanded by 
Capt. Robert Hallam, then by Lieut. Col. John Sherman, and still later 
by Col. John Durkee. He says that he enlisted this time at Norwich, Ct., 
and the company rendezvoused at New Haven, Ct., and marched thence to 
Robinson's Farm on the Hudson River, and thence to Morristown, New 
Jersey. The rolls show that the Company was at Valley Forge, April to 
June, 1778, at White Plains in Sept. 1778, at Reading, January to May, 
1779, at the Highlands, New York, June to Nov., 1779, at Morristown, 
Jany., 1780, and at Westfield, March and April, 1780. Webster was pro- 
moted to a Sergt. Nov. 20, 1778, and to 1st Sergt. about July, 1779. In 
May, 1779 all of his superior officers being absent he was in command of 
his Co. He was absent from his Co. on a furlough for 28 days from Dec. 
28, 1778, and for four days in Sept. 1779. In March and April, 1779, he is 
reported as "on command at the lines" — and in Feb., 1780, as "on Detach- 
ment." He was discharged from this service April 20, 1780. He alleges 
that he was in the battles of Germantown, and Monmouth. 

He alleges that in April, 1782, he was commissioned by Gov. Jonathan 
Trumbull as an Ensign, in Capt. Mills Co., Col. Samuel Canfield's Regt., of 
Conn. Militia, to serve one year, that they were stationed at Horseneck in 
Stamford, Ct., to protect the inhabitants from the outrages of the Tories, 
that he assisted in building a fort at Stamford, and was out on several 
scouts, in one of which a company of the enemy's dragoons surrounded the 
house where they were, killed and wounded many, and took their Capt. 
and Lieut, prisoners. At the expiration of his year the news of peace 
arrived, and he was discharged. He was pensioned at $180 per annum, 
and after his death, his widow was allowed the same rate. 

Frances, wife of Hon. Aaron Matson, Member of Congress from New 
Hampshire, was a sister of Mrs. Webster. Their father, Ephriam Car- 
penter, kept a public house in Lebanon, Ct. 

Israel Webster served in the Company of Cap. Jedediah Hyde of Norwich, 
4th Reg't Conn. Line, Col. John Durkee of Norwich. Enlisted April 20, 
1777; promoted Sergeant Nov. 20, 1778, and dis. Apr. 20, 1780. Reg't re- 
cruited mainly in New London and Windham Counties. 

Israel Webster, Orderly Sergeant, says he enlisted in Continental army 
for the war and served to its termination, at which time he was an Orderly 
Sergeant in Cap. Robert Holland's Co., 4th Reg.. Conn., Line. Signs poorly, 
Nov. 7, 1829, at Ascot, Province of Lower Canada. (No. 1773, Act of 

1789, Jan. 27, Israel Webster of Hartford, Vt., for 60 pounds, buys of 
Ephriam Carpenter of same place, estimated 25 acres on highway that 
leads to Woodstock. Boundaries, Christopher Pease. Witnesses: Melissa 
and Fanny Carpenter. 

1793, Nov. 12, Israel Webster of Hartford, Windsor Co., Vt., purchased 
land there of Amos Robinson of the same place. Witnesses: Thos. Hol- 
brook and Jonathan Wright. 

272 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

1796, June 6, same to Thos. Holbrook for $500. Witnesses: Jeddediah 
Strong, James Strong, all of Hartford, Vt. 

1808, Apr. 23, Israel Webster of Hartford, Windsor Co., Vt., and Mary 
Sophia Webster his wife; Elias Hull of Charlestown, N. H., and Cynthia 
Hull his wife; Aaron Matson of Stoddard and Fanny Matson his wife, to 
Ephriam Carpenter of Charlestown, N. H. One witness: Chester Webster. 

1808, Apr. 25, Israel Webster of Hartford, Windsor Co., Vt., and Mary 
Sophia his wife; Elias Hull of Charlestown, Cheshire Co., N. H., and 
Cynthia Hull his wife; and Aaron Matson of Stoddard, Cheshire Co., N. H., 
and Fanny his wife; by virtue of last will and testament of Phineas 
Whealer, their — Mary Sophia, Cynthia and Fanny — grandfather, late of 
Lebanon deceased, sells to Elijah Mason of Hartford, Vt., aforesaid, their 
right in said estate. 

1808, Oct. 3, same to Israel Webster, Jun., $600, undivided half of lot 
5 "on which I now live," deed to me by Amos Robinson. Witnesses: 
Joanna Dewey and Sherman Dewey. 

1809, Apr. 11, same, for $500 to Israel Webster, Jun., land he bought of 
Amos Robinson, Nov. 12, 1793. Witnesses: Dan Wright, Freeman Jewett, 
Freegrace Leavitt. 

1809, May 22, Israel Webster, Jun., $600 to Samuel Pease, 2d, all of 
Hartford. Witnesses: Asahel King and Freegrace Leavitt, Town Clerk. 

1810, Israel Webster of Hartford, Windsor Co., Vt., and Mary Sophia 
his wife. Witness: Chas. Webster. 

1810, Mar. 13, Israel Webster buys of Samuel Pease, 2d, of Hartford, 
Vt., $600. Bound: Judah Riley's land to Eliot Porter's. 

1810, Apr. 25, Israel Webster of Hartford, Vt., sells land in Lebanon 
"of my honored father Jonathan Webster" and set out to his widow Ruth 
Webster for her thirds. 

Children: (First two b. at Lebanon, Ct. ; others at Hartford, 
Windsor Co., Vt.) Israel, b. Mch 15, 1782; Harry, b. 1785; Sophia; 
Harriet; Chester; Horace, b. Aug. 27, 1798, at Hartford, Vt. ; 
Mary Sophia. Kesumed in Chapter XXIV. 

5. William Webster, b. Aug. 1, 1758, at Lebanon, Ct., (mother, 
Dorathy Hills) m. Oct. 27, 1785, at Glastonbury, Ct., her home, 
Anna Hodge, b. Feb. 11, 1758, dau. of Benjamin and Lydia (Wells) 
Hodge. They removed, about 1789, to Canaan, Grafton Co., X. 
H., and to Hartland and Woodstock, Vt., about 1795. Later he 
removed to Xorth East, Erie Co., Pa., but came back, four years 
later, to the town of Ellicott, Chautauqua Co., X. Y., where he 
died Jan. 10, 1841, and she at Xorth East, Pa., Xov. 25, 1861, 
aged nearly 104 years. 

William Webster was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and alleges 
seven tours of service of about two months each, in the Conn. Militia. 

1st, was drafted in Sept., 1776, at Lebanon, Ct., served in Capt. Ephriam 
Carpenter's Co., of Col. Hosford's Regt., marched to New Haven, Ct., thence 
to Rye, N. Y., and thence to Froge Point, near New York. The main army 
then marched to White Plains but Hosford's Regt. retreated to Rye, and 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 273 

thence to the Saw Pits, near Byram River, where they had a skirmish with 
a force of British and Tories in which some of the enemy were killed and 
wounded, and Gen'l Parsons coming up with a Brigade dispersed the 
enemy. His Begt. remained at the Saw Pits a short time, when he was 
discharged and got back to Lebanon in Nov. 

2d, in April or May, 1777, he was drafted on an Alarm, and served for 
two months at Ft. Trumbull, New London, Ct., in Capt. John Skinner's 
Co. of Col. Samuel Chapman's Regt. 

3d, about June, 1777, was drafted on an Alarm, and served for two 
months at Ft. Griswold, Groton, Ct., in Capt. Bush's Co., of Col. Jones' 
Regt., and while there frequently saw the British fleet, three ships of which 
lay at anchor off there for about three weeks at one time. 

4th, in Sept., 1777, he was drafted to go to the North, served under 
Capt. John Skinner, in Col. Jonathan Lattimore'L Regt., "marked to the 
taking of Gen'l Burgoyne," and was there at the surrender. His brigade 
was then under the command of Gen'l Poor. Served in this expedition two 
months, served from Aug. 25, to Nov. 2, in Poor's Brigade of Arnold's Div. 

5th, in March, 1778, was called out on an Alarm, and served two months 
at the Fort in New London, in Capt. Daniel Clark's Co., of Col. Mason's 

6th, in Sept., 1778, was called out on an Alarm, and served two months 
at Fort Griswold, Groton, Ct., in Capt. Azariah "Right's" Co., of Col. 
Eliphalet Buckley's Regt. 

7th, in Nov., 1778, iie with four others, under command of Sergt. Clark, 
at the particular request of Gov. Trumbull, went to Stamford, and Fair- 
field, Ct., in pursuit of Tories, who were supplying provisions to the 
British on Long Island. They arrested three of them and took them to 
Lebanon, Ct., where they were held as prisoners for several months. Was 
gone from home one month, and marched 100 miles. He was allowed a 
pension of $43.33 per annum, and after his death his widow was also al- 
lowed one. 

1785, July 11, William Webster of Lebanon sells to Rufus Lamb, land 
in Lebanon set out to said William from his father's estate. Boundaries 
mention Israel Webster and Ruel Webster. 

1810, March 24, William Webster of Hartford, Windsor Co., Vt., sells 
to Israel Webster of said Hartford, 34 acres — his right in the estate of 
Jonathan Webster, and the thirds of Ruth Webster in Lebanon, Ct. 

Children : ( Copied from the Town records of Hartland, Wind- 
sor Co., Vt., July 6, 1906, by M. E. Webster.) (First two b. in 
Ellington, Tolland Co., Ct., next three at Canaan, Grafton Co., 
1ST. H., and remaining three at Hartland, Vt.) Zenas, Sep. 3, 1786; 
Electa, Feb. 2, 1788; Pamelia, May 1, 1790; Hiram, Jan. 16, 1792, 
d. Oct. 22, 1801; Anna, Oct. 24, 1794, d. April 30, 1800; Roxa- 
lana, June 18, 1796; Earl, June 18, 1798; Julia Anna, Feb. 6, 
1801. Resumed in Chapter XXIV. 

6. Zenas Webster, b. June 7, 1760, at Lebanon, Ct., (mother, 
Dorathy Hills) evidently died before 1783 inasmuch as he is not 
mentioned in the settlement of his father's estate. There is a tra- 
dition that he died in the Revolutionary war. The end. 

274 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

7. Benoni Webster, b. Apr. 3, 1762, at Lebanon, Ct., (mother, 
Dorathy Hills) m. there, Dee. 17, 1789, Sally Metcalfe, b. 1772. 

They settled in East Roxbury, Washington Co., Vt., in the Spring of 
1797, having previously resided at Hartland, Windsor Co., Vt. He settled 
in the northeast part of the town on lot No. 3, of the 1st range, now owned 
by James Steele, which he had bought in 1796, then an unbroken wilder- 
ness. His first house was logs, roofed with bark, and floored with split 
basswood, smoothed with an axe. In 1810 he built a large framed house, 
making the rooms about 2 feet higher than it was usual to make them at 
that time so that "Uncle Sam Metcalf (of Royalton), could stand up in 
them with his hat on." The doors were also made unusually high, so that 
his wife's tall relations could come in without stooping, as he said. He 
was the first to plant fruit trees in town. 

1789, March 6, Benoni Webster of Lebanon, Ct., sells to Ruel Webster 
of same Lebanon, land then purchased of Ruth and James Webster, Ad- 
ministrators. Same date to Gershom. 1790, Feb. 10, Benoni sells to David. 

1791, June 21, Benoni Webster of Hartland, Windsor Co., Vt., purchased 
Lot 3, 12th range, at Hartland, of Ann Van Horn, Ex'x of estate of David 
Van Horn of New York City. 

1794, Dec. 29, he sold half of Lot 3 to Thomas Cristy of New Boston, 
Hillsborough Co., N. H. 

1796, Feb. 17, to Thomas Cristie of Hartland, Vt., and 20th, to David 
Hazeltine of Hartland. 

1803, Nov. 15, Benoni Webster of Roxbury, Vt., sold to Rufus Lamb of 
Lebanon, Ct., land there, formerly owned by the late Jonathan Webster — 
and part of thirds laid out to Ruth Webster, his widow. 

Benoni Webster died Jan. 8, 1823, aged 60-9-21. His wife d. 
1838, aged 66 years. 

Children : ( All b. at East Roxbury, Vt., except the first two b. 
at Lebanon, Ct., and Benoni, Jr., at Brookfield, Orange Co., Vt.) 
Charles, b. June 5, 1790; Alfred, Jan. 6, 1798; Moses Metcalf; 
Mary, Feb. 3, 1800; Bhoda; Sarah, Jan. 7, 1794; Malinda; Ed- 
mund, April 5, 1808; Benoni, April 10, 1810; Samuel Hammond, 
Oct. 29, 1812. Resumed in Chapter XXIV. 

8. Ruel Webster, bap. Oct. 23, 1764, at Lebanon, Ct., (mother, 
Ruth Holdridge) m. there, Polly (Mary) Metcalf of Lebanon, Ct. 

1788, June 24, Ruel Webster of Lebanon, Ct., sells to Jesse Wright of 

1795, March 26, Ruel Webster of Lebanon sells to James Webster of 
same place, and mentions Joseph Hills' and Aaron Webster's land. 

1795, May 21, Ruel Webster of Lebanon sells to Rufus Lamb, and men- 
tions Daniel Haynes' land; Widow Ruth Webster's thirds, and "my 
honored father, Jonathan Webster, deceased." 

Tov:n of Exeter, Otsego Co., N. Y.: 1799, Oct. 8, William Angell sells 
to Ruel Webster — both of Otsego Co., N. Y. — land on the David Schuyler 
patent, bounded by William Angell and Susannah Angell, his wife. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas and Caleb Angell. 

1803, Feb. 8, Thomas Angell, farmer, of the town of Exeter, and 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 275 

Mehitable Angell, his wife, sell to Ruel Webster of the same place, land 
on the David Schuyler patent. 

1807, June 17, Ruel Webster and his wife Mary, sell. 

3808, Nov. 26, Peletiah JrSliss of Exeter sells land there to Ruel Webster. 

1818, Sept. 17, Ruel Webster of town of Exeter buys in the town of 
Burlington, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

Xo record of the death of Ruel Webster or his wife, Polly Met- 

Children: Ruel, Jr., named above; Aaron Holdridge; Moses 
Hyde, b. Sep. 3, 1807; one dau. "whose hair touched the floor." 
One thinks there were two sisters: Ruth and Polly and Wealthy 
who m. a Curtis and died at 18. Resumed in Chapter XXIV. 

9. Gershom Webster, bap. July 7, 1765, at Lebanon, Ct., Go- 
shen Parish, (mother, Ruth Holdridge) m. Rebecca Holdridge, dau. 
of Arnold Holdridge. 

1790, March 25, Gershom Holdridge of Lebanon, and Rebecca Crouch of 
Hebron, were married. (Hebron, Ct., records.) 

1790, Sept. 20, Gershom Webster sells to Amos Bliss, both of Lebanon. 

1792, Oct. 8, Gershom Webster of Lebanon sells to Joseph Hills of Col- 
chester, land in Lebanon. 

1810, Aug. 9, Gershom Webster of the City of Hudson, Columbia Co., 
N. Y., sells to Rufus Lamb of Lebanon, "my right in the estate of Jon- 
athan and Ruth Webster, his wife, now deceased." 

1828, March 1, Gershom Webster and Rebecca, his wife, of the City of 
Hudson, Columbia Co., N. Y., sell land to Sherman Griswold of Auster- 
litz, Columbia Co., N. Y., and the boundaries include land owned by Hosea 
and Arnold Holdridge, "being part of the land inherited by said Rebecca 
from her father, Arnold Holdridge, deceased." 

1^45, July 21, Alfred, Henry and Gershom Webster of the City of 
Hudson, N. Y., unite in executing a deed to Ashley H. (oldridge) Webster. 

Children: Alfred, b. 1801 at Canaan, Columbia Co., X. Y. ; 
Henry M., Feb. 2, 1806 ; Ashley Holdridge, b. Hudson, X. Y., 1808 ; 
Gershom. Resumed in Chapter XXIV. 

10. Laban Webster, bap. June 7, 1767, at Goshen Church, Leb- 
anon, Ct., (mother, Ruth Holdridge) m. Lucy Wright. 

Real estate notes show that he was of Hartford, Windsor Co., 
Vt., in 1790, and first appears in Hartland, Vt., in 1795. As late 
as Sep. 25, 1839, when he was a witness in the pension case of his 
half-brother, Israel, he was of Hartland, Vt., and swore that his 
age was 72 years, and that he was a son of Jonathan Webster of 
Lebanon, Ct. 

He kept a tavern in Hartland, near Woodstock, before railroad 
times. They were members of the Christian Church at Woodstock, 
Windsor Co., Vt. 

Dec. 22, 1790, Laban Webster, of Hartland, Vt., buys land of Ephriam 
Carpenter, bounded by land of Daniel Dewey, bought of Elijah Mason, on 

276 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

line of Jeddiah Strong to Israel Webster's land. Witnesses, Joseph and 
Dolly Marsh. 

Feb. 4, 1793, Laban Webster, of Hartford, Windsor Co., Vt., sold land to 
Ruel Webster, of Lebanon, Ct., "land which I bought of Gershom Webster, 
Aaron Webster and Joseph Hill's land in the boundaries. 

Some of the names prominent in his real estate transactions were: 
1794, Thomas Holdridge, William Strong, Thomas Brigham: Daniel 
Marsh, J. P. 1795, James Denison of Lisbon, New London Co., Ct. 
1798, Joshua Dewey; Benjamin Right, late of Hartford, Vt., deceased; 
Ebenezer Allen, Wm. Hunter. 1798, Ebenezer Allen and Mary Brigham, 
adms. of Estate of Abner Brigham, deceased, late of Hartland, Vt. 1800, 
William Cobb. 1801, Samuel Healey, Joseph Wilder. 

Eeb. 23, 1809, he sells to Rufus Lamb of Laban, Ct., 34 acres owned by 
the late Jonathan Webster of Lebanon, Ct., deceased, and set out to his 
widow, Mrs. Ruth Webster, now living. 

March 12, 1811, Laban Webster, Gardner, Marcy, and Wm. S. Ashley 
were appointed guardians of William Gallup. Oct. 23, 1823, he sells to 
Samuel Healy his partner; Hosea Healy and Roxand Tewksbury, wit- 
nesses, in 1821. 

The date of his death and that of his wife, Lucy Wright, not ob- 

Children: Horace, b. Sep. 21, 1794, at Hartford, Vt. ; Clarina 
(town records) Aug. 23, 1796, at Hartland, Vt.; Homer; Lucien 
Boneparte, Mch. 17, 1801; Benjamin Franklin; Lucy, b. Mch. 3, 
1793; Betsey; Adeline; Ruth. Resumed in Chapter XXIV. 

11. Dolly Webster, bap. at Goshen Church, Lebanon, Ct., June 
3, 1769, (mother, Ruth Holdridge) was apparently unm. at the 
settlement of her father's estate in 1809. May 2, 1792, she sold 
land to Anna Webster of Lebanon, Ct. (was that Aaron?) The 

12. Molly Webster, bap. May 23, 1773, as sister of the above 
was also apparently unm. 1809, at settlement of her father's estate. 
June 6, 1794 she sold land to James Webster of Lebanon. The end. 

13. Ruth Webster, date of birth or baptism unknown, (mother, 
Ruth Holdridge) m. Dec. 30, 1804, James Morgan, both of Hart- 
land, Windsor Co., Vt., as shown by the Hartland town records. 

1796, Jan. 28, Ruel Webster of Lebanon, Ct., sells to Ruth Web- 
ster, of the same place, land there. No further record. The end. 

14. Aaron Webster, a farmer, b. Sep. 20, 1778, at Lebanon, Ct., 
(mother, Ruth Holdridge) m. Jemima (Gemima) Braley, b. Nov. 
15, 1781, at Chesterfield, New London Co., Ct., dau. of John and 
Ruth (Streeter) Braley. They settled at East Roxbury, Washing- 
ton Co., Vt., where both died, he, Mch. 3, 1864, and she Nov. 17, 

1800, March 4, Aaron Webster of Hartland, Windsor Co., Vt., sells to 
James Webster, of Lebanon, land there. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 277 

1810, March 12, Aaron Webster of Roxbury, Orange Co., Vt., sells to 
Rufus Lamb of Lebanon, all his right in the estate of his father, 
Jonathan Webster, and his mother, Ruth Webster, (her thirds) both 
being now deceased. 

Children: (Born East Roxbury, Vt.) Christiana, Jan. 20, 1802; 
Lucretia, Oct. 5, 1803 ; Morris, Jan. 7, 1805 ; Thomas, Sep. 25, 
1806; Marinda, Feb. 28, 1808; Orvilla, Apr. 10, 1810; Philo, Dec. 
1, 1811; Lyman, Oct. 7, 1813; Alonzo, July 28, 1815, d. Dec. 30, 
1815 ; Caroline, Oct. 3, 1816, d. Sep. 28, 1823 ; Manerva, Aug. 12, 
1818; Ward, Apr. 27, 1820, d. May 4, 1820; Lucina, Apr. 25, 1822; 
Infant d. at birth, Apr. 7, 1824; Laban, Apr. 29, 1826; Maryette, 
Jan. 13, 1829. Resumed in Chapter XXIV. 

Second Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of George 
and Sarah Bliss Webster of Lebanon, Ct., by their son, Pelatiah 
Webster of Lebanon, who married Mrs. Joanna Smith, nee Crofoot. 

Section 1. — Children of Rev. and Hon. Pelatiah (Pelatiah, 
George, Thomas, Gov. John) and Mrs. Ruth (Kellogg) Webster of 
Nuffield, Ct. 

1. Abethia Webster, b. Oct. 24, 1751, at Greenwich, Hampshire 
Co., Mass., m. Dr. John Sparhawk. In the will of Hon. Pelatiah 
Webster of Philadelphia, Pa., dated Nov. 11, 1793, her name is 
written Alitheia, but in the Greenwich, Mass., town records it is 
Abethia. It should probably be Alithea. Whim the above will was 
written they had one daughter — at least one is mentioned in the 
will : Alitheia Sparhawk. The end. 

2. Pelatiah Webster, Jr., b. April 16, 1753, d. in Philadelphia, 
Pa., in the summer of 1779, unmarried. 

3. Ruth Webster, b. about 1755, m. (1) in Connecticut, 1779,. 
John Perit of Norwich, Ct., son of Peter Perit, 3d. He d. in Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Jan. 12, 1793, aged 56 years, and she m. (2), subse- 
quent to 1809, as his third wife, Col. Christopher Lefingwell of 
Norwich, Conn., who died in 1840. 

John Perit, her first husband, was born about 1737. He was a soldier 
in the French and Indian war, serving as ensign in the Third Company 
of the Second Regiment, in 1761; as 2d lieutenant, 1762. Shortly after he 
located in Norwich, and in the year 1771 purchased the Goodhue property. 
In the year 1775 he probably raised an independent company for the 
relief of Boston. Ruth Webster accompanied her father in a visit to 
Norwich in 1776, during which she formed the acquaintance of John 
Perit, whom she married in 1779. He left Norwich in 1786, and after 
residing in Scotland, Ct., for a while, located in Philadelphia, where he 

Ruth the widow of John Perit and Col. Christopher Lefingwell 
was living in Norwich, Ct., as late as 1836. 

Children: (1st m. — Perit) John Webster, b. 1783; Pelatiah, 
b. 1785; Rebecca Hunt, 1789; Maria. Resumed in Chapter XXV. 

278 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

4. Sophia Webster, b. Jan. 9, 1761, m. March 10, 1782, Thad- 
deus Perit of New Haven, Ct., a merchant, b. about 1753, son of 
Peter and Abigail Perit of Milford, Ct. She d. May 22, 1784, aged 
24, and is buried in New Haven, Ct. He m. (2) Nov. 26, 1789, 
Desire Sanford, bap. June 5, 1768, dau. of Benjamin Sanford. He 
d. Aug. 3, 1806, aged 51, and she, Aug. 27, 1838. 

"The old mansion of William Leffingwell, in New Haven, Ct., was built 
by Jared Ingersoll before the Revolution; was purchased by Pelatiah 
Webster of Philadelphia, as a wedding present for his daughter, Sophia, 
wife of Thaddeus Perit." ("Old Houses of the Acient Town of Nor- 
wich." 1895, Bulletin Co., Norwich, Conn., 1660-1800. Mary E. Perkins.) 

Children : One son, Pelatiah Perit, is named in the Will of Pe- 
latiah Webster. He died in early life. The end. 

Section 2. — Children of Shadrach (Pelatiah, George, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and Elizabeth (Wright) Webster of Lebanon, Ct., and 
Greenwich, Mass. 

1. Sarah Webster, b. Sep. 5, 1759, m. Nov. 3, 1777, at Hard- 
wick, Mass., Aaron Hudson. The end. 

2. Elizabeth Webster, b. Oct. 11, 1761, m. Sep. 20, 1781, at 
Hardwick, Mass., Moses Doty. Recorded, "Betsey" Webster. The 

3. Lavina Webster, b. March 7, 1764. No record. 

4. Patience Wright Webster, b. May 15, 1766, at Lebanon, 
Ct., m. (1) in 1783, at Wilmington, Windham Co., Vt., William 
Strickland who, in 1775 was of Granville, Hampden Co., Mass. 
They lived in Gill, Franklin Co., Mass., until his death, June 25, 
1823. She m. (2) Dec. 29, 1825, then of Gill, to Nathan Prindle 
of Northfield. The publication was in Northfield. "Northfield 
people were fond of running to Vermont to be mar., as no publi- 
cation of intention was required." She d. in Barre, Orleans Co., 
N. Y., Nov. 9, 1846. 

Children: (1st mar.— Strickland) Sally, May 30, 1784; Polly, 
May 21, 1787; Sinthia, March 20, 1788; Lusinda, Dec. 6, 1789, d. 
in infancy; Lusinda E., May 9, 1793; Alanson, Oct. 15, 1795; 
Amanda, Apr. 10, 1797; Caroline, Oct. 18, 1799; Lyman, March 
21, 1802; Amanda (again), May 3, 1804; Barbary, Oct. 14, 1810. 

( 1 ) Sally m. Mr. Scott, a fanner, who resided in Vernon, Vt. 

(2) Polly m. Geo. Howland, a farmer, who res. in Barre, Orleans Co., 
N. Y. 

(3) Sinthia m. Mr. Brown, who was a shoemaker, and lived at one time 
in Gill, Mass. Had a son Elcander. 

(4) Lusinda E. m. Jeduthan Strickland. Res. in Keene, N. H., but d. 
Apr. 21, 1871, at Barre, Orleans Co., N. Y. 

(5) Alanson, no record. 

(6) Caroline m. Tolman Rogers, a farmer, who res. in Barre, N. Y. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 279 

(7) Lyman, a shoemaker, res. at Unadilla Forks, a few miles from 
Utica, N. Y. 

(8) Amanda, no record. 

(9) Barbary m. Benjamin Rogers, a farmer, and lived in Barre, N. Y. 

5. Caroline Wright, date of birth not given, may have been a 
fifth child. No record. 

Section 3. — Children of Oliver (Pelatiah, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Patience {Wright) Webster, of Lebanon, Ct'., Worthing- 
ton, Mass., and Bennington, Licking Co., Ohio. 

1. Oliver Webster, b. Feb. 7, 1761, at Lebanon, Ct., was lost 
at sea. 

A New London paper of Jany. 23, 1784, says, "Oliver Webster 
was lost overboard from a sloop, Capt. Nathan Saltonstall, on the 
voyage from New London to St. Martins. His father lately re- 
moved from Lebanon, Ct., to Vermont." He was in the employ 
of the United States Government when drowned. 

Oliver Webster was in the Revolutionary War, as shown by the follow- 

Oliver Webster, private, Berkshire Reg't, Daniel Brown's Co., Miles 
Powell's Reg't, June 23, 1779, to Sept. 1, 1779.. Served at New Haven. 

Oliver Webster, private, Lt. Abner Dwelley's Co., July 20, 1777, to 
July 31, 1777. Marched on expedition to Manchester. Roll sworn to at 

Oliver Webster, Abner Pomeroy's Co., Ezra Woodis' Regt. 1778. 

Oliver Webster, private, Thomas Nixon's Regt., Joseph Thompson's 
Company, 1776. 

Oliver Webster, Jr., receipted for money, &c. due before Jan. 1, 1777. 
Receipts given by father of said Oliver Webster, Jr. Oliver Webster came 
from Worthington. In Capt. Webber's Co., May 31, 1777. The end. 

2. Mary Webster, b. Nov. 20, 1762, at Lebanon, Ct., m. May 
10, 1781, at Worthington, Mass., Eoger Haskell, a farmer, b. 
April 2, 1753, son of Zachariah (John, Mark, Eoger) and Keziah 
(Goss) Haskell. He was a descendant of William and Susanna 
(Fuller) White of the Mayflower. They removed from Hardwick, 
Worcester Co., Mass., to Peru, then called Partridgefield, Berk- 
shire Co., Mass., where both died; he April 8, 1847, and she Dec. 
16, 1849. Eoger Haskell was a revolutionary soldier and was 
pensioned at $96.00 a year. 

Children: (Haskell) Daniel, b. Feb. 13, 1782; Mary, March 18, 
1783 ; Zachariah, Nov. 3, 1784; Simon, Feb. 2, 1787; Patience, Apr. 
14, 1789, d. March 20, 1790; Huldah, June 13, 1791; Ebenezer, 
July 15, 1794; Sylvia, March 28, 1797; Parthenia, June 13, 1799; 
Sarah, Aug. 15, 1801; Allen, June 28, 1803; Lester, Feb. 15, 
1805; Luzilla, Feb. 21, 1807. Eesumed in Chapter XXV. 

3. Ebenezer Webster, b. Oct. 25, 1764, at Lebanon, Ct., was 
a soldier in the Eevolutionary War, as see the following: 

280 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

Ebenezer Webster, Hampshire Co., residence Worthington, 17 years old,. 
5 feet, 5 inches tall, light complexion, light hair, farmer. Enlisted for 
three years, April 25, 1781. 

Sheridan Webster, of St. Louis, says Ebenezer was drowned in the 
Susquehanna river, just below Harrisburg, Pa., about 1784. Unmarried. 
The end. 

4. Huldah Webster, b. Jan. 18, 1767, at Lebanon, Ct. No 

5. Joanna Webster, b. Aug. 2, 1769, at Lebanon, Ct. No 

6. Lucinda Webster, b. July 27, 1772, at Worthington, Mass. 
No record. 

7. Claricy Webster, b. Oct. 22, 1774, at Worthington, Mass., 
m. Andrew Sharp. 

Children: (Sharp) Sophia; Eletheria; Mary; Parthenia: 
Andrew. (1) Andrew Sharp resided at Oeeola, Crawford Co., 

8. Sarah Webster, b. May 25, 1777, at Worthington, Mass. 
No record. 

9. Parthenia Webster, b. Jan. 26, 1780, at Worthington, 
Mass., m. Babcock. 

Children: (Babcock) Jefferson; Patience; Parthenia; Lucretia. 

Remarks — Jefferson Babcock had a son, George Washington Babcock; 
Patience m. Wells, Parthenia m. Gafford, Lucretia m. Wooster. The end- 

10. Pelatiah Webster, b. Sep. 24, 1782, at Worthington, 
Mass., a farmer, of Deerfield, Mass., Hillsboro, N. Y., and Loch, 
Knox Co., Ohio, removed from Mass. to New York, via Platts- 
burg, about 1804, and to Ohio in an ox cart in 1811. He m. 1807, 
at Hillsboro, N. Y., Mary Corey. He was a Local Preacher in 
the Methodist Episcopal church. 

After reaching Ohio he became acquainted with a man who had a. 
war-grant of a large tract of land in Knox Co., and entered into contract 
with him to build a dam across a small river in consideration of a 
portion of the land, which laid the foundation for his homestead. He 
owned, at one time, more than six hundred acres. 

Children: (All b. in Knox and Licking Cos., O., except Chas. 
R. and Sarah, b. in Essex Co., N. Y.) Paul, b. Aug., 1809, d. in 
infancy, 1810, at Pittsburg aged fourteen months, when family 
was on the way to Ohio; Charles Eoy, b. May 25, 1806; Sarah, 
Nov. 4, 1807; Patience, Sep. 14, 1811; Oliver, b. Newark, O., 
Apr. 30, 1813; Mary, April 11, 1817; Clarissa, Feb. 8, 1819, at 
Berkshire, Delaware Co., O. ; Pelatiah, b. Jan. 31, 1820 ; Daniel 
Albert, Aug. 27, 1822; Lucius, May 7, 1824; Louisa, Jan. 7, 1826;. 
Jane Charlotte, Jan. 1, 1830, at Lock, Knox Co., O. Eesumed in 
Chapter XXV. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 281 

11. Althea Webster, b. Feb. 11, 1787, at Worthington, Mass. 
She may be the Althea who m. Sparhawk. Otherwise, no record. 

Section 4. — Children of Capt. Constant (Pelatiah, George, 
Thomas, Gov. John) and (1) (Kinne) and (2) Mrs. Chloe 
(Sackett, nee Atherton) Webster of Lebanon, Ct., and Worthing- 
ton, Mass. 

1. Constant Webster, b. at Preston, New London Co., Ct., 
probably, about 1760, by his father's first mar., mar. at Worth- 
ington, Mass., about 1787, Chloe Daniels, daughter of Walter 
Daniels, b. Jany. 19, 1766. Her parents came from Scotland. He 
died at Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., X. Y., Feb., 1830, in his 
70th year. 

Children: (All b. at Stephentown, N. Y.) Sophia, about 1788; 
Anna, June 3, 1788; Constant, Nov. 9, 1792; John, about 1794; 
Alma, about 1796; Chloe, about 1798; Electa, June 16, 1798; 
Cyril, about 1800; Aurelius, Jany. 4, 1804; Alfred, Aug. 4, 1808. 
Resumed in Chapter XXV. 

2. Shadrach Webster, b. ab. 1765, (by 1st m.). Rev. William 
Henry Webster, D.D., of Danville, 111., writing under date of 
July 20, 1891, says: "My father was Shadrach Webster, son of 
Capt. Constant or Constance Webster. I well remember my father 
saying that his father was a Captain in the Revolutionary war, 
and was wounded. 

My father also told me, as I sat on his lap, of going as a soldier 
to Plattsburg, N. Y., to repel the British if they attempted to land 
from Lake Champlain." 

He also says, "According to my best calculations, my father died about 
Jan. or Feb., 1845. He was about seventy-two at his death. I remember 
hearing him spoken of as seventy-two. That would bring his birth in 
1772 or 1773. 1 was nine years old, Sep. 26, 1844, and remember that 
my father died from having taken a severe cold. He walked from home 
(Orangeville) to Warsaw and back, on a very cold day, and although, 
often in poor health, he was quite active at times. He was not married 
until late. My mother was much younger, I think from twenty to twenty- 
three years his junior. She died before I was ten years old and I heard 
her speak of fifty as though that was about her age." 

Shadrach Webster m. Elizabeth Beach, often called Betsey, born 
in Connecticut where the marriage also occurred. 

He died at Orangeville, Wyoming Co., X. Y., about 1844. 

Children: Charles, b. 1819; Abel Beach, 1821; Constant, d. in 
infancy; Louisa Permelia, 1823; Nathaniel, 1827; John David, 
1829; William Henry, Sep. 26, 1835, at Middleburg, Schoharie 
Co., N. Y. Resumed in Chapter XXV. 

3. Pelatiah Webster, (by 1st mar.) said to have been lost at 
sea. In his father's will is given the name Pilutack, but it is in 

282 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

the group of children by his second marriage, and so is not proba- 
bly a misspelling of Pelatiah. Ebenezer Webster of Wyoming, 
N". Y., states that he heard his nncle, James Atherton Webster, say 
that he had a half-brother, Pelatiah Webster, who married, but 
on account of marital infelicities left home and became a Lieut, 
in the navy. He was a ship carpenter by trade. The end-- 

4. Mary Webster, (by 1st m.) m. Sylvanus Parsons, Oct. 4, 
1838. Azariah Parsons of Worthington, Hampshire Co., Mass., 
testifies that he was present at the m. of his brother, Sylvanus 
Parsons to Mary Webster, at Worthington in the Fall of 1784, and 
that Sylvanus Parsons died in Nov., 1825. 

Children: (Parsons) (All baptized at Worthington on the dates 
indicated.) Mary, June 6, 1786; Jerusha, July 13, 1788; Josiah 
Spalding, Aug. 1, 1790; Sylvanus, Jr., July 7, 1793; David, June 
5, 1796 ; Elizabeth, June 23, 1799 ; Jonathan, Oct. 19, 1801 ; Sally, 
Aug. 18, 1805 ; Benjamin, May 1, 1808. The end. 

5. Lois Webster, (by 1st mar.) m. (1) Nathan Croft, b. March 
4, 1776, at Ware, Mass., and removed to Orangeville, Genesee (now 
Wyoming) Co., 1ST. Y. She mar. (2) Jacob Bartlett, and (3) 
James Fales. Her first husband died in 1817. 

Children: (Her children were all by her first husband, as fol- 
lows) (Croft) Nathan; Abner; Webster; William, d. at five years; 
William again; John; a daughter who mar. Daniel Tupper; an- 
other daughter who mar. a Mr. Kinsman; Orlando Eiley, b. 1817. 
three months after his father's death. He was a practicing physi- 
cian at Bethany, Genesee Co., N. Y., until his death about 1893. 
He had a son Ganson W. Croft, a practicing physician at the same 
place, who died a few months after his father. The widow of Dr. 
Orlando P. lives (1895) at Bethany, and also a daughter May 
who mar. Elias Harding, at Bethany. Webster Croft lived East 
Pembroke, Genesee Co., N. Y. Soon removed to Barnum, Wis. 
The end. 

6. Lydia Webster, (by 1st m.) mar. Joseph Duncan, March 
27, 1808, both of Worthington, Mass. Ezra Starkweather, Justice 
of the Peace, officiated. They had three sons and one daughter, 
viz.: (Duncan) Daniel, Elisha, Cyrus W. and Abigail. She died 
in western New York, probably in Genesee Co. Her son Cyrus W. 
lived (1895) at Kendall, Orleans Co., N. Y. The end. 

7. James Atherton Webster, b. April 3, 1783, at Worthing- 
ton, Mass., (by 2d m.) a carpenter, m. Orpah Curtis, at Hinsdale, 
Berkshire Co., Mass., where the "intentions" were published, July 
10, 1804. Both died at Orangeville, Wyoming Co., N. Y., she, 
April 12, 1854, aged 67, and he, April 14, 1864, aged 81 years. 

Children: (First three b. in Mass., Sarah and Charles in 
Orangeville, N. Y., and all the others at Warsaw, N. Y., except the 
last at Wethersfield, N. Y.) Polly, b. 1805, d. same year; Chloe, 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 283 

1806; Betsey Smith, 1808; Sarah, b. Feb. 22, 1811 ;■ Charles, May 
14, 1813; Lydia, b. July 22, 1815; Mary Ann, Feb. 11, 1818; 
Orpah, Oct. 30, 1820; James Constant, May 20, 1823; Eliza Ann, 
May 8, 1826 ; Francis Curtis, March 9, 1829 ; George Washington, 
July 18, 1833. Kesumed in Chapter XXV. 

Note: In a letter to his sister, Chloe Webster Hatch, dated Orange- 
ville, N. Y., April 12, 1857, James Atherton Webster wrote: Sister Failes 
(Lois, who m. (3) James Failes) went to Mich, last fall. Her son, 
Webster Crofts lives at East Pembroke, Genesee Co., N. Y. Thomas 
Dickson, who m. my daughter Lyddia, lives at Alguna, Winnebago Co., 
111. Francis Webster lives in Winnaconna, Winnebago Co., Wis. Samuel 
Gibson, who m. my danghter Orpha, lives in the town of Forest, Fon-du- 
lac Co., Wis. Sheldon Crossett, who m. my daughter Eliza Ann, lives 
near Sycamore, DeKalb Co., 111. Brother Charles' children live in Al- 
guna, Winnebago Co., 111. Brother Cyrus' son Washington lives in the 
town of Salem, Miriam Co., 111. 

8. Justus Webster, b. Nov. 10, 1786, at Wortbington, Mass. 
(by 2d m.) a farmer, resided at different times at Worthington, 
Mass. ; Stratford, Fulton Co., X. Y. ; and Canton, Bradford Co., 
Pa., where he settled about 1846. He mar. at Hinsdale, Berkshire 
Co., Mass., Feb. 28, 1811, Hannah Wentworth, a descendant of 
Gov. John Wentworth, of Mass. He died at Canton, Pa., Dec. 14, 

Children: Leander, b. about 1812; Horace, b. in Berkshire 
Co., Mass., May 11, 1814; Ann Maria, Stratford, X. Y., Aug. 1, 
1816 ; Henry Milo, same place, Feb. 22, 1819 ; Dennis Emmerson, 
b. at Middlebury, Schoharie Co., X. Y., Xov. 14, 1824; Daniel 
Wentworth, May 6, 1827 ; Spencer Seldon, Stratford, X. Y., April 
9, 1829; Melissa Alvira, Stratford, X. Y., Aug. 17, 1833. Ee- 
sumed in Chapter XXV. 

9. Cyrus Webster, b. Sep. 30, 1789, at Worthington, Mass., 
(by 2d m.) a mechanic in wood and steel, m. (1) Jan. 11, 1810, 
at Becket, Mass., Phedia Merryfield, daughter of Thomas and Eu- 
nice Merryfield, of Becket, Berkshire Co., Mass., b. Aug. 21, 1795. 
He mar. (2) Xov. 15, 1826, Mrs. Eliza Tew (whose maiden name 
was Thompson) b. April 15, 1802. He lived at one time at War- 
saw, X. Y., and afterward in Ohio, and died at Boston, Summit 
Co., Ohio, Dec. 29, 1842, aged 53. His first wife died April 15, 
1829. His second wife, July 16, 1875. 

Children: (1st m.) Cyrus Washington, b. March 15, 1811; 
Eunice Zilpah, Jany. 21, 1813; Ebenezer Chandler, Xov. 16, 1814; 
Pliades Malinda, July 1, 1816, d. Oct. 17, 1817; Oliver Constant, 
Dec. 1, 1818, died July 24, 1825; Pliades Malinda again, Sept. 
28, 1820; James Eugene, May 21, 1823, accidentally killed May, 
1835; Mary Jane, July 25, 1825, died Apr. 1827; Christopher 

284 The Webster Genealogy [Prom Chap. 7 

Columbus, April 20, 1827, died Dec. 1849, without issue; Hariet 
Eliza, April 11, 1829, died 1842. 

(2d m.) Elizabeth Chlorinda, b. June 14, 1830, died same day; 
Orson Warren, Nov. 10, 1831 ; Chloe Elizabeth, b. Boston, Summit 
Co., Ohio, Dec. 10, 1833;. Chlorinda Lucinda, Sept. 15, 1835, d. 
same year; Perry James, Sept. 1, 1837; Van Buren Thompson, b. 
in Summit Co., Ohio, June 22, 1839. Eesumed in Chapter XXV. 

10. Asel or Asahel Webster, b. Feb. 17, 1785, at Worthing- 
ton, Mass., (by 1st m.) m. Oct. 30, 1806, at Hinsdale, Berkshire 
Co., Mass., Susannah Wentworth, b. 1786. 

Asel, Asa, or Asahel Webster was a teamster in the War of 1812. His 
widow applied for bounty land (which was not granted) alleging that 
her husband was employed as a teamster between Boston and Vergennes, 
Vt. She filed some original papers such as receipts for arms, recom- 
mendations, orders in regard to the arms, orders to buy certain articles, 
etc. In one of these old papers he was said to be a resident in 1812, of 
Peru, Berkshire, Mass. She gave her age in April, 1855, as 69 years, and 
her residence as Brownhelm, Lorain Co., Ohio. 

The Northampton, Mass.. Probate Records show: June 8, 1842, the 
estate of Asahel Webster, of Northampton, Mass., was appraised. Ad- 
ministrators were, Susannah Webster, and Levi Webster. 

He died at Worthington, Mass., May 27, 1842. 

Children: (All b. at Hinsdale, Mass.) Harriet, May 31, 1808; 
Asahel, b. Peru, Mass., Jany. 3, 1810; Samantha, Nov. 8, 1811; 
Levi, Aug. 27, 1813. Eesumed in Chapter XXV. 

11. Charles Webster, a farmer, b. June 5, 1795, (by 2d m.) 
at Worthington, Mass., m. April 15, 1819, probably at Worthing- 
ton, Adah Sherman, dau. of Asa Sherman, born at Worthington. 
He located in Phoenix, Oswego Co., X. Y., where he died, Oct. 5, 
1850. She died Oct. 1, 1854, at Xekimi, Wis. 

Children: (All b. at Worthington, except Phoebe at Lenox, 
Mass., Constant at Clay, X. Y., and Arthur and Adah Maria, un- 
known.) Charles Austin, Jan. 8, 1820; William James, May 21, 
1822; George, Nov. 1, 1823; Sabra, Dec. 18, 1825; John, Dec. 3, 
1827, d. Jan. 2, 1828; Margaret Ann, Dec. 25, 1828; Cyrus, May 
10, 1831; Daniel, July 7, 1833; Adah Maria, Apr. 30* 1836, d. 
Apr. 2, 1852; Phoebe Amanda, Dee. 24, 1838; Constant, Mch. 1, 
1841; Arthur, Jan. 19, 1844. 

(1) Charles Austin Webster, a teacher, m. at Freehold, N. J., Kate 
Schank, where both died. 

(2) William James Webster, a farmer, m. Betsey Corey and lived in 
Wisconsin where both died. 

(3) George Webster, m. at Nekimi, Wis., Martha Gum, who died there 
and he in Grandforks, British Columbia. 

(4) Sabra Webster, m. at Baldwinsville, N. Y., Orson Porter, a cabinet- 
maker, where both died. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 285 

(5) Margaret Ann Webster, a seamstress, m., May 21, 1856, at Oshkosh, 
Wis., Franklin Westfall, a farmer. He died April 8, 1904, at Artesian, 
S. D., and she resided, 1914, at Salem, S. D. 

(6) Cyrus Webster, a farmer, m. at Oshkosh, Wis., Maria Hatch. Res. 
1914, 306 24th St., Oakland, Cal. 

(7) Daniel Webster, a farmer, died unm. at Oshkosh, Wis. 

(8) Phoebe Amanda Webster, m. Oct. 12, 1856, at Oshkosh, Wis., 
Thomas Elliott Hayter, an engineer and farmer, b. Feb. 13, 1S36, in 
New York state, son of Henry and Elizabeth (Elliott) Hayter. He died 
Jan. 6, 1912, at Sioux Falls, S. Dak., and is buried at Artesian, S. Dak., 
where, 1914, his widow resides. Children: (First two b. at Oshkosh, Wis., 
third at Floyd, Iowa) Charles Elliott, Feb. 10, 1858; James Philetus, 
Feb. 7, 1869, d. Aug. 24, 1886; McPherson, Feb. 1, 1887. Charles Elliott 
Hayter, a hardware dealer, m. Jan. 13, 1886, at Miner, S. D., Cora Ellen 
Bigelow, a teacher. Res. 1914, Artesian, S. Dak. McPherson Hayter, a 
druggist, m. June 24, 1903, at Brookins, S. D., Maude Stearns, a teacher. 
Res. 1914, Artesian, S. D. 

(9) Constant Webster, m. in Idaho, Nessia Jones, and res., 1914, at 
Binghington, Wyoming. 

(10) Arthur Webster, a soldier in the Civil War, died and .is buried at 
Nekimi, Wis. The end. 

12. Chloe Webster, b. May 11, 1793, at Worthington, Hamp- 
shire Co., Mass., (by 2d m.) m. (1) John Turner of Windsor, 
Mass., ab. 1816, and after his death about five years later she m. 
(2) Noah Hatch, a farmer, b. Aug. 3, 1783, at Worthington, Mass., 
son of Zephaniah and Molly (Vinal) Hatch. Both d. at Worthing- 
ton, he Jan. 21, 1861, and she Feb. 14, 1867. 

Children: (1st mar. (Turner) b. Windsor, Berkshire Co., 
Mass.) Betsey Eliza, Dec. 6, 1817; Chloe Ann, Nov. 15, 1819, d. 
Cummington, Hampshire Co., Mass., July 18, 1886. (2d mar. 
(Hatch) b. Worthington, Mass.) Emerson James, Oct. 26, 1826; 
Cyrus Artemas, Aug. 26, 1829, d. Worthington, Aug. 19, 1845; 
Celinda Emeline, Sep. 18, 1831. Besumed in Chapter XXV. 

Third Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of George 
and Sarah Bliss Webster, by their son, George Webster, of Lebanon, 
Ct., who married Martha Taylor. 

Section 1. — Children of George (George, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and wife unknown, Lebanon, Ct. This line has disap- 
peared. If there he descendants it is hoped that they may yet 
be discovered. 

Section 2. — Children of Levi (George, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and (1) wife unknown, (2) Mrs. Mercy (Robinson) Web- 
ster of Colchester, New London Co., Ct. 

1. Levi Webster, bap. Oct. 14, 1759, at Colchester, Ct. 

1775: Private Levi Webster, enlisted July 8, 1775, marched Aug. 7, 
1775, in Capt. Abijah Rowlee's Co., Conn, troops. Allowed 12 shillings 

286 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

and pence for billeting in 1775. No further data. (If this were Levi 
the father, he was a veteran of the French and Indian War, aged about 
42 years. If it was Levi the son he was 16 or 17.) Data from a Muster 
roll or Pay Abstract. 

1776: Levi Webster, Cap. Hyde's Co., Col. Wyllys' Reg't, convicted 
by Court Martial, of which Col. Malcolm was President, of desertion, 
and sentenced to receive 39 stripes. Published in orders from Head 
Quarters, New York, Sep. 7, 1776. The sentence was approved by the 
General, and ordered to be executed on the Regimental Parade at the 
usual hour in the morning. Parole given for the day, "Temple." Counter- 
sign, "Liberty." 

1777: Nehemiah Wadsworth, in a/c with Teamsters employed by him 
in 1777, has this: "Levi Webster, Teamster, of Colchester, Dr. and Cr. 
charges run from April 1, 1777 to Aug. 19, 1777." 

1777 : On an old memorandum kept by John Jefferys, probably con- 
nected in some way with the Teamster's Co., dated June 19, 1777 : "Also 

Levi Webster, 3/6 — stop it out of his wages for D ." "Webster's 

is stopped." This was probably money which Levi Webster owed Cap. 
Isaac Goodrich, judging from another item in the same charge. 

1777: Aug. 19, "I am to pay Isaac Goodrich 3/6 for Levi Webster 
who is already charged with it." The end. 

2. Absalom Webster, bap. May 31, 1761, at Colchester, Ct. 
In the Massachusetts Archives, Bevolutionary Soldiers, is this: 

Absalom Webster: Residence, Colraiii. In Garrison at Ticonderoga, 
Dec. 23, 1776 to Feb. 24,' 1777. From May 10, 1777 to July 17, 1777, two 
months and nine days in David Wells' Regiment, Hampshire County. 
Engaged Oct. 30, 1777 for three years. Reported that he died Nov. 27, 
1778. Yet an Absalom Webster, private, was in Jeduthan Baldwin's 
Regt. at Morristown, July 26, 1780. The end. 

3. George Webster, bap. July 20, 1766, at Colchester, Ct. 

George Webster, private, nineteen years old, five feet, ten inches high, 
light eyes. Enlisted April 6, 1781, for Greenfield, for three years. Was 
in Francis Green's Company, Col. Vose's Regiment. Was with Col. 
Scammel at Peekskill. Died Jan. 3, 1782. (Mass. Archives.) The end. 

4. Stephen Webster, bap. Aug. 27, 1769, at Colchester, Ct., 
m. at Colchester, Aug. 3, 1790, Widow Dalilah Shon. 

1805, Nov. 15, Stephen Webster of Colchester, Ct., purchased half an 
acre of land and a house in Westchester Society ; of John Isham of Col- 
chester, and April 26, 1809, sold the same to Cephas Cone of Colchester. 

Children: Levi, b. April 29, 1791. 

(1) Levi, a farmer, was twice married. The second time, Mch. 
30, 1851, to Anna Jones, both of Colchester, and both a second 
marriage. Children: A female child, b. Jan. 4, 1857. He is re- 
corded as of Westchester, and a "laborer," and their ages respec- 
tively sixty-five and forty-five. He, "a widower and a pauper," d. 
Aug. 29, 1868,^ of heart disease. He was born in Colchester. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 287 

1851, Jan. 23, Levi Webster, by mark, aged 60, of Colchester, New 
London Co., Ct., says he enlisted at Fort Griswold about June 15, 1814, 
and was discharged there about May 11, 1815. That he served in the 
Company of Cap's. Brown and Ripley, in the Light Infantry Regt. com- 
manded by Majoj Lee. (4th U. S. Infantry?) His name not found. 

William H. Webster records these notes: Levi Webster enlisted at Ft. 
ordered to Pennsylvania in September, under Gen. McDougall; fought 
Griswold, Ct. June 19, 1814, "for the war." Deserted Aug. 29, 1814. 
Apprehended, tried and punished. Deserted again in October, 1814. 
Apprehended and deserted Mch. ]0, 1815. Was b. at Colchester, Ct., 
aged 23, a farmer, 5 feet, 4J inches high, dark eyes and hair, light com- 
plexion. The end. 

5. Elizabeth Webster, b. Sep. 9, 1770. No history. 

Fourth Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of George 
and Sarah Bliss Webster, by their son, Noah Webster of Lebanon 
and Mansfield, Ct., who m. (1) Katherine Newcomb, and (2) 
Elizabeth Jones. 

Section 1. — Children of Elijah (Noah, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and the Widow Elizabeth (Trapp) Webster of Lebanon, 

1. Eddy Webster, b. Jan. 29, 1758, at Lebanon, Ct., died in 
the Continental Army, Sep. 8, 1777. 

He enlisted March 12, 1777, for three years, in Cap. Paul 
Brigham's (Coventry) Co., Col. John Chandler's (Newton) 8th 
Regt. of the Conn. Line, and died as above stated. 

Cn the pay and muster rtlls, from July 7, 1777 to Oct. 1777; Aug. 13, 
1777 and Sep. 9, 1777, reported "sick in hospital." 

The Regt. went into the field at Peekskill in the Spring of 1777; 
at Germantown, Oct. 4, 1777. 

On pay and muster rolls from July 7, 1777 to Oct. 1777, when it is 
noted, "Died Sep. 8." July 7, 1777, noted, "On command" Aug. 13 to 
Sep. 9, 1777, reported "sick in the hospital." 

Col. Russell's 8th Conn. Regt. has: "Eddy Webster, private, dead." 
Due, $29.75. The end. 

2. Betty Webster, b. Dec. 18, 1759, married as follows, as 
shown by the Norwich, Conn., Town Records: 1774, March 21, 
Benajah Bushnell, b. 1714-15, of Norwich, son of Richard Bush- 
nell of Norwich, and Betty Webster of Lebanon, were married by 
me, Benjamin Lord, Clerk. The end. 

3. Ransford Webster, a farmer, b. Dec. 5, 1765, at Lebanon, 
Ct., m. April 2, 1789, at North Bolton (now Vernon) Ct., by 
Ebenezer Kellogg of Vernon, Tryphena Vaughn. 

1793, June 2, Tryphena, wife of Ransford Webster, was bap- 
tized at Vernon, Ct., formerly North Bolton. On the same day 
they both "owned the covenant" there. 

He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Enlisted Apr. 24, 
1782, for three years, in the 4th Troop, Col. Sheldon's 2d Light 

288 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

Dragoons of Conn., and is noted on the rolls as having pay due 
to Sep., 1782. The rolls do not show how much longer he served, 
or what became of him. He is described as of Bolton, Ct., a 
fanner, 5 ft. 9 in. high, light complexion, light eyes, light hair. 

1791, Nov. 9, Ezekiel Richardson of Bolton deeds land there to Rans- 
ford Webster and Deborah Newcomb of Bolton. 

1792, March 16, Deborah Newcomb of Bolton deeds land in Bolton 
(that part which is now Vernon) to Ransford A 7 ebster of Bolton. 

1732, March 16, Ransford Webster of Bolton deeds land in North 
Bolton, now Vernon, to Deborah Newcomb. 

1792, Nov. 28, Ransford Webster of Bolton deeds land there to David 
King of Bolton. 

1809, Oct. 31, Ransford Webster of the town of Boyle, Ontario Co., N. 
Y., buys land there of George Dunn and Fanny his wife. 

1817, April 28, Elijah Webster of Pittsforcl, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

1828, Elizabeth Webster of Pittsford, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

It is said said that Ransford Webster died at about the age of 
36. His widow married James Murray. 

Children: (Baptisms at Vernon, Ct.) Betsey, bap. Aug. 25, 
1793; Elijah, bap. Aug. 25, 1793; Chauncey Dutton, bap. Sep. 28, 
1794; Eli, bap. Apr. 2, 1797, evidently died early; Major, b. at Pitts- 
ford, X. Y., Aug. 28, 1801; Daniel; Jane; Alice; Eli Harmon, b. 
Jan. 18, 1805. Resumed in Chapter XXVI. 

Section 2. — Children of Daniel (Noah, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Hannah Vosburgh Webster of Lebanon, Ct., Sheffield. 
Mass., and Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

1. Ruth Webster, b. July 20, 1755, at Sheffield, Berkshire Co., 
Mass., m. Jan. 1, 1781, at Chatham, Columbia Co., X. Y., Robert 
Parke, a farmer, b. 1757-8, in the town of Salisbury, Litchfield 
Co., Ct., son of Xathan and Mary (Walton) Parke. A Justice of 
the Peace named Beebe officiated at their marriage. 

Robert Parke d. Sep. 18, 1812, (another says Sep. 16, 1813) 
near Hall's Corners, (Seneca,) Ontario Co., X. Y., and she at 
Benton Centre, Yates Co., X. Y., about 1850. He settled in town- 
ship Xo. 9, (now Stanley's,) Ontario Co., X. Y., his farm adjoin- 
ing one owned by his brother, Squire Parke, where both brothers 

Robert Parke was a soldier in Revolutionary War. Ruth, his widow, 
July 11, 1846, then of Benton, Yates Co., N. Y., aged "84 and upwards," 
says that Robert Parke, her late husband, was a soldier in the war of 
Revolution, and resided at Brimfield, near Boston, Mass., at the com- 
mencement of the war; that he served eight months in 1775, in Cap. 
Walbridge's Co., Col. Brewer's Regt. of Mass. Militia. Also that he 
served during most of the war, but does not remember in whose Company, 
but thinks, under a Cap. Morgan, a Col. Sheppard, and a Col. Mason; 
also among the New York troops. He was in the battle of Germantown, 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 289 

and Ft. Stanwix. Says that she married him Jan. 1, 1781, at Chatham, 
Columbia Co., N. Y., a Justice of the Peace, named Beebe, officiating; 
that her maiden name was Ruth Webster, and that her husband died at 
Seneca, Ontario Co., N. Y., Sep. 18, 1812, and that she was never previous- 
ly nor subsequently married. 

On the same date — July 11, 1846 — Percis Chase, a resident of Benton, 
Yates Co., N. Y., aged 65 years on Oct. 24, 1846, says that she is the 
eldest child of Robert and Ruth (Webster) Parke, and was b. Oct. 24, 
1781, at Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y., and when about six years old, 
removed with her parents to Oneida Co., N. Y., where she remained until 
she was 21 years old, and for the last 27 years she has lived at Benton, 
Yates Co., N. Y., and further says that her parents removed to Seneca, 
Oneida (now Ontario) Co., N. Y. in 1804. 

Mass. records show Parke's service in 1775, in Cap. Amos Walbridge's 
Co., Col. David Brewer's Regt., Mass. troops. But no other time in other 
Regiments is alleged. He was out for two tours in 1775. Nathan, Oliver 
and Squire Parke enlisted together in the 17th New York Regt., Albany 
Co., N. Y. Oliver, Squire and Robert were brothers. 

Children: (Parke) (The first one and some others b. at Chat- 
ham, Columbia Co., 1ST- Y., and the others in the town of Paris, 
Oneida Co., N. Y.) Persis, Oct. 24, 1781; Ann; Margaret; Nathan, 
b. Whitestown, Oneida Co., X. Y., June 7, 1787; Mary; Ruth; 
Fanny, b. 1796. Resumed in Chapter XXVI. 

2. Hannah Webster, b. Oct. 2, 1756, at Sheffield, Mass. No 

3. Daniel Webster, b. Jan. 10, 1758, at Sheffield, Mass., "was 
several times married," writes a descendant, Mrs. Mary L. (Web- 
ster) Mudge, April 16, 1900, of Maple Rapids, Clinton Co., Mich., 
"and had thirteen or fourteen children, among them, two or three 
pairs of twins." One wife was Martha Vaughn, b. Feb. 11, 1759, 
daughter of John Vaughn, "late of the town of Westmoreland, 
Oneida Co., X. Y." 

Daniel Webster was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted 
at Montreal, Canada, April 1776, as private, for one year, in Cap. Lath- 
rop Allen's Co., Samuel Elmore's Regt. of Conn, troops. The first Lieut, 
was from Branford, and Col. Elmore from Sharon, Ct. Service from July 
1, 1776. End of service not stated, but the Regt. broke up in the Spring 
of 1777. It took the field under Gen. Schuyler, and in August marched 
from Albany into Tryon County. During the remainder of its term it 
was stationed at Fort Stanwix and vicinity. This Company was in 
garrison at Fort Dayton (German Flatts), also. 

Daniel Webster, Aug. 19, 1825, of Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y., aged 
67 (b. 1758), applied for a pension, and certified that he enlisted for one 
year, on the 15th day of April, 1776, at Montreal, Canada, in Cap. Lath- 
rop Allen's Co., of Col. Samuel Elmore's Regt. of the Conn. Line, Conti- 
nental estate, and continued in service until May, 1777, when he was dis- 
charged at Herkimer, N. Y. Household property valued at $37.26. Says 

290 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

that there was no one living in his family except himself and wife, the 
latter 55 years old. Signs in a good clear hand. 

May 3, 1825, Samuel Doty of Canaan, Columbia Co., N. Y., and Jonathan 
Peak of Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y., testified of Webster's services from 
April 35, 1776, to May 1, 1777, and that they served with him. Pensioned 
at $8 per month. 

Oct. 10, 1795, Daniel Webster of Westmoreland, Herkimer Co., 1ST. Y., 
buys of Robert Parke of Paris, Herkimer Co., N. Y., (his sister and brother- 
in-law). Witnesses: Asahel Webster, (s. of David and Susannah (Bliss) 
Webster) Daniel, Jr., his own son, and Justin Webster, (son of David and 
Jerusha (Berge) Webster.) 

Aug. 18, 1804, Daniel Webster of the town of -Westmoreland, Oneida 
Co., N. Y., sells to Reuben Hecox of Paris, for $2,000, 55 acres in Cox's 
Patent, lot 13, 5th Division, reserving 20 acres. He mentions Ruel Pelton 
and Capt. John Vaughn's lot, and "my lot purchased of Robert Parke." 

Capt. John Vaughn was the father of a large family, and Daniel Webster 
married his dau. Martha. Real estate transactions and legal procedure 
outlined in the following, bring together the names of many in and re- 
lated to the family. 

March 8, 1821, Stephen Webster, and Ruth his wife of Vernon, Oneida 
Co., N. Y., sell to Eliphalet Bailey of Westmoreland their right and title 
to land owned by John Vaughn, late of Vernon, deceased. 

July 16, 1821, James Parmele and Martha Parmele; Betsey Beach, wife 
of Ambrose Beach; Oliver G. Adams and Pamelia Adams; Daniel Webster, 
Jr., and Amanda Webster, heirs at law of Martha Vaughn, wife of Daniel 
Webster, are seized in fee of goods and lands, whereof John Vaughn, late 
of the town of Westmoreland, died seized, appoint Ambrose Beach of 
Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y., our Attorney. 

Signed and sealed in the presence of Chauncey Beach, Jr., Oliver G. 
Adams and Pamelia Adams of the County of Genesee; Daniel Webster and 
Amanda Webster, and also James Parmele of Mendon, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

Ambrose Beacli and Betsey Beach his wife of Bloomfield, Ontario Co., 
N. Y., Oliver G. Adams and Permelia Adams of Batavia, N. Y., Daniel 
Webster, Jr., and Amanda his wife, of Bloomfield, sell to Reuben Heacox 
their right in the estate of John Vaughn of Westmoreland, 48 acres. 

Court of Chancery: June 10, 1824, Nathaniel Griffin of the town of 
Paris; Reuben Hickox, James Parmele and Patty Parmele his wife; 
Martin Beebe and Trial Beebe his wife, Complainants: 

Anna Beebe, Roderick Beebe, Elizabeth Nismith, Benjamin Nismith, 
Obadiah Latham, Eliphalet Bailey, Polly Crane, Francis Crane, Henry 
Dunn, George Dunn, George Vaughn, Zilphia Webster, Peter Waterman, 
Nicholas Budine, Sally Budine, Louisa Budine, Daniel Vaughn, James 
Murry, Tryphena Murry, Philo Vaughn, Eli Vaughn, Jonathan Vaughn, 
and persons unknown, defendants. 

Capt. John Vaughn was born in October, 1732, at Norwich, Ct., and m. 
June 3, 1752, Ann Beebe, and removed to Lebanon, Ct. He served as 
Ensign, and later as Captain of an Independent Co., in the War of Revo- 
lution. He was with Col. , Canfield's Regiment at West Point, and had 
two sons with him in the war: John, a drummer and Daniel, a Sergeant. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 291 

He died in Oneida Co., N. Y., June 9, 1820. His children were Daniel; 
John; Martha, b. Feb. 11, 1759; Ruth, b. Sept. 27, 1774; and others. 

May 16, 1812, John Vaughn of Westmoreland, Oneida Co., N. Y., made 
his last Will. Bequests were given to his wife Anne, his eldest son, Daniel, 
his second son, John, his grandson, Jonathan Vaughn; heirs of my daugh- 
ter, Mary Waterman; my daughters, Anne Beebe, Martha Webster, 
deceased; Elizabeth Wright, Trial Beebe, Pamelia Hyde, my son, Roderick 
Vaughn, deceased ; my daughter, Ruth Webster, and my daughter, Lydia 

Daniel Webster was living Aug. 19, 1825. (See Pension Appli- 
cation.) His wife, Martha Vaughn, was not living when the Will 
of her father, Capt. John Vaughn was made, May 16, 1812. But 
the last wife of Daniel Webster, b. 1770, was living with him in 
Bloomfiekl, 1825, when he applied for his pension. Dates of death 
not found. 

Children: (By 1st m.) Justus, b. 1781, at Whitestown, Herki- 
mer Co., X. Y. (By Martha Vaughn) Martha; Betsey; Pamelia; 
Daniel, Jr., b. Dec. 7, 1793, at Westmoreland, Herkimer Co., X. 
Y. ; Zilpah. Eesumed in Chapter XXVI. 

4. Isaac Vosburgh Webster, !>. Oct. 1, 1759, at Sheffield, Mass., 
m. (1) Clarissa, no doubt at Chatham, Columbia Co., X. Y., and 
(2) Clarinda. He resided at Chatham and Wayne, X. Y. 

Isaac Webster was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. In the year 
1832, Sep. 21, he applied for a pension from Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y., 
where he was then residing, and gave the following summary of his 
services: Enlisted, June, 1770, as Sergeant, under Cap. George Dawson, 
Lieut. Samuel Bailey, Lieut.-Col. Ten Eyck, Col. Van Dyck's Regt. Marched 
to Albany and lay there about three weeks; thence by Fort Miller and Fort 
Edward to Kingsbury, where he was employed in making a road and 
bridges from Kingsbury to Fort Ann; then up and down Wood Creek from 
Fort Ann to Skensborough (now White Hall) and remained till about 
November; then went to Fort Edward where he was dismissed in Novem- 
ber, after a service of five months. 

In April, 1777, he volunteered "on an alarm," under Cap. Josiah Warner, 
and Lieut. Ebenezer Cady, in Col. Whitney's Reg't, Lieut.-Col. Asa Water- 
man. Marched by the way of Albany, Stillwater, Fort Miller and Fort 
Edward to Fort George; remained there a few days, and then returned, 
guarding baggage, provisions and munitions of war, which were at that 
time brought away from Fort George. Arriving at Fort Edward, a part 
of the militia was dismissed, but he voluntarily remained in that neighbor- 
hood till sometime in July following, when he was dismissed, having served 
three months. While at Fort George the Brig on Lake George was burned 
by the American troops. 

About August 1, 1777, he volunteered under Cap. John Smith, Lieut. 
Perry and Ensign Perry; marched by Albany to Stillwater and was put 
into Col. Shepherd's Regt., in Col. Glover's Brigade, and remained until 
the battle was fought with Burgoyne at Stillwater, in which lie was en- 
gaged. General Gates commanded, assisted by Generals Arnold, Glover and 

292 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

others. Soon after this he fell sick, and was sent to Troy to hospital, and 
there remainad until about Nov. 7, when he was dismissed, during which 
time, on October 17, Burgoyne surrendered. 

Says he was called out at various other times on alarms, — once, up the 
Mohawk against the Indians; once at Palmerston, and once at Esopus, and 
he thinks, at other times, but cannot remember the particulars, in all about 
three months. 

Says he was born at Sheffield, Mass., Oct. 1, 1759, — the date copied from 
his father's Bible. He lived in King's District — the part called Chatham, 
1ST. Y., — when he enlisted, and has lived there evor since. 

Two comrades, — Joseph Miller and Simeon Beeman, — corroborate his 

Pensioned at $45.60 per year for 13 months and 20 days service as 
private in Cap. Darrow's Co., Col. Shepherd's Beg't., New York Militia. 

1834, Feb. 4, Isaac Webster and Clarissa, his wife, of Chatham, Columbia 
'Co., N. Y., sell to James Valen of Stockport, Columbia Co., N. Y., land in 
^Chatham, bounded by Benedict Westcott, Simon Bemon, James N. Parks 
(should be Parke), Joseph Wilbor, John Woods. 

Hiram Webster of Hinsdale, Allegany Co., N. Y., is authority for the 
statement that "Isaac Webster, father of David, died at Wayne, Steuben 
Co., N. Y. He lived finally with his son, Enoch. 

Aug. 22, 1834, Isaac Webster of Wayne, Steuben Co. (now Schuyler Co.) 
N. Y., purchased land in Wayne of Henry S. Williams and Margaret his 
wife of Tyrone, N. Y. Again, April 13, 1835, of David Lang and Mary his 
wife, of Tyrone. 

May 1, 1838, Isaac Webster and Clarinda his wife, of Tyrone, N. Y., sell 
to Charles Whitehead. 

March 23, 1849, David Webster of Hinsdale, Allegany Co., N. Y., and 
Abigail his wife; and Lydia Gerow and Clarissa Carlisle, heirs at law of 
Isaac Webster, sell to Edwin D. Tompkins and Beuben Compton of Tyrone, 
N. Y. 

Isaac Webster, by the above, died prior to 1849, between 80 
and 90 years of age. Dates of death of his wives not obtained. 

Children: David, b. March, 1783; Enoch, b. 1787; Clarissa; 
Lydia. Kesumed in Chapter XXVI. 

5. David Webster, b. about 1764, at Egremont, Berkshire Co., 
Mass., m. Susannah Bliss, b. March 21, 1764, dau. of Stephen 
and Catharine (Burt) Bliss. (Stephen Bliss was of Wilbraham, 
Mass., and Catharine Burt of Springfield, Mass.) 

Both died in the town of Lee, Oneida Co., X. Y., she, Dec. 
25, 1832, aged 68 years, and he, Sep. 20, 1850, in his 86th year. 
They are buried in the Hall Cemetery, near Lee Centre, X. Y., — at 
least he is. 

David Webster, was a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 
and a great reader of the Bible. He was remarkably well preserved, his 
teeth even remaining unblemished to the last. 

1794, June 26 and June 30, David Webster was of the town of West- 
moreland, Herkimer Co. (now Oneida), N. Y. (Cayuga Co. records.) 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 293 

1797, Aug. 25, David Webster and Susannah Webster his wife sell in the 
town of Western, — where they lived, — Herkimer Co., N. Y. Witnesses: 
Ephriam and Ira Hart. 

1805, Sep. 30, David Webster of the town of Western. 

1809, — David Webster of Western buys land there of Ephriam Sim- 
mons of Eaton, Madison Co., N. Y. No wife signs. 

Last will of David Webster, Sep. 12, 1850. Bequests to my son-in-law, 
Nathaniel Kenyon; my oldest daughter, Alphleda Downing; my grand- 
daughter, Almira Green; my youngest daughter, Susan Eames; my son, 
Asahel Webster, Ex'r. 

Children: (Born in the town of Lee, Oneida Co., 1ST. Y\, except 
possibly the two oldest.) Sylvester, b. 1786; Alphleda, b. 1788; 
Polly, about 1790; David, Jan. 24, 1793; Fanny about 1795; Isaac, 
1798; Asahel, about 1800; Lorenzo Dow, 1803; Susan, Aug. 19. 
1808. Besumed in Chapter XXVI. 

6. Stephen Webster, a farmer, b. 1767, perhaps at Egremont, 
Berkshire Co., Mass., or Chatham, Columbia Co., X. Y., m. Buth 
Vaughn, dau. of John Vaughn of Westmoreland, Herkimer (now 
Oneida) Co., X. Y. 

Both died in the town of Murray, Orleans Co., X. Y., he April 
26, 1839, aged 72 years, and she, Feb. 27, 1856, aged 81 years and 
5 months. Both are buried at Hulberton, Orleans Co., X. Y., in 
the Cemetery in the rear of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

1803, Aug. 30, Stephen Webster of the town of Pompey, Onondaga Co., 
N. Y., a farmer, buys of Thaddeus M. Wood, Esq., of the Town and County 
of Onondaga, N. Y., and Patty, his wife, for $1500, lot 214 in late Oneida 

1806, March 19, Stephen Webster and John Barton of Whitestown, Oneida 
Co., N. Y., buy of Jeptha Brainard, a lot in the village of Whitestown. 
Same year the same parties buy of Hugh White, all of Whitestown. 

1809, May 27, Stephen Webster and John Barton sell to David Tucker 
and Jesse Ives of Whitestown, for $1000, 45 6/10 acres. Signed, Stephen 
Webster and Rhoda his wife — should be Ruth. 

182], March 8, Stephen Webster and Ruth his wife, of Vernon, Oneida Co., 
N. Y., sell to Eliphalet Bailey of Westmoreland, N. Y., their right and title 
to land owned by John Vaughn, late of Vernon, deceased. 

Buth Vaughn, wife of Stephen Webster, was a sister of Martha 
Vaughn, wife of Daniel Webster, a brother of Stephen, as shown 
by a sale made by the heirs of Martha Vaughn, late wife of Daniel 
Webster, lands Avhereof John Vaughn, late of the town of Vernon, 
died seized. Dated July 11, 1821. In a farm boundary dated 
Aug. 18, 1804, he is spoken of as Captain John Vaughn. Tryphena 
Vaughn who married Bansford Webster, and then James Murray, 
was a sister of Buth and Martha Vaughn. Xote: 1824, June 10, 
James Murray and Tryphena Murray, with several Vaughns appear 
as defendants in a suit, which see. 

294 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

Children: Larry, b. 1789; Hannah, b. 1791; Justus, b. 1793; 
Warren, b. 1795; Ann, b. 1798; Truman, b. Feb. 10, 1803; Ruth, 
b. 1806; Stephen, Jr., b. 1810; Norton Larry, b. July 5, 1814; 
Amanda Louisa, b. 1815. Resumed in Chapter XXVI. 

7. Ezekiel Webster, b. March 6, 1770, probably at Chatham, 
Columbia Co., X. Y., m. at Chatham, X. Y., Rhoda Richmond, b. 
May 5, 1775, daughter of George Richmond. 

Ezekiel Webster died in the town of Fabius (near Apulia) Onon- 
daga Co., X. Y., June 9, 1824, and she in December, 1843, at Inlet, 
Lee Co., 111., Lee Centre, 111., being the nearest Post Office. 

Children: (All born in Fabius, Onondaga Co., X. Y.) Horace, 
d. in infancy in Fabius; Asahel d. in Fabius about 1810; Laura, b. 
1800; Sophia, b. Sep. 16, 1804; Orange, b. April 27, 1805; Han- 
nah, b. May 3, 1807; Betsey, b. April 25, 1810; Polly, b. March 
8, 1811 ; George Richmond. Resumed in Chapter XXVI. 

8. Rhoda Webster, b. Aug. 7, 1773, m. Iri Peak or Peck, and 
resided in Westmoreland, Oneida Co., X. Y. 

9. Polly Webster, b. 1774, of Chatham, X. Y., m. Xathaniel 

Dec. 26, 1795, he was of Paris, Herkimer Co., N. Y., and sold land to 
George W. Kirkland. Feb. 1, 1814, he was of Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. 
Y., where he sold land to Ward Parks of Canandaigua. Apr. 19, 1815, he 
and his wife, Mary, sell to Hervey Montgomery. Jan. 17, 1816, Horace 
Eggleston and Nathaniel Vosburgh are witnesses to a deed. Nov. 23, 1818, 
Elisha Eggleston a witness. 

May 14, 1822, date of his last Will. Bequests as follows: "My well- 
beloved wife," Mary Eggleston. My daughters: Matilda Beach, wife of 
Chauncey Beach; Lucina Putnam, wife of Peter Putnam; Amanda Parsons. 
My four sons: Elisha, Horace, William and Hamilton Washington 
Eggleston. Witnesses: Elisha Webster, John Sloan, Ezra Waite. Executors, 
Elisha Eggleston and Moses Fairchild. 

In the Cemetery at East Bloomfield, X. Y., near the entrance 
is a monument erected to those whose bodies were brought from 
the old cemetery and re-interred, and among them are Xathaniel 
Eggleston, 1769-1822; Mary Eggleston, 1774-1825; Ashbel Beach, 
1769-1825; Lurany Beach, 1778-1824. 

Children": (Eggleston) See Will of Xathaniel Eggleston above. 
Resumed in Chapter XXVI. 

10. Abigail Webster, b. probably at Chatham, X. Y. 

James Marsh Eames, of Lathrop, Mo., says, "David Webster had 
a sister Abbie-who m. a Fuller and resided at Xorth Bay, Oswego 
Co., X. Y. On his authority we place the name here. The end. 

11. Asahel Webster, no birth date, and no record except the 
following Will, dated Jan. 11, 1800: 

In the name of God, Amen.' I, Asahel Webster, of the town of Chatham, 
County of Columbia, and State of New York: Being weak in Body, but of 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webstek's Line 295 

sound and perfect memory, blessed be Almighty God for the same, do make 
and publish this my last Will and Testament, in manner and form follow- 
ing ( That is to say : ) 

First: I give and recommend my soul to God who gave it to me, not 
doubting but I shall receive it again at the the Resurrection, and my body 
to the Earth, to be buried in a decent, Christian like manner, at the dis- 
cretion of my Executors. And as for touching such worldly affairs as it 
pleased God to bless me with, I bequeath it equally between by brother, 
Ezekiel Webster, of the town of Chatham, County of Columbia and state 
of New York, and my brother-in-law, Iri Peak of the town of Westmore- 
land, County of Oneida, and state aforesaid, (which property consists of 
one Note of hand for $50, against Job VanWorden, which I left with my 
brother-in-law, Ira Peak, for collecting, and one note of hand for fifteen 
dollars against George H. Perry, and another note of hand for eight pounds 
against John Griffin, which two last notes I left in keeping with the afore- 
said Iri Peak, and one note of thirty dollars against John Blake, left with 
Esquire Christopher Chism; notes, or the value of them, when recovered, 
I order and shall be applied, as far as they reach, to pay my honest debts, 
and the residue, if any should be remaining, I give and bequeath unto the 
above named Ezekiel Webster and Isaac Peak (elsewhere erased and written 
Iri Peak), equally as above directed, to whom I also give and bequeath all 
other debts or demand which I have against any other person or persons, 

And I hereby appoint the said Ezekiel Webster and Iri Peak, sole Ex- 
ecutors of this my last Will and Testament; hereby revoking all former 
Wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal 
the eleventh day of January, in the year of our Lord, One thousand Eight 
hundred. Asahel (his X mark) Webster. 

Witnesses: William VanNess, 

Benjamin Walker, 

Luke Gilbert. The end. 

Section 3. — Children of Abraham (Noah, George, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and Margaret (White) Webster of Lebanon, Ct., and 
Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. 

1. Abraham Webster, b. April 13, 1759, at Lebanon, Ct., m. 
Eeb. 28, 1786, at Comwallis, N. S., Polly Jeffers, a "ward" or 
adopted child of Widow Elizabeth Harrington, or Hanington, who 
was, by her second husband, the mother of Stephen and Christopher 

Children: (All b. in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia.) Margaret and 
Catharine, twins, March 28, 1786; Daniel, Oct. 13, 1788; Sarah, 
Dec. 19, 1790; Abraham, Jan. 7, 1793; Isaac, Jan. 17, 1795; Jacob, 
March 28, 1797; Charlotte, October 25, 1799; John, June 10, 1802; 
Asahel, Sep. 2, 1804. Eesumed in Chapter XXVI. 

2. Daniel Webster, b. Oct. 4, 1761, at Cornwallis, N. S., m. in 
June, 1821, Sarah Godfrey, a dau. of Elisha Godfrey. Daniel 
Webster died, Aug. 19, 1785, aged 23-10-15. 

296 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

3. Margaret Webster, b. Mch. 6, 1762, at Cornwallis, N. S., 
mar. Oct. 26, 1786, David Bentley, b. Jan. 18, 1761. They lived 
and died at Stewiaeke, Colchester, Nova Scotia. 

4. Isaac Webster, b. July 28, 1763, at Cornwallis, N. S., m. 
Dec. 4, 1793, Rev. Hugh Graham, officiating, Abigail English, dau. 
of John and Christina English. 

Children: Diadema, b. Apr. 6, 1785; Augustine, Jan. 4, 1794; 
Hannah and Christiana, twins, Sep. 1, 1797. 

The last is probably the Christiana mentioned by the Newcomb 
Genealogy as the one who m. Holmes Morton, b. March 6, 1788, 
son of Maj. Lemuel and Martha (Newcomb) Morton of Corn- 
wallis, N. S. The end. 

5. Olive Webster, b. Feb. 20, 1765, at Cornwallis, N. S., m. 
Samuel Godfrey, and removed to Stewiaeke, Colchester, 1ST. S. The 

6. Cyrus Webster, a twin with Darius, b. Sep. 18, 1769, at 
Cornwallis, N. S., a farmer, in. Nov. 28, 1799, Elizabeth English, 
b. at West Cornwallis, Kings Co., N. S., dau. of Joel and Sarah 
(Lee) English. He d. Apr. 12, 1863, at Sheffield Mills, X. S., 
and she at Cornwallis, — date not given, — and both are buried at 
Cornwallis, at Upper Church Street. 

Children: (First two b. at Upper Dyke Village, the next five 
at Kentville, and the rest at Canning, all in X. S.) Jane, b. March 
21, 1802; Margaret, Sep. 15, 1804; Mary Alice, June 15, 1806: 
Elizabeth, Mch. 21, 1808; Olivia, Dec. 4, 1810; George Augustus, 
Sep. 23, 1811; Thomas William, Sep. 26, 1813; Cyrus, Jr., Aug. 
25, 1816; Clarissa, Apr. 21, 1821; Gordon; Henry. Resumed in 
Chapter XXVI. 

7. Darius Webster, a twin of Cyrus, b. Sep. 18, 1769, at Corn- 
wallis, N. S., m. Elizabeth Kennedy. 

Children: Robert Canada, b. Sep. 12, 1799; Phoebe Sabina, 
Dec. 18, 1801; Abraham, Feb. 8, 1803; Sarah Ann, Jan. 8, 1805; 
Emma, July 17, 1808; Mary Jane, April 30, 1810; Elizabeth, Dec. 
31, 1811; Derias William, Feb. 12, 1813; Worthington, Feb. 13, 
1815; Dan, Dec. 19, 1817; Samuel Denison, May 31, 1818; Har- 
riet, March 7, 1820; Charles Grandison, March 14, 1822. Resumed 
in Chapter XXVI. 

Section 4. — Children of Moses (Noah, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Elizabeth (Bennett) Webster of Mansfield, Ct. 

1. Dr. Isaac Webster, b. at Mansfield, Ct., June 26, 1766, 
mar. Oct. 30, 1794, Prudy (Prudence) Bentley, of Cornwallis, 
Nova Scotia, daughter of David Bentley, b. May 10, 1773. She 
died of consumption and dropsy Feb. 15, 1841, aged 67-10-5. He 
died Oct. 29, 1851, aged 85-4-3. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 297 

Dr. Isaac Webster was a physician and studied medicine with Dr. David 
Adams, and removed to Nova Scotia, in 1791, where he followed his pro- 
fession, residing at Kentville, Kings Co. 

Children: Cynthia, b. Nov. 30, 1795; William Bennet, b. Jany. 
18, 1798; Esther, b. March, 1800, died the May following; Harriet, 
b. July 24, 1801 ; Henry Williams, b. July 25, 1804, died Feb. 1, 
1807; Frederick Augustus, b. Jany. 13, 1807; Luana, b. April 
13, 1809; Henry Bentley, b. Sept. 21, 1811; Elizabeth Ann, b. 
March 15, 1816. Resumed in Chapter XXVI. 

2. Augustine Webster, b. probably at Mansfield, Ct., March 30, 
1768, a farmer, mar. Oct. 20, 1793, Mary Tyler, daughter of Ebe- 
nezer and Mary Tyler, b. June 28, 1775. He removed to Columbia 
Co., Xew York State, was mar. there, bought the farm on which 
his wife was, and lived there until 1811, when he removed to Ohio, 
and settled at Pomeroy, Meigs Co. He died at Racine, Meigs Co., 
Ohio, Feb. 20, 1850, aged 81-10-20. She died at Coolville, Athens 
Co., Ohio, March 17, 1858. 

Children: (All b. in Columbia Co., X. Y., except the three 
youngest, who were b. in Meigs Co., Ohio) Huldah, b. Aug. 12, 
1794, died Dec. 9, following; Ebenezer Tyler, b. Dec. 27, 1795; 
Mary, b. Oct. 30, 1797; Daniel Bromley, b. Sept. 26, 1799; Isaac 
Augustine, b. April 9, 1801 ; George Kinney, b. March 25, 1803 ; 
Samantha, b. Sept. 2, 1805; Clarissa Hoskins, b. May 2, 1807; 
Melissa, b. Oct. 9, 1809; Moses Augustine, Sept. 25, 1811; Eliza- 
beth (Betsey), b. July 16, 1813; Wesley, Dec. 24, 1814; Abram 
Augustine, b. at Chester, Meigs Co., Ohio, June 2, 1817. 

An old record shows that Augustine Webster was a member of the Grand 
Jury, at Athens, Athens Co., O., in Dec. term, 3811. Resumed in Chapter 

3. Lucretia Webster, b. at Mansfield, Ct., Feb. 3, 1770, mar. 
April 1, 1787, Thomas Xewcomb, a farmer, b. May 14, 1761, a 
son of James and widow Submit (Downer-Davis) Xewcomb. After 
the death of his first wife he mar. (2), May 9, 1836, Mrs. Sylvia 
(Alfred) Bronson. They lived in 1829, near Syracuse, X. Y. 

Thomas Newcomb enlisted at the age of about 16 years, in Sept., 1777, in 
the Revolutionary Army, in Capt. Skinner's Co., of Col. Lattimore's Regt., 
for two months. He also rendered several other services, both as a soldier 
and as a sailor. He removed from Lebanon to Mansfield, Ct., April 1, 1785, 
and remained there three years, and then removed to Canaan, Columbia Co., 
N. Y., where he remained one year, and then removed to Bethlehem, Albany 
Co., N. Y., where he remained J 4 months, and then removed to Austerlitz, 
Columbia Co., N. Y. In April, ]825, he removed to Onondaga Hollow, N. Y. 
In j 836, he removed to Cicero, N. Y. In 1838, to Van Buren, N. Y., and then 
back to Cicero, where he died. 

Lucretia (Webster) Xewcomb died in Onondaga Hollow, X. Y., 

298 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

Sept. 2, 1831. Thomas Newcomb died at Cicero, 1ST. Y., Oct. 8, 
1851, aged 90-4-26. 

Children: Persis, b. March 15, 1788; Lucretia, Dec. 21, 1789, 
died April 1, 1792, burned to death by clothing taking fire ; Thomas, 
b. March 1, 1792 ; Orson, b. June 10, 1794; Marcus, b. July 9, 1796 ; 
Elizabeth, b. Dec. 18, 1800; Leonard, died at four years by falling 
into boiling soap; Moses, April 3, 1802; Ann (Brazee), an adopted 
daughter, died at the age of 7 or 8 years ; Beranus, died in infancy ; 
Seth Crowell, b. July 5, 1811; Cyrus, b. March 10, 1815; Chris- 
topher Columbus, b. July 2, 1818. Eesumed in Chapter XXVI. 

4. Elizabeth Webster, b. March 14, 1772, at Mansfield, Ct., 
mar. Feb. 7, 1796, Jacob Eaymond, b. Sept. 5, 1768. In 1829 
they lived between 14 and 20 miles from Ashtabula, Ohio, and 27 
miles from Erie, Pa. He died March 28, 1829, aged 60-6-23. 

Children: Margaret, b. Wednesday, ■Nov. 23, 1796; Lucretia, b. 
Saturday, Nov. 17, 1798; Cintha, b. Thursday, Feb. 26, 1801; 
Isaac W., b. Thursday, Aug. 18, 1803; William, b. Saturday, March 
29, 1806; David W., b. Monday, Nov. 7, 1808; Betsey Melinda, b. 
Tuesday, June 4, 1811; James Nelson, b. April 8, 1814, died 
March 16, 1815, aged 11 months and 8 days; Catherine, b. Mon- 
day, April 28, 1817. The end. 

5. Noah John Webster, b. May 9, 1774, at Mansfield, Ct., a 
farmer, mar. Feb. 26, 1796, Desire Allen (or Ailing) b. June 24, 
1769. They were living in 1829, at Green Eiver, Columbia Co., 
N. Y. He removed to that Co. when a young man and remained 
there until he was nearly 70 years old, when he sold his farm, and 
lived with his son, Noble Thomas Webster, at Westford, Otsego Co., 
N. Y., until he died. 

Noah Webster was drafted at Hillsdale, Columbia., N. Y., in the War of 
1812, and served as a Private in Capt. Robert Etting's Co., New York 
Militia, from Sept. 14, to Oct. 12, 1814. In ]850 and 55, he was residing at 
Maryland, Otsego Co., N. Y. He was discharged from service at Harlem, 
N. Y. 

Miron Noah Webster says that William Webster, son of Dr. Isaac, of 
Nova Scotia, stopped to visit the family of Noah Webster, in Columbia Co., 
N. Y., when Thomas and Myron were boys. 

His death occurred at Westford, N. Y., about 1854, and he is 
buried at Worcester Valley Cemetery, Otsego Co., N. Y. She died 
at Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y., and is buried at Worcester, N. Y. 

Children: (All b. at Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y.) Zadock 
Adams, b. Jany. 20, 1797, died March 10, following; Wealthy Ann, 
June 10, 1798; Desire Allen, March 1, 1800; Jeremiah Allen, April 
21, 1802; Twins, Miron Noah, and Mira Adams, b. May 6, 1804; 
Huldah Eugene, b. Sept. 6', 1806; Noble Thomas, b. Feb. 22, 1809; 
Laura Maria, b. July 24, 1813. Resumed in Chapter XXVI. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 299 

6. Katharine Webster, b. Feb. 10, 1782, d. unm. Oct. 10, 1807, 

aged 25 ys. and 8 mos. 

7. Moses Webster, b. July 18, 1787, at Mansfield, Ct., a farm- 
er, mar. June 3, 1802, Polly Stephens. They removed from New 
York state to Ohio, where they remained for a time, and then went 
to Kanawha Co., W. Va. After his death she mar. (2) again. He 
died at "Salt Works," Kanawha Co., W. Va., about 1825-6. She 
died at Germantown, Montgomery Co., Ohio, about 1836-7. 

Children: (All b. in Kanawha Co., W. Va.) Elizabeth, about 
1817; Catharine; Lloyd Washington, June 25, 1823. Eesumed in 
Chapter XXVI. 

8. Jerusha Webster, b. Oct. 17, 1789, mar. Feb. 23, 1808, Gor- 
ham Newcomb, b. Aug. 10, 1785, at Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., 
N. Y., son of James Newcomb, a Revolutionary soldier and Widow 
Puella Fitch-Pierce, his wife. He was a nephew of Thomas New- 
comb to whom her sister Lucretia was married. They lived in 
1829, five miles from Montezuma, Cayuga Co., N. Y., and 7 miles 
from Auburn, N. Y. They also resided in the Counties of Seneca, 
Cayuga, Genesee, and Wyoming, N. Y., and in 1874, he resided at 
Akron, Erie Co., N. Y. He served in the War of 1812 just before 
Buffalo was burned. She died at Akron, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1867. 

Children: George, b. at Eomulus, N. Y., April 17, 1810, died 
Oct. 15, 1811 ; Jane, May 13, 1812 ; Elizabeth, b. at Mentz, N. Y., 
Sept. 27, 1814, died Jany. 8, 1855 ; Delilah, b. Dec. 15, 1816, died 
March 26, 1817; Lydia Ann, Eomulus, N. Y., June 11, 1819; 
Laban, June 29, 1821, died Aug. 3, following; Gorham, Romulus, 
N. Y., Nov. 7, 1823; Florilla, at Mentz, N. Y., May 14, 1826; 
Jerusha, Dec. 15, 1828, died Nov. 22, 1831. Eesumed in Chapter 

Section 5. — Children of George (Noah, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Deborah (Deivey) Webster of Lebanon, Ct., Spencer- 
town, Columbia Co., N. Y., and Harpersfield, Delaware Co., N. Y. 

1. Cynthia Webster, b. May 13, 1776, probably in Lebanon, 
Ct. No record. 

2. Abraham Webster, b. March 8, 1778, probably at Lebanon, 
Ct., m. (1) Mary (Polly) Bartholomew, b. Aug. 24, 1781, dau. of 
Benjamin and Abigail (Patchen) Bartholomew of Harpersfield, 
N. Y. He m. (2) Cynthia Gilbert. After his death she m. again, 
Mr. Belding, and d. Feb. 1907, at Kokomo, Inch 

Both d. at Geneva, O., she, Aug. 16, 1831, and he (Abraham) 
Aug. 29, 1865. 

Abraham Webster was- a private soldier in the War of 1812. Mch. 
20, 1853, at the age of 75 years, he applied for a pension, and 
stated that he enlisted at Harpersfield, now Geneva, Ohio, in Cap't 
Jacob Bartholomew's Co., Ohio Militia. He is credited on the 

300 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

official records with service from the 3d to the 13th of October, 
1812, but he claims for another tour of duty in Aug. and Sep. 
1812, which is not found in record. One of his witnesses was 
Xorman Webster, who, in 1853, was aged 78, of Geneva, 0., and is 
credited with service in the same company from the 3d to the 12th 
of October, 1812. Apr. 27, 1863, Abraham Webster was identified 
by Orange Webster and Lewis D. Webster, both of Geneva, 0. Dec. 
13, 1863, Abraham Webster, still of Geneva, 0., says he has been 
a resident of Ashtabula Co., 0., for the past sixty years. 

Children: Hiram, b. 1801; Sabrina; Samantha, b. 1806; 
Sophronia, b. 1812; Orange, b. 1816; Parthenia, b. Jan. 27, 1820; 
Philena; Polly (Mary E.) b. 1827. Eesumed in Chapter XXVI. 

3. Piercy Webster, (Persis) b. July 27, 1780, probably at Leb- 
anon, Ct., m. Benjamin Green and they removed to Penn. The 

4. Wealthy Webster, b. Dec. 5, 1782, at Hudson, Columbia Co., 
X. Y., m. March 21, 1800, Michael Birdsall, b. May 10, 1775, son 
of Lemuel and Martha (Calkins) Birdsall. He d. 1863, probably 
at Pawlings, Dutchess Co., X. Y. He was a brother of Benjamin 
Birdsall who m. Belinda, a sister of Wealthy Webster. 

Children: (Birdsall) George Webster, b. Oct. 13, 1803, at 
Otego, Otsego Co., X. Y. ; Elemuel, Mch. 12, 1806; Hiram, Feb. 
22, 1808; Polly Maria, Apr. 1, 1810; Wealthy, June 25, 1812; 
Ausburn, Xov. 'l3, 1814; Oliver, Apr. 15, 1817; William, July 6, 
1819; Thaddeus Austin, Feb. 3, 1824; Henry Dwight, Aug. 19, 

(1) George Webster Birdsall m. Feb. 9, 1826, Esther Gilbert, 
b. July, 1803, at West Laurens, Otsego Co., X. Y. Both d. at 
Otego, Otsego Co., X. Y., she, Dec. 14, 1889, and he, Oct. 7, 1892. 
Children: Harriet, b. Dec. 26, 1826; Phimelia, b. Sep. 8, 1831; 
Adelaid, b. June 5, 1834; Hiram, no date; Mary Ann, no date. 

(2) Elemuel mar. and d. Aug. 12, 1881. 

(3) Hiram mar. and cl. Xov. 9, 1877. 

(4) Polly Maria m. Jan. 23, 1833, Daniel Towner, and had 
Louise, Ausburn, Charles. Louise m. Youmans and res. 220 Wil- 
liams St., Elmira, X. Y. Ausburn resides in Washington, D. C. 
Charles lives in Bridgeport, Ct. 

(5) Wealth m. Xov. 6, 1844, Harvey Hunt and cl. Xov. 5, 1892. 
Children living (Hunt), Dr. Dwight Birdsall and Dr. Wni. Bird- 
sail, Otego, X. Y., and James Birdsall, Cortland, X. Y. 

(6) Ausburn m. Eliza Montgomery, and their children, Aus- 
burn Montgomery and Grace, res. in Xew York City. 

(7) Oliver m. March 2, 1853, Melissa Bice and d. Xov. 19, 1863. 
The widow with her dau. Ella reside at 717 Park Place, Elmira, 
X. Y. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 301 

(8) William m. (1) Nov. 10, 1875, Marion Jennings, who d. 
March 10, 1902, and he m. (2) Aug. 1, 1888, Alice Jennings. 
Children: (1st m.) Marion, b. Sep. 6, 1877, m. Wood D. Van 
Derwerker, Otego, N. Y.; Wm. Michael, b. Apr. 29, 1879, resides 
at Ft. Plain, X. Y. (2d m.) Webster Jennings, b. Sep. 30, 1889, 
resides at Otego, X. Y. 

(9) Thaddeus Austin m. and died Sep. 12, 1903. 

(10) Henry Dwight m. Anna and d. May 31, 1896. She resides 
with her son, Walter Dwight, a lawyer in Stamford, Ct. The end. 

5. Belinda Webster, b. May 24, 1785, probably in Columbia 
Co., 1ST. Y., m. Benjamin Birdsall, a brother of Michael who m. 
Wealthy, her sister. The end. 

6. George Webster, b. May 16, 1789, at Spencertown, Colum- 
bia Co., X. Y., m. March 18, 1811, at Austenburg, Ashtabulah Co., 
Harriet Stone, b. Jan. 11, 1794, in the town of Bristol, Hartford 
Co., Conn. 

George Webster removed with his mother and three brothers in 
the year 1804, from the town of Kortright, Delaware Co., JST. Y., 
to Wrightsville, now Saybrook, Ohio. He resided four miles from 
Geneva, O., on the Bidge Boad. 

Both died in the town of Saybrook, Ashtabulah Co., O., she Feb. 
6, 1857, and he, Sep. 22, 1864, and both are buried in Saybrook. 

Children: (Born in the town of Saybrook, O.) Persis Maria, 
Jan. 14, 1813; Chelsea, Aug. 5, 1815; Polly Louisa, March 2, 1818; 
Paulina Temperance, July 8, 1820 ; George Bandolph, May 16, 
1823; Lewis Dewey, Feb. 26, 1828; Harriet Melissa, Mch. 10, 1833. 
Besumed in Chapter XXVI. 

7. Polly Webster, b. Aug. 28, 1791, came West and m. Grove 
Henderson of Austinburg, O. She d. in June, 1840, at Austinburg, 
Ashtabula Co., O. 

Children: (Henderson) Eliza, b. July 21, 1835, m. Moses W. 
Beede. P. O. Jefferson, 0., B. F. D. She d. at Lennox, 0., Sep. 
14, 1874. They had children, one named George. The end. 

8. Philo Webster, b. June 22, 1794, at Delhi, Delaware Co., 
X. Y., m. (1) at Saybrook, Ashtabula Co., 0., Mch. 5, 1820, 
Deborah Heyward, b. Oct. 1, 1798, at Xine Partners (now the 
town of Clinton) Dutchess Co., X. Y., daughter of Thomas and 
Bethenia (Simmons) He}^ward. She d. at Saybrook, 0., Feb. 9, 
1823, and he m. (2) at Geneva, 0., Feb. 19, 1825, Celestia Knapp, 
b. July 21, 1803, at Xorfolk, Litchfield Co., Conn., dau. of Caleb 
and Experience (Smith) Knapp. Both died at Saybrook, 0., he, 
Sep. 17, 1850, aged 55 ys, and she, Mch. 13, 1865, and both are 
buried there. 

Children: (All born at Saybrook, 0.) (1st m.) Bethena Hey- 
ward, Mch. 30, 1821; Xancy, July 31, 1822. (2d m.) Cynthia, 
Dec. 19, 1825; Welthia, July 19, 1827; Samuel, Dec. 9, 1829; 

302 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

Joseph, Feb. 5, 1832; Philo Wiltshire, July 5, 1834. Eesumed in 
Chapter XXVI. 

9. Lewis Webster, b. July 31, 1800, d. at Saybrook, 0., Sep. 
25, 1823, unm. 

Fifth Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of George and 
Sarah Bliss Webster, by their son, Benajah Webster of Lebanon, 
Ct., who married Eunice Strong. 

Section 1. — Children of Benajah (Benajah, George, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and Rachel (Lovell) Webster of Lebanon, Conn., Duns- 
table (now Nashua,) N. H., and Ferrisburg, Addison Co., Vt. 

1. William Wolcott Webster, b. March 15, 1771, a farmer, of 
Ferrisburg, A 7 t. He m. Mrs. Betsey Marks, widow of Isaac Marks 
of Ferrisburg, by whom she had Levi and Eliona Marks. Her 
maiden name was Collins of Brandon, Vt. He was of Ferrisburg. 
His death occurred prior to Sep. 7, 1818, as shown by an order of 
the Probate Judge issued from Cornwall, Addison Co., Vt. She 
was living, February 16, 1825, as shown in a real estate trans- 
action of that date. She died in 1833. Her heirs were Levi Marks, 
Isaac Webster, Cjmthia Eoburds, Sally Kellogg. 

Children: Isaac; Sarah, b. May 7, 1803; Aseneth; Cynthia. 
Eesumed in Chapter XXVII. 

2. Eunice Webster, b. March 22, 1773, "the first white child 
born in Ferrisburg, Vt.," m. Darius Ferris. March 26, 1814, they 
were of Panton, Addison Co., Vt., as shown by a deed in which they 
convey to Benajah Webster of Vergennes, land "which we are en- 
titled to as heirs to the estate of Eachel Webster, late of Ver- 

Children: (Ferris) Benajah; Darius; Melancton; Peter; Clark; 
Clarissa, who m. Babcock; Polly, who m. Jacobs; Eunice, who m. 
Xights; Sarah, who m. Hopkins; and Fanny L. 

(1) In a deed dated Jan. 28, 1814, the witnesses are Sally Hopkins and 
Eoss Hopkins. The end. 

3. Rachel Webster, b. Dec. 4, 1775, m. Jared Dewey, a 
farmer. Their oldest child, Ira, was born in Ferrisburg, Vt., in 
1804, and his mother carried him "in her arms, riding horse back, 
all the way from Vermont to Hopkinton, St. Lawrence Co., X. Y.," 
where they settled, and where both died, he Dec. 13, 1850, and she 
at the home of her son, William Webster Dewey, June 12, 1858. 

Children: (Dewey) (All b. in Hopkinton, X. Y., except Ira 
b. in Ferrisburg, Vt.) Ira Brunson, b. Aug. 31, 1804; Diadema, 
Feb. 24, 1808; William Webster, Aug. 24, 1810; Sally Mariah, July 
19, 1812; Jared Lovell, July 23, 1815. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 303 

(1) Ira Branson Dewey, a farmer, died in early manhood, in 1844. 

(2) Diadema m. Aaron Terril Smith a farmer, and both d. at Fergus 
Falls, Otter Tail Co., Minn., she June 15, 1888. They had two children, 
both born in Hopkinton, N. Y., Eunice A— -, Sept. 29, 184G. She re- 
sides, 1913, unm. at Fergus Falls, Minn. Adah E , Nov. 20, 1849. 

She m. C. H. Marshall and 1913 they resided at North Bend, Coos Co., 
Oregon. Four children but none are living. 

(3) William Webster, m. Nov. 18, 1835, Harriet Blanchard, b. July 7, 
1812, dau. of Amasa and Lucy (Hopkins) Blanchard. He d. in May, 1906. 
Children: Rachel Alzina, b. June 10, 1838; Martha Ann, b. June 5, 1840; 
Mary Mariah, May 1, 1842; Rhoda Marilla, b. July 11, 1844; William 
Benajah, b. May 12, 1857 ('47?). (a) Rachel Alzina m. Jan. 1, 1856, 
Francis L. White. She d. in Hopkinton, N. Y., Feb. 2, 1862. (b) Martha 
Ann m Nov. 24, 1881, in Minn., Joseph Marple. She d. Oct. 11, 1883. 

(c) Mary Mariah m. Dec. 23, 1863, in Hopkinton, N. Y., G W 

Sheldon. She d. in Minn., Feb. 17, 1875. (b) Rhoda Marilla m. Nov. 
25, 1865, in Hopkinton, N. Y., Ira Brown. Both res. 1913, at Fergus Falls, 

Minn, (e) William Benajah m. Dec. 2, 1884, Ella M Toombs. They 

res. 1913, in the town of Western, Minn., P. O. Campbell, Wilkin Co., 

(4) Sally Mariah m. Benjamin Page, a blacksmith. Both d. in Hopkin- 
ton, N. Y. They had five children: Edgar, Mary, Jared, Harry, Asa, all 
born in Hopkinton. Asa d. in childhood. 

(5) Jared Lovell m. Eliza Jordan and had eight children: Ira, Abner, 
Emeline, John, Jared, Lucy, George, William, (a) Ira was a soldier in the 
Civil war. (b) Emeline m. Jerome Peacock. She d. in 1910. Had three 
or four children. He is in Vermont, (c) Lucy m. Ashley Dudley and they, 
1913, re 4. in Metamora, Lapeer Co., Mich. No children, (d) William m. 
Loella Beecher, and they res. 1913, at Fort Jackson, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y. They have one son who is married and he also has one son. William 
Dewey was adopted by a family named Smith and he bears that name. 
The end. 

4. Benajah Webster, b. July 13, 1779, a farmer, m. Jan. 26, 
1806, at New Haven, Addison Co., Vt., Esther Ann Bostwick, b. 
Sep. 15, 1784, at Manchester, Bennington Co., Vt., dau. of John 
Warriner and Anna (Collins) Bostwick. They had removed to New 
Haven, Vt. Benajah Webster and family were members of the Con- 
gregational Church. He held various town offices. Nov. 5, 1805, 
he was of Vergennes, Addison Co., Vt., at which date he conveyed to 
his brother William Webster of Ferrisburg, "all that descended to 
me as son and heir of Benajah Webster, deceased." Both died in 
Ferrisburg, Vt., he Jan. 30, 1851, aged 71-6-17, and she June 13, 
1870, aged 85-8-28. 

Children: (Born in Vergennes, Addison Co., A 7 t.) Charles 
Bostwick, Dec. 12, 1806; Bichard, Aug. 13, 1808, d. May 11, 1835; 
Warren H. (all of name), Aug. 31, 1809; Julia Maria, Mav 29, 
1811; William W., March 20, 1813, d. Feb. 27, 1814; Mary Jane, 
Dec. 14, 1814; Buth, Dec. 8, 1816, d. same day; Delia Ann, Dec. 

304 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

17, 1817, "at 7 a. m. under Jupiter and Mars;" Esther Ann, March 

18, 1820, d. April 7, 1836 ; Martha Ann, June 1, 1826. Resumed 
in Chapter XXVII. 

Note: 1838, John Bostwick quitclaims estate of Wm. Bostwick, late of 
Wakeman, Huron Co., 0., rec'd from estate of John Warriner Bostwick. 

1838, Feb. 15, Zilpha Bostwick of Weedsport, N. Y., to Benajah Webster 
of Ferrisburg, Vt., Clara Taylor, Peleg Bowe of Pittsford, Vt., and John 
Bostwick of Alton, 111., my late husband, Wm. Bostwick, John W. Bostwick, 
father of Wm. 

1803, Mch. 30, Robert Bostwick mar. Sibbel Geer, all of Vergennes, Vt. 

5. Hannah Webster, b. Nov. 10, 1781, may have died unmar- 
ried. Nov. 23, 1827, Isaac Webster purchases of Benjamin W. 
Gage and Betsey E. Gage his wife, both of Beaverdam, Erie Co., 
Pa., land set off to Honor (Hannah) Webster, heir of Benajah 
Webster, deceased, and also heir of the widow of Benajah Webster. 
On the other hand, March 26, 1814, a family deed is witnessed by 
Hannah Hammond and Jared Brace, suggesting that she may have 
mar. a Hammond. Nothing further known. 

6. Jonathan Lovell Webster, b. Dec. 7, 1787, m. Betsey Ferris 
of Westport, Essex Co., N. Y. Eeal estate records show that, Aug. 
9, 1806, he was of Corinth, Orange Co., Vt. Dec. 12, 1810, he was 
of Plattsburg, Clinton Co., N. Y. It is said that he later lived 
at Montreal, Ca., and had two children, Horatio and Louisa. 
Horatio was connected with a Medical College there. He had two 
sons, William and Henry who were graduated therefrom, but before 
they began practice, both were drowned in Lake Champlain while 
on an excursion. Nothing further known. 

7. John Champlain Webster, b. July 2, 1789, a blacksmith, 
a brother, m. Roxanie Jennings of New Haven, Addison Co., Vt. 
Nov. 28, 1810, he resided in Vergennes, Vt., as shown by a deed 
of that date. Also at New Haven, Vt., but settled finally at Crown 
Point, Essex Co., N. Y. He died Dec. 7, 1881, aged 92-5-5, at 
the residence of his dau. Roxana, Mrs. Seth Wright, at Winnebago 
City, Fairbault Co., Minn. She died there also. 

Children: Norman; Edward; William; Jared, b. May 9, 1830, 
in Vt. ; Charles, b. Jan. 17, 1835, at New Haven, Vt. ; Charlotte, 
b. April 7, 1817; Sarah Jane; Armenia Cornelia, b. Jan. 24, 1826, 
at Hinesburg, Chittenden Co., Vt. ; and Ellen who d. when she 
was 13 years old; Roxana. Resumed in Chapter XXVII. 

Note:— Sally Fox, b. April 23, 1769, dau. of John and Rachel (Lovell) 
Fox, (before the mar. of Rachel Lovell with Benajah Webster) married, 
1792, as his second wife, Josiah Kellogg, b. Aug. 7, 1770, at Hatfield, Mass., 
s. of William and Bathsheba (Karley) Kellogg. Josiah Kellogg married in 
1789 as his first wife, Clarissa Alford. Children: (Kellogg) (2d mar.) 
Sally, b. 1792; Catharine Honey, b. Nov. 8, 1796; Hiram Webster, b. Jan. 
5, 1798; John Fox, b. 1800; Abel Thompson, b. June 28, 1802; Rachel, b. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 305 

June 4, 1804; Wealthy Ann, b. 1807; Clarissa A.; Edward who died at 
three years. Their farm in Ferrisburg, Vt., was known as the "Wester" 
farm. She died about 3 832, aged 63. About 1834 he went to Ohio and 
resided with his daughter Rachel. He d. at Middleburg, Logan Co., 0., in 
1847 or 1848. The history of their children is briefly this: Sally was a crip- 
ple and died unmarried. Catharine Honey m. Isaac Brydia of Ferrisburg. 
Hiram m. Sally Webster, dau. of William Webster of Ferrisburg. April 30, 
1834, they sell land to Isaac Webster which Sally inherited from her 
father, William Webster, and her mother, Betsey the wid. of said William 
Webster. Jolin Fox m. (1) Elizabeth McKillips, and (2) Phoebe Pem- 
berton. Abel Thompson m. Sarah Maria Cobb. Rachel m. John Himes. 
Wealthy Ann m. Daniel E. Grignor or Greenough. The end. 

Section 2. — Children of Eunice (Benajah, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) of Coventry, Bolton and East Windsor, Ct., who mar. Moses 
Loomis, Jr., of East Windsor, Ct. 

1. Reuben Loomis, b. Dec. 23, 1773, near Litchfield, Ct., left 
a, half-orphan by the death of his father, ab. 1780, was reared by 
his mother's family. In the year 1790 he enlisted and served in 
the war against Indians on the Ohio, Wabash and Maumee rivers, 
and was in St. Clair's defeat. 

At the close of the war, without returning home, he settled, 1795, 
six miles south of Newport, Ky. In 1804 he moved to the lower 
end of Campbell Co., near Bryant's Ford, on the Licking river. 
Here, Dee. 25, 1804, he m. (1) Elizabeth Smith, b. Nov. 6, 1782. 
She d. Nov. 12, 1813, and he m. (2) June 23, 1814, Mrs. Agnes 
Abercrombie, b. June 15, 1780. She d. Nov. 11, 1841, and he died 
Aug. 19, 1850, both at Bryant's Ford, Ky. 

Children: (Born, Campbell Co., Ky.) (1st m.) Thomas, Oct. 
21, 1805 ; Mariale, Apr. 12, 1807, d. Feb. 12, 1822 ; John, Jan. 8, 
1809; Orilla, March 15, 1811; Martin, Feb. 13, 1813; (2d mar.) 
William, Apr. 16, 1815; Samuel, Apr. 1, 1817; Beuben, March 7, 
1819, d. same day; Elizabeth, Feb. 23, 1820; James Webster, Apr. 
29, 1822; Benjamin G., b. July 9, 1824, d. Aug. 19, 1839. Re- 
sumed in Chapter XXVII. 

2. Orilla Loomis, date of birth not obtained, m. Casey. The 

Section 3. — Children of Samuel (Benajah, George, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and Jerusha (Smith) Webster, of Coventry, Ct., and 
Hartford, Cumberland (now Windsor) Co., Vt. 

1. Isaac Webster, b. 1771, of Fairfax, Franklin Co., Vt., m. 
Lucy Whitcomb, b. 1772, at Cambridge, Lamoille Co., Vt. Both 
died at Fairfax, Vt., she, Mch. 7, 1848, and he, Mch. 25, 1858. 

As a reason for placing Isaac Webster at the head of the list 

of Samuel Webster's children the following facts were given in a 

306 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

letter to a descendant, written by M. E. Webster, Feb. 5, 1907, as 
follows : 

"Last summer I took two trips through New England, the first of which 
included Fairfax, Vt., and the second, Coventry, Conn. A year before I 
searched New Hampshire on the west as it borders Vermont. Out of the 
three trips I gathered material which throws light on many of my Web- 
ster problems, and yours in particular. Enough to say I found that Samuel 
Webster of Hartford, Windsor Co., Vt., was of Coventry, Conn. That he 
married Jerusha Smith, Nov. 15, 1770. That the census of 1790, recorded 
Hartford, Vt., as having in it two Websters, namely Samuel and Isaac. 
The last deed which Samuel gave at Coventry, Conn., was dated Feb. 5, 
1774. That is signed by his wife Jerusha, and Mary Smith, "all of Cov- 
entry." He had evidently moved back from Vermont, temporarily for 
June 26, 1772, he buys land in Hartford, Vt., of Abel Marsh, and gives his 
residence as Hartford, Vt. Quite likely his family had not removed from 
Coventry. He was a shoemaker — "cordwainer." But Jan. 21, 1779, he and 
his wife, Jerusha, "of Hartford, Cumberland Co., Vt.," sell land in Cov- 
entry, and this appears to be the end of their relations with Coventry." 

1804, Aug. 14, Isaac Webster of Fairfax, Vt., buys land of Gamaliel Hop- 
kins of same place. Same date of Moses Norton. Samuel Webster and 
Anna Gladding witnesses. 

1805, Feb. 20, Isaac Webster of F. was drawn as a petit juryman. 
1835, Apr. 30, "I, I^aac Webster of Fairfax, Vt.," to Benjamin Gale of 

the same place, land there. Samuel Webster and Anna Gladding, wits. 

War of 1812: Isaac Webster, a private, Sep. 2, 1857, of Fairfax, Vt., 
aged 86 years, signed by mark, stated that he ?ntered the service at Fair- 
fax, Vt., in the Company of Captain Joseph Beeman, Vermont militia, and 
served at the invasion of Plattsburg in September, 1814. (W. H. W. 
thinks that he was mistaken in the Co.; that probably it was that of 
Captain Josiah Grout.) 

He was living, as above shown, Sep. 2, 1857. Date of death, or 
of his wife, not obtained. 

Children: (Born at Fairfax, Vt.) Harriet Pane, 1808; Ehoda 
who d. in youth; Maria, Aug. 27, 1814; Charles Pinkney, 1817; 
Sarah, 1818; Chauncey; Abigail; Porter; Lavinia, 1825, who d. 
unm. at Fairfax, Vt. 

(1) Harriet Pane m. Giles Taylor, a farmer, and d. Feb. 27, 1874, at 
Lena, Stephenson Co., 111. He was living Feb. 25, 1907, at Union, Iowa. 

(2) Charles m. 1842 Hannah Clotilda Austin, dau. of Jeremiah Austin 
of Fairfax, Vt., and Ester Colegrove, and d. 1877 at Rockford, Winnebago 
Co., 111. She d. in Chicago, 1899. Edna Webster Doty, 1250 North Cali- 
fornia Ave., Chicago, 111., is a daughter, and has brothers and sisters as 
follows: Ellen, Chicago; Hiram, Nashville, Mich.; Carlton, Greenwood, 
111.; Isaac; Daniel; Porter; Delia m. Mcllwain, Albany, Oregon. 

(3) Chauncey m. Phebe and after living in Milton, Chitten- 
den Co., Vt., removed to New York State. 

(4) Maria m. Oct. 29, 1844, Franklin H. Morehouse, a farmer and 
shipbuilder. She d. Aug. 5, 1877, at Shelburne, Chittenden Co., Vt. Her 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 307 

dau. Jean (Mrs. George G.) Edwards, resides at 55 Sedgwick St., Jamaica 
Plains, Suffolk Co., Mass. 

(5) Sarah m. 1840, Nelson I. Morehouse, a farmer, and she d. 1868, at 
Barton, Orleans Co., Vt. 

(6) Abigail m. Lewis Wood. 

(7) Porter d. unm. July 27, 1862, off Manzanilla, Mexico. Lost by burn- 
ing of steamer, "Golden Gate," returning to Vermont from San Francisco, 
Cal., for a visit. He was a manufacturer of brick in San Francisco. The 

2. William Webster, no date of birth found. July 24, 1818, 
he was of Hartford, Windsor Co., Vt., when he gave papers con- 
cerning Samuel Webster, his father, for the care of his father, said 
Samuel and. his mother Jerusha, during their natural lives. 1822, 
he seems to have been of Hartland, Vt. The end. 

3. Mary Webster married James Wood; Hartford, Windsor 
Co., Vermont records. 

Children: (Wood) Mary, born Dec. 2, 1802; Alvin, born Feb. 
10, 1804; Sophia, born June 18, 1806; Harvey W., born Feb. 15, 
1809; Frances, born Apr. 30, 1811; Amos, born Sep. 18, 1813; Me- 
linda W., born June 30, 1815; James S., born Feb. 11, 1817; 
Samuel W., born July 31, 1819 ; Emeline C, born Mch. 26, 1822 ; 
Norman, born, since deceased. The end. 

4. Reuben Webster, no date of birth, was of Hartford, Vt., in 
1812, and a voter there in 1819. 

5. Reuby Webster, no date of birth, was unm. in 1819. 

6. Jerusha Webster, no date of birth found. She m. March 15, 
1818, at Hartford, Vt., George G. Gardner of Eandolph, Orange 
Co., Vt. The end. 

Section 4. — Children of Cyreneus {Benajah, George, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and Prudence (Skinner) Webster of Coventry and East 
Windsor, Ct. 

1. Chloe Webster, b. March 8, 1772, at East, now South Wind- 
sor, Ct., March 8, 1772, mar. Feb. 24, 1802, David Bancroft, of 
East Windsor, Ct., who was b. there Nov. 5, 1774, son of Isaac and 
Lydia (Chapin) Bancroft. He died at East Windsor, Ct., Aug. 9, 
1862, and she Dec. 16, 1850, aged 78. 

Children: (Bancroft) (All b. at East Windsor, Ct.) David 
Owen, April 20, 1803; Chloe, Jan. 18, 1807; Eunice, Nov. 8, 

(1) David Owen Bancroft, mar., and a son Isaac Bancroft resided in 
1884, at Windsorville, Ct. 

(2) Chloe mar. a man by the name of Hamilton, and resided in 1884, 
at East Windsor, Ct. 

(3) Eunice mar. and resided in 1884, at East Windsor, Ct. The end. 

308 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

2. Eli Webster, a farmer, mar. in 1810, in McKean tp., Erie 
Co., Pa., Hulclah Lee, from Massachusetts, dau. of Captain Daniel 
Lee, (a soldier of the Revolution) and Patience Lee. Both d. in 
Erie County, Pa., she, Sep. 24, 1859, and he, Oct. 11, 18G9. 

Children: (Born, Green tp., Erie Co., Pa.) Cyreneus Easton, 
Oct. 11, 1811; Zelotes Lee, Dec. 5, 1814; Roxana Norris, May 24, 
1820; Almeria Patience, b. in June, 1833. Resumed in Chapter 

3. James Webster, b. May 7, 1776, died unmarried Sept. 22, 
1842, aged 66 years. 

4. Theodosia Webster, b. Feb. 26, 1778, mar. (1) on Tuesday, 
Nov. 8, 1804, Luther Goodale, and (2) on Thursday, March 14, 
1822, Benjamin Bancroft, a younger brother of her sister Chloe's 
husband, she being then in her 45th year. The end. 

5. Sally Webster, b. Jany. 16, 1780, mar. on Tuesday evening, 
Nov. 5, 1805, Charles Gaylord, she being in her 26th year. The 

6. Naomi Webster, b. April 24, 1782, in Wapping Parish, East 
Windsor, Ct., m. Wednesday eve., Sep. 10, 1810, Joseph Courrier 
of Manchester, Ct., b. Sep. 4, 1787. Both died in Richland Co., 
111., she Oct. 7, 1845, and he, Jan. 1, 1843. 

Children: (Courrier) William, b. Aug. 4, 1811; George, b. 
May 4, 1813, d. at Warehouse Point Ct., Dec. 20, 1829; Sophia, 
b. Jan. 21, 1815, d. 1819; John, b. May 20, 1816; Joseph, b. Aug. 
20, 1819 ; Alexis, b. May 4, 1821 ; Loretta A., b. May 4, 1824. 

(1) William Courrier d. in New York City, May 4, 1880; (2) John d. at 
Palatka, Florida, Feb. 22, 1883; (3) Joseph d. at West Springfield, Mass., 
Sep. 17, 1880; (4) Alexis resided about 1890, at Springfield, Mass.; (5) 
Loretta d. Dec. 25, 1887, at Springfield, Mass. The end. 

7. Prudence Webster, b. about 1786, mar. Dec. 20, year not 
known, Elisha Crosby. She died Jany. 25, 1831, aged 45. A 
daughter, Harriet, died Aug. 13, 1840, aged 21. The end. 

8. Betsy Webster, b. about 1788, m. March 23, 1819, Rockwell 
Hayes, b. Oct. 16, 1796, son of Timothy and Sally (Rockwell) 
Hayes. Both d. at East Windsor, Ct., she, Oct. 25, 1874, and he, 
March 10, 1883. 

Children: (Hayes) Cynthia, b. Jan. 26, 1820; Henry Rockwell, 
b. Oct. 5, 1822 ; Gordon Rockwell, Aug. 1, 1827. 

(1) Cynthia Hayes m. (1) Fred Butler? ('2) Oct. 23, 1853, W. H. 
Barker. He d. Sep. 14, 1876, and she, May 5, 1884. 

(2) Henry Rockwell Hayes m. Sep. 17, 1845, Almira Potter. Residence, 
South Windsor, Ct. 

(3) Gorden Rockwell Hayes, m. Nov. 26, 1849, Cecelia E. Bond. 

9. Wareham Webster, b. Nov. 19, 1790, at East Windsor, Ct., 
a farmer, mar. at Manchester, Dec. 1, 1814, Eunice Simonds, b. 

6tli Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 309 


Oct. 15, 1793. She came with her mother from New York State 
and her mother being a widow without means, she was put out 
with different families, and when living with David Bancroft, be- 
came acquainted with Wareham Webster and married him. After 
his death she removed to Hartford, Ct., where some of her chil- 
dren were living. 

Wareham Webster lived on the old homestead after the death of 
his father. He served as a private in the War of 1812, at New 
London, Ct., from Aug. 3, to Sept. 16, 1813, in Capt. Edward Wol- 
cott's Co., Col. Timothy Shepard's Begt., of Conn. Militia. He 
died at East Windsor, Ct., Nov. 28, 1834, aged 44; and she at 
Hartford, Ct., Aug. 29, 1863, aged 70. (Buried in Windsor.) 

Children: (All b. at East Windsor, Ct.) Sally Maria, Oct. 28, 
1815; Cynthia Jane, Oct. 17, 1817; Eli, Feb. 8, 1822; Susan, June 
15, 1825, died Nov. 22, 1840, aged 15; Hannah, b. Jany. 22, 1828; 
Sophia Ann, b. Nov. 24, 1832. Besumed in Chapter XXVII. 

10. Cynthia Webster, b. about 1796, mar. (1) in the 21st 
year of her age, Dec. 25, 1817, Alfred Gleason, and (2) on Tues- 
day, April 13, 1830, Lucius Parsons. She died Jany. 15, 1835, aged 
37. The end. 

Section 5. — Children of Abdial (Benajah, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Martha (Churchill) Webster of Coventry, Ct., and Hub- 
bardton, Rutland Co., Vt. 

1. Samuel Webster, date of birth unknown, a farmer, died 
without issue. 

2. Benajah Webster, b. in 1774, probably in Coventry, Ct., a 
farmer, mar. at Castleton, Butland Co., Vt., in 1799, Betsey Brush,, 
who was b. at that place in 1781. He held the offices of Lister and 
Selectman of Hubbardton, Vt., and owned a large farm, the most 
of which he sold to his son Lyman. Both died at Hubbardton,. 
Vt., he Sept. 12, 1838; and she March 27, 1866. 

Children: (All b. at Hubbardton, Vt.) Anne; Levi, April 3, 
1802; Sabrina; Wealthy; Lyman, April 20, 1809; Epenetus, about 
1812; Benajah Austin; Andrew Jackson, b. Aug. 14, 1816; Lu- 
thera; Martin J., May, 1820; Clara or Clarinda; Sarah, Dec. 12,, 
1824. Besumed in Chapter XXVII. 

3. Persis Webster, mar. Stephen Hurlburt. He died Sept. 17, 
1850; and she April 18, 1852. Both died very old. She is buried 
in Middlebury, Vt., but there is no tombstone. (Hurlbut Genealogy 
gives no clew to above). 

Children: (Hurlbut) Elizabeth, b. Dec. 4, 1797; Esther, 1801; 
Charlotte, 1804; Perses, 1806; Stephen, Jr., 1808; Harry, Aug. 5, 

Harry mar. Feb. 11, 1835, Harriet Slason. He died June 15, 
1855. They had two daughters, Esther and Delina. The end. 

310 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

Sixth Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of George and 
Sarah Bliss Webster, descendants by their son Joseph Webster of 
Lebanon, Bolton, Windsor, and Stafford, Talland Co., Ct., who m. 
(1) Martha Adams, and (2) Hannah, maiden name unknown. 

Section 1. — Children of Joseph, Jr. (Joseph, George, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and Azubah ( ) Webster of Stafford and Wind- 
sor, Ct., and Springfield, Mass. 

1. Daniel Webster, of Stafford, Ct., m. July 27, 1788, Mehit- 
able Simons. He was twice married. His wives were sisters. He 
had no children by one, but a large family by the other; so wrote 
Mrs. Albert Allen, Warehouse Point, Ct., R. F. D., April 13, 1906. 
He owned a grist mill in Broad Brook, town of East Windsor, Ct. 
("I have heard my sister say that one of Grandfather Webster's 
wives was Annie." Mr. Albert Allen.) 

1790, Mch. 22, Joseph Webster of Stafford, Ct., sells to his son Daniel 
Webster of Windsor. 

1795, Feb. 7, Joseph Chandler of Springfield, Mass., sells to Daniel 
Webster of Stafford, 43 acres in Springfield, being part of the lot that Joel 
Webster and myself bought of William Pyncheon, Esq. 

1795, Dec. 30, Daniel Webster and Joel Webster of Springfield, sell to 
James Bennit of Springfield. 

1796, May 5, Daniel Webster of Stafford, Ct., sells to Joseph Simons of 
Enfield, Mass., land in Springfield formerly sold by Chandler and Joel 

1809, Dec. 6, Daniel Webster and Noah Strong of Stafford, buy of Oliver 
Edwards of S. and 1814, sell it back again. 

1824, Daniel Webster of East Windsor, Ct., buys of James Allen, land in 
East Windsor. Also in 1826. 

1844, Louisa B. Webster sells land in East Windsor. 

Children : Levi, b. Aug. 17, 1799, at Stafford, Ct. ; Daniel, b. — . 
Resumed in Chapter XXVIII. 

2. Joel Webster, m. Hannah Allen, b. Feb. 2, 1770, dau. of 
John and Mehitable (Rumerrill) Allen of Enfield, Hartford Co., 

Sep. 12, 1772, John Allen sells to John Hall, both of East Windsor, Ct., 
land in the Parish of Ellington. 

Oct. 4, 1790, Joel Hotkins and Mehitable his wife; Peter Allen, Isaac 
Allen, Nathaniel Collins and Mehitable his wife, Joel Webster and Hannah 
his wife, all of Enfield, Ct., sell to Noah Phelps of Enfield, land in East 
Windsor, owned in his life-time by John Allen, Jr. 

March 13, 1793, Thaddeus Ferre of Springfield sells to Joel Webster and 
Joseph Chandler, Jr., both of Enfield, land in Springfield. 

Dec. 30, 1795, Joel and Daniel Webster, both of Springfield, sell to James 
Bennett, yeoman of Springfield, land there and both Daniel and Joel 
Webster are in the boundaries. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 311 

Oct. 22, 1796, Joel Webster of Springfield buys of Joseph Simons of S. 
and on same date sells to Jacob Swetland. 

March 31, 1797, Joel Webster of Springfield and Hannah his wife sell to 
Joseph Webster of Longmeadow, land in S. Oct. 20, 1800. Joel Webster 
and Hannah his wife were of Springfield. 

April 4, 1814, Joel Webster of Wilbraham, Mass., sells to Ira Webster of 
Springiield land lately owned by Joseph Webster, deceased. (He died Aug. 
11, 1812.) 

Children: Hannah, b. 1789, at Enfield, Ct.; Orrin, b. 1793; 
Horace, b. 1795, in Conn.; Norman, b. Feb. 8, 1802; Peter, Isaac, 
Joel, John, Philura. Eesumed in Chapter XXVIII. 

3. Ira Webster, b. 1785, of Ludlow, Hampden Co., Mass., m. 
Susan Eussell, b. 1779, dau. of Ebenezer and Hannah Eussell, of 
Ellington, Ct. 

Oct. 23, 1802, Ira Webster buys of Wm. Carlisle of Chester, land in 
Springfield, "on northerly branch of Mill river." 

Aug. 30, 1814, Ira Webster as adm. of the est of Joseph Webster, late of 
Springfield, deceased, sells to Eleazer Williams of Sp'd. 

Sep. 16, 1814, Ira Webster and Susan his wife, sell to Apollos Spelman, 
"16 acre Mills." 

Dec. 10, 1814, Ira Webster and Susan his wife sell to Orrin and Horace 
Webster, all of Springfield, land there. 

He d. July 8, 1816, aged 31 years, and she, June 7, 1861, aged 
82 years. 

Children : Oct. 2, 1821, Susan Webster, widow of Ira Webster, 
was appointed guardian of her (their) four minor children under 
14 years; Ebenezer Eussell and Orren Dimmiek sureties; Betsey 
P., Eowland C, Joseph Porter, b. Dec. 28, 1812, and Mary. Ee- 
sumed in Chapter XXVIII. 

4. Porter Webster, m. July 27, 1809, Betsey Meacham, at 
Springfield, Mass., where the intentions were published July 8, 
1809, He died suddenly Sep. 19, 1810, in the 24th year of his 
age (b. 1786). The widow m. (2) Nov. 21, 1811, Eliakim Ben- 
ton of Springfield; intentions published Oct. 26. Eecord is "Miss" 
but may have been intended "Mrs." 

1810, (should be 1811) Feb. 8, Betsey Webster was ap. by Probate 
Court of Sp'd, adx. on est. of Porter Webster, late of Sp'd, deceased. 
The end. 

5. Joseph Webster, of Windsor, Ct. No record except what 
follows : 

1800, Sep. 13, Joseph Webster of Windsor buys of Noah Burr 
of Windsor, land there. 

1819, June 30, Joseph Webster of Windsor buys of Daniel Por- 
ter and Ann his wife of East Windsor. 

1825, Joseph Webster sells to Mary Webster. The end. 

312 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

6. Roswell Webster. The Buel Genealogy says that he m. 
about 1805-8, Ehoda Buell, sixth child of Josiah Buell, of Somers, 
Ct., Shaftsbury, Vt., and Northumberland, 1ST. Y. She was b. in 
Somers, Ct, 1784. 

1796, Oct. 10, Roswell Webster of Longmeadow, Hampden Co., Mass., 
buys of Ebenezer and Tbeoda Harris of Sp'd, Mass., land lying partly in 
Sp'g and partly in Longmeadow. 

1796, Dec. 3, Roswell Webster of Longmeadow sells to Daniel Root of 
Enfield, Ct., "land which I purchased of Ebenezer Harris." 

1822, Dec. 25, Roswell Webster of Shaftsbury, Vt., purchased land of 
Samuel Slocum $25. 

1827, Mch. 27, Roswell Webster of Shaftsbury sells the above to Gard- 
ner Barton: bounded by school lot belonging to James Bowen; also Curnel 
Vaughn and Otis Haywood, one acre and 41 rods. 

Children: (Probably all b. at Shaftsbury, Vt.) Amos, b. about 
1802; Minerva, b. May 8, 1803; Norman, b. 1804; Noah; Orra or 
Cleora, b. about 1809 ; Zubia, b. about 1810 ; Simeon George, b. 
July 16, 1814; Roswell, b. Apr. 22, 1815; Phoebe; Mercy; Ehoda; 
Horace. Resumed in Chapter XXVIII. 

Section 2. — Children of Simeon (Joseph, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Sybil (Converse) Webster of Stafford and Tolland, CL 

1. Polly Webster, b. Oct. 3, 1789, in Stafford, Ct., m. at Tol- 
land, Ct., 1803, Roswell Russell, a farmer, b. there July 4, 1784, son 
of Hezekiah and Lydia (Grover) Russell. They settled in Orwell,. 
Bradford Co., Perm., where both died; she, March 2, 1872 and he,. 
May, 1873, and are buried there. 

Children: (Russell) (All b. Orwell, Penn., except first b. in 
Tolland, Ct.) Austin, Nov. 5, 1809; Mary Ann, Jan. 17, 1814; 
Arta Eliza, March 9, 1819; Amanda, March 6, 1822; Marcia 
Minerva, Feb. 15, 1824. 

(1) Austin, a farmer, m. Feb. 14 1833, Aner A. Bates. He d. Oct. 2,. 
1852, in Orwell, Bradford Co., Pa., where 1900 she res. Children: Char- 
lotte L., b. May 2, 1834, d. Jan. 13, 1835; Newton A., May 5, 1835; Polly 
M., Jan. 17, 1837; Chas. L., March 5, 1839, d. July 15, 1853; Florilla L. r 
March 11, 1841; Joseph P., May 9, 1844; Erastus L., June 14, 1846, d.. 
Aug. 2, 1847; Cynthia A., Oct. 16, 1849; Reuben S., Sep. 12, 1851, d. Sep. 
26, 1851; Merton L., Feb. 9, 1852. Notes; Newton A., d. March 30, 1870; 
Florilla L., d. Nov. 18, 1896; others living, 1900. 

(2) Mary Ann m. Harry Waite. They lived and died in Waite Settle- 
ment near Owego, N. Y., she, June 16, 1895. 

(3) Arta Eliza m. Isaac Shultz. Lived at Windham, Pa., and Nichols, 
N. Y., where he d. and she res. 1900. 

(4) Amanda m. Solomon Sibley and they were given the old homestead, 
Orwell, Pa., for caring for her father and mother. He d. there, where 1900> 
she resided. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 313 

(5) Marcia Minerva m. Peter Wolf. He d. at Sheshequin, Bradford 
Co., Pa., and she, 1900, was res. at 55 Pleasant St., Waverly, N. Y. 

Note: Ruth M. Bosworth, wid., is a dan. of Roswell Russell. D. L. Bos- 
wortn a grandson, both of Orwell, Pa. ; Mrs. Nathan Pendleton, So. Warren, 
Pa., a grand daughter. The end. 

2. Joseph Barnes Webster, a farmer, b. Tolland, Ct., June 17, 
1786, m. there May 20, 1813, Achsah Barnard, b. there Aug. 28, 
1790. They removed from Tolland to Windham, Bradford Co., 
Pa., about 1815. Both d. at Windham Centre, Pa., he Aug. 14, 
1830, and she Apr. 3, 1884. 

Children: (First two b. Tolland, Ct., and the others at Wind- 
ham, Pa.) Achsah and Anna, twins, June 23, 1814, Achsah d. June 
24, 1814, and Anna, June 25, 1814; Porter Barnard, Aug. 28, 
1815, d. Dec. 16, 1815; Almira Anna, March 7, 1817; Minerva, 

Apr. 5, 1819, d. Apr. 9, 1819; Joseph P. Barnard, May 

20, 1820; Anna Morgan, June 20, 1824; Washington Converse, 
Oct. 9, 1826; Angeline Jane, 'Nov. 4, 1828; Achsah Amanda, Nov. 
6, 1830. Resumed in Chapter XXVIII. 

3. Lucia Webster, b. about 1788, at Tolland, Ct., m. Parley 

Children: (Johnson) Said to be 8 children. John Lynch a de- 
scendants of Parley Johnson res. on the old Johnson homestead. P. 
0., Xichols, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

4. Marcia Webster, b. 1789, at Tolland, Ct., m. Sylvenus Baker. 
She d. July 12, 1822, aged 33 yrs., and he Dec. 25, 1824, aged 38. 
Joseph Webster and his sisters, Polly, Lucia and Amanda settled 
in the town of Windham, Bradford Co., Pa. 

Children: (Baker) Charles Wesley, b. Dec. 19, 1817; Emily, 
b. Jan. 6, 1810; Mary; Caroline; Susan Minerva; Emily, the oldest 
d. in Sep. 1865, aged 75 yrs. 

(1) Charles Wesley m. Dec. 6, 1842, Emeline Kemp. No children. Res. 
'99, Newport, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

(2) Susan Minerva m. Elijah Shoemaker of Windham, Pa. 

(3) Emily m. Thomas Laing. She d. in Sep. 18C5, aged 75 years. 
Children: (Laing) Emily Amelia, b. Oct. 10, 1835, at Newark, N. J. She 
m. in 1854, Samuel Snow of Rochester, N. Y. Children: (Snow) (a) 
Evelyn Snow Barrows, 8 Livingston Park, Rochester, N. Y. (b) Myra 
Snow Carter, Ce Punavera, Tucubaya, Mexico, (c) Albert Laing Snow, 
San Antonio, Texas, (d) Mabel Snow Sidman, 70 Madison Ave., Jersey 
City, N. J. (e) Frances Snow, b. in Rochester, N. Y., May 10, 1859, m. 
Jan. 20, 1887, in Mexico City, Mexico, Hiram P. Hamilton, res. ]905> 
Avenue 15, No. 2216 San Pedro de los Pinos, Tacubaya, D. F. Mexico, P. O. 
box 2155, Mexico City, Mexico. The end. 

(4) Mary m. Rev. Isaac Cross a minister of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, Washington, D. C. 

(5) Caroline m. Ralph Gillette of Hartford, Ct. The end. 

314 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

5. Minerva Webster, b. March 3, 1794 at Tolland, Ct., m. Dec. 
14, 1811, at Tolland, do Co., Conn., Timothy Benton, Jr., a farm- 
er, b. there March 3, 1786, son of Cap't Timothy and Sarah (West) 

Cap't Timothy Benton, Sr., was the son of Timothy Benton, b. 1709, 

and Abigail , b. 1721 and m. Nov. 9, 1780, Sarah West. All 

three Timothies are buried in Tolland. Sarah West was the daughter of 
Joseph West, Jr., and his second wife Lois Strong, who were m. March 
10, 1752, and Sarah, the second child, was b. Apr. 7, 1754. Minerva Web- 
ster Benton d. Feb. 23, 1818 in the 24th year of her age, and this stanza is 
on the headstone : 

"Friends and Physicians could not save, 

This mortal body from the grave; 
Nor can the grave confine it here, 

When Christ shall call me to appear." 
After her death he m. (2) Sep. 10, 1818, Deliverance Coleman of Bolton, 
Conn., to whom was born, July 27, 1819, John Coleman Benton. Timothy 
Benton d. May 6, 1858, and his second wife, ("Delia C." is the name on the 
tombstone) Feb. 15, 1861. 

Children: (First m., b. in Tolland, Ct.) Milton Webster, Dec. 
16, 1812; Charles West, July 7, 1814; Sally Minerva, May 3, 1816; 
Clarissa Sophronia, Feb. 16, 1818. Eesumed in Chapter XXVIII. 

6. Samuel Webster, b. 1796, at Tolland, Ct., m. there Apr. 30, 
1818, Mrs. Maria Howard, of Tolland, a widow, nee Ward, b. in 
New Haven, Ct. They spent their lives in Tolland, and died there, 
he March 4, 1837, aged 41, and she, Apr. 30, 1871, aged 72. 

Children: (Born in Tolland, except Wm. in Willington) 
Samuel Porter, b. Feb. 11, 1819; William, Oct. 21, 1820; Marcia 
Maria, 1822; Ira, 1824; Eosette, June 7, 1826; Harriet Elizabeth, 
March 7, 1828; Lucy Ann, Jan. 21, 1832; Martha, Nov. 5, 1833. 
Eesumed in Chapter XXVIII. 

7. Milton Webster, a farmer, b. about 1798, at Tolland, Ct., 
m. there ISTov. 22, 1822, Sarah Eddy, dau. of Othniel and Alice 
(McKinstry) Eddy, of Willington, Ct. He d. Jan. 13, 1846, aged 
47, and she Aug. 1, 1866, aged 68. They res., Stafford, Ct. 

Children: (Born, Tolland, Ct.) Son, March 27, 1824; Gardner, 
July 9, 1825, d. July 12, 1826; James, May 17, 1827; John Ean- 
dolph, Sep. 13, 1829; Gardner (again), May 13, 1831; Joseph, 
March 1, 1833; Eichard, Feb. 19, 1835; Emeline, March 16, 1837; 
Mary, Sep. 5, 1839; Daniel, Dec. 5, 1841. Eesumed in Chapter 

8. Ruth Webster, m. (1) at Ellington, Ct., Jan. 22, 1823, 
Samuel Charter, a farmer, b. July 30, 1798; and (2) Sanford 
Charter, a farmer, his brother, b. Feb. 25, 1800, sons of Aaron and 
Lydia (Post) Charter, both b. at Ellington, Tolland Co., Ct. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 315 

Samuel was drowned at Tolland, Ct., June 21, 1838, and Sanford 
d. at Crystal Lake, Ct., Feb. 23, 1881, and she Nov. 28, 1895. 

Children: (1st m. and b. at Tolland, Ct.) Samuel Post, Jan. 
7, 1824; Sylvester Frederick, Jan. 17, 1825; Mary Ann, Nov. 27, 
1826; Angeline Sophronia, May 17, 1828; Caroline Amelia, July 
1, 1832; Charles Wesley, Nov. 19, 1829; Henry Webster, July 6, 
1837; Emily Hannah, Feb. 9, 1834; George Sanford, March 2, 
1836; Lucy Amanda, March 17, 1831; (2d m., all b. Ellington, 
Ct.) Alonzo Dwight, Sep. 20, 1839; Clinton Joseph, Jan. 4, 1841; 
James Munroe, Feb. 19, 1842; Martha Jane, July 14, 1843; Frank 
Eugene, Oct. 29, 1844; Alfred Uriah, Nov. 28, 1848. 

(1) Samuel Post Charter, (By first m.) a farmer, m. (1) Sevalia Baker, 
and (2) Harriet Hiscox. He res. at Tolland, Ct., and d. there Aug. 23, 

(2) Sylvester Frederick, a farmer, m. (1) Mary Crane, and (2) So- 
phronia Page. Res. "99, Hazardville, Conn. 

(3) Mary Ann m. Albert Aborn, a farmer. Res. '99, Tolland, Ct. 

(4) Angeline Sophronia m. Wm. Wallace Smith, a merchant and res. 
'99, at New London, Ct. 

(5) Caroline Amelia d. unm, at Hazardville, Ct., Aug. 14, 1853. 

(6) Charles Wesley, a farmer, m. Abi Brown. Res. '99, Rockville, Ct. 

( 7 ) Henry Webster, a farmer, m. Jane Warner. Res. '99, North Man- 
chester, Ct. 

(8) Emily Hannah m. Adonijah Dimock, a farmer. Res. '99, Somers, Ct. 

(9) George Sanford, a merchant, m. Mrs. Julia Marsh. They res. at 
Hartford, Ct., where, Aug. 30, 1876, he died. 

(10) Lucy Amanda m. Horatio Palmer, a farmer. Res. '99, Rockville, 

(11) Alonzo Dwight, (2d mar.) a farmer, m. (1) Ellen Carpenter, and 
(2) Lilla Spooner. Res. '99, Stafford Springs, Conn. 

(12) Clinton Joseph, a farmer, m. Betsey Thrall. Res. '99, Ellington, 

(13) James Munroe, a farmer, m. Sarah Eaton and res. at Tolland, Ct., 
where, Aug. 6, 1898, he died. 

(14) Martha Jane m. Julius C. West, a farmer. Res. '99, Tolland, Ct. 

(15) Frank Eugene, a merchant, m. Angeline Carpenter. Res. '99, 
Bridgeport, Ct. 

( 16 ) Alfred Uriah, a farmer, m. Hattie L. Lewis. Res. '99, Crystal Lake, 
Ct. The end. 

9. Amanda Webster, b. 1802, m. 1824, at Windham, Bradford 
Co., Pa., Jacob Eeel, a builder and hotel keeper, b. Sep. 10, 1800, 
at Harrisburg, Pa. Both d. at South Waverly, Pa., (no such P. 
O.) he April 27, 1879, and she Dec. 10, 1889. 

Children : Minerva Catharine, b. town of Orwell, Bradford Co., 
Pa., Feb. 21, 1838, and m. Apr. 23, 1856, Perrin Eoss Ackley, a 
merchant. Pes. '99, Waverly, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

316 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

10. Lucy Webster, b. Aug. 25, 1804, m. at Tolland, Ct., Dec. 
9, 1824, Elizur Stevens Hurlbut, a farmer and mechanic, b. Apr. 
3, 1803, at Manchester, Hartford Co., Ct., son of Jesse and Sally 
(Stevens) Hurlbut. She d. at Collinsville, Hartford Co., Ct., 
Dec, 1830, and he at Rockville, Tolland Co., Ct., Aug. 15, 1875. 
(He m. 2d Fanny C. Humphrey, of Canton, Ct., b. Jan. 16, 1803, 
and d. Apr. 14, 1878). 

Children: Lucy Ann, b. Tolland, Ct., May 13, 1827, m. Dec. 
8, 1844, Hiram French Fiske, a mitts manufacturer, and she res. 
'99, at Rockville, Conn., 93 Union St. He d. May 17, 1881. They 
had no children. The end. 

Section 3. — Children of Nathan (Joseph, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Sarah (Russell) Webster of Stafford, Ct., Pittsford, Vt., 
and Fredonia, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

1. Elijah Webster, a blacksmith, b. Aug. 25, 1783, at Stafford, 
Tolland Co., Ct., m. at New Hartford, Ct., Catharine Spargar, 
b. Oct. 9, 1786. 

Elijah Webster, b. 1783, was in the war of 1812, and in 1825 was of 
Fredonia, N. Y. 

18] 5, May 1, Jeremiah Baldwin and Betsey his wife of Pomfret, and 
Elijah Webster of same place. Signed, Elizabeth (not Betsey) Baldwin. 

1815, Sep. 10, Hezekiah Barker and Sarah his wife of Pomfret, and 
Elijah Webster of same place. 

1815, Dec. 10, Joseph Hall of Pbelps, Ontario Co., N. Y., sells to Elijah 
Webster of Chautauqua Co., N. Y., land in Phelps. 

1829, Jan. 24, Elijah Webster of the town of Pomfret, Chautauqua Co., 
N. Y., first part, and Sally Webster of the same place, party of the second 

He died at Fredonia, Chautauqua Co., 1ST- Y., Jan. 1, 1835, and 
she at Sandusky, O., Apr. 24, 1846. 

Children: William, b. Apr. 11, 1806; Sarah Ann, b. March 4, 
1808; Polly M., b. March 20, 1810; Francis A., b. Aug. 4, 1812, 
d. Feb. 14, 1813; Nathan Spargar, b. Jan. 9, 1814; Alonzo Elijah, 
b. Feb. 23, 1816; Alvina, b. May 23, 1818; Catharine J. E., b. 
Apr. 27, 1820; Isaac Edgar, b. Aug. 4, 1822. Resumed in Chapter 

Section 4. — Children of Samuel (Joseph, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Lavina (Hopkins) Webster of Stafford, Ct., Bennington, 
do Co., and Fairfax, Franklin Co., Vt. 

1. Hopkins Webster, a lawyer, b. Apr. 5, 1790, probably Ben- 
nington, Vt., m. (1) in Vermont, Elizabeth Grosvenor, and (2) 
Phoebe Denman, b. 1800, in Miami Co., O., and (3) Martha Stock- 
bridge, who was born and died in Ohio. He d. Feb. 22, 1870, near 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 317 

Lockington, Shelby Co., 0., where he is buried, and she, (2d wife) 
near Piqua, 0., in 1847. 

1812, 1st Tues. in September, Hopkins Webster of Fairfax, Vt., took free- 
man's oath. 

Hopkins Webster, b. 1790, of Fairfax, Franklin Co., Vt., served in Cap't 
Josiah Grout's Co., Vermont Militia, War of 1812. In 1855 he res. in 
Miami Co., 0., and 1857 in Fairfax, Vt. 

May 22, 1855, in fair hand, aged 65, of Miami Co., Ohio, enlisted at Fair- 
fax, Franklin Co., Vt., and served in Cap't Josiah Grout's Co. at the battle 
of Plattsburg, Sep. 11, 1814. Oct. 24, 1857, Samuel Webster of Fairfax, 
Vt., certified that he is a brother of Hopkins Webster, and served in the 
same battle with him at Plattsburg, and that Hopkins Webster was the 
first man in the Company who volunteered for service. 

1816, Jan. 3, Hopkins Webster buys of Samuel Webster. 

1838, June 25, Hopkins Webster of Fairfax sells to Hopkins Safford. 

Children: (By 1st m.) Justice Brunson, b. ; Royal 

Grosvenor, b. ; (By 2d m., born, Piqua, Miami Co., 0.) 

Elizabeth, d. in infancy; Lavinia, Sep. 21, 1835; Hiram Corwin, 
Dec. 26, 1842. Resumed in Chapter XXVIII. 

2. Hiram B. Webster, a carpenter, farmer and manufacturer, 
b. March 12, 1793, in Bennington, Vt., m. 1822, near Troy, Miami 
Co., 0., Sarah Winans, b. Aug. 3, 1805, dau. Lewis and Lydia 
(Winans) Winans, at Cincinnati, 0. He cl. Apr. 28, 1843, and she, 
Oct. 26, 1847, both near Piqua, Miami Co., 0., and are buried in 
"Fletcher's Cemetery." He was a member of the Baptist Church 
and held several town offices. 

1814, Sep. 6, Hiram Webster took the freeman's oath in Fairfax, Vt. 

Hiram Webster served in Cap't James Taylor's Co., Vermont Militia, 
War 1812. He died in 1843, probably in Miami or Shelby Co., Ohio. His 
widow m. again Mr. Samuel Kesler or Ketzler and in 1855 they resided at 
Spring Creek township, Miami Co., 0. Jacob and Ceorge Ketzler both, 
1859, of Orange, Shelby Co., 0., testify in the case, and a son Benj. H. H. 
Webster, in 1856, gave his res, as in Shelby Co., 0. The family probably 
removed to and lived in that County. 

May 5, 1858, Theron Webster says he is the uncle of the children of 
Hiram Webster, late of Fairfax, Vt. 

Children: (Prom Bounty Case) (Born, Piqua, Miami Co.. 0.) 
Joseph Coe, July 27, 1824; Samuel Winans, Peb. 26, 1827; Mary 
Jane, Feb. 25, 1829 ; George Washington, March 3, 1831 ; William 
Clark, Feb. 26, 1833; Benjamin Henry Harrison, Jan. 20, 1835; 
Lewis Hopkins, March 5, 1837; Rhoda Ann Maria, Feb. 19, 1839- 
Telitha Ellen, Nov. 11, 1842. Resumed in Chapter XXVIII. 

3. Samuel Webster, b. Dec. 25, 1794, at Bennington, Vt., m. 
(1) Dec. 25, 1823, Betsey Bowker, (2) Dec. 25, 1833, Harriet 
Story, and (3) March 14, 1848, Electa Marsh. His first wife d. 
July 21, 1831, his second wife d. May 17, 1847, and he died Aug. 

318 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

24, 1868, aged 73-7-29. His third wife, and widow d. Nov. 8, 

May 15, 1855, Samuel Webster in poor hand, aged 60, of Fair- 
fax, Vt., alleges service in Capt. Josiah Grout's Co., Yt. militia, 
at Plattsburg, Sep. 1814. 

April 20, 1878, Electa Webster, widow of Samuel Webster, (in 
fair hand) aged 62, of Fairfax, Vt., says that her husband served 
for 2 months in 1813, in the Vermont militia; that he volunteered 
in Capt. Grout's Co., at Fairfax, Vt., in Sep. 1814, and served at 
the battle of Plattsburg. They were m. at Jericho, Chittenden 
Co., Vt. 

Children: (1st m.) George d. 1844, and his widow m. James 
Hale (2d m.) Hopkins, b. Oct. 8, 1834, died same day; Hiram, 
Mch. 8, 1836; died Mch. 25, 1843; Charlotte, April 18, 1844, d. 
Sep. 5, 1845 (3d mar.) Betsey B., Mch. 15, 1849; Emma J., May 

25, 1856. 

(1) Betsey B. m. Feb. 14, 1866, Lucius Loveland. He d. Sep. 21, 1868, 
and she m. (2) Apr. 13, 1871, Henry Butler. Children: (Loveland) Cora 
W. Mch. 3, 1872; Guy L. Apr. 2, 1873; Clara M. Apr. 17, 1885; Harry W. 
Aug. 23, 1886; Leon E. Dec. 2, 1888. (a) Cora W. Butler m. Dec. 18, 1895, 
Arthur Southard; one child Ralph E. b. Dec. 27, 1897. (b) Guy L. m. 
June 10, 1896, Cora Hicks, one child, Ruth b. Feb. 25, 1898. The end. 

(2) Emma J. m. June 4, 1873, Lucian Caswell, one child, Ethel M. b. 
Nov. 3, 1882. The end. 

4. Joseph Webster, b. March 20, 1797, Bennington, Vt. Died 
in 1ST. Y. State about 1870, but left no heirs. Vermont relatives 
unable to give more facts. 

1813, Sep. 17, Joseph Webster took freeman's oath at Fairfax, 

1827, Jan. 10, Joseph Webster and Nathan Bichardson buy of 
Samuel Webster. The end. 

5. Isaac A. Webster, b. Feb. 15, 1799, at Bennington, Vt. 
Madison Webster said in 1903, that he was 75 years old, and his 

uncle Isaac had not lived in Vermont since his remembrance; he 
thought he lived in Mass., near his sister, Betsey Jasaph. 

1822, Jan. 22, Isaac A. Webster, and Wm. B. Parker of Fairfax, Vt., buy 
of Daniel Wilkins. (Oct. 25, 1821, Wm. B. Parker and Lucy Wilkins, both 
of Fairfax, were married.) 

Monday, June 3, 1835 (or 3d Monday) Isaac A. Webster of Griswold, 
New London Co., Ct., received a judgment against Benjamin F. Jasaph, and 
Carlton Webster, both of Leominster, Worcester Co., Mass. Nothing fur- 
ther — the end. 

1835, July 16, Isaac A. Webster and Lucy his wife of Norwich, Ct., 
yoeman, quit-claim land in Leominster, Worcester Co., Mass., reserving to 
David Dutton and Carlton Webster the right to draw water from the well, 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 319 

and a passage thereto; part of the homestead belonging lately to Benjamin 
F. Jasaph, today set off to me to satisfy an execution against said Jasaph. 

6. Aura Webster, b. Feb. 24, 1801, at Bennington, Vt, m. Jo- 
seph Lowell and lived near the homestead in Fairfax, Vt. 

Children: (Lowell) John, George, Harrison, Ursula, Emeline, 
Lucia, Clara. 

(1) John Lowell m. the widow of his uncle, Harrison Bemon Webster, 
at or near Marion, Ind. 

(2) Harrison resided, 1903, at Fletcher, Franklin Co., Ct. 

(3) Ursula never mar. and was not living in 1903. 

( 4 ) Emeline m. Charles Marks. Their dau. Ida Marks, m. Herbert Hunt, 
and they have one child, Aura Hunt. Res. 1903, Fairfield, Vt. 

(5) Lucia m. Eli Richardson. She is a widow and resides at Swanton, 

(6) Clara m. Milo Honsinger. She is a widow and 1903, her brother, 
George Lowell, resided with her at Ogdensburg, N. Y. The end. 

7. Emeline Webster, b. March 25, 1803, at Fairfax, Vt., m. 
Oct. 4, 1825, Harvey Merrill of the State of New York. She lived 
near her birthplace, but removed to Mass. Her dau. Betsey m. 
Samuel Story. Her heirs live near Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y. The end. 

8. Theron Webster, a contractor, b. March 12, 1805, at Fair- 
fax, Vt., m. there June 20, 1826, Ursula Lowell, dau. of John 
Lowell, b. March 10, 1805, at Salisbury, Merrimack Co., N. H. 
Both d. at St. Albans, Vt., he May 9, 1884, and she, Oct. 16, 1887. 

Feb. 10, 1864, in a fair hand, aged 58, of St. Albans, Vt., was 
drafted Apr. 5, 1839, at Highgate, Vt., and served to Apr. 22, 1839, 
in Cap't Beeman's Co., in the Patriot War — N. Y. Frontier Dis- 

1827, Mch. 17, Theron Webster of Fairfax, Vt., sells to Noah B. 
Wells and Lawrence Brainard, both of St. Albans, Vt. 

Children: (Born at Fairfax, Franklin Co., Vt.) Madison Jo- 
seph, Sep. 24, 1828; Ozro Carlos, Sep. 21, 1833; Helen Maria, 
Nov. 15, 1840; Addio Louisa, Aug. 7, 1843. Kesumed in Chap- 
ter XXVIII. 

9. Betsy Webster, b. Jan. 21, 1809, at Fairfax, Vt., m. Benja- 
min Franklin Jasaph, and they resided at Leominster, Worcester 
Co., Mass., where she died Nov. 16, 1833. For other particulars 
see Isaac A. Webster, her brother, No. 5 in this list. The end. 

10. George Washington Webster, a builder and contractor, b. 
July 8, 1811, at Fairfax, Vt., m. Dec. 17, 1835, in Piqua, Miami 
Co., O., Maria Jane, dau. of William and Sallie (Scott) McKin- 
ney, b. May 12, 1816, at Spring Creek (Piqua, Miami Co.), O. 
Both d. at Marion, Grant Co., Ind., he Feb. 13, 1892, and she, 
June 18, 1893. 

Children: (Born, Marion, Ind., except Fielding, b. in Piqua, 

320 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

0., and Ellery in Bluffton, Ind.) Fielding, March 25, 1837, d. Xov. 
7, 1838; William Carlton, March 16, 1839; Euretta Guernsey, Nov. 
6, 1841; Ellery Channing, July 9, 1844; Kobinson, May 16, 1847, 
d. June 26, following; Samuel, Jan. 8, 1848, d. June 10, following; 
George, Oct. 28, 1849 ; Marietta, Apr. 2, 1853. Eesumed in Chap- 
ter XXVIII. 

11. Henry Carlton Webster, died in North Adams, Mass. 
Was twice married. Went in his youth to Providence, R. I., and 
spent nearly all his life there. Was always engaged in Cotton 
Mills — was overseer at age of 22. Said to have had two daugh- 
ters. The end. 

12. Harrison Bemon Webster, b. June 12, 1817, m. about 
1841, in Piqua, Miami Co., 0., Mary Ellen Scott. He d. at 
Marion, Ind., about 1853, and she m. (2) John Lowell, son of 
Aura Webster Lowell (No. 6). She d. in Chicago, 111., 1880. 

Children : Aura, b. Marion, Ind., March, 1843 ; Jennie, b. same 
place, 1851, d. unm. in Chicago, 111., in March, 1877. 

(1) Aura m. in St. Joseph, Mo., Dee. 1867, S. B. Barker, b. Marion, 
Ind., 1844. They had one child, b. at St. Joseph, Mo., Apr., 1869, and 
she m. in 1894, Geo. E. Alley, and d. in Chicago, 111., Jan., 1895. The end. 

Section 5. — Children of Isaac (Joseph, George, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Anna (Robinson) Webster, of Bennington, do Co., Vt. 

1. Anna Webster, b. March 22, 1781, m. Thomas Wilder. 

2. Sarah Webster, b. Nov. 28, 1782, m. Hon. Stephen Dewey, 
of Bennington, Vt. He was a member of the Vermont Legislature. 

Children: (Dewey) Sarah, b. April 27, 1800; Euth, b. April, 
1802, d. 1803; Euth (again) b. Aug. 13, 1804; Eliza or Eloisa, b. 
June 22, 1806. 

(1) Sarah Dewey m. Reuben Brush. 

(2) Ruth Dewey m. Samuel Weeks. 

(3) Eliza (Eloisa) Dewey m. Peter John Hobson, b. in London, 
Eng., son of Rev. William Hobson, a minister of the Church of 
England. Children: (Hobson) Sophia L., educated in Mrs. Wil- 
lard's Seminary, Troy, X. Y., died, 1900, Ventura, Cal. William 
Dewey Hobson, b. Jan. 20, 1829, in Green Co., 111., res. 1905, at 
Xordhoff, Ventura Co., Cal. 

4. Joseph Webster, b. July 20, 1784, died unm. 

5. Persis Webster, b. Xov. 11, 1785, m. Theophilus Hubbard. 
Mary Elizabeth Bruce, a dau. of the American Revolution, X. Y., 
Xo. 3778, dau. of Albert Webster Bruce and Adelia Elizabeth Den- 
ton, a grand dau. of Jonathan Force Bruce, and Persis (Hubbard) 
Bruce, and great granddaughter of Isaac Webster. 

6. Ruth Webster, b. Meh. 20, 1790, m. Henry Allyn. 

7. Mercy Webster, b, Apr. 18, 1792, m. Randolph Beaumont. 

8. Harriet L. Webster, b. June 26, 1801, m. David Weeks. 
The end. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Washington Webster. 
On their 50th Wedding Anniversary. 

See Page 319. 


Sixth Generation — Great Grandchildren of Capt. John and 

Elizabeth, and Grace Loomise Webster of Lebanon, Ct. 

in the Line of Thomas the son of Gov. John Webster. 

First Generation, Gov. John and Agnes Webster. — Second, Thomas 
and Abigail Alexander Webster. — Third, Capt. John and Eliza- 
beth, and Grace Loomise Webster. — Fourth, Children of Capt. 
John and Elizabeth and Grace Loomise Webster named in the 
Divisions of this Chapter. — Fifth, Grandchildren of Capt. John 
and Elizabeth and Grace Loomise Webster named in the num- 
bered Sections of this Chapter. — Sixth, Great Grandchildren 
the same named in the numbered Paragraphs of this Chapter, 
printed in heavy face type. 

First Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Capt. John 
and Elizabeth, and Grace Loomise Webster by his son, by first 
marriage, John Webster of Lebanon, Ct., who married Mary 

Section 1. — Children of John (John, Capt. John, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Mary (Bliss) of Lebanon, Ct. 

1. John Webster, b. about 1747, m. (1) Aug. 5, 1771, (Goshen 
records) Amy Webster Martin, and (2) Mrs. Eebecca West, nee 
Abell. His first wife d. about 1775, at the birth of her son, John, 
Feb. 8, 1775. He died at Austerlitz, Columbia Co., X. Y., about 
1820, and Eebecca, time and place not found. 

1801, June 12 (Lebanon, Ct., Land Records), "I, John Webster 
of Canian in 1ST. York State," to Ira A. Kimball, of Lebanon, $9 
for a tract of land in Parish of Exeter, in Lebanon, being the whole 
of my right in the estate of my honorable grandfather, Mr. John 
Webster, of Lebanon, deceased. 

Children: (First four b. in Lebanon, Ct., and the rest at Spen- 
certown, Columbia Co., X. Y.) (1st m.) Polly, 1772; John Martin, 
Feb. 8, 1775. (2d m.) Amy or Amos; Elijah; Abel, April 8, 1781 ; 
Lucy, 1780; Rhoda, Sep. 19, 1787; William West, b. 1793; Char- 
lotte ; Julia ; Alvah. Resumed in Chapter XXIX. 

2. Polly Webster, b. about 1749. Xo record. The end. 

Section 2. — Children of Elijah (John, Capt. John, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and Abia (Metcalfe) Webster of Goshen Parish, Le- 
banon, Ct. 

21 321 

322 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

1. Anne Webster, b. July 19, 1757, d. at Hebron, Ct., Nov. 
7, 1817, aged 59-3-18, unmarried. Eeported in a paper dated Nov. 
24, 1817. 

Notes from Columbia Probate Records : Anne Webster, of Leb- 
anon, Will dated, Oct. 15, 1817, gives to sister Abia Watrous, to 
niece, Abia Babcock, and remainder to heirs of Jonathan Watrous, 
and Levi Webster, and the Court, Nov. 19, 1817, granted admin- 
istration to Jesse Wilcox. Inventory exhibit, Feb. 13, 1818. The 

2. Eli Webster, bap. Sep. 24, 1758, m. Boughton. He settled 
in West Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., Mass. Where or when they 
died has not been learned. 

Children: Elihu, b. Aug. 13, 1776; Eli, b. Oct. 1, 1780. Re- 
sumed in Chapter XXIX. 

3. Thankful Augusta Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., March 26 
or 28, 1760, mar. (1) Judah West; and (2) Ellis Bliss, and lived 
at Bradford, Vt. No issue, but Bliss had children by a former 
wife. Her second husband, West, died, in 1830; and she probably 
died in 1841. The end. 

4. Molly Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Dec. 17, 1762, mar. 
Jany. 18, 1788, Deacon Oliver Kellogg, a farmer, of Lee, Berk- 
shire Co., Mass., who was the son of Ezekiel and Ann (Owen) 
Kellogg, and b. Nov. 30, 1761. He was fifth in descent from 
Samuel Kellogg, of Hatfield, Mass.. He was for many years Dea- 
son of the Congregation Church at Lee, Mass. He removed from 
Granby, Ct., to Lee, Mass., about 1812. He died Feb. 27, 1830, 
and she died Feb. 14, 1833. 

Children: (Kellogg) (All probably b. at Granby, Ct.) Anna, 
Sept. 25, 1789, died in two clays; Annie, Dec. 14, 1790, died Jany. 
18, 1793; Jeptha, b. Jany. 6, 1793; Thalia, March 27, 1795; Oliver, 
May 12, 1797; Lois, Jany. 5, 1801, died unmarried, Sept. 17, 1824. 

Jeptha Kellogg, a farmer, m. (1) Amelia McKnight, b. Dec. 17, 1793, 

in Washington, Mass., and died March 11, 1854; and (2) Fanny , 

who d. 1883, in Clarendon, N". Y. He had no children and lived at Clar- 
endon, Orleans Co., 1ST. Y. He died in Clarendon, June 7, 1881. For fif- 
teen years he was totally blind. 

Thalia, mar. Feb. 22, 1821, Deacon Ezra Osborn, of Lenox, Mass. — three 
children. Oliver Webster Osborn, a son, resided, 1887, at Lenox, Mass. 

Oliver mar., May 23, 1833, A. Minerva Sumner. He resided at South 
Adams, Chester, and Lee, Mass., and at Greenwich, Washington Co., N. Y. 
The end. 

5. Abia Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Jany. 9, 1765, mar. in 
Jany., 1783, Jonathan Watrous, of Hebron, Ct., who was b. in 
1758. The name Watrous was formerly spelled Waterhouse. She 
died at Gilead, Ct., March 9, 1835, aged 70 years; and he at Som- 
ers, Ct., Sept. 23, 1841, aged 83. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 323 

Children: (Watrous) (All probably b. at Hebron, Ct.) Bhoda, 
Nov. -24, 1783; Polly, March 29, 1786; Morgan, Ang. 11, 1788; 
Dudley, Oct. 3, 1790; Ichabod Brewster, Feb. 7, 1793; Jonathan 
Bissell, Sept. 28, 1795; Abia Maria, March 17, 1798; Elijah Abel, 
Sept. 28, 1800; Hubbard, Aug. 6, 1803, died Feb. 5, 1806; Hub- 
bard Judson, April 26, 1808. The children mar. as follows: 

(1) Rhoda Watrous mar. Thomas Webster, b. Feb. 14, 1789, son of 
Thomas and Susanna (Skinner) Webster, of Bolton, Ct. 

(2) Polly mar. George Darling, a farmer, of Bolton, Ct. Both died at 
Milan, Erie Co., Ohio. He prior to 1872. 

(3) Morgan mar. Dec. 6, 1818, Mary Mallory. He died in New York 
State, March 9, 1865. 

(4) Dudley mar. Prudence Nichols. They resided at Glastonbury, Ct. 
He died Aug. 11, 1867 ; and she at an earlier date. 

(5) Ichabod Brewster mar. Phebe Freemen, of Glastonbury, Ct. He 
died at Gilead, Ct., Aug. 21, 1862. She was living in 1884. 

(6) Jonathan Bissell mar. June 8, 1820, Matilda Moore. He died at 
Salem, Wayne Co., Pa., in Nov., 1880. She was living in 1884, in Pa. 

(7) Abia Maria mar. Horace Babcoek. They resided at Hebron, Ct. She 
died April 7, 1835. 

(8) Elijah Abel mar. Prudence Scovill, of Bolton, Ct., where they re- 
sided. He died at Bristol, Ct., Dec. 23, 1883. She died in 1881. 

(9) Hubbard Judson mar. Thankful Maria Houghton, of Hebron, Ct. He 
died April 28, 1861. She was living in 1884. They had four sons and one 
daughter, of whom two sons and the daughter were living in 1872. The 
daughter, Amanda, mar. Philander Leek, of Hartford, Ct. The end. 

6. Hannah Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., May 25, 1767, mar. 
(1) April 13, 1788, Daniel Payne, Jr., of Thetford, Vt. He was 
b. Nov. 3, 1764. (Others say Oliver Payne). She mar. (2) 
Nov. 20, 1832, Deacon and Cap't Isaac Newton Bussell, of Brattle- 
boro, Vt. Daniel Payne, Jr., died Sept. 24, 1824, aged 60 years. 
Isaac Newton Bussell died at Charlotte, Vt., Sept. 21, 1838, in 
his 77th year. She died at Shelburn, Vt., May 8, 1845, aged 78 

Children: (Payne) (All by first husband) Harriet, b. Feb. 4, 
1789, died May 13, 1815; Asena, Feb. 6, 1792; Bussell, June 26, 
1794, died Aug. 17, 1794; Hannah, Dec. 31, 1795, died March 27, 
1813; Simeon, June 7, 1798, died July 13, 1802; Abia Maria, b. 
April 16, 1803; Simeon Webster, b. July 21, 1806; infant daughter, 
b. Sept. 10, 1810, and lived one day. Besumed in Chapter XXIX. 

7. Simeon Metcalf Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., July 1, 1769, 
mar. at Lebanon, March 24, 1811, Anna Spafford, b. Sep. 28, 
1775, dau. of Nathan Spafford. Both died at Lebanon, Ct., he 
Jany. 16, 1854, and she Oct. 5, 1850. 

Children: Geo. Bird Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., April 23, 
1812. An only child. 

324 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

A Hartford paper,' April 8, 1811, gives: "Married at Lebanon, Mr. Simeon 
M. Webster, to Miss Ann Spafford, after a courtship of 15 years." (W. 
H. W. says, "the name Spafford cannot be correct. I obtained the record 
from the Family Bible of Mr. George Bird Webster, which gives it 
Shepard." (The Spafford Genealogy gives it "Spaford.") Besumed in 
Chapter XXIX. 

8. Charles Frederick Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct, July 2, 1771, 
of Westmoreland, Oneida Co., X. Y., mar. May 4, 1796, Elizabeth 
Moran, of Suffield, Ct., daughter of John and Mindsel Moran. 
In 1806, he was a tanner of Eedfield, Oswego Co., X. Y. 

He died at New Haven, Oswego Co., X. Y., Oct. 4, 1850, and 
she at Westmoreland, Oneida Co., X. Y., June 16, 1838. 

Children: Lucy, b. March 6, 1797; John Turner, b. at Eed- 
field, Oswego Co., 1ST. Y. Sept. 6, 1802, died same day; Simeon 
Metcalf, same place, Sept. 2, 1803 ; Emily, same place, Dec. 24, 
1805, died unmarried at Oswego, X. Y., in 1849; Elesey, same 
place, March 1, 1807, died at Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., X. Y., 
Aug. 10, 1810; William Gaylord, b. at Ellisburgh, X. Y, April 
6, 1811; Angeline Elizabeth, b. Dec. 25, 1813. Resumed in Chap- 
ter XXIX. 

9. Elijah Hubbard Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Dec. 23, 1773 
or 1774, a farmer of Ellisburg, X. Y., mar. Anna Ferguson, who 
was b. in Orange Co., X. Y., Aug. 6, 1778. In 1806 he was a 
tanner of Eedfield, Oswego Co., X. Y. 

He died at Ellisburgh, X. Y., May 4, 1854, and she July 3, 

Children: (The first six b. at Eedfield, Oswego Co., X. Y., and 
the remaining four at Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., X. Y.) Benjamin 
Franklin, Aug. 13, 1801; Abia Ann; Albert Gallatin, June 18, 
1805; Mary Tear, March 28, 1807; Levi Abel; Catharine Sarah, 
July 5, 1812, died at Ellisburgh, April 21, 1813; Almira Tuttle; 
Andrew Embler, March 9, 1817; Hannah Louise, May 19, 1819, 
died unmarried at Ellisburgh, X. Y., Aug. 8, 1843; Elijah Hub- 
bard, May 16, 1822. Eesumed in Chapter XXIX. 

10. Levi Abel Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., March 12, 1776, 
mar. there Oct. 13, 1801, Martha Munn, of Colchester, Ct., b. 
June 17, 1782. He was a shoemaker and removed to Sterling, 
Wayne Co., Pa., sometime between 1817 and 1821. Both died at 
Sterling, Wayne Co., Pa., he Oct. 12, 1849, and she Sept. 22, 

Children : (All b. at Lebanon, Ct., except the last two, who 
were b. at Sterling, Wayne Co., Pa.) Benjamin Franklin, Feb. 
8, 1803; Elijah Hubbard, Jany. 8, 1807; Dan Payne, Sept. 12, 
1812; Conrad Delamater, Jany. 15, 1815; Lucy Wells, April 13, 
1817 ; Gustavas Adolphus, Jany. 13, 1821 ; Gilbert Lafayette, April 
15, 1824. Eesumed in Chapter XXIX. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 325 

Section 3. — Children of Abel (John, Capt. John, Thomas, Gov. 
John) and Sarah (Cole) Webster of Lebanon, Ct. 

1. Lydia Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., March 20, 1760. She 
mar. Abraham Willcox, and lived at Lebanon, Ct. Their son, Elias, 
mar. Lovise Cole; Abraham, mar. Sophia Wells; Jesse, mar. Lucy 
Safford; Russell, mar. Alice Lamb; Lydia, mar. Joseph Loomis. 
(Not in Loomis genealogy). The end. 

2. Amos Webster, a shoemaker, of Choconut, Susquehanna 
Co., Pa., b. March 10, 1762, at Lebanon, Ct., m. Polly Curtis of 
Conn., March 19, 1772. 

Amos Wehster was a soldier of the Revolution. He was out on several 
short tours in the Conn. Militia. When 15 years old he rendered a tour of 
three months' duty at Ft. Trumbull; in June, July and Aug., 1777, was a 
substitute and under command of Capt. Waterman. Served again for about 
one month in Oct., 1777, at New London. In June and July, 1778, he served 
again, under Capt. Abner Hawley, in Cherry Valley, N. Y. Also served 
about a month in Aug. and Sept. 1779, at Groton, under Capt. Ellis Bliss, 
and Col. Ledyard. In 1837 he was living at Choconut, Susquehanna Co., 
Pa. He probably died prior to 1853, as one Elias Webster, doubtless a son, 
there gave a power of Attorney, at Broome Co., N. Y., to complete the case. 

Revolutionary service of Amos Webster. He alleges that he rendered 
four tours of service as a Militiaman, in the Conn. Militia, serving in all 
about six months. 1st, He served during the months of June, July, and 
Aug., 1777, at Ft. Trumbull, New London, Ct., as a substitute for William 
Bascom, in Capt. David Waterman's Co., being then only 15 years old. 
2d, He served during the month of Oct., 1777, at New London, Ct., as a 
substitute for Harris Huntley. 3d, He served during the months of June 
and July, 1778, under Capt. Abner Hawley, in the campaign in Cherry Val- 
ley, N. Y., and 4th, He served during parts of the months of Aug. and 
Sept., 1779, in Capt. Elias Bliss' Co. under Col. Ledyard, at Groton, Ct. 
He was himself drafted for the last two tours of duty. Pension was not 
allowed. He was living in Feb., 1837, and then resided at Choconut, Pa. 

In a History of Susquehanna Co., Pa., it is said that Amos Webster 
was a native of Connecticut; that he came from near the Mohawk in 1810 
(Salisbury, Herkimer Co., N. Y. ) and located on the creek north of E. 
Doty. Adonijah Webster, a brother, first took up land here, but did not 
settle for some years after, and somewhat later than his only son, Elias. 

Both died in Choconut, Pa., he in Aug. 1834, and she in Aug. 

Children: (All b. at Salisbury, Herkimer Co., N". Y., except 
the last, as follows) Luna, June 5, 1786; Abel, Aug. 9, 1788; Lo- 
vina, March 9, 1790, died at about 5 years of age; Alexander, Feb. 
23, 1792; Asahel, July 24, 1795, never mar.; Belinda, Feb. 19, 
1798; Clarissa, Aug. 27, 1800; Alvah, Sept. 19, 1803; Sylvester, 
May 29, 1805; Elias, July 23, 1808; Russell, b. at Owego, Tioga 
Co., X. Y., Dec. 21, 1810. Resumed in Chapter XXIX. 

326 The Websteb Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

3. Esther Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., March 28, 1764, mar. 
at Lebanon, Ct., Hosea Birge, of Chatham, X. Y., where they 
lived and died, without children. The end. 

4. Alexander Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., March 16, 1766, a 
carpenter of Oneida, Madison Co., X. Y., mar. Lucy Ann Bebee, 
of Chatham, Columbia Co., X. Y., where they were mar. 

Apr. 29, 1823, Alexander Webster and Lucy Ann his wife of Canaan, N. 
Y., to John Powers of the City of Hudson and James Powers of Catskill, 
Green Co., land in Canaan, bounded by house of Alex. Webster, Hosea Beebe, 
Philo Kilborn and Abijah Hall. 

He died at Oneida, 1ST. Y., June 1, 1836, and she at Flemings- 
ville, Tioga Co., X. Y., Aug. 9, 1860. 

Children: Sarah, b. Aug. 25, 1793; Elias, June 11, 1797, died 
at Oneida, X. Y., 1806 ; Lydia, Sept. 17, 1801 ; Lodema, March 19, 
1806; Harriet, Oct. 8, 1808; Jane, Oct. 24, 1811; Clarissa, Feb. 
1, 1814. Eesumecl in Chapter XXIX. 

5. Mason Webster, b. Apr. 23, 1768, at Lebanon, Ct., removed 
to Chenango, Broome Co., X. Y., and thence to Owego, Tioga Co., 
X. Y. He m. (1) Sally Lee, who died about 1825, and he m. (2) 
Mrs. Clarissa Badger nee Doolittle. She had six children by Bad- 
ger and none by Webster. 

May 8, 1792, Mason Webster, a carpenter, buys of Robert McMaster, 
both of the town of Union, Tioga Co., N. Y. 100 acres on lot 13, and 143 
acres on lot 60. 

Feb. 28, 1793, (Berkshire Co., Mass. records.) Moses Ingersoll, Miney 
Ingersoll and Loviney Ingersoll; Mason Webster, Sarah Webster and 
Stephen Lee, all of a place called Chenango, in the County of Tioga, in the 
State of New York, for 5 pounds paid by Horace Olds of Great Barrington, 
Mass., gentlemen, sell their right and title in the estate of Ithamer Hubbell, 
deceased, in the distribution set off to Sarah Lee, wife of Nathaniel Lee and 
daughter, and one of the heirs of Ithamer, lands descending to our late 
mother, Sarah Lee, aforesaid, one of the heirs of said Ithamer. 

Feb. 10, 1795, Nathaniel Lee, "for natural affection and love," gives \ of 
a tract of land on the west bank of the Chenango river, to Mason Webster, 
both of Tioga Co., N. Y., and same date, Mason sells to Stephen Lee of 
same county for the half support of Nathaniel Lee. Aug. 3, 1795, Mason 
Webster, in the town plot of Owego, sells to David Pixley. Amos Pixley 
a witness. 

July 8, 1800, Mason Webster and Sally his wife; and Stephen Lee and 
Lucy, his wife, all of the town* of Union, Tioga Co., N. Y., to Nicholas 
Schoonover of the town of Peenpack, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

Jan. 21, 1811, Ira Badger sells to Mason Webster, both of the town of 
Tioga, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

Sep. 18, 1813, Mason Webster of the town of Tioga and Sally his wife, 
to Anson Camp. Catharine Webster, a witness. 

April 4, 1818, Mason Webster of Owego sells to William Webster. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 327 

July 20, 1824, Mason Webster and Sarah his wife to Albert S. Bacon of 
New Haven, Ct. 

Sep. 29, 1831, Mason Webster and Clarissa his wife of Owego to Ezra 
Ferguson. April 10, 1837, same to Charles Webster, \ of farm "Now occu- 
pied by Nathaniel Webster." Same date, by same, to Mason Webster, 2d, 
George, James, Ithamer, Emily, Francis, William and Mortimer, all chil- 
dren of Nathaniel Webster. 

March 22, 1842, Mason and Clarissa lease to John H. Webster. John 
Hubbell Webster a son m. Melissa Andros. May 7, 1847, they sell to Me- 
lissa Webster. Children: Sarah Webster, Edward Webster. Nov. 24, 
1853, Mason and Clara, with John H. and Melissa, sell to George W. Hol- 

His first wife d. about 1825, and he in 1855, aged 87 years. No 
date of his widow's death. 

Children: (Born at Chenango, X. Y.) Nathaniel, 1792; 
Nancy; William; Mason Lee, b. Feb. 28, 1802; Sarah, Aug. 23, 
1797; John Hubbell, Aug. 3, 1815. Resumed in Chapter XXIX. 

6. Luna Webster, b. at Lebanon, Gt., June 26, 1770, mar. 
Daniel Bourne, of Cooperstown, X. Y. They had a daughter who 
mar. a Mr. Bates. The end. 

7. Adonijah Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Sept. 27, 1772, a 
farmer, of Choconut, Susquehanna Co., Pa., mar. April 28, 1794, 
Polly Hills, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Dec. 25, 1772, bap. May 9, 1773, 
a daughter of Eliab and Xaomi (Woodworth) Hills. 

From Willimantic Probate Eecords: April 13, 1801. Adonijah Webster, 
of Lebanon, was appointed guardian to Asa Strong, of Lebanon, Ct., an 
illegitimate child. 

Columbia Town Eecords show, May 9, 1805, Adonijah Webster, of Colum- 
bia, deeded land to Benjamin Strong, of Hebron. 

Dec. 22, 1806, and Nov. 19, 1818: Adonijah Webster was elected as one 
of the Surveyors of Columbia, Ct. 

He died at Choconut, Pa., July 16, 1832; she at Forest Lake, 
Susquehanna Co., Pa., Xov. 25, 1858. 

Children: (All b. at Columbia, Ct.) Elias, March 28, 1796; 
Polly Ingham, Aug. 17, 1800; Parthenia Hills, May 13, 1807. Re- 
sumed in Chapter XXIX. 

8. Abel Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Aug. 26, 1774, who lived 
at Lebanon and Columbia, Ct., mar. (1) Xov. 25, 1798, Jerusha 
Hills, bap. June 23 — , between 1764 and 1773, daughter of Eliab 
and Xaomi (Woodworth) Hills, and (2) Feb. 7, 1815, Miriam 
Hunt, b. in 1776, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Fuller) Hunt, of 
Columbia, Ct. Miriam Hunt joined the Congregational Church, 
Second Society of Lebanon (now Columbia), Ct., in 1802. 

Columbia Town Records show deeds by Abel Webster, of Columbia, to 
different persons on May 9, 1805; Jany. 20, 1807; Jany. 31, 1807; Feby. 
20, 1S07; Oct. 29, 1809; March 12, 1810. 

328 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

Probate Records of Columbia, Ct., Feb. 13, 1818, show that at said date 
Abel Webster and his wife Miriam agreed to a certain sum as their pro- 
portion, as the heirs of Joseph Hunt. 

On May 10, 1817, Abel Webster, was elected as one of the Surveyors of 
Highways in Columbia, Ct. 

He died Dec. 12, 1853, at Columbia, Ct., of heart disease, aged 
79. His first wife died May 23, 1814, aged 44. His second wife 
died Jany. 21, 1864, aged 88. 

Children: (Born at Columbia, Ct.) Hubbard, Oct. 5, 1802; 
Jerusha, Sept. 16, 1809. Eesumed in Chapter XXIX. 

9. Sally Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Aug. 23, 1776, mar. 1795, 
Amos Porter, of the same place, b. 1753, son of Amos and Joanna 
(Allen) Porter. He afterwards lived and died (1818) at Colum- 
bia, Ct. 

Children : (Porter) Their son, Henry, b. 1798, mar. Polly Spaf- 
ford. Esther, b. June 1, 1799, mar. Augustus Spafford, and Har- 
riet mar. Joseph Mann. None were known to be living in 1881. 
The end. 

Section 4. — Children of Daniel (John, Capt. John, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and (1) Bridget (Holdridge), and (2) Temperance 
(Culver) Webster of Lebanon, Ct., Green River, Columbia Co., 
and Ames, Montgomery Co., N. Y. 

1. Abigail Webster, (mother, Bridget) b. Sep. 25, 1766, at 
Lebanon, Ct., mar. 1786, at Canaan, Columbia Co., X. Y., Elder 
Aaron Baxter, an Evangelist minister of the Free-Will Baptist 
Church, a land agent and farmer, b. at Hebron, Tolland Co., Ct., 
1766, son of Aaron and Hannah (Burrows) Baxter. 

He was ordained at New Berlin, Chenango Co., X. Y., Feb. 8, 1810. He 
was called from the church at Plainfield, Otseg3 Co., N. Y. Prior to this, 
in 1806 or 1807, he had removed from Canaan, N. Y., to Green or Smith- 
ville, N. Y., and in 1824 removed to Addison, Steuben Co., N. Y., where he 
spent the remainder of his life, residing with his son Ira. In 1828 he 
built a new house near the Pennsylvania state line, at what is now known 
as Tuscarora, and there lived. The church which he built and where he 
preached is about two miles from the state line. 

He was a soldier in the war of Revolution, enlisting at Spencertown. N. 
Y., in March, 1782, as a private in Cap. Henry's Co., Col. Willett's Reg't, 
and served nine months, and was discharged at Fort Plain, N. Y. He en- 
listed a second time, May, 1783, as a substitute for Samuel Hosford, in 
Cap. Peter B. Leonard's Co., and served until Jan. 1784. 

It is probable that his father was the Aaron Baxter who rendered four 
tours of service in same war in Conn. Regiments. (See "Connecticut 
Men in the War of Revolution.") 

Aaron Baxter, Jr., is believed to have been a member of the Masonic 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 329 

Both d. at Tuscarora near Addison, N. Y., she Feb. 19, 1833, 
and he Dee. 6, 1836. 

Children: (Baxter) (Born Canaan, 1ST. Y., and four after the 
first born, d. there in infancy) Ira, June 29, 1787; Balph, 1789; 
Temperance, 1791; Hannah, 1793; a dau. ; Lydia, 1797; Betsey, 
1799, d. at Smithville, N. Y., 1813; Lucy, 1802, d. same place, 
1820; Sally, Sep. 17, 1804. Besumed in Chapter XXIX. 

2. Ezekiel Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Dec. 3, 1768, (mother, 
Bridget) mar., but his wife died in childbirth, leaving no issue, 
and he did not marry again. He lived at one time at Canajoharie, 
X. Y. Was there at least until 1835, when he went to visit his 
sister in Ohio. 

Nora Baxter says that Ezekiel Webster came to Addison (now Tusca- 
rora), Steuben Co., N. Y., in 1835, to settle the accounts of his father who 
must have died not long before. Ezekiel came from Canajoharie, N. Y., but 
had lived in Schoharie Co., N. Y. As Ezekiel was a bachelor she thinks 
that he probably had lived with his father. After staying at Addison 
several weeks he went to Ohio to visit his sister Lydia, after which he was 
not heard from. She also says that her aunt, who was 15 years old when 
Ezekiel visited them, thinks that Ezekiel had a brother who must have 
been younger than he, and she thinks that Ezekiel had lived with the 
brother on the old homestead of their father, and perhaps for many years, 
before he came to Addison and then came for the purpose of settling up the 
estate of his father. 

The above Ezekiel, b. Dec. 3, 1768, in fact married twice, and 
the name of one wife was Lydia. By his first mar. he had three 
sons — Xoah, Mason, and Daniel Eliot, — the "Eliot" for his mother's 
relatives. By his second mar. he had two children : Esther and 
John Daniel. The latter died unm. in 1871 or 1872, and Esther 
died a number of years prior to 1904 in St. Ansgar, Mitchell Co., 
la. She mar. and had five children: (Surname unknown) James, 
who d. in infancy; Joanna; Peter Webster; Edwin and Esther — 
the last m. Fritcher or Tritcher. 

Mrs. Celinda Eckert of Erankville, Iowa, says : "Uncle Ezekiel's 
wife d. before I can remember. After his wife's death he lived 
with my father, and after my father's death he lived with my 
brother Daniel, and when Daniel moved to Iowa he took Uncle 
Ezekiel with him. Ezekiel d. near Frankville, Winneshiek Co., 
la." The end. 

3. Lydia Webster, b. Aug. 27, 1771, (mother Bridget), mar. 
William Barnes, lived in Ohio, and was alive as late as 1836. The 
name is also spelled Barrus. The end. 

4. John Webster, b. June 10, 1777, (mother, Bridget) m. (1) 
Oct. 11, 1798, Mirrium Leach, who died Apr. 15, 1804, aged 29 
years. He m. (2) in Nov., 1804, Hannah Elliott who died June 

330 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

30, 1805, aged 16 years. He m. (3) Sirlima Phillips,* b. Oct. 7, 
1790. Both died in the town of Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., 
X. Y., she Dec. 30, 1836, aged 46 ys., and he, Jan. 24, 1840, aged 

Children: (2d m.) Hannah, b. June 26, 1805. (3d m.) Daniel 
Danforth, Dec. 3, 1806; George, Apr. 20, 1808; Marmm, Oct. 
30, 1810; John Nelson, Apr. 15, 1814; (the following b. at Ames, 
Montgomery Co., 1ST. Y.) Sirlima, Nov. 2, 1817; Lydia Ann, Apr. 
24, 1819; David M., Apr. 2, 1821; Alexander McDonough, Aug. 
2, 1823; Elvina, June 16, 1825; Jane, Feb. 20, 1828; Celynda, 
Sep. 20, 1830. Resumed in Chapter XXIX. 

Second Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Captain 
John and Elizabeth, and Grace Loomise Webster, by their son 
Thomas Webster (mother, Elizabeth) of Lebanon and Bolton, Ct., 
who married Lydia Lyman. 

Section 1. — Children of Thomas (Thomas,, Capt. John, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and Abigail (Terry) Webster of Hebron and Bolton, 

1. Solomon Webster, b. Nov. 27, 1762, died unmarried, at 
Ellington, Ct., July 15, 1808. "He was not quite right in his 

The Record of Conn. Men in the War of Revolution, gives: 
Solomon Webster, of Hebron, a Private in Lieut. Col. Samuel 
Canfield's Regt., of Brig. Gen'l. David Waterbury's Brigade, of 
Conn. Militia, on duty at West Point, in March, 1781. 

Aug. 16, 1808: Hebron. Administration was then granted to 
Elijah Webster on the estate of Solomon Webster, late of Hebron, 
deceased, and Oct. 11, 1808, the said Elijah W. exhibited an in- 
ventory in court, showing one sixth part of 50 acres in Hebron; 
it being land that Thomas Webster, late of Bolton, Ct., deceased, 
willed to his son Thomas Webster, late of Hebron, deceased, and 
said Solomon Webster being an heir of the said Thomas Webster, 
deceased. June 28, 1809, Elijah Webster made return of sale 
of said land, having sold it to Joel Webster, of Hebron, and May 
30, 1809, the commissioners made report upon the debts of Solo- 
mon Webster's estate. The end. 

2. Thomas Webster, b. in Hebron, Ct., Aug. 12, 1764, a 
farmer, mar. Feb. 1, 1787, Susanna Skinner, of Bolton, Ct. Both 
died at Gilead Parish, Hebron, Ct., he June 12, 1848, and she 
June 22, 1821. 

*This name is also given Phelps, but Mrs. Celinda Eckert says, "I knew my 
mother's name was Phillips. Uncle Alexander and Rebecca Phillips were out 
here visiting. Mother had a .brother "Jo." Grandfather Phillips died and his 
wid. m. Bannister — one was Joseph and one was Joel. She also says her mother 
had a sister Irene who married a Carpenter. Had two boys Harvey and Ira. 
Aunt Irene was crazy and committed suicide. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 331 

Children: (All b. at Hebron or Bolton, Ct.) Susanna, Oct. 10, 
1787; Thomas, Feb. 14, 1789, bap. at Bolton, Oct. 28, 1790; 
Sylvester, Feb. 15, 1792, bap. at Bolton, June 17, following; 
Sophia, Nov. 25, 1794; Cynthia, b. March 17, 1796, bap. at Bol- 
ton, May 21, following; Martin Bliss, b. July, 1799, bap. at Bol- 
ton, Oct. 7, 1799; -Royal Anson, b. Sept. 19, 1805; Harriet, b. 
July 14, 1808. Resumed in Chapter XXX. 

3. John Webster, b. at Hebron, Ct., April 7, 1766, a farmer, 
mar. at Otis, Berkshire Co., Mass., in 1789, Rachel Fuller, b. at 
Bolton, Ct., April 16, 1767. He removed in the winter, about the 
year 1821, with a horse, a yoke of oxen, and a cart to Cambridge- 
borough, Crawford Co., Pa., taking his family with him. He 
erected and owned a sawmill there. 

1825, Dec. 20, John Webster and Rachel his wife sell land to 
John Webster, Jr., all of Rockdale township, Crawford Co., Pa. 

1830, July 13, John Webster and Rachel his wife of Venango, 
Crawford Co., Pa., sell to Lyman Webster. 

Both died at Cambridgeborough, Crawford Co., Pa., he April 11, 
1835, and she Oct. 19, 1839. 

Children: (All b. at Otis, Mass.) Rachel, 1791; Phila, July 

12, 1793; Visa, July 23, 1796; John, March 25, 1798; Sally, April 
23, 1800 ; Lyman, Oct. 1, 1804. Resumed in Chapter XXX. 

4. Abigail Webster, b. at Hebron, Ct., Dec. 6, 1767, mar. in 
April, 1818, as his second wife, Jonathan Shurtleff. She died 
Jany. 8, 1853, at East Glastonbury (now Buckingham), Ct. He 
died about 1825 at Glastonbury, Ct. (M. R. W. has the mar. of 
Jonathan Shurtleff, Jr., April 14, 1785, with Saray Goslee. Sarah 
Shirtliff, wife of Jonathan Shirtliff, d. June 26, 1813, in her 48th 
year. (Buckingham (Eastbury) Cemetery.) The end. 

5. Samuel Webster, b. June 17, 1770 (descendants report it, 
1771) married at Lyme, Grafton Co., X. H., about 1794, Anna 
Porter, b. Oct. 2, 1777, at Coventry, Tolland Co., Conn., dau. of 
William and Esther (Carpenter) Porter. 

1794, Feb. 12, Samuel Webster and Anna Webster of Hebron, 

He settled first, or lived at one time, at Troy, Orleans Co., Vt. 

Both died at Lyme, X. PL, he, July 19, 1821, and she, Sep. 29, 
1845. He was killed by the falling of a tree while at work in the 
woods at Lyme, X. H. 

Children: (Born probably at Lyme, X. H.) Samuel, Jr., Jan. 
6, 1795, d. Jan. 21, 1795; Xancy, Mch. 10, 1796; Abigail, Mch. 
15, 1798; Esther Carpenter, July 25, 1801, at Danby, Vt.; Samuel 
Porter, May 15, 1805; Catharine, July 19, 1806, d. Sep. 

13, 1810; Asher, Feb. 6, 1809, d. Apr. 13, 1809; William Car- 
penter, Oct. 13, 1811, d. Jan. 17, 1813 ; William Carpenter (again) 

332 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

July 23, 1813; Joseph, June 11, 1815; George, Oct. 22, 1817; 
Frances Jane, Mch. 21, 1821. Eesumed in Chapter XXX. 

6. Daniel Webster, b. June 13, 1772, at Hebron, Ct. No 
record. The end. 

7. Aaron Webster, a tanner and shoemaker, b. Nov. 2, 1774, 
at Hebron, Ct., mar. at Lindley, Tioga Co., Pa., Mary Campbell, 
b. about 1779, at West Stockbridge, Mass. She mar. (2) about 
1819, William Babb, by whom also she had children. 

It is said that when Aaron Webster removed from Connecticut, 
he started with a team and wagon load of leather, and at some 
place in New York State, sold the outfit to a man for part cash 
and the balance on time, and that the man went to Canada without 
paying the balance. 

The lack of exact data has left this case in obscurity. Aaron Webster's 
death while yet a young man, and his children still young, left them without 
reliable information. Among the traditions is that a peddler from Connec- 
ticut, by the name of Chamberlain, asked if his name was Webster, de- 
claring that he resembled a family of that name which Chamberlain knew 
in Conn, and told of an uncle of Aaron by the name of Thomas Webster 
who was in the mercantile business in Albany, N. Y. ; that another brother 
went to Mich., and that Aaron's father and grandfather were tanners by 
trade, and their names were Aaron. Much of the detail of the tradition is 
obviously inexact, but the certainty that he was from Conn. ; that Thomas 
was a family name, and tanning was a trade in the family, are strong 
points. No other Aaron, b. Nov. 2, 1774, has been found, and this clearly 
is so near his age, as shown by all the circumstances, that it seems proper 
to place his name here. 

He settled in Tioga Co., Pa. It is said that he was from New 
London, Ct. (probably County). 

Aaron Webster's wife was Mary Campbell, who was b. at West 
Stockbridge, Mass., in 1779, and d. in August, 1846, aged 67 
years. She removed to Pennsylvania with a family by the name 
of Buckley, and afterwards mar. Aaron Webster, at Lindley, near 
Lawrenceville, Tioga Co., Pa. 

Aaron Webster d. at Westfield, Tioga Co., Pa., about 1811, and 
she, Aug., 1846, aged 67 years. 

Children: (All b. at Athens, Bradford Co., Pa., except last 
b. at Westfield, Tioga Co., Pa.) Sarah Maria, July 7, 1807; Syl- 
vester, March 17, 1804; Lyman, b. about 1809; Ethen. Eesumed 
in Chapter XXX. 

Section 2. — Children of Lydia (Thomas, Capt. John, Thomas, 
Gov. John) Webster of Bolton, Ct., who married as his second wife, 
Waite Hotclikiss. 

1. Joel Hotchkiss, b. Aug. 8, 1760, at Guilford, New Haven 
Co., Ct., m. Feb. 6, 1785, Mary Eogers, b. Oct. 25, 1758, dau. of 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 333 

Deacon Josiah Rogers, of Wolcott, Ct., b. Sep. 16, 1733, d. Oct. 
1, 1803, and Sarah Ives, his 1st wife, b. 1738, d. Sep. 17, 1779. 
Wait Hotchkiss d. in 1798, aged 38. Wife, no record. 

2. Lydia Hotchkiss, b. Aug. 28, 1762. No record. 

3. Sarah Hotchkiss, b. March 27, 1765, died unm. 

4. Abner Hotchkiss, b. May 24, 1771, at Wolcott, Ct., (whose 
twin sister died soon after birth) m. Nov. 19, 1805, Mary Frisbie, 
b. 1780. He d. March 21, 1846, aged 75, and she, Feb. 3, 1852, 
aged 71. The end. 

Section 3. — Children of Jonathan {Thomas, Capt. John, 
Thomas, Gov. John) and (1) Eunice (Shailor) and (2) Eliza- 
beth (Willcox) Webster, of Bolton, Ct., and Sandisfield, Berk- 
shire Co., Mass. 

1. Eunice Webster, b. at Hebron, Ct., Oct. 30, 1760, (Eunice, 
mother) mar. Samuel Phelps Hull, b. at Norfolk, Ct., June 17, 
1766. Both died at Fairfield, Vt, he Aug. 6, 1815, and she Aug. 
27, 1830. 

Children: (Hull) Anson, b. at Milton, Vt., March 17, 1793; 
Patty; Orilla or Aurilla; Francillo, b. Aug. 23, 1803. 

( 1 ) Anson Hull mar. in Berkshire, Vt., May 24, 1837, Mary H. Royce, b. 
at the same place, July 19, 1798. He died there July 11, 1861, and she re- 
sided there in 1884. No children. 

(2) Patty mar. Aaron Sherwood, of Fairfield, Vt. She had four children, 
probably two sons and two daughters all of whom are deceased. She also 
died in early life. 

(3) Orilla mar. Joseph Bartran, of Fairfield, Vt. Had probably six 
children, some of whom are deceased, but two are said to be somewhere in 
the West, and it is thought that two daughters may be still living at 
Fairueld, Vt. 

(4) Francillo mar. Dec. 29, 1825, Sally Fairbanks, b. Aug. 26, 1795. 
He died June 7, 1872, and she April 18, 1879. Children: Eunice M., b. 
July 27, 1827, died Sept. 9, 1828. There were also one son and three daugh- 
ters who died in infancy. The family record was destroyed in a fire; Ly- 
man Monson, b. Feb. 11, 1835, died April 30, 1879; Samuel Edwin, b. Aug. 
26, 1837; Anson Harry, b. Jany. 18, 1840, died the next day. The end. 

2. Jonathan Webster, (mother, Elizabeth) b. May 4, 1764, 
at Hebron, Ct., a farmer, m. Jan. 4, 1787, Huldah Orvis. He 
settled in Sandisfield, Berkshire Co., Mass. 

Either this Jonathan or his father was in the Revolutionary War, on a 
list of men raised Oct. 25, 1780, for six months; served from July 2, 1780, 
to Jan. 5, 1781, in the Continental Army. 

May 5, 1818, Luther Butler was ap. guardian to Jonathan and Cyrus 
Webster, sons of Jonathan Webster late of Sandisfield, dec'd. Also Huldah 
Webster of Allen and Clarissa Webster. The estate was distributed to 

334 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

Huldah the widow, Huldali Sackett, wife of Solomon Sackett, and Roswell, 
Abiall, Eunice, Rhoda, Horace, Jonathan, Cyrus, Allen, Clarissa Webster, 
children of deceased. 

Both died at Sandisfield, Mass., he, Sep. 24, 1817, and she, Aug. 
29, 1844. 

Children: (All b. at Sandisfield, Mass.) Huldah, Feb. 14, 1788; 
Roswell, July 27, 1789; Abial, Aug. 29, 1791; Eunice, Oct. 6, 
1793; Rhoda, Sept. 17, 1795; Horace, Aug. 14, 1797; Jonathan, 
Nov. 28, 1799; Cyrus, Jany. 11, 1802; Allen, b. Nov. 23, 1805; 
Clarissa, March 14, 1808. Resumed in Chapter XXX. 

2. Ebenezer Webster, b. May 1, 1766, (mother, Elizabeth) 
committed suicide Jan. 20, 1809, in the cellar of his father's house 
in Sandisfield, unmarried. 

3. Elizabeth Webster, (mother, Elizabeth) b. in Sandisfield, 
but bap. in Bolton, Ct., March 6, 1768, removed to Vermont, but 
never married. 

4. Martha Webster, (mother, Elizabeth) b. at Sandisfield, 
Mass., July 20, 1770, mar. Dec. 28, 1798, Jonathan Chappel, b. 
in Andover parish, Hebron, Ct. He was a farmer, and resided at 
Lebanon, Ct. He died June 15, 1851, aged 78, and she March 
10, 1844, aged 74. 

Children: (Chappel) (All b. at Hebron (now Andover), Ct.) 
Joel, 1796; Twins, Salinda and Electa, b. in May, 1802; Harvey, 
July 4, 1810. 

(1) Joel Chappel mar. (1), Dec. 9, 1824, Mary L. Throop, b. in Lebanon, 
Ct., 1803. She died June 8, 1848, aged 45. He mar. (2), Jany. 2, 1S49, 
Mrs. Mary Wildman French. He mar. (3), Oct. 1856, Mrs. Adaline (Run- 
dul^ Robison, widow of James Robison. She was b. at Worthington, Mass., 
Sept. 6, 1802. She died Feb. 15, 1873, at Cummington, Mass. He died Oct. 
15, 1857, aged 61. He had by first wife: Sarah who mar. Sumner H. War- 
ner, who resided in 1884, at Springfield, Mass. She died years ago. They 
had a son, Walter H., who mar. and has a son living at Springfield, Mass. 

(2) Salinda mar., March 14, 1825, Deacon Augustus Tilden, b. at Leba- 
non, Ct., July 25, 1798. She died Oct. 16, 1826. He mar. (2) Nov. 29, 
1827, Malinda Clark, of Lebanon, and they removed in 1833, to Forest 
Lake, Susquehanna Co., Pa., where his second wife died in 1881 or in 82. 
He died in Binghamton, N. Y., while returning from a visit to Ct., Sept. 
10, 1875. He had by his first wife a son George b. May 9, 1826, who died 
at Forest Lake, Pa., Aug. 17, 1870, leaving a widow, and one daughter 
(Mrs. Alice T. Frink), and two sons Fred and Henry, who resided in 1884 
at Montrose, Susquehanna Co., Pa. 

(3) Electa, the other twin, mar. March 30, 1826, Robert Champlin, b. at 
Lebanon, Ct., Jany. 22, 1805. They resided at Lebanon. She died Jany. 
8, 1840, aged 37. He mar. (2) again, Sept. 1, 1840, Lucretia Bailey. He 
died March 23, 1870, aged 65. 

(4) Harvey, a farmer, resided at Lebanon, Ct., never mar. He died Feb. 
19, 1884. He was found in his house where he lived alone, with his skull 
crushed in, probably murdered for money. The end. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 335 

6. Joel Webster, b. at Sandisfield, Mass., Feb. 28, 1773, 
(mother, Elizabeth) a farmer, mar. in 1799, Hannah Billings, 
daughter of Nathan and Eeliance (Bangs) Billings, born Cam- 
bridge, Vt., Jan. 16, 1777. Joel Webster removed from Sandis- 
field, Mass., to Vt., in 1797, and settled at Bakersfield, in Frank- 
lin Co. He was there a Capt. of Militia at the time of his death. 
After his death his widow mar. (2) Jan. 12, 1815, Rufus Field, 
b. Jan. 17, 1774. His first wife was Lydia Davis of Guilford, Vt. 
He removed to Sodus and Phelps, N. Y., but returned to Bakers- 
field, Vt. 

1813, Mch. 26, at a Probate Court held at St. Albans, Vt., for 
the District of Georgia, Hannah Webster and Daniel Billings of 
Bakersfield were appointed ad's, on est. of Joel Webster, late of 
Bakersfield, deceased. 

He died at Bakersfield, Vt., Feb. 14, 1813. She died at Enos- 
burgh, Vt., Jany. 26, 1864. 

Children: (All b. at Bakersfield, Vt.) Daniel Billings, b. March 
18, 1801; he was the second male child b. in the town; Joel Colum- 
bus, b. Dec. 17, 1802; Arvilla Eeliance, b. April 19, 1804; Hannah 
Euphemia, b. May 10, 1806, and a daughter unnamed, twins; 
the latter died May 23, 1807; Betsey Maria, b. Oct. 18, 1809; 
Jason Galon, Dec. 14, 1811. Resumed in Chapter XXX. 

Section 4. — Children of Elijah {Thomas, Capt. John, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and Deborah (Post) Webster of Hebron, Gilead 
Parish, Ct. 

1. Deborah Webster, b. Feb. 13, 1765, at Hebron, Ct., m. 
Feb. 11, 1790, Deacon John Newell of Ellington, Ct. 

June 4, 1794, Nathaniel Newell, for love and other good and 
sufficient reasons, gives land to his son, John Newell, all of 
Ellington, Ct. 

Both d. at Ellington, she Feb. 16, 1830, and he, Feb. 11, 1836. 
The end. 

2. Elijah Webster, b. March 27, 1767, at Hebron, Ct., a tan- 
ner and farmer, mar. (1) Nov. 29, 1791, Sarah Jones, b. at Cov- 
entry, Ct., April 26, 1771; mar. (2) Feb. 28, 1806, Marcy Chapin, 
of Wilbraham, Hampton Co., Mass., b. Oct. 4, 1779, dau. of Zebu- 
Ion and Lydia (Ely) Chapin. He resided at Wilbraham, Mass., 
from about 1795. 

1794, May 29, Elijah Webster, Jr., of Hebron, Tolland Co., Conn., buys 
of Noah and Polly Warriner of Wilbraham, Hampden Co., Mass., land in 

1799, Jan. 31, Elijah Webster of Wilbraham buys of Elisha Shepard of 
same place, land there. 

From Northampton, Mass., Probate Records. June 1, 1802: Elijah 
Webster, of Northampton was appointed guardian of Elijah Lyman Web- 
ster; Augustus Webster; Miles Mattoon Webster; and Marcus Webster, 

336 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

children of said Elijah Webster. Appointment made to receive property 
bequeathed to said children. 

July 16, 1828, Isaac Chapin, Elijah Webster and Mary his wife, Solomon 
Chapin, all of Wilbraham; Ezekiel Webster and Matilda, his wife, of 
Hebron, Ct., Isaac L. Gardner of Watertown, N. Y., and Achsah his wife; 
Elijah L. Webster and Celia his wife, both of Greenwich, Mass.; and John 
B. Chapin of Springfield, Mass., sell land in Chicopee Parish to Harvey 
Chapin. Witnesses, Marcus Webster, John L. Webster. 

1844, Hampden Co., Mass., Marcy Webster of Wilbraham, shows that 
Elijah Webster died Oct. 22, 1844, and asks that John Carpenter, with 
herself, be made administrators. Isaac Chapin and Wm. Sessions, sureties. 

All died at Wilbraham, Hampden Co., Mass., his first wife, 
Sarah Jones, Dec. 17, 1801; himself, Oct. 22, 1844; and his widow, 
Marcy Chapin, Oct. 20, 1852. 

Children: (1st m.) Elijah Lyman, b. at Gilead, Ct., Sept. 20, 
1792, bap., 1794; Augustus, b. at Gilead, Ct., June 20, 1794, bap. 
during same year; Sarah (all the following b. at Wilbraham, 
Mass.), b. Sept. 10, 1796, bap. at Gilead, Ct., same year, and died 
July 23, 1799, aged 2 years, and 10 months; Miles Milton, b. Oct. 
3, 1798, died in 1812, aged 14 years; Marcus, Jany. 29, 1801. (2d 
m.) William, Oct. 16, 1807, died unmarried at Wilbraham, Mass., 
April 25, 1827; Sarah, May 30, 1809; Jedediah Post, March 17, 
1811; Miles Milton again, Oct. 2, 1812; twins, and next after, a 
child, all of whom died in infancy; Marcy, b. May 12, 1816; 
Lydia, March 22, 1818; George, March 26, 1820; Betsey, Oct. 9, 
1822. Eesumed in Chapter XXX. 

3. Ezekiel Webster, b. at Hebron, Ct., Nov. 30, 1775, a farmer, 
of Gilead Parish, town of Hebron, Ct., mar. April 4, 1805, Ma- 
tilda Chapin, of Wilbraham, Mass., b. at Wilbraham, Mass., July 
5, 1783, dau. of Zebulon and Lydia (Ely) Chapin. Both died at 
Gilead, Ct., he March 24, 1857, aged 81 ; and she May 10, 1862, 
aged 79. 

Children: (Probably all b. at Gilead, Ct.) Ezekiel Ely, b. 
Jany. 17, 1806; John Luman, Jany. 30, 1807; Laura, Oct. 29, 
1808; Matilda, June 11, 1810; William Chapin, Aug. 12, 1813; 
Dudley, Dec. 23, 1817; Celia Almira, Nov. 16, 1821; Charles 
Nichols, May 27, 1824; Joel Carlos, Sept. 8, 1828. Eesumed in 
Chapter XXX. 

4. Joel Webster, b. at Hebron, Ct., Jany. 11, 1779, a farmer, 
mar. Dec. 30, 1807, Martha, daughter of David and Molly (Wil- 
cox) Webster, of Bolton, Ct., b. June 18, 1780. They married 
own cousins: Elijah, the father of Joel, and David, the father of 
Martha were brothers. They lived on the farm which had been 
his father's at Gilead Parish. Both died at that place, he Nov. 
30, 1857; and she May 6, 1857. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 337 

Children: (Born at Gilead, Ct.) Martha Maria, June 16, 1812; 
Mary Louiza, Sept. 30, 1816. Eesumed in Chapter XXX. 

5. Clara Webster, b. at Hebron, Ct., Oct. 16, 1781, mar. Jany. 
15, 1805, Abiathur Sutliff, of Wolcott, New Haven Co., Ct., 
whence they removed in 1821, to Millsford, now Dorset, Ashtabula 
Co., Ohio, where he was soon after killed by a falling tree, leaving 
his family in the wilderness, with only two other families in the 
town. He died Jany. 9, 1822, and she, Feb. 7, 1852, at Dorset, 
Ohio, at the home of her son, Hiram Sutliff. 

Children: (Sutliff) (All b. at Wolcott, Ct.) Anson, Jany. 5, 
1806, is believed to be dead; Abiathur Lyman, b. Oct. 8, 1807, 
was killed, maliciously shot; Henry, Sept. 7, 1809; Joel, May 19, 
1812, is in Iowa; Hiram, June 30, 1814. Eesided in 1883, at 
Hartford, Trumbull Co., Ohio; a daughter March 24, 1817, died 
next day. The end. 

Section 5. — Children of Simeon {Thomas, Capt. John, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and Rebecca (Brown) Webster of Hebron and Bolton, 

1. Rebecca Webster, b. March 22, 1765, at Hebron, Ct., m. 
Nov. 11, 1784, at Coventry, Ct., Eliakim Jones, a farmer, b. there 
Oct. 1, 1764. ' 

Both d. at Coventry, Ct., she in May, 1809, and he, Jan. 25, 
1827, in his 63d year. 

Children: (Jones) (All born in Tolland, Ct.) Eebecca, Nov. 
26, 1786; Eliakim, Jr., Jan. 27, 1788; Garner, March 25, 1793. 
Eesumed in Chapter XXX. 

2. Simeon Webster, b. at Hebron, Ct., March 16, 1767, mar. 
Anna Porter, at North Coventry, Ct. 

In my Berkshire Co., Mass., notes of 1899, in the Great Barrington 
records I find a Simeon and Anna Webster. 

1797, Jan'y 22, Simeon Webster of Bethlehem, to Hosea Francis of Lon- 
don, land there on Granville line. 

Kj3 Simeon Webster of London, Berkshire Co., Mass., buys of Bishop 
and Sarah Fuller of Coventry, and in 1805 he was of Coventry. 

They lived at North Pitcher, Chenango Co., N. Y. It is thought 
he died in the Spring of 1834; and that she died in the Spring 
of 1839. 

Children: (Where b. unknown.) Lydia, 1790; Simeon, July 
24, 1793; Anna; Clarissa; Lura; Olive; Betsey. 

Mrs. Button, of Andover, Ct., says that there is a grandson, 
Selden Eansom, who in 1892, lived at Quarryville, Tolland Co., 
Ct., and another, Stephen Eansom, at Eockville, Ct. Eesumed in 
Chapter XXX. 

Section 6. — Children of David (Thomas, Capt. John, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and Molly (Wilcox) Webster of Hebron and Bolton, 


338 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

1. Mary Webster, b. at Bolton, Ct., Jany. 14, 1768, mar. Nov. 
26, 1794, Russell Bidwell, son of Jonathan and Anne (Benton) 
Bidwell, b. Oct. 8, 1769, of East Hartford, Ct., at which place 
they afterward resided and died, she May 9, 1819, after which he 
mar. (2) Mary Wilcox. He died July 26, 1828. No issue. The 

2. Barbara Webster, b. at Bolton, Ct., June 12, 1770, mar. 
April 5, 1792, John Chappel, of Hebron, Ct. They resided at 
Andover, Tolland Co., Ct., where he was a farmer and owner of a 
grist-mill. She died Feb. 26, 1835; and he April 26, 1846, aged 

Children: (Chappel) (All b. at Andover, Ct.) John Web- 
ster, June 16, 1793; Phila, March 3, 1798; Octavia, May 13, 1802; 
Mary Maria, June 4, 1811. Resumed in Chapter XXX. 

3. David Webster, b. at Bolton, Ct., Nov. 21, 1771. Was 
admitted freeman at Bolton, Ct., April 8, 1793, mar. Feb. 8, 1795, 
Hannah Post, b. Jan. 10, 1775, daughter of Joel and Sarah (Bush- 
nell) Post, of Gilead Parish, in Hebron, Ct., who were m. Feb. 
9, 1764. David Webster removed to Otis, Berkshire Co., Mass., 
and thence to Wellington, Lorain Co., Ohio, in 1823, at which 
place both died, she March 4, 1855 ; and he Nov. 14, 1867. 

Children: (All b. at Otis, Mass.) Betsey, May 20, 1796; Rus- 
sell Bidwell, April 25, 1799; Oliver Post, May 31, 1805; William 
Wilcox, July 14, 1808; Mary Roxana, July 13, 1811. Resumed 
in Chapter XXX. 

4. Eldad Webster, b. at Bolton, Ct., March 18, 1773, was 
made a freeman at Bolton, Ct., April 13, 1795, mar. Sept. 14, 
1794, Lydia Sweetland, b. June 24, 1773, dau. of Aaron and Pa- 
tience (Clark) Sweetland, who died Jan'y 12, 1832, and he mar. 
(2) Oct. 28, 1832, Mrs. Mary (Wilcox) Bidwell, of East Hartford, 
Ct., b. Nov. 3, 1774. He was a farmer, and removed to, and 
resided at Cazenovia, Madison Co., N. Y., where he died Sept. 6, 
1851, aged 78 years. His first wife, Lydia, died Jan'y 12, 1832, 
aged 58. Mary Webster, his second wife, died March 3, 1866, 
aged 89. All three are buried in District No. 9 Cemetery, Caze- 
novia, N. Y. No children. The end. 

5. Rue, or Ruah (Loruhmah) Webster, b. at Bolton, Ct., 
June 27, 1776, mar. Nov. 10, 1802, Jonathan, son of Jonathan 
and Anne (Benton) Bidwell, born Dec. 29, 1776, brother of her 
sister Mary's husband, of East Hartford, Ct., where they lived 
and died, he March 8, 1858, aged 81 years; and she Feb. 25, 1866, 
aged nearly 90 years. 

Children: (Bidwell) Their only child, Ruhama, was b. at 
East Hartford, April 30,. 1807. Resumed in Chapter XXX. 

6. Martha Webster, b. at Bolton, Ct., June 18, 1780, mar. 
Dec. 30, 1807, Joel, son of Elijah and Deborah (Post) Webster, 
her cousin, which see. 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 339 

7. Oliver Webster, b. at Bolton, Ct., Sept. 19, 1785, a farmer, 
admitted freeman at Bolton, Ct., April 10, 1807, mar. April 10, 
1811, Rachel Babcock, of Bolton, Ct., b. April 9, 1790. They 
spent their lives at Bolton. 

Notes from Columbia Probate Records: — April 22, 1818, the Court 
granted administration to Joel Webster, of Hebron, on the estate of Oliver 
Webster, of Bolton. Inventory exhibited June 26, 1818, and May 11, 1825, 
dower was set off to the widow, Rachel, and June 9, 1825, the Court ap- 
pointed Augustus Webster and his wife, Rachel, guardians to Rachel A, 
Webster, Oliver W. Webster, and Emily Webster, minors of Bolton, the 
guardians also being of Bolton. And June 9, 1825, a committee was ap- 
pointed to set off dower to the widow and relict of Oliver Webster, de- 
ceased, of Bolton, Conn., and Aug. 27, 1830, the Court appointed Joel 
Webster, of Hebron, guardian of Rachel A. Webster, Oliver W. Webster, 
and Emily Webster, minors of Bolton, and March 4, 1837, he was released 
by the Court, the minors having arrived at age. And May 15, 1837, Joel 
Webster, as guardian of Amelia R. Webster, a minor of Bolton, makes a 
return of the sale of real estate of said Amelia R., viz.: all her interest in 
the real estate of Oliver Webster, deceased. 

After his death she mar. (2) Augustus Webster, of Wilbraham, 
and Pelham, Mass. He died April 15, 1818; and she June 1, 1830. 

Children: (All b. at Bolton) Emily, Oct. 14, 1812; Oliver 
Wilcox, April 6, 1815; Amelia Rachel, Oct. 12, 1817. Resumed 
in Chapter XXX. 

Section 7. — Children of Joseph (Thomas,, Capt. John,, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and Ruth (Loomis) Webster of Bolton, Ct. 

1. Ruth Webster, mar. in 1785, Jeremiah Culver, of Bolton, 
Conn. She d. April 28, 1788, aged 20 yrs. 

Children: (Culver) Ruth Webster, b. April 21, 1788, and she 
mar. Jacob Webster, which see. 

2. Sabra Webster, b. at Bolton, Ct., July 20, 1770, mar. Feb. 
9, 1794, Reuben Risley, b. at Glastonbury, Ct., Jany. 14, 1769. 
He made her acquaintance while teaching in the Birch Mountain 
school district, of Bolton, the residence of her parents. After mar- 
riage they lived with her parents, he working on the farm in 
summer and teaching in the winter until 1802, when they re- 
moved to and settled at Truxton, Cortland Co., 1ST. Y., which was 
then an almost unbroken wilderness. He was Supervisor and Town 
Clerk when the Town was first organized. 

Probate Records of Cortland Co., N. Y., show, that Reuben Risley made 
a last will and testament April 1, 1842, which was probated March 17, 
1851, in which he names his wife, Sabra, Jacob Webster, of Bolton, Ct., 
and Wait Fox, of Manchester, Ct. He bequeathes to his son Alvah; his 
daughter Minerva, wife of Joseph Herrinton; his daughter Ruth, wife of 
Luke Stewart. Also his grandchildren, Sabra, Alvah, and Charles Herrin- 
ton; his grandson Reuben R. (Risley) Stewart. 

340 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

Both died at Truxton, N. Y., he Dec. 17, 1850; and she Aug. 
12, 1855. 

Children: (Eisley) Minerva, b. at Bolton, Ct., Dec. 19, 1795; 
Alvah, Bolton, Ct., Oct. 28, 1800 ; Buth, Truxton, N". Y., Oct. 25, 
1804. Besumed in Chapter XXX. 

Section 8. — Children of Jacob {Thomas, Capt. John, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and (1) Naomi (Dunham) and (2) Lois (Baxter) 
Webster of Hebron, Ct., and Sandisfteld, Mass. 

1. Abner Webster, b. at Sandisfield, Mass., Sept. 7, 1772, a 
blacksmith, mar. at that place, Sept. 19, 1793, Sarah, daughter 
of John and Huldah Stevens, of Glastonbury, Ct., b. July 24, 1773. 
They resided at South Sandisfield, Mass., where both died, he 
Sept. 21, 1842, aged 70; and she Dec. 1, 1850, aged 78. 

Children : Their only child, Abner Stevens, was b. probably 
at South Sandisfield, March 4, 1805. Besumed in Chapter XXX. 

2. Eli Webster, b. at Sandisfield, Feb. 24, 1776, mar. Anna 

Eli Webster with his brother-in-law Samuel Chalker purchased a farm 
at Liberty or Lawsville, Susquehanna Co., Pa., but lost it all by default 
of title. He then removed to Fabius, Onondaga Co., N, Y. He had two 
sons and two daughters. One son and both daughters were mar. and lived 
in that neighborhood, but they all removed from there soon after. It is 
not known where they went. They may have been lost on the lakes. 
Abner S. Webster visited them at Fabius, N. Y. 

Eli Webster and wife spent their last days with their son Daniel 
and died at his house "a good while before the late war." 


Both died in Farmington, Tioga Co., Pa., he some years before 
his wife, who was younger, but both lived to be 84. He died about 

Children : Anna ; Abner ; Fanny ; Daniel. Besumed in Chap- 
ter XXX. 

3. Mercy Webster, b. at Sandisfield, Mass., Dec. 3, 1780, mar. 
March, 1797, Samuel Chalker, a farmer, b. in 1771. They re- 
moved to Liberty or Lawsville, Susquehanna Co., Pa., where they 
purchased a farm in partnership with her brother, Eli Webster, 
but lost it all through a defective title. He died in 1843; and 
she May 10, 1850. 

Children: (Chalker) Sarah, b. Aug. 17, 1798; Mary T., March 
14, 1801 ; Joseph Webster, Oct. 8, 1803 ; Betsey, March 2, 1805 ; 
Mercy, July 3, 1807; Samuel, Oct. 8, 1809; Harriet, June 17, 
1811; Catherine, July 17, 1813; Jacob, Sept. 17, 1815; Crusia, 
Jan'y 30, 1819; Alanson, May 15, 1822; Eli, Jan'y 1, 1824; Maria, 
Oct. 16, 1829, died Jan'y 1, 1831. Besumed in Chapter XXX. 

4. Katharine Webster, (Kerenhappuch) b. at Sandisfield, 
July 23, 1783, mar. at Sandisfield, Mass., Aug. 29, 1805, Joseph 
Shepard, a wagon maker, b. at New Marlborough, Mass., March 22, 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 341 

1781. Both died at Sandisfield, she April 21, 1831; and he Feb. 
5, 1874. 

Children: (First three b. at Black Elver, Jefferson Co., 1ST. Y., 
and the remaining two at Sandisfield, Mass.) Chloe Electa, Sept. 
29, 1806; Sarah Stevens, June 22, 1808; Joseph Lyman, Oct. 
19, 1810; Phebe Lncinda, March 18, 1814; Harriet Almira, April 
14, 1819. Kesraned in Chapter XXX. 

5. Levi Webster, b. at Sandisfield, Mass., May 29, 1787, a 
farmer, mar. at Great Barrington, Mass., Oct. 17, 1813, Louisa 
F. Coy, of Great Barrington, daughter of Jacob Eda and Flavia 
(Gibson) Coy, married by Ezra Kellogg, Esq., and record of mar. 
is at Great Barrington. They resided at or near Adrian, Lenawee 
Co., Mich. He died near that place May 24, 1865, and she at 
Madison, Lenawee Co., Mich., June 10, 1863. 

Children: (Born at Clarkson, Monroe Co., N. Y.) Jane Louisa, 
b. Aug. 8, 1814; George Samuel, b. Nov. 25, 1816; Flavia Lois, b. 
July 29, 1817; Permelia Minerva, b. Nov. 5, 1821; Jacob Eda, b. 
July 21, 1824; Orange Boneparte and Lemon, twins, b. Sep. 10, 
1826; Cynthia, b. Nov. 4, 1828, d. Nov. 8, 1828; Levi, b. 1834 (d. 
Apr. 1, 1857). Besumed in Chapter XXX. 

6. Chloe Webster, b. at Sandisfield, Mass., Aug. 1, 1789, mar. 
Stephen Sage, who was b. at Sandisfield, Mass., Oct. 8, 1786. They 
resided at Granby, Hartford Co., Ct., where he owned a farm and 
a fulling mill. He died at Granby, Ct., April 28, 1828. She died 
at her son's, Stephen Gustavus, at Ransom, Hillsdale Co., Mich., 
May 16, 1868. 

Children: (Sage) (All b. at Granby, Ct.) Hiram A., b. March 
10, 1812; Stephen Gustavus, April 2, 1815; Henry Austin, 1818, 
died at Granby, Ct., Aug. 15, 1832, aged 14 years. Resumed in 
Chapter XXX. 

7. Jacob Webster, b. at Sandisfield, Mass., June 7, 1791, a 
farmer, mar. Feb. 14, 1814, Ruth Webster Culver, of Bolton, Ct., 
b. April 21, 1788, daughter of Jeremiah and Ruth (Webster) Cul- 
ver, of Bolton. They lived at Bolton on the homestead of her 
grandfather, Joseph Webster, which she inherited from him, and in 
the house he built in 1778-9, where his children and grandchildren, 
and great grandchildren were all born. The house is still in fair 
condition and was in possession of Joseph Webster's descendants 
until 1875 

Jacob Webster held various town offices, Selectman, Justice of 
the Peace, etc. 

He died at Bolton, Ct., Feb. 3, 1847; and she at Manchester, Ct., 
at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Andrus, where she spent her 
last few years, Aug. 30, 1872. 

Children: (All b. at Bolton, Ct.) Lois Elvira, b. March 27, 
1815; Ruth Amanda, March 25, 1817; Daniel, April 21, 1820, 
died Nov. 3, 1826; Sabra Minerva, b. May 19, 1823; Jacob Daniel, 

342 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

March 12, 1827, died March 24, 1842; Amoret Chloe, Xov. 1, 
1830. Resumed in Chapter XXX. 

8. Joseph Webster, b. at Sandisfield, Mass., April 21, 1793, 
mar. (1) Aug. 19, 1817, Sally Gray, b. at Stonington, New London 
Co., Ct, Nov. 26, 1791; and (2) in Hillsdale Co., Mich., Feb. 27, 
1845, Ruth Drake, of Adams, aged 42 years. He removed to Coles- 
ville, Broome Co., X. Y., where he sold land May 6, 1827, and July 
1, 1828, thence to Lorain Co., Ohio, thence to Wood Co., Ohio, 
thence to Hillsdale Co., Mich. He died at Ransom, Hillsdale Co., 
Mich., Aug. 25, 1876, aged 83 years. His second wife, Ruth, was 
living in 1882, at Amboy, Hillsdale Co., Mich. 

Children: (1st m.) Cynthia Almira, b. July 11, 1819; Daniel 
Orlando, b. in Broome Co., X. Y., March 5, 1823 ; Lyman Leroy, 
same place, May 17, 1825; Joseph Seneca, same place, Xov. 21, 
1828; Sally Clarinda, b. in Carlisle, Lorain Co., Ohio, Oct. 5, 1832; 
Minerva Elmira, in Lorain Co., Ohio, March 4, 1835. (2d m.) 
no children. Resumed in Chapter XXX. 

9. Daniel Webster, b. at Sandisfield, Mass., Aug. 19, 1795, a 
farmer, died Feb. 3, 1823, at Sandisfield, Mass. He expected to 
marry Phila Chappel, of Bolton, Ct., at about the time of his 
death. While sick he sent for her and requested her to marry his 
brother, Lyman, which afterwards she did. (See next). 

10. Lyman Webster, b. at Sandisfield, Mass., Jany. 4, 1798, 
a farmer and surveyor, mar. July 8, 1823, Phila Chappel, of An- 
dover, Ct., daughter of John and Barbara (Webster) Chappel, of 
Bolton, Ct., b. at Andover, Ct., March 3, 1798. He died at Sandis- 
field Feb. 17, 1880, but she was living in 1883, with her son, 
Daniel on the old homestead of her husband's father, at South 
Sandisfield, Mass. She died at Sandisfield, Dec. 17, 1887. 

Children: (All b. at Sandisfield, Mass.) Daniel, May 10, 1824; 
Gilbert, April 30, 1827, died Sept. 15, 1828; Celestia, Dec. 7, 1830, 
died Sept. 11, 1837, aged 6 years and 9 months; Chappel, Dec. 20, 
1833, died Sept. 10, 1837, aged 3 years. Death supposed to have 
been caused by eating some poisonous herb found by them while 
out playing. Resumed in Chapter XXX. 

Third Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Capt. John 
and (1) Elizabeth, and (2) Grace Loomise Webster, by their son, 
Josiah Webster of Lebanon, Ct., who m. Hannah Hutchison. 

Section 1. — Children of Josiah (Josiah, Capt. John, Thomas, 
Gov. John) and (1) Sarah (Loomis) and (2) Sarah (Bacon) Web- 
ster, of Warren, Herkimer Co., TV. Y. 

1. Aseneth Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., mar. at same place, 
April 12, 1787, Elijah Smith. After her death he mar. (2) Aug. 
29, 1793, Betsey Stubbs. She (Aseneth) died at Lebanon, Ct., 
Aug. 19, 1792. " 

Children: (Smith) (All b. at Lebanon) Phebe, Oct. 21, 1788; 

6th Gen.] Thomas Webster's Line 343 

Erastus, Sept. 24, 1790. Elijah Smith had by his second mar., 
with Betsey Stubbs, one son, Uriah, b. April 12, 1797. The end. 

2. Submit (Mittie) Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct, 1767, and bap. 
there April 5, 1767, mar. at same place, March 25, 1790, Samuel 
Hatch, of Lebanon, Ct., a brother of the husband of her sister Ma- 
linda. In 1793 they removed to Herkimer Co., X. Y., and settled at 
Ft. Herkimer, near what now is Herkimer village, but prior to 1800 
they removed to Columbia, Herkimer Co., X. Y. Her eldest child 
was b. at Ft. Herkimer in a log house, with bark covering, through 
which the rain fell upon her bed at the time of the birth. She died 
in Oct. 1855, aged 88 j r ears. 

Children: (Hatch) (All b. at Columbia, Herkimer Co., X. Y., 
except the first, b. at Ft. Herkimer) Hannah; Daniel; Samuel; 
Jerome; Golden; Tryphena; Abigail, b. 1804. Kesumed in Chap- 
ter XXXI. 

3. Daniel Webster, b. about 1770, d. unm. in Herkimer Co., 
about 1798. 

4. Josiah Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Oct. 24, 1774, a cooper 
and farmer, removed with his father in 1792 from Lebanon, Ct., to 
Warren, Herkimer Co., X. Y., where he cleared up a farm. He 
returned to Lebanon to get a wife and there mar. July 8, 1794, 
Abigail Babcock, b. May 2, 1775, daughter of Abijah and Mary 
(Loomis) Babcock, of Lebanon, Ct. In Feb. 1816, he removed to 
Steuben Co., X. Y. 

1813, Mch. 8, Josiah Webster, Jr., of Columbia, Herkimer Co., N. Y., 
purchased land in the town of Bath, Steuben Co., N. Y., of Ichabod Lester, 
Sinai Lester, Wni. D'Wolfe, Jr., Phebe D'Wolfe, Elisha Moseley and Lois 

Feb. 12, 1851, Josiah Webster of Urbana, Steuben Co., N. Y., made his 
Will, and gave, to my son Gurdon L. Webster; to my wife Abigail, to 
enjoy her right of dower, etc.; to my dau. Rhoda Clark, wife of Silas 
Clark; to my son Erastus Webster; to my dau. Harriet Cole; to my 
sons, Oren Webster, Dudson Webster, Marcus T. C. Webster, and to my 
dau. Lydia Marinda Aulls. Abigail Webster, Executrix, and Gurdon L. 
Webster, Executor. 

Both died in Urbana, X. Y., he Sept. 1, 1852 ; and she Jany. 31, 

Children : (All b. in Warren, Herkimer Co., X. Y., except Gur- 
don Lathrop) Ehoda, Xov. 14, 1795; Erastus, April 16, 1797; 
Harriet, Feb. 14, 1799; Orin, Oct. 8, 1800; Dudson, June 23, 1804; 
Marcus Tullius Cicero, July 4, 1806; Gurdon Lathrop, b. at Jor- 
donville, X. Y., Sept. 10, 1810; Lydia Marinda, June 26, 1812; 
Abigail Mary, Janv. 11, 1815, died Xov. following. Besumed in 
Chapter XXXI. 

5. Rhoda Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., no date, no record. 

6. Malinda Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Jany. 8, 1783, mar. 
Joseph Hatch, a farmer, of Lebanon, Ct., b. Jan'y 27, 1770, a 

344 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 7 

brother of the hubsand of her sister Submit. They removed to 
Herkimer, X. Y., about 1794, and both died at Columbia, 1ST. Y., 
she Aug. 22, 1843 ; and he Jan'y 4, 1856. 

Children: (Hatch) (All b. in Herkimer Co., X. Y.) Emeline, 
April 19, 1803; Joseph Loomis, July 14, 1805; Juliana, June 1, 
1807; Maryette, Feb. 14, 1813; Samuel Alonzo, March 15, 1816; 
Delos D., Aug. 21, 1818. Besivmed in Chapter XXXI. 

7. William Webster, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Feb. 27, 1786, a farm- 
er and cooper, mar. at Warren, Herkimer Co., X. Y., Dec. 18, 
1808, Phebe Gates, of Warren, X. Y., b. at Mansfield, Ct., Aug. 
31, 1785. He died at Columbia, Herkimer Co., X. Y., Jan'y 27, 
1836, aged 49 years, 11 months. She died in Lorain Co., Ohio, 
April 17, 1878, aged nearly 93 years. 

Children: (All b. in Herkimer Co., X. Y. The first three in 
Warren, and the remaining four in Columbia) Josiah Xelson, Feb. 
23, 1811, died Aug. 16, 1826, aged 15 years, and 6 months ; Adelia, 
Oct. 19, 1812; Asenath, Feb. 6, 1815; Charlotte, March 12, 1817; 
Melinda, April 18, 1820; Abigail Loomis, April 6, 1822; Elmira, 
Sept. 19, 1824. Eesumed in Chapter XXXI. 

8. Sarah Webster, no date of birth, dau. by 2d mar. Xo record. 

9. Daniel Webster, (by 2d mar.) a physician and surgeon, b. 
at Warren, Herkimer Co., X. Y., Oct. 7, 1800. His mother died 
when he was young, and his father soon after. He then went to 
Baldwinsville, X. Y. to live with his mother's people, where he 
studied medicine with Dr. Baldwin, whose daughter he married. 
This occurred at Baldwinsville, Onondaga Co., X. Y., Feb. 7, 1826, 
with Julia Anna, daughter of Dr. Cyrus and Susan (Dorr) Bald- 
win, who was b. at Hebron, Washington Co., X. Y., Sept. 29, 1802. 
Susan Dorr, the mother of Julia Ann Baldwin, was a daughter of 
Joseph Dorr, who was one of the men disguised as an Indian at 
the "Boston Tea Party" and helped to make a teapot of Boston 

Dr. Daniel Webster practiced medicine in Xew York State un- 
til 1832, when he removed with his family to Mich. After his 
death, his widow mar. (2) at Atlas, Genesee Co., Mich., Dec. 13, 
1838, Hiram, son of Simeon Fillmore, of Clarence, X. Y., a brother 
of the Bev. Glezen Fillmore, D. D., and a brother, both members of 
the Genesee Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and 
first cousin of President Millard Fillmore. She had one child 
only by Fillmore,— Dorr, b. Aug. 10, 1841, and died July 27, 1842. 

Dr. Daniel Webster died at Borneo, Macomb Co., Mich., Oct. 
15, 1832. His widow, Mrs; Fillmore, died near Lansing, Mich., 
June 28, 1890. Mr. Fillmore died in California about 1857. 

Children: (All b. at "Central Square, town of Hastings, Oswego 
Co., X. Y.) Edwin Baldwin, Xov. 7, 1826; William Bacon, Oct. 
20, 1828; Isabella Graham, Aug. 28, 1831. Eesumed in Chapter 


Seventh Generation — Great Grandchildren of Capt. John and 

Abiel Steele Webster of Southington, Ct., in the Line 

of Robert the son of Gov. John Webster. 

First Generation, Gov. John and Agnes Webster. — Second, Lieut. Rob- 
ert and Susannah Treat Webster. — Third, John and Sarah My- 
gatt Webster.— Fourth, Capt. John and Abiel Steele Webster. — 
Fifth, Children of Capt. John and Abiel Steele Webster named in 
the Divisions of this Chapter. — Sixth, Grandchildren of Capt. 
John and Abiel Steele Webster named in the numbered Sections 
of this Chapter. — Seventh, Great Grandchildren of the same 
named in the numbered paragraphs of this chapter, printed in 
heavy face type. 

First Division, showing the Great Grandchildren of Capt. John 
and Abiel Steele Webster by their son, Lieut. Aaron Webster of 
Southington, Ct., who married Lydia. 

Section 1. — Children of Robert (Lieut. Aaron, Capt. John, 
John, Lieut. Robert, Gov. John) and Lucy (Adkins) Webster of 
Southington, Ct. 

1. Anna Webster, b. Oct. 8, 1775, m. Jared Clark, b. July 11, 
1775, son of Enos and Elizabeth (Parker) Clark. He lived on the 
"Clark farm" in the southeast part of Southington, Ct., whence, in 
1822, he removed to Durham, Greene Co., N". Y. 

Children: (Clark) Ira; Wyllis; Malissa; Sylvester; Alvan; 
Polly. The latter b. in Feb. 1798, and died May 20 following. 
The other five were bap. Sept. 4, 1814. The end. 

2. Lucy Webster, bap. Sep. 11, 1780, mar. Oct. 28, 1812, Capt. 
Martin Smith, of Southington, Ct., at which place both died, he 
July 17, 1816 ; and she Dec. 20, 1849. 

Children: (Smith) Louisa Maria, b. at Southington, July 27, 
1813; Joel Martin, b. same place Dec. 5, 1816, and died there Aug. 
20, 1831. 

Louisa Maria Smith mar. May 15, 1844, William Peck, a farmer 
of Cheshire, Ct., where she died Oct. 22, 1881. The end. 

3. Joel Webster, b. June 26, 1779, at Southington, Ct., m. Nov. 
7, 1797, Mary, dau. of Samuel Allen and Catharine (Thorp) Board- 
man, of Southington, Ct. 

Pension: Polly Webster, Apr. 3, 1851, resident of Catskill, Greene Co., 
N. Y., aged 73, says she had resided there four years, and portions of that 


346 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 8 

time had resided at Naugatuck and Southington, Ct. ; that she m. Joel 
Webster, Nov. 7, 1797, that her mother was Catharine Boardman; that 
she was the only surviving child of Samuel Allen Boardman who served in 
the war of the Bevolution under Col. Comfort Sage; who enlisted about 
June 14, 1776 and served 2 yrs. and over, and died in service in 1778 of 
camp distemper; that her father was m. at Southington to Catharine 
Thorp, same place, and that she d. in 1842. 

1805, Mch. 19, Jared Clark deeds land to Joel Webster of Southington. 

1824, Apr. 27, Polly Webster of Southington, buys of Linus Stevens of 
Waterbury, Salem Society. Same date she sells to Linus Stevens. 

Administration of Joel Webster's estate was granted Apr. 16, 1816, to 
Mary Webster and Ira Webster. Inventory was made April 6, 1816, 
$2,108.08. Distribution was made Aug. 26, 1817, to widow, Mary Web- 
ster, to Polly Webster, to Catherine M. Webster, to Robert A. Webster, to 
Harriet Webster and to Joel F. Webster, equal shares. June 9, 1817, Mary 
Webster was appointed guardian of Catharine M., Robert, Harriet, and 
Joel F., all minors. Jan'y 30, 1824: Ira Webster, guardian, complains that 
Mary Webster, guardian of Catharine, Robert, Harriet and Joel F., is 
squandering their estate. He was appointed, Feb., 1824, guardian of 
Catx.arine M., Harriet A., and Robert A. 

Joel Webster d. at Southington, Ct., March 18, 1816, aged 36 
ys., 8 mos., 22 ds., but was buried at Catskill, X. Y. His widow d. 
May 16, 1861, aged 83 years. 

Children: (All prob. b. at Southington, Ct.) Polly, b. Apr. 11, 
1804; Catharine Maria; Eobert Adkins, 1809; Harriet Augusta, b. 
May 3, 1811 ; Joel Francis, b. May 27, 1814. Eesumed in Chapter 

4. Lydia Webster, b. Sep. 11, 1781, m. Aug. 7, 1806, Asahel 
Upson, son of James and Mary (Cowles) Upson, of Southington, 
Ct. She died June 28, 1861, at Marion (Southington), Ct. 

Children: (Upson) (All b. at Marion (Southington), Ct.) 
Warren and Lauren (twins), b. Aug. 12, 1807; James Eobert, 
April 26, 1809; Dewitt, Feb. 17, 1812; Edwin, May 24, 1814; 
Asahel Augustus, April 9, 1816; Josiah, Sept. 12, 1818; Charles, 
March 19, 1821; Gad Ely, June 3, 1823. Eesumed in Chapter 

5. Ira Webster, b. Dec. 24, 1784, at Southington, Ct., mar. June 
30, 1806, Amy Grannis, daughter of Elihu and Mary (Bunnell) 
Grannis, of Northfield, Xew Haven Co., Ct. (History of Southing- 
ton gives her name, Amy Mallory). He was a wheel-wright of 
Southington and East Haven, Ct. After his death, his widow mar. 
(2) Jan'y 6, 1850, Mr. Edmund Bunnell, of Southington. Ira 
Webster lived at the south end of Southington, on the east side of 
the road' north of the lane leading to the paper mill. He died at 
Southington, Sept. 25, 1834, aged 50; and Mrs. Amy Bunnell, his 
widow, same place Aug. 22, 1859. 

Children: (All b. at Southington) Horace, May 23, 1807; 

7th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 347 

Asahel, May 5, 1809; Joseph, Feb. 11, 1811; Lucy Sarah, March 
7, 1813; Amy Ann, July 14, 1815; Jane Emily, Nov. 19, 1818; 
Ira, Aug. 4, 1822; Dennis, Dec. 16, 1825; Robert, June 12, 1830. 
Resumed in Chapter XXXII. 

6. Abigail Webster, b. Jan. 9, 1787, at Southington, Ct., mar. 
May 13, 1807, Zebulon Byington, and had two children, William 
and Emeline. The family removed to Cincinnati, Ohio, many 
years ago and all are dead. William was Capt. of a steamboat on 
the Ohio river for many years. He left a daughter who resides at 
Cincinnati. The end. 

Section 2. — Children of Aaron (Lieut. Aaron, Capt. John, John, 
Lieut. Robert, Gov. John) and Phoebe (Winston) Webster of 
Southington and Bristol, Ct. 

1. Addison Webster, a twin, bap. Sep. 17, 1780, was a teacher 
and farmer, and removed to Virginia prior to 1829. In the Broome 
County, X. Y., records, it is shown that he was for a time a resi- 
dent of and a land owner in that county. 

May 21, 1810, Pierpont Edwards of Conn., by his attorneys, Amos Pat- 
terson and James Pumpilly, sell to Addison Webster of the town of Union, 
Broome Co., N. Y., in the "Boston ten Townships," so called. May 21, 1812, 
Addison Webster of Lisle, Broome Co., N. Y., sells to Joseph Moreau of 
Berkshire, Broome Co., N. Y., land in the Ten Boston Townships. May 12, 
1813, the same to the same, land in Lisle. Witnesses, John Brown and 
Mehitable Brown. 

He probably mar. in Conn., prior to his removal to Virginia. 
But no record has been found except that the Church Records at 
Bristol show that a daughter of Addison Webster died there Jan'y 
31, 1805, aged about 2 yrs. He taught a school at Walker's Church 
(now Hixburgh) Appomattox Co., Va., in 1829, but later settled 
on a farm about three miles from that place. He mar. twice in 
Va. (1) a widow named McCormick; and (2) a widow, Mrs. Lucy 
Woodbridge. He had no children by either marriage but the first 
of these two had children by her former husband. He became par- 
tially deranged before his death and was confined in Appomattox 
jail to keep him from injuring himself, where he died in 1845, and 
was buried at Walker's Church. He survived his last wife. 

Miss N. J. Lumpkin, Post Mistress at Hixburgh, Va., says he 
was married before he came to Va., but she cannot learn the name 
of his first wife. The end. 

2. Mercy Webster, a twin, bap. Sep. 17, 1780, died unmarried 
at Bristol, Ct., in her 22d yr., Oct. 24, 1801. She was a member 
of Church at Bristol, Dec. 7, 1800. The end. 

3. Phebe Webster, bap. Sep. 2, 1781, mar. at Bristol, Ct., Xov. 
12, 1804, James Farnsworth. She was drowned at New Haven, 
Ct., May 30, 1805, in the 25th yr. of her age. She, her husband, 

348 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 8 

her sister and her sister's husband were returning from a sailing 
excursion when the boat capsized in New Haven harbor. All were 
saved except herself and a young child of her sister, Mrs. Rich. 
JSTo children. The end. 

4. Laurena Webster, date of birth not found, mar. at Bristol, 
Ct., Aug. 11, 1802, Sheldon Eich, of Bristol. They were admitted 
to Church there May 20, 1810. He died at Salisbury, Wicomico 
Co., Md., 1828, aged 45 yrs. She died at Danville, Hendricks Co., 
Ind., 1865. 

Children: (Rich) (All b. at Bristol, Ct.) A son, Oct., 1804; 
George Shipman, bap. July 1, 1811; Henry Sheldon, b. Jany. 1, 
1807, bap. July 1, 1811; Laurena, bap. Sept. 14, 1817; Phebe S. 

(1) A son b. in 1804 was drowned in New Haven harbor, Ct., while the 
parents were on a pleasure sale, May 30, 1805, aged 17 months. 

(2) George Shipman Eich, resided, in 1883, at 747 North Illinois Street, 
Indianapolis, Ind., and has an only son, William S., b. June 2, 1853. 

( 3 ) Henry Sheldon admitted to Church, Bristol, Ct., Sept. 5, 1830. Was 
a missionary to the Indians and a teacher of the whites. Died unmarried 
at Knoxville, Tenn., Oct. 20, 1834. 

(4) Laurena mar. near Knoxville, Tenn., but died at Danville, Hendricks 
Co., Ind. She was admitted to Church at Bristol, Ct., Jan'y 8, 1832. 

(5) Phebe admitted to Church at Bristol, Ct., Sept. 5, 1830, mar. near 
Knoxville, Tenn., and died at Danville, Hendricks Co., Ind. She may have 
been older than Laurena. The end. 

5. Jerusha Webster, b. March 21, 1787, mar. at Bristol, Ct., 
July 20, 1809, Raphael Johnson, b. March 4, 1785. They resided 
at Bristol, Ct., and she mar. (2) at Bristol, Nov. 18, 1844, John 
Birge as his second wife. Raphael Johnson died Aug. 11, 1817; 
and she at Bristol, Ct., in the night between the 30th and 31st of 
Jan'y, 1878. 

Children: (Johnson) Eliza Laura, b. July 21, 1811; Rosalie 
P., April 26, 1813; Franklin J., April 9, 1815, died unmarried 
Aug. 26, 1843, aged 28 yrs. ; Raphael, March 21, 1817. 

(1) Eliza Laura mar. David Noble Day and lived at Westfield, Mass. 
He died May 20, 1S67 ; and she Sept. 24, same yr. They had children. 
She was admitted to Church at Bristol, Ct., Sept. 5, 1830. 

(2) Rosalie I\ mar. Henry Miller and lived at Southington, Ct. 

(3 Raphael mar. at Ft. Smith, Ark., where in 1883 he resided, and has 
children. The end. 

6. Betsey Webster, b. Apr. 26, 1791, mar. at Bristol, Ct., July 
12, 1815, William Rich, son of William, b. April 4, 1788. They 
spent their lives at Bristol where he was admitted to the Church 
Feb. 17, 1811; and she Feb. 14, 1816, which is noted in a Church 
Record as "A day never to be forgotten" probably on account of 
the large number who joined the Church that day. Both died at 
Bristol, Ct., he Sept. 24, 1828, aged 40 yrs.; and she Nov. 13, 1853, 
aged 63 years. 

7th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 349 

Children: (Rich) (All b. at Bristol) Caroline Amelia, May 
26, 1818, bap. Aug. following; William Wells, March 20, 1820; 
Samuel Grandison, March 21, 1822, bap. May 31, following, and 
died Feb. 14, 1823 ; Betsey Jane, b. Jany. 24, 1824, bap. March 
28, following; Ann Eliza, b. Feb. 27, 1827, bap. May 27, following. 

(1) Caroline Amelia mar. Aug. 15, 1843, Rev. John H. Hanson, b. at 
Jamaica, West Indies, Nov. 18, 1815, an Episeipal clergyman and a grand 
nephew of Oliver Goldsmith. He was the author of the "Lost Princes." 
He died Oct. 9, 1854, being at that time in charge of Calvary Church, 
Nev York City. She died July 18, 1860. They had four children, two 
of whom still live. 

(2) William Wells mar. at Louisville, Ky., Ann North. He died May 
11, 1852. No children. 

(3) Betsey Jane was admitted to the Church at Bristol, Ct., March 3, 
1844, and mar. Sept. 13, 1853, Dr. Roswell Hawley, of Farmington, 
Ct. He died Dec. 7, 1867, and she was living in 1883, at Colorado Springs, 
Col. They had four children. 

(4) Ann Eliza admitted to Church, Bristol, Ct., March 3, 1844, mar. 
May 17, 1852, as his second wife, Dr. Loomis North, of Cornwall, Ct., who 
practiced medicine- at Bethlehem, Ct., and later at Bristol, Ct. He died at 
Litchfield, Ct., Sept. 16, 1856, while on his way to the West. They had one 
child, Jennie Eliza Rich, who was graduated at Bates College, in 1877. 
The end. 

7. Aaron Webster, an inn-keeper, b. Dec. 29, 1794, mar. Dec. 
26, 1821, Amy Tyler, b. June 27, 1801. He kept a hotel at Pal- 
myra, Lenawee Co., Mich. He lived at Danby, Thompkins Co., N". 
Y., (sold land in Ulysses, 1ST. Y., Apr. 16, 1836) and also on farm 
at Lyons, Fulton Co., Ohio, near the Mich, line, before he removed 
to Palmyra, Mich. Both died at Palmyra, Mich., she Dec. 21, 
1844; and he probably soon after and prior to 1850. 

Children: Julia, b. Nov. 7, 1822, died March 21, 1844; Lean- 
der, Feb. 21, 1830; Francis Newell, Oct. 29, 1835. 

(1) Leander was a clerk in a grocery store at Palmyra, Mich., and died 
within a year after his father. 

(2) Francis Newell was a printer and employed at Toledo, Ohio, until 
his health failed shortly before his death, which occurred from consump- 
tion at Palmyra, Mich., July 6, 1855. The end. 

Section 3. — Children of Sarah (Lieut. Aaron, Capt. John, John, 
Lieut. Robert, Gov. John) Webster and her husband, Capt. Daniel 
Barnes of Southing ton, Ct. 

1. Marcus Barnes, b. Feb. 17, 1787, at Southington, Ct., d. 
num., Aug. 19, 1806. The end. 

2. Daniel Barnes, a farmer, b. Sep. 1, 1788, removed from 
Southington, Ct., to Medina Co., 0., in the fall of 1817; was twice 
married, and had one son by the first mar. who died 1857, aged 15 
years. He died in 1868, and with his two wives and son is buried 
near Hudson, Summit Co., 0. The end. 

350 The Webster Genealogy [From Chap. 8 

3. Polly Barnes, b. Nov. 12, 1790, m. Jan. 1, 1817, William 
Painter, a farmer, of Plymouth, Ct. March 29, 1794, they removed 
in an ox wagon from Conn, to Weymouth, Medina Co., 0., arriving 
in the spring of 1817. This was their "bridal tonr," and occupied 
six weeks. In 1821 he returned to Conn, and brought back with 
him his wife's mother and her two youngest brothers. She d. Apr. 
2, 1858, and he, June 26, 1860, both on the farm on which they 
had lived for over forty years. 

Children: (Painter) (Born at Weymouth, 0.) Thomas Web- 
ster, b. Jan. 23, 1820; William Henry, b. Apr. 17, 1822. 

(1) Thomas Webster Painter, m. (1) Dec. 17, 1840, Lucy A. Sedgwick; 
(2) 1844 Philena A. Fairchild; (3) Oct., 1849, Helen M. Kingsbury. His 
first wife died Nov. 2, 1842; his second wife, Aug. 13, 1848; his third, date 
not given. He d. at Oberlin, O., Aug. 9, 1880. Children: (Painter) (1st m.) 
Lucy A. b. Oct. 19, 1842, m. Sept. 17, 1865, E. C. Carrington, res. Medina, 
Ohio. (2d m.) Wm. R. b. Feb. 21, 1846, d. Aug. 13, 1848. (3d m.) Hobert 
Kingsbury, b. Aug. 8, 1850, m. Sept. 1886, Minnie Maxwell Dickinson. He 
is a Cong. Minister and res. at Fairmount, Minn. Two children: Minnie 
S., b. Sep. 5, 1888, and Hobert K. b. March 30, 1896. Winthrop D., b. June 
2, 1852, Oberlin, '77, m. 1880, Jennie D. Lyon. Ira Sawyer, res. Binghamp- 
ton, N. Y. 

(2) William Henry Painter, m. July 14, 1843, Phoebe Seymour. After 
his m. he practiced medicine; 1857 he became a minister of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church; was pastor and presiding elder. Res. 1907, Loraine, 
Ohio. No children. 

4. Giles Barnes, b. Oct. 30, 1792, joined the Cong. Church in 
West Hartford, Ct., 1812. In 1817 he went with his brother Daniel 
to Medina Co. O. taking up a tract of land near his brother-in-law, 
Wm. Painter. In 1818 he m. Eliza Xorthrup who was the first 
school teacher in the township, and their marriage was the first 
wedding in that township. He was one of the organizers of the 
Cong. Ch. in Medina, and was for many years a deacon of the same. 
Soon after the death of his wife, Apl. 31st, 1862, he went with his 
sons, Eomulus and Cornelius to St. John, Mich., where he died 
June, 1874. 

Children: (All b. at Weymouth, O.) Sarah Ann, b. Apl. 29th, 
1820 ; Amanda N., b. Nov. 27th, 1821 ; George W., b. Feb. 22nd, 
1823 ; Eomulus B., b. July 12th, 1825 ; Henry M., b. Aug. 23rd, 
1829; Cornelius Giles, b/ Feb. 7, 1832; William P., b. Jan. 7, 
1835; Harriet Eliza, b. Oct. 28, 1838; Marietta E., b. June 21, 
1840. Eesumed in Chapter XXXII. 

5. John Bird Barnes, b. Feb. 23, 1795, at Bristol, Ct., joined 
the Cong. Church at West Hartford, Ct., in 1812. Eemoved to 
Medina Co., O., 1817, and was one of the first members of the 
Cong. Church in Medina Township, 0. He m. (1) Sep. 20, 1820, 
Emelia Eldridge, of Hudson, O., b. 1800; (2) Mrs. Sarah Gardner. 

7th Gen.] Robert Webster's Line 351 

He removed from Hudson, 0., to Richland, Mich., 1830; thence to 
Olivet, Mich., 1844, where his first wife died in April, 1846, and 
he, Dec. 13, 1856. Death of 2d wife not reported. 

Children: (Born, Hudson, 0., 1st mar. only) Orville, b. June 
29, 1823 ; Mary, May 8, 1825; Harriet, b. Aug. 28, 1827, d. Oct. 8, 
1848; Hiram, Oct. 13, 1834; Willis E., b. Dec. 21, 1836. Resumed 
in Chapter XXXII. 

6. Orville Barnes, b. Feb. 26, 1797, was educated at Andover, 
taught school in the South several years, and then settled on a farm 
near Richland, Kalamazoo Co., Mich. He m. 1828, Thankful 
Sears, b. Feb. 3, 1809, at Ashfield, Mass. He was an elder in the 
Presbyterian Church, and a Justice of the Peace. He d. in April, 
1847, and she, March 13, 1895, at Ann Arbor. 

Children : Lucy Ann, b. Nov. 24, 1834 ; Emily B., b. Aug. 22, 
1837; Eliza Mary, b. Oct. 23, 1840; Albert, b. Nov. 17, 1842. Re- 
sumed in Chapter XXXII. 

7. Rev. Romulus Barnes, b. Oct. 16, 1800, graduated from Yale, 
1828; Theological Seminary, 1831, m. Apr. 21, 1831, Olivia Den- 
ham, dau. of Capt. and Matilda (Goodale) Denham of Conway, 
Mass. Ordained a minister in the Cong. Church, 1831. He was 
a strong supporter of Elijah P. Lovejoy, and he himself suffered 
persecution during most of his ministry, and was assaulted by a 
pro-slavery mob, and wounded, his wife being with him at the time. 
He contributed largely to Lovejoy's means as one after another of 
his presses were destro}^ed. 

He d. Sep. 24, 1846, at Newark, Kendall Co., 111. His widow 
removed in 1852 to Galesburg, 111., to educate her children in Knox 
College. She d. Apr. 19, 1887, at Chicago, 111. 

Children: Romulus Edwin, b. March 4, 1832, at Canton, 111.; 
Charles Montgomery, b. Sep. 8, 1833; Joseph Avery, b. Oct. 10, 
1835; Sarah Matil